Daily Report - Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Daily Report - Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

I"m going to say this right now: I did not forecast the Dow Jones sliding like it did yesterday. Stock prediction and market analysis isn't my thing. Analyzing astrology and the minor asteroids is my thing. I'm going to be very clear about something right now: Use my posts as financial prediction aids at your own peril. Trust me, if I knew how to fully harness that, I would be far more well off than I am right now. But perhaps I'm half kidding... or am I? Anyways, I tend to look on the more general side of things, I feel.

Enough lollygagging. Let's see what else Tuesday brings to the forefront.

Starting at Midnight PST, Moon square Bambi retrograde is in the air, and I have a feeling with the financial events of yesterday, some people monitoring retirement funds and other financial markets are getting that "deer in the headlights" look. Abundantia semisextile Leviathan retrograde acts as a trigger for ... a correction in the making perhaps, but do bear in mind, that's... minor asteroids... and Abundantia is in range of fixed star Algol... ...ouch. Did not see that one. Dudu retrograde quincunx Apophis is also bringing some of the crap back to smack us in our... ...just duck, okay? Let's move on.

1:00 PST brings us Moon opposite Cupido and semisextile Academia retrograde, and squares Kafka as well! Keep in mind Moon has entered Scorpio, so there's going to be some darker, more murky emotions hitting this right now. Be wary of Casanovas who are out for one thing, and if you're studying late for classes, always a good idea to travel in groups when able. That's what I'm feeling with this. As far as Kafka, don't expect dreams and our feelings tonight to be all that mundane. I'll be honest, I never read Franz Kafka's works, but something tells me I should remedy that soon.

Around 2:00 PST, Ceres retrograde trines Vesta and quincunxes Nemesis. No major planet aspect in tightest orb for this hour, so Ceres takes center stage as we sleep semi-soundly in our beds. Yet some of us may be kept awake wondering about a friend or other acquaintance, or perhaps rivals, who would invade our space. A guest making simmering trouble perhaps? (I"m kinda a guest myself right now, so I hope I'm not one of those). The trine is a little stronger, so more likely we'll be dreaming or having in the back of our minds some sort of faith or inner working of keeping our homesteads safe from potential enemies.

3:00 PST brings us more asteroid configurations, with Lamb square Juno, Academia retrograde trine Kafka, and Vesta square Nemesis. Lamb-Juno and Vesta-Nemesis are passing influences that warn us to be aware of that which would threaten our homes and loved ones, and that which we hold dear. Kafka-Academia, on the other hand, is an easier aspect that I think might be useful if any of us are burning the midnight oil and studying some off-the-wall topic perhaps. Perhaps reading this very blog entry... which would qualify, perhaps!

Further into the morning around 4:00 PST, Mercury semisextile Tyche and Moon semisextile Midas retrograde will be functioning as more triggers, and especially as it's 7:00 EST near Wall Street. Abundantia is also quincunx Ixion, and Ixion is with Galactic Center, so I'm going to speculate something here... that we're about to see more financial world news, and I'm going to say it's a safe bet there's some significant insider trading and short-selling going on right about now. I think someone's looking to make a profit here, but I don't have direct proof. You should follow actual financial advisors and also follow up with your own gut feeling about this, though don't misinterpret your gut. Easy to do when you're feeling anxiety. We could also be feeling a little bit of anxiety about our jobs and careers right now, but let's see what the rest of the day's aspects bring up. Do remember that Saturn and Pluto are both transiting Capricorn right now, a cardinal, earthy energy. (Yet all planets are also still direct, so bear that in mind too. This crash, if that's what's ramping up, won't last forever. Long game would be my recommendation.)

5:00 PST brings us some more asteroids with Desdemona sextile Hekate retrograde, and Fortuna retrograde quincunx Apophis. Listen to our inner wisdom and consider waking dream visions if you normally are waking up around this time. More market corrections possibly, or maybe something comes across that points to needing to tighten the belt in other ways. Perhaps you're just saving up for a rainy day, and expect some heavy rain soon. (Here in Western Washington, we could use a little less rain at the moment. Do a search on Snoqualmie Falls and you'll see why.)

As more of us wake up around 6:00 PST, Moon sextile Saturn becomes the first major aspect of the day. This will stabilize things, I believe, and should mute some of the market carnage. Our emotions will be ramped up a few notches with Moon conjunct Toutatis (an amplifier), and Cupido quincunx Academia retrograde could bring insights or dream visions of a romantic nature, perhaps? Somewhat amorous? I don't know for sure, or it could also be a pre-class romp... One that could scatter the brains of someone about to walk into a pop quiz. Don't lose your head.

The Moon features heavily around 7:00 PST when it opposes Pallas, semisextiles Karma, and squares Swindle. Our ability to discern proper wisdom and identify deception may be impaired, and there might be a lesson here to this. Could be a child lying to their parents about having completed their homework, whether out of embarrassment or fear of punishment. Or, could be an embellishment on a report for the office? Be aware and be focused. As we cross into 8:00 PST, Moon trines Nessus and semisextiles Lie as well, so perhaps we can lock onto the truth of the matter. Helps to be honest, so be aboveboard with your dealings today as much as you can.

9:00 PST brings us Mercury semisextile Black Moon Lilith, opposing Nymphe retrograde, and Moon semisextile Mars. Watch the road rage on the way to work. Some of that road rage could be thoughts in the back of the mind of possible infidelity as we consider Nymphe retrograde quincunx Black Moon Lilith and Aphrodite semisextile Eros. Romantic and sexual encounters are going to be in the back of the mind, and there's probably a few office romps going to happen. Maybe a few "favors" being done, if I may be so crass... Or perhaps a sex scandal is about to come out that rocks a few news cycles... Hard to say.

