Daily Report - Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Daily Report - Thursday, December 20th, 2018

This one's looking like it's going to be a long day. This week, honestly, is not looking like there's any signs of letting up. It's been a very rough one so far on my end at least. How about everyone else? Let's get into it.

Beginning Thursday's craziness, 389 Industria in Pisces quincunx 16089 Lamb in Leo shows where we're feeling off-balance, like we've been led to slaughter, but perhaps there's a hole in the fence we could jump through? Difficult to tell. Pholus in Capricorn makes a series of aspects as well, semisextiling 829 Academia in Sagittarius, Squaring 151 Abundantia in Libra, and sextiling 564 Dudu in Scorpio. We could be spending some early morning hours pouring over info that is unlikely to be profitable in the long-run, and perhaps a degree of realization that we're looking at some questionable answers. 829 Academia semisextile Dudu at the same time further bolsters this notion of looking up faulty information. Better to trust your gut on this one and let things go if you need to. North Node quincunx Ixion, still on Galactic Center, again, the feeling of betrayal or backstabbing is strong, and we're at a loss as to how to move forward and recover from this.

Here's where it gets tricky: Moon exact conjunct fixed star Algol and Sedna retrograde is definitely a testing point for us. We are losing our heads when it comes to our feelings regarding money, self-worth, our resources, and we are most certainly feeling betrayed at this point. Venus in Scorpio quincunx 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini also plays into this as this could make us wonder how we're going to recover from the turmoil going on, if we'll be attractive to others in the future after all this present craziness. 26955 Lie in Aquarius sextile 1930 Lucifer in Aries could let us discover the flaws in someone's bravado during the nighttime hours, or at the very least, could yield some insights or dream visions. It could also allow for favorable formulation of deceptions to bolster one's self-esteem or pride, so do be careful. You do reap what you sow, after all.

As the early morning progresses, North Node sextile Moon does help smooth over some ruffled feathers, though we're going to be acutely aware of further backstabbing as Ixion quincunx Moon around the same time will get us looking for where the next knife pointed at our back is coming from. Sun in Sagittarius square 2601 Bologna in Pisces also warns us to be wary of deceptions, and especially hidden deceptions, as we could be getting some faulty notions tripping us up. Be wary of delusions of grandeur overnight. Dream visions could also be pointing towards this set of themes.

Futher on into the morning, Moon sextile Chiron and 389 Industria in Pisces, and square 16089 Lamb in Leo, this grants a small boost of confidence in terms of recovering from issues pertaining to work, our projects, and all, but there's still that overarching feeling of feeling like a deer in headlights. Like something else is watching from the shadows.

Still further into the morning, 839 Academia sextile 151 Abundantia grants a potential of dream visions or waking thoughts pertaining to using our knowledge for further gain. Moon sextile 2601 Bologna also gives us a slight boost of confidence in being able to unravel deceptions and some solid bull, whereas Sun quincunx Moon at the same time as Uranus retrograde semisextile Moon does point to some off-kilter vibes regarding some sudden or unexpected shifts that have happened in the last several hours or the last day or so.

42355 Typhon in Scorpio quincunx 128 Nemesis retrograde in Gemini warns us to be wary and keep solid footing when it comes to discovering the enemy within or without. There is a good chance of confrontation, and do make sure your defenses are up, especially if commuting to work around this time or in a very early morning meeting otherwise. Tempers likely to flare.

As the sun rises in places, Saturn in Capricorn square 8690 Swindle is a signal for the calling out of bullcrap. There is the high potential of deception that will trip us all up, so do be careful. 564 Dudu semisextile 151 Abundantia also acts as a trigger for deceptions blocking our way, and Vesta in Aquarius square 12927 Pinocchio also acts as a catalyst warning against instigating deception for gain. Moon, now crossing into Gemini, trine 100 Hekate in Libra supplements the fated feeling that is going along with everything going on, but also the sense that what is coming to pass must be coming to pass. A sense of acceptance, perhaps.

