Weekly Report - September 18th Through 24th, 2017

This week is all about high-intensity energy. And there is a lot of it.

Starting off the week on Monday, we still have the Yod Kite with Venus sextile Jupiter, both quincunx Chiron retrograde, and the Sun completes the opposition to pull the bowstring. Inner healing and dealing with wounds very much in focus, with the elements of our money, our possessions and our careers/jobs still very much in focus, as well as our own selves, our own ego, our own self-worth. Asteroid Dejanira is also becoming conjunct the Sun (as the Sun is approaching the 2 and a half degree orb of impact for an asteroid), so we are likely feeling a little victimized here. Perhaps an improper bank hold (like I currently have a couple of), or some possession or perhaps a lover or love interest is held hostage or at arms length. That's the feel I'm getting from this. Continuing on with this trend is a Sun quincunx Uranus retrograde point of uncertainty, where we have sudden hiccups or monkey wrenches thrown into our affairs. To further exasperate this, I am also seeing another Yod Kite forming, with Chiron sextile asteroids Destinn and Sedna (both on Algol, a notorious fixed star associated with losing one's head) all quincunx Jupiter in Libra, with Uranus retrograde kiting that. If you invest in the stock market, or trade in particular goods, I would keep a very sharp eye on your investments. This Jupiter-focused Yod will intensify throughout the week, and I'm forecasting peak intensity for the Uranus/Jupiter Yod formation on Saturday. Finally, a couple major conjunctions in the later part of the day (or starting from around noontime Pacific Daylight Time) is Moon conjunct Mercury, followed a little later by Moon conjunct Mars (and Moon-Mars are still a couple degrees orb in their own conjunction). Our emotions are likely to be flaring up and highly intense, especially with the other Yod energies I've pointed out). Resist the temptation to use the boss's desk as a urinal and just count to a hundred if you need to. Perhaps a thousand would be better... Or could put nose to grindstone and just get some much-needed tasks done at work or around the home... This would also be a good time to mention an intense T-square with Sun opposing Chiron and apexing at Pholus, an asteroid named for a centaur who had some very inticing wine in legend. This isn't the time to lose ourselves in intoxicants or other escapes. The temptation, however, will be very strong. We could even find ourselves losing ourselves in overindulging at the gym even. Warm up well.

Tuesday isn't looking much less energetic. the sun begins to seperate in its opposition to Chiron retrograde so we should be seeing a bit of relief begin to take shape, and as Venus is about to enter Virgo, the Yod involving it, Jupiter, Chiron, and Sun breaks. Hopefully we will have put into motion some of what we need to do, and Venus entering Virgo later in the day will help bolster this... But don't forget that a bit earlier in the day we have Moon square Saturn, so we're going to have to deal wtih some rough edges emotionally. We'll be feeling like we just can't get started, but this will pass later on. On the Pacific coast near 11PM to midnight, and early morning on the East Coast (U.S.) we hit the next New Moon. New Moon, of course, brings Sun conjunct Moon, and an ideal time to get new projects and new habit forming off the ground. As this New Moon opposes Chiron, this will be a month-long cycle of inner healing being brought into focus. We also have a Fire Grand Trine with some minor bodies, with Ixion in Sagittarius, Eris retrograde in Aries, and North Node in Leo. Ixion is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith, so maybe some unconventional or some little help from above (or maybe below, depending on your point of view) can get us through this period. Harness the chaos, as it were, and ride the wave.

Wednesday, we start off early on with Mercury opposite Neptune, giving rise to a bit of possible miscommunication, or perhaps unorthodox communications that aren't fully understood. We could also see an increase in accidents or travel delays due to people daydreaming on the road, so be mindful during the morning commute. Venus by now has also crossed over into Virgo and is with fixed star Regulus today, giving a regal boost to Venus's eye for beauty, but with the proud nature of the heart of the Lion, we could be hoisted by our own petard if we let pride dictate terms... doubly true as we also have Mars square asteroid Lucifer this day, so proud flare-ups are at increased risk today too. We also have Moon entering airy Libra, so we'll be feeling that we need to make some decisions, weighing pros and cons of actions, preferably before committing to said actions. We also have a Yod forming with Jupiter sextile Pholus, both quincunx Destinn-Sedna (on Algol). Best not to drink your money away, but one or two at happy hour can't hurt too much. Don't go overboard, and watch your back (and your drink or intoxicant of choice). Anything in excess isn't advised today, to be quite honest.

Thursday gives us a brief stint of Moon conjunct asteroid Karma, so we'll start the day thinking "am I really getting what I deserve? Am I really supposed to be reaping this from what I've sown?" An excelleng question, and I can't say if you are or not, personally. With Mercury semisextile the two at that point, we could be reacting to a message, like an email or a letter, that snaps us to that attention. Also, the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod intensifies, so again, watch your six and make sure everything's in writing at this time, for the next week or two if anything. And watch your drink, especially if you question the trustworthiness of anyone nearby (a very hard lesson I've had to learn recently). Mercury begins to really trine Pluto retrograde too, so it's likely in our talking or writing or emailing or texting or whatever else... we start seeing some epiphanies as to how we can better handle a situation. Mars begins opposing Neptune retrograde as well, so there's a danger of feeling angered that we're not thinking of things clearly as we should, or we could have some major suspicions come to light. This can lead to our imaginiations running wild with all sorts of scenarios of betrayal, backstabbing, accidents that could happen... a real Murphy's Law-esque connundrum in our thoughts. Nothing wrong with being prepared or mindful of a worst-case scenario, but it's best not to obsess over it. Going into the weekend, it'll be very easy to do, so perhaps some aggressive yoga or intense exercise (taking care to avoid injury) is called for to keep your mind focused on self-improvement.

Friday brings to us an intensification of the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod. Again, watch your six. Mercury tightens its trine to Pluto retrograde, making travel and communications a little bit easier and also an easier time to bolster some good habits, perhaps. Moon will hit Jupiter (itself apex of a Yod between Chiron sextile Destinn-Sedna quincunx Jupiter, itself opposed by Uranus retrograde)... our money and our luck is a source of concern in midday, and we need to be mindful of any sudden changes, such as a paycheck delay perhaps, or an unexpected expense. Or, perhaps how we feel about our money or lack thereof. Are we really pursuing what serves us, what makes us happy, what fulfills our life purpose? This is a day where it comes to focus. A little later on, Moon crosses into Scorpio, where we get that fixed watery feel, and where we can start getting that 50 Shades of Grey-esque vibe for a lover... or feel depressed at the lack of having a lover. Don't lose yourself in any nihilistic thoughts. Also, later on in the day, Sun will cross over into Libra, so an air of chaos and change will come about for the evening (if in the US), and we'll be spending the next month weighing our decisions, our lives, our emotions against two or more choices. As Libra is ruled by Mercury, our affairs will become a bit... Mercurial, for lack of a better term, so a good time to perhaps also play devil's advocate.

Saturday intensifies the Mars/Neptune opposition, so find a positive outlet for the disconnect between going forward, jumping forward, being raring to go, and the Neptune retrograde feel of "but maybe I don't want to do this" or "what if I screw up?" So what? Go and live, but don't lose yourself in a reckless display of passion either. Especially so as we have Karma square Pluto retrograde this day beginning to tighten up. Very easy to set up an ill harvest if we sow the seeds of anger and despair. It could also be that something comes to fruition pretty soon that isn't all that we wanted. Maybe we forgot to nourish something? Overlooked an issue? Perhaps someone you're dating or a business proposition isn't panning out either. Try not to take it out on the other side of the coin as we also have Venus beginning to oppose asteroid Nessus, and it can be very easy to lash out at our loved ones when we're highly frustrated, and this is a weekend where it can be easy for that to happen. Everyone needs to chill out this weekend. Jupiter is still tightening its opposition to Uranus retrograde (again, Chiron and Destinn-Sedna also involved for that Yod), so CHILL! Very easy to do something you'll regret later if you don't chill.

Sunday brings the tightest of the Mars/Neptune opposition, so let's not let our imagination run too wild with what all's going on. Ceres also crosses into Leo, so we may be feeling a bit more pride and a bit more of an ego with our home affairs. Not always a bad thing, and later on near the end of the day, Moon will begin to trine that Ceres when the Moon exits Scorpio and goes into fiery, mutable Sagittarius. Before that happens, the Moon will of course trine Chiron retrograde, so this would be a good point to step back and get a grip on what's going on in your life, and take a deep breath. Especially since Moon will also quincunx Uranus retrograde at the same time. I could see some people think about undergoing a makeover as part of a personal thought crisis. But again, the Chiron/Destinn-Sedna/Jupiter/Uranus Yod Kite makes it a dicey proposition to engage in a shopping spree to remake right now. It'd be easy to undergo such a radical change, only to have a hangover (whether from celebrating too much, letting loose too much, or just looking at the billing statement the next month) after its all said and done. And with the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod kited briefly by the Moon, it's going to be very easy to ask "what the hell did I just do?" Perhaps what was meant to be done? I don't know. Perhaps only you can answer that with certainty.

