Daily Report - Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Daily Report - Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Hoping everyone had an amazing and Merry Christmas, Merry Yule, or just some happy holidays in general! We're getting right back into the aspects and everything, and I took a little break for the holidays... lots going on. Anyways, let's take a look and see what's happening here for Thursday...

We start off Thursday with 389 Industria in Pisces conjunct fixed star Scheat. This combination is a tricky one as this gives the sense of a sinking feeling despite all our best efforts. Ceres in Scorpio square 896 Sphinx in Aquarius gives us a bit of a riddle regarding our home stations and gets us to realize that something has to change, but first you must solve the riddle of what it is that needs changed. Moon in Virgo (where it remains all day Thursday) sextiles 42355 Typhon and 15845 Bambi in Scorpio, which can soften the impact of really feeling like we're a deer in headlights and thus we can perhaps turn the tables on the hunters in our lives. 545 Messalina retrograde in Taurus trine 3811 Karma in Capricorn could be a slight reward for not throwing all inhibitions to the wind and exercising a little bit of self-control to get the larger work done that we need to do. That rounds up the beginning of Thursday's midnight hour on the West Coast.

About an hour later, Vesta in Aquarius sextiles 4227 Kaali which will act as a boost for taking care of business with what's more meaningful to us. Moon sextile 19 Fortuna in Scorpio about a half hour later gives us a slight boost when it comes to good fortune and us feeling a little more fortunate about things relating to others' resources, debts perhaps, or some psychic or deeper spiritual vibe that shows us the path forward.[/b]

Now we come into a couple hours of continuous exact transits, so let's dive into this one... 875 Nymphe in Scorpio semisextile 666 Desdemona in Libra warns us that we could be sleeping with the enemy if we are not careful, or we could be experiencing nighttime visitations from some decidedly not-altruistic entities. Or, it could be we simply are dreaming of some pretty lustful and decadent events in the dreamscape. Virgo Moon quincunx 4955 Gold in Aries brings a bit of awkwardness between how we're feeling about the work we're putting in with our responsibilities and what exactly we are getting out of it. A short time later, North Node in Cancer trine Mars in Pisces exact helps regulate some of the feelings we're having, and we can perhaps see a way forward to take action. On the other hand, we could wind up becoming a little too complacent and wind up not doing enough to move forward, so watch the trine's tendency towards laziness. Moon square 149 Medusa and Jupiter in Sagittarius warns us to be aware of deceptions and betrayals. With the Moon quincunx to Gold mentioned earlier, it is worth noting that "all that glitters is not gold" right now. Capricorn Saturn trine Moon, on the other hand, helps establish some boundaries and stabilization, so we should be able to better ground ourselves with all the chaos going on right now. 26955 Lie in Aquarius trine 128 Nemesis retrograde in Gemini can also act as an indicator where we can look and see how we've been deceiving ourselves, and we should be able to take action in correcting the problems.

Soon after, we see Moon sextile 114 Kassandra in Scorpio, giving a hint that perhaps there are some warnings that will be heeded, particularly in terms of our duties and tasks as opposed to what others have to offer us. 2629 Rudra in Scorpio quincunx Nemesis retrograde pretty much tells us that the internal deceptions we're processing, well, confronting those isn't going to be the easiest or most pleasant prospect, but it has to happen. Moon sextile 12927 Pinocchio in Scorpio should helps us identify the lies and tall tales, and perhaps keep our noses out of trouble. Moon opposing 258 Tyche in Pisces suggests a crisis in thought and in dreams regarding our work and what we're building as well, and there could be an underlying feeling that it may not be good enough, but perhaps it is. Moon square 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini (forming a T-Square with Moon and Tyche when considering those three by themselves) suggests that we're not feeling very loving of ourselves, and that anxiety about if our efforts has been enough is definitely feeding into this feeling.

Later on when some of us are waking up to greet the day, Moon apexes a Yod between 8690 Swindle and 4227 Kaali in Aries, and Vesta in Aquarius. We are questioning some of what we believe in at this point and wondering if we aren't living a lie, swindling ourselves of our true purpose. The feeling's been strong on my end, believe me, and I think I know which direction this is going on my end. (It's not this blog, I'm quite certain I'm meant to be writing this right now).

A little later on, 26955 Lie squares 2629 Rudra which is definitely pointing to a crisis where we're facing deceptions all around (and this does fit in with that Eros-Tyche square which will outlast the Moon's aspect to them). Venus conjunct Ceres in Scorpio also points to some themes where we are considering our valuables and perhaps hidden attachments to them deep down (especially if we don't fully own what we have yet). We can use this aspect to further enhance our hold on them though.

After the sun rises, Moon quincunx 1388 Aphrodite in Aquarius leads us to feel rather disconnected or out of sorts when it comes to relating with those we find attractive. Moon opposing Neptune in Pisces around the same time plays into this and could be a sort of psychic dissonance, or where we are just basically picking up on everyone else's feelings and everything's all helter-skelter. 7470 Jabberwock quincunx 307 Nike also plays into this drama and we know we have to deal with some real monsters in the closet, but we're not even sure how the hell we're going to begin doing it. Moon conjunct 8813 Leviathan in Virgo also confirms this, and we can feel the beast underneath, but perhaps this allows us to ride the wave and perhaps we just need to go with the flow, whatever happens.

