Coming Soon - Personal Readings

Coming Soon - Personal Readings

I've decided to take things to the next level a bit with Phoenixia Astrology. Very soon I'm going to start offering personal readings. Yes, Mercury did just go direct, but that timing is purely coincidental ;)

I'm going to do this in a couple ways: One, to get the ball rolling (and as this will be the first time I'm doing this on this scale), I'm thinking of offering a reduced price at first, whether for the first X or for the first X months of doing this, I'm not sure yet. I'm also thinking of how I'll go about accepting payments for this, and that will most likely be PayPal.

Two: For now I'm going to focus on personal readings, either with basic astrology (angles/planets plus Chiron/Black Moon Lilith), or an enhanced Basic + Asteroid and Fixed Star reading that will include Romance/Deception/Career asteroids (and likely more than that, depending on what is feasible).

I'm also thinking of transit/progression reports for three/six/twelve months, and also solar returns.

Once I've figured out what prices will be, I'll post an update along with an order form online where these orders can be made. Stay tuned!