Full Moon Virgo - March 2020 - Use the Force

Full Moon Virgo - March 2020 - Use the Force

This Lunar cycle has been incredibly intense. The Coronavirus craziness has everything all messed up, and this Full Moon point was supposed to be my new job start day too. Now that's on hold due to the client site now being effectively closed for the next few weeks, so I don't know how they're starting me as I haven't been set up yet. I know, got the job offer during Mercury Retrograde... Speaking of, Full Moon day is also the day Mercury Retrograde ends. Given the exact conjunctions going on as well, this culmination of the lunar cycle has a great deal going on. On top of that, its the day after Daylight Savings Time begins. Can things get any more chaotic? Let's find out.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 19 Vir 37'11" on March 9th, 2020 10:47:44 PDT (17:47:44 UTC). This Full Moon takes place in the sixth sign of Virgo, the mutable earth-element sign known for its analytical nature, and is associated with health, obligations, day-to-day jobs (as opposed to career). This Full Moon and all the aspects going on is indicating that things are not clear right now, especially with health and obligations. We naturally have Sun opposite Moon, as with all Full Moons, and with the Sun being in emotive Pisces, we're looking at things through the filter of how this is making us feel, and some of us may be dreading our day-to-day task, while others are (or were) looking to get going on jobs and what-not (such as myself, mentioned in the opening bit). And this Sun isn't alone in its position, so let's see what else is aspecting the Full Moon...

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

The tightest one is also one of the most contentious ones for the remainder of the lunar cycle, and this is where we're going to be with things for awhile.

Neptune in Pisces Opposite Full Moon in Virgo

Neptune, conjunct the Sun, opposing this Full Moon is adding an air of mystery and illusions to things right now, as well as some deep uncertainties. Now, our intuition is going to be at a peak intensity during this time, and we're going to be feeling things way more acutely right now. This is also an indication that we're hitting some peak times of dealing with factors such as substance abuse and recovery, illnesses, poisonings, mental health concerns. It's ridiculous right now, as we can see with the COVID-19 Coronavirus mess going on right now. Do not expect things to be clear and fortify yourself with knowledge to stand against fear and doubts.

Jupiter, Pluto, Mars on Vega in Capricorn all Trine Full Moon (not full stellium)

The other major aspects going on during this Full Moon is a set of trines, but not close enough that the trining bodies make a stellium (three or more bodies conjunct one another) as the orb's a bit wide overall... however, that's not to say that this isn't a potent set of trines though.

The Strongest link is Jupiter trine the Full Moon. Jupiter's usually optimism, higher spirituality/philosophy, but it's in Capricorn, not its favorite sign by far, so it's a bit diminished here. There's still that air of hope and faith that things can improve and get us through this insane period in time right now. Of course, given that Jupiter is sextile the Sun and Neptune right now as well, this makes a sort of wedge pattern, so the Sun's energy and Neptune's deeply intuitive and mental nature is also impacting Jupiter positively right now too. Pay attention to mental visions and flashes of insight, as there is an opportunity here.

On one side of the Jupiter trine is Pluto trine the Full Moon, and Pluto's on the very outer edge being sextile Sun-Neptune, so we don't have quite the same boost here, and it's an almost 5-degree orb for this trine, so this is quite marginal. Still, we're seeing things being torn down and plowed under, which we are taking with a bit of a stride here... it's like "ok, all of this stuff is happening, but it's not the end of the world, right?" That kind of vibe. It's a bit of a regulator, so we're also likely seeing that there's some avenues to rebuild, and they might not be the best of solutions, but it's what we've got right now. Or, perhaps a new way forward can come through too, like you're seeing the scorched earth, and stumble on a phoenix egg that's not quite ready to hatch, but with some care, it can. Just be aware that this isn't going to be everything you hoped for, but the potential to get to a much better position than you are right now, get that egg incubated.

On the other side of Jupiter (and thus not conjunct to Pluto), is Mars trine the Full Moon, and Mars is on fixed star Vega during this Full Moon. Mars and Vega is actually a better combination than most, allowing for some discoveries and standing firm in your convictions, though there is the potential for conflict as some people and entities may not like that you're taking a stand. Stand your ground as much as you feel you need to, especially if you have a viable plan right now. If you don't have a viable plan, you may be able to discover some information that allows a good plan to come forward. Sun and Neptune are also, like with Pluto, on the outer edge of being sextile to Mars as well, so there's still that mental and energy link that is helping us stand true too.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

Like the previous Full Moon in Leo, there's a lot going on at the same time as well. These are some major aspects too, so it's no surprise we're feeling this Full Moon cycle quite acutely.

