Solar Eclipse Leo - August 2018 - Change in Fortune

If you're reading this, then you've survived the recent salvo of eclipses and retrogrades thus far. The energies all around us have been anything but stable and steady. This most recent Solar Eclipse is testing us quite hard, but we're through the bulk of it. While I've not been blogging as I probably should, I am in the process of making this a bit easier on myself, which should be helpful in the future in general. Let's get into this, as I'm late getting this done.

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 02:57:44 PDT on August 11th, 2018, and thus is already in progress as I write this. There are a lot of factors we're going to have to consider as this eclipse powers on through. It's not like the previous eclipses earlier in the year where everything was direct. It's way different now.

The tightest aspect to this eclipse that I'm seeing right now in what I'm looking at is an asteroid, interestingly enough. We have 4955 Gold in Aries trine the Solar Eclipse (0°10'22" orb). This brings a minor amount of good fortune for this eclipse cycle, and gives a slight boost with us being able to apply some action into attracting some abundance in our lives. Take all the advantage you can, as the other aspects to this eclipse that I'm seeing are a bit more... difficult.

Solar Eclipse semisextile Ceres in Virgo (0°11'39" orb) shows us that the next several months until the next eclipse cycle will be dealing with some homefront issues. We'll have a bit more things triggering some necessary changes in our home lives and maybe even what we call home. Again, this is an asteroid aspect to the eclipse, and not the most major of aspects either, but the tightness of the orb suggests it's a larger concern going forward. Perhaps a bit of housecleaning is called for in order to help mitigate some of the rougher aspects up ahead.

5325 Silver and Juno in Taurus square the Solar Eclipse in Leo as well, and Silver is the tighter square whereas Juno is more than a degree in orb. Where Gold gave us a little bit of respite when it comes to possible luck and ease with money in ways, Silver is a bit harder, and with Juno? We could be looking at some arguments or stern discussions about money with our partners, significant others, maybe even business partners as it's in the fixed earth sign of possessions and money.

On the other side, we have Solar Eclipse square Jupiter in Scorpio at almost a 4 degree orb. This is not only a weaker square which helps mitigate the harshness somewhat, but Jupiter is also out of orb of opposing Juno/Silver, so we don't have a true Grand Cross happening from what I'm seeing with my available asteroid sets. Solar Eclipse square Jupiter will affect what we call our luck, as well as dealings with authority figures that are gatekeepers of sorts in our society (courts, clergy, etc). This is really going to impact our communications and messages about these matters, as Jupiter squares Mercury retrograde in Leo as well (0°06'58" orb). We'll have to work that much harder to make sure that our lucky breaks aren't based on bad information and other unwelcome communications.

Solar Eclipse opposite Tyche in Aquarius (0°44'29" orb) reveals to us more of an aspect where we have to work harder to be "lucky". Basically, the harder you work, the luckier you'll get. But you've got to work smartly as well! This isn't to say lucky streaks won't come, they will, but it's going to be a bit of a balancing act.

Solar Eclipse quincunx Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (0°38'00" orb) definitely throws some curveballs at us. As Pluto is retrograde, it's more internalized, and what this amounts to is one of a few things: We could be dealing with the process of ending one cycle of our life and beginning another, and the incongruent energies with this quincunx aspect shows that we may not necessarily know what it is we have to let go so we can build further into the life we want. Pluto also squares Gold, so what it amounts to is that we're going to have to make sure we figure out what we have to let go of in our inner world so we can take advantage of the opportunities that come before us.

Mercury retrograde is also conjunct the Solar Eclipse in a 3°59'55" orb, so it's a bit weaker, but it's there. Again, travel and communications, and delays thereof are going to be a point of contention a little. It's not an exact conjunction so it's not as rough, but it's something to be aware of.

Asteroid-wise, Mercury retrograde has a few aspects to consider. Mercury retrograde trines asteroids 8690 Swindle, 1930 Lucifer, and 3412 Kafka, so we should be able to adjust our internal BS-detectors and uncover deceptions and lies by another party who is out for themselves a little easier. Mercury retrograde quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces, however, warns us not to be victim to our own self-deceptions. As a really tight conjunction, 2629 Rudra conjuncts Mercury by a 0°00'12" orb, as well as 8813 Leviathan (1°06'01") and 666 Desdemona (1°18'38"). Make sure you make use of your inner strength to deal with those who would deceive and take advantage of you.

