Monthly Report - February 2020

Monthly Report - February 2020

January was incredibly intense, and I don't think it's going to let up any as we move forward into February. So far, the events that have been transpiring have proven to be divisive and quite frustrating for some, and revealing for all. There is a lot of shadow work we're going to be dealing with in terms of this month, so let's get cracking.

This forecast will be day-to-day, except for some of the longer-term aspects. Asteroids are ignored for this report, as we're focused more on the main bodies and points for the sake of time. And, as usual, I'm basing this off of Pacific Time in the U.S. as that's where I'm located.

February has some aspects that will last the entire month, and some of these may be familiar for readers of the January forecast. First we have Black Moon Lilith conjunct Chiron in Aries. This aspect denotes some intense hidden shadow work that we will be forced to confront, and of the wounds we bear from that which we hide from others. This is all coming to the surface now globally, and we can expect truths coming to light to be burnt away. What is taboo and forbidden will be in focus, as well as that which is intuitively beneficial but socially frowned upon. Our inner intuition can be used to foster deep healing this month, but this may be unsettling to those who have become accustomed to our more "conventional" or "obedient" sides.

Another month-long aspect is Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus in Taurus. Just like last month, the wounded healer in a more active and fiery sign of the Ram will be playing into the upheaval and sudden changes from the planet of revolution in the more stable sign of the Bull, and we will be seeing some corrections, wounding, and healing when it comes to our finances and resourcefulness as it contends with our egos and identities. Semisextiles trigger events from what I've seen, so we can expect further upheavals and sudden changes in fortune. This can also denote upticks in fortune and money, so some people will be seeing some fruitful times, perhaps at a cost, or perhaps the cost has already been paid.

A third month-long aspect is a more beneficial one, Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. The planet of philosophy and optimism in a softer sextile to the planet of illusions, mysticism, and dreams will allow for some further creativity in our efforts. We may also be able to use this energy to break some habits that have been holding us back, such as escapism or intoxication. Overall, we will be finding ourselves with a deeper appreciation for the spiritual and perhaps for some traditions as well stemming from notions of faith and spirituality throughout this entire month. Some solace in or from a higher power may be something we could use as we go through this crazy time.

Finally, we still have Pluto conjunct Saturn to contend with. While these two bodies are separating, Pluto's destruction and renewal combined with Saturn's discipline and restriction will further be affecting monolithic institutions such as governments at this time. The seeds have already been planted as we have seen all through January, and now we will begin reaping the harvest. Don't expect things to be stable for awhile, and do take care of yourself so you don't wind up falling afoul of the more cataclysmic manifestations of this cycle of upheaval and renewal. Definitely take care of your health during this time.

We'll now be moving into the day by day aspects. Just like January, it's going to be a bit choppy.

February 1st starts off with the Moon being in earthy Taurus, so our thoughts and feelings will be more driven towards our money, resources, how stable are we, how comfortable are we? Moon does move on from Uranus, so we likely have some unexpected emotional outbursts or feelings welling up to the surface. Moon square Sun in Aquarius for the First Quarter Moon does also show that we've got some some progress going on with some of the intentions we set forward for ourselves during the New Moon we just had a week prior in Aquarius. Pluto in Capricorn sextile Venus in Pisces allows for some dynamic progress when it comes to pursuing what we hold dear or valuable. Bargain hunters may stumble upon some unwanted relics that may prove to be more valuable than is realized at first glance. Don't dismiss anything out of hand today.

February 2nd is a big one, with a Big Game going on over here in the United States. Jupiter in Capricorn will be forming a semisextile with the Aquarian Sun, so if I had to make a prediction, I'd... have to say the end result is going to be a bit of a surprise. I'm not sure who will win this one. Upswings and downswings in fortune will certainly be happening, and we may be a bit more philosophical throughout this entire day, more so than we expect. Venus will also begin sextiling Saturn, so some good effort towards projects and desires should show some promise, even if we're not entirely successful. Mars in its squares to Venus and Neptune (themselves no longer conjunct) is in a strange twilight zone, but as both squares are separating, we'll have to fend off fears of losing control and property and money, but these fears won't be as pronounced as they were earlier in the end of January.

