Monthly Report - January 2020

Monthly Report - January 2020

We are finally hitting a new year, and we are entering the 2020's while we're at it. This is a pivotal year for many reasons, and I can tell you at least one of those reasons happen near the middle of this month. A major alignment in Capricorn that we have not seen for a very long time, and we won't see here again in our lifetimes. I speak of Saturn conjunct Pluto, and those two planets won't be alone when they come exact. And it's happening during Eclipse Season on top of that! Let's jump in and get into the flow.

As I've adopted this method, I'm going to try to go day-by-day in general, except for some of the longer-term aspects. This has proven to be the better way for me of doing this. However, I'm also including the individual lunar aspects to bodies this time. Asteroids are also ignored for this report, for the sake of time. And, as usual, I'm basing this off of Pacific Time in the U.S. as that's where I'm located.

January has a couple of aspects that last the entire month, depending on the orbs used. We'll start with a relatively minor one: Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus in Taurus. This aspect is the lesser of the two month-long aspects, but there's a shift in the pattern as we get further along into January as Uranus will change direction and turn direct again around January 10th. Chiron, of course is the wounded healer and deals with both wounding and healing. Uranus is a planet of sudden changes, rebellion, and unpredictability. The semisextile is an aspect I associate as a "triggering aspect," a sort of catalyst. Put this all together, and you've got sudden healing and sudden wounding potential, especially as that wounding and healing will be dependent on rapid changes in regards to resources and financial matters. The U.S. Stock Market, in my humble opinion, reflects this quite well as it seems to just keep going, but there's also talk about there being "bubbles." I would recommend shoring up what you can to prevent sudden shocks from fully destabilizing yourself and your situation. On the other hand, you may find yourself being the one triggering the sudden shocks, such as embarking on a major journey of discovery (one friend of mine is starting this after the new year, and I wish her good fortune on her journey!)

The other month-long aspect is the one everyone is talking about: Saturn conjunct Pluto. This is the major one, and it hasn't taken place in Capricorn in quite a long time! Exactly when the last Capricorn Saturn conjunct Pluto hit (on what I figure was the first hit)? January 3rd, 1518 (about 2:40 PM UTC), according to our current Gregorian Calendar! It's been that long! Over five centuries. To put this in perspective, the Gregorian Calendar we use today is younger, as it was created in 1582, several decades later!

Let's get into what Saturn conjunct Pluto can do... Saturn is the taskmaster, the disciplinarian, it constricts and contracts, and can act as the gatekeeper. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, the underworld, tearing down of structures. Combine these and you have earth-shaking events in whatever sign they're conjunct in, and Capricorn deals with monolithic structures and institutions like government and major religions. What sort of major events can we see seeded now? Well, looking back to when Saturn and Pluto last conjuncted around 1518? Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door in October 1517, just the previous year, and at the maximum edge of Saturn beginning its conjunction to Pluto (and by western astrology, Saturn would have been still in Sagittarius when it began its approach). The Protestant Reformation. This is the class of monumental change we can expect with this conjunction. And it will not be an easy change, as old structures will not only hang on, but they can still potentially endure (as can be seen by the existence today of both the Lutheran Church and the Catholic Church, which Martin Luther split off from). Regarding the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction period, their exact hit comes two days after a high-emotional-intensity Lunar Eclipse, and the tail end of Eclipse Season, of which the Christmas Solar Eclipse was conjunct Jupiter! Everything is amplified now, and that includes this aspect of structural demolition. Our lives, as they have been, are over.

And now, the day-by-day forecast. Buckle up, because it's going to be one hell of a ride.

January 1st involves some intense shadow work and possibly psychic (and literal) hangovers as the Moon comes off its conjunction to Neptune and will cross over Black Moon Lilith by midday. Depending on the celebrations and revelry of the previous night, some may either be recovering from ringing in the new year, or others will be able to make some excellent emotional and spiritual development progress. For some, it could be both. The Sun also is moving off of the South Node while Mercury and Jupiter join up and are approaching that same South Node. We can find ourselves moving on from previous matters that have been either holding us back or have been a bastion of safety for so long, and with Mercury/Jupiter approaching, we'll likely be sending and receiving messages and getting communications regarding higher matters regarding our past and what we clean to. This is a time to start letting things go that are no longer moving us forward. Venus in Aquarius also begins a semisextile to Neptune as well, so we will be contemplating a great many things regarding what we value and desire, and who we desire these things with.

