Daily Report - Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Daily Report - Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Wednesday's report gets a little bit less easy-going than Tuesday's did. There's still a lot going on here in the sky, and there will be no shortage of triggering aspects.

For much of the day, all the way until nearly 11PM PDT, we'll still have the Water Grand Trine between Cancer North Node, Pisces Chiron, and Scorpio Mercury. This will of course lend itself some manner of protection and healing, though its power is fast waning. We must also consider that we are still in the middle of an Aquarius Moon which will color our feelings and desires in terms of how we appear to our friends and colleagues.

Also consider that by the evening, the Water Grand Trine will become simply a Grand Trine as Mercury enters Sagittarius around 3:42 PM PST (11:42 PM UTC). As we transition into this phase of Mercury's journey through its post-retrograde shadow period, we'll be more prone to expressing and communicating how we feel about how we feel in the grand scheme of things and not in terms of the day-to-day grind and the darker mysteries of life. Frankly, we'll want to get on with more positive ends and more pleasant thoughts. Daydreaming is likely to be a big theme around midday.

On a more progressive feel, let's go through the rest of the day's more exact aspects. Early on we do have Mercury in Scorpio semisextile Dejanira in Sagittarius. Overnight we'll either be in bed thinking about or dreaming possibly about how we may feel we're being victimized or mistreated, and what our responses to this should be. As the early morning progresses, Aquarius Moon semisextile Pisces Mars (still conjunct Neptune), so these dream visions and feelings of inadequacy or neutering will be compounded. The Mars/Neptune conjunction is weakening rapidly, so do try to relax as you process the visions.

As we hit the waking hours on the West Coast, Venus in Scorpio trine Nessus in Pisces should allow for some more pleasant conversations regarding money, relationships, or what we hold dear or valuable. We may notice something out of place with this aspect that will allow us to be better on guard from that which could cost us needlessly. Pluto in Capricorn semisextile the Aquarius Moon will further trigger feelings of needing to be watchful for unnecessary losses. Sun in Sagittarius sextile the Moon gives us a better air of confidence in matters relating to longer term goals and planning, which, again, will help us guard against unnecessary losses. Juno retrograde in Taurus square the Moon does, of course, throw a little bit of a damper into the mix, so we will definitely need to be on further guard. To finish out the morning, we'll see 99942 Apophis in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces. We may see what needs to be ended, destroyed, or demolished when it comes to our professional or public-facing lives in order to move on from previous pain and hurts.

Going into the afternoon, Eris retrograde in Aries sextiles the Aquarius Moon, allowing us to embrace a certain amount of inner chaos and see where we go from here. Juno retrograde quincunx Sun does also point to some problems when it comes to the homefront, and of course with Taurus involved we see where we feel comfortable, our possessions, or our finances. Pretty much we may have a financial debacle affecting our private lives and we aren't sure exactly what to do about it.

In the evening, Mercury, now in Sagittarius, sextiles Pholus in the beginnings of Capricorn tightly. There's a good chance we're going to be realizing where we've overextended ourselves in our pursuit of gain, and this is a time where we reflect and start figuring out what we can do to mitigate any further damage.

Later on that night, Sedna retrograde squares the Aquarius Moon at its tightest point, and Uranus retrograde also quincunxes 100 Hekate. This makes for some pretty dicey thoughts as we retire for the evening, as we are likely to be feeling betrayed by those who we feel should have helped us, but we're finding ourselves in a quandary of chaos that seems... almost fated. We'll certainly be at a crossroads at this point, and to cap off Wednesday (at least on the West Coast), North Node quincunx Moon definitely points to some uneasiness we may have in determining how to go about in achieving our goals. And, do note that the Grand Trine is pretty much ending right before this as well with Mercury moving on from the effective orb of trining Chiron. The mitigating healing aspects will be reduced by the coming of the next midnight.

Frankly, this is going to be a high intensity day just with Mercury changing signs alone, but the effective ending of the Grand Trine pretty much means its time to get serious and be on guard. No more sheltering in place because it's now go time! At this point, we can't just wait around for miracles: We've got to go out there and make those miracles happen. We can do this. Get to it.