Lunar Eclipse Capricorn - July 2019 - Ball Breaker

Lunar Eclipse Capricorn - July 2019 - Ball Breaker

Eclipse season has proven to be quite brutal this year, and this Lunar Eclipse is no exception. There's a lot of dreck that is going to be exposed during this eclipse period, and I think we're going to be a bit shocked as to how this all plays out. Buckle up.

The Lunar Eclipse hits peak intensity at 24 Cap 04'09" on July 16th, 2019 at 14:38:12 PDT (2:38:12 PM PDT, or 21:38:12 UTC (9:38:12 UTC)). Of course, the Sun opposes Moon as with all Lunar Eclipses, so you can think of this as a supercharged Full Moon. Of course, our ego and our emotions will of course be at play, and this will be a time of culminations, more so than normal. The aspects the Eclipse itself makes... This is where the ball-breaker aspect comes in. If you have planets or angles in the cardinal signs between 19-29 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you are going to feel this a bit more intensely, especially if those are in Capricorn (conjunction).

The tightest non-sun aspect is Pluto retrograde conjunct Lunar Eclipse, still a couple degree orb, but it's close enough to really hit hard and home. Capricorn, being the 10th sign of the zodiac, is going to bring up issues regarding career and our public-facing matters, and with Pluto here, it's death and rebirth time. We're quite frankly going to feel that our world may very well be falling apart at this point, and once the tears have finished falling, we'll have to pick ourselves back up. Pluto opposes the Sun as well, so do keep that in mind, and we're going to have some crises or reckonings when it comes to our egos, especially during this super-emotional Cancer season.

The other planetary aspect we have to consider is Lunar Eclipse very wide sextile Neptune retrograde, and it's barely there at 5 and a half degrees orb, almost not even an aspect. There may be a very subtle pull regarding our dream visions and our intuition at this time, but it's going to be that: very subtle. It's a tighter sextile at the beginning of the eclipse, so we could have flashes of insight or gut feelings, but they won't be overwhelming.

Now to the asteroid aspects to the lunar eclipse. Lunar Eclipse square Eris in Aries points to some major discord in our feelings regarding ourselves, our stations in life, and I would say matters regarding career, prestige, and money.

Lunar Eclipse conjunct 11144 Radiocommunicata points to a time of increased emotions and potential conflicts in communicating with others, and I'd add scandals to the mix when we look at some of the other aspects that this eclipse are making. As of the time of this writing, Donald Trump made some very ill-advised tweets and is getting called out on it, and that is a prime example of what kind of communicative mess we can expect during this eclipse cycle. Let's also note that the days leading up to an eclipse are also affected by the eclipse chart as well, so this is not unexpected, but also let's note that Mercury is still Retrograde as well.

Lunar Eclipse opposite 8690 Swindle in Cancer (itself conjunct the Sun) warns us to be on the watch for smooth and fast talkers who will try to take us on a ride for all that we're worth. Especially as Mercury is still currently retrograde, we cannot let our guard down. Double-check everything that is said to you and make sure everything's on the up-and-up.

The Lunar Eclipse also forms a Yod with asteroids 258 Tyche in Gemini, and 11823 Christen in Leo, and of course kited by Sun/Swindle. Hmmm... This pattern tells me that we're going to be feeling that we are going to be feeling like we need to work very hard to get ahead, but may not know how. On another note, the Christen/Eclipse link... I think of the term "Christian" when I see this, so we're likely to see a crisis of faith in the church (such as the sex-abuse scandals that are ongoing in the Catholic Church), and it's likely people with names similar to Christen (as this is a name asteroid) could be feeling a crisis of faith all their own, but they may be able to work harder and smarter and persevere with the sextile to Tyche.

Solar Eclipse trine 896 Sphinx in Taurus may give us some insights we need to resolve some contentious riddles that we've been forced to answer in recent times, and this can lead to answers if we're more in touch with our inner sage. Do be on the lookout for puzzling situations, but they shouldn't be entirely insurmountable. We'll just have to approach things with a certain clarity of mind and calmness.

Solar Eclipse sextile 114 Kassandra in Scorpio also points to a time when we may be considering warnings that we may have ignored before in our ignorance-is-bliss state. This is a time where concerns may actually be heard out, or rather we may reexamine warnings that we didn't heed before. It may be too late for some, but for others, perhaps recovery is possible.

