New Moon Taurus - May 2018 - Medusan Revolution

New Moon Taurus - May 2018 - Medusan Revolution

It's time to end my silence. The last few months have not been the greatest on my end, and by that I mean I've been kept very busy with the newish job, as well as having had a month and a half of downtime total with being ill. Very nasty colds this year, which had better be done with. Regardless, we have a New Moon to begin the new lunar cycle for the next 28-29 days, and of course, we have some major energy shifts coming. I didn't have time to plot the asteroids or craft the charts for this, so this is going to be text only. Let's begin, as I don't have much time. Again. Some things never change...

We have a pretty fine how-do-you-do with the New Moon conjunct (2 degree orb) Fixed Star Algol around 4:48 PDT / 11:48 UTC. Now, it's a wide orb for a fixed star, so this should mitigate the aspect somewhat, but this is a pretty unfotunate star most of the time. Lots of craziness is in store. Ok, I lied. There was one asteroid I did notate. Sedna also conjuncts Algol tightly, and thus is in range of conjuncting this New Moon. And I'm sure you can notice that there's been some major carnage beginning to take shape, what with the news cycle... just overall. The Jerusalem Embassy thing, the Bill Cosby conviction, stuff like that.

The New Moon does also semisextile Venus, acting as a trigger aspect this lunar cycle for what is valuable or attractive to us, or for our general job or vocational life. We should see some developments on that front, for good or ill, by the end of this coming week (Thursday the 17th or Friday the 18th is likely to bring the first manefistations of this, as the Moon will be in range of passing Venus around then). The New Moon also trines Pluto retrograde and Black Moon Lilith, and to a lesser degree Mars so we should have a good bit of an energy boost in beginning a new cycle of growth for the next month.

There's another reason we can look at the major energy shift. Now, within the last month, Chiron entered Aries, and Chiron squares Venus by a 6 degree orb, so it's muted but still there. This will affect how what we find attractive or desirable harms or heals us, but it'll be mitigated somewhat. Another major aspect we have happening is that Uranus is in the very last minute of the 29th degree of Aries, and will cross into Taurus on the same day as the New Moon. This is shifting the revolutionary and rapid change planet from the cardinal, fiery Arian energy and downshifting it into the fixed, earthy energies of the bull. We want to get going, get plans underway, and the fixed Earth energy is saying "hold it." And if that's not enough, Uranus squares Mars, and Mars is also about to cross from cardinal, earthy Capricorn into fixed, airy Aquarius. Uranus and Mars at odds, while they're both changing signs on top of that, this leads to some very unstable energies. We need to step carefully at this time as we are, quite frankly, in a major psychic minefield.

Uranus sextile Venus is a welcome sight, however, as this does bring the possibility of some pleasant surprises for us. Maybe a spark of good news at a job, or a surprise outing with someone you've had your eye on be it dating or business or just a friend you haven't seen in awhile.

Pluto retrograde conjunct Black Moon Lilith will test us heavily as we look within ourselves and face our inner shadow. This will pertain largely to our ambitions with material and career matters, being in the sign of Capricorn, and will also affect you differently depending on what house of your chart Capricorn occupies. (For me, it's my 2nd house, so resources and money, particularly in relation to my primary job and desired path, that's very much in focus for me right now).

Mercury square Mars should also be noted right now, though it's not the tightest of orbs. This, especially with the Martian shift into Aquarius soon, can lead to some pretty harsh words right now, especially with Mars also squaring Uranus at the same time. Mercury makes a weak conjunction to Uranus as well, so these harsh words could come out of the blue and shock us to the core. It isn't all bad though, as Mercury trine Saturn retrograde could allow us to take a rough situation and turn it into a drive to move on to the next step in our lives. Broken eggs can lead to omelettes, after all. Just remember you'll have to dig out the shells. Chiron sextile Mars can also help out in this regard as we'll have more of the energetic drive to move forward and cast away some of the old hurts and bandages we may be holding on to during this time period.

Finally, we'll notate neptune trine Jupiter retrograde. Jupiter will still be moving backwards for a little while yet, but at this time we can benefit from some inner spiritual wisdom, or relying on our own inner guidance as it were. I'd chalk this one up as a time to observe without judgment if you can, and take in the wisdom and whispers of the outer world. Definitely take the time to get in tune with your inner senses, and trust your gut. This can act as a sort of "psychic shield" of sorts, and probably save us from some of the more incendiary energies of this lunar cycle.

This lunar cycle is just loaded for bear. Thankfully Saturn wasn't heavily afflicted, nor Pluto, and we have those fortunate sextiles that were mentioned before. So it's not an "all hands abandon ship" moment, but it is a "brace for impact" moment we'll be looking at here. Be alert, be wise, and do take some time to tend to yourself. We're going to need to take care of ourselves this cycle so we can better help others. After all, a lamp with no oil left doesn't light many paths. Just don't pour all the oil onto the fire this month as it's very easy to get burnt if we're not careful.

I am hopeful this marks the end of my extended absence. I'm getting back into it. I hope everyone has been hanging tight and taking care of themselves. Until next time, peace.