Further on into early morning, Moon apex a Yod between quincunx 875 Nymphe and 564 Dudu in Scorpio and Pholus in Capricorn points to a time where some more amorous or lustful feelings we're having for someone is not what it seems to be, and that there is that sense of falsehood hanging over our heads. Mercury in Sagittarius semisextile 114 Kassandra acts as a triggering point of messages received that may impact our free-spirited ways, and of course, not listening to them. Gemini Moon trine 151 Abundantia, 6583 Destinn, and 763 Cupido in Libra also acts on our feelings regarding wealth attracting some amorous liaisons that may just feel right, or right for right now. Remember the Yod, though.

Uranus retrograde trine Sun can help spark some unconventional solutions to some of our more pressing problems as we go through the morning. Sudden insights pop out of nowhere and chance encounters could prove beneficial, coloring the rest of the day in a brighter light if we're fortunate.

Moon quincunx 9951 Tyrannosaurus in Scorpio later in the morning does warn us to use caution when dealing with bossy or pushy people, and Moon trine 666 Desdemona in Libra should help us use our sixth sense a bit and feel out some malicious actors, and help us bypass that at the very least. 258 Tyche in Pisces square 128 Nemesis retrograde in Gemini warns us not to sabotage our standing among our colleagues with insecurities or doubts when communicating with others. Feign strength if you need to, or fake it until you make it. Smile, even if it's a nervous one.

99942 Apophis in Aquarius square Scorpio 114 Kassandra warns us to heed warnings, lest we fall into traps and ruin later on in the morning. Watch colleagues carefully, and if something feels off, note it and react accordingly. Better yet, be proactive.

Closing in to lunch time on the West Coast, Moon apexes another Yod with 2629 Rudra in Scorpio and 157 Dejanira in Capricorn. There is a feeling of dread that could come about, as if unpleasant news is about to hit, or, conversely, someone could be hoisted by their own petard due to past indescretions and misdeeds. Sagittarius Mercury opposite 128 Nemesis retrograde certainly heats things up and can also trigger arguments with rivals, or could also lead to some passive-aggressive road rage incidents if driving around town, so do be on the alert for crazy drivers.

Now lunch time hits on the West Coast when we hit the noon hour, and 42355 Typhon trine 258 Tyche should be good for some last-minute aggressive pushes to finish a build (if you're a programmer) or finish the last few sentences of an article if you're a writer/copywriter/etc. Mercury semisextile Typhon further bolsters some of this writing and messaging aspect, though Mercury square Tyche warns us to double-check what we saved and sent once we get back to the desk. Moon sextile 1930 Lucifer gives us a chance to beam with pride in some work well done (or done well!), and 99942 Apophis trine 128 Nemesis retrograde does give us a chance to subdue some of the naysayers when it comes to our duties and activities just slightly. Moon trine 26955 Lie also gives us a chance to smooth over some previous half-truths and deceptions, especially if they were made with good intentions (such as not hurting someone's feelings), though better to be honest and this aspect also allows for determining deceptions or basically shying away from little white lies. 829 Academia sextile 6583 Destinn points to fated or chance discoveries of processes and information that would be helpful in our duties and tasks, and Neptune sextile 3811 Karma in Capricorn gives a bit of metaphysical push where we may be rewarded for previous good works and deeds. Black Moon Lilith square 10961 Buysballot points to revelations coming to light regarding deceptions and cheating to get ahead, and also warns against "selling your soul to the devil" for a bit of gain in status. Think twice, you don't want to do this.

In the afternoon, 99942 Apophis square 42355 Typhon warns us to watch our surroundings very well, and to be alert for any sort of accidents or natural incidents. (case in point: A tornado actually touched down near Seattle the other night!) Moon semisextile 5325 Silver retrograde in Taurus points to some lingering or awkward feelings regarding the contraction of financial gain that we undoubtedly are feeling around this time of the year.

99942 Apophis shows up again semisextile 258 Tyche, alerting us to possible downfalls regarding fortunes and our ability to make money, or could point to trouble in forgotten assets. 6583 Destinn in Libra semisextile 564 Dudu in Scorpio also makes for fated events uncovering more deceptions. 128 Nemesis retrograde quincunx 114 Kassandra also brings home the chickens to roost when what went unheeded comes along and pops up in our communications.