Solar Eclipse semisextile 829 Academia in Sagittarius, and also semisextile 1912 Anubis in Aquarius is a bit contentious. Think of semisextiles as trigger aspects, and for this one... Academia points to knowledge and studies, and given that it's in the 9th sign of the zodiac, we could be seeing some unsettling or contentious studies from the academic front come forward in the next several months. Anubis, this one is an occult asteroid, and being in the 11th house of friendships and hopes, this lends me to the thought that we're going to be delving deep into the underworld with this eclipse. This could also point to occult groups and individual students breaking off and going it alone, or groups splitting. With Academia sextile Anubis, thus making a Yod to the Sun/Swindle, this suggests to me that there's going to be a great many shakeups in many secretive or esoteric groups, cults, deeper factions within organized religions, hidden shenanigans in academic circles, you name it. A lot is going on.

In addition to the direct aspects to the Lunar Eclipse with what I've seen, there are a few planetary aspects during the eclipse point that should be mentioned as well. Venus conjunct North Node in Cancer opposing Saturn retrograde on South Node in Capricorn points to a time of us wanting to go forward into what would make us comfortable, and a better home life as well (Cancer being the 4th sign and thus aligned with 4th house matters of home and private matters), but that Saturn in the 10th sign of the zodiac (public/career matters), and on the nodal point of falling back into what's familiar... it's a tough aspect. Saturn opposing Venus alone would point to matters of where we're forced to make decisions and facing obstacles regarding pursuit of what we value and find attractive, with Saturn being the party-pooper and forcing restrictions on us, but the Nodal axis involved greatly amplifies this. With the Venus on North Node polarity going on, we need to find ways to break free if we're to go to where we're meant to go as far as life is going, and that's much more amplified as well during the eclipse. Venus trine Neptune retrograde can be a help as we can draw upon our inner intuition to guide us through part of it. Venus quincunx Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius however is not going to make this easy, and we may find ourselves chasing phantoms. Make sure you're tackling things in the truest matter would be my suggestion. Especially true as Jupiter square Neptune can throw us for a loop and we need to be watchful for false messiahs and going down the wrong rabbit hole when it comes to our inner intuition. Make sure you know which way is up. Also, be very wary of self-medicating and/or falling under the influence of drugs or alcohol during this time period, as it may not be in your best interests and could figuratively (or in the worst-case literally) unleash some demons. (I've had a recent bad night and can personally attest that intoxicants are best reduced and perhaps avoided entirely if you're in a bad place or state of mind at this point in time).

Let's not forget that Uranus in Taurus is making a set of wide squares to Mars in Leo and Mercury retrograde also in Leo (but too far to be conjunct one another), and is also making a semisextile to Chiron in Aries, which just turned retrograde. This is a time of harsh rhetoric and wanting to go-go-go without regards to the consequences. It's also a time where we really want to push ahead and move forward with things that will make us money, that will boost our ego, get us where we feel we need to go, and we're going to be facing obstacles every step of the way because other people we have to deal with want the same thing for their own agendas. You will find yourself fighting with others because interests, and even one's own best interests, are not aligning with the best interests of others. It will be very hard to come to common ground, and our own identity is going to feel threatened at this time as well, so we really need to be careful regarding events right now. Uranus sextile Black Moon Lilith in Pisces also points to this being a time where our inner intuition and perhaps a little magic is in order, but do be careful what you ask for. Don't delve too deeply into the dark and you may come out of this intact. If you must work with the shadows, remember: shade of the tree in the sunlight to cool off, not working with the shadows of the underworld. Good shadow vs uh-oh shadow. Of course, our deep and hidden desires are going to be manifesting pretty hard at this point, and anyone with objects or points at around 4-6 Libra will be experiencing a Yod by transit to Uranus/Chiron/Black Moon Lilith. Be on your best guard, and relationships with others for those (Libra as 7th sign of the zodiac, 7th house matters) will be emphasized for this eclipse cycle.

That's all I've got for now. To summarize: More deceptions will be uncovered, unraveled, and there's going to be many more surprises in store that are going to shake us to our core. We will have to reexamine what we have and what we're experiencing right now in our lives, and this is a time that is going to show us very clearly what no longer serves us. Do not be afraid to cut ties with much of it if you are in a position to do so. If you are not in a position to do so, and it's blatantly apparent you must, then maneuver yourself into an exit strategy when you can. Many of us will be confronting our inner truth during the remainder of this eclipse period until the next one at the end of this year/beginning of next year. Keep your head up, and know when to duck.