Mercury Retrograde - October-November 2019 - Reroll and Refocus

Mercury Retrograde - October-November 2019 - Reroll and Refocus

Mercury Retrograde time again! Fortunately this one isn't as rough planet-wise as the previous one (which was particularly devastating personally, but I digress). This one has, largely, a positive aspect at its start. I'm going to be forward and say that this one is better for going back and reviewing some things you've been working on.

Let's start with the basics. Mercury Retrograde begins October 31st, 2019 at 8:41:27 AM PDT (3:41:27 PM UTC), and starts at 27 Sco 38'16" RX... and will last until November 20th, 2019 at 11:11:39 AM PST (7:11:39 PM UTC) when it hits 11 Sco 35'11". This is a Scorpio-centric Mercury Retrograde period, and we're going to have to deal with past issues regarding taboo subjects like sex, occult, death, and of course other people's resources. Debt also factors into this, I believe, so some of those could potentially come back to haunt us, or we may actually be able to take concrete steps to resolve some of these things. I think the latter is actually somewhat likely. Also keep in mind that Mercury is going to be in Scorpio all the way into December and thus are going to be facing the return of many past issues relating to the taboo and what we've thought we've left behind. Be ready to deal with them, or get ready if you can.

Of the major planets, Mercury only directly reacts with one when using the more-commonly-known Ptolomeic aspects. Mercury station retrograde conjunct Venus is generally positive, as we can deal more with affairs regarding romance, jobs, money, what we value, things we find valuable (such as art, poetry, etc.). This is an excellent time to dust off some of those old writing projects you've been putting off, as one example. Old lovers may also come out of the woodwork during this period, which tends to happen during Mercury Retrograde seasons. This one, being in Scorpio, could wind up igniting some old flames more intensely than usual.

As far as the other planetary aspects, Venus in Scorpio itself semisquares Saturn in Capricorn, with Capricorn tightly conjunct fixed star Vega. Mercury itself is outside of orb for this semisquare, however and is only really impacted by its conjunction to Venus. I'm going to say that this brings about some inner conflicts and blockages when it comes to pursuing what we want to do or what we find enjoyable. Could be some project gets delayed because we are up against a deadline, or there's some other detail that's blocking us like a colleague approaching us with a last-minute task. It's not insurmountable but it's a bit of a pain. The Vega-Saturn link does warn us to be aware of false witness as well, like we could be stymied by a false or erroneous report of wrongdoing as one example.

Mars in Libra square both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (themselves only very weakly conjunct) is a red flag for this retrograde cycle that we should be well aware of. Mars is already at its weakest in Libra, so energy may be flagging, and we can be more indecisive as to how to handle tasks and conflicts with this position. Mars square Saturn denotes conflicts with superiors and increased frustrations and blockages in general. Mars square Pluto, lord of the Underworld, this is even more dicey. This also denotes struggles and conflicts with structures, and can denote the tearing down of said structures in unpleasant ways. At worst, this is a multi-square of violence and oppression. The orbs are just shy of 2 and a half degrees for the Mars-Saturn square, and 3 degrees for the Mars-Pluto link, so these aren't at their peak energies, but are close enough to be trouble. Use your intuition to avoid unnecessary danger and trouble. If you can't avoid danger or trouble entirely, use your best senses and be on your best guard. On a more mundane level, expect more conflict with superiors and authority figures in your day-to-day concerns until Mercury exits its retrograde motion. On the upside, intense focus and effort can lead to some pretty awesome rewards. Be aboveboard with these efforts.

Mars in Libra quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces is another kick in the pants. It's not as cantankerous as the Saturn/Pluto links to Mars, but this can lead to some off-kilter second-guessing on our parts. Self-doubt is likely to affect our decision-making which isn't at its peak right now to begin with. Be attuned as much as you can, and nip those doubts in the bud.

Sun in Scorpio semisquare Jupiter and Moon conjunct in Sagittarius is also something that can be a little bit of a wet blanket on the party. Our optimism may be a bit diminished right now, and we could even be feeling some anxieties about our place in all of what's going on right now in our lives. Again, self-doubt and second-guessing comes into play if we're inherently unsure of ourselves.

Scorpio Sun opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus is another factor to consider, and as we're aware, the New Moon was opposing this more directly a few days before Mercury's station. There's some more uncertainty when it comes to our efforts to get ahead, and dealing with our inner shadows and unknowns. It's easier to get sidetracked by our own misgivings as well right now.

Sun in Scorpio trine North Node in Cancer, however, is a ray of hope. We should still be feeling some optimism as to getting ahead and back on the track to our better lives. This aspect helps us keep some semblance of faith and hope in ourselves alive, and we should embrace this despite the rough points we're going through right now.

Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces also is a bright point in this retrograde period, as we can use our sixth sense more efficiently with this pattern up above the clouds. We can use our intuition to visualize bigger successes in our tasks, and this can translate to healthy gains if we can get around or through the roadblocks going on elsewhere. Not a time to be resting on our collective laurels, to be sure. Steady effort and not letting ourselves get distracted will help us go farther than if we give in to our distractions.

