Monthly Report - September 2019

Monthly Report - September 2019

2019 feels like it is moving rather quickly, and to drive the point home, we're already facing down September! Where did the summer months go? Hopefully you've made the best of these months, and there's certainly been a feel of reviewing and throwing out what no longer works. In many ways, we're about to hit the books again, and it's only fitting that it's back to school time for many kids.

For September's forecast, I have yet again ignored many lunar aspects apart from Full/New Moons, and have ignored asteroids as well, as I'm focusing more on the major planets for this article. We'll begin with the aspects that will last the entire month, and then go from starting date to ending date for the rest. I'll also note which days the aspects are at their tightest, which will translate to the aspect feeling like its at maximum intensity. Those dates will be provided in terms of the PDT time zone in the U.S. Finally, do note I'm going aspect to aspect for this one. I may change my methodology for the next one depending how this month's forecast plays out.

For starters, we have Neptune retrograde in Pisces sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn throughout all of September, and it will be weakening slightly throughout the course of the month, but not by much. Neptune in its home sign of Pisces takes on a more dreamy quality, and its attributes of intuition, dream visions, psychic activity, and matters regarding water and intoxicants are amplified now as well. This can also point to mental illness in the worst of cases, though for reasons I'm about to get into, we may see some breakthroughs in this field this month. Pluto in general deals with the tearing down of structures and paving the way for renewal, or death and rebirth if you will. Capricorn deals with societal structures and institutions, and with Pluto here, this can lead to some radical changes in government and institutions, whether for better or ill. In general A sextile, being 60 degrees at its tightest aspect, is a softer or easier aspect, and with both of these planets sextile one another, the more destructive aspects of Pluto can be overcome. On the other hand, the destruction from Pluto could still hit, but not as hard and can set the course for renewal and recovery a bit easier. Drug and alcohol treatment plans should be more successful now if one seeks help, as one example. As both Neptune and Pluto are retrograde, we'll be facing these themes more internally and introspectively.

Neptune sextile Saturn, also in Capricorn, will also be in effect throughout all of September, and will be at maximum intensity around September 6th before their sextile begins to widen. Saturn is the planet of discipline, restrictions, contraction. It also represents hard work, and thus we can find ourselves able to apply our visions and inner intuition better to our goals and objectives. This can also dampen some of the restrictions Saturn may have in store, or perhaps we can more easily envision ways to either sidestep or work with the restrictive and disciplinary nature of Saturn. Do note that Saturn retrograde ends on September 18th, and after that point Saturn will be less about ourselves holding ourselves back, and more about the outer world and its rules and regulations. The final third of the month will also be instrumental in ourselves beginning to apply the lessons we may have learned during Saturn's retrograde period, though some of that may be slow to go as Saturn will be very slow to get going after the station (or the change in direction point).

Saturn is also conjunct the South Node for the entirety of September, with North Node being in Cancer. The North Node (or Rahu in Vedic astrology) is basically the goal state, where we feel drawn to go for evolving ourselves and for achieving success. The South Node (a.k.a. Ketu in Vedic terms), by comparison, is where we feel drawn to withdraw or retreat to, finding comfort in the familiar. Saturn and the South Node together in Capricorn can signify societal structures tightening their grip, increasing restriction or reducing freedom, as the case may be. It is also where we can pull forward lessons learned from the past for hard work and discipline. The conjunction aspect can be a soft or hard aspect depending on what's touching, and with Saturn here, it's a hard (or challenging) aspect. Do your due diligence this month and don't let yourself be mired into unnecessary restrictions. For some, this may be unavoidable, especially in harsher contacts with authority figures, so do be alert.

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune also lasts the whole month, and is most exact on September 21st. A square is about 90 degrees at its tightest, and is a hard aspect of struggle, challenge, and difficulty. Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius is generally optimistic, and is also associated with increased spirituality and higher learning, as well as foreign travel and affairs (or long-distance travel, as some countries are very large in area). Jupiter square Neptune retrograde points to a conflict between our intuition, or psychic energies, substance abuse, and this can be felt as guilt, as a sense of foreboding, as false or foolish optimism where optimism is unwise (such as saying everything will be fine when it's blatantly apparent that things are not fine at all in some situations)! This is also a time where we second-guess ourselves and can have a crisis of faith, and in extreme circumstances can represent psychic or spiritual attack. It can also be the stifling of our spirituality in the terms of others' dogma getting in the way. Be true to yourselves, but do check your gut feelings and make sure that inner voice in your head is really your own. It's easy to be taken in by malicious "guru" types at this point, and this could also be a time where false gods and gurus are exposed as well for the most fortunate (as when exposed, they can be dealt with).

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius also lasts throughout the month, with highest intensity felt on September 19th. Black Moon Lilith is the divine feminine, as opposed to the earthly masculine (I think. This is what I'm feeling intuitively, so take this as you will). Lilith is also associated with the occult and with sexuality as well, and given this conflicting combination of planet, point, and aspect... we can expect some news regarding rebellion or conflict between male-dominated and female-liberation institutions and movements. I sense that women's rights will be challenged by a patriarchal hierarchy eager to hold onto its power and dominance, such as family planning and career/wage equality.