February 3rd gets a little testy and crazy when Mercury crosses over into Pisces, and the Moon also enters airy Gemini. Communicating from the depths of our inner desires and secrets will be the focus of the day, I feel. These harder conversations will be somewhat related to the discipline and effort that should be beneficial as Venus and Saturn continue their sextile link, tighter than the day before. Some good progress should be able to be made as far as shoring up or mitigating losses to resources, jobs, and money, and we may even see some gains in this field. Jupiter and Sun also perfect their semisextile, so do count blessings where they pop up, and try not to sweat the small stuff.

February 4th will fan the flames of our insecurities and fears as the Moon crosses further and very briefly makes a T-Square apexing Neptune in Pisces when the Moon opposes Mars. These are going to be wide orbs, so this T-Square won't be as strong as it could be. We've got the fear and uncertainty factor with Mars square Neptune slightly, and the Moon squaring Neptune can muddle our thinking and perhaps give us some "noise" when it comes to following our intuition. Double-check everything that's important decision-wise today. Surprising and beneficial messages when Mercury (now in Pisces) sextiles Uranus could wind up being the good news we need to get past that awkward fear-factor mentioned earlier.

February 5th will be challenging as the Moon will cross over into emotional, watery Cancer, and will square Black Moon Lilith and Chiron. There are going to be some hard feelings and misgivings amplified, but this Moon square to Lilith and Chiron will only last for part of the day, so try your best not to get into binding problems based on petty arguments. Venus is also squared by the Moon so we will also be fending off some distrust and misgivings regarding money, relationships, and jobs and projects. Jupiter will also begin its conjunction to fixed star Vega on this day as well, so there is the potential for some huge gains, but given the harsh squares, there is the likelihood of harsh losses as well. Not the best day for major investments.

February 6th certainly ramps up the inner conflict we have when the Moon opposes Jupiter on Vega. As the Moon also crosses over fixed star Sirius, we'll have more potential for gains when it comes to wealth and projects, but the devil may be in the details, so do watch out for offers and deals that are too good to be true.

February 7th is another day to watch out for as the Moon, still flowing through its home sign of Cancer, makes a direct opposition to Pluto and then Saturn. Our insecurities and fears regarding the loss of standing and what we've taken for granted will hit a fever pitch. This is very likely to result in some more pronounced temper tantrums and arguments when Mars semisextiles Pluto at the same time as this lunar opposition. This also results in a quincunx between Mars in Sagittarius and the Cancer Moon as well. Avoiding arguments and side-stepping uncomfortable conversations and discussions will not be possible, so be ready for this day and have your facts and contingencies ready. If that's not enough, Venus crosses over the harsh star Scheat as well, and Jupiter tightens its approach to Vega as well, and Venus enters Aries, the sign of its detriment (and thus it and the themes of love, money, and what we desire will be somewhat diminished). Make sure you did not set yourself up for your downfall, and avoid whatever snares you can. This is a highly volatile day where abuse of power will be blatantly apparent. Standing up for what you believe in can be costly, but is also absolutely essential. Now, as the day progresses, the Moon will cross over into fiery Leo, and we start seeing an uptick when the Leo Moon trines Venus and Black Moon Lilith. Again, stand up for what you believe in. We will be more protective over what we hold dear, find attractive and valuable, and we can also find some solace in some of our more cherished relationships. Finally, we see the Moon square Uranus in Taurus, so we can expect some more volatile emotions and potentially sudden outbursts. In short, this day is a massive storm of psychic fireworks.

February 8th is a further journey into what we desire deep down, some of these being a bit more darker and sultry, as Venus in Aries tightens its conjunction to Black Moon Lilith. Themes of equality and of women asserting their power will be strengthened on this weekend day, and should be a good day to explore said themes. Moon quincunx Jupiter later on could have us questioning our philosophies and if they're still serving us as well as they could be. With Jupiter still tight on Vega, that crisis of faith may be considerably amplified depending on the outcome of the previous day as well, especially if we've been the recipient of adverse rulings. By the end of the day, we'll be seeing the Leo Full Moon take shape, and we'll be able to more readily see what course corrections we need to take to finish up this ridiculously-intense lunar cycle.

