Monthly Report - May 2020

Monthly Report - May 2020

2020 is not over yet, sorry to report. Anyways, we have another month of major transits and changes happening, and these are some massive shifts this month. Get ready.

Monthlong Aspects

There is one that I'm aware of. I'm surprised there aren't more, but the not-month-long aspects are still potent in their own right. Keep in mind, "month-long" just entails May 2020. If we're talking Gregorian calendar months though, then this is relatively accurate.

Chiron in Aries Semisextile Uranus in Taurus

The one month-long aspect that continues to persist is Chiron semisextile Uranus, just like much of March and all of April, and we remember how that's been going. As before, this semisextile is still highlighting the ills and the recoveries of our society and civilization, showing what is ailing, and where we can act to heal. From people crafting masks to wear in public, to the strained unemployment systems breaking at the seams (which fits perfectly with Uranus in Taurus, sadly), we are seeing where we need to make changes if we are to improve our societal, personal, mental, and spiritual health down the line. Just doing the same-old same-old is not an option, as current trends will not allow this. The same-old same-old is gone, dust in the wind. This aspect is tight throughout the entire month of May and will continue to be felt for some time.

Notable Shifts

Beyond the one month-long aspect I've been able to identity, I've decided to embark on another section: Notable shifts. These could be retrograde cycles beginning, ending, or major bodies changing signs. And there is no shortage of this this month.

North Node Enters Gemini, South Node into Sagittarius

This is a massive shift all by itself, and one that sets the tone all the way until January 2022 when it shifts into Taurus. This is portending a time of greater changes, greater structures, greater... scrutiny. The last time Gemini hosted the North Node, the United States had just entered Afghanistan to oust the Taliban, Iraq was later invaded and Saddam Hussein overthrown, and of course, the formation of the TSA and the changes of airline travel all throughout the world after the 9/11 attacks (which themselves occurred while the North Node was in Cancer... and around the same area of Cancer this time around was when COVID-19 began to really pick up the pace worldwide back in the first half of March 2020... so we should consider the first decan of Cancer and North Node to be the setup to world-changing events, in my view). Gemini North Node appears to be the aftermath of setups that tug at our heartstrings, break our hearts, and influences major players to push ahead with short-term visions of what's next (making sense as Gemini is the third sign, analogous to the third house of communications and short-term travel and whatnot). With the South Node then in Sagittarius, long-term visions and deferring to greater philosophies takes a back seat, and things aren't so jovial anymore (making sense as Sagittarius is the ninth sign, corresponding to ninth house matters and being ruled by Jupiter).

Speaking of rulerships, with Gemini being ruled by Mercury, we could sau that we're likely to have a subtle Mercury Retrograde feel throughout most of this year and the entire next year, given that the Nodes travel in a retrograde fashion compared to most other bodies. This does make sense and I imagine this is what Moon Retrograde would be like, if that were possible (and if that ever happens, forget astrology as we have much more immediate concerns!)... anyways. Emotions and the home space have been rather... unsettled and been reviewed upon for the last year and a half or so. Now we look at short-term travel (stymied these days by the lockdown/quarantine measures that are in the process of being lifted, but is it too soon? We'll see...) and we can expect messages and technology to be a bit ... nebulous for the next year and a half. Expect the unexpected as far as that's concern, and many mercurial matters to be quite pronounced. Considerations of long-term, deeper actions, as well as long-term consequences is not something you can expect to be on the highest priority list of those running the show and making decisions. Look back to late 2001-2003 if you want to see how that went last time. Again: Global War on Terror. There were also conflicts though much of 1982 and 1983 as I recall as well (though the Falklands War took place with North Node firmly still in Cancer...).

Venus Enters Retrograde Period

Venus retrograde is a major shift as it doesn't happen nearly as often as Mercury Retrograde, but when it does, our relationships, our jobs, what we desire, what we hold value in, resources, money, this all goes helter-skelter. This could be even more so as Taurus has Uranus in it right now (which Venus rules). This Venus retrograde takes place solely in the sign of Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and is the sign the North Node is entering right before this retrograde cycle happens. And... this is geopolitically significant as the Venus Retrograde station is right on Donald Trump's Sun and North Node conjunction (meaning he's about to experience a Node Return as well!)... and this Venus Retrograde station just happens to square Neptune in Pisces (its home sign) as well. Things are not going to be clear at all regarding relationships, love, lust, money, hell even power. Anyone with major bodies or placements close to 21 Gemini/Pisces/Virgo/Sagittarius is going to be feeling this immensely!

Saturn Enters Retrograde Period

Saturn is an outer planet that moves slower, so this will be a bit more subtle than Venus is, though the Saturn station happens right before Venus turns retrograde and thus this is likely to be a much more involved cycle for the next few months or so regarding internal discipline and seeing what has been holding us back. Also, this Saturn station happens right before it even hits 2 degrees Aquarius, so it will be transiting back into its other home sign of Capricorn before its retrograde cycle is over. For May, however, its firmly in Aquarius where it shares rulership with Uranus, and thus we can expect to begin analyzing some unorthodox and non-traditional solutions to what hasn't been working for us. Still, we can expect societal breakdowns to occur with this as Saturn is the disciplinarian, the taskmaster, constricting what it touches... but we may be able to communicate this during the Saturn Retrograde cycle a little better as it is also trine Mercury that just enters one of its home signs of Gemini at that time Saturn stations retrograde. Expect forceful messages in general, and do not expect anything to stay the same. It's also worth mentioning that Saturn stations at a wide square to Uranus, so there is to be some mild disruptions to be expected for the entire cycle, almost negligibly so as far as that's concerned due to the very wide orb. Expect the unexpected.

