Daily Report - Monday, February 5th, 2018

Daily Report - Monday, February 5th, 2018

I'm going to attempt adding a few more asteroids into the mix for this one. Maybe too many? We'll see how this one goes. Been a busy weekend so no Weekly or Monthly report yet. To level with you, might be next month before I get to it again. Other real life matters keep getting in the way, and I'd like that to stop while I can take advantage of the all-planets direct energies SOMETIME!!! Getting frustrated. But disregard that.

This is going to be waaaaaay more comprehensive than normal. And the beginning stage of Monday as we begin with the spillover from this energetic weekend (which saw the victory of the Philadelphia Eagles for the first time since the Super Bowl began, actually, a true Cinderella story as they were without their starter Quarterback for much of the season! Don't count out underdogs.) ...anyways. Let's get to the aspects.

Midnight PST, as I was mentioning spillover, has a multitude of asteroids aspecting the major planets, so we'll focus on those first. Sun conjunct Gold pretty tightly is pretty indicative of the beginning of the week, and pretty much describes a time of championship, when we think of grabbing the gold. Only fitting. Moon forms a Yod as it apexes two quincunxes between Destinn in Taurus and Messalina in Pisces, so we can expect some fated emotions and repercussions from some lustful encounters from the weekend, perhaps. Or perhaps we're being set up for future conquests (or defeats?). Eris sextile Venus adds to a little bit of the chaos, but as it's an easier aspect, perhaps it plays into the chaos of the Moon Yod to Destinn/Messalina. Perhaps not so much of a romantic/lustful defeat as I may have initially thought. Mars conjunct Lie warns us to be aware of bold deception as we enter the new week. Jupiter opposite Lamb also serves as a warning to not be led to the slaughter, and to be aware of those who would fleece the meek. Saturn... is quite busy. Saturn trine Pallas and sextile Toutatis, while semisextile Swindle gives us an interesting mix of ease in exercising and using our wisdom when it comes to handling the important matters, and the sextile to Toutatis amplifies this somewhat. The semisextile to Swindle warns us to be on our toes for deceivers, so do be aware.

As far as the other asteroids coming out of the weekend, Pallas opposed Toutatis, giving us a wedge pattern involving Saturn. So that wisdom usage may run counter to some fated and dynamic events, and Pallas square Swindle itself suggests the dynamic events are related to deception. Leviathan retrograde quincunx Dejanira warns us to be aware of some real snakes in the grass swimming around us. Jabberwock retrograde quincunx Industria also warns us to be aware of some inner, beastly struggles as we reenter the work week. Pinocchio retrograde conjunct Hekate retrograde and trine Chiron may help us to be honest with ourselves, and perhaps we get some warnings and visions from overnight dream visions.

Nymphe retrograde, a sexual asteroid, makes a series of aspects... a conjunction to Ceres retrograde, opposition to Lucifer, and a quincunx to Apophis. So while there may be some hot action between the sheets (or maybe not?) at home, be certain that your lover (if this is what's going on in your life) isn't just using you to satiate their own desires, and make sure you're not setting yourself up for a downfall.

As far as the rest of the midnight asteroids, Toutatis semisextile Karma while Karma itself sextiles Swindle, and Dejanira semisextile Ixion round out the very beginning of Monday. Amplification of events working out as they have been set in motion to occur, and may lead to the revelation of falsehoods, especially if those deceivers don't keep their stories straight.

Moving on to 1:00 PST, Moon square Pluto is the first of the major aspects of the day. We're going to likely be feeling a bit frustrated about something or have some disturbing dream visions. Keep in mind Lucifer semisextile Apophis could denote this as being pride before a fall. Perhaps we saw a little of that yesterday? But then again, even the most capable are vulnerable of hubris.

2:00 PST brings us Moon square Tyrannosaurus retrograde, and Mercury semisextile Pandora. We must be careful not to let ourselves become the monsters we so despise, fitting for the previous hour's pride before a fall, and it's possible we receive some late-night messages that unleash some unsettling truths, or perhaps leave us with hope being left inside the proverbial box, just like the legend.

