New Moon Libra - October 2017 - Shattering Facades

New Moon Libra - October 2017 - Shattering Facades

It's time for the New Moon once again, this time in the Fall month of October (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere). Time for a new cycle, and this lunar cycle promises to tear down the lies that many have clung to, that I'm going to be very forward about right here. Time for the deep dive.

The most immediate aspect we are going to be dealing with for this cycle is New Moon opposite Uranus retrograde. So already we're off to a bit of a chaotic start, and that ebb and flow has been directed inwards for awhile now. Straight off, it's not just an opposition, but the New Moon-Uranus opposition is actually a T-Square, apexing asteroid Nemesis. This is very interesting. So we've got the flowing energy of the moon on top of the sun bringing forth new beginnings, we've got Uranus tearing down and influencing all sorts of change-ups, some sudden spurts of inner action... and the focus is on what we would consider the enemy. Now, Nemesis is in Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, so this has to deal with money, wealth, possessions, even what we do for a living. Are we working for someone we don't like or respect? Are we being led by the same? It's time to decide what we want to do with this, and we're likely in positions where we have to be careful. Now, Nemesis is trined by Mars, and Mars is quincunx Uranus, so we've got the red planet pushing some drive and fire towards this end. We may have an action plan to take care of this enemy influence (and I need to make clear that this enemy may not even be a person... it could just be a situation that is an adversary as well). However, we need to be clear on what path we're going to take to tackle this, as there is all sorts of unknown and potentially changing energy that is going to require us to have a Plan B. And a Plan C. Better make a Plan D while you're at it.

Another thing we need to be aware of is New Moon sesquiquadrate Neptune retrograde. So while we're dealing with the taking down of our adversary, we need to make sure that our planning is actually clear. It's likely not going to be and there is a lot of false and faulty information out there right now... and Neptune being in Pisces, well, we've got a lot of emotion driving our thinking and actions right now. Look at the news recently, and a lot of news, whether it is true or false, is very emotionally driven. Neptune opposite asteroid Academia could even bring forth a situation where some of the false narrative comes from a place of higher education. Monitor what comes out of our universities very closely this lunar cycle. Watch for faulty studies and research, for sure!

It's also worth noting that New Moon is tightly conjunct asteroid Karma. We are going to see more revelations this cycle where people will reap what they have sown. This could be very beneficial for some, and downright catastrophic for others. With Karma opposite Uranus retrograde, take care that you don't sabotage your own rewards. On the other hand, there's a chance you could sidestep the results of a previous misstep. If you're one of those fortunate souls, take heed and learn the lesson a not-so-hard way. And then change your ways of doing things so you don't wind up in that situation again. I'm basing that on the astrology here, but to be honest it's just good advice.

Mars opposite Chiron retrograde, with Saturn apexing the T-Square is a pretty rough influence for this month as well. Fortunately, Mars is not exact in its square or opposition, so we have a chance of mitigating some of the angry energy. Some of the war of words may be tapering off, quite possibly, but we're still seething beneath the surface at past hurts. Even if we don't admit it, there's a sore spot we're still dealing with, and there is a chance we could soothe that over.

A nice, tight aspect that gives us some drive, energy, and the ability to harness the chaos is the Fire Grand Trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, North Node in Leo, and Eris retrograde (and by proximity, Uranus retrograde) in Aries. Saturn trine Eris gives us a chance to harness the chaos and coax it to a better path. Maybe you got cut off in traffic, for an example, but that cut-off got you stuck at a red light... annoying, right? Now how about if you had made it through the light, only to have made the next green light and get creamed by a runaway cement mixer? It's an extreme example, but it demonstrates that the delay and restriction of Saturn can hold back some of the discord of Eris. The North Node in trine to both gives us an air of fated events related to this restrained discord and chaos, and this is an excellent cycle in which to take advantage of this. Just watch the other discordant energies, be aware, and you may be able to sidestep some unpleasant situations.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Scorpio for this lunar cycle will bring forth heightened awareness of some of our deeper, inner beliefs. We'll also be able to communicate some of those inner secrets a bit more effectively during this lunar cycle. Look at the recent sexual harassment and abuse allegations coming to light against the likes of Harvey Weinstein, and those of other fell actors. Consider that Asteroids Typhon and Apophis are also conjunct Jupiter within a degree of orb, and also consider that Saturn conjuncts Ixion during this time. The violator of guest right and trust, Ixion, being restrained by the disciplinarian Saturn... as well as the destroyer Apophis with the monstrous Typhon, and being expanded by Jupiter. This is a time that we can expect more revelations of this sort of thing, and before this lunar cycle is out, several other big names will undoubtedly have colossal career setbacks... and some endings. Even Donald Trump's past is being probed during this time.