So there we have it, a new Eclipse with an emphasis on filtering out deceit and making sure we make use of the opportunities that are presented before us. As eclipses go, it's a partial one, and isn't as intense as a total solar eclipse, but it's a superpowered New Moon we have to take advantage of either way. Keep your wits about you, and we should be able to overcome whatever life throws at us this time around!

** (That's going to be where I end this at the moment, and will be looking at this deeper a little later on. Stay tuned and come back for updates to this article.).

Solar Eclipse Aquarius - February 2018 - Soul Storm

It's time for another Solar Eclipse! Again, no charts uploaded for this one, so we're going with descriptions once again. The commute is taking a lot out of me. The sheer amount of rage I was feeling this whole day before writing this, and later hearing about the shooting in Florida, it makes sense. I seem to get these rage spells before something major happens. I don't know if this is an Eclipse effect on myself (as this Eclipse is 3 degree orb opposite my own Sun, and the previous Solar Eclipse was 2 degrees conjunct my sun, in time for my solar return... I am heavily amped on eclipse energies right now). Let's begin while I still can get at least 5 hours of sleep.

The Solar Eclipse itself takes peaks at 13:05:08 PST on February 15th, 2018. I intend to look at the aspects from Solar Eclipse to other bodies first, and then some of the more exact positions afterwards. This will be solely a Southern Hemisphere eclipse as well, so us northerners won't see anything. A Solar Eclipse can be thought of as a supercharged New Moon, and its effects are generally felt for several months after it passes. Given the sheer intensity of the preceding Lunar Eclipse, this Solar one will be felt I feel for an entire year, so consider this as a sort of transit snapshot to consider in your dealings.

And... All planets are still direct during this Solar Eclipse. This is very rare for all planets to be direct during both a Lunar and Solar eclipse cycle, much less all planets direct for two months or more. I don't have figures as to the last time this has happened. I'm not even sure if it's in the last century or two, to be honest.

Primarily, the Solar Eclipse conjuncts Mercury, greatly amplifying communications and travel matters. Given that both are in Aquarius, basically, a lot is going to be in the air, frankly. Both Solar Eclipse and Mercury square Jupiter in Scorpio as well, putting us at odds with some major dark energies. We're going to be feeling at odds with where we're going, how we're getting there, and we are just going to be diving deep into our belief systems trying to figure out just how the hell we're supposed to pull all of this off. Solar Eclipse conjunct Juno also puts our families and loved ones into focus, and this is a time where we need to figure out where they stand with us, and us with them. Are we being upfront with them, or are we hiding something for our own ulterior motives?

Further aspecting the Solar Eclipse is a semisextile to Chiron and Narcissus in Pisces. What this tells me is that we've got some event that's triggering our emotions in a big way, and whether its the ego and conceit of ourselves or someone else we know, it's causing us some unneeded pain right now, and we've got this urge to confront it and do something about it. How we handle this is entirely up to us.

Solar Eclipse sextile Ixion (itself on Galactic Center) and trine Leviathan in Gemini gives us a minor boost in confronting those who would take advantage of us and swallow us whole.

Mercury conjunct Juno and sextile Uranus points to some sudden and unexpected messages and travels regarding family and relationships. Uranus in Aries makes this hot hot hot, and the sextile is an easier aspect to deal with, so these unexpected developments should be quite positive actually. Mercury and Juno trine Lust in Gemini, while Lust sextiles Uranus also supports this. This could be a time period where some nice honeymoon travels take place.

We do have some cautionary tales to consider too, as Venus conjuncts Nessus and Silver in Pisces during this Eclipse. This has to do with what we value, what we find attractive, relationships, perhaps some job details as well. And this conjuncts the asteorid of obsession and potential abuse in the sign of free-flowing emotion. We run a risk of getting overly attached to someone or something that may not necessarily be the best thing for us right now, and Silver in the mix suggests this will have to do with money or precious objects or metals. Venus opposite Medusa retrograde in Virgo and quincunx Nymphe and Ceres (both also retrograde in Leo), while also semisextiling Eros in Aquarius warns us to be very careful with who we open our hearts (among other parts of our bodies) to at this time as well. We need to make sure we're not betraying ourselves for something that's not going to ultimately be of value to us, after all. Fortunately, Venus sextile Saturn in Capricorn and Cupido in Taurus should give us a little bit of stability and discipline so we don't completely go off of the deep end.