Jupiter Enters Retrograde Period

Jupiter, the "greater benefic," in the sign of its detriment (Capricorn) will also be shifting into what we think of as reverse motion right around the same time period as Saturn does, and Venus! Quite frankly, May 11th-13th is a major shift point of energies with all the retrogrades happening within about 48 hours of one another. Our sense of optimism, hope, philosophy, higher callings, this all gets turned inwards and is further isolated as the greater gas giant shifts direction from our perspective here on Earth. There's no two ways around it, we are in for a major revision and review period. Jupiter doesn't really like being in Capricorn, as that's Saturn's domain, and Saturn restricts while Jupiter wants to be free and hopeful (and just look at the mythology of his Greek namesake Zeus... how many romps did Zeus have? Exactly.) We want to be free, according to Jupiter's influence, and it hasn't been easy, and it's about to get harder even though there's some restrictions reportedly about to be lifted. This may be happening too soon, and we can expect "nope this was a mistake go back indoors" messages before this month is out, or perhaps by the time June is out. Be vigilant, as it's not quite time to let your hair down and flow with the wind quite yet. The day will come, but for now be patient. This isn't the time to be chasing false hopes, no matter how much you're going nuts with cabin fever. Exercise due diligence.

Day-by-Day Forecast

Major changes happening this month. What's the day-to-day say? Let's see what the influences are, and let's see what choices we'll have to potentially make.

May 1st

May starts off with Mercury moving off of its conjunction to Uranus, but is still pretty tightly on. Expect surprising news regarding resources, money, and I'd expand that to jobs and relationships as well, particularly workplace relationships with colleagues. Of course, Chiron is semisextile both pretty strongly as well, so there's bound to be some irritant in the news that happens this day as well. Venus does form a sextile with the Moon soon after in the morning, so we do have some potential for some better news and vibes regarding messages about money as well. Do note that the Moon then quincunxes Neptune pretty strongly as well, so those better vibes will be feeling a bit weird, like a disturbance in the Force kind of feel. Venus is also squaring Neptune at the same time, so we've got some strange and nebulous activity going on between our relationships, money, jobs, and our deeper anxieties and misgivings where our minds are still in runaway mode with all that's going on. Perhaps some moves to reopen some businesses and letting go of some restrictions is still premature, or that's the fear anyways. This intensifies when the Moon in Leo opposes Mars in airy Aquarius, so we've got some fireworks and tempers flaring and we're still just in the morning hours! Markets are likely to be volatile for much of the day is what I'd reckon.

By the afternoon, the Moon then moves into a quincunx with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, which lends itself to some more misgivings about things in our career and overall reputation to the world, and I'm going to bet, basing this on May 1st being a Friday, that there's not going to be all the good news we would like when it comes to government and institutional restrictions and regulations quite yet. Not a chance of normalcy for now. Moon quincunx Jupiter pretty soon after further feeds on this, and we can expect things to be a bit... not optimistic. By the end of the night, the Moon then moves into range of Regulus and crosses over into analytical Virgo, shifting our focus to obligatory matters. Pay close attention to dreams this night, as Moon and Regulus together does add to some potential occult vibes. More than likely some behind-the-scenes news and shakeups play out into the weekend and influence the powers that be into their next waves of actions. Before finishing off though, the Moon also sextiles the North Node and trines the South Node, fostering some notions of hope for the future and appreciation of the better times of the past.

May 2nd

The weekend starts with a bit of a Yod pattern from the Virgo Moon and the final vestiges of the North Node in Cancer to Saturn in Aquarius, forcing us to come face to face with some important matters and some notions of what tasks need to be taken care of before we can move on, tasks that will allow us to pursue some of our future hopes. These are likely to come in dream visions and overnight reckonings, however, and the Yod breaks by the time many of us on the US West Coast wakes up in the morning.

The morning continues with the Moon trining Uranus, allowing for some creative thinking in setting up tasks to deal with some of the greater uncertainties of this era. Could be a change in routine to spice up housework and chores, or it could be something (a bit morbid, I know) like a new mask for going out for errands. The fact many will even require a mask emphasizes the tightening Venus-Neptune square that's still ongoing at this point.

As the afternoon goes into the early evening, Mercury tightens a semisextile to Black Moon Lilith, fostering more of an interest in taboo subjects and the deeper subconscious that we may need to embrace to maintain some of our greater sanity. Mercury trines the Moon at this point as well, so do take stock of the deeper psychic and esoteric images that are coming, but do be aware of your feelings of said flooding of images as the Moon will also be quincunx Lilith at the same time. You may be a bit unsettled. Don't be, but do journal or jot down some of these ideas so you can review them later. It may not be something to be afraid of after all, as the Moon will also be trining the Sun, letting us feel a bit better about this sort of thing.