So there you have it, a highly intense week, and lots of intense energies. I emphasized the Destinn-Sedna conjunction on Algol as part of those Yods because I think there is a great significance there, especially with those two asteroids being on the eye of Medusa (Algol). Ugly things don't have to be destined to happen, but it's easier for it to happen now. Watch your investments and resources this week like a hawk, as I feel that's going to be a point of concern. I wouldn't even be surprised if we find out more shocking news from the financial sector (as if we need any more of that considering that Equifax breach). Expect some sudden actions, and a bit of chaos. Embrace the chaos to bring order to your life, and let's see where it all leads. Cheers.

Weekly Report - September 11th Through 17th, 2017

Last week was a rough one, given that Hurricane Irma approached Florida and, well, I hope that the damage will be as minimal as can be. The wildfires in the Pacific Northwest were also intense (smokewise anyways where I was at, though there were definitely worse-off areas), and hopefully we will see some relief and little more in the way of disasters.

Let's start. Monday, the principal aspect that will be forming and proceeding through the next few days will be Sun square Saturn. We'll be wanting to continue getting things going, and considering Mercury is still in post-retrograde shadow, we can expect some more hiccups there as well. We have an idea of what we want to do, what we want to fix up and organize in our lives, and the square to Saturn beginning to coalesce will be a bit of a dampener on this. We can expect some delays and frustrations, and maybe also see where our own inner discipline is breaking down. On the same day, we'll also see Moon square Mercury, and a little later on, Moon square Mars. We're going to feel like we're not proceeding as fast as we need to, and later on we could get increasingly frustrated with it. As this will form as close to a T-square with Nessus opposite Mars, we could even get a little self-abusive about it (maybe by hitting a couple more drinks than needed in happy hour, or perhaps pushing ourselves a bit too far and getting injured in a gym). Exercise some caution, as this frustration will pass. Not all doom and gloom, as Venus is also strengthening its trine to Saturn, which may make for a possible easier night with a significant other, or maybe we find the energy to get a task done that we can be proud of, especially if creative.

Asteroid-wise, this will also be the strongest day this week with Pholus apex a T-square between Chiron retrograde in Pisces and Dejanira-Apophis-Vesta in Virgo. Again, take it easy with happy hour. More likely we're going to be reviewing and seeing where we can pick up the pieces, especially after the natural disasters of last week (that are still ongoing, minus the earthquake in Mexico... I think, unless there are strong aftershocks later this week. I don't know if that will happen for sure, however). Honestly, I think the recovery from the disasters overall, including from the flooding in Asia, will be the focus for this asteroid T-square. There may be other things that we're recovering from a major hit. For me, personally, pinkeye hit over the weekend and kept me out of work Friday (that and a major accident on the Seattle Eastside 405... but I shouldn't have attempted going to work anyways. Interesting how the universe works).

Tuesday, the Sun square Saturn intensifies more, and it becomes apparent that this won't necessarily be the smoothest week for discipline and getting things done. Mercury also tightens its conjunction to Mars, which may give us a little oomph for getting over a couple hurdles. Again, Mars tightens its opposition to Nessus, so let's not get too obsessed about the details and let's remember not to take it out on other people either. Another good note we should note for tuesday is Venus trining Saturn at the strongest this day, so we can take some advantage in seeing the silver lining in whatever clouds Saturn sends our way. Let's focus on thise silver clouds as later in the day Moon will oppose Saturn, and this may add to the frustration level just a bit. This will effectively form a T-Square during the first quarter moon with Sun apexing, and Chiron is arguably opposing Sun at this point as well, so a very weak Grand Cross effect may be present as well. It won't be overwhelming as the orb is wide to Chiron so we should be able to push on through.

Wednesday gives us the strongest point of Sun square Saturn, so again, we need to watch our egos just a little bit and just roll with the delays that may come. Mercury also gets closer to its conjunction with Mars, and is now in range of Mars opposite Nessus, which tightens further. This entire week just seems to be about learning to deal with frustrations, delays, and not blowing our top with abuses and obsessions, frankly. And there's a lot to be frustrated about given current events. This too shall pass. Regardless, Venus begins to separate from its trine with Saturn but it still has some potency, so we can use Venus's lesser good fortune to mitigate some of Saturn's delays and right our ship. Also, Venus is also beginning its trine to Uranus retrograde, so there's a chance we see some unconventional solutions begin to take shape during this time. It's also beginning to form a sextile to Jupiter, which will also smooth things over very nicely on the professional and personal fronts.

Thursday, Venus conjuncts the North Node, so this could be a good chance to have a chance encounter with someone who may be good for us, a better half, or maybe a business prospect? You never know. Jupiter and Venus also strengthen their sextile, further bolstering the good luck. Sun begins to separate from its square to Saturn and will definitely be welcome as the delays and restrictions begin to let up just a little. Mercury and Mars tighten their conjunction, so if you need a little extra step in your travel plans or some extra flare (but not too much, as that opposition to Nessus is tightening up Mercury-wise and beginning to separate Mars-wise), this is the time. Be aware that Moon will oppose Pluto retrograde, so do be careful with that Mercury-Mars fusion energy when making decisions, as we could wind up beating ourselves up over any mistakes, real or perceived.

Friday, Moon conjuncts Ceres, so this could be a good day to think about some home decor or reorginazation plans that make us feel a little better. Don't spend too much, as Moon-Ceres will also square Jupiter for part of the day. A trine from Moon-Ceres to Uranus retrograde may, however, bring some unconventionality to those home decor plans. Something to definitely note beyond this aspect, however, is a Yod that begins to form by transit going into the weekend, with Jupiter sexile Venus-North Node, both quincunx Chiron retrograde, and kited by an oppisition to the Sun which will intensify over the next couple of days. This is an excellent time to bring about some major healing, as we are pulling that Chiron energy inwards and can use it to heal what's been hurting us for awhile... the good luck sextile between Jupiter and Venus is excellent for this, and the Sun pulling that bowstring? We can thrust ourselves into the work that is needed. If we handle this wrongly, we could do lasting harm to ourselves, especially with Mercury-Mars still opposing Nessus, so let's not fly off the handle. Fortunately, that opposition is losing steam and separating, so we should be alright.

On Saturday, the Jupiter-Venus-Chiron-Sun Yod Kite intensifies further. Continue your recovery and healing, and take advantage of doing what you need to do on this day very well, as Mercury and Mars' conjunction is tightest on Saturday as well. An excellent time to put forward the pedal to the metal and get some things done. Mercury, I must note, still has a few more days of the post-retrograde shadow, and there is still the weakening opposition to Nessus, which is almost out of orb now, so I think we can go full forward while watching for a few roadblocks at this time. Just don't toot your own horn too terribly much, as Mars-Mercury will be tightly squaring 1930 Lucifer that day, and that extra pride could be a downfall at this time. Be proactive, be productive, but exercise humility. There will be time for accolades later on.

Sunday brings us a strong Fire Grand Trine between Venus, Uranus, and asteroid Pholus, and to a lesser degree, Saturn (barely), and arguably Uranus is kited by Jupiter. An excellent time for unorthodox solutions to problems, and perhaps with the Jupiter-Venus-Chiron-Sun Yod Kite's energies still at the fore (though Venus is beginning to collapse the wedge as it's moving closer to Virgo), maybe we can come to terms with and finish what it is we're trying to fix up before the coming work week begins again. Jupiter also forms another Yod with itself sextiling Pholus, and the apex being at asteroids Destinn and Sedna... on Algol. This is a great weekend to consider not getting too hammered, and keeping a clear head, lest we be destined to lose ours. Watch your back with Sedna. I think the Equifax breach aftermath might have a few more insights come to light in the week to follow, as Jupiter will move closer to tightening that Yod.

So as I see it, the first half of the week is a bit rough around the edges, but near the end of the week and especially over the weekend, we see an opportunity to grab our dreams and possibly start growing them again. This coming weekend is not one to waste! Seize every opportunity you can and don't fly off the handle, as that will be easy to do up to the end of the week as well, which could very well spoil the weekend if that goes very badly. Anyways, it's running late, and we have a great many things that could very well go right for us. Hopefully the recovery from the mulitple disasters of earlier this month can also get underway in earnest and go forward smoothly. Let's hope, and let's work at it. Globally, I think we can make a lot out of this week.

Transit Analysis - August 2017 Eclipse in Leo to USA Sibley Chart

Ever since the August 21st Solar Eclipse in Leo, and the visible manifestation of it casting its shadow over the United States of America, we have seen quite a bit of turmoil. Maybe the ancients were right about eclipses? I can't say definitively... but what I can say is, we are experiencing a lot of disasters right now. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida and the Carribean, and of course the multitude of wildfires out in the Western United States. (The last one is indirectly impacting me personally, as the wildfire smoke has made a bit of a haze near the Seattle area... I shouldn't complain too much as there are areas experiencing a lot more smoke-wise and fire-wise). So just what the hell is going on? What did the Solar Eclipse actually hit in the USA's chart? Let's take a look and bring order out of chaos a bit...

