Solar Eclipse Leo - August 2018 - Change in Fortune

If you're reading this, then you've survived the recent salvo of eclipses and retrogrades thus far. The energies all around us have been anything but stable and steady. This most recent Solar Eclipse is testing us quite hard, but we're through the bulk of it. While I've not been blogging as I probably should, I am in the process of making this a bit easier on myself, which should be helpful in the future in general. Let's get into this, as I'm late getting this done.

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 02:57:44 PDT on August 11th, 2018, and thus is already in progress as I write this. There are a lot of factors we're going to have to consider as this eclipse powers on through. It's not like the previous eclipses earlier in the year where everything was direct. It's way different now.

The tightest aspect to this eclipse that I'm seeing right now in what I'm looking at is an asteroid, interestingly enough. We have 4955 Gold in Aries trine the Solar Eclipse (0°10'22" orb). This brings a minor amount of good fortune for this eclipse cycle, and gives a slight boost with us being able to apply some action into attracting some abundance in our lives. Take all the advantage you can, as the other aspects to this eclipse that I'm seeing are a bit more... difficult.

Solar Eclipse semisextile Ceres in Virgo (0°11'39" orb) shows us that the next several months until the next eclipse cycle will be dealing with some homefront issues. We'll have a bit more things triggering some necessary changes in our home lives and maybe even what we call home. Again, this is an asteroid aspect to the eclipse, and not the most major of aspects either, but the tightness of the orb suggests it's a larger concern going forward. Perhaps a bit of housecleaning is called for in order to help mitigate some of the rougher aspects up ahead.

5325 Silver and Juno in Taurus square the Solar Eclipse in Leo as well, and Silver is the tighter square whereas Juno is more than a degree in orb. Where Gold gave us a little bit of respite when it comes to possible luck and ease with money in ways, Silver is a bit harder, and with Juno? We could be looking at some arguments or stern discussions about money with our partners, significant others, maybe even business partners as it's in the fixed earth sign of possessions and money.

On the other side, we have Solar Eclipse square Jupiter in Scorpio at almost a 4 degree orb. This is not only a weaker square which helps mitigate the harshness somewhat, but Jupiter is also out of orb of opposing Juno/Silver, so we don't have a true Grand Cross happening from what I'm seeing with my available asteroid sets. Solar Eclipse square Jupiter will affect what we call our luck, as well as dealings with authority figures that are gatekeepers of sorts in our society (courts, clergy, etc). This is really going to impact our communications and messages about these matters, as Jupiter squares Mercury retrograde in Leo as well (0°06'58" orb). We'll have to work that much harder to make sure that our lucky breaks aren't based on bad information and other unwelcome communications.

Solar Eclipse opposite Tyche in Aquarius (0°44'29" orb) reveals to us more of an aspect where we have to work harder to be "lucky". Basically, the harder you work, the luckier you'll get. But you've got to work smartly as well! This isn't to say lucky streaks won't come, they will, but it's going to be a bit of a balancing act.

Solar Eclipse quincunx Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (0°38'00" orb) definitely throws some curveballs at us. As Pluto is retrograde, it's more internalized, and what this amounts to is one of a few things: We could be dealing with the process of ending one cycle of our life and beginning another, and the incongruent energies with this quincunx aspect shows that we may not necessarily know what it is we have to let go so we can build further into the life we want. Pluto also squares Gold, so what it amounts to is that we're going to have to make sure we figure out what we have to let go of in our inner world so we can take advantage of the opportunities that come before us.

Mercury retrograde is also conjunct the Solar Eclipse in a 3°59'55" orb, so it's a bit weaker, but it's there. Again, travel and communications, and delays thereof are going to be a point of contention a little. It's not an exact conjunction so it's not as rough, but it's something to be aware of.

Asteroid-wise, Mercury retrograde has a few aspects to consider. Mercury retrograde trines asteroids 8690 Swindle, 1930 Lucifer, and 3412 Kafka, so we should be able to adjust our internal BS-detectors and uncover deceptions and lies by another party who is out for themselves a little easier. Mercury retrograde quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces, however, warns us not to be victim to our own self-deceptions. As a really tight conjunction, 2629 Rudra conjuncts Mercury by a 0°00'12" orb, as well as 8813 Leviathan (1°06'01") and 666 Desdemona (1°18'38"). Make sure you make use of your inner strength to deal with those who would deceive and take advantage of you.

So there we have it, a new Eclipse with an emphasis on filtering out deceit and making sure we make use of the opportunities that are presented before us. As eclipses go, it's a partial one, and isn't as intense as a total solar eclipse, but it's a superpowered New Moon we have to take advantage of either way. Keep your wits about you, and we should be able to overcome whatever life throws at us this time around!

** (That's going to be where I end this at the moment, and will be looking at this deeper a little later on. Stay tuned and come back for updates to this article.).

New Moon Gemini - June 2018 - Lilithian Unmaking

It would appear my continuous return was not as stable as I had hoped. The previous New Moon cycle that's ending as of June 13th definitely gave me an impact worth bracing for: Day job's ending. Triangular peg, star-shaped hole. Eh, maybe for the best. So I'm in the middle of a job hunt while also attempting to get through everything here. This coming lunar cycle, however, is all about unmaking and remaking things. Let's take a dive into this and see what we have in store...

First off, we have New Moon at 22 Gem 44'29" at 12:43 PDT / 19:43 UTC. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so we've got an air of mercurial activity going on for this lunar cycle, and that means messages; communications; travel. Mercury is still moving a bit swiftly but is slowing down as well, and Mercury has crossed over into watery Cancer as well. The messages and communications are going to have an emotional quality for sure, and it'll be more dynamic as well. Another thing to consider is Gemini is a mutable sign, and is the last sign before the changing of the seasons into Summer (Winter if you're in the Southern Hemisphere). Don't expect everything to remain unchanged for the next month, as mutable means changeability is in the air.

The closest aspects we have for the New Moon itself are quite interesting, and drives the above points home further. New Moon quincunx Black Moon Lilith and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (themselves three and a half degrees apart) gives off an awkward, slightly off-kilter air of reaching deep within and identifying what is no longer serving you in the realm of career and publicity. This is further complicated slightly by a very weak square from Neptune to the New Moon, almost negligible, but Neptune also makes a weak sextile to Pluto as well. This adds a weak sense of illusions we must face within ourselves and how we come across to others as well, and let's not forget that Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces. Now, given that the New Moon is in Gemini, this would put Neptune in the 10th Solar House from the New Moon (basically, consider the sign the New Moon is in as the first Solar House for this chart, and then count the signs until you get to Pisces, which would be the 10th around the wheel from Gemini).

With the above info, I'm going to say that there is a potential for a professional rebirth for some in the creative realm. Depending on the aspects these bodies make to your own natal chart, it is definitely worth dusting off some of that creative talent and perhaps enter a screenwriting contest or two, for one example, or work on that artsy piece you've been putting off. Frankly, with the heaviness in the air lately, we really do need to create!

