Full Moon Scorpio - May 2020 - Follow Your Vision

Full Moon Scorpio - May 2020 - Follow Your Vision

I have to say, this lunar cycle has been yet another intense one with many ups, downs, and some interesting headlines. "Murder Hornets," especially, and just a county away from where I live too. Lovely. It's enough to make one wonder just what angry god is throwing out plague after plague. Well, perhaps this Full Moon will help light the way so we can start getting things onto a better track than they have been. Forget "back on track," those old tracks go nowhere now. We're on a new railroad now. Forge a new path ahead. Let's see what this Full Moon has in store for us.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 17 Sco 20'05" on May 7th, 2020 03:45:12 (AM) PDT (10:45:12 (AM) UTC). This Full Moon takes place in the eighth sign of Scorpio, a fixed water-elemental sign associated with the deeper secrets, mysteries, occult, death, and other associated matters. It even deals with other peoples' resources as well. There are only a couple direct aspects from major bodies to this Full Moon as well, which included Sun opposite Moon. The Sun-Moon opposition in this case involves the Sun in Taurus, where our focus is on our property, our resources, money (much concern about that these days), and the Moon in Scorpio is in fall position (as it's exalted in Taurus, so this is the opposite) and thus the Moon isn't very happy in this sign. Scorpio isn't known to be a nurturing sign, and thus the deeper, darker emotions tend to come out while the Moon is here. We'll be having this for the next couple of weeks until the following lunar cycle, so you may want to intensify your relaxation techniques to get through this rough couple of weeks. Thoughts and misgivings about what we owe others are quite prominent at this time, as well as what others owe you, and this isn't just in money terms either.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

There's a couple this time, definitely worth mentioning though.

Full Moon Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces

Now this aspect is a bit more fortunate than we could hope for, as a trine tends to be an easier aspect with easier energy to work with. Plenty of shadow work going on with the Full Moon being in Scorpio to begin with, but Neptune's amplified in its home sign of Pisces. Deeper meditation, intuitive work, probing the deeper mysteries of our lives, this is accentuated now and for the next couple of weeks. If you know where to look, you may be able to discover what's making you tick, or perhaps seeing what is making others tick right now. It's possible we'll even be able to see some manipulations from others more clearly now and not fall for the mental booby-trap of propaganda. The next aspect I mention will also play into this theme.

Full Moon Scorpio Opposite Sun Conjunct Mercury in Taurus

Mercury is somewhat enhanced by the Sun in this configuration, and thus our thoughts and our documentation, communications, travel regarding money and resources is rather amplified right now. The Full Moon opposite this is heightening our emotions and probably having us feel a bit uneasy about different messages going on about our ability to stay afloat now. Bills, quarantines, fears of insufficient stimulus, worries about paying our debts, this is all playing out right now. Not all of the concern is unwarranted, for sure, but living in fear of all of this is going to blind us to some options out there that we may not otherwise consider. Just make sure what options you do pursue, it's going to be to your benefit.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

Quite a few other active aspects during this Full Moon, many of them triggering aspects, and a couple others are actually tying in nicely with the lunar culmination now.

Neptune Apex Minor Grand Trine: Sextile Mercury in Taurus (tightly) and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn (Loosely), Mercury Trine Pluto Retrograde

Neptune's a pretty strong focal point here and is at the outer edge of what I'd consider for a sextile to it from Pluto retrograde. Pluto in this manner of movement is having us look deep within, identifying what is no longer working and destroying it so we can move forward with better things. Mercury sextile Neptune allows us to communicate what's on our minds a bit better, and we can also journal and write down more ideas that will expand our consciousness in new ways when we look back on them months from now. This is a rather creative aspect for writers, musicians, and other forms of artists. Some deeply profound and deeply personal works are able to be created much more forcefully right now as we're digging deep within right now, and searching for public recognition of our talents while we're also looking to get ahead in this ever-changing world. Don't dismiss out-of-the-box ides out of hand, as one of those ideas may just be the door you're looking to go through.