First and foremost, the Solar Eclipse opposed the USA's Moon by transit. That's a major impact! Themes of national feelings and emotions, and to a degree I would say, water and tides, those are at the fore right now. Yes, hurricanes would be influenced by tides somewhat, and Irma is following shortly after a full moon which raises the tides more! That's a bit of a problem. We should also consider that the Solar Eclipse hit in the USA's 9th house, which rules long-distance travel, foreign encounters, and legal concerns. Hmm... and we've got that thing with North Korea going on too. USA Moon is also conjunct its own Pallas, also opposed by the transit Solar Eclipse, so themes of wisdom and war are going to be pretty prevailent here too. The question is, does the USA actually have wisdom to avoid war at the current moment?

Transit Solar Eclipse also squares asteroids Kassandra and Pandora in the USA chart, and by extension, transit Sedna on Algol. This sounds rather ominous. Given that the USA's natal Moon squares those two asteroids in its own chart, we have a tendency to run afoul of emotions and listening to wisdom in regards to not opening up Pandora's boxes that we shouldn't be opening (one could argue that the Vietnam War was one example of this). Sedna in transit is going to be around these couple of degrees for the next several years or so, being a slow-moving trans-Neptunian object with a ridiculous orbit. Transit Rudra also conjuncts transit Sedna, and this amplifies things. Long story short, emotionally, the nation is in denial about the Pandora's Boxes that have been opened, and of course there were warnings about these. We are now, sad to say, reaping the whirlwind.

Let's go on to other transits... Transit Chiron retrograde was conjunct the USA's Imum Coeli during the eclipse. I can tell you, through personal exprience, Chiron and the Imum Coeli is a hell of a combination. (I will need to relate my own experiences in another article). We are seeing pain and some healing on the home front. Now, Chiron retrograde has crossed back into the USA's third house of short-distance travel and communications, and... well, we saw some painful communications even before the eclipse with Charlottesville. Transit Chiron retrograde squaring transit Ixion is also revealing some ungratefulness and backstabbing, and this effectively forms a T-square to the USA Midheaven as well. Now, regarding weather events, I'm not entirely certain about Ixion's impact and will have to check other charts.

The transiting Solar Eclipse did also trine transit Uranus retrograde... and in the USA chart that Uranus conjuncts asteroid Nemesis. I would say some internal enemies were revealed even before the Eclipse. Again, Charlottesville. It's pretty telling when many years ago, our soldiers (my paternal grandfather among these) went over and defeated Nazi Germany, and now today we have people openly waving Nazi Flags in American streets. Ok, WTF. Anyways. We really need to note something about that Uranus transit... because right now, and during that eclipse, transit Uranus retrograde conjunct USA Nemesis is also square... USA Pluto retrograde and that square is tightening up on the Uranus side. As we have seen in the first half of the 2010's decade, we had transiting Uranus-Pluto squares and we have seen all the chaos that has come from that, examples being the Arab Spring and the rise of ISIS, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and North Korea's nuclear missile program. There were also Uranus-Pluto squares in the 1930's, and ... well, we had the Great Depression then, the consolidation of Adolf Hitler's power, and eventually after those squares moved on, we had World War II. And since Uranus is backtracking and tightening the square, it means that the USA has had a transit Uranus-Pluto square for the last year or so! No wonder.

I'm going to just say it: A national shake-up is unavoidable. I'm not sure when the last transit Uranus square USA Pluto was, and will need to check all of those and cross-reference to historical events here in the US. Now what about a transit Pluto to USA Uranus square? We don't have to worry about that for decades. In fact, Pluto would have to enter Pisces. I'm not sure when Pluto was in Virgo, offhand, but given that my dad was born with Pluto at the beginning of Leo, it was within the last 50 years or so. Anyways, we're getting off track.

During this Eclipse transit, transit Pluto has been opposing the USA Sun-Bologna conjunction, and transit fixed star Sirius is now with the USA Sun as well. Honestly, I'm not sure what bearing transiting fixed stars have on a national chart, considering they move one degree in approximately 72 years. Sirius with Sun in a natal chart normally is good for success in business, careers involving metal or "other martial affairs", and supposedly domestic peace? But we're not seeing domestic peace. Transiting fixed stars may be dubious at best and shouldn't be overly counted on in long-term astrological research based on this. It's like the snapshot of the time of the USA's birth and the other snapshot of the star crossing is far enough removed in time to not really have the expected effect? More research is needed. As Sirius is also of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, it could be increased energy and expansion is also a factor. Again, more research needed.

USA Jupiter and Venus are conjunct, and also conjunct asteroids BAM and Pompeja, and BAM-Venus was conjuncting transit asteroid Ohno during the Eclipse as well.. Ohno, to me, represents just what it sounds like: "Oh no." BAM is... well, pretty explosive. With Venus, the USA has had its boom times in riches and prosperity, especially with Jupiter there. We've also been prone to explosive outbursts, such as the Civil War. Transit Jabberwock and Pinnochio and Buysballot are also conjuncting USA Jupiter more strongly than not.. Also, transiting Buysballot was conjuncting USA Pinoccho as well. Lots of deception is being exposed around this time it sounds like. Since the eclipse, Hillary Clinton seems to have scheduled a release of a book about what happened during the election of 2016, and apparently has some choice words about Bernie Sanders. How fitting, given the emails leaked regarding the DNC's preference for Clinton over Sanders, and the immediate securing of the Democratic superdelegates in the beginning of that contest. But anyhow. Transit Mercury retrograde and asteroid Lie were also sextile that whole mess around USA Jupiter/Venus, so more deceptions were coming to light I believe. Might I also state that USA Karma is also conjunct USA Venus, so when it comes to what the USA desires, the concept of karma seems to apply strongly. It is true, the United States has sometimes reaped what it has sown, both for good and ill.

We're getting off the track of disasters. USA Ohno and Chiron square USA Vulcano and Nagasaki, and this forms a T-Square to USA Juno, amplified with transit Jupiter making an opposition to Ohno-Chiron during the Eclipse. Since then, we have definitely seen wildfires proliferate with great intensity, as well as the explosive impact of the hurricanes. We should also consider that transit Hekate was conjunct USA Vulcano-Nagasaki, and transit Tsunemi had crossed over previously before the Eclipse. Hmm... while a hurricane isn't necessarily a tsunami, it is quite flood-happy. Hekate here is an occult asteroid, and it fits with my gut feeling that something wicked is fueling many of these disasters. USA Chiron-Ohno also sextile USA Mars, and right now we have a Yod to transit Kafka, kited by transit Desdemona. We can... expect some strange and off-kilter events nationally I would say. Kafka does baffle me a bit, and I've never actually read the author's works for which this asteroid is named. Going to need to do a bit more research on that one, but given that Desdemona's asteroid number is 666, something does seem a bit devilish about that combination.

USA Chiron/Ohno are, however, being trined by transit Saturn and asteroid Gold, so there is a possiblity of some wealth contraction bringing something good to the picture or some healing? Saturn-Gold did sextile Jupiter, all of this transit, during the Eclipse, forming a Yod to Desdemona and kited by Kafka, now that I think of it. Equifax just recently revealed they were hit with a massive data breach/hack, compromising 143,000,000 people if I'm not mistaken (or half the adult population of the United States by sheer number?)... Not cool. Maybe the whole credit reporting system collapses or gets an overhaul as a result of this? Wouldn't hold my breath, but stranger things have happened.

Finally, there is also the matter of Transit Venus during the Eclipse conjuncting USA's Mercury-Part of Fortune-Vertex. This was also close to the conjunction between transit Nymphe-Medusa on USA's Abundantia. ...maybe some erotic art comes to the forefront, or maybe a slight proliferation of pornography as a money-making tool for this solar eclipse cycle, appropriately in the USA's 8th house of occult, other parties' resources, sex and death. I'm not sure what to make of that, though I hear the "pee tape" is being mentioned again regarding President Trump and the Russian dossier. (Hmm... I thought there might be some BS about that tape back when I charted the inauguration chart, so why this is coming up again now...) I'm going to wager that a major sex scandal happens pretty soon. I'm not going to put money on that wager, so let's just call it a fun little "see what happens" game.

Overall... we've got some very nasty transits to the USA natal chart right now, and that transit Uranus to natal Pluto square combined with the transit Chiron on the natal IC... We have got events on the USA homefront that is going to be brewing pretty hard in the next few years. That's alright. We see it now, which means we can see the upsides to these combinations and possibly edge things towards the more positive manifestations. In closing, I went rambling a bit with this Solar Eclipse transit analysis, but I think, if anyone can actually follow this, we can see some of what's going on and where this is heading. Brace for impact.

Full Moon Pisces - September 2017 - Chaos Ripple

So close to the end of a Mercury Retrograde period, we now experience a Full Moon here in Pisces. A little kick and a lot of chaos is in the air for the completion of this supercharged moon cycle. Will order prevail? Unlikely. Let's see why.