You know... speaking of presidential aspirations... Arnold Schwarzenegger had allegations of misconduct before he ran for governor of California those years back. And Terminator 6 being worked on is big news... I'm not saying something else is going to come to light, but maybe we can't rule it out with him either. Watch him closely. If nothing else comes to light with him, or someone close to him, so be it. That would definitely be a Demolition Man event there. I may need to check his chart if I get a chance and see if he's due for a revelation...

On another note, Asteroids Silver and Gold are conjunct in Capricorn, and both sextile Jupiter and Mercury at the New Moon timing. Some people are always speculating for a bubble to burst or for the stock market to tank. I'm not seeing that this lunar cycle. Granted, they make a Yod to asteroid Lamb retrograde, so be careful of risky investments lest you be fleeced at a later date. This is very funny as asteroid Bambi sextiles Lamb, and forms its own Yod to Silver and Gold. Maybe there's something in livestock futures to look at? Well... we are approaching the Thanksgiving season here in the United States... so maybe.

Venus conjunct asteroids Radiocommunicata and Sphinx for this lunar cycle tells me that there is likely to be some communications regarding a mystery, likely one involving artifacts or maybe a painting. Maybe even a statue? Raqqa was just all but liberated from Daesh (ISIS), so maybe there's some antiquities those bastards didn't destroy... and maybe those will come to light? Speculation, of course. Anyways, with Venus-Radiocommunicata-Sphinx trine Abundantia retrograde, we should take a close look at some of our treasured items, figure out why we treasure them, and... check them for damage, to be honest. Maybe there's a need to repair something? Or maybe something slips in value? Not catastrophically so, of course, not at this time. Could even be a job you liked just isn't doing it for you now. Maybe you love the job you're at, but it needs something addressed. Maybe a minor grievance that can either be easily fixed, or is much ado about nothing. Abundantia does sextile asteroid Fortuna in Leo more closely than the Venus conjunction, so I'm going to stray away from the Minor Grand Trine thought for that one. Again, not expecting the stock market to tank.

Venus-Radiocommunicata-Sphinx opposite asteroid Cupido retrograde does caution us to be wary of snakes in the grass when it comes to romance as well. Again, with the increased awareness of sexual harassment, this would be a good time to see how you're coming across to the other genders (or same gender even!), and ask yourself if you're treating them with the respect they deserve? ...yes, someone out there probably assumes no respect is due. Check that crap. There is such a thing as basic human dignity. I have to assume we all don't like our boundaries violated, so it's an extremely good idea not to violate the boundaries of others, especially in those regards. Back to the astrology of this subject, Asteroids Aphrodite and Messalina square also drives the point home of misconduct being revealed, and Dejanira conjunct fixed star Algorab I believe is going to reveal even more on the subject. Hollywood is burning. It will be interesting to see what other major players go down by the time the next New Moon hits in Scorpio in November.

This is where I'm going to leave off. Lots of food for thought. A time where we can exorcise some demons, but be aware that you don't get too lost off the beaten path. With all the digging going on in our lives, we are going to see some people get really dirty this cycle. But this is also an opportunity for some people to get really clean as well, as we can't really clean dirt if we don't know it's there very well, can we? Not seeing financial cataclysm this month, but that doesn't mean the setup for it with sweetheart deals isn't happening. Be alert, be safe, and if you must rock the boat, make sure you have a way to make it to shore. Watch that you don't get tricked into giving away all of your treats.