During this eclipse season, we do also have a potentially troublesome aspect with Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Mars wants to go and it wants to go now!. Trouble is, it's at odds with Neptune, the planet of illusions and daydreaming, and pretty much what this tells me is that we want to go, but we have no solid idea where we should be going, and it's pretty much going to go all over the place! As Mars semisextiles Pandora and Black Moon Lilith at the same time, we could be going into a world of trouble if we don't take a step back and have a solid plan in place. I mean, we could just go down the rabbit hole and see where we end up, but who knows what that'll give us... Given the other aspects, that's just trouble brewing! Build a solid plan, Mars trining North Node will help us find our way and point us in the right direction, thankfully!

Now, given that Neptune would be semisextile South Node at this same time, what that means for us is that if we let ourselves get lost in the shuffle, we'll likely retreat back to the same illusory places that aren't advancing us anywhere. Neptune and South Node in this configuration can also mean retreating back into habits of addiction, such as drugs and alcohol, and with all the goings on right now, that is a very strong temptation right now. It's even a strong indicator of the opioid crisis, in my humble opinion, and that Mars square to Neptune definitely makes this a priority. Granted, it would be even more of a problem if Neptune were conjunct the South Node, but the semisextile (and thus quincunx to North Node) suggests further that we need a clear path forward.

I'm going to end with notating that Uranus and Pluto are still squaring at a wide orb. While that can be a bit problematic for us in general and can upend our world a bit, it's much more subtle now than it was before during the 2010-2015 period. But it's still there slightly, albeit in its death throes. Uranus being sextile the Solar Eclipse does give us a degree of insulation from the carnage, so it's not all doom and gloom. Pluto sextile Jupiter also helps us along with some growth in our lives, and with knowing what we must cast away and give up to God or Creator or whoever you believe in (if you're into that), we should trust that some things will work out the way they should. The rest, we need to pay attention and help that working-out along, and intelligently.

That is all I have time for, and believe me, it's a powerful Eclipse time for us all. I'm way short on sleep as I finish this up, so pretty much just be careful, and be vigilant. Good things will come, we just need to be ready for them, recognize when they're in front of us, and if you have a strong sixth sense telling you of danger, pay attention to it. General advice, but very pertinent for this time. I've got to cut and run now. Until next time.

Transit Analysis - August 2017 Eclipse in Leo to USA Sibley Chart

Ever since the August 21st Solar Eclipse in Leo, and the visible manifestation of it casting its shadow over the United States of America, we have seen quite a bit of turmoil. Maybe the ancients were right about eclipses? I can't say definitively... but what I can say is, we are experiencing a lot of disasters right now. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida and the Carribean, and of course the multitude of wildfires out in the Western United States. (The last one is indirectly impacting me personally, as the wildfire smoke has made a bit of a haze near the Seattle area... I shouldn't complain too much as there are areas experiencing a lot more smoke-wise and fire-wise). So just what the hell is going on? What did the Solar Eclipse actually hit in the USA's chart? Let's take a look and bring order out of chaos a bit...

First and foremost, the Solar Eclipse opposed the USA's Moon by transit. That's a major impact! Themes of national feelings and emotions, and to a degree I would say, water and tides, those are at the fore right now. Yes, hurricanes would be influenced by tides somewhat, and Irma is following shortly after a full moon which raises the tides more! That's a bit of a problem. We should also consider that the Solar Eclipse hit in the USA's 9th house, which rules long-distance travel, foreign encounters, and legal concerns. Hmm... and we've got that thing with North Korea going on too. USA Moon is also conjunct its own Pallas, also opposed by the transit Solar Eclipse, so themes of wisdom and war are going to be pretty prevailent here too. The question is, does the USA actually have wisdom to avoid war at the current moment?

Transit Solar Eclipse also squares asteroids Kassandra and Pandora in the USA chart, and by extension, transit Sedna on Algol. This sounds rather ominous. Given that the USA's natal Moon squares those two asteroids in its own chart, we have a tendency to run afoul of emotions and listening to wisdom in regards to not opening up Pandora's boxes that we shouldn't be opening (one could argue that the Vietnam War was one example of this). Sedna in transit is going to be around these couple of degrees for the next several years or so, being a slow-moving trans-Neptunian object with a ridiculous orbit. Transit Rudra also conjuncts transit Sedna, and this amplifies things. Long story short, emotionally, the nation is in denial about the Pandora's Boxes that have been opened, and of course there were warnings about these. We are now, sad to say, reaping the whirlwind.