3:00 PST is rather low-key, mainly, with Kassandra retrograde trine Silver, and Ceres retrograde quincunx Apophis. We may be able to more easily discern advice that should be heeded regarding some of our own desires and possessions and perhaps money, while at the same time there is the chance of something within our homes and hearths being threatened in some way, perhaps a form of homestead self-sabotage. Ensure your dream-catchers are working properly.

4:00 PST brings us a mixed bag, but one that needs to be observed. Moon trine Juno gives us some easier, flowing feelings regarding our loved ones and family, and is a possible respite, but only briefly, from Mars square Nessus, which brings a dangerous possibility of an early morning or late night argument regarding ambitions and obsessions. Be very careful if in an unstable relationship for the next day or so. Bambi retrograde opposite Kafka may add to this, so be quite aware of potential threats coming out of left field. Or from within your own homestead.

As the morning progresses, we hit another aspect around 5:00 PST with Moon semisextile Jupiter. Possibility of some form of deliverance, or perhaps we have a more esoteric dream vision grant us some wisdom regarding a spiritual, or legal, or maybe career matter... or maybe a stroke of luck that makes us feel a little bit better about things? Moon quincunx Lamb around the same time, however, could leave us feeling like a lamb to the slaughter... or perhaps it could relate to the dream vision regarding one referred to as a lamb, and I'll leave that to your own interpretation. Ceres retrograde opposite Lucifer may build on this just slightly.

As we wake up around 6:00 PST, Moon trine Bologna helps us a little in feeling capable of discerning lies and tall tales just a little bit better. Vesta semisextile Black Moon Lilith around the same time should bring a little bit of esoteric wisdom to decipher some of the dream visions regarding falsehoods we may have been exposed to overnight. Typhon square Swindle adds to this and warns us to be aware of further falsehoods. At this time of the morning, it's likely to be coming from our radios and television sets, to be honest, as news and morning commentary programs are the most likely vectors I can think of in general.

7:00 PST brings us Moon opposite Eris and that could mean trouble for the morning commute, or perhaps a bit of a scramble to get homework done as we're on or waiting for the morning school bus? Emotions aren't likely to be stable for a bit. Cupido square Bambi retrograde could also rear its ugly head as we might be thinking about something with our relationships, sexual or romantic in nature, which goes along with that Eris-Moon opposition, and would be enough to knock even the most emotionally-stable person off-kilter. Abundantia square Nike could point to us being unable to really get-up-and-go when it comes to our work day starting, so don't expect to accomplish much out of the gate. Aphrodite semisextile Arachne around the same time adds in to that earlier romantic/sexual conundrum, and I'm beginning to think feelings about relationships or lack thereof are why we're having the trouble of get-up-and-go this morning.

Fortunately, around 8:00 PST, we have Moon trine Venus, which should help us with some of the emotional drain from the last hour or so, and then we also have Nemesis sextile Black Moon Lilith, so that should give us some confidence boost to deal with some potential adversaries we're dealing with as we head to or are entering the office to start the new workweek. Mercury square Radiocommunicata plays into those previous hours' warnings about lies and deceptions coming from the airwaves, and that's what I'm thinking this entails. Workplace communications are also likely to be a bit contentious, so do be warned that we're not going into this with the best communications environment. Maybe we're heading back to work with Patriots fans while we were rooting for the Eagles? Don't set the office on fire, please.

9:00 PST brings us Jupiter square Juno, which is offset somewhat by Moon crossing fixed star Spica. Could be a bit of a matter of who brings home the bacon, so to speak, but speak truthfully and candidly, and you might be able to defuse the situation with your loved ones. Hekate retrograde trine Chiron also helps with some potential healing of some psychic landmines, some of which we've all but certainly laid for ourselves. Do be warned that Lie square Nessus is in the air around this time as well, so do be aware of manipulations to preserve the status quo. Later on, Moon quincunx Narcissus at 10:00 PST further adds fuel to the fire to save face. People are seeming a bit predisposed to saving their ass today, judging from asteroids so far...

