Personal Readings Now Open

Personal Readings Now Open

Personal Readings are now open for sale on Phoenixia Astrology! You may see the readings I have for offer at this time on the Readings page!

I am offering:

  • Natal charts
  • Synastry/composite charts
  • Transits and Progressions (3/6/12 month forecasts)
  • Solar Returns (Precessed)

In addition, each of the reading types you may choose a basic reading consistent of the planets, angles (if birthtime is known), Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, and for the Natal, Synastry/Composite and Solar Return readings, the Part of Fortune (again, if birth time is known).

The Basic Plus Asteroids reading will include everything the basic reading does, but I will also add Romance, Career, and Deception asteroids, as well as a few other key asteroids and some fixed stars such as Regulus, Algol, Sirius, and so forth.

I hope you will all find this to be a valuable service, and I'm looking forward to providing these!

As of the time of this post, there is no backlog, so the wait time will be minimal.