Upcoming Availability Change for Readings

Upcoming Availability Change for Readings

A bit of unexpected news today, and yes, this is good news for me!

I'm starting a full-time job soon here (tech sector), and with the upcoming commute I'll be doing once again, my availability for personal readings will be changing somewhat.

Currently I'm still full open for clients for personal readings, but I cannot guarantee full availability after March 9th. So this couple-week period leading up to my new job starting will be your last best chance to secure a personal reading with me!

I will continue to offer readings. However, the turnaround times may be longer once I start the new role. If availability changes further, I will post another announcement here.

Not quite what expected to have happen during Mercury retrograde and Mars on South Node or Venus square Jupiter, but here we are! Seems Jupiter sextile Neptune was stronger for me in this instance! I'll roll with it.

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