Full Moon Libra - April 2020 - Distant Alliances

Full Moon Libra - April 2020 - Distant Alliances

This particular lunar cycle has been another exercise in intensity, and there is a great deal of chaos going on. However, I have noticed that there are quite a few people doing their damnedest to keep unified even at a distance, and also spreading words of encouragement. That said, there's also been a fair amount of irresponsibility out there. Some tempers are fraying, and some people are not handling this forced isolation well. So what does the final two weeks of this lunar cycle have in store, starting with this culmination point? Time to get into it.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 18 Lib 43'38" on April 7th, 2020 19:35:03 PDT (April 8th, 2020 02:35:03 UTC). This Full Moon takes place in the seventh sign of Libra, a cardinal air-element sign associated with partnerships, relationships, being sociable, and also can indicate where our openly-known enemies can be too. There aren't a lot of direct aspects to this Full Moon worth mentioning (as the orbs of the other aspects are too large to really even count). As usual, Sun opposite Moon is the primary aspect. As the Sun is in fiery Aries, we're facing off with our desire to further our own ambitions, take care of ourselves, and stoke (and stroke) our own egos, yet at the same time we are experiencing a significant focus on how we relate to others, and what that means for our own identities. This Full Moon isn't like the previous one in that there aren't any major-body conjunctions this time. So what is hitting this Full Moon aspect-wise...?

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Honestly... there's one that's within range.

Neptune in Pisces Quincunx Full Moon in Libra

Neptune, a planet of illusions, dreams, intoxication, and the deeper psyche, is making this awkward off-kilter link to the Full Moon. This makes sense given the global situation right now, as our isolation from others that are dear to us is forcing us to take a deeper look into our own psyche, as well as our deeper concerns, desires, and fears. Now, of course there are remote ways of staying in touch, but Pisces isn't really known for that. Pisces is more known for deeper emotions, and this is where Neptune shines (being its home sign and all). Really, this is getting quite a few of us to confront social anxieties in the form of being locked away, sequestered, and practically institutionalized inside our own homes. For the less fortunate, this is also showing institutionalization inside hospitals. Concerns about prisoners being exposed to COVID-19, as well as the homeless in shelters, is also prevalent, so this aspect does make sense given what's going on right now.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

There are other aspects supplementing the Full Moon here in Libra. Some are actually nice, while the others... well, they're long-lasting and have been indicating massive changes in our world, and will continue to do so. This is highlighted now during the Full Moon.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn Sextile Mercury in Pisces

This is an interesting combination. Jupiter conjunct Pluto is indicative of serious changes in the world, in our lives, and in Capricorn it's indicating a reckoning of governing structures in the face of forced adaptation. Mercury sextile these, particularly in Pisces (where it's at its weakest), is forcing us to adapt and communicate some deeper concerns in our lives. This is taking the form of some creativity sparked by the upheaval in our lives. We are certainly seeing some innovations as well, such as musicians taking to live-streaming performances, and other creatives collaborating from afar. It may not be the most ideal way to create, but it's certainly doable, and people are digging deep into whatever they can to adapt. Others working from home are finding some benefits to the telecommuting as well.

For those who are not able to work remote, and especially for those who are essential workers, this is representing a time where long-buried concerns about workplace conditions and the underappreciation they have experienced is better communicated now, and I think this is going to continue to evolve as a dialog for needed change in our societies as a whole. It's definitely casting a spotlight on who is truly the backbone of our civilization, and it isn't the bureaucrats.

Uranus in Taurus Square Mars and Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn and Mars are at the outermost limits of their conjunction, so this aspect isn't as strong as it could be, but the combination is still quite volatile. Let's consider the tightest of the combined squares: Uranus square Mars. Mars is action, it is anger, it is drive, passion, raw sexual power. Uranus is unpredictability, changing conditions, rebellion, revolution. Uranus is weakest in Taurus, a sign of stability and foundation. Basically, it's showing us what has a foundation of sand, and only the foundation on the strongest rock will endure. Mars in this hard aspect to Uranus here, especially with Mars in unconventional Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus as well as Saturn), this is a rather volatile time we're in. Forced changes, stability threatened, nothing is clear right now.

Uranus square Saturn is another hard-ass aspect, although this part of the combination is considerably weaker at almost 5 degrees of orb, but still present. Saturn is discipline, it is contraction, it makes you go through the checklist. I would liken this combination in this combo of signs to being a fighter pilot doing their final checklist before taking off and bombing their targets. There's unpredictability in the air, and Saturn is going to make sure whatever needs to happen is going to happen. Lessons will be taught, but not necessarily learned. Uranus adds to this with the unpredictability of a tornado drill in the middle of a final exam. You know there's things you need to take care of, but with the shifting sands of current events, it's hard to get a foothold and keep the structure stable. Basically, we're going to have to ride the waves wherever they take us, and we may not like the ride.