Black Moon Lilith also sextiles Saturn during all of September, tightening around September 18th. Hard work and discipline will be instrumental in the fight for parity in wages and career for women, and this sextile should help smooth things along in regards to the Lilith/Jupiter square. We can expect some fights for being able to be true to one's self this month, and we can expect some measure of success, though there may be some costs (especially with the Saturn-South Node link as well). This is also a good month for those in the occult and for other intuitives to make some progress in their journey in regards to crafting rituals, doing research, or perhaps just holding true and staying the course in an esoteric field of discipline. It's also likely we could see some justice for victims of sexual assault and misbehavior during this month with this aspect.

Now that the month-long aspects are taken care of, let's get into the other alignments we'll see for this month. Some may be only a day or two long, others could last for a few weeks or most of the month (but not the entire month).

Chiron retrograde in Aries quincunx Mercury in Virgo is only really active on September 1st, and is waning in influence for much of this day. A quincunx is a bit of an awkward aspect, about 150 degrees at its most exact, and tends to connect two bodies or points in two different signs that don't really work well together. It's like it doesn't really know how to work with it. In this instance, we have Mercury, the planet of travel, communications, and technology, just making this weird aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer. We could get into some unnecessary arguments if we're not careful on this day, so try to be cognizant of others' needs. In this instance, we could see some self-criticism, maybe self-deprecation as well, or perhaps some overly-harsh criticism from others.

From September 1st through 3rd we have the tail-end of Mars conjunct Venus in Virgo. It's a weak aspect as they're about to drift apart, but we still have an opportunity to use Mars's action, energy, drive, and vigor to pursue and finish some tasks related to our jobs, or perhaps finish up progress towards a desirable goal or acquiring something we like, or someone we like? Venus, being the planet of beauty, money, love, sex... that can all also go by the wayside as it's in Virgo and being detail-oriented and committed to tasks isn't in fun-loving Venus's list of things to do usually. This could also represent some strife at its worst, such as one partner working too hard or too long and neglecting a relationship. Do know when to take a rest, and considering September 2nd is a holiday (at least here in the United States, being Labor Day), we do have that chance.

September 1st through the 4th also brings us Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus, tightest on the 1st. Mercury is at home in Virgo and lends itself to productivity and getting things done. Uranus isn't so at-home in Taurus, and being retrograde, its even more debilitated. A trine, being the softest aspect (at 120 degrees at its most exact), does mitigate this somewhat. This is a time where things are a little more predictable, and whatever other surprises happen should be able to be weathered pretty well. Uranus by itself is rebellion, revolution, sudden changes, and with some productivity from Mercury, we could gain some unexpected money (with Taurus being the second sign of the zodiac and being associated with personal resources). Or, perhaps we find a way to offload some nasty debt as well, or pay off some debts? Don't expect big lottery wins at the beginning of the month. You'll have to put nose to grindstone for what you want this time.

North Node in Cancer sextile Venus in Virgo is in effect from September 1st through 5th, and is most exact on September 3rd. This is a time where we can make some progress towards our goals, and may even be feeling better about some of our accomplishments at this time. It's not a time to lay back and relax, however, as we're dealing with studious Virgo, sign of service and health, after all. This could be us taking a rest day or two to recover from a strenuous workout, for example, or we could be admiring the results of our labors and patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. Not a time to be resting on laurels, but also not a time of being a total workaholic either.

Sun in Virgo trine Uranus retrograde from September 1st through 5th, waning in power from the beginning of the month to the time this aspect fades, this is a time where we feel a bit more certain that things aren't going to change too radically for a few days. Sun, being our self and our ego and pride, this goes hand in hand with the Venus/North Node link, and we could be feeling like we're starting to get on the right track. There's still that sense of a lot more work to be done, however, and we'll be paying more attention to details to avoid some nasty surprises.

Jupiter in Sagittarius semisextile Saturn from September 1st through 6th, being strongest at the beginning of the month, this is where hard work and discipline and cautious optimism can come together, or a harsh reality check can dash the best-laid hopes. A semisextile is what I call a "trigger" aspect, and is a 30-degree link when exact between two bodies or points in adjacent signs, often between signs that wouldn't really work seamlessly together. As both planets in this case are in their home signs, this is amplified somewhat (though Saturn is still retrograde and slowing down at this point). I think the Jupiter part of this will win out, and we could experience a surge of luck to get past some sticky issues. Maybe a trade war will be muted or mitigated somehow. Or it could go the opposite way and blow up big. This is going to be dependent on the other aspects around this time, and I think we're going to have to watch our pennies for a bit, personally.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn trine Venus in Virgo from September 1st through 6th, being strongest on the 1st, this should help us put in a great deal of effort and work and make some headway in career matters. It's not a time for slacking off, for sure. There's a good chance we'll have to force ourselves to get out of bed a few of these days to get through the day, but we can get some good work done if we put in the effort. The trine aspect here definitely helps, and we could even find ourselves starting a new job or acquiring one during this time. Whether it's a fun job, though, that's hard to say. I wouldn't recommend partying too much right now.