Let's go on to other transits... Transit Chiron retrograde was conjunct the USA's Imum Coeli during the eclipse. I can tell you, through personal exprience, Chiron and the Imum Coeli is a hell of a combination. (I will need to relate my own experiences in another article). We are seeing pain and some healing on the home front. Now, Chiron retrograde has crossed back into the USA's third house of short-distance travel and communications, and... well, we saw some painful communications even before the eclipse with Charlottesville. Transit Chiron retrograde squaring transit Ixion is also revealing some ungratefulness and backstabbing, and this effectively forms a T-square to the USA Midheaven as well. Now, regarding weather events, I'm not entirely certain about Ixion's impact and will have to check other charts.

The transiting Solar Eclipse did also trine transit Uranus retrograde... and in the USA chart that Uranus conjuncts asteroid Nemesis. I would say some internal enemies were revealed even before the Eclipse. Again, Charlottesville. It's pretty telling when many years ago, our soldiers (my paternal grandfather among these) went over and defeated Nazi Germany, and now today we have people openly waving Nazi Flags in American streets. Ok, WTF. Anyways. We really need to note something about that Uranus transit... because right now, and during that eclipse, transit Uranus retrograde conjunct USA Nemesis is also square... USA Pluto retrograde and that square is tightening up on the Uranus side. As we have seen in the first half of the 2010's decade, we had transiting Uranus-Pluto squares and we have seen all the chaos that has come from that, examples being the Arab Spring and the rise of ISIS, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and North Korea's nuclear missile program. There were also Uranus-Pluto squares in the 1930's, and ... well, we had the Great Depression then, the consolidation of Adolf Hitler's power, and eventually after those squares moved on, we had World War II. And since Uranus is backtracking and tightening the square, it means that the USA has had a transit Uranus-Pluto square for the last year or so! No wonder.

I'm going to just say it: A national shake-up is unavoidable. I'm not sure when the last transit Uranus square USA Pluto was, and will need to check all of those and cross-reference to historical events here in the US. Now what about a transit Pluto to USA Uranus square? We don't have to worry about that for decades. In fact, Pluto would have to enter Pisces. I'm not sure when Pluto was in Virgo, offhand, but given that my dad was born with Pluto at the beginning of Leo, it was within the last 50 years or so. Anyways, we're getting off track.

During this Eclipse transit, transit Pluto has been opposing the USA Sun-Bologna conjunction, and transit fixed star Sirius is now with the USA Sun as well. Honestly, I'm not sure what bearing transiting fixed stars have on a national chart, considering they move one degree in approximately 72 years. Sirius with Sun in a natal chart normally is good for success in business, careers involving metal or "other martial affairs", and supposedly domestic peace? But we're not seeing domestic peace. Transiting fixed stars may be dubious at best and shouldn't be overly counted on in long-term astrological research based on this. It's like the snapshot of the time of the USA's birth and the other snapshot of the star crossing is far enough removed in time to not really have the expected effect? More research is needed. As Sirius is also of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, it could be increased energy and expansion is also a factor. Again, more research needed.

USA Jupiter and Venus are conjunct, and also conjunct asteroids BAM and Pompeja, and BAM-Venus was conjuncting transit asteroid Ohno during the Eclipse as well.. Ohno, to me, represents just what it sounds like: "Oh no." BAM is... well, pretty explosive. With Venus, the USA has had its boom times in riches and prosperity, especially with Jupiter there. We've also been prone to explosive outbursts, such as the Civil War. Transit Jabberwock and Pinnochio and Buysballot are also conjuncting USA Jupiter more strongly than not.. Also, transiting Buysballot was conjuncting USA Pinoccho as well. Lots of deception is being exposed around this time it sounds like. Since the eclipse, Hillary Clinton seems to have scheduled a release of a book about what happened during the election of 2016, and apparently has some choice words about Bernie Sanders. How fitting, given the emails leaked regarding the DNC's preference for Clinton over Sanders, and the immediate securing of the Democratic superdelegates in the beginning of that contest. But anyhow. Transit Mercury retrograde and asteroid Lie were also sextile that whole mess around USA Jupiter/Venus, so more deceptions were coming to light I believe. Might I also state that USA Karma is also conjunct USA Venus, so when it comes to what the USA desires, the concept of karma seems to apply strongly. It is true, the United States has sometimes reaped what it has sown, both for good and ill.

