Daily Report - Monday, May 21st, 2018

Daily Report - Monday, May 21st, 2018

A little short on time to do a weekly report in time for this week, so I'll be doing a daily report for May 21st, 2018. We've had some intense energies lately, so let's take a look and see how this all looks.

Hourly: We come into Monday at Midnight PDT with a few aspects already bearing down on us. We've got Chiron square Venus and sextile Mars, which points to disagreements and issues with partners, loved ones, and possessions we hold dear, while at the same time we have the energy to deal with these issues and come up with an action plan to get through those troubles. Sun semisextile Pallas can point to a time triggering an insight of wisdom or pondering about a current situation affecting ourselves to our cores. Venus quincunx Mars indicates an awkward energy with some imbalance between our job, energy, loved ones, or something valuable to us. Perhaps a theft or misplacement, or perhaps there's a lingering issue that will be addressed in the next workday. We also have Pluto retrograde conjunct Black Moon Lilith which will ramp up the inner transformation in ways we may not be prepared to handle. Listen to your inner voice today.

At 1:00 PDT, Ceres quincunx Neptune gives us an off-kilter, gnawing energy that is at odds with our intuition and our home environment. A dream encounter overnight that points to an issue in our homefront is a good example of how this can manifest.

3:00 PDT triggers a semisextile between Uranus and the Sun which is now in Gemini. Don't be surprised if you find yourself doing something outside of the norm on this day. Today will be anything but normal given the Pluto/Black Moon Lilith link. Further on, at 4:00 PDT, we get a speak-of-the-devil aspect with Moon quincunx Pluto retrograde and Black Moon Lilith. Definitely some potential for strange dream visions, and hopefully you've paid attention to your dreams as there are bound to be quite a bit of answers provided. Now, whether we interpret those answers correctly, that's anyone's guess.

At 9:00 PDT, Sun quincunx Pholus retrograde influences some potential for us not entirely being with it in the morning. A good bet that we may either have had not enough or too much coffee, for example. Take care not to overcompensate with stimulants to get going on this crazy Monday.

We don't have any more exact aspects until later in the evening when, around 19:00 PDT we see the Moon cross over fixed star Regulus. This can give us a bit of a boost in confidence and maybe a flash of insight as to how to take care of a problem vexing us. Later on, at 20:00 PDT, we have a few aspects worth mentioning. A minor grand trine apexed at Pallas between the Moon and Uranus should further ease some wisdom and insight towards us, so it's a good time to take notes and maybe do a to-do list to take care of a few tasks that have been piling up. Moon trine Pholus also helps us wind down after a potentially hectic day. An hour later at around 21:00 PDT we see the Sun and Moon square almost exactly to mark the First Quarter Moon, bringing us a quarter of the way through the hectic [url=http://phoenixiaastrology.com/Blog/2018/05/15/new-moon-taurus-may-2018-medusan-revolution]Taurus New Moon lunar cycle[/ur] we just had a week ago, which is still in full force.

We end the day with a Moon quincunx Mars aspect around 23:00 PDT, which is always fun. This kind of influential energy marks a moment where we're feeling a bit uneasy about how we feel about some conflicts or struggles in our life at this point. I say pay attention to your dreams at this point, as answers may be elusive, yet available in the dreamscape.

Monday's a mixed bag, as you can see, and won't go entirely to plan. But there's some potential to start off the week somewhat right, if we play our cards right. As I'm running late on getting to bed (of course!), I leave you here. Cheers.