Mercury in Taurus Semisextile Venus in Gemini

Mercury's got its mind on the money and on stability right now, and Venus is slowing down getting ready for its retrograde period in the sign of communications and short-term, short-distance travel. More of us may be returning to worksites now, and whether that's a wise thing or not depends on what precautions are being taken right now. Again, much anxiety and much to-do about resources and what we're valuing right now. Overall, this is basically a mutual reception aspect (Mercury ruling Gemini, and Venus ruling Taurus, and the two placements flipped to their rulerships). The energies are definitely blending in ways where their respective focuses (money, messages, contracts, relationships, resources, valuables, what we find attractive)... these are all mixing together in strange ways. Given both planets' links to Neptune right now, examine the news and new information carefully and with a grain of salt.

Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

This is where what we find attractive and our relationships are muddled in confusion and illusion. A lot of mental activity is messing with our resources and our relations with others when it comes to these resources, and its causing quite a bit of strain. Also, again with the Neptune illusionary quirks, there is a high probability of propaganda regarding money, resources, and agreements right now as well, so don't take any journalism or press releases at face value. Especially do not take government announcements at face value either, as even the most well-meaning-seeming announcements seem to have this hidden air of ulterior motive right now. Separate the wheat from the chaff, as not everything you'll hear is a lie, yet not everything is the truth either. Remember: The most damaging lie is one that the one telling it truly believes. Be true to yourself and don't bullshit yourself either.

Venus in Gemini Trine Mars in Aquarius

This is about the outer edge of the trine between these two bodies, so it's not as pronounced but is still subtly there. Venus is what we find attractive and our relationships, while Mars is action, drive, virility, and also anger and forceful action. This configuration can give us a little more drive for the next couple of weeks in concert with the lunar energies to go after what we want, and we may want to think about unconventional means to do this (as Mars is in a sign influenced by both Saturn and Uranus). Not everything is cut and dry, but then again, not everything has to be. See what creative juices flow with this energy for your creative, and even non-creative projects.

Mars in Aquarius Semisextile Jupiter and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Jupiter is slowing down before it goes retrograde a week from the Full Moon, and thus is largely motionless right now. Nevertheless, the combination of Jupiter and Pluto retrograde does point to a restructuring of our beliefs, our philosophies, we're seeing where what we've put our faith and stock in isn't having the desired results, and Mars semisextile both of these is triggering some feelings of frustration to be sure. We will want to push ahead forcefully, and this could yield some interesting results (especially with the trine from Mars to Venus), yet there's a devil in the details and we'll have to make sure we're not self-immolating for the sake of pushing through this frustrating challenge to our greater philosophies and life mottoes. Temper the tendency to burn bridges right now, especially if you're standing on one.

Jupiter in Capricorn Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

This off-sign conjunction is challenging us in some rather interesting ways. It's a wide orb for a conjunction but as these are two rather large gas giants in our starsystem, it counts. Jupiter is weakened in Capricorn, while being in Saturn's domain, and Saturn is in its second home of Aquarius (shared in rulership with revolutionary Uranus). This combination, therefore, suggests that our faith will be challenged and our philosophies needing to be reexamined because it's a time where we need to take that deep look and figure out why we haven't been getting the results we've been expecting. Have you been putting in the required work? Are you doing everything you could, or are you letting life happen to you while you should be happening to life? We need to figure this out as best as we can so we can rebuild when the opportunity avails itself.

Saturn in Aquarius Wide Square to Uranus in Taurus

This rather wide square adds a subtle influence to everything going on right now. That influence is a subtle challenge or trial suggesting that sticking to our guns and forcing our way forward won't work when it comes to the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in, especially one that destabilizes and upturns everything we find comfortable. Strictly adhering to schedules and plans isn't going to work out so hot right now, so we're going to be challenged to be flexible. Even the powers that be are having to readjust their plans, and I'm sure they're not happy about that either. Try to take this in stride and adapt where you can.

Uranus in Taurus Semisextile Chiron in Aries

As if the Saturn link wasn't subtly being a thorn in the backside, we also have Uranus semisextile Chiron, leading to sudden upsets, sudden opportunities for healing, and unexpected changes in fortune that can go either way. The economic uncertainties are definitely having an impact right now on our collective individual positions, and it's driving us quite mad and definitely having some aspects on our health and well-being. We need to fortify ourselves in whatever way we can and try to prevent further harm from being inflicted upon ourselves. Take care not to suffer unnecessary, unexpected maladies right now, and try not to burst out in anger at the ongoing turmoil in our economic lives if you can.

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

Asteroid placements to the Full Moon paint a fuller picture of what's going on in the heavens right now, and will translate to subtle influences and additions to what's happening down below. There's some interesting action going on here, and there's surprisingly fewer aspects than I'm used to noticing with the asteroids I use.