February 9th's morning begins with the Full Moon still in effect, and as the Moon moves on from this, it begins to trine Mars in Sagittarius. This will have the effect of us beginning to feel a bit more empowered, and we can make good use of this time to make some progress on hobbies or duties that we need to get done. Jupiter and Vega conjunct exact will still have us smarting from any sort of abuse of power and adverse decisions/rulings issues from the start of this weekend, and this is a point where we will need to decide how to best move forward with things. Venus conjunct Chiron plays into this as well. What we've lost or had taken from us may be at the forefronts of our minds as this weekend draws to a close. Finally, the Moon crosses over Regulus to enter analytical Virgo. We're counting up our gains and losses at this point. "Where do we go from here?" That's the question we'll be asking ourselves as the weekend ends, and Moon quincunx Venus/Chiron will feed into these sorts of questions and anxieties as well.

February 10th looks to be a bit contentious both in terms of travel and how we come across to our colleagues and other people in general as we see the Virgo Moon oppose Mercury in Pisces, now in its pre-retrograde shadow period. Our jobs, money, and relationships are likely seeing some changes as Venus will also be crossing into semisextile with Uranus, so expect some sudden shifts in how your resources, money, and projects all play out. Mars semisextile Saturn is also a point of concern, given the increasing load of hard work we'll likely be facing to get in, and we need to note that Mars is also now beginning to conjunct Galactic Center, so we'll be feeling an uptick in drive and energy to want to get things done. We also need to be well aware of confrontations and angry outbursts both from ourselves and others, so some patience is advised. This may be easier said than done, especially with all of these other aspects going on. Moon trine Jupiter can give us a bit of respite in a notion of things working out in the end, though we'll also have to overcome our fears and misgivings when Moon later on crosses its opposition to Neptune.

February 11th continues the journey through the psychic minefield as we experience the Virgo Moon squaring off against Mars on Galactic Center. Keep it together if you can, as tensions are quite heightened right now. Moon trine Pluto beforehand, and then Saturn at the same time, these two aspects should allow us to figure out more of what is working for us, and what isn't working anymore, and this may allow us to move forward without too much regret. A lot of speaking of our truth is in store. Later on, our feelings drift towards what's going on in our relationships to others when the Moon crosses over into Libra. This really ramps up as this Moon will also be crossing opposite Chiron, Venus, and Black Moon Lilith, and will form a brief Grand Cross between those bodies and the Moon's squaring of the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. A lot of irreversible damage can happen if we let our fears and frustrations get the best of things. This may be unavoidable if the other party isn't willing to talk or negotiate, so focus on your own reaction. Avoiding fights if at all possible is very much advised today, as the damage will be lasting otherwise.

February 12th continues the intensity with our relationships to others and our greater destiny when the Libra Moon perfects the Grand Cross between the Nodes, itself, and Venus. Chiron and Uranus are also perfecting their semisextile, so sudden decisions and changes are in store and will greatly impact our lives going forward. This could be sudden moves, relationships ending (or beginning!), and quite frankly the status quo is not going to stay where it's at. There's just no way. Be ready to adapt to sudden changes by now, and these changes are absolutely stemming from the conflagration that was the February 7th aspects. Pluto semisextile the Sun will also add to this, and this is where some of us probably will say "to hell with this" and make that leap of faith we may have either been putting off, or have been forced to back-burner for some time. Moon square Jupiter will also be challenging us to take a major hard look at where our circumstances are leaving us, and we may not be feeling as optimistic as we should. A sense of having to take our luck into our own hands is heightened now.

