Daily Report - Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Daily Report - Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Spent a lot of time on the Lunar Eclipse article I just posted. In the spirit of Spaceballs, the Short, short version of Tuesday's forecast. Are you ready? I am. And go.

We're heading into a Lunar Eclipse overnight into Wednesday, so bear that in mind: Everything will be intense all day long for Tuesday!

Overnight we have Uranus square Moon at 3:00 PST, which will bring some interesting and intense dream visions. This is likely to be a restless night, so have that coffee or tea ready in the morning. I'm going to need it, and so are you. A little later on though, we have Moon sextile Sedna retrograde and trine Chiron at 4:00 PST. Perhaps in the dreamscape we have some epiphanies as to what to do about a vexing, troubling situation.

6:00 PST brings us Moon conjunct Hekate retrograde, so while we're getting ready to wake up (many of us, anyways), we may have had some further dream visions about decision paths to make, or perhaps some esoteric stuff like levitating in a dream. Remember as many dream clues as you can, as there's a lot inside yourself right now that you need to look into unlocking if we're going to get through the rest of this week. This year perhaps. Month, definitely.

Sedna retrograde sextile Chiron exact around 7:00 PST could have us waking up to some relief from recent betrayals, as minor as the relief may be. Hopefully it will be enough for us to begin or enhance healing. If there hasn't been a recent betrayal, perhaps a morning swim is in the itinerary?

9:00 PST we see our challenging aspect of the day, Moon opposite Mercury. Not the greatest of aspects right now, but one we must deal with. Communications are not likely to be very clear, and drivers on the road are likely not to be very awake right now. Give yourself some extra time to get to work if you see this in time. Make sure your messages to coworkers and loved ones are clear, and triple-checking what you're saying around now is advised.

Later on in the afternoon, around 14:00 PST, Pallas sextile Apophis may bring some kind of wisdom regarding something to be eliminated, something that may be paining you a bit and is distracting you from securing a better life for yourself, or detrimental to keeping what you need to survive and be stable. We can overcome this a little bit better with this minor energy.

15:00 PST gives us an easier aspect to deal with, Moon trine Mars. At this time we'll likely have a little bit of a confidence boost, and keep in mind that Moon has now entered Leo in preparation for it's shrouding by the Earth as it is eclipsed overnight. We can finish the workday on a strong and positive note for the most part, so make the most of it!

16:00 PST: Pallas square Moon may bring us a little bit of trouble when the afternoon fog hits some of us, and we might be feeling just a little bit unwise or unsure about how to proceed with using the knowledge we've gained in our travels. Take a few deep breaths, and we should be fine.

Before the evening commute at 17:00 PST, Moon trine Karma should be useful for feeling like we're on the right path, gaining what we're working so hard for. If not that, then perhaps we receive a little bit of good news that makes us feel a little bit better about something else in our lives, maybe a new direction we'll be going towards soon enough after this eclipse season winds up?

Into the nighttime hours, Moon quincunx Nessus around 20:00 PST could be problematic. We might want what we want right now, but we are a bit hyped up with the upcoming eclipse energies, and it's really easy to obsess over some key details. Pop in a movie or crack open a book and chill. Or, maybe some meditation to calm the mind (highly recommended).

Finally, as we end the day near 23:00 PST, Moon trine Vesta will bring us some comfort in us achieving our higher ideals, and what we hold sacred to ourselves. Vesta, the sacred flame, is in Sagittarius, and while in Jupiter's sign points to a greater drive towards us connecting to the divine, or our higher selves, or perhaps just our own volition. Whatever works for you.

Tuesday's quite a day. Super-intense, right before the hyper-intense day after this one. If you're lucky enough to be on the West Coast and have a break in the clouds overnight, you may get a glimpse of the eclipse. I'm likely not going to be awake, and I'm up entirely too late as it is. Morning comes early, so I draw this to a close tonight. Peace.