Daily Report - Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Daily Report - Friday, February 2nd, 2018

I'll be fast. Really tired, but will do what I can. Also my dad's birthday. Wish him a happy one!

We start Friday with Moon square Vesta at 1:00 PST. This will be followed shortly after by Moon quincunx Lucifer at 2:00 PST. Some give and take needed with the traditional and structured, and how it conflicts with our own pride and how we feel about things. Could lead to dream visions involving courts or governments in some cases, perhaps.

Shortly after, 3:00 PST brings us Pallas quincunx Mars, and Moon trine Black Moon Lilith. We may know what's wise to do, but we don't seem to be willing to do it all that well, but want to go on our own other paths. We may be feeling a bit of intuition telling us that it'll work out. Will it? A few ways to find out. Do it, or don't do it. Or consider the ramifications. Most likely, just going to do it.

As we wake up, Ceres retrograde semisextile Moon around 6:00 PST could bring to light how we feel about our home situation, or perhaps we notice something while going out the door about something we need to do regarding the home. Maybe a small fix-it job needs to be done when you get back home in the evening? Or during the weekend? Not that too much will get done during the Big Game. (Maybe one team gets their first ring... I hope. Might give us some hope to shoot for, but hey...)

Around Noon PST, Moon semisextiles the North Node. Something will trigger a way we feel about our current situation, one way or another. A mild bit of examining how we can get around some of our issues, or perhaps we just reflect on it and see how we feel about it. Personally, I'm not feeling too happy about a personal situation, but that's just me. North Node's on my own Part of Fortune right now too, so yeah, I'm feeling a bit of personal power struggle. I just have to deal with it. Enough about me though.

At 14:00 PST, Pluto semisextile Venus triggers some more reflection about how things have been going in relationships and on the job lately, or in some other more creative pursuits. We feel something's missing. Perhaps it's time that we're missing to deal with some objectives we want to pursue. It'll come.

Into the evening around 19:00 PST, Destinn trine Moon helps us feel out our greater destiny and fate. We might be feeling better about things, all things considered. We'll get a greater boost an hour later or so around 20:00 PST (8:00 PM) when Hekate retrograde trines Dejanira, and Moon trines Pluto. This is about a time to listen to our inner voice, our inner intuition, see where we've been brought down before, and realize we have more power to get past these issues than we give ourselves credit for. At the very least, we might have some minor victory regarding a rough and tumble problem in our lives.

Still, a little later on, Moon quincunx Venus around 21:00 PST might make for some awkward date nights? Or perhaps we might be working on a creative project or art project, maybe a writing project... and we might get writer's block, or not like what we were doing and just start over? But this is a passing feeling, so if you're feeling dissatisfied, I'd say just brush it aside for a bit and come back to it tomorrow, see how you feel then.

Finally, to finish off Friday before Midnight PST, really around 23:00 PST, Moon sextile Jupiter brings us a bit of luck and good feelings regarding our station in life, or at the very least we feel blessed in some way. Perhaps there's a solution to the creative problem that starts forming in our minds before we turn in for the night. Or, perhaps we're just vegging out and watching a thought-provoking movie, or something that makes us feel good. A good point to relax.

So Friday winds up being a little bit more low-key, and with the Moon in Virgo all day, we'll be able to harness some analytical power to get us through some of the more dicey parts of the day. Don't worry too much, as I think many things will work themselves out. And I'll try to get much of a February monthly forecast up this weekend somehow. For now, much needed rest calls. Peace.