Beginning with the Full Moon itself, we have Full Moon conjunct Neptune retrograde, with Sun opposing. Dreams and illusions and escaping reality is going to be at the forefront of how we wind down to the next New Moon, and it's going to be amplified as we also have an off-kilter Full Moon and Neptune quincunx Venus. Again, we're still chasing illusions and unsure if it's really what we want here. Full Moon-Neptune sextile Pluto retrograde does give us an edge however, as we can see just where this chasing of dreams and illusions can take us a little more easily, giving us a chance to avoid places we don't want to go. But truth be told, it's almost a Yod to Venus, and that can potentially spell trouble.

The reason we can see trouble ahead is Full Moon-Neptune conjunct Narcissus, which could give us an inflated sense of self and ego, and opposing the Sun? We could think too highly of ourselves over the next couple weeks and overreach. That could be a bit uncomfortable. Pluto retrograde conjunct Nike and Bologna also gives us a slight probability to go for some shady goals, chasing the bologna as it were. As the Moon-Neptune-Narcissus combo sextiles the Pluto-Nike-Bologna combo, we might have some insulation from problems... maybe? But suppose we're thinking about chasing a cute vixen or going after that hunk right now? With the almost-Yod to Venus, and with Venus opposition Messalina, there is a great chance of promiscuity getting the best of us. Do we really want to chase after those people, or would a little celebacy for a couple days be more worth the while? Might be wise, but might not be what people will pick as we also have a slightly weak T-Square of Cupido retrograde opposition Eros, apexing Pluto retrograde and its asteroid cluster. Use protection.

Let's not forget we still have a Fire Grand Trine (albeit slightly weak) between Mercury-Mars-Regulus (offsign conjunction at that), trine Uranus retrograde, trine Pholus. There's a good chance of some craziness stemming from intoxicants, but maybe we have a drink and get an epiphany, or maybe we just relax, chill out for a bit and a solution to a problem that seems off the wall and out of nowhewre comes to us during the next couple weeks. If it helps bring an end to a vexing problem, why argue?

Saturn-Black Moon Lilith-Ixion-Gold square Apophis-Dejanira could be a good reason why we should argue with a few ideas we get. There is a great chance of something distressing coming about and further binding us, almost as if it's something fated or something dark, prodding us to a destructive choice. OR... it could also be that we see the possibility of a destructive choice and react appropriately to avoid it. Either way, the potential is there right now. Apophis-Dejanira trine Nemesis, however, may give us just a little insight as to who or what may act to destroy you, and gives a slight edge to avoiding that fate. Juppiter square Nemesis, on the other hand, shows that this will be a formidable foe in its own right. It could even be one of your own inner demons haunting you, driving you towards bad habits. (Like, say, myself staying up later than I "should" to write this article, but then again with the delays I had in getting even connected to a network tonight, and then restarting my laptop (We are still in Mercury's post-retrograde shadow, after all), I felt compelled to drive on forward.)

Going back to the subject of lustful pursuits, there is that Water Grand Trine from Chiron retrograde trine Arachne trine Nymph-Medusa. Could make for a sultry, fun encounter, but there are very likely to be some strings attached. Mercury forms an apex of a T-Square as it squares Arachne in Scorpio and Rudra (amplifier) in Taurus, so there is a high chance of miscommunications binding you to whoever would take advantage. Mercury-Mars semisextile Nymph-Medusa further acts as a trigger for this, in my humble opinion. Mercury sextile Lust helps point out a weak Kite to the Fire Grand Trine mentioned above, actually... so really in the overall scheme of things, there is going to be a lot of sexual tension over the next couple weeks, if you haven't already experienced this!

Tyrannosaurus opposition Pluto-Nike-Bologna could trigger a mini-crisis where being a tyrant is tempting, but it's not the best way to move forward. Be aware of other people acting very stern and tyrannical, as they are possibly going all in on bad information.

Pinocchio conjunct Buysballot trine the Full Moon-Neptune and sextile the Sun may allow us the chance to detect some falsehoods, so if you keep alert, you may be able to catch liars and those attempting to skew circumstances or rewards to their advantage in the act. Lie trine Pluto-Nike-Bologna will also help bring these matters to light at this time, or at the very least lessen their impact just ever so slightly.

I think overall we see a great chance for chaos, false promises, and people giving in to their carnal desires during this time, and on the other hand I see a potential for some healing of sorts after some serious wounding. In times of disaster, people do have a tendency to come together if they're with the right people... maybe some post-hurricane baby booms could happen? I don't know. Speaking of, there is a good deal of water and earth energy, and also fire energy in this chart for the rest of the full moon. With the western United States pretty much ablaze right now, and the aftermath of the Asian monsoons and Hurricane Harvey, to say nothing of the buildup to Irma... You know, Mercury conjunct the most recent Solar Eclipse Degree and quincunx Chiron retrograde... We need to stand together right now. Because we're going to need one another. I hope Irma goes back out to sea and bothers few others... but we need to be prepared.

I haven't really looked into disaster asteroids much with this, and I'm out of time right now. Hopefully, further disruptions will be minimal. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and either way, expect a full ton of chaos for the next couple weeks. Stay strong, we've got this.


Mercury Direct - September 2017 - Keys to Evolution

What we've been waiting for is finally coming: Mercury Direct. While we'll still be in the post-retrograde shadow period, we'll be seeing some much-needed celestial relief pretty soon. We still have some high-intensity energies we need to drive on through, though.

Mercury Station Direct conjuncts Mars on Regulus at this time, which gives us an off-sign conjunction as Mars is now in Virgo. Mercury won't be in Leo for long, so we have a bit of waning fire energy at this time for the going forward. But this also means the more stable, but mutable, earth energies will be coming to the fore, and this gives us a little more stable foundation to find some footing. Mercury and Mars are also opposing the Moon at this time, which gives us a sense that events could make us feel a little uneasy, but we also know it's a time of moving forward. Mercury also quincunxes Chiron retrograde, so whatever we realized wasn't working during the retrograde? It's time to heal it and move forward. With Mercury sextile 42355 Typhon, both forming that Yod to Chiron retrograde, we could find some major cathartic healing when we now realize what is no longer working for us, and this is a good time to start a new action plan to bring us some recovery. But remember, we still have a couple weeks before Mercury leaves the post-retrograde shadow period around September 19th, so until then, expect a few more bumps.

Mercury is also apexing a T-Square with some notable asteroids, such as 407 Arachne opposite 2629 Rudra and Sedna (on Algol). Exercise a bit of caution, as even though we're finally moving forward with goals, there will be that which will snare us, and we can also expect some masculine betrayals as well. Rudra also squares Mars, so we really, really need to keep a cool head about things, lest we stumble into a trap.

Another notable aspect during Mercury Station Direct is Sun opposition Neptune retrograde. We need to watch ourselves and ensure that we are not chasing illusions during this time. While some plans should have been formulated, we need to make sure that they'll bear proper fruit. With Sun conjunct 896 Sphinx, we stand a chance of being able to force through and recognize the riddles before us. Sun trine Pluto retrograde and 307 Nike, and also trine Pallas for an Earth Grand Trine gives us another flowing push to go ahead and begin to bring some of our long-planned for goals into action. Note that it is a Earth Grand Trine Kite with Neptune retrograde pulling the bowstring to the Sun, so if we're confident and wise enough, we can use some of the dreamy Neptune energies to see solutions we may not have considered. As 37117 Narcissus makes a weak conjunction to Neptune and opposes the Sun as well, we should take care not to become too proud and self-absorbed to ask for help if we need it durin this time. Consider others.

North Node square 666 Desdemona and 6583 Destinn, themselves dangerously close to Sedna and Algol could potentially spoil the parade just a little bit. There is the prospect of unpleasant truths and some ugly enemies challenging our way forward during this Mercury forward cycle.

Jupiter in Libra is also forming a Grand Cross with Eris in Aries, 128 Nemesis in Capricorn, and 19 Fortuna/157 Hekate/Ceres in Cancer. There is a chance for enhanced chaos with those we see as enemies, and it stands to upset what we value in homes and some of our more obscure beliefs and ritualistic behaviors. It could be something like a neighbor disrupting your morning routine, or it could be more rude like one nation invading another. Let's hope that doesn't happen, but in the next few months until the next Mercury Retrograde, it's a possiblity. Remember, it's more minor asteroids that form this Grand Cross, but the tightness of some of the orbs to other aspects of this cross compell me to mention it as something to look out for.

875 Nymphe and 149 Medusa conjunct in Cancer both semisextile Mercury and Mars at this time, and also square Uranus retrograde. Don't let yet another pretty face cloud your judgment and rob you of your opportunities. You could have a vindictive vixen on your hands if not careful. Do not let your guard down. That said, Mercury trine Uranus can enhance our agendas with some hidden, internal, sudden drive or actions to move forward. Again, be aware that you're surrounding yourself with those who will lift you up and will not betray or seduce you away from your ambitions. While this is always good advice, it's especially pertinent now.

