New Moon Scorpio - October 2019 - Changing Strategies

New Moon Scorpio - October 2019 - Changing Strategies

This article comes a little bit late, but still early enough in the lunar cycle that it's worth writing. New Moon Scorpio is serious business, and given it's in the 8th house of other people's resources, occult, sex, and death, there's quite a few things we need to consider for this one, especially the one major aspect it makes. We'll be confronting some deep inner work this time around.

The New Moon takes place at 04 Sco 25'00" on October 27th, 2019 8:38:26 PM PDT (October 28th, 2019 03:38:26 AM UTC). This lunar cycle will be an intense one. We're in the intense sign of Scorpio for this Sun conjunct Moon aspect, and thus the new beginning right now is confronting our deepest fears and facing our shadow.

The one planetary aspect that hits this New Moon is New Moon opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus doesn't really like to be in Taurus, as Uranus is sudden change, rebellion, revolution. Taurus is fixed, earthy, doesn't really mesh with Uranus's desire to change things up. We've got some give and take as we'll know that something has to change in our lives, and even if we're in a comfortable position, we might be in a position where we need to give some things up. We need to shift outside of our comfort zones, and chances are we'll be the ones making that shift happen. Outside forces may have a hand in this, however.

Beyond the solar/lunar aspects hitting us, Mars in Libra is squaring Saturn in Capricorn, as well as making a weak but applying square to Pluto, also in Capricorn. This is intensity. This is anger. This is frustration. This is not a happy set of aspects here, and we are likely to see some order of unrest and open anger in how some situations are unfolding. Saturn is also still conjuncting fixed star Vega and this can lead to false allegations as well. We need to take a deep look at what's true, what's not, and we're confronting some unpleasant truths while we do it.

Mars in Libra quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces also adds a bit of illusory awkwardness to this New Moon period. Mars is already uncertain while in its Fall position in Libra (where Mars is weakest), and Neptune being amplified and still turned inwards in retrograde motion, this is definitely a point where we can second-guess even our best plans. Write as much down as you can and don't be surprised if some decisions do need to be revisited. This is especially true as Mercury is just a few short days away from turning retrograde, which will make some decision-making potentially more questionable during this lunar cycle. Don't be afraid to go ahead with essential plans (such as finding a job or getting vital surgery), but do allow for second opinions and additional fact-finding to get through the illusory and misinforming muck.

We should make mention of New Moon sesquiquadrate (~135 degrees orb) Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. It's not enough we've already got the underworld vibe going on so close to Halloween with the New Moon being in Scorpio, but this also adds a dimension of hidden occult or esoteric qualities that are at odds with our selves and our emotions. We could very much feel "haunted" at this time, whether it be from actual spirits, or from missteps from our past. We need to pay attention to our intuition and make sure our inner voice is actually our own, as it's easy to be led astray by mischievous or malicious spirits trying to steer us wrong. If you're not into the whole external spirits thing, then this could represent second guesses and not paying attention to your gut feelings. You need to trust yourself more during this period.

Mercury conjunct Venus in Scorpio does help us communicate some desires and going for what we desire, going after funding, money, romance during this period. Mercury's slowing down, though, so it's not full steam ahead for sure. But, we can still make sense of what we're going for and take steps to achieve it, whether it be a new job or acquiring something. Don't expect these to go without a hitch though. Both Mercury and Venus also sesquiquadrate North Node in Cancer, so we're likely to experience other roadblocks to getting where we want to go. We'll have to get around or go through these blockages if we're going to keep growing. This can also represent that what we think will get us further on the path to our ultimate success may in fact be smoke and mirrors. Second-guessing isn't always bad, especially if the first guess was on shaky ground.

Pluto in Capricorn sextile Black Moon Lilith in Pisces can be a bit interesting... we've got the planet of death and rebirth working harmoniously with the dark and sacred feminine aspect, almost like Persephone coming back to dwell with Hades in the underworld a bit as part of her bargain. Our intuition may get ome darker and "interesting" visions during this time, but those feelings and visions should be of some use to removing what no longer serves us. I would say changing feelings about what we thought we were attached to will also be a factor.

Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces is also another harmonious aspect that can help us get ahead. Saturn, the discplinarian and taskmaster, works with the planet of vision, dreams, and intuition. This can also be a time where breaking some addictions can be of benefit, and may also bring greater success on this front.

Asteroid-wise, we've got some aspects to the New Moon that gives us additional information as to what to expect this lunar cycle. Starting off with the conjunctions, New Moon makes some weaker conjunctions to asteroids 1924 Horus, 432 Pythia, 100 Hekate, and 2063 Bacchus. This is an interesting mix. Very esoteric actually. Horus is, of course, named for an Egyptian deity who was the son of Isis and Osiris. It's an occult asteroid from what I've been able to tell and from what I've read, and this combined with Pythia (named for the oracle at Delphi), and Hekate (goddess of the crossroads, magick, witchcraft, and the night)... fitting that this New Moon cycle is occurring right before when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest at Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve, or Samhain (whichever name you prefer and observe). Bacchus here does point to some revelry, and we could consider this a warning to watch out should we choose to consume spirits, as spirits can consume us too.

New Moon sextile 2696 Magion in Capricorn also adds to the esoteric vibe, and those who practice magick could make some decent inroads in the craft at this time. Setting intentions to allow for greater growth in the best ways is recommended at this time.

New Moon square 258 Tyche in Leo, and 34 Circe and 157 Dejanira in Aquarius is tricky as well. Circe is another occult asteroid, and we definitely need to keep our spiritual protections up right now. Dejanira being with Circe is also another warning to watch ourselves and to be careful, as Dejanira is the victim's asteroid. Tyche in Leo being squared to the New Moon and opposing Circe/Dejanira warns us to be vigilant when we're advancing our work and goals, especially as we may have actors plotting against us to derail our greater work. Be aware, but not overly suspicious, lest this become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

New Moon quincunx 896 Sphinx in Gemini is an awkward link that warns us to be careful of unnecessary riddles in our affairs. We will likely find ourselves confronted with questions that we either don't know the answer to, or we shouldn't even be considering answering. Don't get distracted by strange tangents.

New Moon semisextile 4580 Child in Sagittarius... not sure what to say about this one, other than this lunar cycle will bring children and having the heart of a child or the wonder of a child into focus. We are approaching the holiday season and revelry will be increasing, so it's likely parties and recreation will play a role into this. Don't party too hard, but do let yourself cut loose a bit to blow off some steam. After all, all work and no play can bring one to tears.

New Moon semisquare 114 Kassandra and 433 Eros in Sagittarius warns us to heed warnings when it comes to lustful encounters. Don't throw caution to the wind right now, and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Especially in the realm of lust. Consider the alarm bells if you hear any, and consider there might be a reason for it. If there are no such bells, be smart about things and do be safe about new romantic and lustful encounters around this time period.

Finally, New Moon sesquiquadrate 3811 Karma retrograde in Pisces (with Black Moon Lilith) acts as a warning to trust our inner intuition, and to be careful what we sow right now. We'll reap later, so sow a good harvest for good fruits. Also be aware of missteps that can come back to haunt you. Act with integrity would be my suggestion.

So you can see that this lunar cycle that we're now in is a highly intense one, and what we thought we had planned out will likely not be the way things unfold. Do be sure to take measures to protect yourself, have some fun, and take a few deep breaths if things aren't going so smoothly. I'd recommend upping your meditation sessions this lunar cycle as well, as the destressing aspects will be quite handy for navigating the minefield of this time period. This is doubly true as Mercury Retrograde begins shortly after this lunar cycle begins. Off to bed for me now.