February 13th continues the roughness as we see the Moon square Pluto and then later on Saturn, further driving home the point that the foundations we've come to rely on are no longer serving us and that we need to build some new ones. Venus tightening its square to the Nodes also drives home this point, marking a decision point where we must decide if we'll be holding steady with what we've grown comfortable with, versus what will serve us better in the future. Given the Moon to Pluto-Saturn links, new beginnings are going to be called for. Moon crossing over fixed star Spica as it squares Pluto does add an element of good fortune, however, so decisions we make based on these feelings have a chance of being good ones right now. They won't be easy decisions, but they'll be better for us in the long run. Moon sextiling Mars at midday does give us a bit of a boost in this regards as well, so don't lament the past too much right now. Use this energy to move forward into newer and better things. By the evening, Moon will have crossed over into Scorpio, and will oppose Uranus, and thus we'll be feeling some changeability and volatility in our feelings, especially if we've grown too attached to what passed as "stable" to us.

February 14th can be a make-or-break day as the Chiron-Uranus semisextile is hitting its exact point, so sudden heartbreaks and heart-mendings are likely on this day. Moon trine Mercury does allow for a more free-flowing expression of our feelings, so this could be a good day for lovers to make their feelings known. Moon sextile Jupiter by the late evening also adds to this and allows for some feelings of counting our blessings right now. Perhaps some unexpected good fortune and good news overall that changes our paths for the better can be had right now, and we're more likely to recognize this now too.

February 15th brings more changes to the forefront as the Chiron-Uranus semisextile becomes perfectly exact in the early morning, and at the same time the Moon sextiles Pluto, so some upending of our darker feelings in favor of building better things is quite possible on this day. It helps that Jupiter and Neptune are also tightening their sextile around this time period, allowing for more of our intuition to flow through. Creativity and spiritualism should be greatly enhanced right now, and some awesome works can be brought forward on this particular day. We may even be winding down on some sort of project, be it writing, artistic, or otherwise, as we enter the Third Quarter Moon on this day too. The following week will implore us to finish strong, and as this is the last day where all planets are direct in motion, it would be wise to do so. Our feelings on these matters will take on even more optimistic feelings when the Moon crosses over into freedom-loving Sagittarius later in the night.

February 16th is a big day when the Moon crosses over incendiary Antares, right before squaring off against Mercury. There is the chance of some fleeting thought passing by that we should take notes of, as it could be the seed of a brilliant idea for the future. We may even have the energy now to act on these seeds, when Mars crosses over into Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. This has the effect of enhancing our virility, drive, and energy when it comes to boosting our reputation and careers, and perhaps some notable achievements are in store, even with Mercury's slowdown. By early evening, Mercury Retrograde will begin, marking a few week period where communications and travel will experience some likely delays, but we can also make use of this energy to review and repair things that need to be fixed up. Jupiter sextile Neptune is still big at this point and getting tighter, so put some of that intuition and good sense to use. Spiritual studies and discussions of philosophy could be quite enlightening now.

February 17th could find us experiencing some restless sleep, strange dreams, or some irrational misgivings when the Moon squares Neptune in the early hours. It's not a very dynamic day overall, though Moon crossing over Galactic Center will allow for some heightened feelings and intuition briefly in the late evening/early night hours. Pay close attention to your gut feeling now.

February 18th shifts the focus in the early morning hours as the Moon crosses over into productive Capricorn. Feelings won't be as free-flowing for the next day or so given the Moon is in detriment in this sign. Some outbursts are likely and we may even feel a sense of drive and ambition as the Moon crosses over Mars at this early stage as well, with both squaring Black Moon Lilith and Chiron. Conflicts with patriarchy are likely with this configuration, and there is a good chance of some power struggles coming to the surface, and with those who have abused their authority facing new allegations, or perhaps old allegations now brought up to the surface. Past misdeeds are more likely to come up as the day progresses, since the Moon will also be crossing over the South Node in Capricorn. Letting go of the past on this day won't be an easy thing to do, so the next best thing will be to process it and move forward if you can.