As the evening begins on the West Coast, Moon sextile 3412 Kafka helps us better process some of the more mind-boggling events of the day so far, and Moon quincunx 15845 Bambi in Scorpio can foster feelings that we're being watched like a deer in the forest. Moon square Nessus is also a strong indicator that we need to be aware and we need to not be overbearing with our feelings when dealing with others. No text-bombing! This could also be something as serious as stalking, so if you're going out into town, be aware of your surroundings and maybe consider travelling with a trusted companion.

Mars trine 4179 Toutatis later into the late evening gives us an energy boost to burst through some tasks that need to be done, stuff that we've been keeping on the down low or the back burner for awhile. Moon opposite 149 Medusa in Sagittarius warns us to be on guard against backstabbing and betrayal, and Nessus trine 15845 Bambi may serve to allow us to avoid the worst damage from any potential plots against us during the evening.

Moon quincunx 19 Fortuna again brings forth feelings of uneasiness or confusion pertaining to our luck and fortune, and in regards to money matters. Likely we're still racking our brains trying to figure out how we're going to pay down old debts (or perhaps new ones).

As the night begins, the Moon becomes incredibly active with asteroid aspects. Moon conjunct Nemesis retrograde will force us to confront where we may have sabotaged ourselves, and we'll be forced to consider how to fix it or if it's even fixable. Moon quincunxing 114 Kassandra, 42355 Typhon, and 12927 Pinocchio in Scorpio brings forth feelings where we're not sure where we may have gone wrong, and we'll find ourselves dwelling on what piece of advice or forewarning we may have missed. What deceptions could we not have picked up on will also weigh heavily on our minds. Moon square 258 Tyche again points to uneasiness in regards to resources and the quality of our work, but Moon forming a trine to 99942 Apophis and Vesta in Aquarius should shield us from feeling the need to harm ourselves over it, as we've still got drive and ambitions propelling us towards what we believe in. 4955 Gold in Aries sextile the Moon also helps us consider our worth and what we can bring to the table for ourselves. And of course, 9951 Tyrannosaurus semisextile 666 Desdemona warns us to look over everything so we can consider the devil in the details.

All that combined brings us to another major aspect of the night: Moon opposite Mercury/Jupiter in Sagittarius, themselves closing in on fixed star Antares. There's some serious disparity between what we feel we want versus what is being conveyed and communicated to us, and there's some great sense of urgency to unravel the mysteries of what we need to move forward with objectives, to seek out our better life.

42355 Typhon conjunct 114 Kassandra again gives us an opportunity to identify dangers or pitfalls that must be heeded, and if we use our best intuition, perhaps this time we can listen and avoid the traps.

Finally, to finish out Thursday, Moon crosses fixed star Aldeberan, giving a form of insulation and giving some insight as to how we can better provide for ourselves. Saturn quincunx the Moon reminds us that hard work and discipline will be required to pursue the life we want to live. 6583 Destinn conjunct 151 Abundantia also points to some insight that may help us move forward into a more profitable or abundant space in our lives. Moon sextile 8690 Swindle in Aries also allows our intuition to again scan for scams and deceptions, and helps us get around them. Vesta sextile 4955 Gold also helps to drive forward in what we believe in to better our stations in life. Pisces Mars sextile 37117 Narcissus retrograde can give us a boost in our feelings of self-worth, and may even lend itself to reflecting on self-improvement and bettering ourselves, not out of vanity but a subdued form of self-importance. Finally, 4227 Kaali in Aries sextile 1388 Aphrodite in Aquarius can spice up the evening going into midnight and as we cross over into Friday's events.

So yes, quite a bit of intensity going on, but it does start to taper off just a tad as the day draws to a close. Moon-Algol and Moon-opposing Jupiter/Mercury are definite challenges, but they can be overcome with some proper maneuvering. Do your best to keep a level head and keep that on your shoulders, and we should be able to end the week strong. See you tomorrow for Friday's journey!