I will close by saying that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity now that Mercury is moving forward, but we need to watch the pitfalls that are there, and we need to make sure we are associating with those who will likewise move us forward, not push us down. If there is a circumstance that is torturing or stagnating you, this is the time to have a plan in place to resolve that issue and move forward into a life you can love. Weather the storm, and the rainbow should have some gold at the end of it.

Weekly Report - September 4th Through 10th, 2017

This is my first attempt at maintaining a weekly report of sorts, and I think based on what I'm seeing, we're going to have some interesting energies going on this week, especially considering we have Mercury stationing on Monday, ready to go direct Tuesday, as well as a Full Moon this week. Let's dive in...

I'll be clear on one thing: For my weekly report formats, I'll largely be looking at my standard set asteroids (if I see that they're relevant), and also will be making my charts for 12:00 noon Seattle time (UTC-7 during Daylight Savings Time). So now that that's out of the way, let's proceed. And given how this goes as I write this, I may opt to also do daily reports or switch over to dailies exclusively? I haven't decided. Currently Mercury's still stationing and still technically retrograde as I write this, so maybe I shouldn't be initiating this quite yet. But I'm doing it anyways. Alright, enough of the ADHD moment (Yes, I do have it), and let's get on with it!

Monday, we have a big aspect with Mercury stationing conjunct Mars, and on the Solar Eclipse degree or very close to it, with Mars itself crossing onto fixed star Regulus, itself largely positive as Mars and Regulus represents:

"Honor, fame, strong character public prominence, high military command."[1]

Very high intensity energy day just with this combination alone. Later on in the week, Mercury also slides up to Regulus, representing:

"Honorable, just, popular, generosity abused by opponents, fame, gain through high position."[1]

Anyways, the Moon will cross opposite both bodies over that 24 hour period into Tuesday, so we're going to be feeling some high emotional energy, like we want to get going, get up and go, and yet it's not going to go. Also, from initial appearances for this week, we can expect some high-position people to initiate some high-profile efforts to advance their agendas. This is also a plus for anyone seeking a promotion this week, or some other honor. Monday's a holiday in the US anyways, so try to relax! Fortunately, Mercury and Mars will be trining Uranus Retrograde. The Mercury/Mars combo will trine this revolutionary planet for the entire week, with Mars tapering off by Sunday as the trine's orb increases. The sudden impact of advancing agendas should be somewhat subdued this week and bring some much-needed internal growth.

We must be careful not to chase too many windmills unlike Don Quixote, however, as we also begin this week with Sun opposite Neptune retrograde. We need to make sure at the same time that we advance our agendas and chase our goals that we don't wind up going for the Holy Grail when a nice coffee mug is much more attainable. Aim high, but don't fall to your demise. Or, keep a hand on the ladder to steady yourself. But by all means, reach! Sun moves off this opposition by the week's end, thankfully.

Tuesday, we experience Moon conjunct Nessus, so be aware of emotional obsessions in general this day. This will be relatively short-lived as fast as the Moon goes, but it could be enough to upset the apple cart. Mars will also cross over into Virgo and hit its tightest conjunction to Regulus, so expect high energy shifts in how we go about with our day, how we express our drive this day. Venus will also be forming its quincunx to Neptune, so we may not even know exactly what we want, or may be chasing illusions thinking they're gold and jewels when really they're just fool's gold that day. Try to keep a level head.

Wednesday, Asteroid-wise, we have 99942 Apophis catch up to and conjunct 157 Dejanira by week's end, and this will begin to be emphasized on this day as the Moon opposes both after it hits the Full Moon point, so this will be somewhat amplified. Don't go off on a tirade and destroy your chances, and try to not say or do something you'll regret as it will be much easier to do so... especially as they're going to square Black Moon Lilith and Ixion, and one after the other through the week, they will also square Saturn. Cool the loins and watch for infidelity and other dubious encounters. Expect a high-profile encounter to be reported somewhere. At worst, we could even see something akin to a human sacrifice scandal (as a worst-case WTF scandal) as Dejanira and Apophis are also catching up to Vesta, the sacred flame. Fortunately, we should be somewhat insulated from seeing that as the conjunction orb won't be exact as far ahead as Sunday.

Later on in the day going into Thursday, we could see more hurts come to light and maybe some cathartic healing as Moon will conjunct Chiron retrograde, and it could be in ways we don't quite expect as that conjunction will also semisextile Uranus retrograde. Expect a surprise to trigger this catharsis, and it could even come about as a message out of the blue as Moon/Chiron will quincunx Mercury overnight then too. Expect miscommunication, despite Mercury now being forward in motion, but it's still in its post-retrograde shadow period so we still have some bumps ahead for travel and communications. Also, on Thursday we have Moon cross over into Aries and quincunx Mars as well, at the same time Mars exactly sesquiquadrates Pluto. (Think of a somewhat weaker square). Keep a cool head. Try and keep a cool head. Sun will begin its trine to Pluto retrograde and also will be seperating a trine to Pallas, forming a grand trine as well. Do note that Pluto is beginning to slow down, preparing for it's station to direct motion later on this month. At the same time, Pluto retro will quincunx Venus on Thursday, with Sun and Venus semisextile, and Venus square Pallas. Pallas could introduce a spark of wisdom or war, as it is more formally known as Pallas Athene, meaning the Greek goddess Athena (goddess of War and Wisdom). We could see some off-kilter energies smooth and yet ruffle the war drums that are going on lately. Could see some high-profile incident, but enough behind the scenes action to keep it from blowing up into a major blunder. At least, not quite yet.

Truth be told, Friday, the Sun semisextile Venus and both the Sun Trine Pluto and Venus Quincunx Pluto aspects become exact. And, we also have Ceres conjunct 100 Hekate and the aforementioned Apophis-Dejanira square Black Moon Lilith-Ixion squares also become pretty tight this day. And!!! Jupiter opposition Eris, and later on in the day Friday, the Moon joins Eris. We have the potential for an elevated level of chaos and a major news story this day. I think it'll be another shake-up somewhere, a scandal that will bring down yet another US government official (now whether this actually happens, well, we'll see. If I'm wrong, I'll keep it up anyways as an analysis on predictions and accuracy). For everyone else, there could be some upsetting news with a ray of hope regarding business, such as an early earnings rating not going so well, but something else filling in the gaps. Moon will trine Venus early in the day, so earlier on Friday is when we'll probably see the better news. But as Moon squares Pluto at the same time, there will be that "but...". The TL;DR; version of Friday is: Something potentially positive in the early part of the day, and later on, chaos!

Saturday, some calm returns as the Moon will enter Taurus and give some fixed, stable, earthy emotion to us and temper some of our more aggressive impulses from the previous day as it trines Mercury (offsign, of course as it's still in Leo here) and Mars. Venus begins to move off the quincunx to Pluto a bit, so things start to clear up as well when it comes to relationships and may even be an ok day for bargain hunting (assuming there are yard sales to go to). However, let's be careful as Dejanira and Apophis conjunct more tightly, and this is where they are quincunx Eris. Not a good day to have an affair, trust me. (Actually, no day really is if you want to be traditional about it). But, some people may be liable to cheat and feel they can get away with it when we have 1930 Lucifer (pride) square Nessus (obsessions and at worst, abuse). And Jupiter opposes Eris exactly this day too for a T-square to Hekate-Ceres, so basically we could potentially see some homewrecking recklessness come to the fore this day. Now, if you and your partner are into swinging, then maybe a little chaos is a good thing? I guess it's all up to you, and if that's your thing, well... awesome? One final warning for Saturday, and it's that Chiron starts approaching its tighter square to Pholus (an intoxication asteroid), so do try to slow down on the drinking a little bit that day, lest you wind up in an uncomfortable position or a ditch somewhere.

By Sunday, we get a bit of a grand trine between Sun, Moon-Pallas, and Pluto retrograde. A good day to wake up, wonder what the hell this week brought, and try to sort it all out before going back into the office Monday or whatever you may be doing professionally. Maybe even a good day to let bygones be bygones somewhat. By this point, Mercury has also crossed over into Virgo (one of its signs that it rules, and exalted here too), so... yeah. this is definitely a good day to clear the air about some grievances I think. With Apophis-Dejanira sextile Hekate-Ceres and both quincunx the South Node (where we feel comfortable), try not to dwell on the past too much when burying hatchets.

So as you can see, we have some major energy going on this week. Frankly, this entire month is going to be intense, but this first full week of September is quite a doozy. The life-changing events this month brings will be reverberating for awhile, I think.

[1]: Constellation of Words: Regulus.

Solar Eclipse Leo - August 2017 - Warring Triad

The Great North American Solar Eclipse is upon us, and the alignments in the stars are in quite a show of force. Fortunately, there is some ease of energies for this one, but also some distinct challenges ahead as well. Let's dive deep into the rabbit hole...