Let's continue on... Neptune trine Jupiter retrograde also adds to the watery energy we've got going on, and we're talking some of the deeper, darker aspects within ourselves. This is especially true in regards to how we see ourselves in regards to sex, death, and the occult (Scorpio being the 8th sign of the Zodiac, so some 8th house issues come to the fore)... and Jupiter being in the New Moon's 6th Solar House will put a spotlight on our health and our day-to-day obligations like jobs as well. It's time to ask yourself if you've been denying your desires in terms of exploring that creativity, and it's worth asking yourself if there could be a future in pursuing those dreams right now as well. Let's ask this a different way: What do you see happening if you don't pursue those secret ambitions? And you're bound to ruffle a few feathers either way as Jupiter retrograde makes a weak, almost negligible square to Mars in Aquarius, which is practically all but motionless soon. Remember, Mars turns retrograde around June 26th, and that'll be a whole new can of worms as we go deeper into this Lunar cycle.

We must also remember that Mars has passed over the South Node prior to this New Moon and it will conjunct the South Node again when it goes retrograde later on. Issues stemming from the past will crop up for sure during this lunar cycle. Mars also makes a weak semisextile to Saturn retrograde during this time as well, so we can expect to see some frustrations stemming from us holding ourselves back. This could be from a fear of "upsetting the apple cart" when it comes to our careers and chosen vocations, or from how we see ourselves. Have we been feeling timid about what we really wish to express, especially in terms of our spirituality and how it relates to our social circles? (Aquarius being the 11th Zodiac sign and this New Moon's 9th Solar House).

Let's go a step further: Mercury makes a weak opposition to Saturn retrograde as well and this will certainly point to a time where we start thinking about the ramifications of our words. This is an excellent time to keep a diary, in all honesty, as there are likely to be statements we feel like saying right now, which we could fear will jeopardize our careers. Some, as I have seen on social media as of late, have already fallen afoul of this. We can learn from their fails, as Uranus sextile Mercury does allow us a greater degree of harnessing some of that chaos, and Uranus trine Saturn allows for a greater ease of self-discipline, should we choose to exercise it. Me, being a little impulsive, could benefit from this. It's also worth noting that Uranus squares Venus at the very end of Cancer during the initiation of this New Moon lunar cycle. This also points to the possibility of sudden losses or upheavals in regards to relationships (personal and professional), or a time where we could lose something of value. (A friend of mine just had a break-in and had some expensive property stolen a couple days ago too, as an example of how this can manifest!)

Going even deeper, let's also consider Mercury making a tight square to Chiron. Again, it's easy to say some hurtful or foolish things and hoist yourself by your own petard this lunar cycle, so think twice before posting that rant. On the flip side, it could wind up being more detrimental to not speak up during this time as well! It's your choice, and I'd recommend thinking clearly (if you can with this crazy energy) and use your best judgment. Chiron also makes a tight quincunx to asteroid 42355 Typhon. Typhon also opposes Uranus and trines Mercury at this time. Typhon I've seen as a disaster asteroid and a triggering asteroid of sorts, so there's solid potential for sudden misunderstandings which may deescalate given enough time.

When adding the asteroids to the New Moon itself, we do have New Moon square 829 Academia in Virgo, and quincunx 1388 Aphrodite (itself conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Pluto retrograde) as well as sextile Juno in Aries. My guess is that a study of romance and relationships are going to review some pretty uncomfortable truths over this lunar cycle. This may be further exemplifies with Venus tightly conjunct asteroid 4386 Lust and square 5325 Silver. Could be a fun time for some spontaneous romances, but do be careful that you don't lose more than you bargain for.

I'm going to end this with a look at Nessus opposite 149 Medusa and Dejanira sextile Pluto and trine 666 Desdemona (itself opposite Pluto) as well. These aspects, though they are minor asteroids, are a strong caution to be aboveboard in your relationships with others, and to be quite cautious when dealing with duplicitous suitors. Dejanira's aspects, however, suggest that those who have been victimized in the past will find it a little easier this lunar cycle to gather that inner strength, and I would think there will be more speaking out and bringing survivors' stories to light over the next month. A Yod pattern from 11144 Radiocommunicata and Ixion apexing at Sedna (itself on fixed star Algol) supports this development of events as well. I do think there will be further developments in the #MeToo movement and another highly-regarded star will fall in the renewed focus when it comes to consent and people in positions of power. Again, a very Lilithian theme.

So there we have it. A time period in this lunar cycle where we dive deep into our darkest secrets, our deepest insecurities, and were we confront our innermost fears and deepest wants. Many secrets and shadows are going to come to light, and there's going to be some smoke and mirrors that will blow away and fall down. At the same time, a time where survivors share their tales and, I think, will band together. Many uncomfortable subjects are going to be out in the open, and we've got to confront how we feel about this. It's going to be a reflection of our inner selves, and some are not going to like what they see. But the thing is... we can work past it and learn from all of this.

More societal evolution worldwide will be triggered this lunar cycle. Be ready for the ride.


Daily Report - Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Tuesday this week is looking a bit easier than a lot of days that we've been having, astrologically-speaking. Overall, I'd rate this as a "get caught up and catch a breather" day. Not to say there aren't a few challenges, but overall it should be manageable for most. Let's take a look...

Hourly: Tuesday begins with Venus sextile Moon at around 1:00 PDT. This should manifest as a sense of ease regarding people or posessions we value, or our jobs. It'll be a little easier to see the good in these things and to better appreciate what we have, and given that it's the Moon overnight for some of us, it may manifest as dream visions as well. Further on around 2:00 PDT we see the Moon trine Vesta retrograde. This further allows us to look within and further appreciate the closest relations and most treasured objects in our lives, so generally I'd say overnight is a good time to drift off to sleep while counting your blessings.

4:00 PDT brings us an exact aspect, to the second of a degree. Pallas opposite Pholus retrograde does challenge us to use our wisdom to overcome that which most debilitates us, whether it be us realizing we had one too many drinks at dinner, or maybe realizing we have another escape (could be an enthralling novel, a game we play, anything addictive) that isn't the healthiest thing for us right now. As these are both minor asteroids, the effect won't be nearly as strong, but still, given the exactness, it's something to consider today.

Around 6:00 PDT we see a challenging square between Ceres and Jupiter retrograde. This suggests a time where we wonder if home really is where the heart is, or if we feel we're really in the right place spiritually and philosophically. Perhaps our luck isn't what we're making it out to be when it comes to the homefront. It could even be a stirring to pull up stakes, or maybe something seemingly unrelated (but really not) such as disatisfaction with our morning commute.

Later on in the morning, around 9:00 PDT we'll see the Moon trine Saturn retrograde. Now this is actually welcome in that we can feel like we're identifying patterns that have been holding us back, and while it's a little harder to get those corrections going with Saturn being in reverse motion (from our perspective on Earth, anyways), we're still making progress. If it dosn't feel like it, ask yourself which way you're facing. 10:00 PDT also brings us a separating semisextile from Moon to the North Node. This serves to trigger feelings about where we are in relaion to our ultimate destinies. Are you making progress? Again, which way are you facing? And we can always turn it around if it's not the right way.

Around Noon PDT, Chiron sextile Sun enables us to face something that's been holding us back, whether it be a bad habit or three, or maybe something that's not necessarily harmful to us, but not the best course of action overall. As an easier sextile, there is a slight danger of shoring things just enough to be "good enough." Do we want to just be good enough, or do we want to excel and be the best? Depends on what it is, as the effort to excel at something we're ok at could also be an indicator that there's something else that we'd be much more talented at. Or maybe our own ego has been holding us back and it's time to address it. One of those "pfft, why would I ever try the piano, I'm no musician!" moments. Try it. Maybe you're a prodigy and that stern parent of a church friend shooed you away from the church organ when you were younger, as an example. Point is, take a chance and mend that wound.

