Mercury Direct - July-August 2019 - Chaotic Revelations

Mercury Direct - July-August 2019 - Chaotic Revelations

Mercury is about to station direct, and for some of us this is going to come as a relief. Are we sure, though? While this retrograde cycle has been one for the books, the forward motion will have its own surprises. And, the forward motion starts less than an hour after the New Moon in Leo. Expect a lot of fireworks once Mercury gets going forward.

Mercury will be stationing direct at 23 Can 56'51" on July 31st, 2019 at 8:57:47 PDT (August 1st, 2019 at 3:57:47 UTC), and will be in its post-retrograde shadow period until August 14th, 2019 11:52:20 PDT (August 15th, 2019 6:52:20 AM UTC). So while Mercury will finally be going forward again, definitely double-check all of the details in any contracts or important documents you sign, and still be aware when travelling as there can still be increased disruptions. Given some of the aspects I'm seeing to station direct, I'll explain why caution is very wise now.

One of the first things we still have to keep in mind is that Mercury stations direct on fixed star Pollux, and according to Constellations of Words, this combination signifies:

Unbalanced mind, unpopular and peculiar occupation, trouble with father through relatives or enemies, domestic disharmony, anxiety, loss through land, property and mines.

Do be careful with investments and property, and do keep your wits about you. There does seem to be a bit of irony as to the Fed likely dropping their rate on July 31st as well, so watch your money.

Another aspect we've got to watch out for when Mercury stations direct will be Mercury opposite Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, and forming a T-Square to Eris in Aries. Pluto is basically death and rebirth, and in Capricorn, this lends itself to business and public facing and career matters as well. I base this on Capricorn being a cardinal earth sign and also being the 10th sign of the zodiac, hence 10th house matters. There's going to be some disparities between career and home, I would say, and there will be some tough decisions that will need to be made in this regard. With Eris in the mix, we can expect that this is going to make things rather uncomfortable and add a major element of chaos and discord. Do not expect career and home matters to be stable for a few weeks in general, though some people may be insulated from this depending on natal placements.

As far as the asteroids go, Mercury conjunct 37117 Narcissus and 447 Valentine will be pointing towards some communications and acivities when it comes to egos, to people wooing others, and given that opposition to Pluto, this conjunction could lend itself to some uncomfortable conversations, especially if there's a straying heart involved. As 149 Medusa in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto and opposes Mercury, it would be wise not to scorn lovers right now, and do be wary of being scorned yourself.

Mercury sextile 99942 Apophis and 11911 Angel in Virgo is... interesting. This lends itself to a sort of "Angel of Death" vibe to me, but we can use this to our advantage. It'd be like putting the lamb's blood over the door in order to ward off the final plague, so to speak. This is a time where we may be able to "avoid fate" and prevent a major disaster from assailing us. Mercury trine 114 Kassandra in Scorpio also lends credence to this, in that this is a time we can actually heed the warnings and take steps to sidestep the fall.

Mercury quincunx 5264 Telephus is tricky... intuitively, we could have some awkward communications, and this can also be in terms of telepathy, or subtle and hidden tells that we might be missing. Is someone acting a bit differently than normal? This is the time to discern subtle clues.

As Mercury exits post-retrograde shadow on August 14th-15th and goes full speed ahead, we'll also want to be aware of Mercury square Uranus retrograde in Taurus around then. We could be facing some unexpected messages or need to do a last second trip somewhere that could either be profitable or beneficial in some way, or the exact opposite. There will definitely be some changes to the status quo on that day. Mercury square 42355 Typhon in Scorpio gives us a weak T-Square apexing Mercury, and we can expect the Mercury-Uranus square to be amplified somewhat as a result.

Also, as Mercury exits its shadow period, a Grand Trine between Mercury in Leo, 3811 Karma retrograde and Chiron retrograde in Aries, and Ceres in Sagittarius can give us a bit of fiery but benefic energies when it comes to stabilizing things in the homestead, and gives us some optimism that things can get and will get better. It's a minor energy, but given the wounded healer and the largest asteroid involved with the messenger, there's some weight to the aspect.

Post-shadow Mercury sextile 58534 Logos and 99942 Apophis in Libra can perhaps show us some sort of divine mercy, or the results of avoiding the "Angel of Death" minor sextile from the station direct point (with Apophis-Angel). Perhaps we see we dodged a bullet and to trust in our inner guidance or some divine wisdom, as a lesson for our lives in some way. Mercury sextile 10 Hygiea in Gemini may bring us some good news or good advice regarding movement and exercise.

Mercury also semisextiles 11823 Christen in Virgo, and 407 Arachne in Cancer when it exits that shadow period. Perhaps some news regarding the church, or escaping some religious institutions? Or perhaps a major construction project or ship will be christened that day. It's hard to tell, and I haven't really used Christen in too much analysis, so take this for what it's worth. The Arachne link, though... do watch that your tongue doesn't snare you in some way around this time period.

To sum it up... Mercury going direct will bring us some financial and career news, and we'll need to balance home and career much more cautiously than we have for awhile. If we heed the warnings during this period of time both financially and in personal relationships, we may yet be able to avoid the worst pitfalls. Keep your wits about you and keep the faith, and we just might come out of this OK.