Mercury Retrograde July 2019 - Harsh Love

Mercury Retrograde July 2019 - Harsh Love

Mercury Retrograde is upon us once again, and the aspects making this one up, even without asteroids? It's... harsh. Very harsh. I'm telling you right now, based just on what Mercury station retrograde aspects, if you're in a fated-to-end relationship? It's going to explode in your face. For some, this will be a critical wake-up call, and for those who experience the detonation? The safe harbor of people who would once take you in and listen? For some, harbors (and hearts) are closed.

I'm going to be very real in this opener... I'm not feeling very magnanimous right now. Yes, I'm effectively in one of these situations myself, it's not any of you readers (unless it's the person in question and they know who they are if so). I feel like I've been taken for granted, only for them to get involved in what is apparently a bad situation, WILLINGLY. And as, from my vantage point, they walked into this with full free will... they reap, they will sow, they can count their harvest. Without me. YES, it is one of THOSE kinds of Mercury Retrograde periods. Meanwhile, my eyes are open for people who actually DO value me... and yet, I feel I cannot fully walk away. Yet.

Enough of my personal commentary. Let's get this done.

Let's begin. Mercury Retrograde begins July 7th, 2019 at 16:14:27 (4:14:27 PM) PDT (or 23:14:27 UTC (11:14:27 PM)), and starts at 04 Leo 27'54" RX... and will last until July 31st, 2019 at 20:57:47 PDT (8:57:47 PDT, or August 1st 2019 at 03:57:47 UTC). Ego, short-term relations, purely sexual affairs, and of course emotional matters, some concerning home and private affairs (especially once Mercury crosses back into Cancer) are going to be on the forefront for the rest of the month. And it's going to be intense.

The big planet aspect we have to notate is Mercury Retrograde conjunct Mars in Leo. This retrograde period is going to be all full of harsh communications and forceful actions where people just don't get anywhere. Mercury Retrograde square Uranus in Taurus further amplifies this as ill-gotten gains when it comes to resources are not likely to last. This will also pertain to short-term relations.

Venus in Cancer semisextile Mercury Retrograde in Leo also triggers matters concerning romance, what we find valuable, what we find beautiful (or maybe not so much?)... All that glitters is certainly not gold, and that's somewhat pertinent as Venus conjuncts 5325 Silver, which also semisextiles Mercury as well.

As far as the asteroid aspects to Mercury as it stations retrograde... Mercury makes a sextile to 58534 Logos and 151 Abundantia in Libra, and to 2601 Bologna and 3402 Wisdom in Gemini. On one side, this retrograde period will urge us to consider divine wisdom when it comes to guiding ourselves to the best life and to abundance, and on the other hand, we will need that divine wisdom to help us see through the bullcrap that's holding us back.

Mercury retrograde conjunct 5239 Reiki points to some regressions in what we thought was healing us, but we're going to find that if we were following a false leader, that so-called healing is going to fall away from us, and fall away from us hard it will. Pay special attention to what I said in this paragraph for the next set of asteroids.

Mercury retrograde squares 875 Nymphe and 42355 Typhon in Scorpio, completing a T-Square to Uranus in Taurus. Remember what I said about false healers and I guess we'll have to say guru or cult-leader types... especially those who take advantage of and/or offer sex in exchange for access to secrets and power. It will come back on these types and it will come back with a vengence once this retrograde is over, if not before. Reap, sow, count harvest. Remember that.

Mercury retrograde quincunx 10961 Buysballot retrograde in Capricorn is also another aspect further exemplifying why we must use our best wisdom in sniffing out and bringing charlatans to heel. And again, Mars with Mercury? It's going to be forceful. In some ways, we've also been fooling ourselves since the previous retrograde cycle perhaps. This is a time where the recount happens and we're going to realize we've been following the wrong leader? Or maybe the right leader but they're not what we thought they were?

Mercury retrograde trine Chiron in Aries may help with this somewhat, but it's not going to be a soothing healing, especially with Mars trine Chiron. During this cycle, expect this to be more of you biting some serious bullets, and then having to cauterize the wound as it's going to be rough.

I'm cutting this short. You have the idea: tough love required, harsh choices, and many other dark shadows we're going to have to confront within ourselves and our own hearts. Perhaps redemption in the end but as catharsis or perhaps Pyrrhic victories. I need to rest and I need to clear my mind. Maybe I follow up and add to this later.