Full Moon Aries - October 2017 - Frayed Sanity

Full Moon Aries - October 2017 - Frayed Sanity

This lunar cycle has... been way more active, more intense, more... horrific... than we could have hoped. The atrocity in Vegas has proven to be not only an example of survivors helping survivors, but it has also revealed just how divided we are. The culmination of this lunar cycle will reveal more for the remainder of the cycle, and we have... hard truths to face.

The primary aspect is, of course, the Full Moon square Pluto. Now, A full moon is Sun opposite Moon, and is a time of completion, where we can finish tasks, where we can culminate what we initiated during the New Moon phase of this cycle. We can feel on top of the world sometimes with a Full Moon, or at least enough drive to finish up some tasks. This one squares Pluto, so whatever we try to finish up is going to face some pretty serious obstacles, possible failures, or quite possibly some pretty sweet successes if we play our cards right (and put in the very hard work we need to do to make it happen)! The orb is about 4 degrees or so between the Sun and Moon to Pluto, so it's not an exact T-square. We also have Mercury conjunct Sun and opposite Moon, and to a weak degree, square Pluto, so how we come across to others, and some of our travel will also be impacted heavily. We need to bite our tongue just a little, and communicate clearly. Diplomacy might be a good idea right now, lest we lose our cool and call our boss a moron. Let's also note that the Sun is dangerously close to fixed star Algorab, in the constellation of Corvus (the Crow). Algorab has the attributes of Mars and Saturn, and can be a bit incendiary. Tempers could rise a bit during this period, so try to keep your cool.

Anyways, moving on... if we think it's just a simple matter of playing some cards right, it's not that simple for the rest of this cycle beyond the fixed star shining close to the sun. We also have Venus conjunct Mars, both square Saturn and asteroid Industria. Mars with Venus can give us some intense power and drive to go forward and achieve what we want to go, and can also fuel some spark in the bedroom with our significant others (or a stranger, perhaps). We do have a saving grace of Mars-Venus trine Pluto, which can give us a surge of energy to apply to tearing down a block that is keeping us from getting important tasks done. It's not perfect, and it's not the tightest orb, and Pluto is conjunct Nike, but also Bologna right now, so as long as you stay true to your objective, you might just do well enough to pull off an 11th-hour victory at best, or at the very least force a stalemate against something or someone feeding you a line of bull. Take ethical victories wherever you can.

Moving on... OK, Mars square Saturn alone is not the nicest of aspects and can lead to some hard arguments and even violence. Venus with Mars can intensify this towards our job aspects and our love life... passions intense, but Saturn is there constricting, disciplining us. Saturn with Industria alone can be great for sustained, focused, hard work and effort. We're distracted though. There some wanting to play and pursue what we find more attractive than just hard work. Saturn's in Sagittarius anyways, not the most disciplined spot either. I suppose adult entertainers might be able to take advantage of this aspect a bit, but might have some questionable clientele or otherwise have some unpalatable incidents in general. Could be a possibility of violence and crimes of passion at worst... this is a time of caution, even after the unfortunate release that occurred already.

Jupiter opposite Uranus retrograde is also a rough aspect, where we find a division between some of our higher calling, or some of our career aspirations, and our inner rebellion, some sudden upheavals. Jupiter in Libra isn't even its strongest point, but it's just, just short (by a minute of a degree) of the critical final degree of 29 Libra. Jupiter is getting ready to change into Scorpio, and that brings some potent energies. Whatever is happening to drive forward higher belief, or law, it's going to culminate soon. And this close to the Full Moon, it's going to intensify. Of course, Uranus is separating from this, so we might not do too much self-sabotage or sudden change-ups to trigger this if we watch what we're doing.

Saturn trine North Node just might give us a little insulation, and Saturn is applying in trine to Uranus retrograde, so we do have a Fire Grand Trine of sorts happening, though the Uranus/North Node connection is weakening. We might be able to find a shortcut or a different way of getting through a task. What I can see is a much stronger Fire Grand Trine between North Node, Eris, and Saturn. Unconventional solutions are actually going to be a strong way for us to get through the next couple weeks. Don't go so overboard that you throw all caution to the wind, but we're going to have to embrace some uncertainty and chaos to move forward. No way around it, because, quite frankly, stable order just is not going to happen right now. Embrace the chaos, and turn it to your advantage. Use it in art, use it in hobbies, maybe even that strange thought of how to resolve an issue or problem at work just might get the project done in the nick of time.