Chiron Conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Aries Squaring the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn

This is a longer-lasting and very intense aspect pattern that will be lasting throughout much of March, and is acutely apparent at the time the Full Moon goes exact. Chiron conjunct Black Moon Lilith itself speaks of the wounding and healing of deep, hidden issues that we've been holding deep within ourselves, our identities, who we are. Chiron, of course, is the Wounded Healer, and Black Moon Lilith represents the divine feminine, and I dare say occult and hidden matters as well. The pairing of these also denotes a time when some major shadow work is going on behind the scenes, so I would say that there are some serious manipulations and manifestations being called forth right now as well.

If that's not enough, this combination is also squaring the nodal axis, with North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. North Node represents our greater destiny, what we strive for, what our purpose in life is, and collectively as it has been in Cancer, that has been on the end of our deeper feelings, our homefronts, our nurturing points, and our more private lives. South Node is where we withdraw to, our past, where we've been coming from, and where we need to evolve from. South Node being in Capricorn, this is our reputations and careers, and of course monolithic institutions as well like corporations, governments, religious bodies even, and that's what we've needed to evolve from. Black Moon Lilith and Chiron squaring both of these indicates a crisis or turning point where we can no longer turn a blind eye towards caring for ourselves and taking care of our most private issues, and us needing to move forward and do away with the notions of our careers and public life poisoning us in the background. The COVID-19 outbreak is a major manifestation of this, and I will say it's impacting me quite directly as it's delayed my new job, making matters unclear about how I'm supposed to even get started with that due to some quarantine precautions going on right now. Quarantines. That's another way of interpreting this combination. Don't expect things to be sane right now, and be prepared to dig in for the long haul.

Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus Sextile North Node in Cancer

Venus and Uranus together is an interesting enough pattern alone. Venus is at home in Taurus, one of the signs it rules, and represents love, romance, jobs, possessions, what we value and hold in high regard for beauty and appeal. Uranus, conversely, is not at home in Taurus and is actually debilitated here, and is representative of sudden changes, revolutions, rebellion, changing things up, surprise events and encounters. Combined, this points to a time of sudden changes in fortune regarding money, wealth, valuables, relationships, romances, partnerships. Sextile the North Node, both of these together point to a time of needed changes in the status quo to further get us to where we need to go, and this being more beneficial in the long run.

Neptune in Pisces Sextile Mars on Vega in Capricorn

Neptune, being in its home sign of Pisces, has a dreamy and illusory quality, and is itself conjunct the Sun right now, amplifying its power and bringing to light that which has been in the back of our minds and in our subconscious. Sextiling Mars on Vega, the energies are more conducive to discoveries, acting upon inspirations and mental stimulation. Creative works should be quite fruitful now, and the arts can be given new life in ways, and can be reevaluated in others. A bit ironic about art getting off the ground as cultural events like SXSW and other music festivals are being postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak in recent events. One could even argue that Mars and Neptune sextile indicate proactive foresight and acting upon intuition, and the organizers of these events didn't come to these decisions lightly. While this can be disruptive, perhaps disruptions can be a good thing, such as acting to halt the spread of a major viral disease.

Neptune in Pisces Sextile Jupiter in Capricorn

On the other side of the sextile pattern we've got Neptune sextile Jupiter, which isn't at its fullest strength in Capricorn. This combination suggests that we pay close attention to our intuition and our gut feelings more, as the divine or whichever force we serve/believe in is certainly speaking to us right now and attempting to guide us in a more flowing manner. This is a time we can see the silver linings in dark clouds a bit more easily, and can draw inspiration from the beauty of life around us. This is appropriate as Spring is about to begin here in the Northern Hemisphere, and thus we'll be seeing all the signs of life restoring around us right now. Meditation can be quite fruitful right now, and dreams inspiring as well. Do pay close attention.

Black Moon Lilith and Chiron in Aries Semisextile Venus and Uranus in Taurus

Speaking of hidden wounds and sudden changes in fortune, these combinations semisextile each other is acting as a trigger moment for a great many things in our relationships, jobs, creative ambitions, and overall hidden mysteries regarding our identities and lives. There is a lot of hidden fear coming to the surface right now, and we can see this in the hoarding of essentials such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer going on right now. An ugly underbelly is being exposed right now too, as there are stories of people attempting to price-gouge online for sanitation supplies, one example being hand sanitizer attempting to be sold by unscrupulous actors on Amazon.com (which Amazon itself is attempting to block and stem that particular tide, so I have to give credit to them in trying to keep prices fair on such supplies right now). Vulture capitalism and "never letting a good crisis go to waste" comes to mind with this combination of bodies in this aspect, so look deep into the underlying issues and guard your loved ones and your wallets very well for the remainder of this lunar cycle. The economic impacts of the outbreak I would argue is another manifestation of this pattern, as this unseen invader is disrupting commerce on a scale we haven't seen in quite some time. One can argue the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 was another economic disruptor, and the way this is acting is similar.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