Mars in Virgo trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus from September 1st through 6th, strongest at the beginning, this can also help us weather some unexpected surprises and help us get some work done. We should have the ability during these days to draw upon some power or energy and power through some unexpected events that come up, such as sudden requests for help by friends or colleagues as one example. We should also be able to hold back some anger if someone annoys us too bad a little easier around this time as well, but don't let the hard feelings fester if you can help it. Do something productive with the energy if you can.

Mars conjunct Mercury from September 1st through 7th, strongest on September 3rd, this is a fortunate aspect. We can make a lot of use of this energy and get some major tasks done if we so choose. There is also a slightly elevated risk of accidents due to rushing through to get things done, or perhaps we can wear ourselves out by driving ourselves too hard too fast or for too long. Be careful to throttle some of this energy and watch your step. Mars is action, energy, and impatience. There is also the chance of bosses demanding more of you at this time, but you should be able to get the job done if that scenario does play out. (It's possible this is a time where someone could end a job too if pushed too far, so make sure you have a backup plan if you do decide to walk off).

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Venus in Virgo from September 1st through 7th, strongest on September 2nd, is a bit of a wet blanket. Our desire to have some fun and the need to get work done and deal with obligations are going to be at odds, and this seems to be fitting given the unofficial end of Summer and the start of the school year in many places. We're still going to be on "vacation" mode and playtime's over, and this square aspect indicates that there's going to be some people who have more trouble getting back into productivity mode than normal. I can also see an elevated changing, adding, and dropping of classes in some colleges at this time.

Sun weakly conjunct Venus from September 1st through 8th does have some benefits for us. Again, a good time for an energy boost to get work done. As this aspect is waning, this productivity boost won't last too long. We may be finishing off some touches on how to make ourselves look more professional, and being that this conjunction is in Virgo, I have the mental image of a librarian polishing up her image and dressing conservatively, if that's the vibe that makes sense with this aspect. Nothing too flashy, get work done, no-nonsense mode with playtime being reserved for later. Or an executive getting shoes shined before the big meeting. That's the sort of vibe I get from this combination.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces opposing Venus in Virgo from September 1st through 8th, stronest on September 4th can be troublesome. We may find our hard work being second-guessed by our potentially worst enemies: ourselves. This could lead to some excess perfectionism where we don't really need to be overly perfectionist. An opposition of this nature (where two bodies or points are 180 degrees apart), there's a give-and-take feel to this kind of aspect, like things are at odds, or opposition (hence the name). We can feel like we're second and third-guessing ourselves. We could also be intuitively detecting a flaw or problem and we could potentially make use of this hard aspect energy to resolve the issue. We'll just have to make sure we're doing this right and not fixing something that doesn't need to be fixed.

Mercury conjunct Sun from September 1st through 11th, strongest on September 3rd, helps us communicate a bit more strongly, especially in terms of our day-to-day tasks and duties at this time (being in Virgo). This is also an excellent time to start a new exercise program as Virgo also deals with health (being the 6th sign of the Zodiac). We should be more alert when driving and traveling as well, and should largely be able to avoid accidents if we're careful (useful for Mars being in Virgo now too).

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn trine Sun in Virgo from September 1st through 13th (tightest on September 6th) does allow us to be more productive and cognizant of limitations, and also allows us to structure some boundaries in our public lives as well. We may find ourselves reviewing and perhaps "sanitizing" our social media profiles, for example. Or we could stand up to a bully at work and resolve a contentious issue for another. You may also feel emboldened to confront a boss that hasn't been fully supportive, and this could either lead to the boss backing down and realizing the error of their ways, or you finding a better job if they don't want to budge. Standing up for yourself should be a little easier now.

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Sun in Virgo from September 1st through 16th (strongest on September 8th) can be a little problematic. We may find our optimism isn't what is should be, and at worst we could start looking at some things pessimistically (which could lead to that aforementioned confrontation with superiors). We could also find some issues regarding foreign or long-distance relations in work and higher education, such as a cultural misunderstanding at work. It's also possible we could see a rise in being asked to do things on a job that conflicts with our beliefs at this time (Jupiter being higher spirituality, and Sun in Virgo being day-to-day tasks, obligations, and duties).

Jupiter in Sagittarius quincunx North Node in Cancer from September 1st through 18th (strongest on September 10th) could point to a crisis of faith of sorts, as we may feel like we're being led away from what we feel we should be striving towards, or that perhaps a supreme being of sorts could be slowing us down from achieving what we want to achieve. This is an excellent time to point out that we do have free will, and what we view as interference may actually be not a "no", but a "not yet." This aspect calls for some patience and inner strength to come through. Our destiny is still there, we just may have to alter our trajectory to connect with it.