Let's start off with the explanation of a solar eclipse in Astrology... it's a supercharged New Moon which begins a new cycle that, instead of the usual month-long cycle, it lasts for several months, perhaps longer. In fact, I think I was feeling the effects of this eclipse even before it was happening. That's how powerful a solar eclipse is astrologically. It's like a transitional gateway of sorts, very high powered, very high energy, and not something to be dismissed out of hand. Even if you don't buy into astrology, take a look at your life events around the time of previous eclipses, and see if there were any events that stand out to you.

As this Solar Eclipse is in the last part of 28, almost 29 Leo, anyone with significant points (like Ascendant/Descendant, or Midheaven/IC) or any planets in the Fixed signs from 23.5 degrees to the very end of Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius/Taurus, or the very beginning of the Mutable signs to 4 degrees Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces/Gemini will feel it very strorngly. A degree or two outside this range may experience some muted effects, but still enough for a kick. Trines and sextiles to an Eclipse aren't as dynamic as the harder aspects, and I think aspects like the Quincunx have some impact as well, but again, not as strongly as the cross formations (Conjunction/Opposition/Squares).

Without further ado, however, let's get into the analysis of this particular eclipse chart.

To begin... the Solar Eclipse itself trines Uranus retrograde. For the next several months, we will see an influence of internal rebellion, revolution, and shakeups. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes we need to see what isn't working, and we need to rebel against it and cast it aside. The Trine aspect for this alignment makes this an easier time. Almost too easy, as it can lead to not making the internal changes we need to do. But on a distant note, the Solar Eclipse also trines Saturn Retrograde, which is stationing and getting ready to make its forward motion around August 25th. It's a 7 degree orb, however, so it's barely felt. Almost not even worth noting the trine line between Saturn and Uranus. However, the Solar Eclipse does barely trine Pholus as well, and that's close enough to consider with a trine to Uranus as well (less than 3 degree orb, so not strong, but a subtle influence). Some of our internal changes may come when we're under the influence of something, be it a drink at happy hour, a runner's high after running a few miles, maybe some kind of epiphany.

Update 08/21/2017 @ 13:21 PDT: We must also consider that this Solar Eclipse is in proximity to the fixed star Regulus, which greatly affects this eclipse as well. From Constellations of Words, regarding the Sun:

"With Sun: Power, authority, great influence over friends, honor and riches, but violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, benefits seldom last. [Robson*, p.196.]"

...and the Moon?

"With Moon: Occult interests, powerful friends, danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation, public prominence, great power, honor, wealth, benefits seldom last, violence, trouble and sickness. Make women high spirited and independent. If at the same time the Sun is with the Dragon's Head in Gemini, or Jupiter is in the 10th house in trine to Mars and the Sun is with the Dragon's Head, great preferment even from the lowest sphere to high rank. [Robson*, p.196.]"

So we will be seeing some strong leadership and leader-oriented events over the next several months, and I can tell you that the saber-rattling we've been seeing is only just getting started. It's likely a prominent leader or three will also be ousted or step down over the next several months. Whether that happens to Trump specifically... I can only speculate. At the time I update this, we still await word on his announcement regarding Afghanistan.

Another thing to consider is the Solar Eclipse conjunct the North Node, which is no real surprise when we consider the Nodes and their placements during eclipses. This Eclipse North Node squares 407 Arachne in Scorpio, which to me indicates that, for the next several months (until the next eclipse cycle), we will need to be abundantly aware of what ensnares us, what binds us. We will need to use our inner strength to cut the binds that tie, and especially so at this time.

Jupiter sextile Saturn Retrograde during this time gives us a small boost in increasing our own luck through inner discipline. As both Jupiter and Saturn both Quincunx 666 Desdemona, creating a Yod pattern, the focus will be on slaying the inner demons... particularly inner demons that aim to keep us lazy and in a state of false satisfaction, as Desdemona sits in Taurus right now. 3412 Kafka opposite Desdemona pulls the bowstring, kiting this Yod, so we will need to be on the lookout for awkward or off-the-wall occurrences that drive us to killing the demon without. We have the strength, we just need to watch out for anything that trips us up.

Chiron retrograde quincunx the Solar Eclipse brings an awkward or off-kilter sense of inner wounding (or inner healing, as Chiron is the wounded healer), so while we may be striving to heal what has hurt us in the past, the lingering aches and burns are still going to fester and boil a bit. Maybe sting. Chrion retrograde semisextile Uranus retrograde seems to indicate to me that much of this inner burn and heal is going to be of our own making, as retrograde I'm feeling that it's internalized to many of us. Many inner hurts, inner pains, those are going to be what comes to the surface over the next several months, and that is what we must focus on healing.

Mercury is also retrograde during this Eclipse, so we are currently going through some of the technological and travel delays usually associated with that transit. Mercury retrograde conjuncts 99942 Apophis and 896 Sphinx, and opposes Nessus by about 2 degrees.... During the next several months, we must be very clear and aware that we aren't being decieved by destructive riddles, or led astray by those who would wish to obsess and abuse us. In fact, with Mercury being retrograde at this time, we may even be deceiving and lying to ourselves, paving the way for our downfall if we are not careful. But by seeing this in the chart at this juncture in time, we can avoid the worst of it. Just be mindful.

Pluto retrograde square 763 Cupido could bring some trouble when looking for love, as Cupido is more a lustful asteroid from where I'm looking. Pluto also opposes Venus at a wide orb, so any love relationships should be carefully considered during the next several months, especially if they were initiated during this time, as after the initial lustful stage, only those meant to be will endure beyond that honeymoon period. Now, if you're looking for somehing like tantric sex, then this can be a time of great transformation. Just remember that the phoenix must immolate itself to be reborn /grin.

Speaking of sexual transformations, Cupido does sextile 545 Messalina, both quincunx Vesta for a Yod pattern, and kited by 37117 Narcissus. Whatever sexual or romantic transformations occur during this time, one must be very aware of the other partner's intentions, as deep down in the core it may not be altruistic, and at the same time, there will be an air of destiny or something that seems sacred or blessed to begin with. But a lot of encounters initiated around the time of this eclipse will be primarily lustful, I feel. Had the involved asteroids been something like Aphrodite or Eros, then perhaps something more enduring, but not in this instance.

Mars trine Saturn retrograde brings a general ease and easier flow when it comes to achieveing some of our more self-improving goals during this several months period. It's a great time to initiate some growth, especially as we have Jupiter sextiling both Saturn and Mars, creating a Minor Grand Trine, so we should have a greater deal of good fortune in self-improvement projects for the next several months. Note that Jupiter does square Venus at this time as well, so there could be some losses stemming from a romantic encounter we may have desired, or perhaps a piece of artwork or that awesome poster doesn't quite match the rest of the decor in your room, as remote possibilities.

Venus currently is also conjunct 875 Nymphe and 149 Medusa. Romantic encounters initiated during this period could be a bit dicey as this seems to point to me some impetus on lustful action, with a risk of betrayal by women or female-minded individuals (or even those men more attuned to their feminine side, for another example.) Perhaps "possible betrayal by the feminine" makes more sense? I'm not sure how else to describe this with the English language adequately. This gets quite interesting though, as currently Venus, Nymphe and Medusa all sextile Sedna on Algol, and with Pholus quincunx both sides of this Yod, and 8813 Leviathan opposing Pholus, I would have to urge caution in any drunken encounters during this time period. While Medusa could be described as betrayal by the feminine, Sedna is betrayal by the Masculine, and Sedna moves slow! And it's parked its fat, transneptunian ass on Algol, a very harsh fixed star, so there's a great risk of men or more masculine figures in our lives possibly losing their heads at this time. Remember also that Arachne weakly opposes Sedna at this time too, so there's again a risk of ties that bind. If you're not wanting any more children at this time, I'd strongly urge using protection, as the alignments seem to indicate that there's an elevated chance of this happening globally during this time period.

I will leave off here, as the Eclipse is coming in my locality in the morning and I'd rather not miss it. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow some eclipse goggles to see this thing as I didn't get a chance to acquire any with all the goings on that have been happening with me. Be calm, be alert, and overall I think there's a great chance to grow during this particular Eclipse period. Be careful not to go overboard with that hot hunk or that cute playmate too! After all, the last chances for summer romance do seem to be coming now with Labor Day coming up and the Autumnal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) a month away! Adios.

Lunar Eclipse Aquarius - August 2017 - Titan's Arrow

We have entered Eclipse Season, and that means the fun is about to begin! What we are about to experience here is the precursor Lunar Eclipse to the great North American Solar Eclipse of 2017, and we need to be ready mentally and energetically, mentally and spiritually for what is to come. Let's dive in, and see what is to come.

We start off with aspects to the Lunar Eclipse itself, which we'll start with Lunar Eclipse opposite Mars. As Mars conjuncts the Sun during this time, we find ourselves with some increased energy and increased drive. The emotions we will be facing during this eclipse cycle, however, are a bit high energy, frazzled, and can push us to great heights, or smolder within and consume us. Lunar Eclipse trine Jupiter is also a blessing for this part, as we will be feeling a bit lucky, or that we may see a way out of the darkness or out of some trouble.