February 19th could get a bit testy when the Moon squares off against Venus in Aries, leading to some discomfort and conflicts in relationships, as well as difficulties when it comes to money and valuables. We could find damage to some of our property as well, so do be careful to protect your investments before this point. The Moon crosses over Vega before hitting Jupiter in the chart, so those abusing power and authority could get a brief comeuppance right now too. If you're in a position of authority, do remember to act with integrity. Some more drive to get things done and change things up for our benefit is possible now too when Mars begins to trine Uranus more tightly, and this will be in effect for at least a few days. If there's some changes you've been wanting to make, you can make some good progress now. Just remember, Mercury is retrograde, so save and save often, and make sure your backups are safe. Brace yourself for a month of deeper feelings as well, as the Sun crosses over into Pisces before the close of the day.

February 20th is going to prove to be a day where disputes and grievances that have been buried beneath the surface can and will come up to make themselves known. Mars squaring Black Moon Lilith and Chiron lends itself to arguments and decisive actions made, and probably some arguments as well. This will be intensified with the Moon crossing over Pluto and then Saturn later on as well. Do make use of these energies to better situate yourself and keep setting up the foundations for a better future for yourself and your closest loved ones as well. Later on in the day, Moon crosses over into Aquarius, which will lend itself to more unconventional and unorthodox thinking, which could bring us some innovative thinking and problem-solving when that Moon sextiles Black Moon Lilith and Chiron as well shortly after its crossing over into this airy sign.

February 21st is a day where we will be feeling the drive and the need to shed away what's not working and forge ahead with more of what will work for us. Chiron square Mars early on, while Mars trines Uranus in the deep early hours, this could lend itself to some dreamtime epiphanies which can give us some clues as to what to do next, especially with Jupiter and Neptune still tightly sextile one another. The Sun forming the apex of a Minor Grand Trine as it sextiles Mars and Uranus, and with Mars and Uranus still trine, we might have something going on that lets us feel good and confident now. Could even be a good night to hang out and chill with friends. Venus sextile the Moon could also be good for some fun times with romantic partners, or allow for some late-night creativity going into this weekend. Excellent for musicians and singers!

February 22nd is another creativity-fostering day with the Sun, Mars, and Uranus still continuing their Minor Grand Trine, so definitely make use of this day to work on those creative projects that will be most meaningful to you. You may find some roadblocks to this though when Venus and Jupiter begin tightening their square to one another. Try and create anyways, despite the roadblocks that may come. The South Node and Mars beginning to conjunct one another may also serve as an indicator of more past issues coming back to haunt us. Perhaps we can use this to fuel the creativity that I've been mentioning for this day, so do find a way to incorporate those past lessons into success for the future. By the time this night ends, the Moon will cross over into Pisces, which will amplify some of our deeper feelings now.

February 23rd marks the beginning of another lunar cycle when the Pisces New Moon forms, still apexing the Minor Grand Trine with Mars and Uranus. This will mark a lunar month where we can make some good progress towards what's meaningful for us and maybe a chance to break away from the grind. Venus square Jupiter goes exact early on today as well, so you may find your desires being at odds with what more traditional structures like religions say we should strive towards. Follow your truth, always, in these instances. We'll find ourselves speaking our truth a bit more, or perhaps at least journaling it for later discussion, when the Moon crosses over Mercury Retrograde.

February 24th serves as an amplification of our intuition and gut feelings when the Moon and Neptune join up in Pisces. Our emotions are likely to be quite amplified now. Meditation would also be quite productive right now, and may be the calming influence we need since Mars is still tightening up to the South Node. Mars and Sun are tightly sextile as well, so we do have a good flow of energy we can make use of to get some projects and other duties done right now. We'll need that energy as Mars and the Nodes are still making a T-Square to Chiron and Black Moon Lilith, so we may find our deeper desires and wounds are becoming a bit more inflamed right now too. Deeper traumas are likely to come to a head still, if we haven't already been feeling those, so they will need to be dealt with.