Near 15:00 PDT we'll see Venus oppose Vesta retrograde, and this couild bring to us a bit of doubt as to whether we really want to stay in a job we're in, or a relationship, or, and this may be a stretch, there's an increased risk of forgetting an anniversary. This would make sense as Vesta represent what is sacred to us, being the sacred flame, and Venus is what we find attractive or what our vocation is to bring us the funds or resources to acquire those attractive things and people in our lives. If you think you'll forget something that you normally would be all over, set a reminder in an app or on your computer at home. It couldn't hurt, especially at this point in the day.

As we enter the evening around 19:00 PDT, Mercury sextile Neptune gives us an opportunity to jot down something that we've been brainstorming for awhile, or perhaps there's that flash of insight while driving home from work or driving to a friend's concert, for example. Artists and musicians can benefit greatly from this aspect throughout the evening, and novelists, bloggers, and screenwriters can make some good progress on a creative work they're working on.

We end the day around 23:00 PDT with a double-whammy of Mercury opposing Jupiter retrograde, and the Moon opposing Neptune. This could lead to some bizarre thoughts, or perhaps we second-guess ourselves and our place in the universe. There is a danger of falling victim to escapes from reality, whether it be through substances or excessive gaming, or in some cases, both. This could also lead to some really bizarre or interesting dreams overnight, so do make sure to note important dream visions if you're into the dream-logging thing. Perhaps there's that late-night flash of inspiration too, as the Moon is sextiling Jupiter and Mercury is sextiling Neptune so we're really looking at a mystic rectangle aspect here as Mercury also trines the Moon and Neptune trines Jupiter. Some tricky blending of energies, but the rewards can be very much worth it if we can take advantage of the insights. Follow your intuition, your gut, what God is telling you, or whatever you attribute it to. Maybe all of the above.

So overall it's a more relaxed day, and with plenty of opportunities for inspiration. Take advantage of this while you can and get caught up if you can! Don't stress too much if you can't, and if someone flies off the handle because they're not taking advantage of the flow, that's more their problem than yours. If they fire you today for that? Maybe you didn't want to work for them in the first place. Keep your eyes open for signs and opportunities today, and indicators of your present and future path.


Daily Report - Monday, May 21st, 2018

A little short on time to do a weekly report in time for this week, so I'll be doing a daily report for May 21st, 2018. We've had some intense energies lately, so let's take a look and see how this all looks.

Hourly: We come into Monday at Midnight PDT with a few aspects already bearing down on us. We've got Chiron square Venus and sextile Mars, which points to disagreements and issues with partners, loved ones, and possessions we hold dear, while at the same time we have the energy to deal with these issues and come up with an action plan to get through those troubles. Sun semisextile Pallas can point to a time triggering an insight of wisdom or pondering about a current situation affecting ourselves to our cores. Venus quincunx Mars indicates an awkward energy with some imbalance between our job, energy, loved ones, or something valuable to us. Perhaps a theft or misplacement, or perhaps there's a lingering issue that will be addressed in the next workday. We also have Pluto retrograde conjunct Black Moon Lilith which will ramp up the inner transformation in ways we may not be prepared to handle. Listen to your inner voice today.

At 1:00 PDT, Ceres quincunx Neptune gives us an off-kilter, gnawing energy that is at odds with our intuition and our home environment. A dream encounter overnight that points to an issue in our homefront is a good example of how this can manifest.

3:00 PDT triggers a semisextile between Uranus and the Sun which is now in Gemini. Don't be surprised if you find yourself doing something outside of the norm on this day. Today will be anything but normal given the Pluto/Black Moon Lilith link. Further on, at 4:00 PDT, we get a speak-of-the-devil aspect with Moon quincunx Pluto retrograde and Black Moon Lilith. Definitely some potential for strange dream visions, and hopefully you've paid attention to your dreams as there are bound to be quite a bit of answers provided. Now, whether we interpret those answers correctly, that's anyone's guess.

At 9:00 PDT, Sun quincunx Pholus retrograde influences some potential for us not entirely being with it in the morning. A good bet that we may either have had not enough or too much coffee, for example. Take care not to overcompensate with stimulants to get going on this crazy Monday.

We don't have any more exact aspects until later in the evening when, around 19:00 PDT we see the Moon cross over fixed star Regulus. This can give us a bit of a boost in confidence and maybe a flash of insight as to how to take care of a problem vexing us. Later on, at 20:00 PDT, we have a few aspects worth mentioning. A minor grand trine apexed at Pallas between the Moon and Uranus should further ease some wisdom and insight towards us, so it's a good time to take notes and maybe do a to-do list to take care of a few tasks that have been piling up. Moon trine Pholus also helps us wind down after a potentially hectic day. An hour later at around 21:00 PDT we see the Sun and Moon square almost exactly to mark the First Quarter Moon, bringing us a quarter of the way through the hectic [url=]Taurus New Moon lunar cycle[/ur] we just had a week ago, which is still in full force.

We end the day with a Moon quincunx Mars aspect around 23:00 PDT, which is always fun. This kind of influential energy marks a moment where we're feeling a bit uneasy about how we feel about some conflicts or struggles in our life at this point. I say pay attention to your dreams at this point, as answers may be elusive, yet available in the dreamscape.

Monday's a mixed bag, as you can see, and won't go entirely to plan. But there's some potential to start off the week somewhat right, if we play our cards right. As I'm running late on getting to bed (of course!), I leave you here. Cheers.


New Moon Taurus - May 2018 - Medusan Revolution

It's time to end my silence. The last few months have not been the greatest on my end, and by that I mean I've been kept very busy with the newish job, as well as having had a month and a half of downtime total with being ill. Very nasty colds this year, which had better be done with. Regardless, we have a New Moon to begin the new lunar cycle for the next 28-29 days, and of course, we have some major energy shifts coming. I didn't have time to plot the asteroids or craft the charts for this, so this is going to be text only. Let's begin, as I don't have much time. Again. Some things never change...

We have a pretty fine how-do-you-do with the New Moon conjunct (2 degree orb) Fixed Star Algol around 4:48 PDT / 11:48 UTC. Now, it's a wide orb for a fixed star, so this should mitigate the aspect somewhat, but this is a pretty unfotunate star most of the time. Lots of craziness is in store. Ok, I lied. There was one asteroid I did notate. Sedna also conjuncts Algol tightly, and thus is in range of conjuncting this New Moon. And I'm sure you can notice that there's been some major carnage beginning to take shape, what with the news cycle... just overall. The Jerusalem Embassy thing, the Bill Cosby conviction, stuff like that.

The New Moon does also semisextile Venus, acting as a trigger aspect this lunar cycle for what is valuable or attractive to us, or for our general job or vocational life. We should see some developments on that front, for good or ill, by the end of this coming week (Thursday the 17th or Friday the 18th is likely to bring the first manefistations of this, as the Moon will be in range of passing Venus around then). The New Moon also trines Pluto retrograde and Black Moon Lilith, and to a lesser degree Mars so we should have a good bit of an energy boost in beginning a new cycle of growth for the next month.