We're getting off the track of disasters. USA Ohno and Chiron square USA Vulcano and Nagasaki, and this forms a T-Square to USA Juno, amplified with transit Jupiter making an opposition to Ohno-Chiron during the Eclipse. Since then, we have definitely seen wildfires proliferate with great intensity, as well as the explosive impact of the hurricanes. We should also consider that transit Hekate was conjunct USA Vulcano-Nagasaki, and transit Tsunemi had crossed over previously before the Eclipse. Hmm... while a hurricane isn't necessarily a tsunami, it is quite flood-happy. Hekate here is an occult asteroid, and it fits with my gut feeling that something wicked is fueling many of these disasters. USA Chiron-Ohno also sextile USA Mars, and right now we have a Yod to transit Kafka, kited by transit Desdemona. We can... expect some strange and off-kilter events nationally I would say. Kafka does baffle me a bit, and I've never actually read the author's works for which this asteroid is named. Going to need to do a bit more research on that one, but given that Desdemona's asteroid number is 666, something does seem a bit devilish about that combination.

USA Chiron/Ohno are, however, being trined by transit Saturn and asteroid Gold, so there is a possiblity of some wealth contraction bringing something good to the picture or some healing? Saturn-Gold did sextile Jupiter, all of this transit, during the Eclipse, forming a Yod to Desdemona and kited by Kafka, now that I think of it. Equifax just recently revealed they were hit with a massive data breach/hack, compromising 143,000,000 people if I'm not mistaken (or half the adult population of the United States by sheer number?)... Not cool. Maybe the whole credit reporting system collapses or gets an overhaul as a result of this? Wouldn't hold my breath, but stranger things have happened.

Finally, there is also the matter of Transit Venus during the Eclipse conjuncting USA's Mercury-Part of Fortune-Vertex. This was also close to the conjunction between transit Nymphe-Medusa on USA's Abundantia. ...maybe some erotic art comes to the forefront, or maybe a slight proliferation of pornography as a money-making tool for this solar eclipse cycle, appropriately in the USA's 8th house of occult, other parties' resources, sex and death. I'm not sure what to make of that, though I hear the "pee tape" is being mentioned again regarding President Trump and the Russian dossier. (Hmm... I thought there might be some BS about that tape back when I charted the inauguration chart, so why this is coming up again now...) I'm going to wager that a major sex scandal happens pretty soon. I'm not going to put money on that wager, so let's just call it a fun little "see what happens" game.

Overall... we've got some very nasty transits to the USA natal chart right now, and that transit Uranus to natal Pluto square combined with the transit Chiron on the natal IC... We have got events on the USA homefront that is going to be brewing pretty hard in the next few years. That's alright. We see it now, which means we can see the upsides to these combinations and possibly edge things towards the more positive manifestations. In closing, I went rambling a bit with this Solar Eclipse transit analysis, but I think, if anyone can actually follow this, we can see some of what's going on and where this is heading. Brace for impact.

Solar Eclipse Leo - August 2017 - Warring Triad

The Great North American Solar Eclipse is upon us, and the alignments in the stars are in quite a show of force. Fortunately, there is some ease of energies for this one, but also some distinct challenges ahead as well. Let's dive deep into the rabbit hole...

Let's start off with the explanation of a solar eclipse in Astrology... it's a supercharged New Moon which begins a new cycle that, instead of the usual month-long cycle, it lasts for several months, perhaps longer. In fact, I think I was feeling the effects of this eclipse even before it was happening. That's how powerful a solar eclipse is astrologically. It's like a transitional gateway of sorts, very high powered, very high energy, and not something to be dismissed out of hand. Even if you don't buy into astrology, take a look at your life events around the time of previous eclipses, and see if there were any events that stand out to you.

As this Solar Eclipse is in the last part of 28, almost 29 Leo, anyone with significant points (like Ascendant/Descendant, or Midheaven/IC) or any planets in the Fixed signs from 23.5 degrees to the very end of Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius/Taurus, or the very beginning of the Mutable signs to 4 degrees Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces/Gemini will feel it very strorngly. A degree or two outside this range may experience some muted effects, but still enough for a kick. Trines and sextiles to an Eclipse aren't as dynamic as the harder aspects, and I think aspects like the Quincunx have some impact as well, but again, not as strongly as the cross formations (Conjunction/Opposition/Squares).