January 2nd ratchets up the intensity as Moon will have crossed over Chiron early on, bringing to the back of the mind where we've been hurt and where we can heal ourselves from these hurts. Later on, the Aries Moon apexes a T-Square between Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Capricorn on the South Node, and with the North Node in Cancer. There is a high risk of arguments and disputes in the air, some of which are stemming from past obligations, and our desire to go towards what is more meaningful to us.

January 3rd does not let up on the intensity as the Moon, still in Aries, squares both Saturn and Pluto throughout the course of the day while Mercury is tight on the South Node. Again, past mistakes and errors in judgment can come back to haunt us. The energy of the day also shifts considerably when Mars crosses over into Sagittarius, reducing its power somewhat (as its leaving one of its home signs of Scorpio), but it still holds fire. We notice our actions and drive tend to have an air of optimism behind it, hoping for the best in all that we do. That optimism will be very helpful in helping us navigate the minefield that is January 2020.

January 4th isn't quite as intense, though we can be dealing with some change-ups when the Moon crosses over into Taurus, and then conjuncts the almost-motionless Uranus still in its retrograde cycle. We will be dealing with some hopes and fears regarding our feelings where it concerns our worth to others, our possessions, relationships, and there will be some off-kilter news and vibes when Mars in Sagittarius quincunxes both of these bodies pretty heavily. It can be like a volcano getting ready to blow if we aren't mentally prepared for the chaos that can come this day. We need to take this in stride as Mars will also be closing in on a trine to wounded healer Chiron in Aries. Feel what you need to, and then get up and keep moving, as sitting and nursing wounds won't propel you forward. Taking charge and taking action will, and Mars-Chiron in this instance will help instill some drive in us to make this happen.

January 5th offers a safe harbor of sorts briefly as we have quite a few beneficial aspects here. Neptune in Pisces apexing a brief Minor Grand Trine (two bodies that are trine sextiling a third body) with Mercury in Capricorn (although with a wide orb) and the Moon in Taurus will allow us to better communicate feelings and concern, and we'll be able to speak as if we're channeling some deeper wisdom in the process. Sun on fixed star Vega could dampen this a bit as we could experience some harsher criticism and be feeling a bit more reserved than normal. Use the weak Minor Grand Trine to work on some inner reflection and self-work to overcome these less-beneficial feelings. Jupiter tightening its conjunction to the South Node could bring some reflection regarding where we've been and some of the higher inspiration that we've learned along the way. It is a day to take into account those lessons and incorporate them into our being.

January 6th increases the intensity back up when the Taurus Moon squares Venus in Aquarius, while at the same time the Moon conjuncts Algol. We could be feeling some major fears and insecurities, like we're going to lose our head if we don't nail the big contract or whatever else we have going on at the moment. As the Moon begins to break off of the Venus square, it'll begin opposing Mars in Sagittarius as well, though not enough to be forming a T-Square to Venus thankfully. We will be finding ourselves feeling a bit more aggressive or anxious with this series of aspects running, and we may not know who to trust, especially as the Moon crosses over into airy Gemini. Sun still on Vega also amplifies some of these feelings now, but Mercury tightening its sextile to Neptune may allow us to read between the lines and calm us down somewhat, allowing us to put thoughts to paper. Saturn making its final approach to Pluto for the major conjunction is also ramping up the energies considerably. Avoid arguments where you can, and use your best wits to prepare yourself for the arguments and trials that cannot be avoided. For the next week, you will need all of the higher wisdom you can get to make it through, and it does exist thankfully.

January 7th could bring about some intense news regarding money, possessions, relationships, many things are on the burner to be changed as Venus semisextiles Saturn-Pluto tightly on this day. Again, past issues are greatly amplified as Jupiter is sitting on the South Node this day as well, and the Moon also quincunxes Jupiter in the middle of all of this, so forward momentum may be hard to come by right now. The Sun sextiling Neptune could be a ray of hope as flashes of inspiration and that "inner voice" could give us some insights to get through the harsher aspects this day, if only we're open and listening. Some of the messages from above are more likely to be along the lines of "OK, you've gotten to this point, where will you go from here?"