May 3rd

The first Sunday of May gets a bit intense in the overnight hours and we are likely to be having some rather peculiar, if not troubling, dream visions as the Moon moves into position of completing a T-Square apexing Venus in Gemini when the Virgo Moon itself opposes Neptune in Pisces. This is a time of greater anxieties regarding our relationships and how we can provide for those, and this is a passing influence as the Moon moves quickly, so reassure your loved ones and do not take rash actions with these fears! You are going to have to confront these feelings, so brace yourself, as the entire world is feeling this right now.

As we get later into the day, the Moon will then begin trining Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, followed by the trine to Jupiter, so we'll be able to better see how these deep anxieties and worries from earlier are transforming our lives and the opportunities this brings us, so whatever feeling you may have journaled earlier? Now's the time to think of solutions as to how to make use of those feelings and shifts.

By the midnight hour and going into the overnight hours, the Moon will start crossing into Libra where our focus will shift to our relationships and partnerships, and this will be forming a trine to Saturn (allowing for some deeper appreciation for the tasks these relationships entail), but will also be squaring the Nodes on the last vestiges of Cancer-Capricorn. This is going to be bringing up some intense feelings and reservations about where we've been with these relationships, where they're going, and the ongoing shift between our feelings and private thoughts will also be shifting into the realm of immediate concerns and actions. There will also be a sense of duality with things pretty soon once the Nodes shift (given the North Node destiny point going into Gemini soon), so you may be wondering who exactly who you can trust, and who is showing the true face... or what the true face of others really even is! Do you know your own true face? We'll be confronting that strongly for the rest of the year and all of 2021 pretty soon. Don't dwell on the negative implications of this, as you need to be true to yourself, after all.

May 4th

Moon officially crosses into Libra at this point, fully shifting into the realm of relationships and partnerships. How we relate to others will be quite prominent for the next couple of days, so do take stock in what we know here. This is also going to be a day of intense news and focus on resources as Mercury and the Sun will be joining tightly in Taurus, and this will be taking place at the same time near noontime (US West Coast) where the Libra Moon will also be strongly opposing Chiron. These intense discussions about resources and money and stability will also be coming at a time where we feel some intense discomfort in how this is relating to our relationships and our own individual stations in the course of current events. Basically, we know we need to take care of each other, but we also would like to take care of our own individual wants and needs, and we're feeling the strain strongly right now. This could even manifest as resentment to our stronger partnerships, so do take care not to take your frustrations out on your loved ones. This will then start manifesting as some deeper, darker impulses as the Moon then opposes Black Moon Lilith soon after. Temper the greater desire to plow ahead selfishly with your own self-interest and consider the bigger picture.

By the end of the day, as the Moon crosses over fiery star Algorab in the constellation of Corvus the Crow, the North Node finally crosses over into Gemini and the South Node into Sagittarius, triggering the great shift for the next year and the half. The focus will then shift into our shorter-term interests and immediate concerns, how we come across to others, our immediate environments, and the longer-term ramifications and how this relates to the greater world and foreign powers will be a source of strain and not a desired consideration for us all. International relations will be strained and international commerce and travel will be... more complicated as of this point. Expect domestic concerns to take center stage now, and these will inject themselves into those foreign affairs. The last time the North Node was in this position, the United States was launching its invasion into Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, if this rings any bells, and in 1983? The election in the UK that led to the rise of Margaret Thatcher. Do not expect permissiveness to be government or public policy for a good long while.

May 5th

We begin Cinco de Mayo with the Moon being in strong quincunx to the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Taurus, leading to some uneasy tensions in relationships in regards to money and resources. This will not be a set of fun conversations, though this quincunx takes place in the overnight hours where I'm at, so this could be nighttime dreams and possibly minor nightmares for some. There is a considerable potential for a flashpoint in the morning hours, however, when Aquarius Mars semisextiles Pluto retrograde, triggering some need for give and take and possibly leading itself to the inflaming of tensions where "enough is enough." The Moon, however, will be moving into positions to complete a weak Air Grand Trine between itself, Mars, and Venus in Gemini. Perhaps some calmer heads can prevail, but there will still be considerable psychic and mental unease when the Moon quincunxes Piscean Neptune at the same time. There's a lot of assumptions and backtalking that can be taking place with this. Everyone frankly needs to chill while this aspect is going on. And... there could be that opportunity as the Moon then crosses over fixed star Spica, leading to a possible breakthrough somehow, could even be more promising news in the fight against COVID-19. That would be awesome. How promising? It's an insidious, shifting virus, one I believe to be a bioweapon that got loose at the wrong time, personally (though I do not have empirical data, just a gut feeling, as well as a gut feeling that this isn't the product of just one nation).

The breakthrough might actually be more promising than I initially let on... the Grand Trine is stronger than I expected. It doesn't last long, just some hours as the Moon moves fast, but it's there and involves a highly benefic star. If you've got some other project you've been wanting to get going or need a boost to complete, this can be a very important day to make progress so DO NOT WASTE IT!