Saturn in Capricorn trine Mars from September 1st through 18th, with this aspect being tightest on September 8th, does bring us some good energy we can use to complete something important to us or important to our careers. Do also note that Saturn changes direction near the tail end of this aspect, and we should really treat the energies of this aspect as us making final preparations to get ourselves in gear in terms of jobs, career, and health. We may find that the new fitness program we embark on in the beginning of the month, for example, starts showing some results in terms of increased strength by the time Saturn starts moving forward again as one example of how this aspect can manifest itself. We may also find ourselves being able to overcome obstacles a bit more successfully during this time as it pertains to our standing in the world. Not a time to sit and do nothing.

Sun and Mars conjunct in Virgo from September 1st through the 23rd (strongest on September 2nd) gives a good boost of energy which we can use to drive ourselves towards our goals more easily. It's a time where we can take note of what we want out of life, and we can drive through towards that with more energy than we've probably had for the last few months. If we've been lacking energy leading up to this month, this aspect can give us the boost we need to get back on track and get moving forward again. We should be careful not to push ourselves too hard lest we injure ourselves, and this can also lend itself to some arguments due to emboldened ego, so do be aware of increased agitation with this aspect.

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Mars in Virgo from September 1st through 24th (strongest on September 12th) could find people clashing with authority figures and with those in a position to teach others as well. This is also a time to be cautious, especially in the realms of international diplomacy, as this could lead to anything from trade disputes at best, to territorial disputes or outright warfare at worst. This is also a time where I could see individual values being threatened or opposed on the job for some, so do bolster conflict resolution skills at this time. A little calm could go a long way in preventing more than just hurt feelings.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer from September 1st through the 29th (strongest at the beginning of the month) does lend itself to our inner intuition being able to help us see the way forward to our highest goals and achievements we feel we're meant to go for in this lifetime. This is also an aspect that can help those suffering from addictions and substance use seek help, and any treatment programs begun now I would say would have a higher chance of success. If you feel you need to kick a habit or ditch the bottle at this time, go for it. I feel there will also be more support for those seeking help. On another tack, this trine between Neptune and North Node can also lend itself to dream visions that should help us resolve some long-standing problems we have in our lives at this time.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer from September 1st through 29th, strongest on the 15th, does point to a time of greater advancement in occult sciences and the realm of female sexuality. The fight for equalizing roles in society and the world can be expected to find some successes at this time, and we may even find a few figures that have committed abuses being brought to trial during this month as well (fitting as Sedna (betrayal by male figures) is still conjunct fixed star Algol (eye of Medusa, losing one's head), and the vibe of male abusers losing their heads will continue on for quite some time). This is a time where intuition should be somewhat amplified as well, and this should serve well with the Neptune-North Node trine as well. Gut feelings should be more "right on" now.

Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn from September 2nd through 8th, with greatest intensity around September 5th, is helpful in communicating at work and in the realm of our careers and to the public at large. We can also plead our cases a little better now to some authority figures if the need arises, and we may even be able to change a few minds if we find ourselves fighting some adverse outcomes. Greater success in our professional lives should be easier to come by if we play our cards right at this time.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn trine Venus in Virgo from September 2nd through 11th, tightest on September 6th, this is one aspect where we can use the destroyer and renewer to our advantage. If we have something happening in our professional lives and in our jobs that isn't working, this is the time to make changes and find or make something that'll work better for us, whether it's addressing the issue with a colleague or boss, or starting out on your own venture. It certainly won't be the easiest thing in the world, but it's better than stagnating into oblivion. No sense maintaining course into a life you hate, after all.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces opposing Mercury in Virgo from September 3rd to 6th (strongest on September 5th) I think will manifest as more wars of words between patriarchal figures and those who stand for equal rights and other women's issues. I also believe this will manifest as a sort of conflict when it comes to varying traditions and beliefs, such as discovery or obfuscation of occult or deeply held spiritual beliefs versus the more "traditional" belief structures such as organized religion. We may also find ourselves holding back from saying what our intuition is saying for the sake of "not wanting to make waves."

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Mercury from September 2nd through 9th (tightest orb on September 6th) does point to some caution we should take when it comes to dealing with some authority figures, including legal matters. We may find ourselves wanting to say something at the wrong moment and escalating a rough situation, and this really isn't the time to let it all loose when arguing a point. Exercise tact, and try not to get into any shouting matches with professors either. This first week of September could be rather... active... when it comes to international diplomacy as well, so do stay aware of what's happening out there. Expect saber-rattling.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces opposing Virgo Sun from September 3rd to 10th (strongest on September 6th) also fits into this conflict between what we feel in the shadows and the night, and what we're expected to show during the day and in the light. We can expect a bit of conflict to embroil us and some give-and-take regarding what we feel in private, and how that translates to the face we show to the world, especially on the job or when we're fulfilling societal obligations for example. We may find ourselves not able to truly be ourselves for a little bit for the sake of workplace harmony, or we may find ourselves needing to be vigilant in places of health such as if we're seeing a doctor or in a gym. It could even be a sense of wanting to workout on a given piece of equipment, but getting a gut feeling that something isn't right (like a row machine needing maintenance but outwardly looking OK, as one example).