January 8th continues the flashes of the past coming back to us as Jupiter and the South Node become exact through the course of this day. Some words of wisdom from elders of the past could be useful with this aspect as well, and we may need to heed those when the Moon in Gemini quincunxes Sun/Mercury, and then Saturn/Pluto soon after. Those words could further be gleaned for wisdom as Mercury sextiles Neptune tightly as well, and we can take messages to heart as Mercury is getting closer to the Sun. This is a two-edged sword, as Sun and Saturn are beginning their mutual approach to Saturn/Pluto as well. Harsh lessons are about to begin, so study over those notes while you still can.

January 9th ratchets up the emotional components when the Moon enters its home sign of Cancer, beginning the Full Moon cycle and getting ready for the Lunar Eclipse on the next day. Jupiter begins to move off of the South Node, but is still tight to that, so old lessons learned will still need to be reviewed. There will also be some feeling that we are missing something once the Cancer Moon crosses the North Node, opposing Jupiter. Saturn and Pluto are tightening up as well, and some of the changes we are witnessing in our lives, it's going to be apparent that these are going to be long-lasting changes, and that this cycle of transition is going to be going on for some time. Neptune's protective influence over Sun/Mercury also begins to wane as the sextile widens between these bodies, so hopefully we have taken to heart some intuition and messages from the previous couple days to get us through what is about to come.

And now... January 10th hits. The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer impacts a great deal of the chart, most of it in harsh aspect when we have the Moon opposing Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. All at the same time. The structure-demolishing combination of the taskmaster (Saturn) and the lord of the underworld (Pluto) are joined with the messenger (Mercury) and the heart of our collective matters (Sun). The news cycle and events in our lives are going to be quite intense right now and for the next several months (owing to the length of effect of Solar and Lunar Eclipses). Lunar Eclipse trine Neptune adds an element of psychism, intuition, and magick to this aspect. Those who are much more grounded and attuned may be able to navigate events now a little more easily. Meditation and prayer are highly advised, or at the very least quiet contemplation. To be honest, creative works undertaken and partaken of now can be quite influential, and will leave a mark on us that may help carry us through these times. We may not know what changes are going to happen next either, and we may find ourselves in a lull as Uranus also turns direct and ends its retrograde cycle on the same day as this Lunar Eclipse. So some of the greater events stemming from this may not even be happening right away, but things will go into motion very soon.

January 11th continues the onslaught of major energies as Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto tighten up. A great deal of major changes and revelations are likely to occur around now with this combination. We may find ourselves with more of a drive to deal with some of the changes that are happening right now as some of the initial shock from the past few days is wearing off, and Moon entering Leo trines Mars, allowing us a bit more confidence to move forward and deal with things. Still, we're likely to be unsettled about how things are changing as this will also incur Uranus square Moon. Uranus is still almost motionless after its direct station, so we may be a bit impatient wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.

January 12th is another of the major days we've been waiting for... Saturn conjunct Pluto exact. As these are slower planets, but combined with the faster energies of Mercury and the Sun, some of the initial changes in events are going to be taking place quicker than we would expect for these two ball breakers. Venus semisextile Black Moon Lilith is going to add an air of sacred feminine energy and hidden occult energies into all of this as well. I would not even be surprised if some prominent misogynists get their just dues on this day and their just desserts begin to get served to them. On a global level, though, I would expect some developments in the world of female artists on this day, hopefully good ones, good and groundbreaking. With a semisextile, it could go either way, so do be aware of possible pitfalls.

January 13th tightens the conjunction between Sun/Saturn/Mercury/Pluto about as tight as I think it's going to get. We may be able to analyze the massive changes that are coming, and may be starting to see the foundations of the shift coming now too as Moon enters analytical Virgo. That same Moon trining Uranus will allow us to potentially see some benefits to the rapid changes that we are going to see, and some may feel compelled to act on rebellious impulses as well. Those impulses may be the end result of a lot of deliberation, such as seeing things in one's life that cannot continue and must change. We are about to see a new wave of activism on many fronts, and the major conjunction plus this lunar-Uranian trine could be a catalyst for it. Speaking of, Chiron in Aries is tightening its semisextile to Uranus as well, so some outward healing (and I would expect wounding) is catalyzed right now as well. Something else to note is Venus entering Pisces on this day, a sign it is exalted in. This will greatly amplify Venus's influence on the arts, money, relationships, and what we hold valuable.