There's another reason we can look at the major energy shift. Now, within the last month, Chiron entered Aries, and Chiron squares Venus by a 6 degree orb, so it's muted but still there. This will affect how what we find attractive or desirable harms or heals us, but it'll be mitigated somewhat. Another major aspect we have happening is that Uranus is in the very last minute of the 29th degree of Aries, and will cross into Taurus on the same day as the New Moon. This is shifting the revolutionary and rapid change planet from the cardinal, fiery Arian energy and downshifting it into the fixed, earthy energies of the bull. We want to get going, get plans underway, and the fixed Earth energy is saying "hold it." And if that's not enough, Uranus squares Mars, and Mars is also about to cross from cardinal, earthy Capricorn into fixed, airy Aquarius. Uranus and Mars at odds, while they're both changing signs on top of that, this leads to some very unstable energies. We need to step carefully at this time as we are, quite frankly, in a major psychic minefield.

Uranus sextile Venus is a welcome sight, however, as this does bring the possibility of some pleasant surprises for us. Maybe a spark of good news at a job, or a surprise outing with someone you've had your eye on be it dating or business or just a friend you haven't seen in awhile.

Pluto retrograde conjunct Black Moon Lilith will test us heavily as we look within ourselves and face our inner shadow. This will pertain largely to our ambitions with material and career matters, being in the sign of Capricorn, and will also affect you differently depending on what house of your chart Capricorn occupies. (For me, it's my 2nd house, so resources and money, particularly in relation to my primary job and desired path, that's very much in focus for me right now).

Mercury square Mars should also be noted right now, though it's not the tightest of orbs. This, especially with the Martian shift into Aquarius soon, can lead to some pretty harsh words right now, especially with Mars also squaring Uranus at the same time. Mercury makes a weak conjunction to Uranus as well, so these harsh words could come out of the blue and shock us to the core. It isn't all bad though, as Mercury trine Saturn retrograde could allow us to take a rough situation and turn it into a drive to move on to the next step in our lives. Broken eggs can lead to omelettes, after all. Just remember you'll have to dig out the shells. Chiron sextile Mars can also help out in this regard as we'll have more of the energetic drive to move forward and cast away some of the old hurts and bandages we may be holding on to during this time period.

Finally, we'll notate neptune trine Jupiter retrograde. Jupiter will still be moving backwards for a little while yet, but at this time we can benefit from some inner spiritual wisdom, or relying on our own inner guidance as it were. I'd chalk this one up as a time to observe without judgment if you can, and take in the wisdom and whispers of the outer world. Definitely take the time to get in tune with your inner senses, and trust your gut. This can act as a sort of "psychic shield" of sorts, and probably save us from some of the more incendiary energies of this lunar cycle.

This lunar cycle is just loaded for bear. Thankfully Saturn wasn't heavily afflicted, nor Pluto, and we have those fortunate sextiles that were mentioned before. So it's not an "all hands abandon ship" moment, but it is a "brace for impact" moment we'll be looking at here. Be alert, be wise, and do take some time to tend to yourself. We're going to need to take care of ourselves this cycle so we can better help others. After all, a lamp with no oil left doesn't light many paths. Just don't pour all the oil onto the fire this month as it's very easy to get burnt if we're not careful.

I am hopeful this marks the end of my extended absence. I'm getting back into it. I hope everyone has been hanging tight and taking care of themselves. Until next time, peace.


Monthly Report - March 2018

It's been awhile since I've done a monthly report, and I've decided to go ahead and do this one rather than focus on the Full Moon in Virgo article at this point. If time permits, I may do that a little later. We've had a couple of months of all planets direct, and I hope everyone's been able to take advantage of much of those energies.

There's a lot to go over here, and note that the dates are based on the U.S. Pacific Time Zone (PDT/PST, or UTC -07:00/UTC -08:00, as Daylight Savings Time begins on March 11th for us).

  • All March - Black Moon Lilith Sextile Neptune, Jupiter sextile Pluto (Jupiter retrograde 8th-end of March in this aspect)
  • March 1st - Full Moon in Virgo
  • March 1st-3rd - Mars semisextile Pluto, Pluto sextile Mercury/Venus
  • March 1st-4th - Saturn sextile Sun, Sun Conjunct Neptune
  • March 1st-5th - Jupiter trine Mercury, Mars square Mercury
  • March 1st-6th - Black Moon Lilith sextile Sun, Jupiter trine Venus, Mars square Venus
  • March 1st-9th - Uranus square Pluto (last stages)
  • March 1st-16th - Uranus semisextile Chiron
  • March 1st-22nd - Uranus trine Mars
  • March 1st-24th - Mercury conjunct Venus (Mercury retrograde from March 22nd in this aspect)
  • March 2nd-4th - Uranus semisextile Mercury/Venus
  • March 2nd-6th - Mercury conjunct Chiron
  • March 2nd-7th - Venus conjunct Chiron
  • March 3rd-8th - Jupiter semisextile Mars
  • March 4th-6th - Mercury conjunct fixed star Scheat
  • March 4th-7th - Venus conjunct fixed star Scheat
  • March 4th-11th - Neptune conjunct Sun
  • March 4th-17th - Pluto sextile Sun
  • March 6th - Moon square Nodes
  • March 6th-20th - Jupiter trine Sun (Jupiter retrograde March 8th-20th in this aspect)
  • March 7th-15th - Mercury square Saturn
  • March 7th-31st - Chiron conjunct fixed star Scheat, Mars square Sun
  • March 8th - Jupiter turns retrograde
  • March 8th-15th - Mars conjunct Galactic Center
  • March 8th-18th - Venus square Saturn
  • March 8th-19th - Mars square Chiron
  • March 10th-31st - Black Moon Lilith conjunct fixed star Vega
  • March 13th-31st - Mercury square Black Moon Lilith (Mercury retrograde from March 22nd in this aspect)
  • March 14th-18th - Mercury semisextile Neptune
  • March 15th-18th - Uranus semisextile Sun
  • March 15th-20th - Venus square Black Moon Lilith
  • March 15th-21st - Chiron conjunct Sun
  • March 17th - New Moon in Pisces, Mars enters Capricorn
  • March 17th-19th - Venus semisextile Neptune
  • March 17th-21st - Sun conjunct fixed star Scheat
  • March 19th-26th - Mercury square Pluto (Mercury retrograde from 22nd March in this aspect)
  • March 19th-28th - Venus square Pluto
  • March 20th - Moon square Nodes
  • March 21st-31st - Mars conjunct Saturn, Sun square Saturn
  • March 23rd-26th - Venus quincunx Jupiter retrograde
  • March 23rd-31st - Venus conjunct Uranus
  • March 25th-30th - Mercury retrograde semisextile Neptune
  • March 27th - Moon conjunct North Node
  • March 28th-31st - Mercury retrograde conjunct Sun, Venus semisextile Chiron
  • March 29th-31st - Mercury retrograde square Saturn
  • March 30th-31st - Mercury retrograde square Mars
  • March 31st - Full Moon in Libra

I have largely ignored Moon aspects for the most part once again, except Full/New Moons for that bulleted list, as well as a couple key Moon aspects, as I've focused more on longer-term aspects. Moon aspects, once again, will be touched on in upcoming weekly reports.

First off is the Full Moon in Virgo. It doesn't really do a whole lot aspect-wise other than oppose Neptune, so pretty much for the rest of the Lunar cycle until the next New Moon, we're going to be finishing up some tasks and seeing exactly where it fits with our greater reality. Have we been upfront with ourselves, or have we been chasing phantoms and illusions? Definitely something we need to keep in mind as we progress further into the month.

From the beginning of March, we have a multitude of aspects that will be playing out through the course of the month as well, with a couple stretching past the halfway point all the way into Aries season. From the 1st to the 3rd, Mars semsextiles Pluto while Pluto sextiles Mercury and Venus. This combination shows some minor easing of breakthroughs in our jobs and relationships and how we communicate with others, and the semisextile to Mars triggers a sort of frenetic energy in how we go about this.