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces opposing Mars in Virgo from September 3rd to 15th, greatest strength on September 9th, is really driving home this conflict between male and female interests! At this point I'm going to say, given what I'm feeling and seeing, that we're going to see some stories come out about further conflicts when it comes for pay equity between men and women on the job, sexual harassment or abuse, or another public figure will go down in the ongoing onslaught of abuse claims and charges. There's also the risk of seeing conflict and opposition where none really exists, so do check your gut feeling and make sure what you're feeling is accurate at this time. I'll have to think about this aspect a little more, to be honest.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces opposite Sun in Virgo from September 3rd to 17th, with greatest strength on the 10th, this is a tricky one. We could find ourselves unable to focus as well as we should, and second-guessing ourselves is prone to happen at this time more than normal as well. This could also play out as overusing stimulants to bolster productivity, such as too much coffee or caffeine on the job as one example, making one's self jittery as a result. Hypersensitivity to some substances is likely around this time, so a caution against overindulgence shouldn't be brushed aside lightly right now.

Mercury in Virgo sextile North Node in Cancer from September 4th through 7th (with greatest intensity on the 6th) should allow us to communicate our ultimate goals a bit better with colleagues and loved ones at this time. We may also find ourselves feeling inspired to write down a concrete plan on further advancing our goals and our lives to where we want them to go, to live our best lives. Communicating emotions should be a little bit easier now with this flowing sextile being active. Actively working towards these goals will be more beneficial than usual during this time as well.

Mercury in Virgo opposing Neptune retrograde in Pisces from September 4th through 9th, which peaks on September 7th, this plays into the Sun-Neptune opposition and can muddle our thinking and how we communicate with others. We need to make doubly sure that we're making ourselves absolutely clear about what we need and want to others, especially on the job and if we need to communicate any health issues. We could find ourselves saying things we normally wouldn't be saying as well, as we may be experiencing our mouths moving faster than our brains. Slow down a bit and think, then speak, especially now. Confusion can reign with this opposition. We could also find ourselves experiencing writer's block and not knowing really what we want to say as another possibility.

Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune retrograde in Pisces from September 4th to the 22nd, with greatest effect near September 13th, this is another tricky aspect. There's a good chance our imaginations can run wild now and we wind up seeing enemies everywhere, or failing to see an enemy where we think we see a friend. Be very aware of your feelings at this time and try not to take things out on colleagues and loved ones. Anxieties and misgivings are elevated with this Martian-Neptunian opposition, and at worst we could even find ourselves fending off psychic or even demonic attack at the absolute worst. Be very careful with those who may be strung out on drugs or other substances, and do take care with mind-altering substances right now. Events like bar fights may be more elevated now (given Mars aggression and Neptune themes of alcohol and drugs), so do be aware.

Mercury conjunct Venus in Virgo from September 4th through the 27th, with greatest effect on September 13th gives a vibe of greater ease in acquiring money, love, what we desire. Creatives may even find themselves bearing down and producing some of their best work during this time, provided they can avoid the pitfalls of the more rough aspects going on (especially the Neptune oppositions going on at the same time). Analytical types should also be able to communicate better with colleagues during this time as well. Proposals may be received well during this time as well, and could even be a good time to ask for a raise based on work performance as one example of this benefic influence.

Virgo Sun sextile Cancer North Node from September 5th through 11th (greatest effect on September 8th) is helpful in us finding some confidence to move forward into our best life, of the life we strive towards and want to live. We have a greater sense of being able to make advances now towards our greater destinies, and given this also translates as a trine to the South Node, we can draw on lessons from our past and where we've come from, and apply this to get to where we feel we want to go. Some major events might be muted and some less-desirable events mitigated somewhat, though I speculate on this point.

Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn from September 6th through 11th, with greatest effect on September 8th, this is an aspect where we can expect needed communication as to what needs to be discarded or cast aside. Another possibility with this softer transit is to receive insight and information on how we can rebuild from a disaster, or perhaps we've already cleared away something that wasn't working, and this is an opportunity to move forward in building something new. Traveling for work should be beneficial during this window.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn trine Sun in Virgo from September 6th through 20th (tightest on September 13th) gives us more confidence in clearing away the old, especially in terms of career, and building something new. We may not yet be ready to "pull the trigger" as it were, and if this is the case, then it's a time to plan next moves. For some of us, there will be a sense of urgency, but there's also the greater chance of success in whatever endeavor we decide to go forward with. Success is not guaranteed though, so make sure you know what's up, especially with that series of Neptune oppositions. Whatever advances and changes you try to make at this time, do make sure you have all the right information.