January 14th brings us Virgo Moon opposing Pisces Neptune, and we're now going to be dealing with some of the more lofty goals we've got going on inside our heads right now. We're likely to feel a bit discordant wondering how the hell we're going to bring all of these changes about. The Moon will also trine the major stellium of Saturn-Pluto-Sun-Mercury on this day as well, so we may see more easily some paths towards getting these longer-term goals done, or at the very least starting the engines of change. Black Moon Lilith is also approaching fixed star Scheat around this time, so I am going to greatly advise putting on your spiritual armor, as there are going to be many potentially malicious whispers in the dark now. Fears of poisonings and drownings could amplify while Black Moon Lilith is here, or conversely, perhaps an advance in medicine and engineering to cure or prevent said poisonings and drownings. This is my intuitive guess, so take this as you will, and we'll see if this plays out.

January 15th brings a major focus to partnerships and relationships as the Moon enters Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac and which is a social sign from what I have seen. Venus and Uranus form a Yod Kite to the Moon as it enters Libra as well, so changes in our feelings regarding relationships, money, jobs, and so forth will be greatly boosted. The "Kite" part comes from Chiron in Aries, so this is a day where we will greatly be reexamining our partnerships and how we move forward with resources. This may lead to some harsh feelings and harsh words exchanged as Mercury in the last stages of Capricorn begins squaring Uranus in Taurus right now. Arguments over finances are just one possibility. Mars is also beginning to conjunct fixed star Antares in Sagittarius, a pretty incendiary star and one who in this combination lends itself to arguments and struggles with colleagues and loved ones. It may be best to keep to yourself on this day and engage in self-care if at all possible.

January 16th still have a fair amount of fallout from the previous... week... of harsh transits and intense energies, and there is little letup. Mercury enters Aquarius, the sign of its exaltation, so matters involving messages, travel, communications, technology, these will all be amplified until it exits this sign. Mercury and the Sun (still in Capricorn) also squares Uranus (with the Sun at a very wide orb, but a tighter square is coming), so again we may be finding some unwelcome messages and technological mishaps out of the blue. I would even say major accidents are likely for a few days while commuting or travelling as well, so allow yourself extra space and time as a precaution if able. Libra Moon quincunx Neptune also adds to the air of uncertainty as we may find ourselves with inspiration that social expectations are preventing us from acting upon, which is quite frustrating.

January 17th doesn't get any easier. The Moon enters watery and secretive Scorpio, and enables the formation of a brief T-Square with Moon opposing Uranus, apexing Mercury. Again, sudden (potentially unwelcome) messages and technological mishaps out of the blue are quite likely, and with the Sun still in orb of conjuncting the still-tight Saturn-Pluto conjunction (and the Sun also weakly conjunct Mercury still), our reputation and careers are likely going to be in major focus right now. Some of us may find ourselves changing jobs suddenly or needing to look for more work suddenly as well around this time. Mars and Antares tighten their conjunction as well, so while some gain is possible at this time, things are still looking hot and ready to unload when it comes to relationships with loved ones. Confrontations may be unavoidable. Fortunately, Moon trine Venus can help smooth some things over, and we may benefit from engaging in some artistic, musical, or other creative forms of escape right now just to get our minds off of things and decompress.

January 18th could bring us some intense conversations with superiors and mentors as Mars on Antares semisextiles Jupiter over in Capricorn this day. There are likely to be stern messages and warnings from said elders and mentors, and this could also flare up some intense emotions. Moon trine Neptune does allow for more flowing creativity and mental acuity, so we may be able to take some of those messages from our mentors to heart today without too many hard feelings. Mercury sextile Chiron is also a help and could allow us to communicate in such a way that we defuse some arguments before they get out of hand, or perhaps a kind word said helps someone get past a previous trauma.