While this is still a wider orb at the moment, this conjunction is taking shape right now at the culmination of this Full Moon, and this has the potential to be quite disruptive right now. Jupiter expands what it touches, and Pluto is the destroyer and renewer, so tearing down of old structures is going to be quite amplified right now. The economic engine that has kept this world going, well, its going through a major shakeup right now and this shaking of the earth (so to speak) is only going to get stronger for some time, especially as Mars will be joining these two by the end of this lunar cycle, but Mars isn't here yet. Quite frankly, dig in for the long haul, as these bodies move slowly, and this disruptor is going to get stronger from here on out. There seems to be a hidden wisdom at work here, and this has the potential to shed light and show us what is no longer working, such as the practices of the U.S. Healthcare and health insurance system. In short, Jupiter and Pluto combined force changes on us to change what no longer serve us or is even in our benefit. Granted, systems we actually like and have grown to rely on that may actually be beneficial will also suffer collateral damage in the process, so protect what makes sense to protect, as only that which is meant to endure will survive this period.

Saturn in Capricorn Semisextile Mercury Retrograde (soon Direct) in Aquarius

Mercury is almost motionless right now during the culmination of this Full Moon, and in less than half a day, Mercury will be direct once again! Saturn semisextile this... this gets a bit interesting, especially as this sets the tone for the next couple of weeks. Saturn is the disciplinarian, the taskmaster, it contracts and restricts what it touches, and Mercury is communication, documents, travel, technology. Disruptions to our career and reputations, and of course our more towering institutions and structures, word of this is spreading for sure. We're in a holding pattern, and I can see this on my end with the words of voluntary campus closures, school closures, corporate campus closures, and social event cancellations stemming from the current outbreak. Honestly, this COVID-19 thing is touching everything and this Full Moon chart is just showing this all over the place. Don't expect things to be clear or stabilized for awhile, and expect further disruptions for the duration of this lunar cycle. Many holding patterns at work here.

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

Of course, the asteroids during this Full Moon paint a fuller picture than just looking at the planets alone, and I'm more focused on the direct aspects to the Full Moon itself for these. It's looking like quite the interesting picture so far too.

128 Nemesis Conjunct Full Moon in Virgo

This is painting quite a bit of a picture here. Nemesis represents adversaries, enemies, opponents, that's what I gather from this, and this indicates conflicts will be the theme of the remainder of this lunar cycle. This makes sense with what I mentioned previously of price gougers and others taking advantage of others during this viral outbreak going on. Expect further conflicts and oppositions to come to light over the next couple of weeks.

258 Tyche in Cancer Sextile Full Moon in Virgo

Tyche is what I've seen as a career asteroid, and as Tyche was also the goddess of fortune and chance, this is pointing to some fortunate circumstances to potentially unfold during this Full Moon cycle. Pay attention to your feelings right now, as they can point you in the right direction.

11911 Angel Retrograde in Scorpio Sextile Full Moon in Virgo

On the other side of things, Angel represents just that, angelic things and I would intuitively argue good people as well, such as good Samaritan types and other positive individuals. Pay close attention to divine inspiration that can come through to quell the crises going on right now.

Pallas and 432 Pythia in Capricorn Trine Full Moon in Virgo

Pallas is representative of Pallas Athene, or Athena, and thus is connected to matters of law, wisdom, even war. Pythia is an occult asteroid, representing psychic and clairvoyant abilities, and is also connected to the ancient Oracle at Delphi, once consulted by leaders in ancient times for prophecy and visions. These combined trine the Full Moon indicates to us that we need to pay close attention to our intuition and foresight, especially now, as the visions we get are likely to be quite helpful in navigating the minefield of the next few weeks. Forewarned is forearmed, so be prepared for anything.

34 Circe and 7470 Jabberwock in Pisces Opposite Full Moon in Virgo

Circe, being another occult asteroid, this one associated with magick and witchcraft, is also tightly conjunct Neptune and the Sun in this chart, and thus its occult powers is amplified right now. We may be recognizing that some of the events in motion seem to be guided by otherworldly forces right now, and we may not be able to ascertain what is acting in the background for certain. Jabberwock, of course, represents the Jabberwocky that was in Alice in Wonderland, and this things was a horrific monster. All of this combined indicates that some serious background force is acting on us and on events right now, but to what end? There is a great amount of fear and panic going on with this outbreak, and I would not be surprised if someone unleashed this on the world... and think about it: fear is a lower-vibrational energy, and with the amount being emitted by people in general right now, whatever dark force thrives on it, its certainly having its fill right now and enjoying a feast. Ground yourselves, keep calm, keep centered, and keep focused. Starve the monsters in the dark. Do note that this is forming part of an Asteroid Grand Cross.