Mars in Virgo sextile North Node in Cancer from September 7th through 15th (tightest on September 11th) should result in a good energy boost for many to produce some better work, especially in terms of working towards greater goals and dreams around this time. This is a good opportunity to work on a task or goal that is meaningful to you, and you can make some good progress if you use this energy correctly, especially now.

Black Moon Lilith conjunct Neptune retrograde in Pisces from September 9th through the end of September, getting stronger through the month, this is a beneficial influence where intuition will be much stronger. Pay special attention to your dreams during this time, and do take time to meditate, pray, be mindful, or whatever your mental discipline is during this time as well, as this will be very instrumental during this time. Flashes of insight may come out of nowhere during much of this month as well, and it would be beneficial to have a notebook or something to write ideas down too. Writers, artists, and other creatives stand to benefit from this influence greatly, and we could see some awesome creative work come out some time after this influence wanes, especially if strong foundations are laid during this conjunction.

Mars in Virgo trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn from September 10th through 27th (greatest impact on September 19th) has the influence of directing a great deal of rebuilding energy towards rebuilding career and public standing if you harness it well. This soft aspect between these two powerhouses also allows the mitigation of conflict and combat and can help resolve problems before they become much bigger. At best, this aspect could enable people to prevent fights before they start. Being assertive will be amplified with this aspect, but aggression should be able to be quelled effectively if even small effort towards that end is applied.

On September 13th, the Pisces Full Moon takes place. This culmination of the lunar cycle will amplify feelings and emotions greatly, and we'll be feeling very strongly about that which we hold close to our chest. There's an increased chance of expressing greater passion about causes that you might keep quiet about normally. Emotional outbursts are also likely as if they come out of nowhere. Don't expect people to be acting rationally around this Full Moon, so do be aware. Meditation and deep reflection will be quite beneficial around this time as well.

Chiron retrograde in Aries opposite Mercury now in Libra from September 14th through 18th (strongest on September 16th) could find people letting loose with some long-held grievances, and we could be communicating some harsh truths during this time. We may also find ourselves posting messages on social media and on message boards that may be taken harder than we intend, so do be careful if your intent is not to wound. Communicating feelings to facilitate some cathartic healing will also be a good possibility during this time, and what we say can make or break relationships much more strongly now. Do be careful that you are speaking your truth and not what the other party wants to hear, as people will not be in the mood for BS right now.

Chiron retrograde in Aries opposing Venus in Libra from September 15th through 19th (strongest on September 17th) further amplifies the possibility of some relationship changes, including breakups or separations. I'm going to go out on a limb and also point out the possibility of relationship reconciliations for those that have done the inner work and healing necessary. This is really not a time to be ruffling feathers needlessly. The chances of reconciliation may be amplified somewhat considering Venus rules Libra, thus some romantic and relational matters should be more easily resolved now too. This can also affect business partnerships as it's not just romantic links that can be long-term partnerships. On another hand, this can also signify open conflict between people who have had problems in past relationships (Libra as the 7th sign can also represent open enemies).

Mercury in Libra quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus from September 16th through 18th (greatest effect September 17th) can make for some awkward communications. Given the rough aspects to Chiron around this window, there is a great chance of misunderstandings in partnerships right now, and this could also lend itself to some resource-related arguments as well. Be very clear in what you're saying. Also take care when commuting and traveling as things could be a bit unpredictable given the amount of mental anxiety some will be going through in their relationships, which tends to bleed into other aspects of life. Domestic partnerships and arguments about money are likely now, so do be aboveboard in all dealings.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus quincunx Venus in Libra from September 17th through 20th, with greatest strength on September 19th, drives the Mercury-Uranus link home even further. This amplifies the money and resource component in relationships is what I'm feeling here. Some awkward and off-kilter conversations and events regarding money and partnerships are going to be problematic here, so do brace yourselves. This is not the time for shopping sprees.

Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn from September 19th through 25th, with greatest effect on the 22nd, well, this is getting a bit rough now. Messages and communications concerning restrictions in career and partnerships are likely during this transit, and there could be a good deal of forced overtime and other hard work and disciplinarian themes here as well. Travel is also likely to be adversely affected and I'd say slowdowns in commuting are highly expected to be problematic during these several days as well. Allow plenty of time to get to places and get things done. Do watch for arguments in public and with partners, both romantic and in business.

Jupiter in Sagittarius sextile Mercury in Libra from September 20th through the 28th (with greatest effect on September 24th) should smooth things along somewhat in the last third of the month, and should also allow for reconciliation if bridges have been set on fire. Better communications with foreign interests are likely, which can be helpful for diplomacy in the international scene. This can also relate to some good writing when it comes to research projects in higher education and perhaps spiritual disciplines as well. Legal matters could be favorable at this time as well, perhaps even some settling out of court in the right circumstances for some. Do consult a good lawyer if you're in this situation and don't just rely on what I'm writing here, of course!