11:00 PST ratchets up the energy level as we get Moon opposite Uranus, which will make for some explosive and sudden emotional outbursts. It could be something related to more relationship drama, which may be resolving around this time, with Moon trine Lust retrograde. Watch out for workplace romances around now, if you're involved with one. Typhon semisextile Karma also plays into this a bit, so if you don't have one of those workplace relationships going on, you might be alright. Or maybe some other setup for something underneath the surface is coming to light.

The Moon gets busy around noontime PST when it quincunxes Sedna retrograde and Desdemona retrograde, both around Algol, and the Moon also squares Pinocchio retrograde and Hekate retrograde. Do not take anything at face value for the next couple of hours, especially your own feelings on important matters.

13:00 PST brings us Leviathan retrograde opposite Ixion, so do be aware of any inner self-sabotage or self-betrayal. If something feels off to you, make sure you know it's actually off and not just paranoia setting in.

14:00 PST brings us more aspects with the Moon. Moon does sextile Ixion and trines Nike and Leviathan retrograde for a grand trine, helping us navigate some psychic minefields involving those who would betray us, but do be careful for Moon quincunx Abundantia as that could point to some unease with our means of attracting wealth and career goals.

15:00 PST brings Moon semisextile Dejanira, a warning against feeling overly victimized, or conversely we may inadvertently do something to make someone else feel uncomfortable, probably with Mercury quincunx Medusa retrograde rearing its ugly head. Do be sure not to needlessly say something that reveals some inner ugliness. Might be someone else that says it, though. At any rate, this will probably be mitigated somewhat by Vesta conjunct fixed star Antares for the next couple hours, which will be helpful in bolstering our own wisdom in dealing with troubling matters. Leviathan retrograde trine Nike, and Ixion also sextiling Nike at the same time allows us a little more good energy in dealing with psychic miscreants.

17:00 PST brings us Pholus sextile Silver, so maybe a good day to share a happy hour brew with some coworkers/colleagues. Desdemona does conjunct Sedna exactly around this point as well, so do be aware of the possibility of some craziness involving father figures and male partners. That conjunction goes on well past 18:00 PST, but, Desdemona and Sedna retrograde are also sextiling Pinocchio retrograde, so there's a good chance a charlatan can be exposed and sent packing before he can do too much damage.

Into the evening around 19:00 PST, Moon sextile Aphrodite and square Arachne could lead to a fun romantic encounter, just be careful you don't get more ensnared than you're ready for.

Further on into the night, 20:00 PST sees Moon trine Kassandra retrograde which allows our inner voice to warn us or perhaps just simply guide us to be careful about guarding our hearts and souls. Pallas opposite Typhon around the same time gives us a challenge in using our inner wisdom to be aware of hidden dangers. We'll need that wisdom as Nymphe retrograde is playing her games with a trine to Vesta and a quincunx to Nemesis. Use that earlier inner wisdom to guard yourself and play smartly when perhaps meeting "The One," but it just as well could blow up in our faces later on when we find out we found a potential adversary. Or perhaps a few of us will just settle for the instant gratification of some more questionable Internet-based "visual aids." Don't get too enthralled.

We'll end with 21:00 PST with Moon trine Silver and sextile Pholus, while Pluto opposites Tyrannosaurus retrograde. This is a good time to summon our inner strength and conquer some inner demons, perhaps through some form of meditation or self-discipline, or throwing ourselves into a loved hobby.

So Monday has a lot of energy in store for us, and I think I may have engaged in a bit of information overload. Don't get too caught up in all of the details, but just remember that the major planet aspects are the main meat and potatoes of what's going on, while the asteroid-to-asteroid aspects are just a little bit of spice onto the already extensive main course. I think I'll need to come up with a better system for denoting the major aspects versus the minor aspects, especially for asteroids that don't aspect major planets. I may opt to disregard those at times. I'm still getting around to finishing some of my more graphical tools to help with this, so in time I think we'll see some improvement in this. But this took way longer than I expected. Hopefully this will be pertinent to everyone though. Until the next article!