After the Grand Trine breaks (as the Moon continues on through Libra), the Moon then squares Jupiter (the square to Pluto retrograde having been soaked by the Grand Trine), so we could be wondering if we've done enough? Maybe we did. The results will be apparent as soon as the next day, I think. Try not to question your faith too strongly, and by the end of the night, the Moon will also start squaring Saturn. Keep a level head and maybe have some well-deserved downtime as you go into the nighttime hours. And try to relax, even if it will be hard.

May 6th

We start this day with the Moon trining the North Node in Gemini, and then the Moon crossing over into Scorpio, where we will be confronting some of our darker and deeper emotions for a good day or so. Overnight dream visions will be quite vivid, I imagine, so remember as much as you can when waking up in the morning. This has a strong chance of playing out into the greater concerns to come with the recently shifted Nodes.

The Moon then moves into position to complete a weak T-Square apexing Saturn when the Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus. We are going to be having some misgivings as to the greater restrictions still upon us and whether we're doing enough with the time we've been given in the face of global uncertainty. This is something you'll have to answer for yourself in your own individual circumstances, but do note that the T-Square is short-lived so don't freak out too badly yet. Though by midday we'll be feeling pretty high-strung when the Moon-Uranus opposition hits its own crescendo, so the anxieties about our own money and stability will be acute now. Try to keep a level head and don't jump to conclusions right now if you can help it.

Later on we get another quincunx from the Moon to Black Moon Lilith, and this can be having us feeling like we're not doing enough to advance our own agendas, what we feel called to do from beyond. Take an opportunity going into the evening to jot down some ideas or some journaling when Mercury and Neptune sextile strongly by the end of the night, as these deeper and darker feelings may yet yield some useful insights. It's better to confront the beast on your own terms, after all.

May 7th

Mercury and Neptune continue their tight sextile which will be helpful for dreamscape communications, especially helpful as the Scorpio Full Moon will be taking place around this time as well. This culmination of the lunar cycle will be quite deeply felt and will force us to confront our deeper insecurities and hidden mysteries now, and will be rich in magickal power. Take great advantage of this, and even if you're not into the whole magick thing, make it your intention to strengthen your resolve and excel in whatever important tasks you have to tackle right now. This Full Moon, and then the Moon itself proper then trine Neptune, further adding to the power of intuition, psychic power, and dream visions. A great day for creativity and raw insight!

Soon after in the morning, Moon quincunx Venus lends itself to some uncertainty in our relationships and what we desire, but do remember to take this in stride. We just had a rush of intense insight, after all, and if there's some major deficiency your seeing in how you relate with loved ones right now, there's a good chance that you've got to address it sooner or later. No relationship is perfect, after all, but those that are worth it are worth expending the effort to make right. It's probably messages and communications about resources though, which makes sense when Mercury semisextiles Venus soon after. Expect market volatility for the next couple of days, and of course this will dominate the news cycle as it usually does.

There's also other volatility factors as the day progresses into the evening, such as Jupiter semisextile Mars, Mars square the Moon, there's some institutional drama that's afoot with those aspects alone. The potential for more and inflamed conflict is high so try to take it down a notch with those you care about right now. Again, lunar aspects normally are short-lived.

May 8th

As we go into the 8th of May, the Moon crosses over into optimistic Sagittarius, where our focus shifts into our higher beliefs and philosophies, and this is a Friday at that. Moon soon semisextiles Saturn, fostering some notion of being able to do some good work for ourselves and colleagues now. Do expect some unexpected instances for stability though as the Moon will later on quincunx Uranus, heralding unexpected structural events. This would be a good time to reiterate to those in IT to be wary of deploying to production on a Friday! (and given my day job, we're probably doing exactly that... I expect some hiccups given a pending sunsetting of an older service). There's a lot of good trines and sextiles going on though, with Mercury making some wider trines to Pluto retrograde-Jupiter, Chiron trining the Moon to allow for some greater healing and restoration to our individual situations, Neptune sextile the Sun for some good optimism and inspiration... Mars even moving into a good trine with the North Node, allowing us to approach our greater goals with greater vigor and gusto. This Friday's a good day overall, I think. Some rough patches, even with the Venus square Neptune still ongoing which could cloud judgment regarding relationships and resources, but I think it can be overcome for today.

Jupiter semisextile Mars, this may lead us to take some provocative action regarding our greater philosophies and leaps of faith right now too. If anyone tries to tell you your dreams are too lofty, you're likely to tell them off. But it might be mitigated with all of those lighter aspects I mentioned earlier in the previous paragraph. Try to be more forgiving if someone rubs you the wrong way by the end of the night.

May 9th

Given the Jupiter-Mars link to end the previous day, we can perhaps make up for harsh words the night before when Mercury tightens its trine to Pluto in the early morning hours, allowing for more constructive criticism and critiques of what hasn't been working for us. This does lead into a short-lived but also quite contentious T-Square apexing Neptune in Pisces when the Sagittarius Moon moves into its opposition of Venus in Gemini some hours later. This is where we will be confronting our fantasies about what we desire and how we feel is the best way to go about this. Now, while Mercury is still indeed trine Pluto retrograde at this point, and also beginning to trine Jupiter somewhat as well, this can still be a vector for some harsh words when Mercury will also begin its conjunction to fixed star Algol. Fortunately, the venom of words that can flow will be somewhat mitigated by the Jupiter and Pluto retrograde trine to Mercury, allowing for some sharp critique while also considering the ramifications of ones words. This is, actually, an opportunity to revise and review your approach to career goals and protecting resources.