But let's not go overboard as we have a strong Pluto retrograde square Jupiter aspect to deal with as well. While we may have some anticipation of luck, the reality may not be so eacy for us to deal with. In fact, for some of that luck to possibly manifest, some major walls are going to have to tumble first. Quite simply, Jupiter square Pluto can put a halt to some of our loftier plans and force us to go back to the drawing board.

Speaking of back to the drawing board, Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow period at this time, and this is a point of contention we should take into account at this time. In this Lunar Eclipse chart, Mercury opposes Neptune retrograde, although not exactly. It may be a time we should consider writing down our dreams, however mundane or outlandish they may be. They may even be a bit erotic or aesthetically pleasing as Mercury sextiles Venus at this time as well. Venus also trines Neptune retrograde at this point, so this is something to bear in mind as well, further adding to some of the more pleasing aspects to our thoughts. With this, however, comes a risk of losing ourselves in our passions, or possibly waiting for our passions to manifest themselves. Don't let that happen.

We also have Saturn retrograde trine the North Node, though at a 3 and a half degree orb. We may find ourselves finding what has been holding us back for some time, and looking to go foward and apply what we've learned during this Saturn retrograde cycle to breaking through, or at the very least dreaming up some plans that may be of use of breaking us out of ill cycles. Saturn will soon be going forward sometime after the Solar Eclipse, so that will be an excellent time to drive ahead with some plans.

Uranus, which has just entered its own retrograde cycle also is trining the North Node, though this is barely trining Saturn at all due to the degree of the orb between them in their respective signs at this time. With the weak Uranus retrograde trine to the North Node during this eclipse, we can begin to see what's been holding ourselves back and begin seeing what we can do to get through it. Nowhere near as harsh as a square between the two, it's actually easy to ignore or dismiss the internal changes that we need at this time to further ourselves along.

Adding the asteroids to the mix, Uranus retrograde trine 896 Sphinx, also on Regulus, this could give us some unconventional methods to solve some tricky riddles. Care must be taken that we don't think that these solutions are the end-all-be-all to our problems. Pride comes before a fall, afterall. Something to also consider is Sphinx weakly conjunct (offsign to boot) 26955 Lie, also with Regulus. As the Lie energies are also melding with Sphinx at this time and feeding into the trine into Uranus retrograde, we really need to make sure we aren't fooling ourselves with these grand plans.

Another asteroid combination I'm seeing right now is 564 Dudu opposite 128 Nemesis, with Eris squaring both to apex a T-square. There is a great propensity for chaos and disorder stemming from people getting tired of the crap. As Dudu is conjunct fixed star Pollux right now... Pollux is akin to Mars, it is said, with elements of Moon and Uranus also a factor (citation here.) Some people will be adamant that their crap is true, and it's going to make people very annoyed with them. Maybe even losing allies over it. As these asteroids don't really impact the traditionally-inspired planets (unless you weight Eris as much as one would Pluto, both being dwarf planets), this effect won't be as dynamic.

Sedna conjunct fixed star Algol, yes, this bears mentioning. This is going to be a pain in the ass for a few years, given Sedna moving so slowly with its orbit. Sedna is also barely squaring North Node right now, and as it's a separating square, well, we've already seen some betrayal by men happen recently in the news, sometimes to almost comedic effect if not for the fact it was happening in the effective command center of our government. At least, I'm sure there's some feelings with that, whether it be Scaramucci's commentary about Steve Bannon in his short-lived career at the White House, or John McCain casting the deciding vote to defeat the Repeal of Obamacare, ...there's some ruffled feathers right now. And those feelings I'm sure are going to play out over the next several months with this Lunar Eclipse influence. Expect more of it, just not as strongly as if it were an exact square between Sedna and the Nodes.

Regrettably, I have to cut this short. I will... address... my extended absence that occurred sometime in the coming days. But tread with care during this eclipse period. Not overly harsh, but some things you depend on may not be there for long. Or at least, that's what the fearful dissonance may say.

New Moon Aquarius - January 2017 - Trials and Tribulations (Retrospective)

I'm way late getting this one up. So late, in fact, we've already hit the first quarter. So let's take a look at the very least and see what we have so far this lunar cycle.

This New Moon conjuncts 666 Desdemona, and squares 55 Pandora and 5325 Silver. This is already shaping up to be a very rough one, and basically we have the beginning of the lunar cycle on a demon-associated asteroid. Lots of diabolical-ness in the air, and it's at odds with a money asteroid and Pandora's Box, really. This New Moon was essentially on Day 7 of the Trump Administration, and holy hell did he open a Pandora's Box... Only this box released the gods of mammon and chaos. It's not just the President's activities, as this is a global chart. Protests are gaining steam, friends are having strange occurences, and on a personal note, this has just frankly been an utter shitstorm on my end, with my dad having had a hell of a dizzy spell and speaking slowly. It wasn't unil Monday that he was formally diagnosed as having a stroke (He is recovering and already undergoind some physical therapy, as this was not a catastrophic stroke). Yes, this is the kind of Lunar Cycle this is. AND... this is the precursor to a Lunar and Solar Eclipse later on in February. Let's dive deeper, as much as we may be afraid to.

It is also worth noting that this Lunar Cycle began with all planets direct, which doesn't happen very often. It will be ending soon, and I do not have an exact date, but I believe it's after the weekend I write this. More on this in a later article (hopefully soon). Safe to say, by the Lunar Eclipse, at least one planet will go backwards, and thankfully it is not Mercury as it just got done with a retrograde and post-retro shadow cycle.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto and the fixed star Vega, and squares Uranus loosely (5 degree orb) and 4386 Lust and 9951 Tyrannosaurus more closely.. Upsetting messages can be expected this cycle, and with Mercury on Vega? Per Constellations of Words:

"Suspicious, reserved, bitter, thwarted ambitions, double dealing, secret enemies in influential positions, trouble with the mother, loss in business."

Well, that's not very nice. The square to the planet of sudden changes, rebellion, revolution, upstart action, as well as a lustful asteroid and the asteroid of a tyrant? Harsh words related to authoritarian measures will be in vogue, like say, accusations of fascism, real or imagined. Not to mention not-so-diplomatic ways of communicating. (Hanging up on the Prime Minister of Australia comes to mind, interestingly enough. Again, this is a partial retrospective at the time I write this, so I claim no credit in prediction this time around).

(Personally? I'm seeing this configuaration with a metric shit-ton of delays in business matters and job interviews right now. I have been for the last several months, really, but it's really being a pain. (And transit Pluto is within a degree of conjuncting my Antivertex/opposing my Vertex. A Vertex article will be in the works as soon as is feasable, hopefully sooner than 6 months from now). Anyways, I'm getting sidetracked.)

Mars and Venus both conjunct with a 5 degree orb, with Venus 2 degrees conjuncting Chiron, a closer conjunction to 19 Fortuna, and a square to Saturn and Ixion. There's no two ways around it, Mars square Saturn sucks. Big time. It is volatile energy, and with Saturn also squaring Venus and Chiron at the same time, it's just an awful mess alone. Relationships and how we relate with others will also be a major theme for the remainder of the lunar cycle. With Mars and Venus having been in Pisces still at the beginning of this cycle, and their now-at-the-time-of-this-writing entry into Aries, we have a lot of steam ruffling our feathers. Venus and Chiron can bring some healing or catharsis when it comes to relationships and romance, and to a limited degree some small job (not career) matters, but then again with tha square to Saturn, expect delays, restrictions, and some bait-and-switching with Ixion being in there. 19 Fortuna being with Venus/Chiron also may help bring some good fortune to offset some losses. You may be able to negotiate with creditors at this time, though it will not be the greatest walk in the park, it is possible. (Ahem, yes, another personal anecdote, but then again I do have an extreme circumstance to consider). As another aside to not being all doom and gloom, Venus makes a Grand Trine with Vesta in Cancer and 1930 Lucifer in Scorpio, and sextiles 1981 Midas/829 Academia/90377 Sedna in Taurus.. So knowing your value and sticking to your guns can possibly pay off in the long term, but in the short term, you must play hardball. Venus/Chiron quincunx Jupiter/1388 Aphrodite in Libra is also going to be a bit of a pain when it comes to money matters and jobs/careers, as well as relations to our loved ones (and even those we can't stand as much). Don't expect any business matters to be easy for the next month.

It is worth noting that Sedna is now also within the extended range of conjuncting Algol, one of the most reviled stars in the heavens. Sedna is slow as hell too, with an excess of 500 year orbital period, so we have this unfortunate conjunction for years to come. I will touch on this in a future article, which I will aim to do before the end of this Eclipse period.

I'm actually going to cut this one short, as I need sleep and I have a lot of other tasks to do later today. The charts are provided if anyone would like to take a stab at checking asteroids/stars yourselves. I hope to be much more regular than this.