January 19th is a mixed bag as the Moon will be exiting Scorpio and entering Sagittarius, and this will also be the last day of Capricorn season with the Sun on the last degrees of said sign. We could be thinking we see a light at the end of the tunnel that isn't an oncoming train, and we'll be thinking about some of the crazy shit we've been going through pretty heavily. Moon trining Black Moon Lilith on Scheat could also point to a time where we can retreat into our own minds and the safety of our sacred spaces, and perhaps find refuge from the craziness out there. Meditation may not be the most mentally quiet thing at this point with these energies, but it should prove to be enlightening if done this day, and may even help you avoid some hidden dangers.

January 20th may find us speaking our truths a bit more forcefully for a brief spell as Mars and Moon conjunct, close to Antares as well. You may find yourself able to bring some concerns out into the open with some bosses or other authority figures a bit more successfully as well, though do take care if they're not normally receptive to this. Still, you do need to stand up for yourself. The Moon and Mars are also squaring Venus at this point, so if done the wrong way, this could lend itself to yet another job search in the near future. Be aboveboard and ethical, and do watch for hidden details this day as well as Moon will also square Neptune later on. Thing are not entirely clear. Sun entering Aquarius can also be a mixed bag as the Sun is in detriment here and will not have the same power as it normally would in most of the other signs. Sun square Uranus, also in detriment, may lead to a confidence crisis for a few days when it comes to ourselves and our holdings and resources. Financial uncertainty could be amplified now, and if there's arguments at workplaces, this could compound the issue.

January 21st may provide some good fortune with Venus sextile Jupiter, so whatever fallout that may happen the previous day may be able to be undone, or perhaps your arguments to colleagues will be vindicated in your favor. We'll still be expecting some crazy surprises here as well with Sun tightening its square to Uranus as well. Continue to expect the unexpected.

January 22nd brings us some intense feelings regarding our reputation when Moon enters Capricorn, and we will be feeling some degree of luck and good fortune may still be ours when the Moon joins Jupiter and sextiles Venus in Pisces. This optimism may later be shattered as the Moon continues on from this, so keep expectations realistic. Mars also tightens its square to Neptune in Pisces, so do be warned against chasing phantoms and illusions right now. Be realistic if you can. Creatives can benefit from the more positive energies of this day in creating lasting works, and may even be able to put that Mars-Neptune square to good use depending on the artistic style and medium.

January 23rd is another intense day as the Moon begins to cross over the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and where the previous day had more optimistic and creative potential, we could find ourselves in a crisis of confidence right now, like we would be thinking we overlooked something crucial that could lead us to our ruin. The Moon will pass over that conjunction in a few hours, so try to keep your worst fears in check if you can. Mars tightening its square to Neptune can also add to the fears and illusions that plague us now, so try to remain as objective as humanly possible. Mercury semisextile Venus could bring some news or developments regarding your relationships and investments right now as well, and this could go either way, but Venus sextile Jupiter may help insulate us from the worst impacts of market conditions.

January 24th is a bit of a nebulous day where we really want to keep our psychic and mental defenses up, as Black Moon Lilith is really tight to Scheat right now. Mars keeps up its illusion-booster to its square to Neptune, and Venus is getting closer to tightening its square to Mars as well, and its conjunction to Neptune is starting as well. Arguments over creative endeavors is likely now, and this could make or break some teams if they're not careful. The Aquarius New Moon also takes place now, square Uranus, so this will start a lunar cycle where sudden and unexpected changes are the rule of the lunar month. Our confidence will need some TLC for quite some time.

January 25th can be a bit... strange. Moon and Mercury link up, leading to more emotional and passionate communications, maybe some reduced road rage though as Moon-Mercury sextile Mars, which should cool some passions. Other passions are getting inflamed though with Mars tightening squares to Neptune-Venus. Moon-Mercury also semisextile Neptune-Venus, so we may have some contacts or perhaps even new inquiries when it comes to creative and research projects. Research is a high possibility with Jupiter sextile Neptune-Venus as well. Certainly a lot going on. The trick will be getting all the correct information to make a proper decision.

