Full Moon Taurus - November 2019 - Crucible of Manifestation

Full Moon Taurus - November 2019 - Crucible of Manifestation

This has been quite an interesting lunar cycle so far. Lots of things happening all around, between intense cold snaps, technological mayhem (thank you Mercury Retrograde!), and just overall changes. Things seem like a blur to me, anyways, and last week was intense with a lot on my end, but I'm getting to this now. We have now entered a make-or-break time, so let's get into it.

The Full Moon takes place at 19 Tau 51'40" on November 12th, 2019 5:34:22 AM PDT (1:34:22 PM UTC). This Full Moon is in the second sign of Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, and this does amplify factors regarding personal resources, money, both incoming and outgoing, so finances will definitely be in focus for the remainder of the lunar cycle. Fitting as we're about to enter the holiday shopping season. Aspect-wise, of course, we have Sun opposite Moon, and with the Sun being in dark and mysterious Scorpio, and the Moon in Taurus, our focus on our own resources and debts all come to a head. Full Moon also opposes Mercury retrograde, itself conjunct the Sun, so messages (both lost and received) regarding money and possessions, glitches in banking, and reviewing budgets all come naturally now. Keep a tight tab on your spending and accounts. On a darker note, do keep track of your infrastructure as well, especially technologically. Malicious attacks like ransomware are a possibility now (or perhaps recovering from said attacks). Also note that the Moon is Exalted in Taurus, and thus our feelings about material matters are further enhanced, as the Moon is stronger in this sign than others (excluding Cancer, it's home sign).

This Full Moon also makes a trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn's still in range of fixed star Vega[1]. This is just hanging on and hanging on, though I would say the air should be able to be cleared now regarding false witness and bad information. Now, Saturn and Pluto also sextile Sun and Mercury retrograde at the same time, so this is a further boost towards clearing the air. Don't expect everything to be cleared fully as of yet, as Mercury's still moving backwards from our perspective, so do expect more truths to come to light later on.

Full Moon also sextiles Black Moon Lilith and, to a weaker degree, Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This is the other baseline of the Bowl Aspect between Sun/Mercury in Scorpio, Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune/Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, and Moon in Taurus. Concerning Full Moon to Neptune retrograde and Black Moon Lilith, this sextile helps us see through deceptions and illusions, some of our own making. We can use our intuition to confront some uncomfortable truths and some deceptions we've imposed on ourselves. Perhaps we thought going on a particular path was of benefit and it really wasn't, and that's alright as we can course-correct now. With Neptune/Black Moon Lilith in Pisces trine Sun/Mercury in Scorpio, and of course both sets sextiling Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, we have a unique opportunity to take back the reigns and set ourselves on a path that we know deep down in our gut will be way more beneficial in the future. New career paths, new solutions to dealing with debts and resource problems, more intuitive solutions and epiphanies to help us along... we can get things done now. It's also a time to confront fears that have been holding us back. Dispelling those fears, dousing our meltdowns, we can prevent a "core breach" of sorts now. It's definitely time to take back our power from those we've given it to, and own our own destinies.

Regarding other aspects, this is going to be a big one: Jupiter is now in range of conjuncting Galactic Center! Jupiter expands what it touches, and it's in its home sign of Sagittarius, and with it now beginning to cross the center of the galaxy (and the black hole within), the Jovian energy is going to be ramped. UP.[/b] Again, we have a [i]unique opportunity[/b] here. And this opportunity is [i]NEVER coming again in our lifetimes. Saturn in home sign, Jupiter in home sign, Jupiter on Galactic Center like this... Bowl pattern... you must make some moves now. Yes, Mercury is retrograde. Do not fear. It turns direct before the next lunar cycle begins, so this next couple of weeks is extremely important to our long term planning. There's a lot I can say here. Whatever you've been holding off or putting off, get it done! Get it started! I can't tell you when the next big opportunity will come because... I don't know. And I need to note: Venus will join Jupiter with the Galactic Center before this lunar cycle ends (it's not there yet). We are in a crescendo of good fortune.

Also, while it's almost to the outer edge of influence, Mars conjunct fixed star Spica[2] is another boost of good energy. While Mars in Libra isn't exactly the most energetic place, Spica does boost it slightly and can help us be a bit more successful in what we're doing. Do be careful not to be too hasty in matters, though. Think things through a bit. While we do feel like we're in a countdown (and to be frank, we are), there's something to be said about being too impulsive.

Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune retrograde in Pisces is another aspect that's in play as the Full Moon goes exact. This is something to be aware of. This square can lend itself to irrational fears, mainly fears of inadequacy when it comes to pursuing what we desire, or what we would love to do. With the other aspects in play, the challenge we have for the remainder of the lunar cycle is to overcome and override these fears, face them, and drown that doubting voice.

We do also have a weak, separating square between Libra Mars and Capricorn Pluto. Mars square Pluto isn't very nice, but thankfully its a minor and muted aspect right now. There's still the potential of power struggles we have to deal with right now, so do be aware. There's also the prospect of some downfalls that may dampen our enthusiasm for pursuing our highest ambitions. We can overcome this with good effort, however, and the positive aspects of this Full Moon will allow us to do just that. Just know that we need to apply our efforts in the right direction, and this is a time we finally sweep away that which no longer serves us and holds us back.

