Full Moon Leo - February 2020 - Shine Brightly

Full Moon Leo - February 2020 - Shine Brightly

Some major happenings lately, and it seems like it's all at a close... or is it? After all the drama of the preceding week, you'd think we'd be done. But we're not. We're at a culmination of this lunar cycle, and rather than wrapping everything up, I'd say it's the end of the beginning.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 20 Leo 00'10" on February 8th, 2019 23:33:15 PST (February 9th 07:33:15 UTC). This Full Moon is in the fifth sign of Leo, a fixed fire-element sign, which makes this one a Full Moon where we concentrate more on what we want to do, more on having some fun finally, and for some, children may come into play as well. Given that a Full Moon involves Sun opposite Moon, with the Sun in airy Aquarius this time, we'll be feeling like we want to concentrate more on what makes us feel better, and we aren't exactly caring who might not like it either. As far as everything else aspecting this Full Moon...

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

There really aren't any, unless you count one very wide trine and a minor biquintile.

Mars Trine Full Moon

Full Moon trine Mars in Sagittarius, at a very wide orb of 5 degrees, this adds an element of feeling a very slight energy boost for the remainder of the lunar cycle in pursuing what feels right to us, and of course what we want to do with ourselves as well. Mars in Sagittarius has a Jupiter-vibe to it, and we may yet feel like we can pull some awesome things off. Given the wide orb, it's much more subtle than if the trine were tighter. The Moon itself does move faster, so the trine will be tightening up over several hours, so it's coming to a crescendo soon.

Jupiter Biquintile Full Moon

Full Moon biquintile Jupiter in Capricorn is one of the more creative aspects we can find here. Jupiter doesn't like being in Capricorn very much, given that Capricorn is a more Saturnian sign, and thus more restrictive to the more optimistic and expansive nature of the largest planet in our solar system. Still, this does allow us to gain a bit of creativity in problem solving, that which aligns more with our philosophies when it comes to what we expect for our reputation and standings. Perhaps we find ourselves figuring out a way out of a sticky situation using our more expressive gifts.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

There's plenty else going on at the same time as the Full Moon, and these other aspects will be lending their strengths and drama to the intensity of this Full Moon.

Chiron Semisextile Uranus

Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus in Taurus does point to this being a time of catharsis where we will be challenged with issues pertaining to our resources and how they harm or heal our own selves and our own sense of identity. Some of us may be feeling the squeeze in not being able to do what we feel we need to do due to a lack of funds. Others will be finding that we've overindulged in some comforts during the holidays, and thus we need to step it up to get a few extra pounds off. Whatever we do, we're likely to find some rapid changes will be of some benefit.

Jupiter Conjunct Vega

Jupiter tightly on fixed star Vega during this Full Moon can act as a bit of a crisis point for us, with us either making out handsomely with some gains, or facing some serious repercussions from authority figures and even legal issues. Again, Jupiter doesn't like being in Capricorn all that much, and when optimism and contraction meet, it can result in some binds one way or another. Basically, authority gets expanded, and not necessarily our own authority, but it can happen.

Black Moon Lilith, Venus, and Chiron Conjunct in Aries

Black Moon Lilith conjunct Venus does point to the remainder of this lunar cycle being where the patriarchal structures will be severely challenged by feminine power exerting itself in a big way. Especially in Aries, where we face a ram's charge of energy directed at what we desire, what we want, what looks good to us. This also allows for the expression of what is normally taboo in a more "traditional" sense. We chase after what we want, regardless of the consequences.

Black Moon Lilith conjunct Chiron also has potency in that we seek to move forward from what has held us back in the past. There are some deep wounds coming to the surface now, and some of that is gaining some expression with the Venus conjunction to Chiron as well. We can find creativity, art, romance all very therapeutic right now. For some, expressing ourselves in these realms will help close some gaps where we've been found wanting.

Mercury Trine North Node

Mercury in Pisces trine the North Node in Cancer does allow us to more easily communicate that which will get us closer to the life we want, and need, to live, rather than living in the past. We know what will move us forward, and we're more willing to vocalize that to our friends and loved ones now, regardless of the consequences. We may find that we have a little bit more support right now, and we may find ourselves experiencing some reality checks as well with Mercury being in it's pre-retrograde shadow period as well. We'll find some support, but also some admonition to cross our t's and dot our i's.

Pluto Semisquare Mercury

Mercury semisquare Pluto in Capricorn is a bit more tense, in that we may find ourselves having to confront some ways in which we've held ourselves back, and where we've hoisted ourselves by our own petards. Uncomfortable truths abound in where we've managed to sabotage ourselves will come to light, but we may also find that with some concerted effort, we can come up with a plan to get around this obstacle.

Uranus Semisquare Neptune

Uranus in Taurus semisquare Neptune in Pisces is a tricky one in which we may find some rapidly-manifesting fears and illusions regarding some unexpected failings in our plans. It's possible things aren't as bad as we've made them out to be, but with the uncertainty hanging over our heads, we may not see much of a way forward. We can still make progress, and we may even have some flashes of inspiration that can seem like solutions to our problems, but are they really viable solutions? Or are these "solutions" really distractions that will take us away from what will actually propel us forward? We need to be a bit more careful about this.

Mars Semisextile Saturn

Mars in Sagittarius semisextile Saturn in Capricorn points to this Full Moon period as a time where we'll really have to batten down the hatches to make progress now. There's an urgency in working on what we need to get done, and we feel we're slamming against some deadlines right now. Some applied energy in the right way can get us where we want to go, but if we're not careful, we may find ourselves running the opposite direction away from the true goal. Make sure you're not getting distracted and getting bogged down in busy work.

Uranus Quintile Sun

Uranus in Taurus quintile the Sun in Aquarius indicates this lunar period being a time where we face some unexpected challenges in where we need to think outside the box. Uranus rules Aquarius, and the Sun is in detriment in that sign, and Uranus doesn't work as well in Taurus either. We'll need to come up with some really innovative solutions to get through this troubling period. Some of the solutions we come up with, however, will be quite extraordinary.

Mars Quintile Mercury

Mars in Sagittarius quintile Mercury in Pisces suggests a time where we can make some bold moves and overtures towards getting what we want. Some real challenges are rearing up on us, to be sure, but we can get through it. Some carefully-worded missives of assertion may be what we need to stave off some major disasters ahead.

Skipping the Asteroids This Time

We're going to stop here this time. As I had to some some site maintenance which ate up a considerable amount of time, I was not able to get this article up in time before the Full Moon actually went exact, and as the sun is starting to come up here, it doesn't make much sense for me to examine the minor asteroids this time around. The next Full Moon I'll be able to take a look at those as I normally do.

In Closing

To sum it up, this Full Moon indicates a couple weeks where we will be pursuing what we really want, our heart's desires. We certainly have had our share of licking our wounds as we head into the remainder of this lunar cycle, but we can get through all of this if we apply some real effort and exercise some unexpected creativity. What are you not seeing? What are we missing? That's the questions we need to ask ourselves, and answer, if we're going to succeed in the next couple of weeks. As I now need some sleep, I'll close off here. Peace.