Full Moon Pisces - September 2017 - Chaos Ripple

Full Moon Pisces - September 2017 - Chaos Ripple

So close to the end of a Mercury Retrograde period, we now experience a Full Moon here in Pisces. A little kick and a lot of chaos is in the air for the completion of this supercharged moon cycle. Will order prevail? Unlikely. Let's see why.

Beginning with the Full Moon itself, we have Full Moon conjunct Neptune retrograde, with Sun opposing. Dreams and illusions and escaping reality is going to be at the forefront of how we wind down to the next New Moon, and it's going to be amplified as we also have an off-kilter Full Moon and Neptune quincunx Venus. Again, we're still chasing illusions and unsure if it's really what we want here. Full Moon-Neptune sextile Pluto retrograde does give us an edge however, as we can see just where this chasing of dreams and illusions can take us a little more easily, giving us a chance to avoid places we don't want to go. But truth be told, it's almost a Yod to Venus, and that can potentially spell trouble.

The reason we can see trouble ahead is Full Moon-Neptune conjunct Narcissus, which could give us an inflated sense of self and ego, and opposing the Sun? We could think too highly of ourselves over the next couple weeks and overreach. That could be a bit uncomfortable. Pluto retrograde conjunct Nike and Bologna also gives us a slight probability to go for some shady goals, chasing the bologna as it were. As the Moon-Neptune-Narcissus combo sextiles the Pluto-Nike-Bologna combo, we might have some insulation from problems... maybe? But suppose we're thinking about chasing a cute vixen or going after that hunk right now? With the almost-Yod to Venus, and with Venus opposition Messalina, there is a great chance of promiscuity getting the best of us. Do we really want to chase after those people, or would a little celebacy for a couple days be more worth the while? Might be wise, but might not be what people will pick as we also have a slightly weak T-Square of Cupido retrograde opposition Eros, apexing Pluto retrograde and its asteroid cluster. Use protection.

Let's not forget we still have a Fire Grand Trine (albeit slightly weak) between Mercury-Mars-Regulus (offsign conjunction at that), trine Uranus retrograde, trine Pholus. There's a good chance of some craziness stemming from intoxicants, but maybe we have a drink and get an epiphany, or maybe we just relax, chill out for a bit and a solution to a problem that seems off the wall and out of nowhewre comes to us during the next couple weeks. If it helps bring an end to a vexing problem, why argue?

Saturn-Black Moon Lilith-Ixion-Gold square Apophis-Dejanira could be a good reason why we should argue with a few ideas we get. There is a great chance of something distressing coming about and further binding us, almost as if it's something fated or something dark, prodding us to a destructive choice. OR... it could also be that we see the possibility of a destructive choice and react appropriately to avoid it. Either way, the potential is there right now. Apophis-Dejanira trine Nemesis, however, may give us just a little insight as to who or what may act to destroy you, and gives a slight edge to avoiding that fate. Juppiter square Nemesis, on the other hand, shows that this will be a formidable foe in its own right. It could even be one of your own inner demons haunting you, driving you towards bad habits. (Like, say, myself staying up later than I "should" to write this article, but then again with the delays I had in getting even connected to a network tonight, and then restarting my laptop (We are still in Mercury's post-retrograde shadow, after all), I felt compelled to drive on forward.)

Going back to the subject of lustful pursuits, there is that Water Grand Trine from Chiron retrograde trine Arachne trine Nymph-Medusa. Could make for a sultry, fun encounter, but there are very likely to be some strings attached. Mercury forms an apex of a T-Square as it squares Arachne in Scorpio and Rudra (amplifier) in Taurus, so there is a high chance of miscommunications binding you to whoever would take advantage. Mercury-Mars semisextile Nymph-Medusa further acts as a trigger for this, in my humble opinion. Mercury sextile Lust helps point out a weak Kite to the Fire Grand Trine mentioned above, actually... so really in the overall scheme of things, there is going to be a lot of sexual tension over the next couple weeks, if you haven't already experienced this!

Tyrannosaurus opposition Pluto-Nike-Bologna could trigger a mini-crisis where being a tyrant is tempting, but it's not the best way to move forward. Be aware of other people acting very stern and tyrannical, as they are possibly going all in on bad information.

Pinocchio conjunct Buysballot trine the Full Moon-Neptune and sextile the Sun may allow us the chance to detect some falsehoods, so if you keep alert, you may be able to catch liars and those attempting to skew circumstances or rewards to their advantage in the act. Lie trine Pluto-Nike-Bologna will also help bring these matters to light at this time, or at the very least lessen their impact just ever so slightly.

I think overall we see a great chance for chaos, false promises, and people giving in to their carnal desires during this time, and on the other hand I see a potential for some healing of sorts after some serious wounding. In times of disaster, people do have a tendency to come together if they're with the right people... maybe some post-hurricane baby booms could happen? I don't know. Speaking of, there is a good deal of water and earth energy, and also fire energy in this chart for the rest of the full moon. With the western United States pretty much ablaze right now, and the aftermath of the Asian monsoons and Hurricane Harvey, to say nothing of the buildup to Irma... You know, Mercury conjunct the most recent Solar Eclipse Degree and quincunx Chiron retrograde... We need to stand together right now. Because we're going to need one another. I hope Irma goes back out to sea and bothers few others... but we need to be prepared.

I haven't really looked into disaster asteroids much with this, and I'm out of time right now. Hopefully, further disruptions will be minimal. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and either way, expect a full ton of chaos for the next couple weeks. Stay strong, we've got this.