We also have to consider Chiron retrograde in Aries sesquiquadrate Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Though Chiron isn't directly aspecting the Sun or the Moon, the Mercury link adds something here I think. This is a lesser hard aspect, not as strong as the opposition or the square, but still has merit. Do be careful to not speak too hastily, lest you burn a bridge that you don't want to burn. It's also a time to be aware of the potential of taking things too personally, especially as Chiron is in the first sign of Aries and Mercury is in the 8th sign of Scorpio. Not everyone will be clear in their communications right now, and bruised or inflamed egos are a likely result. Do be careful as there's considerable Mars energy with these two placements (as both Aries and Scorpio are ruled or co-ruled by Mars).

When we add in the asteroid aspects to this Full Moon, we can see some additional info that will be quite useful to us. Full Moon conjunct Vesta retrograde in Taurus points to the completion of this lunar cycle as one where we will be examining and acting on what we hold most dear, what's sacred to us, and it's a time where we'll have to stand up for what we believe in. Given the other aspects to the Moon, this is a time where we need to believe in ourselves and act accordingly.

Full Moon sextile 389 Industria in Cancer is another fortunate aspect in that we can use our intuition to pursue endeavors that are more meaningful to us. We may find ourselves doing this subconsciously, actually. If we're going through the motions and not doing what is meaningful to us, or if we hate what we've been doing, we're going to gravitate towards doing more of what we'd like to do now. Hobbies should be fruitful right now, and for some, this may be the right time to change some of those hobbies into a potential new career path.

Full Moon sextile 3811 Karma in Pisces is another beneficial aspect, especially considering Karma also conjuncts Black Moon Lilith weakly. What we sow, we reap, and this is a time where our intuition and guiding forces can point us towards a better fate and a better path. If we ignore that better voice, however, we can find ourselves going down a path we don't want to go down. We can use this greater intuition to forge a better fate during these next couple of weeks.

As we get into other harder aspects, Full Moon opposes 763 Cupido and 6583 Destinn in Scorpio. These two asteroids are a bit more amplified as they also conjunct the Sun and Mercury retrograde. We could be finding ourselves pulled in different directions when it comes to pursuing some relationships we would like to be in, and there's also the siren call of destiny that we're contending with. We may feel we're on the right path but facing roadblocks, and there's also the possibility of seeing that we're not on the right path. This is the time to apply good effort to get on a better path for ourselves, especially as we'll feel better about ourselves in the long run if we take the leap. It's a decision point where we either crap or get off the pot, so to speak. Will you pursue your greater destiny?

Full Moon also squares 2878 Panacea in Leo, though weakly, and this can point to a bit of indecision we may be facing when it comes to pursuing treatments, supplements, or medicines that may either make us feel better about ourselves, or enhance other types of "fun." This square, combined with the current Mercury Retrograde, suggests that elective cosmetic surgeries may be best delayed for a bit, especially as Panacea squares Mercury retrograde and the Sun, as well as Destinn/Cupido right now. Make sure you know what you're getting into. Better to postpone that until conditions are more conducive. If it's an essential procedure, do your due diligence and make sure your practitioner is up to the task. I would think health coverage and insurance may also balk at said medicines/supplements/treatments right now too. Also be aware of "snake oil" when it comes to such elective and recreational treatments as well right now.

Finally, we have an Asteroid Thor's Hammer to the Full Moon, with Juno in Libra, and 9951 Tyrannosaurus and 564 Dudu sesquiquadrate the Full Moon in Taurus. Now, a Thor's Hammer is when two bodies or groups of bodies square each other, and sesquiquadrate a third points as an apex, or focal point. It's actually a Thor's Hammer Kite since Mercury/Sun opposes the Moon as well, so think of them as pulling a large bowstring aiming at the Full Moon. Anyways, Juno has to deal with our loved ones and family, or so I get this intuitively, and Tyrannosaurus the Tyrant and Dudu represents what it sounds like (when said out loud), so there's a potential for conflict with our loved ones right now. Someone we look up to or who we live with may be a bit overbearing, or perhaps someone hasn't been aboveboard and honest? Or perhaps someone's afraid to speak out about what's really bothering them. At worst, this could represent a time where we have to deal with potential domestic abuse or the fallout thereof. Use your best judgment, and do your best to be upfront and not needlessly impose your views upon loved ones. It can also be a time where those in bad domestic situations may finally take the leap and end the cycle of struggle once and for all. Anyone in the harsher positions should seek out assistance and help if they need it, especially if injury or worse is a likely outcome of ending a cycle of abuse and tyranny. On a mundane level, this could also represent a populace finally having enough of institutional abuse and taking to the streets, or an escalation of an already-existing movement.

In closing, this Full Moon is an opportunity to close out cycles that are no longer working for us, and to pursue and set up new paths towards what will serve us better in the future. It's also an opportunity to pursue new relationships that will work out better for us, and to close out ones that no longer serve any purpose. Finally, it's the best opportunity we're going to have to close out other chapters in our lives and set up a new journey. The foundations need to be laid now if they aren't already being laid, Mercury retrograde notwithstanding. Just be aware that it won't be the smoothest road, but then again, paths are generally rough when they're first being made. Or, first steps are the hardest ones, but they're also the most worthwhile. After this lunar cycle ends, we'll be coming up on stricter times. Make the most of this Full Moon energy!

[1]: Constellations of Words: Vega
[2]: Constellations of Words: Spica