By the end of the night, the Moon will have exited the T-Square to Venus and Neptune, and will conjunct Galactic Center before moving on to begin conjuncting the South Node. A great deal of mental and psychic focus on past issues will dominate our conversations with our friends and loved ones now, especially as the Moon will also quincunx Mercury on Algol. It's easy to say the wrong thing if we don't think before we speak now. This isn't a time to bring up previous mistakes to spite others in arguments, as this will backfire badly now.

May 10th

Sun sextile Neptune and Moon sextile Mars will be the focus as this day begins in the very early morning hours. Dream visions should be a bit more lucid and informative during this time, so do pay special attention to what visions came in the dreamscape while this is going on. Soon afterwards, the Moon enters Capricorn, drawing our attention to career matters and matters of our greater reputation, as well as focusing news on institutional matters (like governments). While there's likely to be some solace in our intuition and gut feelings right now with the continuing Sun sextile to Neptune, there is trouble brewing with Mercury on Algol squaring off to Mars in Aquarius now. Conflicts, arguments, aggravations where people shout before they think, this will be the norm for a few days with this configuration. Chiron square Moon later on also adds to the tension and marks greater tension and potentials for damaging conflict in the heat of the moment. Avoid arguments as much as you possibly can, and if you feel you won't be able to, isolate yourself until this set of influences pass as the effects are likely to be long-lasting otherwise now. By the midnight hour, Moon will also square Black Moon Lilith, and the possibility of malefic actors using black magick to advance agendas is, frankly, high at this point. Exercise the strongest spiritual protections that you can now as we go into sleeptime hours.

Also bear in mind that by the end of this day going into the deeper nighttime hours, Saturn stations retrograde and thus begins a multi-month period of self-reflection on where we have been holding ourselves back. It will remain in Aquarius for the remainder of May, but will reenter Capricorn before it's all said and done, so expect more trouble and unexpected hindrances for the foreseeable future, and check yourself before you wreck yourself with self-inflicted restrictions based on overcaution and uncertainty. We have to live, yet at the same time we need to protect ourselves. Use caution.

May 11th

Mercury is still squaring off to Mars, but thankfully has moved off of Algol, but still there are events set in motion where heads will be rolling based on sharp tongues, so do remember to be kind but firm in your dealings with others right now. Moon will also be passing over Vega in Capricorn early in the morning as well, so we can expect this week to start off with some news of scandal and some grave revelations about misconduct.

As the afternoon begins, Mercury will tighten into a semisextile with the North Node, while Mars is also trining the same Node. Some necessary revelations will come to light, but will be able to be done in enough of a focused matter which propels events onto a course that works out for the best. Sun semisextile Venus will be triggering events related to relationships, partnerships, and desires as well at the same time. More market uncertainty and volatility is in the works from what I'm seeing here, but some good bargains could be had if one is feeling ballsy enough. Bear in mind that Venus is largely motionless now and thus there is to be greater uncertainty when it comes to resources and our deeper partnerships now. Does everything you're counting on mesh, or does something really need to change? We're about to find out.

Moon sextile Neptune helps alleviate some fears of the unknown, and this comes at the same time as the Moon trine the Taurus Sun. We'll have that notion in our heads that things can improve, and we'll need that at this time too. Mercury also enters one of its home signs of Gemini now, further adding to the mutable and airy energies permeating the cosmos now (well, at least the cosmos as it is on Earth). Messages, technology, communications, short-term travel and local affairs will be highlighted for quite some time now.

By the end of the night into the midnight hour, the Moon begins conjuncting Pluto retrograde, amplifying our inner search as to what isn't working, and in the veins of the Persephone myth where she comes back to the realm of the living, perhaps we can see also what is working and notate what we can do to make that even better. Remember the little things.

May 12th

Early in the morning the Moon shifts from its conjunction to Pluto and now conjuncts Jupiter, which will have us feeling that a higher power or the universe or whatever does have our back, and should be a nice bolster of whatever faith we have, and we could use more of that now. Healthy faith, I might add, not blind faith, for true divinity does not ask us to trust "or else." It simply asks us to trust that things will work out for the best, no conditions, even if things seem dark and hopeless in these trying times. Like a door that's shown to us: we choose whether to walk through it or not.