Without further ado, however, let's get into the analysis of this particular eclipse chart.

To begin... the Solar Eclipse itself trines Uranus retrograde. For the next several months, we will see an influence of internal rebellion, revolution, and shakeups. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes we need to see what isn't working, and we need to rebel against it and cast it aside. The Trine aspect for this alignment makes this an easier time. Almost too easy, as it can lead to not making the internal changes we need to do. But on a distant note, the Solar Eclipse also trines Saturn Retrograde, which is stationing and getting ready to make its forward motion around August 25th. It's a 7 degree orb, however, so it's barely felt. Almost not even worth noting the trine line between Saturn and Uranus. However, the Solar Eclipse does barely trine Pholus as well, and that's close enough to consider with a trine to Uranus as well (less than 3 degree orb, so not strong, but a subtle influence). Some of our internal changes may come when we're under the influence of something, be it a drink at happy hour, a runner's high after running a few miles, maybe some kind of epiphany.

Update 08/21/2017 @ 13:21 PDT: We must also consider that this Solar Eclipse is in proximity to the fixed star Regulus, which greatly affects this eclipse as well. From Constellations of Words, regarding the Sun:

"With Sun: Power, authority, great influence over friends, honor and riches, but violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, benefits seldom last. [Robson*, p.196.]"

...and the Moon?

"With Moon: Occult interests, powerful friends, danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation, public prominence, great power, honor, wealth, benefits seldom last, violence, trouble and sickness. Make women high spirited and independent. If at the same time the Sun is with the Dragon's Head in Gemini, or Jupiter is in the 10th house in trine to Mars and the Sun is with the Dragon's Head, great preferment even from the lowest sphere to high rank. [Robson*, p.196.]"

So we will be seeing some strong leadership and leader-oriented events over the next several months, and I can tell you that the saber-rattling we've been seeing is only just getting started. It's likely a prominent leader or three will also be ousted or step down over the next several months. Whether that happens to Trump specifically... I can only speculate. At the time I update this, we still await word on his announcement regarding Afghanistan.

Another thing to consider is the Solar Eclipse conjunct the North Node, which is no real surprise when we consider the Nodes and their placements during eclipses. This Eclipse North Node squares 407 Arachne in Scorpio, which to me indicates that, for the next several months (until the next eclipse cycle), we will need to be abundantly aware of what ensnares us, what binds us. We will need to use our inner strength to cut the binds that tie, and especially so at this time.

Jupiter sextile Saturn Retrograde during this time gives us a small boost in increasing our own luck through inner discipline. As both Jupiter and Saturn both Quincunx 666 Desdemona, creating a Yod pattern, the focus will be on slaying the inner demons... particularly inner demons that aim to keep us lazy and in a state of false satisfaction, as Desdemona sits in Taurus right now. 3412 Kafka opposite Desdemona pulls the bowstring, kiting this Yod, so we will need to be on the lookout for awkward or off-the-wall occurrences that drive us to killing the demon without. We have the strength, we just need to watch out for anything that trips us up.

Chiron retrograde quincunx the Solar Eclipse brings an awkward or off-kilter sense of inner wounding (or inner healing, as Chiron is the wounded healer), so while we may be striving to heal what has hurt us in the past, the lingering aches and burns are still going to fester and boil a bit. Maybe sting. Chrion retrograde semisextile Uranus retrograde seems to indicate to me that much of this inner burn and heal is going to be of our own making, as retrograde I'm feeling that it's internalized to many of us. Many inner hurts, inner pains, those are going to be what comes to the surface over the next several months, and that is what we must focus on healing.

Mercury is also retrograde during this Eclipse, so we are currently going through some of the technological and travel delays usually associated with that transit. Mercury retrograde conjuncts 99942 Apophis and 896 Sphinx, and opposes Nessus by about 2 degrees.... During the next several months, we must be very clear and aware that we aren't being decieved by destructive riddles, or led astray by those who would wish to obsess and abuse us. In fact, with Mercury being retrograde at this time, we may even be deceiving and lying to ourselves, paving the way for our downfall if we are not careful. But by seeing this in the chart at this juncture in time, we can avoid the worst of it. Just be mindful.

