Daily Report - Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Daily Report - Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Tuesday this week is looking a bit easier than a lot of days that we've been having, astrologically-speaking. Overall, I'd rate this as a "get caught up and catch a breather" day. Not to say there aren't a few challenges, but overall it should be manageable for most. Let's take a look...

Hourly: Tuesday begins with Venus sextile Moon at around 1:00 PDT. This should manifest as a sense of ease regarding people or posessions we value, or our jobs. It'll be a little easier to see the good in these things and to better appreciate what we have, and given that it's the Moon overnight for some of us, it may manifest as dream visions as well. Further on around 2:00 PDT we see the Moon trine Vesta retrograde. This further allows us to look within and further appreciate the closest relations and most treasured objects in our lives, so generally I'd say overnight is a good time to drift off to sleep while counting your blessings.

4:00 PDT brings us an exact aspect, to the second of a degree. Pallas opposite Pholus retrograde does challenge us to use our wisdom to overcome that which most debilitates us, whether it be us realizing we had one too many drinks at dinner, or maybe realizing we have another escape (could be an enthralling novel, a game we play, anything addictive) that isn't the healthiest thing for us right now. As these are both minor asteroids, the effect won't be nearly as strong, but still, given the exactness, it's something to consider today.

Around 6:00 PDT we see a challenging square between Ceres and Jupiter retrograde. This suggests a time where we wonder if home really is where the heart is, or if we feel we're really in the right place spiritually and philosophically. Perhaps our luck isn't what we're making it out to be when it comes to the homefront. It could even be a stirring to pull up stakes, or maybe something seemingly unrelated (but really not) such as disatisfaction with our morning commute.

Later on in the morning, around 9:00 PDT we'll see the Moon trine Saturn retrograde. Now this is actually welcome in that we can feel like we're identifying patterns that have been holding us back, and while it's a little harder to get those corrections going with Saturn being in reverse motion (from our perspective on Earth, anyways), we're still making progress. If it dosn't feel like it, ask yourself which way you're facing. 10:00 PDT also brings us a separating semisextile from Moon to the North Node. This serves to trigger feelings about where we are in relaion to our ultimate destinies. Are you making progress? Again, which way are you facing? And we can always turn it around if it's not the right way.

Around Noon PDT, Chiron sextile Sun enables us to face something that's been holding us back, whether it be a bad habit or three, or maybe something that's not necessarily harmful to us, but not the best course of action overall. As an easier sextile, there is a slight danger of shoring things just enough to be "good enough." Do we want to just be good enough, or do we want to excel and be the best? Depends on what it is, as the effort to excel at something we're ok at could also be an indicator that there's something else that we'd be much more talented at. Or maybe our own ego has been holding us back and it's time to address it. One of those "pfft, why would I ever try the piano, I'm no musician!" moments. Try it. Maybe you're a prodigy and that stern parent of a church friend shooed you away from the church organ when you were younger, as an example. Point is, take a chance and mend that wound.

Near 15:00 PDT we'll see Venus oppose Vesta retrograde, and this couild bring to us a bit of doubt as to whether we really want to stay in a job we're in, or a relationship, or, and this may be a stretch, there's an increased risk of forgetting an anniversary. This would make sense as Vesta represent what is sacred to us, being the sacred flame, and Venus is what we find attractive or what our vocation is to bring us the funds or resources to acquire those attractive things and people in our lives. If you think you'll forget something that you normally would be all over, set a reminder in an app or on your computer at home. It couldn't hurt, especially at this point in the day.

As we enter the evening around 19:00 PDT, Mercury sextile Neptune gives us an opportunity to jot down something that we've been brainstorming for awhile, or perhaps there's that flash of insight while driving home from work or driving to a friend's concert, for example. Artists and musicians can benefit greatly from this aspect throughout the evening, and novelists, bloggers, and screenwriters can make some good progress on a creative work they're working on.

We end the day around 23:00 PDT with a double-whammy of Mercury opposing Jupiter retrograde, and the Moon opposing Neptune. This could lead to some bizarre thoughts, or perhaps we second-guess ourselves and our place in the universe. There is a danger of falling victim to escapes from reality, whether it be through substances or excessive gaming, or in some cases, both. This could also lead to some really bizarre or interesting dreams overnight, so do make sure to note important dream visions if you're into the dream-logging thing. Perhaps there's that late-night flash of inspiration too, as the Moon is sextiling Jupiter and Mercury is sextiling Neptune so we're really looking at a mystic rectangle aspect here as Mercury also trines the Moon and Neptune trines Jupiter. Some tricky blending of energies, but the rewards can be very much worth it if we can take advantage of the insights. Follow your intuition, your gut, what God is telling you, or whatever you attribute it to. Maybe all of the above.

So overall it's a more relaxed day, and with plenty of opportunities for inspiration. Take advantage of this while you can and get caught up if you can! Don't stress too much if you can't, and if someone flies off the handle because they're not taking advantage of the flow, that's more their problem than yours. If they fire you today for that? Maybe you didn't want to work for them in the first place. Keep your eyes open for signs and opportunities today, and indicators of your present and future path.