Pluto Direct and October 2019 Forecast Is Running Late

Pluto Direct and October 2019 Forecast Is Running Late

I want to address the lateness of the October 2019 and Pluto Direct articles I've had planned.

The intention was to get to these and get these posted well ahead of time. That hasn't happened as life's a little crazy right now, with me job hunting along with other important tasks that I do need to get done right now. I am hoping to have these up by Monday (October 7th).

Pluto having stationed direct by the time I write this has definitely activated something in the aether. I'm not going to say this is a sudden change in me, but there are some aspects of my life where I'm just doing one of those shrug emoji's and saying "F it." Phoenixia Astrology is not one of those things I'm saying "F it" to though, let me be crystal clear on that point.

I'm looking to see where I can make the time for this at the moment. Hoping to get the real-life backlog pared down so I can maneuver and get everyone some insights that you've come to (sporadically) expect.

You'd think Pluto sitting motionless trine my Midheaven would help this along. It should a little, but I've also got a Mars Return coming up soon (and then Mars conjunct my Solar Arc Saturn between my Mars/Pluto conjunction), and the entire planet's got its own energies and reactions to ... everything... going on.

Take many deep breaths. I'm having to remind myself.

Post again soon. Promise. Cheers.