Backtracking and looking back at the Sun, we do have Sun quincunx Neptune retrograde, and that's going to bring to us a bit of uncertainty, and some self-questioning as to whether we're really on the right track. It's going to be very easy to lose ourselves in self-inebriation or self-deception. Be aware, and break out of it. Sun also sesquiquadrates Destinn and Sedna on Algol, and this is important. A sesquiquadrate is like a square and a semisquare (a weaker form of square), and is approximately 135-degrees in orb, give or take a degree or two maximum, so we're going to be facing some.... I'm going to say some external blocks and issues. Be aware that there is an elevated possibility of betrayal and losing one's head. Sedna on Algol is just symbolizing all sorts of problems with trust of patriarchal figures right now, and there's a real "off with their heads" feel with the Eye of Medusa shining (or blinking as it were) on that transneptunian terror. Destinn gives us a sense of destiny (the closest English word that matches), and... well, Vegas. Again. Be vigilant. Thankfully I don't see anything at 27 Aquarius to create a Thor's Hammer (two bodies or points square, both sesquiquadrate a third, and a portent of great challenge, more rough than a Yod in my opinion). Don't put absolute trust in father figures or male/male-minded figures right now. Trust, but verify, and watch your back.

Mercury is also quincunx asteroid Narcissus retrograde right now, so let's be a bit more careful than normal when it comes to tooting our own horns. But, Narcissus does trine Aphrodite and Eros in Scorpio, so we might be able to subdue the inner narcissist in ourselves and maybe embrace some love or affection for a bit. Do be careful that you don't put too much blind faith in whatever short-term encounters you experience right now, as Aphrodite-Eros quincunxes Cupido, which is a couple degrees from conjuncting the Full Moon. Don't invest too much emotion in the other if you're just after a hook-up. Now, if you want something lasting, that's fine. Just know that the major aspects of Mars-Venus square Saturn and Full Moon T-square Pluto may make that a little tenuous, and a lot spicier than normal. Might be alright for some fun. As far as obsessions regarding lustful encounters, we do have Nessus trine Lust. This might mitigate the worst aspects of these two asteroids, and allow us a slightly easier time to engage in some sultry pursuits without opening ourselves up too terribly much to torment... but do be careful. The major planets do have more bearing than the minor asteroids. If in doubt, have an out.

Finally, I'm going to mention Chiron retrograde. Chiron is squaring Saturn right now, so there's likely to be some stopping and tending to our wounds we are going to need to do collectively, as this is a global forecast for this Full Moon. Quite appropriate, given current events. Chiron also sextiles asteroid Nemesis, and forms a Yod to the North Node. We've already had an enemy strike down so many people... how we handle the aftermath will determine the course of action for the foreseeable future. We can heal from this if we stop wounding ourselves. As a nation here in the U.S.A.? We have our work cut out for us on that one. And Nemesis opposes asteroid Tyrannosaurus, but also trines Sedna-Destinn. A bit of a wedge pattern, and Chiron does trine that Tyrannosaurus as well. Nemesis also squares Eris, and we do see a great deal of chaos, discord, and seeing enemies in many places judging from what I'm seeing on my personal Facebook feed. I'm just going to take this moment and make a broad appeal to calm, and to use some damn common sense in dealing with others right now. Granted, with the hard aspects I'm seeing and the news that keeps pouring out of Washington, D.C.? I'll make the appeal anyways but I'm frankly not hopeful it's all going to go smoothly. Just try to examine all sides of these issues and try to keep a level head in your own lives, but do stand up to bullies as well should they try to force their way.

To sum up this Full Moon? Holy crap. This is not going to be an easy time. There's a few softer aspects to help soften the blow just a little, but we've got a lot of hard energy for the next couple of weeks, and nerves are frayed to almost the breaking point right now. The right catalyst could cause more mayhem, and it's very easy for trouble to find people right now, so don't make any unnecessary trouble for anyone or yourselves right now if you absolutely don't have to. A great deal can get done if you can weather the storm, the trick is going to be the actual weathering of the storm. It's not hopeless though!. Reach out and ask for help if you need it.