Lunar Eclipse Cancer - January 2020 - Chapters Closing

Lunar Eclipse Cancer - January 2020 - Chapters Closing

Well. This Eclipse Season has... been quite the time, hasn't it. The Christmas Solar Eclipse in Capricorn has heralded many, many changes in our lives. And what are we seeing now? A lot of change, a lot of endings. And some majorly, majorly intense new beginnings. And they're not all the best from what I'm seeing.

A continent on fire (Australia), whispers and cries of World War III beginning (maybe, but right now it's not looking good), and on a personal note, my dad just passed away on the Sunday after New Year's. I'm going to try to get this done. If it's not my best work, I do apologize. Too much going on.

And we though the last Eclipse Season of Summer 2019 was brutal. That was nothing. This... is everything.

The Lunar Eclipse goes exact at 20 Can 00'13" on January 10th, 2020 at 11:21:16 PDT (or 19:21:16 UTC (7:21:16 PM UTC)). Of course, the Sun opposes Moon as with all Lunar Eclipses, so you can think of this as a supercharged Full Moon. This one is a hypercharged Full Moon, in truth, because of the aspects and planets involved in this one. The emotional nature of this being in the fourth sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon which is in its home sign, and thus highly emotionally intense), this will impact home and private life issues. Don't expect private things to remain private. The aspects will explain this, and remember that this is global, for everyone. If you have planets or angles in the cardinal signs between 15-25 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you are going to feel this MUCH more intensely than others, especially if those are in Cancer (conjunction). We cannot discount the squares (Aries/Libra) and ESPECIALLY the Oppositions this time (Capricorn)!

The tightest non-sun aspect we have here is Lunar Eclipse in Cancer opposite Mercury in Capricorn, itself very tightly conjunct the Sun. Messages and travel are going to be incredibly prevalent here, and there are also aspects of documents and perhaps legal signings that are going to be highly pivotal during the next several months, and they will shake us to the core in some cases. In other cases, we may expect some intense gains if the cards have been played right and good fortune prevails, but at a cost. This is largely due to the other surrounding aspects.

Lunar Eclipse is also opposing Saturn conjunct Pluto, also in Capricorn. This deserves its own special mention and paragraph. This culmination of the lunar cycle is at odds with... endings. Many intense, sudden, life-changing endings. Again, Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and thus is prevalent in tenth house matters such as reputation, standing, career. Saturn in my mind represents institutions that govern us, like governments and religions. It's the taskmaster, the disciplinarian of the cosmos, it contracts, it delays. Pluto is the destroyer and renewer, bringing things into the underworld and the underworld to the surface, striking at the underbelly and I would say equates to the Tower in the tarot. Combined, these represent monumental and pivotal changes in the world at large. And that previous mention of tensions potentially leading to World War III? Look at what's going on with Iraq and Iran right now. This is not good. With the Lunar Eclipse opposing Saturn-Pluto, there will be many emotional impacts to this, and many ruffled feathers.

Now, we do have a softer aspect at a wider orb, with Neptune in Pisces trine the Lunar Eclipse. Now, there is a chance that calmer minds and epiphanies can prevail, and if everyone involve prays, meditates, reflects, and just listens to their honest inner intuition... we can see some creative outcomes to this and perhaps bring things back to the bargaining table, as it were. Others can see new beginnings where others are only seeing chaos. Those who are highly attuned may be better equipped to see opportunities, and also may be able to shield themselves from the intensity of this period. Spiritual and religious matters will also be in focus right now, and thus we are likely to see some somewhat less intense developments in those realms. Creativity can also be quite rewarding right now as inspiration can flow more easily, and perhaps some of the right writings at the right time will be able to defuse some tensions and point to new avenues of resolving matters. This makes sense when we consider that Neptune is sextile Sun and Mercury right now in addition to its trine to the Moon/Eclipse. The right words may drown out the carnage. But at the wider orb, it will take considerable effort to get through the noise. I will also say to pay special attention to dreams around this time, as many important insights will be found there if you know where to look.

Other aspects that we need to note during the Lunar Eclipse's exact hit, well... there's only a couple that I would even consider. Jupiter conjunct South Node in Capricorn. The South Node represents where we come from, where we feel comfortable and retreat to, and that which draws us in. The North Node is our goal, our destiny, what we came here to do. Jupiter on the South Node indicates that the past will be greatly expanded in our affairs for the next several months (as it's during the Lunar Eclipse), and many lessons from higher spirituality and beliefs, as well as some good fortune we may have or may not have recognized in the past, these things will all come to focus now. This is a time where we will greatly be examining past mistakes and missteps, to be sure. From these we can learn valuable lessons and gain great insight. We may also find ourselves travelling to our hometowns or to a major presence in the past during this period. Some may even return home if they've traveled overseas or to different states or countries. This could also represent legal matters from some time before, or some institutional agreements come into play. We need to be careful with how we handle this particular energy.

Another aspect that we should note during the Lunar Eclipse is Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus retrograde (almost motionless) in Taurus. Some sudden ailments or wounds could reopen if we're not careful, so if you have an old injury, be aware and take care as to not aggravate it or reinjure that spot. On the other hand, we could also find ourselves suddenly healed of something that's been holding us back during this time. What is the price of this? That all depends. With Chiron in the first sign of Aries, and Uranus in detriment in the second sign of Taurus, financial matters and our own core selves are going to be the focus of this. Basically, this could come to a hear when it comes to ego and money. Conspicuous consumption is ill-advised right now. Perhaps that's what will be forced to suddenly be let go of. It may be painful, but do remember: antivenom is made from venom.