Full Moon Scorpio Sextile 16089 Lamb in Capricorn

This soft aspects to an asteroid named after a creature many believe to be docile paints a picture of us embracing a sense of calm in the face of adversity. On the other hand, sheep can be led to slaughter, but I'm not getting that sense here. The sextile may be indicative of people becoming more aware of the fleecing that is going on overall. Keep your wits about you and use this energy to not follow the crowd blindly.

Asteroid Grand Trine: Full Moon Scorpio Trine 1981 Midas in Cancer and 5264 Telephus in Pisces

There's a bit of an easier pattern, perhaps almost too easy, of the Full Moon to these two asteroids. Midas brings to mind the king of legend who turned everything he touched to gold, whether he wanted it to be gold or not (like his wife, which you can imagine would be rather inconvenient in a marriage). Telephus suggests telepathy, and being in Pisces, this is bound to be a much deeper connection to our psychic nudges. Combined in this fashion, this all indicates that we're hopeful of some restored prosperity to our homesteads and we'll need to listen closely to our sixth sense to determine what's a better strategy for keeping things going at home. Just don't go overboard.

Full Moon Scorpio Square 37117 Narcissus in Leo

This is a tricky one where the Full Moon is already in a contentious place (given it's in fall position), and Narcissus means just that: narcissists and narcissism. And in Leo, a sign that shines quite brightly? We are seeing those who would exalt themselves over others whom they owe a great debt to. In this case, malignant narcissism is quite likely to be pronounced. Don't expect officials to be acting altruistically right now.

Asteroid Yod: Full Moon in Scorpio Quincunx 157 Dejanira, 433 Eros, and 7470 Jabberwock in Aries, and Quincunx 2031 BAM, Vesta, 10 Hygiea, and 26955 Lie in Gemini

Rather contentious asteroid Yod we have going on, and of course this will be a Yod Kite with the Sun and Mercury opposing the Moon, so this will be even more amplified. Dejanira is the victim's asteroid, and showcases a bit of vulnerability when it comes to our sense of self in this instance. Eros is, of course, erotic love, and Jabberwock is named after the Jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland, a horrific monster. So one side of the asteroid Yod indicates a danger of being victimized by lust and erroneous romantic desire. Lots of wild oats wanting to be sown with all the quarantine and distancing measures being still present in our daily lives.

The other side of the asteroid Yod has BAM, which is exactly like what it sounds like: forceful. Vesta is the sacred flame, what we hold dear. Hygiea is a health asteroid that's associated with good health and healing, and then Lie is just that: Lies and falsehoods when applied to astrology interpretations. So we're going to be facing off with some false information regarding health and it's going to have some rather explosive consequences, and it's inflaming beliefs quite hard.

Combining the entire asteroid Yod, we can extrapolate that for the remainder of this lunar cycle from the Full Moon onward, there is going to be quite a bit of intentional disinformation regarding health matters and people lashing out after feeling like they're being held against their will. Some prominent domestic violence cases will likely come forward during the last couple of weeks of this lunar cycle as well. My only real advice given this configuration is use your best sense, protect yourself as best as you can, and don't give in to fear when it comes to current events. I suspect there will be more protests against the quarantine measures, and I'd almost bet they'll intensify. Also, some of the earlier relaxation of protocols may not be in our best interests as I feel, and judging from the confirmation of the asteroid astrology here, it's too soon to let our guard down against everything going on here. I know, we want life to go on, but we need to be careful and not listen to the propaganda going on all over the place. And there's a lot of it. Use your best intuition.

In Closing

Summing up this Full Moon, there's some opportunity for creative visions coming out and some creative works could be quite illustrative and deep during this time. There's also quite a bit of opportunity for mayhem, rebellion, and ill-advised flaunting of protocols meant to keep people safe. There are some areas where the protocols do go too far (such as not being able to fish if you're by yourself and fully separated from others), but the protests at capitol buildings is... its a manifestation of a greater problem, a world strained to the breaking point.

Again, not enough time to consider this Full Moon's placements in regards to rising and sun signs. Given my current workload in both the main job and other business concerns, I'm uncertain as to when I'll actually be able to offer this. If all else fails, I'll try to get that done for the Solar Eclipse coming up in a month or so.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane, and stay frosty. Peace.