From March 1st through the 4th, we also have Saturn sextile the Sun while at the same time the Sun conjuncts Neptune. We should be able to further our ambitions a bit with an elevated degree of discipline, and we should also have some insights come to us, whether it's our intuition or our gut feeling helping guide us along the path.

March 1st through 5th grants us the aspects of Jupiter trine Mercury, which symbolizes greater ease and luck in terms of communicating with others and travel... however, we also have Mars square Mercury at the same time, which will raise our aggression a bit, and possibly serves to spoil some of the good luck that may come our way if we let ourselves fall victim to our own impatience and ire.

March 1st through 9th also serves as a critical milestone of sorts: We are seeing the last vestiges of the final Uranus square Pluto aspect for the next however many decades. By the time Uranus retrogrades again later on this year, Pluto will already have begun its backwards trend, and they won't go into orb of squaring one another for quite some time. The next major hard aspect won't be for some years when they enter opposition. We've got time. So for now, it's a bit of a muted square aspect and now we'll start seeing the aftermath of all those Uranus-Pluto squares from this past decade. Let's hope we have a better outcome than the last Uranus-Pluto squares aftermath (which was in the 1930's and culminated in World War II).

March 1st through 16th shows us Uranus semisextile Chiron, which triggers some rapid healing (or rapid wounding as the case may be, possibly depending on your own placements). Given Uranus in Aries and Chiron in Pisces, I have a feeling the opioid crisis is going to be a key factor in how this plays out, as well as other intoxicants and drugs. Possibly drownings or wounding/healing aspects dealing with both fire and water.

March 1st through 22nd also sees Uranus trine Mars. This aspect eases the burden of sudden outbursts of anger and sudden aggression, and should serve to regulate and mitigate some of the more sudden displays of bravado and violence. Protests, should they occur now, should tend to move on the more peaceful side in general.

March 1st through 24th is also a lengthy conjunction between Mercury and Venus. For the last couple days of this, Mercury will have turned retrograde and will be practically motionless as Venus continues on. Communications, messages, and travels involving loved ones, romantic liaisons, job matters, all of this will be highlighted. As Mercury will be in its pre-retrograde shadow period for much of this, not everything can be expected to go to plan. If you're reviewing or returning to something regarding one of these matters, it may be a good time to revisit old contacts and projects.

March 2nd through 4th has a minor Uranus semisextile both Mercury and Venus, so we can expect some surprises, such as maybe impromptu dates, sudden job news, or maybe even surprise birthday parties? You never know! Those are but a few examples of what this semisextile can bring, so expect the unexpected. Generally in a good way, I think.

March 2nd through 6th is when Mercury conjuncts Chiron, and Venus will also conjunct Chiron until the 7th around the same time as well, so we can expect some messages and news regarding recovery from past injuries, or perhaps this is when some people will elect to do some sort of cosmetic surgery or embark on fitness plans. Or, perhaps an injury avails itself. Do take care to not hurt yourself.

March 3rd through 8th shows us Jupiter semisextile Mars, and around this time we can expect some rapid turns of luck for good or ill. We could also see displays in the news regarding higher spirituality or institutions of religion and something forceful, or displays of violence or power? There was that strange display of a church that had some sort of ceremony with firearms that forced the closing of a nearby school just this past week... Not a mainstream church either, as I believe that was associated with Sun Myung Moon's old outfit... anyways. This is but one example of what that semisextile could bring. Maybe something like that comes up in the news again.

March 4th through 6th and 7th also shows us a conjunction between Mercury/Venus and fixed star Scheat. Scheat has an unfortunate reputation regarding drownings and poisonings, and this could also be interpreted to relate to drug use and overdoses as well. Perhaps even abnormal interactions with substances, such as anaphylactic shock? Be well aware of allergies, your footing around bodies of water, and if you're suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, this would be a good time to be on your guard and consider seeking help around this time.

March 4th through 11th, Neptune continues its conjunction to the Sun, and as it's waning now, we'll still have more intuitive influences on ourselves. We can also expect interesting dream visions to come to us in the nighttime (or daytime, if you're a night shift worker). Daydreaming can be amplified now as well.

March 4th through 17th is when the Pluto sextiles the Sun as well. A good time to take care of tasks where we need to discard what we no longer see fit to keep in our lives, though do double-check to make sure that it's actually unneeded. This coincides with Spring Cleaning season's starting up, so a lucky break for those getting ready to do some early tidying up!

March 6th is one day when the Moon will square the Nodes. We can expect to feel a little bit nostalgic about something from our pasts around this day, and we'll get visions and thought about whether we're doing enough to get going on our way to our future wants and desires. It's a passing influence and should last maybe about a few hours at most.

March 6th through 20th we'll see Jupiter trine the Sun, and Jupiter will be retrograde for most of this aspect. This is a generally fortunate time, and while generally good fortune should be easier to attain, Jupiter's retrograde and motionless period will necessitate a fair amount of this "luck" to come from within. The harder you work, the luckier you get may be how it ends up. This should also be a good time to reexamine things and see if you've been sabotaging your own strokes of good fortune in the past.

March 7th through 15th will be a bit dicey as Mercury will square Saturn during this time. This is bound to be a period where we'll have to contend with disappointments, some curtailments in travel plans, potential communications delays or stern messages from authority figures, and generally a damper on an otherwise good time.

March 7th through 31st serves as a double-whammy as Chiron will conjunct the fixed star Scheat, while at the same time Mars squares the Sun. Mars will also be amplified greatly from the 8th through the 15th as Mars will also be transiting Galactic Center. Chiron and Scheat will amplify the watery misfortune aspects (including that of intoxicants and other substances), and Mars square the Sun will bring some angst and anger to the forefront. A good chance of poisonings and drownings are likely, some involving foul play, I suspect. Do be careful and be mindful of who you turn your back to during this time.

On March 8th, Jupiter finally turns retrograde again, and this is a time where our spirituality, our greater fortune, and our relations to institutions of religion, law, and education all turn inward to a degree. This is a time where we begin to review how we interact with said institutions, and what we can do to improve our standing with them. It's also a time where institutions can become unraveled, I suspect, and with the various events in the news lately, I have a feeling some changes will be forced pretty soon. How effective those changes are... well, with Mercury retrograde coming up, there's going to be a lot of revisiting. This is a time for debate for sure, but I doubt lasting action will be in our immediate future on many fronts for the time being, at least until Mercury turns direct, and possibly Jupiter as well.

March 8th through 18th, Venus squares Saturn, and this could be a damper on our jobs and in some of our relationships. This is a point where we can expect different restrictions to come through, or perhaps some endings even. Perhaps a pay cut comes, or cut hours, or, given the environment going on right now, job actions that will result in the lack of take-home pay for the short or long term even. Could even be illness leading to some curtailments as well (note the Chiron aspects this month), so do watch your health.

March 8th through 19th gives us Mars square Chiron, and this is a point where we can see injuries based on overaggression, such as overtraining or overdoing it at the gym, or playing too rough in some sports, such as spraining your back during a wrestling match as one example. This is also a time where injuries via violence or accidents can come into play, so do watch yourselves very well during this time period.

March 10th through 31st, Black Moon Lilith will pass over fixed star Vega. Vega's generally a more positive star associated with creativity and artistic talents, so if you have some hobbies you're trying to bolster, like maybe a painting or drawing, this could be a good time to pick up the paintbrush.