January 26th still has that illusory effect with the Mars square to Neptune-Venus being tighter still. Moon will pass over into Pisces in late day as well, where it will begin sextiling Uranus. This combination will allow us to better weather some surprises that may be in store for us, some which may possibly alleviate some financial or quality-of-life fears.

January 27th ramps up more intensity as Black Moon Lilith crosses into Aries. Hidden matters come to the surface more forcefully now, and we will definitely begin having to confront fears and previous hurts that have been inflicted upon us as Black Moon Lilith also begins to conjunct Chiron, also in Aries. The Moon in late day/early evening starts conjuncting a tight Neptune-Venus conjunction, and also squaring Mars. We'll be feeling we need to take care of our own needs and desires, and may even want to embark on a major quest to make it happen. Mars squaring all of this implies arguments, roadblocks, and obstacles towards us pursuing a more desired life for ourselves. This could take the form of unsupportive friends and family, or perhaps some of them are supportive but with some "ideas" as to how you should go about pursuing your goals and ambitions. This can definitely ruffle some feathers.

January 28th can bring more uncertainty with the Mars square to Neptune-Venus still strong. Mars square Moon still is also something that can bring fears, uncertainty, doubt, argument, and anger. At worst, we could feel we are failing heavily in something right now, but we also have a sense of things we need to change and act on when the Moon also sextiles Saturn-Pluto. Perhaps the struggles and disagreements we experience now are the catalyst that propels us to where we need to go, we just need to recognize it.

January 29th may have us feeling like we just took a hit when the Moon enters Aries and conjuncts Chiron. We could still be smarting over arguments and issues that crop up from... honestly, this entire month. Mercury semisextile Saturn-Pluto also adds a potential of messages, mail, and some travels and errands where we find our worlds either turned upside down, or we act to begin another round of much-needed changes.

January 30th brings some relief as we see the Moon in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius, which might act as a minor confidence boost for dealing with issues regarding relationships and money, since Mars is still strongly square Venus and Neptune. Moon square Jupiter does point to issues where we may be hearing from authority figures or discover some knowledge in research that we really don't accept or that clashes with what we've believed in. Uncomfortable truths are prevalent now.

January 31st ends with a bang, of course, as the Moon enters late Aries before drifting off into Taurus, but not before squaring Saturn-Pluto and then crossing over to conjunct Uranus later on. Those messages and feelings from the day before where we learned about things we really did not want to hear, it's really going to hit home now. Moon sextile Mercury can be helpful in allowing us to convey or journal our feelings about these matters. Mars still square Venus is also causing all sorts of upheaval in relationships, possessions, and money. Another possibility I thought of with this aspect is unwelcome tax news, although I may be thinking more of this as being tax season in the U.S. by this point.

January is... something else. The Lunar Eclipse, Saturn-Pluto conjunct exactly for the first time in over 500 years, and Mars square Neptune-Venus alone tells me that a lot of what we were planning is not going to go off without a hitch. It may be time to throw out whatever book we were using and just write a whole new one. This month is going to take a tremendous amount of courage to make it through, and if you were thinking of making a leap of faith in December and didn't get everything done to take that leap? You may have to leap anyways. Because sticking around where you are may see you set alight if you don't take that leap. Life is too short to be miserable, do remember that. Given the more harsh aspects, I would also recommend caution wherever you go. Stay, go, you're still sharing this planet with a lot of people. Incredible mental and spiritual fortitude is going to be needed. That said, a lot of creative and beautiful things can still be made. Get it done.

As always, the general listing of aspects and the days they will be active is listed below in list format, as a quick reference. From this point forward I will also be including the lunar aspects in this listing.