As the morning progresses, the Moon makes an awkward quincunx to the North Node, where we may be questioning just how things will work out for the best, and we'll be thinking of past indiscretions and what we could have done differently as this also indicates a semisextile to the South Node. Soon after this, however, the Moon then shifts over into airy, unconventional Aquarius, and our hopes and fears will then be on the line. Fitting as the Moon will then be conjunct Saturn retrograde, so we'll need to ask ourselves just how we got ourselves to this point, and we'll be thinking strongly about how we can get out of this mess we're in. Jot those ideas down and perhaps share them with trusted friends and compare notes, as Mercury in Gemini will also be trining Moon-Saturn retrograde at the same time. This should be seen as an opportunity to see just how we can improve, and collaboration with others will help us see what our own vision can blind us to. It's... kind of like being nose-blind to a smell you've been exposed to for a long while (whether pleasant or otherwise). Take whatever is shared in such sessions with heart, and try not to take offense if the feedback is genuinely meant to be helpful.

Things take a different turn as Mars, trine the North Node still, enters Pisces, and our deeper emotions and uncertainties will certainly be empowered once this shift is complete. Mars doesn't have any amplification or detriments in Pisces, so it will be at normal strength now, as it was in Aquarius. Do check for unbridled emotional responses, however, as the Moon will also be squaring off against Uranus at this time. Seemingly strange outbursts are potent and likely now, and I'd even say we could see public figures make some rather strange statements now.

By the time midnight hits on the U.S. West Coast, Venus will enter its retrograde period, which will last until the final week of June. Resources, relationships, partnerships, what we desire, what we hold valuable... these will all be challenged now, and our understandings thereof will be shaken to its core. Be aware that new ventures taken at this time will not go the way you expect (I speak of personal experience from a job that I took in 2017 during another Venus retrograde period. Loved the job, but my personal and family life was largely a shambles the entire time due to family health emergencies).

May 13th

Pay attention to dream visions in the very early morning hours when the Moon sextiles Chiron, and then Black Moon Lilith a couple hours later. You'll need the lessons learned from the dreamscape to see what it is that can help you harness your deeper, inner power and help undo damage that has been done over the course of... however long the damage has been done. There are many wounds to consider here, especially now that Venus appears to be in reverse motion from our vantage point here on Earth.

There aren't many exact patterns on this strange day, though the Sun will be strengthening a trine to Pluto retrograde as the day draws to a close. Another opportunity to examine what strikes deep within our core, what works and what doesn't. Take advantage of this retrospective, as this is a time of deep contemplation and review now.

May 14th

Venus retrograde trine Moon will be prominent in our dream visions in the deep early morning hours, and we could find some late-night conversations with loved ones now over a variety of topics now, things that have been buried deep and are now coming out to frolic and demand notice. The Moon will enter a third-quarter phase now as well, so we'll be notating what we need to finish up for the following week to close out the lunar cycle now. And there will be much more review when it comes to what gives us faith and what gives us hope as Jupiter finally shifts to its retrograde motion as well. In the span of 72 hours, three major retrograde cycles are now in play, and now we will finally get to really examine what we value and hold dear. Brace yourselves. Also, the Moon semisextile Pluto retrograde will definitely deepen the impact of this third and final retrograde shift in so little a time. I strongly urge you not to make lasting plans right now as things are quite absolutely not clear right now with so much shifting energy now. And yet, people will continue to make plans based on absolutes. Plan accordingly before this and anticipate fallout from others' plans not cooperating for the next week or so.

The evening commences with the Sun tightly trine Pluto retrograde, and the Moon trining the North Node. Consider long-term impacts for future plans and do not attempt to make sudden changes now! They won't work if you force things now! Besides, the Moon then enters Pisces, which will ratchet up our emotional uncertainties quite a bit, and this greatly amplifies in force as the Moon then joins up and conjuncts Mars in Pisces. Not a good time for explosive arguments, but some nice fun passion? If you can get it to work with your partner (or a stranger if you're willing to take that risk...), then... maybe something nice can come of it. On another note, this could be a nice burst of passion about something creative or artistic you've been putting off or are suddenly inspired to create!

May 15th

Plenty of benefic activities are possible here in the morning when Uranus sextiles the Moon, Chiron sextiles Mercury, and there could be a splash of angst when the Moon squares Mercury at the same time. Some interesting creativity can flow here, and if you're into something like Gothic humor or Foamy the Squirrel (search this on YouTube if you need a laugh and aren't easily offended), then we can make good use of this energy. Just don't expect to win arguments if you haphazardly enter those right now.

Saturn retrograde semisextile Mars can get a little bumpy and weird, but this energy also points to incidents and events where we need to apply solid force to recognize and remove roadblocks where they exist... within reason. No sense going up against a battalion armed with nothing but a water pistol, after all.

By the end of the night, the Sun will begin conjuncting Algol, and this is where calmer heads need to prevail. With the Saturn-Mars link right now, forcing your way will not end well. Keep your head cool, and you may yet keep your head.

May 16th

This Saturday comes with the strong Saturn retrograde semisextile to Mars still active, so overnight we're still facing off against some strong indications of where we need to make changes, where we've been failing ourselves or holding ourselves back in some ways, and with Mars now in Pisces, there's a bit of strong steam to this. Our dream visions will be quite informative with this combination, I feel. Once you read this entry, notate what you recall of your dreams this night.