Saturn in Capricorn square Venus in Libra from September 20th through to the end of the month (with tightest aspect on September 25th) is a rough omen regarding money, valuables, romance, and whatever may stand in the wayj. Problems that have been glossed over, if they weren't exposed in the days leading up to this transit, well, they're going to bubble up to the surface now. There could even be split-ups of romantic and business unions depending on the other natal and establishment aspects being impacted. Not the best time to be investing, for sure, so if you're a speculator in the stock market, you may want to play the long game now. I expect we'll see some selloffs and some rough news regarding the markets during this transit.

Mercury in Libra square the Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn from September 20th through 24th (tightest on September 22nd) is a transit where we can expect to hear a great variety of news. Be clear in your communications with others and do be mindful of other travelers when going anywhere during these few days. Goal setting and communicating to others those goals are indicated right now as well, and you should expect some conflict between where you've been and where you want to go. Make sure your car and other essential technologies are well-maintained now as well (like getting an oil change if you need one).

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces quincunx Mercury in Libra from September 22nd through 25th, with greatest effect on September 23rd, urges you to consider your gut feeling and intuition when communicating and traveling right now. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and don't expect to know why quite yet. And if you get a feeling not to travel through a particular alley, listen to your gut. That said, also make sure you know what your gut is saying during this time and don't miss out on opportunities if they are legitimate. That said, the tells people give off when interacting during this time may be somewhat off too. Double-check everything.

Jupiter in Sagittarius sextile Venus in Libra from September 22nd through 30th, with greatest effect on September 28th, should be somewhat beneficial for insulating yourself against losses. There could even be some lucky streaks during this time to mitigate some of the other harshness of this particular period near the end of the month. Some good financial and legal gains are more likely to take place, though given the rougher aspects described above, the devil may be in the details.

Mercury in Libra quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces from September 23rd through 25th, tightest on the 24th, again points to a brief window of unclear communications, maybe messages getting lost, and meanings getting lost in translation. There's also the increased chance of sending a message to the wrong person now too. Double-check all of your messages around this transit and make sure what you're saying makes sense.

Venus in Libra squaring the Nodes from September 23rd through 27th (tightest on the 25th) will see themes of money and romance become more prominent for these few days. This would be a good time to reevaluate some partnerships that aren't working and see if it is in your best interests to continue during this time. Partnerships that actually are working should also be examined to see how they can be improved, if improvement is even necessary (for some lucky souls, they may already be well off!). Valuables are more likely to change hands during this time period as well, and there will be much more money changing hands than normal now too. Make sure investments are legitimate and aboveboard now.

Mercury in Libra square Pluto retrograde in Capricorn from September 23rd through the end of the month (tightest on September 26th) cautions us to watch our words and choose them carefully. The wrong dialog can undo years of work more readily during this transit, and there's also a chance in the worst-case scenarios of saying something that either ends partnerships needlessly, or starts a fight as the absolute worst. Definitely don't bully anyone with your talk right now, as the results can be catastrophic more readily than not now as well. You may find yourself having to speak some harsh truths, or those truths be said to you, but be tactful now.

Chiron retrograde in Aries opposing Sun in Libra from September 23rd through 29th (with greatest effect on September 26th) also cautions us about old wounds coming to the surface now. Old betrayals may come back to haunt us now. In other ways, perhaps a breaking point is what's needed to start a much-needed healing process. Physical injury is also a possibility to watch out for now as well. Do be careful.

[b]Black Moon Lilith in Pisces quincunx Venus in Libra from September 25th through 29th, strongest on the 27th, can bring us some confusion and misunderstandings when it comes to relationships now. Our guts may be saying one thing and our hearts another. Make sure you act on facts, and get all the facts you can before making decisions now. Not a good time to gut-feeling the stock market.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces quincunx Venus in Libra from September 26th through 29th (strongest on the 27th), further cautions against misguided feelings regarding relationships, money, and valuables now. Things are uncertain and need to be triple-checked before making any major decisions during this window. It's easy to act on bad information now too. Don't get caught in the trap, and remember that if it's too good to be true, it probably is, especially during this transit.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn square Venus in Libra from September 26th through to the end of the month really drives this point home. Monetary losses are more likely now, and relationships are not likely to be smooth right now either. Money and relationship trouble go hand-in-hand during this transit in fact. Everyone really needs to be aboveboard now, and deception is something you really need to watch out for at the end of the month. Watch for thieves!

Sun in Libra quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus from September 26th to the end of the month (strongest on the 28th) does also warn us against sudden upsets and changes, and we could find ourselves beset with worries about the future more readily now. Some awkward surprises are highly likely to play out that will cause us to second-guess ourselves. While things have a tendency of working out, it never hurts to be careful. Again, be aware of charlatans, pickpockets, and thieves right now. It's likely a partner or associate may be taking advantage of you, intentionally or otherwise.

on September 28th, a New Moon takes place in Libra, starting a new lunar cycle that will exemplify relationships and partnerships. Given the coinciding aspects, we can expect money, resources, and how our relationships and partnerships are affected to be a theme of this coming lunar cycle. Valuables and possessions I believe will also be a focus. This New Moon is something I'll expand on in a later article.