  • All January - Chiron Semisextile Uranus, Pluto Conjunct Saturn
  • Jan 1st - Black Moon Lilith conjunct Moon, Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon sextile Pluto, Moon sextile Saturn
  • Jan 1st-2nd - Chiron conjunct Moon, Jupiter square Moon, Mars trine Moon, Mercury square Moon, Moon semisextile Uranus, Sun opposite True Node
  • Jan 1st-3rd - Black Moon Lilith trine Mars, Mercury trine Uranus, Neptune semisextile Venus
  • Jan 1st-5th - Jupiter conjunct Sun, Mercury opposite True Node
  • Jan 1st-6th - Jupiter conjunct Mercury
  • Jan 1st-9th - Neptune sextile Saturn
  • Jan 1st-10th - Chiron trine Mars
  • Jan 1st-11th - Jupiter trine Uranus
  • Jan 1st-13th - Neptune sextile Sun
  • Jan 1st-20th - Mercury conjunct Sun
  • Jan 1st-21st - Jupiter opposite True Node
  • Jan 2nd - Moon square True Node
  • Jan 2nd-3rd - Moon square Sun (First Quarter Moon), Moon sextile Venus
  • Jan 3rd - Moon semisextile Neptune
  • Jan 3rd-4th - Moon square Pluto, Moon square Saturn
  • Jan 4th - Black Moon Lilith semisextile Moon, Chiron semisextile Moon, Mars quincunx Moon
  • Jan 4th-5th - Jupiter trine Moon, Mercury trine Moon, Moon sextile True Node, Moon conjunct Uranus
  • Jan 4th-6th - Moon trine Sun
  • Jan 4th-9th - Mars quincunx Uranus
  • Jan 4th-11th - Mercury sextile Neptune
  • Jan 5th-6th - Moon sextile Neptune, Moon trine Pluto, Moon trine Saturn, Moon square Venus
  • Jan 5th-8th - Saturn semisextile Venus
  • Jan 5th-21st - Saturn conjunct Sun
  • Jan 6th - Black Moon Lilith sextile Moon
  • Jan 6th-7th - Chiron sextile Moon, Mars opposite Moon, Moon semisextile Uranus
  • Jan 6th-8th - Pluto semisextile Venus
  • Jan 6th-19th - Pluto conjunct Sun
  • Jan 7th - Jupiter quincunx Moon, Moon semisextile True Node
  • Jan 7th-8th - Mercury quincunx Moon, Moon square Neptune, Moon quincunx Sun
  • Jan 8th - Moon quincunx Pluto, Moon quincunx Saturn
  • Jan 8th-9th - Black Moon Lilith square Moon, Chiron square Moon, Moon sextile Uranus, Moon trine Venus
  • Jan 8th-15th - Mercury conjunct Saturn
  • Jan 9th - Mars quincunx Moon, Moon conjunct True Node
  • Jan 9th-10th - Jupiter opposite Moon, Moon trine Neptune
  • Jan 9th-11th - Moon opposite Sun (Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse January 10th)
  • Jan 9th-15th - Mercury conjunct Pluto
  • Jan 10th - Mercury opposite Moon, Uranus Retrograde Ends
  • Jan 10th-11th - Black Moon Lilith trine Moon, Moon opposite Pluto, Moon opposite Saturn, Moon square Uranus, Moon quincunx Venus
  • Jan 10th-13th - Black Moon Lilith semisextile Venus
  • Jan 10th-20th - Uranus sextile Venus
  • Jan 11th - Chiron trine Moon, Jupiter quincunx Moon, Moon semisextile True Node
  • Jan 11th-12th - Mars trine Moon
  • Jan 12th - Mercury quincunx Moon, Moon quincunx Neptune, Moon quincunx Pluto, Moon quincunx Saturn, Moon quincunx Sun
  • Jan 12th-13th - Moon opposite Venus
  • Jan 12th-18th - Mars quincunx True Node
  • Jan 13th - Black Moon Lilith quincunx Moon, Chiron quincunx Moon, Moon trine Uranus
  • Jan 13th-14th - Jupiter trine Moon, Mars square Moon, Moon sextile True Node
  • Jan 13th-16th - Chiron semisextile Venus
  • Jan 13th-17th - Black Moon Lilith sextile Mercury
  • Jan 14th - Moon opposite Neptune
  • Jan 14th-15th - Mercury trine Moon, Moon trine Pluto, Moon trine Saturn, Moon trine Sun
  • Jan 14th-21st - Mercury square Uranus