Pluto retrograde square 763 Cupido could bring some trouble when looking for love, as Cupido is more a lustful asteroid from where I'm looking. Pluto also opposes Venus at a wide orb, so any love relationships should be carefully considered during the next several months, especially if they were initiated during this time, as after the initial lustful stage, only those meant to be will endure beyond that honeymoon period. Now, if you're looking for somehing like tantric sex, then this can be a time of great transformation. Just remember that the phoenix must immolate itself to be reborn /grin.

Speaking of sexual transformations, Cupido does sextile 545 Messalina, both quincunx Vesta for a Yod pattern, and kited by 37117 Narcissus. Whatever sexual or romantic transformations occur during this time, one must be very aware of the other partner's intentions, as deep down in the core it may not be altruistic, and at the same time, there will be an air of destiny or something that seems sacred or blessed to begin with. But a lot of encounters initiated around the time of this eclipse will be primarily lustful, I feel. Had the involved asteroids been something like Aphrodite or Eros, then perhaps something more enduring, but not in this instance.

Mars trine Saturn retrograde brings a general ease and easier flow when it comes to achieveing some of our more self-improving goals during this several months period. It's a great time to initiate some growth, especially as we have Jupiter sextiling both Saturn and Mars, creating a Minor Grand Trine, so we should have a greater deal of good fortune in self-improvement projects for the next several months. Note that Jupiter does square Venus at this time as well, so there could be some losses stemming from a romantic encounter we may have desired, or perhaps a piece of artwork or that awesome poster doesn't quite match the rest of the decor in your room, as remote possibilities.

Venus currently is also conjunct 875 Nymphe and 149 Medusa. Romantic encounters initiated during this period could be a bit dicey as this seems to point to me some impetus on lustful action, with a risk of betrayal by women or female-minded individuals (or even those men more attuned to their feminine side, for another example.) Perhaps "possible betrayal by the feminine" makes more sense? I'm not sure how else to describe this with the English language adequately. This gets quite interesting though, as currently Venus, Nymphe and Medusa all sextile Sedna on Algol, and with Pholus quincunx both sides of this Yod, and 8813 Leviathan opposing Pholus, I would have to urge caution in any drunken encounters during this time period. While Medusa could be described as betrayal by the feminine, Sedna is betrayal by the Masculine, and Sedna moves slow! And it's parked its fat, transneptunian ass on Algol, a very harsh fixed star, so there's a great risk of men or more masculine figures in our lives possibly losing their heads at this time. Remember also that Arachne weakly opposes Sedna at this time too, so there's again a risk of ties that bind. If you're not wanting any more children at this time, I'd strongly urge using protection, as the alignments seem to indicate that there's an elevated chance of this happening globally during this time period.

I will leave off here, as the Eclipse is coming in my locality in the morning and I'd rather not miss it. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow some eclipse goggles to see this thing as I didn't get a chance to acquire any with all the goings on that have been happening with me. Be calm, be alert, and overall I think there's a great chance to grow during this particular Eclipse period. Be careful not to go overboard with that hot hunk or that cute playmate too! After all, the last chances for summer romance do seem to be coming now with Labor Day coming up and the Autumnal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) a month away! Adios.

Solar Eclipse Pisces March 2016 - Full Circle

Here we go, Solar Eclipse time! Just what is a Solar Eclipse, really? Astronomically, it's when the moon occults, or obscures, the sun. Astrologically? In short, a supercharged New Moon. Considering that this one is a Supermoon as well (A full or new moon at its closest point to Earth in its orbit), this eclipse proves to be highly potent!

Something you have to keep in mind with a Solar Eclipse as opposed to a New Moon is the duration of the effect and the cycle it represents. A normal new moon is the beginning of a new phase for about a lunar cycle, or roughly one month if we want to stretch it. Solar Eclipses, much more potently, affect about 6 months to a year, perhaps more in a cycle. Also, the effects can be felt even before the eclipse actually happens! Sometimes events happen even during or directly after the eclipse, as I've personally experienced. I'll spare details but it was quite a game changer for me.

Now, eclipses are part of Saros Cycles, or a particular family of eclipses (This one in particular is Saros 130). This particular Saros Cycle this eclipse is part of won't end in our lifetimes (sometime in the 23rd century actually), so note that as a bit of info for trivia night.