I'll try to get the Eclipse articles up before they actually happen this time, as the previous several months (this previous Eclipse cycle from September 2016) has been a colossal shitshow for me. More on that in an upcoming retrospective article. Why bother? Because I need to write more, get back into this, and at this point, I have little left to lose.

Donald Trump's Inauguration - January 20, 2017 - Golden Isotope

A quite overdue article, and one that is rather... well, timely. An unanticipated outcome by some, Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States, and as of the time I actually sit down and begin to write this, we are an hour and a half away from Obama leaving office. I will attempt to be as objective and as quick as I can. I have also taken the liberty of making more charts than normal, and uncertain on some meanings of asteroids in this mix, so whatever I forecast, we shall see what happens. I am confident, however, that the themes will play out in some way. Also note that I have not done a full comparison against the USA Sibley Chart, nor have I compared this to The Donald's own birth chart. We are focusing on the Inauguration itself and the beginning of the Trump Presidency in this article.

First thing we need to make abundantly clear: There is a LOT of Pisces energy here in this chart among the major bodies, with Neptune, Venus, Chiron, Mars, all in Pisces. North Node in Virgo puts the South Node in Pisces as well. Another major thing: All major planets are direct. Events will unfold quickly in this energy, and we must also note that Mercury is still in its post-retrograde shadow phase, so there is still the chance of some revisions going on as well. So yeah, we've got some dreamy water energy here, and no, I don't think this alone accounts for the timing of the Russia dossier involving the, um... water sports, for lack of a better term. Personally, I have questions about the accuracy of that report, and I think there's some BS in it. The Pisces illusionary energies going on here with Neptune/Venus/Chiron/Mars all being in this sign at once, and the Sun also just now crossing into Aquarius at the same time (which seems to be the norm for any Presidential inauguration under normal circumstances), well, there's a lot of fluff in the air right now.

Anyways, let's address the elephant in the room, and I don't mean the T-Square (more on that in a minute). Mars Square Saturn. This is not a pleasant aspect in any way, shape, or form, and it is what we have going into the new Presidential administration. Isn't this fun? Saturn, the taskmaster, the disciplinarian, is squaring off against the volatile, high energy and anger/rage of Mars. Amplifying this is Mars conjunct Chiron, which thankfully is no longer exact. That's a small comfort, but not much of one. given that Saturn is in the 8th house of this event chart, representing sex/death/occult/other people's property, and Mars being in the 11th house of friends and of hopes and fears... Party's over. Obama's leaving, and given the makeup of the administration that's been confirmed thus far (so far, Pence as Vice President), well, there is a lot of anxiety in some camps. People are fearing that years of progress are going to be undone. I can't say 100% for certain that will happen, but I can say without a doubt that this is not going to be the smoothest administration to live under, just from that Saturn square Mars/Chiron in this chart! Do I see a premature end to the presidency just based on that aspect? Not offhand, and Saturn in the 8th could even restrict death. But let's be honest, just because he's going to take the oath of office does not mean his previous scandals will go away. I'm going to say they'll be an albatross around his neck for a while longer.

Let's move on to the other elephant in the room. T-Square apexing Pluto from squaring both Jupiter and Uranus. Now, it's a 5 degree orb to Jupiter, and a 3 degree orb to Uranus, so it's not a precise T-Square, but it is there. We've got the expansive optimism of Jupiter, right now in Libra (a cardinal air sign), being flanked by Pluto in 9th house Capricorn (so some elements of belief are going to come into this, whether his own or others), and that Jupiter is being opposed by Uranuse in Aries in the 12th house. We've got some fiery, revolutionary energy there in Aries. And Uranus is not only conjunct Eris, but also the Inauguration's own Antivertex. Remember, the Vertex is what others bring to you or to the event, and the Antivertex is what he would be bringing to the presidency. In this case, a lot of changes, and some are going to be chaotic and bring a bit of discord. Pluto as the apex of this T-Square? Upheaval. Lots of upheaval. the fact that asteroid 1125 China conjuncts Pluto tightly, along with 2598 Merlin, 5731 Zeus and 763 Cupido makes for some interesting times ahead. Expect the United States' relationship with China to be upended in some way.

Pluto does sextile Venus however, and Venus is with 16089 Lamb and 15845 Bambi in the 11th house Pisces of this chart, so there's going to be some dreamy, some illusory qualities of beauty and of desire come into this as well. He already had some big stars play for him, and many more who refused to participate for him. Regardless, Pluto does not seem to be a focal point or foundation point for any Yod patterns, so Pluto and the upheaval, destruction and renewal it represents is largely focused on by the challenges of the T-Square.

We also have the Moon in Scorpio 6th house trining Neptune in 11th house Pisces and sextiling Mercury in 9th house Capricorn. I would suggest that this may be beneficial for The Donald's health slightly, although not completely as being President is a stressful job. (Even one-term presidents look noticeably older upon leaving the White House, as I recall George H.W. Bush did after his four years after Reagan and before Bill Clinton. I can't comment on Carter as I was very young when Carter left office). Anyways, Mercury rules the 6th house in this chart, having the 6th cusp in Virgo (ruled by Mercury), and being beneficially aspected to the Moon and to Neptune, I'm somehow thinking him losing access to Twitter may actually be better for his mental health (where he won't be tweeting late at night and arguing with people because he'll have presidential things to do, and also in theory won't have access to a device that access Twitter to begin with). Mercury is also sextile Pallas, so we have the potential of seeing him solidifying and communicating some kind of belief. Perhaps a meeting with the Pope or the Dalai Lama grants him an insight. Whether the rest of the cabinet reacts the same way, ehhh.... I'm not sure.

One thing of note is the inauguration's Nessus conjunct South Node. Again, the scandals of the past and his brashness concerning women in the past will continue to come back and haunt him. I don't think he'll see a sex scandal while in office. That said, his past indiscretions (real or perceived) are going to come back and haunt him repeatedly for the duration of his administration. Nessus square 232 Russia/2658 Gingerich (think Newt, as this is a name asteroid for him), and the other squares to 389 Industria, 5790 Nagasaki, and 2046 Leningrad suggests to me that the Russian dossier is going to continue to hound him. Especially with the GRussia/Leningrad asteroids forming a Grand Cross to the presidency North Node and Nessus. he will not be able to fully shake the allegations, all he can do is continue to try to move forward and learn from the past, and keep a check on his anger lest it become explosive at a bad time, such as a diplomatic communique in Eastern Europe for example.

Nessus does form a Grand Trine with 26955 Lie, 2250 Stalingrad, and 258 Tyche, however. So he might be able to disprove some of the allegations in the dossier at the very least. But he'll also have to keep on top of things to ensure he doesn't fall prey to deception or to deceiving others needlessly. It's certainly easier, especially with the Grand Trine, but then again these are minor asteroids, so the influence of this won't be as profound as, say, grand trines involving Pluto or the Sun.

I am also noticing Venus/16089 Lamb/15845 Bambi is opposing 1912 Anubis (Egyptian god associated with the underworld) and 3811 Karma in 5th house Virgo, and both T-Squaring 4227 Kaali in 8th house Sagittarius. Hmmm... I thought there was talk at one point about him having his own private security detail. He may want to step up the security around himself. It's not as strong as, say, a major planet in the apex position, but these particular asteroids and Venus being there, especially with two asteroids associated with a deer and a lamb (both prey animals), and opposite an Egyptian death god and karma itself... hmmm. I think someone's going to make the attempt (Yes, people plot against presidents all the time, true)... Definitely should be careful during his administration.

I'm also seeing 157 Dejanira retrograde conjunct 2031 BAM, which conveys to me an image of potential victimhood or danger regarding anything explosive, and this could be a device, or someone's explosive temper, it could even be his own temper gets the best of himself, though I think in this scenario, he's more likely to hurt himself. This could also affect the national economy, as this is in the chart's 2nd house. Dejanira/BAM also square Lamb/Bambi/19 Fortuna and Chiron (but is out of orb from both Mars and Saturn directly), so there's another potential for mayhem there.

Finally, I'm going to end with my observation of 1709 Ukraina conjunct 99942 Apophis, both square the chart's Vertex, as well as square 1724 Vladimir/4464 Vulcano/Jupiter, and T-Squaring witth Uranus/Eris. Somehow I think we are going to see more trouble concerning Russia and China overall, and I think Ukraine or a similar event will be what upsets the scales. Could be Syria too. Regardless, citizens of both the United States and of Russia and China need to push for peaceful solutions wherever possible.

As I have more tasks today, I'm going to leave off here. As of the time I end this, we have about 25 minutes until the Inauguration and oath of office. In short, I think we're going to see some major challenges during Trump's presidency, and I think we're going to have a possible to-do with Russia or China before it's all over. Also, I'm uncertain about national natural disasters or the like, but I think we're looking more at civil unrest and disobedience more than anything right now. Let's pray whatever conflict comes, it doesn't go nuclear. I'm not expecting that it will in the next four years, but these years could help set the stage for such as such down the road. Let us pray that he'll exercise some wisdom and will not come to harm during his time in the White House.