55 Pandora and 2601 Bologna in Gemini Square Full Moon in Virgo

Over in Gemini, we have Pandora, named for the woman in legend who opened a box that unleashed all sorts of unpleasant things in the world (keeping Hope inside the box as it was the only thing left when the lid was shut again), and Bologna, representing tall tales, bollocks, and other BS, both of these are squaring the Moon and are also part of the Asteroid Grand Cross mentioned before. This spoke of the wheel, so to speak, seem to indicate to me that a great deal of misinformation and disinformation is being spread right now, and we'll need to use our inner wisdom and intuition, and perhaps divine guidance and help from our guides and guardian angels to navigate this mess. Question everything right now, and don't let bad information guide you down a bad path right now. This seems to go hand-in-hand with the Circe/Jabberwock link in Pisces right now, suggesting very strongly to me, like fear and unknowing is working in tandem to fuel ... something. Something not good. Moving on to the last part of the spoke of the wheel...

1488 Aura and 100 Hekate in Sagittarius Square Full Moon in Virgo

These two asteroids complete the Asteroid Grand Cross. Aura just means that, auras and energy fields surrounding living beings, and Hekate is named for another occult goddess, this being of crossroads and, of course, witchcraft. This suggests to me, combined with the other parts of the Asteroid Grand Cross, that something out there is seriously harvesting some major fear energy and is using it to power something decidedly horrific right now. So I'm going to recommend that everyone keep their psychic defenses and spiritual armor on full time until further notice! There are actors in the shadows who use occult practices in their manipulation of the world, and this time period is certainly giving these beings, groups, and individuals plenty of dark fuel to work with. Shine your light brightly, and overpower this malignant darkness!

12927 Pinocchio in Aquarius Quincunx Full Moon in Virgo

Pinocchio, as the story goes, is a puppet who once had his nose grow to great lengths when he told lies. That said, this is an awkward moment in time where we're knowing we're being deceived, but by whom, and for what reason? That's what we're not able to put a finger on, though I will say the other asteroid aspects being mentioned above, make pretty clear that disinformation and misinformation contribute to the pattern of fear and unknowing. Be aware of what is being said, and filter out the truth from the crap as best as you can right now. Notice whose nose grows when they talk to you.

447 Valentine Retrograde in Leo Semisextile Full Moon in Virgo

Valentine is an asteroid I've associated as being a romance asteroid, and this semisextile marks a point where we're going to be asking who our "valentine" is. Given the other occult asteroid aspects going on, it's worth noting that St. Valentine was executed in a horrific manner, and yet his day was given the connotation of being a day of love... hmm... Goes hand-in-hand with the Pinocchio link now, doesn't it? Guard your heart at this time, and give it only to those who won't betray it. Don't enter a relationship solely because it stokes your own ego, especially now.

5239 Reiki Retrograde and Juno Retrograde Semisextile Full Moon in Virgo

Finally, we have Reiki and Juno in aspect to the Full Moon here, both in another triggering aspect. Reiki is an energy healing art, and thus we're certainly looking for healing in many ways during this time, so this definitely makes sense. Retrograde, this implies that we need to heal ourselves as best as we can, so keep your energy field clean and strong, and facilitate that healing the way you intuitively know you need to. You know what's best for you, in other words. Juno, named for Zeus' wife and, of course, being the matriarch of the Olympian gods, this points to a time we need to be there for our loved ones and keep things true. Plenty of healing to be had when you have strong bonds. Sometimes you have to be your own family unit though, so don't despair if you're seemingly alone right now. Maybe you're not as alone as you think.

In Closing

This Full Moon, to say the least, is super-intense, and points to a time where we will need to utilize our spiritual potential to its highest abilities. We need to be aware of what's going on around us, and we also need to make sure we're not being deceived by illusions and falsehoods right now. There's a lot of fear going on in the air that we need to filter out, and we cannot give in to this if we want to achieve our highest potential. Keep yourself grounded, keep yourself shielded, and be ready for whatever is coming next. As we are seeing, structures are cracking, and we'll need to be more self-reliant to get through the day. All things do pass, so bear that in mind as well, as this time period will also pass like others before it. Protect yourself and protect your health, and hold true to your highest potential. Cheers.