Now, the fun part: the asteroid aspects to Mercury station retrograde. Mercury conjunct Pallas is a help, especially with the Venus energy here as well, as this gives us a boost to speaking our truth, and holding true to what we value. We're likely to be able to protect our interests a bit better with this energy, and this can help us navigate some of the rougher periods of this retrograde.

Mercury retrograde sextile Juno and 5239 Reiki in Virgo is also a helpful set of aspects. We'll be able to recover and rest better in the presence of loved ones, provided those relations are more harmonious now. If anything, hatchets should be able to be buried better if we're open to listening to their concerns and good advice can be given and taken now too. Should help things along in the home, I would think.

Mercury retrograde trine 407 Arachne and 545 Messalina in Cancer is another helpful aspect in another way. We can use this energy to communicate boundaries and avoid snares with lustful encounters and would-be paramours or mistresses, especially if we're bound to another. Another way of looking at this trine to this asteroid conjunction, assuming we're single or unattached, is that we may meet up with a fun encounter without being too terribly bound up by complications. Sexual encounters may be more satisfying, and may be easier to not attach too many unwanted strings. Or, perhaps those encounters may lead to more lasting bonds? It's up to those doing the coupling. Being more aboveboard in these types of meetings I imagine will be quite helpful as well, more than usual.

Mercury retrograde square 307 Nike in Leo can be a slight problem, as we are likely to encounter a bit of a trip and fall when we try to get-up-and-go at this time. Try not to fall so hard you bruise your ego too much.

This next one could be a major ouch for some: Mercury retrograde tight opposition to Sedna retrograde in Taurus, Sedna also conjunct fixed star Algol. Anyone who hasn't been acting aboveboard and has been betraying loved ones and family will find themselves in a position to really lose their heads during this retrograde. Cheating hearts exposed, betrayals revealed. Do not attempt to be deceptive with those close to you right now. It will not end well. Those who have been duplicitous in the past may find that past haunting them very hard now. Secrets, I'm very sure, will spill out during this cycle, especially with this malicious aspect. Be aboveboard.

And now a potentially fun asteroid Yod: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio apexing an asteroid Yod between 1388 Aphrodite retrograde in Aries, itself sextile 55 Pandora retrograde and 9770 Discovery retrograde in Gemini. Again, not a time to be betraying loved ones and loyal partners. Love and romance is fun, but hiding mistresses will not go well right now, as those secrets will be brought to light, and Pandora-Discovery together, both retrograde, in the context of this Yod, this denotes that the revealing of such secret encounters will likely be self-inflicted in my view. If you've been hiding things in the background, and don't want that to get out? Be very careful with your communications mediums.

Just a few more: Mercury retrograde semisquare 2598 Merlin and 7328 Casanova in Libra, and 69230 Hermes in Capricorn... Do be careful when weaving some magic to attract suitors right now. If you're self-aware and being honest, and not trying to wing it, you could have some fun encounters right now. But you could also find your amorous affections blowing up in your face, especially if you rush things right now. This also applies to projects we're working on as well, as we might be trying to soften up some potential business partners or fellow employees/employers. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. And haste makes waste. Don't rush things.

Finally, the trigger aspects, as I like to call them: Mercury retrograde semisextile a multi-conjunction of 564 Dudu, 99942 Apophis, 9951 Tyrannosaurus, and 28978 Ixion in Sagittarius, all four of those asteroids conjunct Galactic Center! Ouch. This very much goes in line with what I was saying about being aboveboard with dealings and not engaging in betrayals. This is highly destructive to betrayers right now. Galactic Center is, as the name implies, the center of our galaxy, a major black hole no less, and gives off intense energies. Dudu means what it sounds like (in English anyways): Crap. Apophis represents destruction, Tyrannosaurus can be quite tyrannical, and Ixion betrayed guest right in legend by trying to seduce Zeus's wife Hera (but instead tried to have sex with a cloud shaped like Hera, as Zeus tested him and he failed... only to be bound to and spun on a wheel in Tartarus for all eternity). So... All this together? Check the damn ego. Don't try to make off with what's not yours right now, as it's going to blow up very badly in your face during this retrograde cycle if you even attempt to be unethical. Those who are aboveboard and ethical in all dealings normally should fare much better, though as I said with Saturn-Vega, do be aware of false accusations. That's another thing! Those making false accusations and spreading lies and falsehoods right now are going to get a massive comeuppance if they try to do this now. Do what's just and right, especially now. I imagine we are going to see some high-profile shady dealings come to light and blow up in the perpetrators' faces in the next few weeks.

So there you have it: Mercury retrograde this time around can bring great rewards if we watch our step and behave ethically, and this can be a very punishing period for those who thrive on lies and deception. The light of the messenger through one of the deepest and darkest signs of the zodiac will be entertaining for some, and painful for others. Believe in yourself, be believable, be trustworthy, and I think you'll come out fine during this time period. I'm not entirely certain what will happen with this news cycle either, but I'm sure there will be some more major scandals come out during this period as well. As far as natural disasters, I am hoping that the major happenings this past couple weeks (in particular, the California wildfires) will be able to be resolved without much more loss of property or life, and I'm hopeful that those affected will be able to rebuild stronger and better. After all, Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, and Pluto is death and rebirth.

Many lessons to be learned during this Mercury Retrograde. Heed them. That's all for now, and I'll leave you to it. Be safe and be well, everyone.