AS the morning progresses, Sun conjunct Algol will strengthen, and this will be a test of will as some of us will be in the process of losing our heads with all of the ongoing mayhem and struggles going on, while others will have taken the Shield of Perseus and have reflected the petrifying glare and will be defeating the monsters of our lives that would otherwise imprison us in a prison of stone fear. How will you handle Algol's glare? Stand strong, fly high, and don't dwell (stare) at the gorgon of antipathy!

At the same time, Mercury in Gemini will also be passing over Aldeberan, and this will put some solid focus on our health and on mercurial matters as well. If we've slacked on some sort of health regimen we've been meaning to take part in, now is the time to regain your footing. At the same time, the Moon will be crossing over Neptune in Pisces, which will greatly amplify psychic sensations and will be filling our heads with tremendous mental insights whether we are ready for them or not. Will you allow this to enlighten you, or will this become a pathway to insanity? Harness this influence wisely. Do not be distracted by delusions of grandeur as the Moon will also be squaring Venus retrograde soon after this. Combining Neptune, Moon, and Venus energies together can lead to some incredible creative workings right now, so if you do see this in time, make the most of it. Meditations and spiritual visions will be quite prolific right now and will be pointing you away from a path of pure gain, and this is not something to avoid. All that glitters is not gold, and that's fine, as gold isn't the most valuable metal out there.

Later into the evening, the Moon will trine Pluto retrograde, allowing us to take stock in and consider our blessings in the greater scheme of things with the world seemingly collapsing around us. There's still plenty to be thankful for, and we'll remind ourselves of this fact now.

May 17th

As we pass the midnight hour going into this day, the Sun will be sextile the Moon and also trine Jupiter retrograde, thus we should be having some good dream visions going on into the early morning hours. Messages of deliverance and comfort should be coming through, and we should be able to further count the blessings of what we still have, rather than dwelling on what we're without at this time.

Later on into the morning, the Moon squares the Nodes and conjuncts fixed star Scheat, so we may be feeling a bit of a hangover depending on the ongoing activities going on, and also this will be a time where we look to the heavens and wonder aloud at our greater destinies, if the hardships we are experiencing are all we will endure for the near future... but the Moon will not stay in this position long, so do not dwell on this line of thought. Soon after, the Moon crosses over into fiery Aries, and our emotional and mental focus will drift towards matters regarding our own identity and desires. Still a little bit later, Saturn retrograde sextile Moon should be a good time to focus on self-improvement and self-disciplining efforts.

Later on into the evening, Black Moon Lilith sextiles Mercury, indicating a good moment to take stock of our deeper desires and darker mysteries of our own souls and selves. What do we really want? What are we really put here to do? These are questions that will be permeating us for a good bit throughout the rest of the night. Don't fight this: you really need to answer this for youself. You may be surprised by the conclusions you come to, just don't be afraid of what may come. Embrace the taboos if you need to.

Ending the night will be Chiron conjunct Moon, and this is another point where we will confront our deeper emotional wounds. How have we been adapting to the current reality? Are we doing well in our own eyes? This will be something we need to answer at this time going into the next work week (or at the very least exiting a traditional weekend).

May 18th

Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith as we come out of the dreamscape in the morning hours will be indicating some rather intense and interesting dream visions, perhaps some that will be giving some insights we may or may not want to consider in resolving the emotional wounds to our own identities we were exposed to with the previous Moon conjunction to Chiron carrying over from the previous day. Take note of whatever dream visions come, as they will be instrumental in resolving some pressing issues and may be key to preserving our sanity in the waking world. Morning meditation is highly advised to regulate your energies at this time. A little later on, the Moon sextile Mercury will allow us to communicate better with partners and colleagues, and we should be able to take care of local affairs with greater ease for the next few hours.

For the rest of the day, Chiron semisextile Uranus will be the tightest aspect we have to deal with, which will be indicating some further changing and rapid upsets that should be instrumental in improving the world for the better, though it will be a painful process to endure. Venus retrograde will also be tightening its square to Neptune in its return pass, so given that plus the Chiron-Uranus link, this is not a time to be investing in markets for the short term. Expect major swings in resources.

May 19th

In the early morning hours, Moon sextile Venus retrograde will be affecting our dream visions regarding what we value, projects and relationships, and what we ourselves bring to these. Are these things serving us well, or is there something better we could be experiencing? Are we bringing enough of ourselves into our treasured relationships? Pay attention to whatever dream visions and gut feelings you have at this time.

Throughout the day, the Sun will be semisextile the North Node, so we'll be considering the ramifications of what we're doing now and how that translates to our ultimate goals and desires. Are we doing enough? It's the last full day of the Sun being in Taurus before we enter Gemini season, so our collective focus will be finishing up affairs regarding resources, comfort, and what we find familiar. Moon will also be squaring Jupiter retrograde at this time, so many of us will likely be feeling a litle crisis of faith and wondering if this is all there really is, or if there will be improvement. Don't dwell on the lunar acpect, as always, these are short-lived, but do be mindful of them so you're not taken aback at a bad moment.

We finish this day with Moon square Saturn retrograde, so of course the notions of whether we're doing enough or not to advance our goals and if we're doing enough to get by will also be in our mental focus. Don't dwell in fear over this concept, especially as many of us will be feeling this as we drift off to sleep for the nighttime hours. Do pay attention to dream visions regarding duties and responsibilities, however. As always, a dream journal is advised in this matter.

