Solar Eclipse Sagittarius 2021 – Crucible of Change


What do the Cards Say?

Tarot Spread for Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2021
The tarot spread for the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2021.

As far as what the cards say for this Solar Eclipse cycle? It’s actually fairly positive from what I’m seeing here.

First, the Five of Wands upright indicates conflicts and challenges facing us. We’re likely experiencing some struggle, some competition of sorts. Some of us are in the middle of disagreements, while others are grappling with a question that just doesn’t seem to have answers right away.

We follow this with the Fool upright. This certainly fits with the Eclipse energy as we’ve got new beginnings possible right now! How these new beginnings and adventures play out is anyone’s guess. If there’s a step you’ve been wanting to take, this is a time where it can happen.

Next, we have the Wheel of Fortune upright. Fated events are upon us. Whether we take advantage of the new beginnings possible or not, we’re going to find out where it all leads whether we like it or not. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Fourth, we have the King of Cups reversed. This seems to be playing into the conflict we’re having, and quite a few of us could be facing off with an authority figure who isn’t stable or grounded in their emotions. Alternatively, there’s an authority figure or something of that quality that’s causing us a fair amount of emotional discord. We feel we can’t be certain of our feelings and we’re having to navigate this. Doubts are certain to plague us to an extent with this placement. At worst, this can indicate an emotionally abusive partner or situation.

The next card is another king, the King of Pentacles upright. This can represent another authority figure, likely a man, who will be bearing us offers of money, stability, and sound advice on what we hold dear and valuable now. This has an air of sound financial advice. Pay attention to what reputable economists are saying is what I’m getting here. This can also be a man or other partner, or potential partner, bearing gifts that can help bear some comfort or usefulness in making money.

Finally, we have the Hierophant reversed. Traditional means of getting ahead aren’t going to be as reliable during this eclipse cycle. We’ll be thinking outside the box for the next several months. The tried-and-true methods aren’t as reliable anymore. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

I’d say this is pretty congruent with the astrology of the Solar Eclipse. Some challenges, but some incredible new opportunities for growth and pursuing our hearts’ desires.

To Sum it Up

It’s an intense time, no doubt about it. Plenty of opportunities for change though, and we’d be fools to not take advantage of some of the chances to make some good changes now. Endings of all sorts are upon us, so why not plant that seed and nurture it, make it grow?

It’s possible we’re not getting the answers we want to hear quite yet, but don’t despair. This eclipse cycle, and the months ahead, they are an excellent opportunity to grow. Of course, we’ll have to be wise about this, and be on guard for those who would take what doesn’t belong to them. It’s possible the answer you want to hear is a “not yet,” not necessarily a “never.” You may get a better answer in the meantime from another source. Or perhaps, you just haven’t done the work yet to get the answer you want, but you get that work done during the next several months?

Whatever you do, don’t stagnate. Losing your momentum will drag you under very fast now. Keep your momentum going and keep creating, even in the face of utter destruction. Don’t let anyone take your spirit. Always be creating.

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