From March 13th through 31st, Mercury squares Black Moon Lilith as well. We could be seeing some interesting messages regarding women's rights, or some regression thereof. This does seem to be a time period where progress is threatened with being undone, so remain vigilant and outlast those who would impose old, patriarchal views on the general population.

March 14th through 18th grants us Mercury semisextile Neptune as well, and this should be a time we can make use of our intuition in our communications with others. Perhaps the words we need to say just pop inside our head. On the other hand, this can also be a time where our greater intuition warns us to slow down when traveling, or perhaps we get a glimpse of gut feeling saying to go another way to or from our jobs on a given day. Pay attention to your inner voice these days.

March 15 through 18th we have Uranus semisextile Sun, and we can expect the unexpected these days as well. Don't expect everything to go according to plan, as there are bound to be some surprises. Not all surprises are bad, so leave some room for pleasant surprises.

March 15th through 20th also gives us Venus square Black Moon Lilith. Again, the divine feminine is pretty much expected to be under attack during this time. Expect father figures, patriarchs, and more conservative elements to strike out and attempt to turn back the clock on gains made over the last few decades. Could also be another protest or march protesting against such rollbacks.

March 15th through 21st is when Sun conjuncts Chiron, and Sun will be crossing into Aries around this time as well. This is a time we can expect to see what's been hurting us for some time and this is a great time to embark on a new nutrition or fitness plan. Just make sure you take care so as not to injure yourself, remember, Mercury will be retrograde shortly.

On March 17th, we'll have the New Moon in Pisces, right before the Moon enters Aries shortly afterwards as well. Mars also enters Capricorn on the same day. We can expect this to be the beginning of a lunar cycle where our career, where our responsibilities will be at odds with what we want to do to make us feel better about ourselves. We'll have to buckle down and work, and it's only fitting as Spring is pretty much starting (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), so this plays out pretty well.

March 17th through 19th gives us Venus semisextile Neptune as well. We can expect mental images and daydreams of art, romantic beauty, perhaps job advancement even. Perhaps there's an art exhibit some are working on the final touches for, or the last inking of a new comic? Just a few examples as to how this can manifest. There's also the danger of idle daydreaming going nowhere fast.

March 17th through 21st, Sun conjuncts Scheat. This can be a dicey day if you're predisposed to intoxicants, or if you're vulnerable to drowning or other maladies. Pneumonia is an example of drowning as well, as the lungs fill with fluid during that kind of illness, so take it easy and rest if you catch a cold or fall ill during this time. Especially as allergy seasons will be starting up very soon if they haven't already!

March 19th through 26th gives us Mercury square Pluto (and Mercury will be retrograde for half of this), and this is a time where we can expect all sorts of travel mayhem and messages being taken the wrong way. Or perhaps you receive a multitude of messages you really don't want to receive! (Lawsuits, break-up letters, citations, these are just a few possibilities). Take care so that you don't leave yourself open to unpleasant news during this time.

March 19th through 28th we also have Venus square Pluto. That's not exactly the easiest or most pleasant of transits either, and this is a time where we could see elevated breakups, job separations, maybe a stock market correction? Tread carefully and use caution. Going with the Mercury square to Pluto, this could be a rough week and a half here, so try to keep a level head.

March 20th, Moon squares the Nodes again, and again we'll be reexamining how we feel about where we are and where we're going. Stay frosty.

March 21st through 31st, we get some fun aspects here, and by fun I mean watch yourself! Mars conjuncts Saturn at the same time Sun squares Saturn! This isn't going to be the easiest end to a month for sure, and again, the potential for confrontations with authority figures and those who would grind our gears and grind our ego into the dirt... yeah, do be careful not to say the wrong thing to the wrong person, or you could wind up emptying your desk into a box on a sudden last day at the job. Try to take several deep breaths on the road too.

March 23rd through 26th, Venus quincunxes Jupiter retrograde. We could fall into some possible down cycles when it comes to luck and romance, so maybe its a good time to just keep things low key with significant others, and maybe order pizza and stay in?

March 23rd through 31st, Uranus conjuncts Venus, and given the other aspects, this could be a time where sudden romantic liaisons occur. This possibly points to affairs, so if you're feeling dissatisfied in a union, you really need to clear the air with your partner. Especially with retrograde transits, you do not want to start something you'll end up regretting. Now, if you're unattached and you're looking for like-minded and like-unattached souls to have a little fun with, then exercise some caution, be safe, and have fun.

March 25th through 30th, Mercury retrograde semisextiles Neptune as well. A time where we may be second-guessing ourselves and not listening to our gut feeling (or perhaps listening to our gut when our gut isn't all that accurate). Consider the ramifications of actions before committing to silly stuff.

March 27th, Moon conjuncts the North Node. This is a time where our intuition and feelings comes to the forefront, and combined with that Mercury retrograde semisextile Neptune, we could find ourselves being led astray if we're not careful. See what feels good but isn't actually propelling us on the path to greater success, and weigh your options carefully at this time.

March 28th through 31st, we end the month with Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun, squaring Saturn and Mars, while Venus semisextiles Chiron. We'll be revisiting a few ideas that we've been working on in the past, and it's a good time to review old matters. Do make sure you're considering all of the possible pitfalls when deciding on a course of action at this point too, as authority figures and others who would do you harm are going to be getting in your way most likely around this time.

Finally, we end the month with a Full Moon in Libra. So it's a Blue Moon again, considering February didn't even have a Full Moon! This Full Moon will also form a T-Square to Mars and Saturn, so discipline, authority figures, delays and struggles will be a hallmark of this culmination. Keep your head up (and duck when you need to!), and you should be able to weather the storm alright.

So there we have it. March comes in hot, and leaves like a glowing white-hot cinder. It's most certainly not the easiest month we'll be having, so do make the most of whatever good and easy times you come across this month. I've got to wrap this up, so in closing, keep an eye out and expect a lot of crazy news and events to happen. I have a feeling something really insane is going to happen before the end of that month. Cheers.

Weekly Report - February 26th Through March 4th, 2018

Apologies once again for missing last week's forecast, as I came down with a nasty illness (not the flu, thankfully), and needed some time off to recover from this. Now that I'm back in the saddle, let's start looking at what the planets are pointing at this week.

Monday is a high intensity day in general as we will have a bit of a weak T-square from Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, apex Aries Uranus,, but it will be a wide orb for Pluto and Uranus, so we're going to, in general, see some pretty intense emotions and sudden upsets. We'll also have Mercury and Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius, so do watch for upsetting messages both on the job and in your relationships on this day. Moon is in Cancer (its home sign) all day until around 22:00 PST, when it enters Leo, so emotions and some intuition will also be amplified.

Hourly: Around 2:00 PST, the Moon quincunxes Mars in Sagittarius, thus adding a bit of a backdrop of some intensity in dreams, perhaps dream visions of combat or conflict occur. This could shift into a bit of an easier backdrop around 3:00 PST when Moon trines Venus in Pisces. This has the effect of feeling better about some things we hold dear, relationshipwise or jobwise. 5:00 PST is around the time the exact opposition between Moon and Pluto in Capricorn occurs. Try not to lose your head in depressive doubts around this time. As the morning progresses, Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio at 9:00 PST gives us a bit of a boost in luck, helps us feel a little better about dealing with our deeper secrets. As we progress into the afternoon, Aries Uranus square Moon around 14:00 PST could lead to some sudden upsets, and is the second exact hit for the aforementioned T-Square, so try to stay calm and just focus on tasks if you can. Do not lose your nerve. Fortunately, we should be able to experience some respite with Moon trine Chiron in Pisces near 16:00 PST. Try to relax a bit around then.

