Daily Report - Monday, January 29th, 2018

Daily Report - Monday, January 29th, 2018

Time flies when you're trying to get to the fun stuff. Making this another quick one. Wasn't able to get to a weekend report, and hoping to have a full week one (for Tuesday through Sunday) up tomorrow night. Remember that we have the Lunar Eclipse Wednesday on the 31st, so be ready! And here we go!

Monday, we begin overnight with Uranus quincuncx Dejanira around midnight PST. A feeling of not feeling in control of our destinies, maybe some sudden revelations hit us around this time. Maybe some strange dreaming going on here.

2:00 PST brings us to the Moon-Sun quincunx, and we're a couple days away from the Lunar Eclipse as well! So, we're approaching that full moon phase, but we're not quite there yet. And Moon is in Cancer, its home sign, so our emotions are ramping up already. Again, strangeness in dream visions, and maybe some restless sleep if we get any sleep at all. Most of us, I think, will.

As we begin to wake up at 6:00 PST, Moon semisextile Ceres retrograde may make for some rough waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Make sure you have a cup of morning coffee ready if you need it, and try not to bite off the head of loved ones or tear up the house while getting ready for the morning commute.

7:00 PST we get our easy aspect of the day, Moon trine Neptune. Both Moon and Neptune are in their home signs, Moon in Cancer as I mentioned, and Neptune in Pisces, so we've got a flowing kind of watery, emotional, psychic even, energy going on here. It's likely some of us will be waking up from important dream visions, or we could possibly still be feeling dreamy as we begin our days as well. Do be careful not to drive off of a bridge thinking you're flying. More likely though, we may be a little groggy, but also a bit more in mental control at this point. The coffee will help, trust me.

We then proceed to 10:00 PST's Moon conjunct fixed star Sirius, which is a pretty nice aspect to have shine down on us. Business and job matters should go well briefly, which is always welcome on a Monday, and if we were under the weather a bit with all the colds and flu going around, we might be feeling a little bit better. Some may have taken the day off to rest, and with the healing Moon trine Neptune aspect from before, that's not exactly a bad thing.

11:00 PST shows us the Moon semisextile North Node.. We should have a bit more determination, and we may be feeling out whether we're on the right path or not. I think we should be ok at this point.

Hekate retrograde in Cancer opposite Mercury in late Capricorn around Noon PST will bring some interesting conversations and messages about whether we're really following the right path in our lives or not. Hekate was an ancient goddess which specialized in occult matters and crossroads, among other things. Some of these occurrences that make us wonder about the right path or not may be fated encounters, and should not be discounted at this point.

Later on into the afternoon, Mars squares Apophis around 15:00 PST (or 3PM if you prefer). At the same time, we'll have Venus conjunct the South Node, which leads me to believe that we're going to be facing some of our past issues regarding previous jobs, previous relationships, and there could be a risk of derailment or destruction of something in the here and now. We need to keep a cool, level head, and do not swing the torch of bridge burning too wildly, lest you burn down the entire island. Now would be a good time to put the cell phone on silent or vibrate, put on earbuds, and just zone out while you get some work done. If you're doing demolitions for a living, do be careful you've got the explosives in the right place, and plan for navigating around potential accidents. Honestly, may not be a good time to destroy things at all.

17:00 PST brings us the Moon quincunx Juno, and this aspect can play into the previous one's at 15:00 PST involving Mars and Venus and their respective aspects. Do not get into needless arguments with loved ones, and again, just let everyone do their own thing (within reason) and maybe put off unnecessarily dramatic conversations for another day. Maybe after the Lunar Eclipse Wednesday would be good.

Finally, to finish off the night, around 21:00 PST (9:00 PM), we get the Moon trine Jupiter (itself still in Scorpio), and Moon quincunx Kaali (itself in Aquarius). Our emotions are likely to be a little helter-skelter, but at the same time we should be feeling a somewhat stronger assurance that things will work out. It's a good time to take stock in what we do have to be thankful for, and to remember the good in our lives, especially if we're feeling a bit down right around then. Good advice for any time, really, but this is an excellent time to take stock in what's going right for us, not dwell on what's wrong.

So Monday's a bit of a mixed bag, but we've got some good, flowing aspects that will help us get through this day into the nighttime, and it should be a mitigation for the afternoon firestorm of "OMG. WTF." Just get through that rough patch in the afternoon, and I think you'll be alright. Also, again, keep track of what you dreamt of, and if it resonates, incorporate it into yourself. OK, I gotta get some sleep here. Earlier start time at the main job. More height of rush hour. At least I don't see any Mars square Mercury here, so I think I'll be alright. Just will need an extra cup of coffee at work. Cheers.