Daily Report - Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Daily Report - Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

We're midway through the week, and it's been quite a week, hasn't it? Today is going to be a big one for us all, and it's make or break time. We've got some asteroid love and not-so-love going on, but don't let that fool you: asteroids aren't the main theme of the day. Communication and decisive destiny is key. As always, I go through and look at when the aspects are most exact.

Bear in mind that the aspects are generally active throughout the entirety of the day. The possible exception is that of Moon-to-asteroid interactions due to the quick movement of the Moon through the zodiac, and the minor, subtle influence of the asteroids themselves. Asteroids are smaller than, say, Mercury, so this makes sense. With that out of the way...

Wednesday begins in the overnight hours with Vesta sextile Sun. Not much to say here at this time of the day except for a setup for us recharging through the night and holding true to ourselves when we wake up. We'll also have Moon square Hekate retrograde as well, and with Hekate in Cancer right now, we're bound to have some deep dream visions that may either be disturbing or jarring. Make a note of what those dreams are if you can remember them. A dream journal might be a good idea. To finish off the sleepy hours, Moon will also trine Pholus, and Pholus has just entered Capricorn. A good chance we'll awaken with a bit of sober vision and renewed resolve on what we need to do to build up on our foundations. This will also be about the time the Moon enters Taurus, so what makes us feel comfortable, fed, and secure will be in the back of our mind for the rest of the day in some form.

Going into commute time (assuming you're on the U.S. West Coast and have a typical 9-5-ish schedule), Moon conjunct Pallas helps us know our worth, and we're more likely to be making some pragmatic and sound decisions based on some level of wisdom, rather than pie-in-the-sky fantasy. Make use of that minor wisdom, as Moon quincunxes Karma soon after, and there could be some lack of rhyme or reason where we question what's going on with us. We'll be wondering if we're really getting what we deserve, or if we are experiencing penance for something we did or didn't do... or if an unexpected bonus happened and we can't figure out why we're deserving of it. Maybe. Karma's a strange beast.

Nearing lunchtime, Mercury semisextile Kaali sharpens our tongues and increases our aggressive driving slightly, so be careful. Apophis semisextile Chiron at the same time could lead to some minor aggravations and fender benders, or maybe some sudden demolishing of something that was bothering us? Sort of like the rabbit pulling the thorn out of the lion's paw. A little further into the PST noontime hours, we start getting our major aspect of the day: Mercury conjunct Pluto. Messages and communications will be decisive, and we will receive definite yeses and nos at this time. Not to mention some will travel and have a decisive journey, some making their destination one way or another. May not be the destination we were expecting, but it will come. Black Moon Lilith semisextile Venus at the same time brings some hidden focus to something we desire, be it looks, money, our job, the prospective date, and chances are what happens at midday will shape things for a good while to come. Consider this a buildup to the Lunar Eclipse coming next week.

Into the afternoon hours, Moon quincunxes Vesta and squares the Sun/Lucifer conjunction. Pride comes before a fall, so if you were feeling all high and mighty and not deservingly so, you will be brought back down to Earth faster than Icarus with a pair of candle wax wings. Check the ego. Sun conjunct Lucifer is pride personified, and this is legacy time. With the Moon configuration, it can be the breaking of legacies.

A little further on, Sedna retrograde square Apophis while Moon sextiles Nessus could bring to light further undoing in another scandal, most likely of a sexual nature, most likely a male figure. Don't be surprised if someone else we thought untouchable crashes and burns today, or if more allegations come to light against someone already under fire. The cosmic wheel isn't done running roughshod over the old structure quite yet, and with Sedna conjunct Algol for the next few years, a reminder is in order, the old structure is going away. It'll just take time and won't be painless. Stand firm and hold fast, justice will come.

Into the evening hours and into the night, Pluto semisextile Kaali will bring amplification to those conversations and messages from before, triggering some potentially heated discussions on the way home or in the watering holes later on. Somebody will face the music.

Finally, to finish off Wednesday, the Moon trine Black Moon Lilith brings forth intuitive insight and preps us for the dream visions to come (or perhaps induced visions if we're under the influence of a drink or two, but do be careful what the "spirits" bring (they don't call liquor that for nothing)). Finally, Moon square Venus highlights some doubts we have about whether we're really going after what we want, and will bring our insecurities to the forefront. Trust in yourself to make the right choice, but don't make hasty ones before going to bed. Making a list to consider the following day is advised if you can't quite get things off of your mind if you want to save your sanity tonight.

In summary, Wednesday has a good bit of intensity and we're going to decisively talk our way into or out of our destiny, one way or another. Let's try not to dwell on whether we made the right choices today or not, as eating ourselves up will only hasten ruin. Sometimes I lose faith too, but then again, when it comes to this sort of stuff, I tend to speak to a bunch of choirs sometimes. Maybe I'm not. You decide. Let's decide to further our futures the way we want to live them.