Tuesday the square from Mars to Mercury intensifies, but Venus moves on a bit, so there is still potential for communications problems, and on top of that, Moon in Leo apexes a Yod between Sun and Saturn around midday. How we feel about things will come to the forefront, and if it's not serving us, we need to forge a new way forward and get ourselves to the life we want, not stick around in a life that doesn't help us. Venus tightens its trine to Jupiter this day as well, so we should see some further boosts to good fortune in some regards.

Hourly: Not much to say. 2:00 PST gives us Pluto sextile Venus, could be good for a nightcap or a midnight snack of sorts. Into Tuesday evening I do see a quincunx from the Moon to Neptune in Pisces around 19:00 PST, which could make for some confusion in matters. We may not all be thinking clearly when this aspect passes. 21:00 PST is about when the Moon passes over the North Node, a good time to put a little oomph into advancing a small hobby perhaps.

Wednesday gives us a Fire Grand Trine around midday of Moon in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries. This is an excellent day to put forward some drive and get some stuff done, though the window will be relatively short as the Moon is one of the apex points, so make the most of it in the middle of the day! Mars still squares Mercury and Venus too, so watch out for messaging mishaps, and Mars is forming a semisextile to Pluto which will intensify Thursday, so do watch for sudden outbursts. Moon will also be in Leo all day until about 23:00 PST at which point the Moon enters analytical Virgo, so do make use of the fiery energy and get some stuff done!

Hourly: Early morning gives us Moon quincunx Mercury in Pisces, which could inflame a few emotions on the way to work. Try not to lose your cool. Later on in the morning, Moon quincunx Venus around 9:00 PST could indicate a point where we're questioning whether our job or our relationships are worth it around this time, or if there's something you're missing. You may not even know what to make about your gut feelings, so we'll be prone to second-guessing ourselves a bit around then. We do also have Moon square Jupiter around 11:00 PST, so while we have the energy to get things done, we do need to watch out for mishaps and missteps that would serve to derail that progress we should be making.

Into the afternoon, Uranus trines Moon exactly around 15:00 PST, giving a boost in our ability to suddenly come to a breakthrough in matters bothering us, but be careful as Mars square Mercury around 16:00 PST could serve to derail that a bit as well. Do not send off that nasty email or text, as Moon quincunxes Chiron in Pisces around 17:00 PST and I can guarantee any sudden harsh words will come back to bite you almost right away. Finally, in the nighttime hours, Pluto sextile Mercury around 21:00 PST may help sooth some of those harsh words from earlier, and we may even be able to come to a decision to end something not good for us, for the greater benefit of all.

Thursday is a high intensity day as we have a lot going on in the sky. For starters, the Full Moon in Virgo happens then, and will be a pretty important day to get important projects done if you're able to do so. Also keep in mind that Mars is very busy with its continuing squares to Mercury and Venus, and the semisextile to Pluto, so we're all running under the gun to get thing done. Moon trine Saturn should be a helpful boost, though, so this should help us focus enough to get some work done.

Hourly: Jupiter trine Venus around 3:00 PST is a good indicator of some good fortune, and perhaps some restful sleep this night to boot. Around 8:00 PST is when the Pluto-Mars semisextile becomes exact, so do be careful of aggressive drivers on the way to work. Around 10:00 PST gives us Moon trine Saturn exact which will help us feel a little more confident in getting our work done.

Later on, around 17:00 PST is when the Full Moon occurs, so a good end to a good day if you can avoid all of the psychic pitfalls going off this day. Moon opposes Neptune exactly around 21:00 PST, leading to perhaps some off-the-wall thinking or some warnings about letting ourselves get too wrapped up in fantasies or inebriation. We end with Moon semisextile the North Node around 23:00 PST so we'll be thinking about the future a bit more too as we drift off to sleep, presumably.

Friday is all over the place. We have Mercury and Venus ganging up in a conjunction in Pisces, still squaring Mars which is trying to keep up that connection, and the Moon moves in around midday to oppose Venus and Mercury, thus squaring Mars and forming yet another T-Square. Venus and Mercury, however, do trine Jupiter, so we have a little bit of insulation from some of the more fiery aspects of this day. Also, the Uranus-Pluto square is still there, but continues to weaken, and pretty soon it will be a thing of the past. But we've got a bit of highly charged energy here, so be careful with how you get along with others, and given the volatility of this day, it may not be the smoothest day for the finishing of projects. Tighten up what you can and perhaps take the rest of the day off to try and relax is my call.

Hourly: Jupiter trine Mercury around 5:00 PST does give us a good bit of luck for the morning commute, so do take some advantage to that, as the T-Square is starting to form. As we go into the afternoon hours, the Moon starts making all sorts of aspects. 13:00 PST, Moon sextile Jupiter gives a little bit of luck and a little sense of ease when it comes to how we feel this day is going. After that, it gets a little dicey. 14:00 PST is about the time the Moon opposes Mercury, followed by 16:00 PST when Moon opposes Venus. This may be when we feel the T-Square just a little stronger, so do be on guard. 20:00 PST gives us Moon opposite Chiron, and this could be a time we have our feelings hurt or someone hits a rough spot. Or maybe we remember something from the past, some slight, and it digs at us. Be aware and work it through.

Saturday could be a bit of a mixed bag, as we have the Moon in airy Libra from around 2:00 PST or so. We'll be weighing decisions pretty heavily, and there will be a square from the Moon to Saturn then too, so we could find ourselves in tricky territory about the conflict between fun and duties. Sun starts conjuncting Neptune as well, so we should have some good flashes of insight for this weekend, perhaps a creative project or reading a good book. Mercury, Venus, and Chiron are conjuncting as well, so a good time to make amends if there have been some slights, or a nice day to hit the spa.

Hourly: Not too many exact aspects from what I'm seeing for Saturday. Uranus semisextile Venus around 12:00 PST could trigger some chance encounters with someone new, or some unexpected finds at a sale. Moon square Saturn around 13:00 warns us to be mindful of our responsibilities and our obligations. You might not be able to afford that trinket, or perhaps that new person has an appointment or a significant other that precludes you from doing much more with them. Finally, around 19:00 PST, Mercury semisextile Uranus provides the chance for some unexpected messages, maybe invitations, to come our way. See what happens.

Sunday can be a day of mending fences, if you take the opportunity. Venus, Mercury, and Chiron are all tightly conjunct, and they are relatively still trine Jupiter, so it's a good day to get a few things off your chest. There's still the slight square to Mars, however, so it may not all go smoothly.

Hourly: Quite a bit going on, as going into the day around Midnight PST, Moon quincunx Sun does point to some give and take of feeling out the vibes, and we might not be weighing things as well as we should. Sun conjunct Neptune around 5:00 PST may give us some interesting dream visions, or perhaps an awesome idea for a creative or literary project you may have brewing in your head.

Around 10:00 PST, the Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction picks up steam, and this go on all the way past 14:00 PST. Just be aware of Moon square Pluto around 13:00 PST in the middle of that massive triple-conjunction, and if you're making amends with someone dear to you, know that it might get a little tense at times.