Saturn in Capricorn square the Sun in Libra as of the end of September will affect our self-confidence and urge us to be wary and more careful. Saturn square Sun can be pretty rough on self-confidence, so do try to take things in stride around the end of the month. Authority figures may interfere in partnerships during this time period as well, such as a demanding boss wanting you to work more hours and spend time away from your spouse or significant other, or you receive an unexpected summons or bill as another example that can strike a blow to our self-worth and planning. Don't expect things to go easily.

Finally, Mars in Virgo semisextile Mercury in Libra at the end of September acts as a trigger for some more aggressive communications or some hard-driving travel or commuting perhaps. Take care to avoid accidents and allow plenty of time. Double-check all messages, especially now, and make sure you're not coming off as more combative than you would like.

September, in a nutshell, starts with some opportunity, and ends with some harsh and rude awakenings if we're not careful. Do expect that some losses will take place through the course of this month, and take advantage of the good times to further advance your goals while you can. I don't know what October looks like yet, and I may need to change my approach for future monthly forecasts, but for now I'm considering this one an experiment. Don't lose hope though, we can make it through whatever comes. September? Intense. Take care of yourselves and one another!

The general listing of aspects and the days they will be active is listed below in a list for a cursory glance. I am considering a different way of formatting this for future reports, but for this month's forecast I've elected to do it this way. This should serve as a quick reference to some of the larger aspects this month has to offer.

  • All September - Black Moon Lilith square Jupiter, Black Moon Lilith sextile Saturn, Jupiter square Neptune, Neptune sextile Pluto, Neptune sextile Saturn, Saturn conjunct South Node
  • September 1st - Chiron quincunx Mercury
  • September 1st-3rd - Mars conjunct Venus, Black Moon Lilith opposite Venus
  • September 1st-4th - Mercury trine Uranus
  • September 1st-5th - True Node sextile Venus, Sun trine Uranus
  • September 1st-6th - Jupiter semisextile Saturn, Saturn trine Venus, Mars trine Uranus
  • September 1st-7th - Mars conjunct Mercury, Jupiter square Venus
  • September 1st-8th - Sun conjunct Venus, Neptune opposite Venus
  • September 1st-11th - Mercury conjunct Sun
  • September 1st-13th - Saturn trine Sun
  • September 1st-16th - Jupiter square Sun
  • September 1st-18th - Jupiter quincunx True Node, Mars trine Saturn
  • September 1st-23rd - Mars conjunct Sun
  • September 1st-24th - Jupiter square Mars
  • September 1st-29th - Neptune trine True Node, Black Moon Lilith trine True Node
  • September 2nd-8th - Mercury trine Saturn
  • September 2nd-9th - Jupiter square Mercury
  • September 2nd-11th - Pluto trine Venus
  • September 3rd-6th - Black Moon Lilith opposite Mercury
  • September 3rd-10th - Black Moon Lilith opposite Sun
  • September 3rd-15th - Black Moon Lilith opposite Mars
  • September 3rd-17th - Neptune opposite Sun
  • September 4th-7th - Mercury sextile True Node
  • September 4th-9th - Mercury opposite Neptune
  • September 4th-22nd - Mars opposite Neptune
  • September 4th-27th - Mercury conjunct Venus
  • September 5th-11th - Sun sextile True Node
  • September 6th-11th - Mercury trine Pluto
  • September 6th-20th - Pluto trine Sun
  • September 7th-15th - Mars sextile True Node
  • September 9th-30th - Black Moon Lilith conjunct Neptune
  • September 10th-27th - Mars trine Pluto
  • September 13th-14th - Full Moon Pisces
  • September 14th-18th - Chiron opposite Mercury
  • September 15th-19th - Chiron opposite Venus
  • September 16th-18th - Mercury quincunx Uranus
  • September 17th-20th - Uranus quincunx Venus
  • September 18th - Saturn Retrograde ends
  • September 19th-25th - Mercury square Saturn
  • September 20th-24th - Mercury square True Node
  • September 20th-28th - Jupiter sextile Mercury
  • September 20th-30th - Saturn square Venus
  • September 22nd-30th - Jupiter sextile Venus
  • September 23rd-25th - Mercury quincunx Neptune
  • September 23rd-27th - True Node square Venus
  • September 23rd-29th - Chiron opposite Sun
  • September 23rd-30th - Mercury square Pluto
  • September 25th-29th - Black Moon Lilith quincunx Venus
  • September 26th-29th - Neptune quincunx Venus
  • September 26th-30th - Pluto square Venus, Sun quincunx Uranus
  • September 28th - New Moon Libra
  • September 30th - Saturn square Sun, Mars semisextile Mercury