  • Jan 15th - Black Moon Lilith opposite Moon, Chiron opposite Moon, Moon quincunx Uranus, Moon quincunx Venus
  • Jan 15th-16th - Jupiter square Moon, Mars sextile Moon, Moon square True Node
  • Jan 15th-19th - Chiron sextile Mercury
  • Jan 15th-22nd - Jupiter semisextile Mars
  • Jan 15th-31st - Jupiter sextile Neptune, Mars square Venus
  • Jan 16th - Moon quincunx Neptune
  • Jan 16th-17th - Moon square Pluto, Moon square Saturn, Moon square Sun
  • Jan 16th-22nd - Black Moon Lilith sextile Sun
  • Jan 16th-29th - Jupiter sextile Venus, Sun square Uranus
  • Jan 17th - Black Moon Lilith quincunx Moon, Chiron quincunx Moon
  • Jan 17th-18th - Jupiter sextile Moon, Mercury square Moon, Moon trine True Node, Moon opposite Uranus, Moon trine Venus
  • Jan 17th-22nd - True Node trine Venus
  • Jan 18th - Mars semisextile Moon
  • Jan 18th-19th - Moon trine Neptune, Moon sextile Pluto, Moon sextile Saturn
  • Jan 18th-31st - Black Moon Lilith conjunct Chiron, Mars square Neptune
  • Jan 19th - Black Moon Lilith trine Moon, Chiron trine Moon, Moon quincunx Uranus
  • Jan 19th-20th - Mercury sextile Moon, Moon sextile Sun, Moon square Venus
  • Jan 19th-25th - Chiron sextile Sun
  • Jan 19th-30th - Mars sextile Mercury
  • Jan 20th - Jupiter semisextile Moon, Mars conjunct Moon, Moon quincunx True Node
  • Jan 20th-21st - Moon square Neptune
  • Jan 20th-22nd - Mercury quincunx True Node
  • Jan 20th-26th - Mercury semisextile Venus
  • Jan 21st - Moon semisextile Pluto, Moon semisextile Saturn
  • Jan 21st-22nd - Black Moon Lilith square Moon, Chiron square Moon, Moon semisextile Sun, Moon trine Uranus
  • Jan 22nd - Mercury semisextile Moon, Moon opposite True Node
  • Jan 22nd-23rd - Jupiter conjunct Moon, Mars semisextile Moon, Moon sextile Neptune, Moon sextile Venus
  • Jan 22nd-24th - Jupiter semisextile Mercury
  • Jan 22nd-31st - Neptune conjunct Venus
  • Jan 23rd-24th - Black Moon Lilith sextile Moon, Moon conjunct Pluto, Moon conjunct Saturn
  • Jan 24th - Chiron sextile Moon, Moon square Uranus,
  • Jan 24th-25th - Mars sextile Moon, Mercury conjunct Moon, Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon Aquarius), Moon quincunx True Node
  • Jan 25th - Jupiter semisextile Moon, Moon semisextile Neptune, Moon semisextile Venus
  • Jan 25th-27th - Mercury semisextile Neptune
  • Jan 26th - Black Moon Lilith semisextile Moon, Chiron semisextile Moon, Moon semisextile Pluto, Moon semisextile Saturn
  • Jan 26th-27th - Moon sextile Uranus
  • Jan 26th-30th - Sun quincunx True Node
  • Jan 27th - Moon semisextile Sun, Moon trine True Node
  • Jan 27th-28th - Jupiter sextile Moon, Mars square Moon, Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon conjunct Venus
  • Jan 28th - Mercury semisextile Moon
  • Jan 28th-29th - Black Moon Lilith conjunct Moon, Moon sextile Pluto, Moon sextile Saturn
  • Jan 28th-31st - Pluto sextile Venus
  • Jan 29th - Chiron conjunct Moon, Moon semisextile Uranus
  • Jan 29th-30th - Jupiter square Moon, Moon sextile Sun, Moon square True Node
  • Jan 29th-31st - Mercury semisextile Pluto, Saturn sextile Venus
  • Jan 30th - Moon semisextile Neptune
  • Jan 30th-31st - Mars trine Moon, Mercury sextile Moon, Mercury semisextile Saturn, Moon square Pluto, Moon square Saturn, Moon semisextile Venus
  • Jan 31st - Black Moon Lilith semisextile Moon, Chiron semisextile Moon, Moon conjunct Uranus