Daily Report - Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Daily Report - Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

About that weekly... On second thought, I may not get to the weekly this week either. However, I can at least give you another daily report for Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. The commute, plus the events of this day (A death in the family, and the whole "grass is greener on the other side..." thing. Yeah. It's been a day. The passing, however, was expected as he was ailing for quite some time). Anyways. Enough about that. If I seem a little bit out of it today, you know why.

Again, I base these off of PST (Seattle Time), which is UTC -8 hours. Make adjustments accordingly.

Tuesday, we begin the overnight hours with the Moon trine Ceres retrograde. We can feel a bit more at ease in our homes, and maybe recharge a bit. A time where our own role in the home is highlighted as Ceres retrograde brings about some home revisions, and reexaminations on how we conduct our more private matters. A little bit later, the Moon will also exactly trine the North Node, which brings us some fated recovery. Moon sextile Juno a couple hours after that eases our overnight feelings of security with our partners, or maybe ourselves if single. Moon semisextile Destinn may bring some dream visions about our greater destiny as well before waking, or maybe epiphanies come in the shower as how to better advance our greater destinies, maybe in the shower for early risers.

Going into the workday, Vesta semisextile Saturn could make for some interesting developments and perhaps commutes. Watch out for speed traps is the thought I have with this one more than anything else, but also there could be some early morning developments in the law and legal front. Moon square Mercury also further bolsters the warning against getting complacent if you don't want to get pulled over for something dumb. This could also imply accidents, so do take care when traveling. Still later on in the morning, Moon sextile Kaali amplifies our emotional state and attunes us slightly better to our inner voice. Be very aware of what that inner voice is telling you, and make sure it's actually yours, as shortly after that sextile, Moon will square Pluto, and that can spell all sorts of discord and harsh reality checks. Perhaps that new beginning from the day before may have that "grass was greener from the other side" feel.

Into the afternoon, Hekate retrograde trine Mars can bring forth inspiration for us to take action finding our inner path. Take note of what signs you see, as divinity or whatever you believe in may be trying to suggest a course of action. Or it could be something from the underworld. Pause and make sure it's the right course of action before deciding anything. Especially as soon after this, Moon conjunct Eris will bring forth some discordant feelings in our state of affairs. Saturn semisextile Sun and Moon quincunx Dejanira signal another aspect to this transit where we feel like the victim of our own emotions, but we can't be certain whether we've restricted ourselves somehow, or if we're just feeling vulnerable for vulnerability's sake.

Entering the nighttime hours, The Moon conjuncts Uranus and sextiles Apophis, while also semisextiling Chiron and Sedna retrograde on Algol. Truthfully, this sounds like a point where we're going to decide to take action suddenly and ditch something that's been bothering or hobbling us, yet at the same time we must be wary not to sabotage ourselves in the process. No sense in throwing out the baby with the bathwater, after all. To finish off Tuesday, Uranus sextile Apophis aids in completing this demoliton of something not good for us.

Long story short, Tuesday is a day where we'll feel uneasy about the way the week is progressing so far, and we'll be taking stock in what we've gained, but also what we seem to have not gained and what we've lost. It's better to focus on what lies ahead, because looking backwards too much won't get us anywhere. And if you're walking backwards looking at the past, you're not looking at what the future will bring. Really, it's time to take decisive action and make the decision to go towards what we want, because in the end, the destination isn't going to come to us. We've got to go towards it, and sometimes we've just got to get pissed off enough to make the decision to go after it. Complacency brings stagnation. Stagnation brings demise. Don't wallow in demise. And this is where I leave off tonight. Cheers.