The chart for this eclipse looks brutal:

Solar Eclipse in Pisces is opposing Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, and is also conjunct the South Node and Chiron, both in Pisces. Let's also consider that we have a T-Square to Saturn in Sagittarius. We have a decision to make: With Jupiter retrograde conjunct but separating from the North Node, we're already in a phase where we're engaged in internal expansion and contemplation. The eclipse, however, is with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and on the South Node a.k.a. Dragon's Tail, where we feel more comfortable, the comfort zone, away from where our path to growth, the North Node (or Dragon's Head) is. Saturn squares both, so it's sitting there, in Jupiter's home sign, its arms crossed and basically teling us that we need to make a decision in our lives: Will we continue on our individual and internal growth, or will we allow events to overwhelm us and have us rush back to the familiar to take comfort? That second one may not be in our best interests. Bear that in mind. The unknown road forward could be a trap, but then again, what we left behind could very much be the bigger trap.

With the Solar Eclipse at roughly 18 Pis 56', anyone with personal points or planets between 13 ° 56' - 23 ° 56' in Pisces/Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius will feel this eclipse most strongly. Personally, my I.C. is within a degree and a half conjunct this one, and the previous eclipse hit my Midheaven directly. Many changes in store still for me. But this is about all of us, so let's just take that as a brief example.

Continuing on, Mars just crossed into Sagittarius, and it's squaring Nessus right now, albeight at a 2 and a half degree orb. It's muted now, but there's a subtle drive of active obsession to this eclipse cycle. Mars also trines Dejanira and Hekate, so there could be a little bit of victim play here, but as a trine, it's an easier energy. We could see a mitigation of this somehow, as if perhaps those who would be victims will act to rise up or escape their circumstances.

Mars is also a weak square to Venus for this eclipse cycle, so we could see a bit of intensity in relationships and romances, perhaps some affairs as well. As an offsign-weak square between Sagittarius Mars and Aquarius Venus, best be on your guard.

Pluto is nearing its Retrograde, and Uranus is squaring it rather tightly at less than 2 degree orb. There's also a weak T-square to asteroid Kaali, which acts as an amplifier, so we can expect to see some dramatic upheavals this cycle. I have a feeling the U.S. Presidential Election cycle is about to get much more contentious, as an example. And if you've seen the recent Republican debates...'s not pretty. For the sake of civility on this blog I'll just leave it at that.

Uranus quincunx Jupiter this cycle, well we have the planet of Rebellion and radical change in Aries, a cardinal fire sign, definitely high energy here. Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo, and it's in its detriment right now. I will go out on a limb and say we could see some market and economical volatility within the next several months, and I believe this is going to play a large part in the outcome in November as well, even after the following solar eclipse. On personal levels, be careful with the spending as it could be easy come, easy go. There could be a tendency to belt-tightening.

Another asteroid I haven't touched on yet is 1930 Lucifer. This one, from what I feel, denotes Pride. President Barack Obama has this conjunct his Sun. I have a personal friend who also has that aspect. They both exemplify it well. There is that air of confidence, of pride, and right now, transiting Lucifer conjuncts fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion which now resides in Virgo due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. Anyways, as Lucifer squares Mars, and despite Lucifer being retrograde and Mars in its pre-retrograde shadow period (or perhaps, as an indicator thereof), we are seeing some major flurry of pride and caustic activity going on lately. The exchanges on the stages of the Republican (and to a lesser degree, Democrat) Presidential Debates lately are good examples. Kim Jong Un ordering his military on pre-emptive status and his nuclear rhetoric also would be a solid example of this aspect playing out.

Uranus trine Saturn, well, we could see a slight tempering of caustic action, like a pause to think whether we should really hit that little red button, or a "whoa, wait a minute" moment before we engage in revolution for the hell of it. I think this aspect may be one of the few things indicating that all hell doesn't quite break loose yet. I hope.

In closing, Let's consider this: whatever we set in motion as of the previous solar eclipse in September, we should well consider that the cycle is likely still moving forward as eclipses last long in their influence, so this should be considered the Full Circle. This will be the completion of that previous eclipse and it is also the start of its own cycle. And this current cycle promises to be brutal. Set your intentions well for the next six months, and make sure you make the best of what you can. It's not all doom and gloom. After all, the strongest diamonds are made under the highest of pressures.