New Moon Libra - September 2019 - Hardened Harvest

New Moon Libra - September 2019 - Hardened Harvest

It's about that time again, this time the Libra New Moon. There's a lot going on here that have both benefit and drawbacks this time around. And, being in the 7th sign of partnerships and relationships, how we get along with others will be taking center stage.

The New Moon takes place at 05 Lib 20'04" on September 28th, 2019 11:26:21 AM PDT (18:26:21 AM UTC). This lunar cycle, given the aspects to the New Moon itself, are going to be really touch and go, especially when it comes to ourselves versus our relations with others. Sun conjunct Moon is the tightest aspect, of course, where our feelings and our sense of self and egos collide and merge.

New Moon opposing Chiron retrograde in Libra is one of the big aspects that directly impact this lunar cycle. During this lunar cycle we're going to be facing some of our inner wounds when it comes to partnerships, both in business and in romantic terms. We'll be seeing how we approach these relationships, and we'll also be taking stock in how certain ones have wounded us in the past. By processing this, we'll be able to move forward much more strongly in the future.

New Moon quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus also adds a bit of awkward energies to this lunar cycle as well. We may be feeling some uncertainty in regards to how certain partnerships square up with our drive towards material security this time around, and there's certainly a lot of uncertainty to go around recently. Don't expect this to let up anytime soon, and do keep a watch on investments for unexpected surprises.

As far as other aspects, Mercury conjunct fixed star Spica in Libra can be a bit fortunate for getting things done. Per Constellations of Words:

With Mercury: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favor of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position.

This can bring some good fortune in cleaning house, for example.

We do need to watch out for Mercury in Libra square Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, however. It's easy for us to say something we regret around this time, and we could wind up doing permanent damage, if only in our own minds. Do take care to avoid self-sabotage when it comes to business partnerships. Romantic long-term partnerships could be strained by excessive hours at the office, and we are coming up to the time of the year where longer hours become the norm leading up to the holidays, so this timing lines up well with this concept.

Speaking of career and relationship troubles, Venus in Libra square both Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, and Saturn/South Node also in Capricorn can indicate all sorts of issues coming back to bite us. The orb is a bit wide to both of these square, however, and Pluto and Saturn/South Node are too far apart to really be considered conjunct as well (over 6 degrees), so the effect is somewhat muted. Do be careful of previous mistakes in your public and career life coming back to haunt you where it impacts your partnerships. This can also indicate trouble with a known adversary in the career sector and the impact it has on your finances or property, such as an office rival.

We might have a way through though with Venus in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. Both these planets can bring good fortune to us when aligned well, and this sextile is tighter than the Saturn/Pluto squares to Venus. Some good business news from abroad might mitigate the trouble a problematic colleague can cause. Or, perhaps a gift from abroad? As the 9th sign of the zodiac also heralds some optimism and higher education, perhaps a night class or workshop at a local university can teach you a skill or two to use for the future at this time too.

Do take care to pick up what's useful if you go the night class or workshop route, as Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune retrograde/Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, plus Venus in Libra quincunx Neptune/Lilith can be a bit troublesome and have you chasing phantoms. Make sure you're taking the right classes or workshops if you're going that route. Delusions of grandeur, and fear of the unknown can also mar some optimism this lunar cycle as well. Be especially careful of false guru types during this time, as they could easily lead you astray if you don't watch yourself.

Neptune retrograde making a weak sextile to Saturn/South Node can yield some other insights in regards to self-discipline and reaching deep into your foundations to find clarity. Some good progress on a creative or inspirational work, for example, could bear fruit (like writing the outline for a novel). Neptune/Lilith trine North Node also helps in this regard, and thus we can glean insights about how to move forward into our best lives. At the very least, we can use this time to meditate and subdue some irrational fears of the future if we make good use of the energies.

Do note that Saturn/South Node are still with fixed star Vega, so do be on the lookout for false accusations and quite opinionated people around this time as well. If you've been above-board with your dealings in the past, you may benefit now, and I would venture to say that false accusers may hoist themselves by their own petards in the end. Do have your ducks in a row to fend them off, however.

As far as the asteroids and the New Moon... New Moon conjunct 2063 Bacchus, 390 Alma, and 58534 Logos is an interesting combination. This lunar cycle could bring to light some wisdom when it comes to intoxicants or drunken revelries. Attempts to get "clean" and sober are likely to have more support at this time. It's also likely some will find some more inner wisdom or wisdom from above to avoid overindulging.

New Moon sextile 12927 Pinocchio and 14827 Hypnos in Sagittarius is also a positive aspect to consider, as this is a cycle where we may see beyond deceptions easier. It'll be easier to see where we've been manipulated, and we'll be easier able to take steps to break away from such manipulations now. Conversely, some may find it easier to guide someone along on a wild goose chase. Now, if you're playing someone to successfully throw a surprise party or something good like that, then cool. Otherwise, be careful how you lead people now, especially unintentionally.

New Moon square 1027 Aesculapia and 3402 Wisdom in Cancer could yield some harsh truths, especially when it comes to our health. Mental and emotional health is also a concern given Cancer as the 4th sign (ruled by the Moon), and we could also find home remedies are not as effective right now. Or, we could falsely believe a home remedy is the best way to go for an ailment (like the flu, of which we're approaching that season again). Be sure you're getting good information, and if you need to seek some sort of medical or professional help, make sure that you get the right diagnosis.

New Moon quincunx 1388 Aphrodite retrograde in Taurus warns us not to get taken for a ride by smooth talkers. You could wind up losing more than a few bucks if you're not careful. Consider long-term costs if considering questionable romantic or lustful encounters.

New Moon semisextile 151 Abundantia in Scorpio indicates a triggering of some make-or-break moments when it comes to our financial security this cycle as well, in terms of other people's resources. This is also a cycle where we may find some secretive revelations in regards to the occult and/or sex when it comes to our partnerships as well. In a few cases, some may find a bittersweet windfall in the form of small inheritances.

Finally, New Moon semisquare 99942 Apophis, 4386 Lust, and 4580 Child in Scorpio... This is a tricky combination. I would say there's a possibility of some past traumas coming back to rear their ugly heads this lunar cycle, particularly from childhood or younger years, and some of these repressed or traumatic memories could shake us to our core. This is a season where we'll be dealing heavily with some shadow work in some ways. I don't like this combination. Do not hesitate to reach out to your support structure if you're feeling some major bad mojo from a past experience, such as past abuse. Some may be able to come to grips with their past and move on. Others may be helping someone else get through this sort of issue as well. This is a tricky one.

All in all, this lunar cycle is about partnerships and how we relate to others. Some help us, some hurt us, and others are just... there. This isn't a cycle to go it alone. If you try to go lone wolf-style this coming month, it's not going to work out the way you plan. There's some work to be done. I'll leave you to it. Peace.