Now to the asteroid aspects to the lunar eclipse... and there is one soft aspect I see. Lunar Eclipse sextile Sphinx retrograde in Taurus points to some inner riddles regarding our self-worth as pertaining to earthly treasures and possessions that will be something we will need to answer. Pay attention to what's going on around you, and you may find that some of these answers are more within reach than you realize.

The remaining aspects are... intense.

The oppositions to the Lunar Eclipse are ultra-intense and, frankly, a bit ridiculous. Lunar Eclipse opposes the Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto, which we already know, but also add asteroids 114 Kassandra, 12927 Pinocchio, and Ceres all in Capricorn. Kassandra is closer to the Sun/Mercury portion of this massive stellium in Capricorn, and Kassandra regards warnings unheeded and dangers exposed but not paid attention to. Given that this is with these four major bodies, and particularly the highly-volatile Saturn-Pluto conjunction on top of that, there are many, many serious warnings that are not being heeded right now! Recognize the danger signs as much as you possibly can right now.

Now Pinocchio and Ceres are also in this opposition to the Lunar Eclipse, and they're closer to the Saturn-Pluto side of this massive mix-up. Pinocchio I hold to be a deception asteroid, and let's consider the lies Pinocchio told Jiminy Cricket in one part of that story. His nose grew, so those lies were immediately exposed. The more he lied, the more the nose grew. Ceres is the harvest and homestead. Many lies at home, and add Kassandra to this and the Sun/Mercury as well... many, many lies at home being thrown about, and they're being disregarded and not heeded. I would say even being sold as truth, but they're still lies. Deception is extremely prevalent right now.

Lunar Eclipse square Juno in Libra effectively makes a T-Square to the Sun and Mercury, and arguably Saturn and Pluto as well if we expand the orb beyond what I would normally consider. Given the massive stellium energies, I think this will apply. And given Kassandra/Pinocchio/Ceres in this monumental aspect, we are going to face serious challenges in our relationships with partners and loved ones right now. This will affect organizations and entities like nation-states as well. I cannot stress this enough. Juno is partnership, it's arguably alliances, it's loved ones. This Lunar Eclipse signifies, along with this Juno placement, that only the strongest and most resilient of partnerships will survive the next several months. It's just as well there isn't a major body with or opposing Juno that I can see, otherwise this would be way stronger. That said, there could be other potent asteroids or dwarf planets I don't see here.

When we also consider Juno in Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, and which is associated with long-term partnerships and socializing, the implication here with the T-Square to Juno is that those partnerships, alliances, and the like will be tested like they have never been tested before. Weaker partnerships and those partnerships built on a foundation of sand will, quite frankly, crumble away into dust. Saturn and Pluto in this T-Square is highly explosive as well. Be ethical, be conscientious of others, and protect yourself. Be ready for anything, and I mean anything!

With that huge mess out of the way, let's go on to Lunar Eclipse quincunx 1862 Apollo, 7470 Jabberwock, and 11144 Radiocommunicata in Aquarius. Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, deals with friends, hopes and fears, and unconventionality. This makes sense when you consider Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Now, these three asteroids quincunx the Lunar Eclipse... Apollo was the god of the sun in Greek mythology, and was also associated with many things, including archery, music, prophecy, healing, and was associated with the Muses. Jabberwock relates to the Jabberwocky, the horrible monster in Alice in Wonderland, and if you've seen the Tim Burton version of that classic, you know that thing was huge and a major threat. Radiocommunicata deals with communications, particularly radio, television, the internet, and so forth. Put these all together with this awkward quincunx energy, and we could be looking at false gods masquerading as the saviors of the world, and the propaganda that goes along with such things. Do not take anything at face value, and make sure that the light you are looking at is truly light. There could be monsters hiding under the glare of the sun, after all.

Finally, we see Lunar Eclipse quincunx 2601 Bologna retrograde in Gemini. Bologna is basically baloney. At best, it's lunch meat and we'll be hungry during this eclipse. Apart from that potential merry meaning, we need to be very well aware of what we're saying to ourselves. Are we telling ourselves happy little lies and spinning tall tales so we don't have to face the gravity of the situation? Are we fooling ourselves into thinking that everything's going to be ok when it really isn't (or the opposite, that the world's ending when things aren't really that bad)? You need to look within and take a cold, hard look at your inner truth for the next several months, because it is going to be tested during this time. Many will be found wanting... and hungry.

To sum up this Lunar Eclipse: we are in for a major, major storm. Things that we have relied upon and that we have taken for granted are being torn asunder, and we are facing our fears very strongly at this point in time. We cannot allow ourselves to give in to fear. We need to be very well aware of what's going on around us during this time, and we need to keep as much of a cool head as we possibly can and not be taken in by the lies, disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda that's coming at us from all directions, whether it be from news outlets, friends, family, colleagues, you name it. Our inner truth is going to be challenged, and our foundations shaken. It's time to get to higher ground if you're not there already, and be ready with a hammer to start rebuilding when the opportunity allows. We may be building many temporary shelters, so to speak, before the storm finally lifts and we can finally clean up. For now, brace for impact. No one's getting out of this Eclipse Period unscathed. Take care, everyone.