New Moon Aquarius - January 2020 - Flip the Table

New Moon Aquarius - January 2020 - Flip the Table

This is going to be a quick one, so let's get to it. It's a New Moon, it's in Aquarius, and there are so many trips and turns we need to watch out for, and many things that are going to make us want to flip the table and, in some cases, rage-quit. Time to get into it.

This New Moon takes place at 04 Aqu 21'34" on January 24th, 2019 13:41:57 (1:41:57 PM) PDT (21:41:57 UTC (9:41:57 PM UTC)). This is to be a lunar cycle of closures and making tracks to new places, with some of the murkier details sticking with us. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so there's a lot of "stickiness" going on here, and with Aquarius being ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, we've got both the hurry up and wait factor going on here too. Unconventional solutions are going to be called for, and they're likely to be painful in some ways, but on the other hand, catharsis is needed. Dealings with friends, our hopes, and unconventionality will be the rule of this next lunar month. Considering that a New Moon is a Moon conjunct Sun aspect, it's a time of new beginnings, reflecting on where we were and now where we'll be going. Set your intentions well.

This New Moon doesn't make very many aspects in and of itself to any major bodies. The most pressing one besides the obvious Sun-Moon aspect is Uranus in Taurus square the New Moon. Uranus already doesn't like being in Taurus, owing to its rebellious and unpredictable nature, and with the Sun also in detriment, we may feel like we're having a hard time getting going. We're not really sure how this is going to go, just that there's some surprises and, quite possibly, disappointments that we were really hoping we would have had a more pleasant surprise to get around. Some harder and unexpected events are likely for this lunar cycle as a result. Money and friends are a key focus here, owing to Taurus's realm of stability and resources, and Aquarius's beating to a different drum.

The other lunar aspect worth mentioning here is New Moon sextile Chiron in Aries. This lunar cycle can bring some much needed healing, but at a cost. But, we should be able to weather that cost a bit better, and for some, this will be like taking a hit we knew was going to be coming, but being able to overcome it a bit easier. This required healing will further allow us to recognize what is at the heart of our being, our desire, what drives us. We're seeing what we don't want with this pairing, and we're seeing what measures we need to make sure that it doesn't continue.

Getting into the other aspects at the exactness of the New Moon, Black Moon Lilith tightly conjunct fixed star Scheat is a big one. While Lilith isn't a physical body, I'm still counting this pairing. We're experiencing things deep beneath the surface, perhaps seeing some forbidden fruit in a way, but there's also the danger of poison and drownings in a sense. I'd say psychic venom, as I've grown fond of the phrase (it was the name of an old Magic: the Gathering card, and there was a cobra on the card, afflicting damage whenever someone used the land card it was attached to). The parenthetical I just mentioned, yes, we do have resources, but there are strings attached to them, some hidden doubts or some pitfall, and I'm going to surmise that Black Moon Lilith, intuitively, is connected to the 8th house of occult, sex, other people's money and resources, and death. I'd go so far as to say debt. Perhaps I'm biased as my own Lilith is in my 8th house (and mine is being directly opposed by Saturn-Pluto right now), but then again, occult matters and Lilith go hand in hand, so the other factors do make sense. Besides this, there are bound to be issues regarding the patriarchy clutching hard in some death throes right now. Be aware of hidden enemies and hidden dangers, and make sure you're on top of things.

Mercury in Aquarius semisextile Venus in Pisces will be triggering messages and some short trips regarding money, possessions, valuables, and even romance perhaps. We may be able to be more proactive regarding these matters when considering Mercury's sextile to Mars in Sagittarius as well. So those two bodies allow for us to be more assertive when communicating with others regarding said money/possessions/relationships, but don't expect the other party to just go along with everything you're saying, because they're going to have their own ideas about how things work. Which leads us to...

Mars in Sagittarius squaring the Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces. While the planet of illusion, meditation, deeper intuition, and intoxicants is being approached by the planet of jobs, money, beauty, and value, this Mars square to both of those suggests that it won't be as easy to follow our heart to our dream life as we would like it to be. We're going to have some confrontations, and maybe some difficulties getting going and/or recovering from some disasters that we may have experienced. Still, Venus-Neptune together should offer ample opportunities to think up with and have some inspiration to solutions to these conflicts. These conflicts may have to do with institutions such as higher learning, religious organizations, and banks (given Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter, and thus 9th house matters).

Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Venus is also important to note. These two beneficial bodies working harmoniously together can apply a stroke of luck and good fortune to some of our stickier situations right now, and perhaps we find some windfalls falling into our laps, or at the very least, we can negotiate a bit better with institutions that are probably hounding us about some things. That could be anything from a shortfall of money in the bank account, to a missing document needed to secure a promotion. But, it's not insurmountable, and we may be able to move things into our favor.

Saturn and Pluto are still conjunct, and they're starting to separate. So while that conjunction should be starting to let up a little, it is still very potent and very pertinent. We cannot allow ourselves to be ruled by fear, again. Fortunately, they don't seem to be making many other rough aspects to other major bodies or points, so continue to be more cautious with your resources and relationships if you can.

Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus in Taurus is another aspect we should be notating, and since they're slower-moving bodies, this triggering aspect will continue to bring to us situations that will wound us out of the blue, or heal us. Collectively, I think we'll be seeing some drastic changes when it comes to ourselves and our relationship with money, possessions, and what makes us secure (perceived or otherwise).

Getting into the asteroid aspects, 875 Nymphe conjunct the New Moon points to this lunar cycle being a time where we can expect some erotic encounters, or perhaps some more lustful activities are in store. Given another holiday coming up with that theme, this should come as no surprise, and it seems to work with a series of semisextiles the New Moon is making as well. New Moon semisextile 4386 Lust and Pholus in Capricorn does point to some potential drunken lustful encounters that could affect reputations along the line, and New Moon semisextile 157 Dejanira in Pisces warns us to not allow ourselves to fall victim to our darker desires right now, nor of those who would take advantage of us. This lunar cycle could be fun in the sack, but could also wind up with some major hangovers if you aren't careful. I'd say those not looking to have children during this lunar cycle should definitely take precautions if deciding to have romantic liaisons.

100 Hekate in Sagittarius sextile the New Moon is a more flowing aspect, and this could help insulate us from some of the harsher Lilith-Scheat energies. Hekate is an occult asteroid, and is named after the goddess of the crossroads and of some witchcraft as I recall. Protective spells, working, chants, and prayers should be amplified now if given proper focus. The Neptune-Venus link may be helpful with this too, but I will have to observe and see what happens here.

New Moon square 2598 Merlin in Scorpio adds to the occult and magick theme. There is a danger of thinking ourselves wise enough to take on anything right now, but there is the risk of running afoul of those abusing arcane magicks as well. This is, frankly, looking to be a more dangerous time psychically, so do make sure your protections are up, you're meditating regularly, and that you're taking care to not fall into darker temptations right now. Given the sexual asteroid interactions mentioned above, this may not be the best time to engage in sex magick as things are not really "clear" right now.

307 Nike retrograde in Virgo and 4955 Gold retrograde in Cancer form a Yod when they both quincunx the New Moon. We are finding that we have to dig deeper within ourselves to get things going and to get whatever money we can get with our talents. We may find things harder to get started, and we may find that we're having some anxieties about money right now. This can also represent the need to dig deeper within to find the strength and resolve to keep our career and money stable right now. Added effort, and thoughtful effort, is a key here.

New Moon semisquare 1181 Lilith (not the same as Black Moon Lilith) and 1924 Horus in Sagittarius is really driving home the point of occult and spiritual warfare and hazards fight now. We may be finding that we're somehow sabotaging ourselves in subtle ways, such as unintentional negative reinforcement in the face of challenges and authorities. This could be something like saying "this red light always stops me here!" Words have power. I should know this well myself, and it's a hard lesson to learn. Squash that negative voice in your head, and other negative voices outside of your head as well.

Finally, New Moon sesquiquadrate 2601 Bologna retrograde in Gemini points to the possibility that we're lying to ourselves about what we need to say, or perhaps we're telling ourselves we don't need to say something as of yet. This could be a much-needed conversation one needs to have with loved ones. We could be deceiving ourselves and telling ourselves we're stuck when really all we need is a little push to get out of the rut we're in.

To sum it all up, this lunar cycle is going to be one of major changes and some much-needed closure and healing we need to take upon ourselves (New Moon to Uranus and Chiron). It's also a lunar cycle where we'll see the possibility of rewards that can be ours, but we'll have to fight long and hard for it (Neptune-Venus to Mars). The psychic land mines going on all around will be pretty intense, and we'll have to keep our spiritual armor on at all times so we can weather this storm. The temptations of the flesh and lust will also be prevalent, and if proper steps are taken, this could be a lot of fun, but without precautions, this could cause a lot of pain. Keep your wits about you this lunar month, and you may be able to come out ahead. Peace.