Something to be said about Saturn and Mars together in Aquarius: Aquarius represents information, and thus the Internet, and there's been quite a buzz about increased censorship, disinformation, videos disappearing on various platforms, you name it. Uranus is adding to the unpredictability here, and it's also representing a disruption to livelihoods, both online and offline. Do not expect "normal" for a long while. Social media too is relying on AI and other algorithms to monitor and police content now, and there's reports of false positives, as well as increased flagging of posts and content. I don't think this is going to change towards the direction of permissive communications for... I don't know. Quite some time. Vigilance in figuring out what's good information and what's crap is essential, but these "curators" trying to do it for us... you have to wonder about who has what agenda. In short, many agendas are clashing, and it's building up a pile of explosive tension. It's worth rethinking what you communicate right now, and where. Risk versus reward, after all.

Venus in Gemini Trine Saturn and Mars in Aquarius

Now this combination of aspects is a bit more easy flowing, and I'd argue that this is contributing to the massive shows of online and remote collaboration going on right now, both for tech jobs being remote, and for creative artists doing live collaborations with one another and being able to share their art to the world. People are being forced to adapt and be resourceful in different ways to make a living. Venus in the third sign of Gemini also deals with communications, and Aquarius (with Saturn and Mars) forcing a reckoning of friendships and of our hopes and fears.

Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in Aries Sextile Mars in Aquarius

Another combination aspect that is pointing to innovation flowing with the healing of deep, hidden wounds. Now Lilith is moving on from Chiron, and is hitting its outer edge of a valid conjunction to Chiron, so this period of confronting the deeper pain is beginning to wane a bit. Still, we can make use of unconventional resources to help us along in confronting these deeper concerns. Internet-based counseling services is one example of this. Friends and loved ones communicating from a distance is another. It's indeed something we have to take into account now, and it's good to know that you don't have to work alone to take care of your deepest fears.

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

For a deeper picture, there are asteroids we can check that are aspecting the Full Moon itself. However, we have a special mention that isn't aspecting the Full Moon because these two asteroids are exactly squaring one another at the moment the Full Moon is at peak intensity. This needs to be examined.

Special Mention: 157 Dejanira in Aries Exactly Square Pholus Retrograde in Capricorn (0°00'00" Orb)

Dejanira is an asteroid that seems to be the victim's asteroid, and the mythological figure this asteroid is named for was victimized quite prolifically. Pholus is named for a centaur who had wine that the other centaurs wanted and thus is associated with intoxication. Put these two together in such an exact square, and it goes hand-in-hand with what we're seeing mentioned during the lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and quarantines: vastly increased alcohol and drug use, and a rise in domestic violence and other in-home confrontations. This cannot be ignored, and I fear that this is going to come to a head the longer the world is forced to bunker down and isolate. At a basic level, with Pholus being retrograde and drawing this aspect inwards, some of us are victimizing ourselves. Others are finding it difficult, but possible, to stay on the wagon and maintain their sobriety, and this should be commended for those who are on that journey.

While there are other asteroid aspects that are quite close, this was the only precisely exact one besides the Full Moon Sun Opposite Moon itself. This doesn't happen often in my observations, and thus it's highlighted.

Full Moon Conjunct 11823 Christen Retrograde and 8813 Leviathan Retrograde in Libra

This is an interesting combination... 11823 Christen I consider to be a name asteroid (like for people named Christen or Christian), but also seems to be a "church" asteroid as well. 8813 Leviathan is an entity of the deep, usually stylized as a gigantic underwater serpent, and interestingly enough is also mentioned in the Bible. This seems pertinent given the reports of some governors of several states considering religious services to be "essential" in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. Listening to some of the rationale for continuing to hold large gatherings in defiance of health orders, this is a time bomb ticking beneath the deep, especially as quite a few attendees I assume to be vulnerable to the harsher, and devastating, infections of this contagion.

As an example of why I don't think this is wise, I'll refer to a story in the Los Angeles Times concerning a church choir in Mount Vernon, WA that held a choir practice before the social distancing guidelines came into play, and 45 of 60 attendees fell ill, with a few eventual fatalities attributed to COVID-19. This hits too close to home for me as I live nearby there and it hit national news. Now, let's be fair: they didn't have the guidelines in place yet in Washington state to limit gatherings when this practice took place. But... it involved a religious gathering, and it was a hidden threat that manifested, and one of the ways this coronavirus does its damage is pneumonia... which drowns its victims. Consider this a stretch if you wish, but this is how I see it.