Saturn semisextile Jupiter is a larger aspect as it involves two major planets, and this is where we're feeling the ebb and flow and give-and-take between hopeful expansionism and stoic disciplinarianism. Venus square 896 Sphinx at the same time also does not help matters, as we know something we value is threatened, but we're not sure what the right answer is. 433 Eros retrograde quincunx 12927 Pinocchio also could influence us to inflate ourselves to look more attractive, if not to others, then to ourselves. It's a day of bitter truths, it would seem.

Moon quincunx Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius also plays into this psychic discord, and there does seem to be a distinct psychic warfare vibe going on here with everything considered. Use your best psychic protection as Thursday goes forward.

After the West Coast lunch hour, Moon trine 545 Messalina retrograde in Taurus might allow us to have a pleasant conversation with someone we'd like to be with, or at the very least, we might more easily weather some lustful thoughts or impulses. We may also be able to control these a bit easier. Really, Moon in Virgo, 545 Messalina retrograde in Taurus, and 3811 Karma in Capricorn all form a Grand Trine which could lead to us letting our guard down and perhaps us letting the chips fall where they may. Could make for some easier and nicer memories in the right circumstances, but there is a caveat to this as a Grand Trine can also denote laziness. Be aware, but try to relax a little bit too.

As the afternoon proceeds, Moon quincunx 99942 Apophis in Aquarius fills us with a bit of dread and we may find ourselves thinking about losing all that we hold dear, that we may not look as good in friends' eyes either. Be true to yourself and direct your focus on finding solutions to demolish those problems once and for all.

Still later on, Moon squares Mercury in Sagittarius and this could lead to some hard or unpleasant conversations, and also an increased risk of road rage. Do try to chill and let the crazy drivers go on ahead. Or, could wait it out for an hour or so until the aspect separates some more.

Mars square Ixion in Sagittarius is a tricky one where we could realize some more betrayal that has happened, and we may be seeing red and some good steam (considering Mars in Pisces), or we could be bottling some anger and rage inside until it comes out. Remember, even volcanoes blow their top eventually. 8690 Swindle conjunct 4227 Kaali in Aries definitely points to some deception going on in order to advance some pretty lofty goals, and there are likely to be some pretty big lies told right now. Use your best discernment when dealing with others in the evening. Moon sextile 10961 Buysballot could allow us a little bit of psychic radar to realize when we're being duped by the bullshitters.

Moon sextile Ceres/Venus does point to a lighter and softer time in the homefront, so a little bit of relaxation is possible, and perhaps we can enjoy some pleasantries at the same time as well. Moon quincunx 896 Sphinx also throws in a quirk where we know something's off, but we're not sure what the mystery is. Be observant.

Later on as evening turns to night, Pallas in Libra semisextile Moon triggers a little crisis in faith where we question what we hold dearest to our hearts. Moon in Virgo, Juno in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn form a Grand Trine which should allow some respite from the chaos and perhaps foster some discussions on how to get around some of the obstacles revealed today with our loved ones. Moon square 11144 Radiocommunicata could have us dwelling on something we heard on the airwaves or read online on Thursday as well. This will of course have to be addressed and processed, as there's bound to have been some pretty rough things communicated or read. Pallas quincunx Juno could also affect the evening discussions when duties and what's more wise conflict with what we want to do. 763 Cupido conjunct 151 Abundantia in Libra, on the other hand, could lead some to be able to enjoy some good alone time together, and that might take some of the stress off. 42355 Typhon in Scorpio quincunx 3412 Kafka in Aries rounds out the end of the evening with some bizarre, off the wall kind of vibe and feel that something isn't quite right. Basically, expect glitches in the Matrix, as it were.

To finish off Thursday, Moon opposite 407 Arachne in Pisces gives us the feeling as we go into the next midnight hour feeling trapped, like we're bound to our deeper problems in some way. Moon trine 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Taurus suggests that we can see that the trapping could lead to our need to look good when it comes to what we have, when it comes to money, status, that sort of thing. Neptune semisextile 1388 Aphrodite in Aquarius suggests some caution when it comes to dealing with prospective partners at this time as well, as there are likely to be some ulterior motives at work. Also, as a reminder, Sedna retrograde still conjuncts fixed star Algol so do be on the lookout for those looking to backstab you, and make sure you're not doing any backstabbing yourself, as it can be easy to do by mistake when you run with the scissors of the Fates. Chiron in Pisces quincunx 16089 Lamb retrograde also leads us to feel that we're being watched by the hunters, and it's a feeling that's a bit hard to shake right now with all of the news of this day. 389 Industria conjunct 2601 Bologna in Pisces could also have us asking "what's it all for?" Basically, we may feel like we're living a great, colossal bullshit story and that our efforts don't mean much, but keep in mind the other meaning of "Baloney" and try to keep some faith that what we're doing is worth the effort. Pluto square Pallas certainly points to a crisis of faith as well, and we could be going to bed dreading some ramifications of the day's activities. 407 Arachne sextile 37117 Narcissus retrograde could allow us to see exactly where we're tripping ourselves up as we drift off into dreamland, and we also have Saturn semisextile 149 Medusa warning us that someone doesn't have our backs, and that this someone is sabotaging our best efforts to keep ourselves stabilized. It will be a matter that needs addressed very soon.

That's Thursday in a nutshell. A great deal of craziness, and revelations that we are being used and manipulated, but we may not yet get the answers we need, or we may not want to accept the answers we discover as to how we're being manipulated and used. Also, the potential for very unpleasant messages and events is high, so keep your spiritual armor and/or psychic protection up all day long, as we're all going to need that protective boost to collectively get through this crazy-ass day. Keep it together. Later all.