Daily Report - Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Daily Report - Thursday, February 1st, 2018

It's the day after the Leo Lunar Eclipse, and things are still supercharged. At the same time, it's easy to experience overload depending on what's happening around you right now. I'm starting to feel it, so in a way I'm taking it a little easy. Sometimes you have to take a little rest and come back stronger. Let's get to this.

Thursday begins February with a Moon trine to Uranus around 3:00 PST. This gives us an air of feeling a little more in control, in knowing how we want to change gears and shift directions, and in a way we become masters of our destiny overnight. Note dream visions and see what paths are available to you once you interpret them.

4:00 PST brings us a trio of aspects, with Pluto semisextile Juno, Sedna retrograde squared by the Moon, and Moon quincunx Chiron at the same time.. In our dream state, or just after is, we could have a little bit of a gruff morning with loved ones, and family could come to light and mind and there are issues we're going to have in the back of our minds for much of the morning. Perhaps dealing with these is the unexpected paths that may show up just a little before this... if so, perhaps there is a beneficial answer that may or may not be immediately apparent. Take a step back and consider all of the angles before snapping a partner's head off.

A short time later around 5:00 PST, the Moon squares Dejanira. Victim mentality has a greater chance of rearing its ugly head. Gentlemen, put the seat down if you're using the bathroom very early in the morning. Morning toilet baptisms are one possibility of all of this morning's aspects manifesting that you'd really just rather avoid. I jest, partially, but that's the kind of thing we have going on here with this Moon-Dejanira link: Even if everything seems innocent, a disagreement is more likely to spark now. It was likely not purely a spontaneous thing if it happens, and if you sidestepped it, roll with it. In other words, be aware if things have been brewing under the surface, and it's more likely to boil over. This should pass relatively quickly.

Still later on around 6:00 PST, Moon semisextile Hekate retrograde can bring some hidden knowledge to light from within. Again, remember dreams if you can, and listen to your inner intuition this morning.

Sun semisextile Neptune around 10:00 PST gets our mental motors going, and we could be encountering some interesting mind puzzles, or engaging in some mental gymnastics this morning. Take note of what comes to mind, as there's some illusory shenanigans likely coming to light here. Not good or bad, it's just there. Could be something as benign as solving a crossword while on the bus to a morning math class, for one example. See what solutions to complex problems you can come up with.

Around 11:00 PST, Destinn square Venus and Moon crossing into Virgo while crossing fixed star Regulus is likely to bring us to a fated destiny point. The moon is still technically full from yesterday, though that's waning, and it's still supercharged from the eclipse energies. There could be some question and struggle about what's going on with our relationships and money-making matters, as well as pursuit of material comforts around this time. But, there is that window of opportunity to take advantage of it. Just make sure you know what's up and don't set yourself up to fail. Try not to grow despondent if things don't go to plan. Moon trine Pholus around Noon PST helps insulate us from being too doped up on caffeine or other intoxicants around this time, so we should be thinking a little more clearly, so that may help things slightly. As Moon's in Virgo by that point, our thinking and feelings will be going to the more analytical side, and we may be susceptible to suggestion. Do keep that in mind.

Eris sextile Kaali at its tightest point around 14:00 PST, in the afternoon,, this signifies a mild control over the chaos of the day. We can take small advantage of the chaos of the situation and perhaps we can use this to further advance solutions to what vexes us. Thus, bringing us back to order. Think of shifting chaos' weight against itself and toppling it into a river. Like Robin Hood besting Little John.

15:00 PST can get a little dicey when we see Apophis conjunct Nessus in Pisces, at the same time Moon in Virgo quincunxes Mercury in Aquarius. There's a danger that a misunderstood message could lead to struggle regarding our obsessions, or we have trouble with someone who wants to be more than just a friend, perhaps, and we don't know how to tell them "no." Well... say "no" anyways. And if it destroys an acquaintanceship, then it likely was meant to end at that point. Sometimes you gotta cut loose to grow. Sorta like trimming a bonsai plant. Only the bonsai plant is our less-than-healthy relationships. Don't cut a healthy branch for the sake of cutting branches, though. Get all of the accurate info you can, first. And that could be difficult right now, so double-check.

Into the evening, Pallas trine Moon while the Moon squares Mars in Sagittarius around 18:00 PST gives a double-whammy of exercising some wisdom, while at the same time throwing us some emotional and psychic land mines. Again, we need to know when to hold and when to fold. And again, this could be about the time unhealthy relationships or those that no longer serve us get pruned. The chances for a boatload of anger and road rage, among other aggressive tendencies, very likely to be amplified at this point. But Pallas and Moon in that flowing trine can help temper this with some wisdom. Very shortly after, we do also see Moon square Karma and trine Saturn going into 19:00 PST. ...so again, things coming full-circle, to fruition, and some resolve in handling it is coming to mind. Honestly, with that earlier Moon quincunx Mercury, it could even be an avoidance of confrontation where we stay away or break ties, and don't even say a word to the other party. And sometimes, that's what you have to do to move on. In short, some endings highly likely, and elevated chances of miscommunication or noncommunication, if not outright ghosting. Don't expect pure logic to play out entirely.

Going into the night, from around [i]21:00 PST, to past 22:00 PST, Moon opposes Nessus more tightly first, followed by Apophis, both of those asteroids in mutable, watery Pisces. Again, a cutting away of relationships and emotional ties. There's a good chance we may even be doing some of this cutting because we feel too obsessed or attached to something or someone. Consider your future growth when coming to these decisions. Or, perhaps current circumstances don't allow you to maintain a healthy link. In that second case, perhaps later on works better, but for now, work on yourself.

The first day of February, therefore, proves to be quite potent. Don't lose heart, and follow your intuition. Make sure those voices in your head giving you advice is actually yours, or at least, truly beneficial, and I think you'll be fine. Use your head, and protect your heart. That's the lesson of today. Cheers.