May 20th

Early on in the morning, Moon, now in Taurus, sextile Mars will be giving us a nice energy boost when it comes to drive to accomplish goals and tasks that are meaningful to us. Our emotions should be a bit more regulated as well, so do take advantage of this more mellow aspect and get some early morning exercise in. Later on in the morning, we'll feel a little bit more capable of taking on some surprising news when the Moon crosses over Uranus. At the same time, Venus retrograde will be very strongly square Neptune, so do not expect resources, jobs, project, money, relationships to be stable right now. There's a lot of doubt, delusions of grandeur, and bullshitting ourselves that will be dispelled quite forcibly. Don't fight this, just recognize it and be ready to maneuver with a concise contingency plan.

May 21st

Venus retrograde square Neptune is still quite strong at this stage, affecting quite a few of our decisions and though processes in the overnight hours. Sleep may prove elusive for some, especially as we have just entered Gemini season with the Sun entering the sign of the twins. Mercury Semisextile the Taurus Moon adds to the emotional impact in how we relate to others after the sun rises in the morning as well.

As we approach noontime (PDT), Moon sextile Neptune will flow nicely and allow for more specialized and flowing thinking as we enjoy a flow of problem-solving epiphanies that flow more easily now. Later on in the afternoon, the Sun trines Saturn retrograde, allowing us to bunker down and focus more on tasks that require our concentration and self-discipline.

Moon trine Pluto retrograde as the Moon approaches Taurus later on in the evening urges us to refocus our efforts and thoughts on what has not been working, and where we need to excise troubling patterns in our mind so we can move forward with getting our life back on track. Mercury will also be conjuncting Venus retrograde by this point, allowing us to put pen to paper and create some viable solutions to vexing problems right now. Creative works should also prove to be quite fruitful and well-received now as the Moon finishes up in Taurus and trines Jupiter retrograde, further allowing for greater appreciation and refining of our philosophies.

May 22nd

Moon trine Jupiter after midnight (PDT) should allow for some messages from above to flow through in our dreamstate consciousness, so take note of whatever dreams and visions show up during this time. These dreams could prove to be disturbing or provoking however, as Mercury and Venus retrograde will combine to square illusory Neptune, so do keep a tab on fears and uncertainties pertaining to messages regarding money, relationships, and creative works and projects. Later on in the morning, we enter the next lunar cycle with the New Moon in Gemini, which will be quite prominent for the next lunar cycle and leads off into the upcoming Eclipse Season, so things will be quite intense going forward for the next month and a half (with the next Full Moon being the first of two Lunar Eclipses in June).

Heading into the evening and some time after the New Moon goes exact, the Moon will square Mars, warning us of the potential of contentious arguments and conflicts regarding our deeper feelings and how we've been communicating with others. This is a powder keg ready to blow in the wrong circumstances, so do try to enhance your calm beforehand with some proper intention-setting for this lunar cycle. We end the day with Chiron sextile the Moon, allowing for some healing of ruffled feathers from previous squabbles.

May 23rd

This early morning comes with Moon conjunct Aldeberan, which is quite fortuitous as far as monetary and business concerns go. Remember dream visions during this time, as they are likely to be fruitful in the near future. Waking up, we'll find ourselves embracing our shadow sides a bit further with Black Moon Lilith briefly sextile the Moon. Do not ignore your intution around then, as you are not crazy. You are seeing things now that need to be brought to light, and will be able to chronicle these internal journeys quite well. As an alternative, meditation will prove to be quite beneficial for those who are out of bed now, and for those who aren't, take stock of whatever dreams are coming now.

Very late into the evening, Uranus sextile Mars will be showing us where we need to make forceful changes to our changing notions of stablity, and also Moon conjuncing Venus Retrograde at the same time will prove to be a wake-up call as far as our extracurricular activities and how this is going to serve us going forward.

Interrupted by Injury...

Regrettably I couldn't get to the rest of May. A back injury sidelined me and I was unable to focus enough to do much of anything for the remainder of the month. That and the intense energies hitting me from... everything going on.

Stay safe out there.

To Sum May Up

May is insanity cubed. Not squared, cubed. Maybe to the fourth power. Venus, Saturn, Jupiter all entering their retrograde periods, and the North and South Node changing signs in the first half of the month alone should tell you that global change are going to continue coming, and are not going to stop for... honestly, when do global changes stop?

Again, we are in a new world now, the old world is swept away and not coming back, and there's potential for great creation and introspection, yet also great potential for mishandling and disaster. Do not expect to be able to do major long-distance or long-term travel now unless it's absolutely necessary, as for the next year and a half it is not going to go according to plan.

We're in a major global shift period. Recommend you revise long-term plans to consider the new reality now, and we'll have to deal with this. Old goals may no longer be viable in the current world, a possibility I gravely dislike given my own personal goals, but one that I have to consider now. Notions of what matters have to evolve, just like life has to evolve to a new environment. Spiritual evolution also works along the same principle, after all: As above, so below.

Take care of yourselves, and take care of one another as much as you reasonably can. Peace.