11:00 PST shows us Mercury opposite Ceres retrograde, so expect another news tidbit about some domestic squabble. Maybe a celebrity divorce? Very gross speculation on my part there, so take this with a grain of salt.

Noon PST gives us Moon sextile Pandora, Venus conjunct Kaalli, Moon sextile Medusa retrograde, Moon conjunct Radiocommunicata, Swindle semisextile Nessus, and Eris sextile Bologna. OK, that's a great deal. Moon's busy here, so the sextile to Pandora and Medusa retrograde and conjunction to Radiocommunicata tells me that there's definitely going to be a scandal come to light in the news today. Eris sextile Bologna tells me it's going to be someone we didn't expect, and Swindle semisextile Nessus gives me a hint that this could be an intentional leak or blowing of the cover to hurt someone. We'll see if I'm right about this.

13:00 PST gives us Venus semisextile Narcissus and conjunction to Kaali at the same time. Be careful as all that glitters is not gold, and there's a good chance that we could have something mar some beauty somewhere, whether we drop a priceless heirloom, or maybe our job is in question at this moment? Hard to say. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to your self-worth, as there are many other ways to enhance said self-worth.

14:00 PST brings us Toutatis semisextile Sphinx and Kaali semisextile Narcissus. Enigmas about what makes us look good to ourselves and to others will play out throughout this hour. Some may be trying to rush to get a major project done, perhaps, but will it be enough? Is it the right implementation? You'll find out soon enough, depending on what aspects what.

Moon sextile Tyche and Black Moon Lilith while squaring Ceres retrograde and Nymphe retrograde around 15:00 PST could leave us feeling that our jobs are fulfilling us just a little bit better than our home life and our romantic or sexual partnerships (or lack thereof) around this time. A good time to dig down and put some focus on getting some school or office work done, or perhaps finishing off a cabinet if you're, say, a carpenter. A brief window where a job well done could make or break our day.

The late afternoon around 16:00 PST gets busy with Moon square Mercury, confusing some of our messages and how we come across to others just a bit. It won't be permanent damage though as Moon also trines Nemesis and semisextiles Vesta, which Vesta also sextiles Mercury at the same time. Don't take things too personal, as Destinn sextile Tyranossarus retrograde, Buysballot retrograde semisextile True Node, and Radiocommunicata sextile Pandora during this hour will help in mitigating the major communications damage to a small degree, and may even bring to light some problems that need to be addressed in our lives. Perhaps acting too aggressively or haughty before, for example, and perhaps an alright time to attempt a mea culpa. May want to wait a little bit for a major overture, but the problems will be brought to the open.

As the evening begins around 17:00 PST, Moon square Lucifer could have us feeling like our pride took a blow, and we might be licking our wounds over it. Medusa retrograde sextile Radiocommunicata and trine Pandora could also be showing up in the exposure of some hidden betrayal, and Nymphe retrograde quincunx Tyche, could be work-related. If someone's been talking behind your back in the office, it'll come out soon enough, probably about this time. Not just the office, but also school yards and at local watering holes. Again, be aboveboard in your relationships and this won't be as much of a problem, especially at this moment.

18:00 PST brings us another major aspect when Uranus sextiles Venus, a welcome shift into a slightly easier evening. Especially as we have Venus trine Lust retrograde, so we've got a chance at a sudden low-key date night. Moon square Fortuna retrograde could leave us feeling like we're going to break the bank, so keep it light on the wallet and skip the anxiety of going bust.

Into the night, 20:00 PST shows us Moon trine Apophis. Something apparently ended, and we might be able to feel a little bit better about it. Probably a point we realize we had to end something, or perhaps we realize an unhealthy connection is soon to be gone, and we can perhaps move on with our lives a little.

21:00 PST brings us Moon trine Jabberwock retrograde and Neptune in a Grand Trine. We'll be feeling some emotional relief in the slaying of a monster in our lives, perhaps the slaying of an illusion. Maybe one of our own delusions of grandeur just died a needed death, but do keep in mind that the repercussions can take some time to manifest if this is indeed the case for you. Pallas quincunx Karma and Ceres retrograde quincunx Black Moon Lilith at the same time suggest that this illusion shattering was a while in the making, and we finally have the wisdom to make it happen, though not without some regret on our part. Perhaps we also have a decision to make about where we call home. Maybe we're having that feeling in the back of our minds that we are called to go elsewhere... and where that is isn't clear yet. But soon.

The night draws to a close when Chiron sextiles Desdemona and Arachne conjuncts Eros around 22:00 PST, so do be aware of the ties that bind us, and it could be that we finally see past a he-or-she-demon that has vexed us in our romantic desires (or actualizations) in the past. Don't be surprised if you reminisce about that. Do be aware of anxiety overnight when around 23:00 PST we get Moon square Industria, Ceres retrograde quincunx Tyche, and the flip-side of Arachne conjunct Eros. Barring any sultry affairs threatening the homestead, we could be feeling more anxiety about the markets and what that means for keeping our jobs and homes, as an example. Hopefully dream visions going into Wednesday will bring us some good answers to deal with this.

So Tuesday is a rough-and-tumble day, and we can expect more anxiety regarding the financial markets, and of course what that means for our futures in general, that's what I'm feeling today. We should keep in mind that a lot of these problems should be temporary, so permanent solutions may not be necessary (and if they are, do keep in mind you don't have to break yourself with the piggy bank if that's what it comes to). We survived Monday. We'll survive Tuesday too. Off to bed with me now.