Around 16:00 PST, Moon sextile Mars gives us a little bit more of an energy boost, nothing too jittery, to boost our confidence a bit, and Moon semisextile Jupiter around 17:00 PST may further serve that slight confidence boost with a burst of luck. Finally, we end the day around 22:00 PST with Uranus opposite Moon, so do be careful about any sudden outbursts or shocks that disrupt you as you head into the following week.

So there we have it: A highly intense week, a Virgo Full Moon, and a couple T-Squares mixed in with a Fire Grand Trine. A lot going on, but if you can keep it all together, you should be able to come to a more relaxing weekend. That's about all I have time for tonight, so I'll leave you go here. Peace out.

Solar Eclipse Aquarius - February 2018 - Soul Storm

It's time for another Solar Eclipse! Again, no charts uploaded for this one, so we're going with descriptions once again. The commute is taking a lot out of me. The sheer amount of rage I was feeling this whole day before writing this, and later hearing about the shooting in Florida, it makes sense. I seem to get these rage spells before something major happens. I don't know if this is an Eclipse effect on myself (as this Eclipse is 3 degree orb opposite my own Sun, and the previous Solar Eclipse was 2 degrees conjunct my sun, in time for my solar return... I am heavily amped on eclipse energies right now). Let's begin while I still can get at least 5 hours of sleep.

The Solar Eclipse itself takes peaks at 13:05:08 PST on February 15th, 2018. I intend to look at the aspects from Solar Eclipse to other bodies first, and then some of the more exact positions afterwards. This will be solely a Southern Hemisphere eclipse as well, so us northerners won't see anything. A Solar Eclipse can be thought of as a supercharged New Moon, and its effects are generally felt for several months after it passes. Given the sheer intensity of the preceding Lunar Eclipse, this Solar one will be felt I feel for an entire year, so consider this as a sort of transit snapshot to consider in your dealings.

And... All planets are still direct during this Solar Eclipse. This is very rare for all planets to be direct during both a Lunar and Solar eclipse cycle, much less all planets direct for two months or more. I don't have figures as to the last time this has happened. I'm not even sure if it's in the last century or two, to be honest.

Primarily, the Solar Eclipse conjuncts Mercury, greatly amplifying communications and travel matters. Given that both are in Aquarius, basically, a lot is going to be in the air, frankly. Both Solar Eclipse and Mercury square Jupiter in Scorpio as well, putting us at odds with some major dark energies. We're going to be feeling at odds with where we're going, how we're getting there, and we are just going to be diving deep into our belief systems trying to figure out just how the hell we're supposed to pull all of this off. Solar Eclipse conjunct Juno also puts our families and loved ones into focus, and this is a time where we need to figure out where they stand with us, and us with them. Are we being upfront with them, or are we hiding something for our own ulterior motives?

Further aspecting the Solar Eclipse is a semisextile to Chiron and Narcissus in Pisces. What this tells me is that we've got some event that's triggering our emotions in a big way, and whether its the ego and conceit of ourselves or someone else we know, it's causing us some unneeded pain right now, and we've got this urge to confront it and do something about it. How we handle this is entirely up to us.

Solar Eclipse sextile Ixion (itself on Galactic Center) and trine Leviathan in Gemini gives us a minor boost in confronting those who would take advantage of us and swallow us whole.

Mercury conjunct Juno and sextile Uranus points to some sudden and unexpected messages and travels regarding family and relationships. Uranus in Aries makes this hot hot hot, and the sextile is an easier aspect to deal with, so these unexpected developments should be quite positive actually. Mercury and Juno trine Lust in Gemini, while Lust sextiles Uranus also supports this. This could be a time period where some nice honeymoon travels take place.

We do have some cautionary tales to consider too, as Venus conjuncts Nessus and Silver in Pisces during this Eclipse. This has to do with what we value, what we find attractive, relationships, perhaps some job details as well. And this conjuncts the asteorid of obsession and potential abuse in the sign of free-flowing emotion. We run a risk of getting overly attached to someone or something that may not necessarily be the best thing for us right now, and Silver in the mix suggests this will have to do with money or precious objects or metals. Venus opposite Medusa retrograde in Virgo and quincunx Nymphe and Ceres (both also retrograde in Leo), while also semisextiling Eros in Aquarius warns us to be very careful with who we open our hearts (among other parts of our bodies) to at this time as well. We need to make sure we're not betraying ourselves for something that's not going to ultimately be of value to us, after all. Fortunately, Venus sextile Saturn in Capricorn and Cupido in Taurus should give us a little bit of stability and discipline so we don't completely go off of the deep end.

During this eclipse season, we do also have a potentially troublesome aspect with Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Mars wants to go and it wants to go now!. Trouble is, it's at odds with Neptune, the planet of illusions and daydreaming, and pretty much what this tells me is that we want to go, but we have no solid idea where we should be going, and it's pretty much going to go all over the place! As Mars semisextiles Pandora and Black Moon Lilith at the same time, we could be going into a world of trouble if we don't take a step back and have a solid plan in place. I mean, we could just go down the rabbit hole and see where we end up, but who knows what that'll give us... Given the other aspects, that's just trouble brewing! Build a solid plan, Mars trining North Node will help us find our way and point us in the right direction, thankfully!

Now, given that Neptune would be semisextile South Node at this same time, what that means for us is that if we let ourselves get lost in the shuffle, we'll likely retreat back to the same illusory places that aren't advancing us anywhere. Neptune and South Node in this configuration can also mean retreating back into habits of addiction, such as drugs and alcohol, and with all the goings on right now, that is a very strong temptation right now. It's even a strong indicator of the opioid crisis, in my humble opinion, and that Mars square to Neptune definitely makes this a priority. Granted, it would be even more of a problem if Neptune were conjunct the South Node, but the semisextile (and thus quincunx to North Node) suggests further that we need a clear path forward.

I'm going to end with notating that Uranus and Pluto are still squaring at a wide orb. While that can be a bit problematic for us in general and can upend our world a bit, it's much more subtle now than it was before during the 2010-2015 period. But it's still there slightly, albeit in its death throes. Uranus being sextile the Solar Eclipse does give us a degree of insulation from the carnage, so it's not all doom and gloom. Pluto sextile Jupiter also helps us along with some growth in our lives, and with knowing what we must cast away and give up to God or Creator or whoever you believe in (if you're into that), we should trust that some things will work out the way they should. The rest, we need to pay attention and help that working-out along, and intelligently.

That is all I have time for, and believe me, it's a powerful Eclipse time for us all. I'm way short on sleep as I finish this up, so pretty much just be careful, and be vigilant. Good things will come, we just need to be ready for them, recognize when they're in front of us, and if you have a strong sixth sense telling you of danger, pay attention to it. General advice, but very pertinent for this time. I've got to cut and run now. Until next time.

Weekly Report - February 12th Through 18th, 2018

We're going to try this weekly thing again. Now, I've added a multitude more asteroids to look at and we're going to be looking at some of these other energies as they relate to the major planets. Right now, I'm ignoring asteroid to asteroid aspects, as I tried that with some of last week's daily reports (that I was able to get to), and I think I may have overloaded things just a bit. So trying to cut this back and see what's really pertinent. So think of it as aspects to major planets/Chiron/Nodes at tightest orbs for the week. Let's get started as I've got a lot of catching up at work to do this week too.

First off, we have a Solar Eclipse this week on the 15th, mainly visible in the Southern Hemisphere from what I know, so this week is going to be a bit of a super-intense dynamo. