New Moon Taurus - May 2016 - Full Load

Another month, another New Moon. Grab your shovels, and plant some seeds, as I'm seeing quite a bit of... fertilizer. Hey, it makes plants grow, and plants give us good stuff. Just get ready to duck!

This New Moon is in a hell of a place, and in a good way. An earthy Grand Trine to Pluto retrograde and Jupiter retrograde, and arguably North Node as well, depending on how wide an orb you apply to the North Node aspect. Grand Trines are easier, almost too easy at times (depending on what's involved in natal charts. This is transit though). Let's consider this: Some people may just be coasting thinking that things are starting to wind down, while others will be idling and pondering their next moves. This could be a mistake, given the Neptune opposition to Jupiter retrograde, so we have a bit of a wide Kite here.

A Grand Trine Kite occurs when we have three planets or points trine one another in three different signs, and when one of those planets have an opposition to another body or point. The opposing planet is essentially pulling the bowstring and bringing a focus to the kited planet. In this case, Jupiter retrograde. And Jupiter is all but Station Direct right now, slowing down for it to regain forward momentum on May 9th. So Jupiter is going to have some pretty big focus right now being at a standstill. As far as the North Node... Neptune's too wide to consider for that with a 9 degree orb. So we'll ignore it here.

Jupiter is also featured in a T-Square to Neptune, apex at Saturn retrograde and to a much lesser degree, Mars retrograde. Saturn's still going backwards and is a bit of a downer right now, and Mars retrograde is still slowing down actions and smoldering. Engage in healthy releases as much as possible I say. Especially as we have Mars retrograde quincunx Venus/Apophis right now. Some unstable passions that we don't know what to do with, kinda hot, but kinda want to stand ground. Could wreck a good thing if not careful. Might go out with a whimper though, or not as bad as it could if it goes that way, given Mars trine Kaali, an amplifier.

Let's get into the asteroids though, as these are very interesting. New Moon conjunct asteroids Lie and Dudu... Let's be honest here, this cycle we are going to see a lot that is full of crap. New Moon quincunx Saturn retrograde along with those two asteroids tells me that people are going to get called out on their crap and not sure how to take it. Likely, we ourselves will be called out, maybe calling ourselves out on our own crap, like bad habits (such as me staying up so late and putting things off. Not a good thing as I'm out of a job as of the end of ... today! Yeah, that's kinda bumming me out a little but I'm sure I'll find something soon enough. Enough of the personal note though!)...

Pholus trine Dejanira/Hekate trine Lucifer/Swindle for an asteroid Fire Grand Trine... might see some resolutions or revelations come to light of certain scandals or news involving victims. I would not be surprised to see some developments in a few cases pending trial or where justice was already meted out, such as Bill Cosby (not much news on that trial lately), or Jared the former Subway spokeman (who isn't having such a great time in prison. Can't imagine why. Hmm). Ixion also trining Hekate/Dejanira... yeah, might see some bruised egos here soon.

Lucifer opposite Buysballot/Lamb and Lucifer quincunx Pinocchio suggests to me that in this cycle, we will see some who will be riding high on lies and false promises, though the opposition implies a possible pride before a fall, or the air being let out of a lead balloon. (Lucifer from what I have seen denotes pride more than anything else.

Pinocchio semisextile Buysballot/Lamb suggests further falsehoods to me leading to some successes on the backs of those who fall in line and march to the standard beat. In short, and not to beat a dead horse, the typical portrayal of Donald Trump's base. (I really need to chart Election Day and see how this is going to go with the candidates).

Pandora Opposite Narcissus, Apex New Moon/Lie/Dudu in a T-Square: Yes, a Pandora's Box is pretty much already opened at this point. And what's flying out of it has people talking, and yes, we are seeing a lot of ego being blown about. This month is going to be quite intense.

Kassandra conjunct South Node: Warnings from the past are being sounded, but I can guarantee you that they're going to be ignored, as Kassandra represents warnings given and no one listening until it's too late.

Lucifer/Swindle opposite Eros/Medusa, apex Vesta conjunct Fixed Star Algol: Not a good star for the asteroid of fighting for one's beliefs and the sacred flame to be on. Sextile Chiron, however, slightly mitigates this unfortunate influence. But probably not all that much. We can expect to see more sex scandals and probably another prominent player laid low by past indiscretions, and likely via betrayal by way of a woman or female figure. We also have Cupido conjunct Messalina, both retrograde and off-sign between Libra and Scorpio, so that minor influence is also in the mix, as well as Nymphe trine Aphrodite, both romance asteroids. Be above-board in your romantic relationships, and expect to see someone hoisted by their own petard with their pants down is what I'm seeing for this lunar cycle.

Political world example of the transits leading up to this New Moon: Donald Trump just effectively secured the Republican Party Nomination. You could argue he doesn't have to do as much there now. But his battle may just be beginning. It's apparent to the other parties now (counting the third parties as well as Democrats) that the one who was not expected to win the nomination just effectively won it. The Donald's basically representing the Grand Trine Kite, while Cruz/Kasich could best be described by the T-Square (and they just suspended their campaigns, so this kinda goes along with the Mars/Saturn retrogrades). And of course, the Hitler/Mussolini comparisons are flying harder now, and still the momentum is still going.

I'd love to analyze more of this New Moon, but honestly, I need sleep before my last day at work. (Just because it's my last day doesn't mean I don't have stuff to finish up!) So yeah there's going to be plenty of crap this month, but that crap could grow some good things down the road. Be very much aboveboard in your relationships, and you might weather the storm and grow a stronger bond (or perhaps a new one if it comes down to it). Anyways, I'm fading. Sleep time for this astrologer.

Mercury Retrograde April-May 2016 - Retroactive Reversal

April 28th is coming up on us, and we've got that magical time again: Mercury Retrograde. This one is considerably different than most, considering that when it goes backwards from our perspective on Earth, we will have five planets in retrograde motion at the same time! The last time this happened was about ten years ago, and this is about a 4% of the time occurance.

The first thing that strikes out at me is the Minor Grand Trine between Moon and Mercury/Vesta, apexing at Chiron. Now fortunately, Chiron is in the focus of a beneficial pattern such as this, so in this case the Wounded Healer is likely to start bringing us some healing rather than wounding. Chiron itself, however, is square Ixion, so from what I see, themes of infidelity or betrayals is going to be a theme of that healing. Maybe false allegations thereof. I don't know. With Ixion itself retrograde, perhaps you thoguht yourself to have betrayed some trust before, and during this cycle perhaps there's a healing and a clearing of the air where things may not have been quite as bad as thought, or circumstances have changed. I'm not imagining a flagging marriage being one of these where one or both partners cheated, but maybe something like a bad assumption or series of bad assumptions being worked over right now.

We do still have the T-Square between Neptune opposite Jupiter Retrograde, apex Saturn Retrograde. This is also a time where we will be facing some of our illusions, and facing some hard truths within ourselves. Let's use Chiron's influence to start healing this. Perhaps the hard truths are related to the Chiron/Ixion retrograde square, and perhaps there's an underlying reason some of us have fallen into the bad assumption pattern.

To put a personal perspective on this: Recently I just had an assumption blow up in my face, though there was a buffer zone given for this. I assumed my contract job was going to last until at least June and give me some more time to save up a little more for that eventuality (or the hopeful possibility of a contract extension, or even conversion to full-time). Guess what: Instead I got a two-weeks notice, and this was with a slight extension (details I'm going to skip over for now). To be fair, my manager and contact are looking high and low for colleagues that need someone with my skills (which would be most-accurately described as Full Stack Developer, though I was brought on as a UX developer. I've done front, middle, database stuff, so yeah Full Stack it is. But I digress...). What this is also revealing on a personal level is that I have support from others who have worked with me and are pulling for me. There's a few options, but right now, I need to evaluate very carefully given my situation.

Back to the matter at hand: Mercury Retrograde's beginning. Let's moved on to Mercury and the Fixed Star: Algol is out of range. YES. Algol is a very unfortunate star, but as Mercury is farther than two degrees away, close to three degrees away, it's just out of range. So let's gloss over that one! Trust me, this could be far worse. About a degree and a half from a conjunction with Vesta, we're going to be reviewing and reflecting on what is sacred or special to us, what we hold highly in regards to our beliefs.

We do also have a Trine between Pluto Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde, and though this is about a six degree orb, we have a slight influence with Pluto's internal devestation and rebirth meshing with Mercury retrograde's review and slowdown. What do we truly value in life? What are we going to let go in this cycle? Grudges? Crushing defeats? That's up to you.

Mars Retrograde is another fun point of this, and is within orb of activating its own T-Square with Neptune and Jupiter Retrograde. So where Saturn is one apex where we face our illusions, Mars retrograde as another apex is going to slowly burn this illusion out.

We need to also consider Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus/Hekate/Eris/Dejanira. Where do we feel like we've been victimized in our lives? Is it because of going against the grain? Have we victimized others, and is karma about to roll its wheel right over us? Is justice to be done for this rebellious victimization? As part of a news thing I just saw... Bill Cosby may be seeing his day in court very soon, and could face up to 10 years if convicted once this goes to trial. We shoould also note Venus conjunct 99942 Apophis, with Apophis representing destruction. In Cosby's case, I think we're about to see some interesting times ahead with that story. Also note Venus/Apophis trine Pholus Retrograde. Pholus is like a detonator, and also like an intoxication asteroid. In this case, I think we're about to see an implosion from previous destructive lustful actions.

I can't wait to see what this means for the Presidential Campaigns... and I do not like most of the results I saw Tuesday... Let's just say two of the candidates I really did not want to see hit the White House... are in striking range of clinching the nomination of their respective parties. But this is getting to be a quintuple-retrograde period... what fresh hell of surprises are all of the campaigns about to see? We'll find out between now and May 9th, perhaps.

Finally, Sun Quincunx Mars. The Quincunx is a strange animal, it's not a trine, not an opposition, but somewhere in between. It's like in this case, fixed Earth to mutable Fire. Sorta like a slowly simmering volcano, but when it goes off... it's going to go off. We could see some very harsh words come out, followed by some major apologizing. Expect some mood swings this Mercury Retrograde cycle. Some of those mood swings are needed, though, just don't take it out on loved ones. Mars retrograde in this mix suggests we really shouldn't take it out on ourselves either. I'd recommend physical activity like running or hitting the weights as opposed to driving a fist into the drywall, because drywall repair isn't fun and neither is scaring your friends and loved ones. That and punching a wall hurts like hell, especially when you find that stud in the wall that's considerably more sturdy than the plaster. And court-ordered anger management training isn't something that's considered fun by many, so try to keep your cool.

I'm out of time for now, but I'll leave this here as a Part 1. Part 2, I haven't decided if I'll get into other asteroids, or if I'll just go to look at the Mercury Direct phase that comes later in May.

Mars and Pluto Retrograde 2016 - All Stop (Part 1)

It's finally here. Mars Retrograde. Pluto Retrograde follows in less than 24 hours after this point. Don't expect a lot of forward momentum at this time. Nay, if you try to force things now, it's probably not going to go very well. Since Mars and Pluto are both going retrograde within one day of one another, I've opted to combine this series for both as there really isn't going to be much of a difference in placements overall for both retrograde stations.

To recap about retrogrades, the planets themselves are not going backwards in space. Instead, the orbits of Earth and the planets are at such a point that the planets that are retrograde appear to be moving in reverse from our perspective here on Earth.

Mars Retrograde begins it's backward motion on Antares, a fixed star in Sagittarius. This is going to be rather interesting, as Antares is a pretty incendiary star all on its own, and Mars is the planet of action, war, anger, and fire. Mars, when going forwards, things progress and advance, and initiating actions seems to go a lot smoother. Once it's retrograde, it's pause-and-reassess time. Sure, you can force things forward, and you may have situations where you can't wait. Make sure you know if it's that kind of situation, or if it's a situation that you can take some time to think about and plan things out better.

Regarding Mars conjunct Antares... From [url=]Constellations of Words:

With Mars: Detrimental habits powerfully affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, fairly favorable for gain. If at the same time the Moon is with Aldebaran, danger of death by sword or hanging. [Robson*, p.138.]

Fortunately, moon is not with Aldebaran so we don't have to worry about that last part. Still, for this Mars Retrograde cycle, we can expect more arguments and incidents, some stemming from people trying to force things through, and others just because people are more argumentative.

We do have some good news though... We have an Earth Grand Trine with Pluto in Capricorn trine Mercury/Vesta in Taurus trine Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo. This should go a long way in smoothing over some communications with others (though get things in writing, as Mecury itself is in it's Pre-Retrograde Shadow Period right now)... And the trine to Jupiter retrograde will allow us to take some things to heart and apply what we learn to ourselves. We'll be able to somewhat go forward with this before too long as Jupiter turns direct next month, though Mars will be retrograde until June 29th.

Saturn is also retrograde right now, and will be retrograde for the entire Mars Retrograde cycle. At the station for Mars, it trines Venus and to a lesser degree Uranus. We should have a little more stability with our relationships to others and will be looking inwards regarding our role in said relationships, and what we can do differently. Saturn squares Jupiter, so we will have conflict within ourselves regarding our relations wtih others, in romance and jobs. After all, Venus is Quincunx Jupiter at this point.

Truth be told, we do have a Fire Grand Trine between Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius trine Venus in Aries trine 55 Pandora in Leo. Our looking inwards regarding these relationships is going to unlock some uncomfortable truths, most likely, and this will be like Pandora opening that wonderful box that unleashed all sorts of fun stuff into the world. But there was still hope in the box when all was said in done, so whatever you find out, don't despair too much. Take stock and take steps to rectify what you find. If all you find is good things, then awesome! Keep that stuff up.

Asteroid-wise, we have a rather nasty trio making a conjunction. 37117 Narcissus, 433 Eros, and 149 Medusa are all conjunct in Aquarius. Now Eros itself isn't bad, it's love. Romantic love, to be specific. The problem is with Narcissus, which of course portrays narcissism, and we have Medusa which in my experience has represented betrayal by or involving women. Ladies and gentlemen, if you've got any planets in hard aspect to 16-17 Aquarius or conjunct around there, do be wary of self-centered suitors looking to bleed you dry. Now, these do make a Minor Grand Trine to Saturn and Venus, however, the orb to Venus makes this weak, and Medusa really only factors due to the conjunction to Narcissus and Eros which are within 2 degrees orb of sextiling Venus. So there's some possible mitigation here as Saturn in the back of your head might be telling you "Hang on, this might be too good to be true", and perhaps Venus's influence smooths things over too... or makes it easier to fall head over heels in love with someone who isn't all that great for you.

100 Hekate and 157 Dejanira square Pluto isn't very nice. We could see more revelations of victims of ritualistic abuse or other abuses come to light. Do be careful.

Ceres conjunct 4386 Lust might be something to spice up the homestead's love life. Or maybe you see a proposal come at this time. However, do remember that with all of this retrograde action going on, you may want to hold off on this. Rather, strengthen the bonds you have now and think things through before going full matrimony-mode.

In part 2, I will further examine some asteroids, and give further focus to Pluto.

New Moon Aries - April 2016 - All Hail Discordia

This New Moon is upon us, and it's a doozy. Hold on to your hats because it's looking like a bumpy ride this cycle.

The New Moon itself is square Pluto, and it's a pretty tight square too at less than one degree orb. This lunar cycle is going to be about overcoming obstacles, and of things being torn down and rebuilt. Let's get the ground work going and prepare for impact, because honestly we're going to see quite a few things get hit. And what gets hit will impact our egos and our emotions for sure. A lot of things that get impacted this lunar cycle will even seem out of the blue, given the Uranus square Pluto aspect that's also here. With Uranus conjunct New Moon, we can expect some sudden surprises that are, frankly, going to be quite disruptive, such as travel delays, relationships going amok, staplers jamming just as you're scrambling to get to that meeting in time... but not much that should be totally insurmountable. Uranus, though at greater than two degree orb, is conjunct Eris, representing chaos and discord. It's a loose conjunction, very loose, so we should be able to weather some of these storms at least.

New Moon trine Saturn Retrograde also adds a dash of us taking into account restrictions we have placed upon ourselves, and this is a prime opportunity to see exactly where we're sabotaging ourselves, and what we can do to take steps to get around it.

Mars conjunct Fixed Star Antares is quite the incendiary combination. According to Constellations of Words:

With Mars: Detrimental habits powerfully affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, fairly favorable for gain. If at the same time the Moon is with Aldebaran, danger of death by sword or hanging.

Well, I think that's pretty descriptive. Moon is nowhere near Aldeberan, so I think we can avoid the worst of aggression and war for now. Keep in mind however, that Mars Retrograde begins during this cycle, and that's when things are going to get mucked up. Expect shifting alliances and upheavals in our relationships with others, which fits quite well with Pluto squaring the New Moon and Uranus/Eris. It's not all doom and gloom though, as we can use the Mars/Antares energy to initiate something that will be lucrative in the future (though we should not expect instant results as Saturn is retrograde at this time...

Chiron conjunct South Node during this lunar cycle is something else that needs addressed too. We are likely to face healing and pain from a part of our past, as we have for the past few months.

Chiron squares Ixion as well, so we should be rather careful of things that are too good to be true, and let's not leave a good thing for something that feels more comfortable, such as leaving a loving partner to go back to an old relationship.

A weak Apophis conjunct Venus also exemplifies this. Some relationships are likely to end at this time, and probably already have. Venus has entered Aries, opposite one of it's ruled signs (Libra), so we need to be careful that we're chasing after what's good for us in terms of relationships and money, and be careful if we're chasing after fun without the relationship (I think you know where this is heading).

Lucifer square Karma (itself conjunct Algol) is another cause for concern. Lucifer is retrograde, so we're going to be looking at our inner pride during this time. Karma is just that, karma. On Algol, the most malefic star in the heavens, this karma will be brutal. (I should know, I have Karma conjunct Algol in my natal chart, and am going through a Karma Return right now. And yes, some crows are coming home to roost... though the embodiment of such as my air mattress springing a leak and leaving me to sleep on a hard floor... (This could very well be a manifestation of Saturn retrograde as well)... well anyways... maybe it'll help my back. I don't know. But i digress...). I can also say personally a couple purchases I was considering making are now backburnered as more important expenses are coming up... Like taxes.... Oh yeah, Income Tax day in the U.S. is coming up during this cycle... a day after Mars turns retrograde! DO NOT wait until the last minute this year!!! I cannot stress that enough! I can almost guarantee there will be a snafu if you wait until the last day to do taxes.

Karma/Algol Sextile Kaali, forming a Yod to Pholus/Galactic Center is also present, asteroid-wise. Though not as powerful as planets, there is the potential for something to blow up, as Pholus is said to explode or expand what it touches. Frankly, be careful with the imbibing of alcohol and other intoxicating substances or activities this cycle. Could lead to more than you bargain for.

Finally, Saturn retrograde squaring Jupiter retrograde is leading us to consider recent restrictions and roadblocks and what that's doing to our inner sense of self-worth. If things are going along and you're able to shrug off the delays and frustrations, great! If not, then take a step back and see exactly where you're falling behind, and determine if its factors beyond your control, or if you're sabotaging yourself. If you are sabotaging yourself, stop. As much as you can. Sometimes things just have a way of piling up on you. Fortunately, Jupiter won't be retrograde much longer, but we'll have to wait until the next lunar cycle for that forward motion to come.

In fact, let's make it a point during this lunar cycle to eliminate any Last-Minute-Charliedom and end procrastination where possible. It's very much looking like that this is going to be a major theme for the next month or so untl the next New Moon. The manifestations around the Full Moon later this month should be quite telling.

That's all I have time for for now. Need shower and ... floor. Don't exactly have a bed now. Let this be a lesson of what this lunar cycle has to bring us. It's not entirely fatalistic, but we've got our hands full this month.

Saturn Retrograde 2016 - Paradise Lost (Part 1)

Saturn Retrograde is generally not a fun time. It can be downright destructive, and if you're not ready for it, it can leave you in ashes. This can be a time where your self-discipline is brought into question, and also where you need to focus on improving how you handle your responsibilities.

This Saturn Retrograde has already begun by the time I write this. We're going to focus on the major placements first. Fixed Stars and asteroids will be covered in part two, though I include them here. (Don't worry, I'll actually get to writing this very soon unlike the Stephen Reed article!)

Saturn begins its retrograde in a T-Square to both Jupiter Retrograde and Venus. Jupiter opposite Venus brings a bit of a conflict between abundance, or in the retrograde Jupiter's case, inner abundance/sense of self, and what we find attractive, beautiful, fun. A bit of a wondering of "is this what I really want?" Well, Saturn squares both of those now, and is parked and sitting there during the retrograde station. Saturn's there telling you to make up your mind and make sure you figure it out. And it's not going to make it easy.

And you really better figure it out because with Saturn appearing to go backwards now (from Earth's perspective at least), Saturn Square Neptune is going to be rearing its ugly head once again. Saturn square Neptune is an illusion shatterer. Where we've been having daydreams, our heads in the clouds, whatever, Saturn is there cracking the whip and telling us to get on with it. This can also bring extremes in dogma, be it business, religious, or what have you. As Saturn slowed down, we saw the Brussels attacks, and let's not forget an attack happened in Turkey weeks prior that was underreported. We can expect more from Daesh, regrettably (and no I won't call them the other name because I refuse to bastardize the name of a perfectly decent Egyptian goddess. I suppose ISIL will also do).

Mars Trine Sun/Mercury at the beginning of this retrograde cycle might temper some of the initial pain of this retrograde a bit, but don't forget that Mars is in its pre-retrograde shadow period right now. Things are starting to slow down a bit, but Sun and Mercury are working together a bit to bolster some boistrous communication. We can see this right now with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz going at it right now regarding each others' wives. How classy, bringing family into this electoral squabble. Imagine if Sun/Mercury were squaring Mars right now. I think in that case it'd be downright libelous.

Pluto sextile Venus and Pluto Trine Jupiter Retrograde are also giving us a collective breather in a way right now. The jackhammer of the cosmos is using kids gloves where it comes to our relationships and our self-worth in general, so we're having a slightly easier time of things. Pluto is pretty much a destroyer and renewer, like the Phoenix, blasting apart what it touches and then allowing the ashes to fall and rebuild. The sextile to Venus? I'd say there's a chance of whatever's happening this retrograde cycle to help rebuild some relationships stronger than ever (to a lesser degree than the trine), and to allow new relationships to also build. Jupiter retrograde in this shows that there's going to have to be some self-growth, but the lessons should take hold. But first, with Jupiter opposite Venus, we're going to be taking some hits first.

Uranus square Pluto, however, doesn't make any of this easy. Pluto is slowing down for its own retrograde as well, and Uranus just recently got done with one of its own, so they're going to start separating pretty quickly here. Just in time too. Uranus square Pluto is highly volatile, highly destructive, and highly slow-moving. We need to be cautious. If you've been looking at the rhetoric, it's really starting to look like the 1930's again, isn't it? And not so coincidentally, that's when Uranus squared Pluto last time. The aftermath wasn't so pretty (World War II being one result). There's been a lot of upheaval personally in my life, and I'm sure there has been in all of yours too. But the Uranus square Pluto cycle is finally coming to an end within the next year or so, I think... I hope. There aren't any more exact squares until... I don't know when. I'd have to look. A lot of us will probably have moved on to the next life by then, and the rest of us will be much older.

I will leave off now by saying that this Saturn Retrograde is going to be a rough ride. Part Two will examine the asteroids and fixed stars involved in this, and then Part Three will get into the Station Direct later on that only occurs on August 13th. We've got a few months of "fun" in store. Stay tuned.

Lunar Eclipse Libra March 2016 - Rapid Evolution

As I write this, and quite late at night I might add, the Lunar Eclipse is likely underway.

This one is a penumbral lunar eclipse, meaning we're not going to be getting that blood moon-like effect this time. This will be the last eclipse in Libra for quite some time, I'm hearing. Let's get into it.

The eclipse itself isn't faring too terribly badly this time. Apart from the Moon Opposite Sun as it would be at the moment of maximum eclipse, we have Mercury conjunct Sun and Opposite Moon. Communications will be at the forefront emotionally and metaphysically for the next several months for this Lunar Eclipse cycle. Hopefully the intentions set at the time of the Solar Eclipse earlier this month were spot on, as what you set in motion is going to manifest in some way now.

Those people with planets or personal points in the last 3-4 degrees of the Mutable Signs (Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces) and in the first 7-8 degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn) are going to feel more of this eclipse than others.

The Lunar Eclipse itself sextiles Mars, which isn't too bad. Mars also trines the Sun at this time, so we should be seeing some regulation of the aggressive energy of Mars, which I must remind you is still in its Pre-Retrograde Shadow Period. We're seeing a slowdown of sorts, although not enough of a slowdown sadly, given the horrific events in Brussels the other day.

Saturn, however, is apex of a T-Square between the Jupiter Retrograde and Venus opposition, though not exact. Saturn, in a couple days, is also going to station retrograde and begin its own Retrograde period, which will run largely concurrent with the Mars Retrograde this time. So we're going to see the taskmaster's restrictive and disciplinary influence come to the forefront between what we value in ourselves internally, with Jupiter retrograde guiding us in Virgo (where it's unfortunately not at its highest power), and also what we value emotionally with Venus in Pisces here.

Asteroid 99942 Apophis at the moment of maximum eclipse is less than a degree orb conjuncting Neptune, so we're going to see some illusions shattered I would say during the next several months. Apophis is the destroyer, and it is quincunx Asteroid Sappho, itself retrograde. Relationships could be a bit dicey over this time period as well, as there may be a bit of give and take and we just at this time could be in a bit of a frenzy as to what we should do regarding certain relationships. Do we stay with it? Reestablish contact if it's been lost? Confront the BS? People are going to have to decide what to do with this and it's not going to be an easy topic. But the Mercury conjunct Sun may help that.

Asteroid Amor is also within two degrees of conjuncting Uranus at this time, so do be on the lookout for roving eyes as well. Amor and Uranus are also trining Saturn, so maybe a bit of the window shopping will be tempered with some prudence.

Asteroid Pholus has a tendency to intoxicate and blow up what it touches, and right now it's sitting on Galactic Center, an esoterically powerful point. Messages from the beyond, from spirit guides, from ancestors, Creator/Source/what-have-you, we're going to see more mention of it here.

Black Moon Lilith on fixed star Spica, hmm... I'm not entirely sure what to say here other than the mystic divine femininity, or the darker side of femininity maybe... it's going to be focused on a bit. We're already seeing this in the Presidential campaigns right now, what with Donald Trump apparently commenting on a reporter's appearance, as well as the recent Anonymous threat against Ted Cruz of exposing some saucier exploits from his past. (I'm watching this right now wondering where and how this is going to end up).

We could also see something involving Hillary Clinton right now. Bill Clinton, her husband, is already stumping, and from some accounts, has managed to put his foot in his mouth regarding the last several years of what he seemed to state was a lack of progress (of which his wife, who is running for President, was Secretary of State for four of those years. Take this as a warning, people, to dot your I's and cross your T's during this period).

Nessus quincunx Lunar Eclipse is going to be an interesting aspect to watch for this cycle. We're going to see more about some previous obsessions, indescretions, and likely abuses that have managed to evade focus up to this point. Probably will see something involving Bill Cosby's case even. We'll also likely see something regarding Gawker's now-lost case involving Hulk Hogan's scandal. Gawker might not even survive this, who knows?

Dejanira conjunct Hekate will likely see us deal with how we are seemingly the victim in the ritualistic charade that's become our lives over the last several years. This asteroid conjunction trines Mars right now so we may see either an easing of this in some aspects, or some justice served. Again, Hulk vs Gawker comes to mind. Let's also sum that trine and the Nessus quincunx Lunar Eclipse as "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Very real consequences at work here.

Finally, we have Ceres conjunct Chiron and South Node. We are going to see a lot of challenges here regarding hearth and home, and what it means to us. Where do we feel more comfortable, and where do we need to go? Some of you will probably be entertaining a move. Others of us may be trying to figure out a balance between work life and home life, or family life or even play life. Asteroid Karma sextiles all three of those, so whatever we come up with may in the end play out for the greater good. But don't stay too comfortable, as Karma also trines North Node. We have to continue to evolve and grow, or where we figure we're healing in our home lives could end up wounding us instead.

Overall, there's a lot more to this Lunar Eclipse cycle than I first realized, and this is likely only touching the tip of the iceberg. Keep your eyes peeled for more icebergs (or melting ice shelves if Antarctica is any indication), and adjust your heading so you don't wind up sleeping with the proverbial fishes.

Solar Eclipse Pisces March 2016 - Full Circle

Here we go, Solar Eclipse time! Just what is a Solar Eclipse, really? Astronomically, it's when the moon occults, or obscures, the sun. Astrologically? In short, a supercharged New Moon. Considering that this one is a Supermoon as well (A full or new moon at its closest point to Earth in its orbit), this eclipse proves to be highly potent!

Something you have to keep in mind with a Solar Eclipse as opposed to a New Moon is the duration of the effect and the cycle it represents. A normal new moon is the beginning of a new phase for about a lunar cycle, or roughly one month if we want to stretch it. Solar Eclipses, much more potently, affect about 6 months to a year, perhaps more in a cycle. Also, the effects can be felt even before the eclipse actually happens! Sometimes events happen even during or directly after the eclipse, as I've personally experienced. I'll spare details but it was quite a game changer for me.

Now, eclipses are part of Saros Cycles, or a particular family of eclipses (This one in particular is Saros 130). This particular Saros Cycle this eclipse is part of won't end in our lifetimes (sometime in the 23rd century actually), so note that as a bit of info for trivia night.

The chart for this eclipse looks brutal:

Solar Eclipse in Pisces is opposing Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, and is also conjunct the South Node and Chiron, both in Pisces. Let's also consider that we have a T-Square to Saturn in Sagittarius. We have a decision to make: With Jupiter retrograde conjunct but separating from the North Node, we're already in a phase where we're engaged in internal expansion and contemplation. The eclipse, however, is with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and on the South Node a.k.a. Dragon's Tail, where we feel more comfortable, the comfort zone, away from where our path to growth, the North Node (or Dragon's Head) is. Saturn squares both, so it's sitting there, in Jupiter's home sign, its arms crossed and basically teling us that we need to make a decision in our lives: Will we continue on our individual and internal growth, or will we allow events to overwhelm us and have us rush back to the familiar to take comfort? That second one may not be in our best interests. Bear that in mind. The unknown road forward could be a trap, but then again, what we left behind could very much be the bigger trap.

With the Solar Eclipse at roughly 18 Pis 56', anyone with personal points or planets between 13 ° 56' - 23 ° 56' in Pisces/Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius will feel this eclipse most strongly. Personally, my I.C. is within a degree and a half conjunct this one, and the previous eclipse hit my Midheaven directly. Many changes in store still for me. But this is about all of us, so let's just take that as a brief example.

Continuing on, Mars just crossed into Sagittarius, and it's squaring Nessus right now, albeight at a 2 and a half degree orb. It's muted now, but there's a subtle drive of active obsession to this eclipse cycle. Mars also trines Dejanira and Hekate, so there could be a little bit of victim play here, but as a trine, it's an easier energy. We could see a mitigation of this somehow, as if perhaps those who would be victims will act to rise up or escape their circumstances.

Mars is also a weak square to Venus for this eclipse cycle, so we could see a bit of intensity in relationships and romances, perhaps some affairs as well. As an offsign-weak square between Sagittarius Mars and Aquarius Venus, best be on your guard.

Pluto is nearing its Retrograde, and Uranus is squaring it rather tightly at less than 2 degree orb. There's also a weak T-square to asteroid Kaali, which acts as an amplifier, so we can expect to see some dramatic upheavals this cycle. I have a feeling the U.S. Presidential Election cycle is about to get much more contentious, as an example. And if you've seen the recent Republican debates...'s not pretty. For the sake of civility on this blog I'll just leave it at that.

Uranus quincunx Jupiter this cycle, well we have the planet of Rebellion and radical change in Aries, a cardinal fire sign, definitely high energy here. Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo, and it's in its detriment right now. I will go out on a limb and say we could see some market and economical volatility within the next several months, and I believe this is going to play a large part in the outcome in November as well, even after the following solar eclipse. On personal levels, be careful with the spending as it could be easy come, easy go. There could be a tendency to belt-tightening.

Another asteroid I haven't touched on yet is 1930 Lucifer. This one, from what I feel, denotes Pride. President Barack Obama has this conjunct his Sun. I have a personal friend who also has that aspect. They both exemplify it well. There is that air of confidence, of pride, and right now, transiting Lucifer conjuncts fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion which now resides in Virgo due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. Anyways, as Lucifer squares Mars, and despite Lucifer being retrograde and Mars in its pre-retrograde shadow period (or perhaps, as an indicator thereof), we are seeing some major flurry of pride and caustic activity going on lately. The exchanges on the stages of the Republican (and to a lesser degree, Democrat) Presidential Debates lately are good examples. Kim Jong Un ordering his military on pre-emptive status and his nuclear rhetoric also would be a solid example of this aspect playing out.

Uranus trine Saturn, well, we could see a slight tempering of caustic action, like a pause to think whether we should really hit that little red button, or a "whoa, wait a minute" moment before we engage in revolution for the hell of it. I think this aspect may be one of the few things indicating that all hell doesn't quite break loose yet. I hope.

In closing, Let's consider this: whatever we set in motion as of the previous solar eclipse in September, we should well consider that the cycle is likely still moving forward as eclipses last long in their influence, so this should be considered the Full Circle. This will be the completion of that previous eclipse and it is also the start of its own cycle. And this current cycle promises to be brutal. Set your intentions well for the next six months, and make sure you make the best of what you can. It's not all doom and gloom. After all, the strongest diamonds are made under the highest of pressures.

Full Moon Virgo February 2016 - Illusion Shatterer

This full moon is a culmination of the previous New Moon (the Warped Messages moon). We have a few changes, and a few other continuations. I'm a little late in getting this up and am short on time so I will be brief. I'll post the charts below:

We continue to have Sun Square Mars, but at a very wide orb (8 degrees, as far as we should count for Mars/Sun). This is still significant as Mars has now entered its pre-retrograde shadow period. We are starting to see some slowdowns and disruptions in actions and activities, and rest assured we will be seeing some revisions to plans as we start seeing what is not realistic. We also have the Sun conjunct asteroid Nessus this cycle, an asteroid of the abuser and of obsessions. We could see some power plays in relationships given this conjunction in Pisces. With Nessus opposing the Moon, we may see some shakeups in public relationships. I'm not sure if the sleeping Kanye West pic going viral is one of these, though given his recent thin skin and money problems, it probably isn't going to help Kim with him very much.

Fortunately, Mercury has exited its shadow period, and is now fully direct. We should start seeing a little ease in communications and travel. Mercury conjuncts Pallas this Full Moon, which is very useful for communicating wisdom and wise actions. The sextile to Saturn is helpful, though we should note that Saturn is now slowing down for its own retrograde period which will hit in the near future.
I suppose an example of the wise communication working with the taskmaster and master of restriction would be Jeb Bush exiting the Presidential race. Considering his dismal showing in South Carolina, this is likely a wise decision on his part. We also saw Ted Cruz fire a prominent campaign manager after a controversial video that implied Marco Rubio was implied to say something about the Bible not having all the answers (when in fact Rubio was saying the opposite). Cruz took this action likely to minimize fallout to his campaign, so unwise communication may not be as damaging in this case as corrective action was taken. We'll see how it unfolds.

One major thing I'm noticing is the Chiron/South Node opposite Jupiter retrograde/North Node, both T-squaring Saturn (though at a 5 and a half degree orb). So we have the Wounded Healer on the point of staying where it's comfortable, the "safe zone", while we have the planet of expansion and the greater benefic where we need to go... but the expander has turned inward with the retrograde, and it's already debilitated in Virgo (Jupiter's sign of detriment), so it's likely people will look to the past for solace. I think we're seeing this with the campaign season in full bloom, particularly with Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan (though I have serious doubts he would accomplish this)... the square to the Saturn in Sagittarius shows us that there are some serious prices to be paid for staying put in the "safe spot" and not moving forward, and that there are some impedences to moving forward at this time. Basically, we could really say that there is no safe spot and moving forward is going to be tricky for the rest of this lunar cycle. For a good while, actually. Given how many more contests are going to be hitting election-wise, this doesn't exactly fill this astrologer with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Expect the rhetoric to ramp up.

We still have the Uranus/Pluto square going on, and Pluto is with asteroid Destinn this time, a sense of destiny permeating the rapid disolution and tearing down of the old coming. With this in Capricorn, I'm going to go out on a limb and say we could see some market volatility. Many places are already seeing sub-$2/gallon gasoline in the United States. Even here on the West Coast we're seeing lower prices, at least around Seattle, WA. Uranus, being the revolutionary changer, I question whether this is ultimately to our greater benefit. Maybe it is, given Pluto's trine to Jupiter/North Node. Also, given this info, Pluto sextiles Chiron/South Node, so we have a bit of a wedge pattern shaping up. Any sudden shocks may actually be well-weathered in the long-term.

We also have Ceres and Neptune in a conjunction this Full Moon as well. We've got Pisces pretty much fully loaded at this point. Bound to be some illusions in the home life, but with the weak opposition to the Full Moon, we could also see a little bit of deception come to the surface. Saturn in a weak square to Neptune right now amplifies this (though Saturn is out of orb of squaring the Full Moon, thankfully). It would be wise to be above-board in communications with your loved ones at this time. I wouldn't be surprised if a scandal comes out regarding one of the candidates at this time too. (Perhaps the Cruz campaign and the Rubio Bible/Answers flap is part of this, though I may be off-base in linking the two).

Asteroids Dejanira (victimhood/asteroid of the victim) and Hekate (an occult asteroid) conjunct in this full moon could be interesting. Perhaps a story of occult or ritual or religious abuse comes out during this time. Perhaps with infidelity as well, given the square to Ixion. However... Dejanira/Hekate trine Mars at this time at a slightly wide orb (greater than 1 degree), so whatever comes out will likely happen quickly and be quickly buried or made irrelevant by other goings on.

Lastly, Venus squares asteroid Karma this Full Moon. Again, be above-board in your relationships, and you should be able to weather your storms. Could see some rocky roads, but as there isn't much else aspecting Karma from what I see in the current charts, I wouldn't expect too much development over the next couple weeks. Maybe you singles (or not?) meet someone karmic in the next couple weeks, but whether its to your benefit, well, that depends on how you get along too, synastry, and other factors.

Overall, I'm going to say that this Full Moon we can expect further revelations in our lives, some unpleasant, and we'll face a choice as to whether to move forward in our evolution, or stay behind and lick our wounds. I'm inclined to say it's going to be an eventful remainder of the cycle until the next New Moon, which is actually a total Solar Eclipse in Pisces! Expect things to ramp up over the next two weeks!

New Moon Aquarius - February 2016 - Warped Messages

New Moon in Aquarius in February, 2016. This looks a little easier than last month's New Moon, but not by much. Enough new challenges for this one.

I missed the Full Moon for Leo for last month, as things got a bit hectic near the end and just couldn't get to it. I can't blame that fully on Mercury Retrograde, but it does show you a little bit of the chaos that can happen! Anyhow, moving on!

For starters, we have Sun square Mars, so we have some tension between this planet's lifegiver and the planet of war, action, energy, aggression. Egos will need to be kept in check for this lunar phase as arguments and misunderstandings will be enhanced from where I sit.

Before I forget, let's see the chart for this new moon. Naturally, charted for Seattle, WA.

Mercury is still in it's post-retrograde shadow period, so there are still prone to be some misunderstandings in communications as well. Conjuncting Venus for this one (though by a wide 4 degree orb), messages of love and relationships seem to be a likely theme, especially with Venus itself conjunct Pluto (though not tight at a 3 degree orb) and square Uranus. So there are bound to be potent developments regarding our relations with others, romances, and whatnot. With the Uranus square, expect some disruptions and butting of heads, as well as unexpected developments. Venus itself is trine Jupiter, which itself is retrograde and still with the North Node. This should add a little ease into the relations front, though we may be more focused on how our relationships (or lack thereof, for those of us not attached) affect our inner being.

Saturn is still square Neptune, but at a 6 degree orb, the influence of the taskmaster to the illusory should be rather muted. Saturn is also trining Uranus right now, so there could be a resolution to some restrictive circumstances this lunar cycle by the planet of sudden changes.

We should note that Mercury this New Moon is also trine Jupiter, so along with Venus, again, messages and communications may be somewhat expansive in regards to relations. Again though, post-retrograde shadow for Mercury may make this a little iffy until February 14th or so when it finally exits the shadow period.

Let's not forget, however, that three days after Mercury exits shadow, Mars itself enters its pre-retrograde shadow period. Activity and initiating things will start to see a bit of a slowdown and bogging down, leading up to the Mars retrograde later on this year. For now, it's best to set intentions to shore up loose ends and spend the first week or so of this lunar cycle setting up what we want to achieve for best results, as for half of this year, we can expect more slowdowns.

Ceres opposite 1930 Lucifer, we could see some contention between what's good for home and hearth and our inner pride. More inner pride, as Lucifer is retrograde. It's a degree and a half orb, so this won't be a major influence. And as Lucifer isn't directly aspecting any major planets (not by transit anyways), this may be a aspect we can put in the back of our mind. Ceres, itself is 4 and a half degrees orb from conjuncting Neptune, so I wouldn't worry about too many home fantasies getting the best of us quite yet.

A couple more presidential primaries (New Hampshire being a big one) will be taking place this lunar cycle. Expect more mudslinging and vile rhetoric by those who would be our "leaders".

Enjoy this lunar cycle as best you can, as the next New Moon will be a powerful Solar Eclipse in March! Things are going to come full circle soon, I feel!

New Moon Capricorn - January 2016 - Commencing Cleanup

New Moon in Capricorn January, 2016, well... where do we begin?

This new moon is a doozy. While a slightly larger orb at just a hair under 4 degrees, this New Moon conjuncts Pluto, the planet of tearing things asunder and rebuilding. Or Death and Rebirth, if you're into that sort of thing. And it's still squaring Uranus (radical change, rebellion, revolution), which this new moon also does. So right now things are looking pretty tense!

Here is the chart of the new moon as it's close to exact, as seen from Seattle, WA (where I live near now).

Combine this with the Mercury Retrograde that just started a couple days ago, and Jupiter now having gone retrograde as well (and right on the North Node as well!), we have all sorts of opportunities for mayhem and upheaval. Mercury Retrograde, of course, is where travel, signings, communications, etc. go awry. Traditionally, anyways. It's usually a time to redo, rethink, review, repair (though whether the repairs hold, well, my old car could have something to say about that)... but enough about that.

Jupiter retrograde... that's a planet of expansion and in some circles is the "greater benefic." When retrograde, the expansion tends to go inward. This new moon is trining Jupiter, so we have an opportunity to begin a cycle where we look inward and begin some changes that will benefit us in the future, especially with the Jupiter conjunct North Node placement. Now, with the new moon square Uranus and conjunct Pluto, these beneficial inner changes to ourselves would be best spent in tearing down what no longer serves us, and setting the stage for rebuilding later on. This would also be a good time to review your budget plans, IMHO, and if you have debt, review your plans for tackling that. Being able to enact new plans... might want to wait until Mercury goes direct if able. (Sometimes circumstances force us to act).

Personally, there is a lot I need to discard that no longer serves me. Such as procrastination. Which partially explains the lack of updates in the last several months, as well as crazy events. (Pluto is personally in my 2nd house as well and that is not playing nice with my resources right now. The aforementioned debt thing is also in mind as the Fed just started raising rates for the first time in several years and they're expected to total 1% by the end of this year, and a grand total of 1.75% by the end of 2017 from what I read (I forget the source, sorry!) Not thrilled).

This new moon also sextiles Chiron, so we may be able to see some healing as opposed to wounding this cycle. Venus is squaring Chiron right now with a 4 degree orb or so, so it's possible there could be some wounding when it comes to romance, relationships, associations and to a degree jobs (And I'm not entirely certain on that one). With Saturn also in square to Chiron and conjunct Venus, issues of restrictions like controlling relationships could come up, and some of us will have to make a choice as to what to do about it this cycle.

Mercury is still in orb to an off-sign square with Mars. Considering Mercury Retrograde this time started with Mercury in Aquarius and squaring Mars more directly... It has been a rough week for a lot of us. This lunar cycle is likely to expect frustrations with communications and biting our tongues is highly recommended.

Uranus in this new moon is trining Venus, so we may see some slightly benefic shakeups in romance and relationships depending on your own natal placements. With the Saturn conjunct Venus, again, that wet blanket is likely to spoil the party a bit. Trining Chiron may bring some catharsis.

Venus/Saturn is also a weak square to Neptune still. I noticed a lot of relationship changes in the past month or two with the Saturn square Neptune cycle. Now, the question is, do those relationships that started under the Neptune/Saturn square stand the test of time, or were a lot of endings and beginnings under the auspices of illusion? Maybe illusion of escaping a controlling situation? How many of those ended up in another restrictive circumstance? Or back into one? Grass isn't always greener my friends. With Saturn leaving orb (along with Venus) to the Neptune square briefly (for Venus it'll be for good for about a half year or so), the illusions should start coming down anytime now. If it's meant to endure, it will likely endure. I can only wonder what will happen with the current front-runners for the US Presidential election? (Especially Trump... oi.)...

Do keep in mind though, Neptune and Saturn will have a couple more exact square contacts, especially when Saturn turns retrograde later this year. The November exact square helped pave the way, personally, to some devestating realizations when an illusion came to an end and what was hidden from me came into view. (Hint: I did not react well. Keep in mind, the Uranus/Pluto square is making a T-Square to my natal Mars/Pluto/Venus in Libra. If we include my natal asteroid Nessus in Cancer, it's a Grand Cross by transit. I'll write about this later...) But regardless... with the square weakening for the moment, we should see these disparities relax a bit the rest of the lunar cycle. (The square returns in full force in June 2016, and again in September 2016).

This new moon, for my recommendation, is to set in motion the intent of a cycle of introspection and cleaning away what no longer serves you. Do remember not to throw out the baby with the bath water, however... Not all that looks like it needs to be eliminated may need to be eliminated. Let's be careful out there. As the full moon gets closer, we'll see what comes in the completion phase of this cycle.