Asteroid Grand Cross: Full Moon in Libra Opposite 149 Medusa in Aries, Square 407 Arachne and 545 Messalina in Cancer, and Square 763 Cupido in Capricorn

This combination seems to be a strong indicator of mixed messages regarding entanglements, betrayal, and seduction in the face of this lunar cycle focusing on partnerships. This is rather interesting given the current global situation.

This is striking considering Libra being the sign of partnerships and being social, and Medusa is in Aries, a sign associated with self-determination and identity (as well as being quite independent). Medusa, of course, is named for a priestess of the temple of Athena in legend who was violated by Poseidon in said temple (in some versions), and was subsequently turned into a monstrous being (a gorgon in some versions) by Athena with snakes for hair, and the curse of petrifying those whose eyes met her gaze. One could argue she was punished for being violated, and victim-blaming is another form of betrayal in my view.

At any rate, betrayal and desecration is something to watch out for during the second half of this lunar cycle... this is pertinent as there are some national leaders (in multiple nations, so not singling any particular one out) who have issued quite horrible advice when dealing with this pandemic... some of whom have fallen victim to the virus they downplayed in one way or another. So let this be a lesson about betraying one's self as well. Sheer hubris is a danger.

Given the other aspects, Arachne is another figure in legend punished by Athena, again, for hubris for challenging (and winning!) a weaving contest. Given that in the one version of the legend I've heard, Arachne was taught by Athena how to weave in the first place, and apparently did not show appreciation even in victory, it was definitely an indicator of the ties that bind us all. Messalina, of course, is named for a very promiscuous Roman empress or noblewoman. Of course, infidelity is a tie that can bind in a major mess, and it's very risky now given the pandemic going around.

Opposing these two asteroids to complete the Grand Cross is Cupido, also associated with falling in love, seduction, and by the name, Cupid's arrow. Putting the entire asteroid Grand Cross together, there's a potential for previous snares of infidelity and promiscuity to bite perpetrators in the ass now, as with plenty of time to stay at home, hidden messages are more likely to be discovered by aggrieved partners. Also, there is the risk of people sneaking out and seeking encounters, and potentially snaring themselves with any number of contagions (not just COVID-19), especially if precautions (such as birth control) are not taken. And I'm not certain that certain contraceptive types are being reliably resupplied right now. (I think there was one article about a possible condom shortage, but regrettably I did not save the link to the article). I would not be surprised to see an increase in birth rate in several months given the lengthy quarantines.

447 Valentine and 4581 Asclepius in Leo Sextile Full Moon in Libra

447 Valentine brings to mind Valentine's Day, something that is associated with hearts and romance (partially based on legends involving conducting Christian weddings in pagan pre-Constantine Rome, as well as some accounts of cutting hearts out of parchment) but let's not forget it's a feast day for a priest or bishop who was executed, quite brutally I might add. Yet, the romantic angle lives on. 4581 Asclepius is an asteroid associated with health and medicine, and his staff in legend was said to have been the basis for the familiar serpent-on-a-staff medical emblem seen today. Sextile the Full Moon, this is an indicator to me that we need to take care of our loved ones and keep each other healthy in this uncertain time. Nursing loved ones back to health also is highlighted with this combination, I'd argue.

Asteroid Yod: Full Moon in Libra Quincunx 14827 Hypnos and 2629 Rudra in Taurus, and 829 Academia (with Neptune) in Pisces

Finally, we have the Full Moon being in a focal point of an asteroid-related Yod (kited by Medusa and the Sun, no less), with Hypnos and Rudra on one side, and Academia and Neptune on the other. Hypnos speaks to me as being hypnotic, suggestion, and with Rudra amplifying it, I'd argue propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation as well. Academia and Neptune together on the other side also indicates deeper study and esoteric study as well. There are quite a few fringe theories being circulated right now, as well as a lot of illusions and covered-up information regarding current events. There's also the murky quality of bad and incomplete data in some places, so we're looking at a perfect storm of many people really having no idea what the hell is going on.

Frankly, I'm amazed I didn't see my usual deception asteroids aspecting any of this.

In Closing

To sum it up, this Full Moon indicates a couple weeks where we need to consider our partnerships, and where we've got some strain going on in some of this extended continuous close-quarters influence we have with those we live with right now. Some of us may be enjoying and taking advantage of the increased time together, and for some of us we may even been able to bury some hatchets and come to some understandings. For others, the temptation to bury hatchets in others' foreheads may be rising. It's essential that people give proper space and that time to one's self be taken. Balance in all things, after all.

I did not have time to consider how this Full Moon affects the individual sun signs and rising signs. I know there have been some requests to provide this, but other concerns have been taking up considerable time on my end (such as the new day job (working remote I might add) that started me later than expected or planned). I do not know when I'd be able to provide this, or if it's even feasible in the short term. We'll see what happens once I clear up some of my backlog.

Stay healthy, and stay safe out there. Until next time.