February 25th will be a super-intense day as Mars is perfecting that conjunction to the South Node, marking these past issues fueling some major fire in our hearts. This will also be greatly amplified when the Moon crosses over into fiery Aries and later on joins up with Chiron and Black Moon Lilith and amplifying the T-Square with the Nodes and Mars. Arguments and struggles will be greatly enhanced, so do whatever you can to mitigate damage ahead of time. Sun trine the North Node will be helpful in this regards, and we'll be able to add some drive to go towards our goals and dreams. Our desire to speak from the heart will also be greatly amplified as the Sun conjuncts Mercury Retrograde but it may not come out the way we expect. We'll be wanting to convey that more as Mars is also sextiling the Sun-Mercury conjunction, so maybe we can find some way to make it work.

February 26th begins around midnight with the Moon tightly T-Squaring Mars and the Nodes, so don't expect the most restful sleep on this night. In fact, there's quite a few squares active right now that are going to tighten up over the next few days for the remainder of the month. Venus square Pluto is one that will be affecting us pretty strongly, so expect some upheavals in money, jobs, romance, partnerships, and our desires. As the day draws to a close, the Moon will also begin squaring Jupiter, so we may be feeling some anxieties and insecurity now, and our faith will feel challenged. Brace yourselves, as the next couple days ramp up in intensity.

February 27th ramps up the feelings of uncertainty and the sky falling as the Moon joins up with Venus to square Pluto. This could wind up making this a restless night of lack of sleep as we feel anxieties over providing for ourselves and our loved ones, and these could also feel some deep and hidden vulnerabilities as Black Moon Lilith is still tightly conjunct Chiron right now too. We also will be feeling some strong restrictions as the Moon continues on and squares Saturn as well, and we may even feel like we can't get ahead. This will pass, keep reminding yourselves of this, but it will take a great deal of effort on our part.

February 28th continues the intensity as the Moon crosses over into Taurus, and will soon cross over Uranus as well. Our feelings as to what's been going on the last couple of days may boil over into sudden displays of defiance, inspiration, and we may find ourselves acting out a bit more forcefully than usual. Venus and Pluto's square tightens hard as well throughout this day, which may manifest as unexpected bills, unwanted demands for payments, sudden breakups, or other potentially unwelcome news. Not the greatest of times. Mars trine Moon does form later on, however, and this should give us a bit of a bump for some recreation or some creative inspiration. Perhaps we can finish up a task that's meaningful for us and help us get past whatever rough news we just received over the course of this hellish week.

February 29th finishes off this shitstorm of a month with the Moon crossing a sextile to Neptune, which should give us a little bit of an intuitive boost to come up with some creative solutions to what's vexing us, or at the very least a good flow we can use to collect our thoughts, meditate, or whatever form of spiritual discipline we may need to use to recover from the insanity. Moon trine Jupiter going into the evening hours is helpful as well, and works with the Moon-Neptune link to further give us some solace to reflect and perhaps even come up with something creative to reflect on whatever it is we may be feeling right now. As the month draws to a close, the Moon begins to trine Pluto near midnight crossing into March, so perhaps we come down a bit and can better process some of the rough news we may have received to close out this month. Digging deep into our inner reserves of fortitude, we may find some strength and healing to combine the lunar aspects with the Lilith-Chiron conjunction that continues to be quite tight. Frankly, the leap day of this month is a bit of a major recovery day.

So that's February. No less intense than January, and quite a bit of a show. Things are going to be moving quite quickly in all regards throughout the entirety of this month. To quote Locutus of Borg from Star Trek: "Your life, as it has been, is over." Of course, the Borg were defeated and the good guys prevailed in the end as I recall from that two-parter Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds. (If you haven't seen that episode yet, I highly recommend it). Frankly, we're going to be feeling like we've been fighting the Borg all month, making sure we don't get assimilated into the craziness going on. I don't know how else to put it. Make sure your contingency plans in all regards are up to snuff, and be ready to execute them. Come up with new ones too if you need to. I haven't looked forward into March, but I can tell that by February's end, Jupiter will be moving into position for that Mars-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. It would seem the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of last month was only the beginning. Keep yourself together as much as you can, and I'll see you on the other side of this month. Peace.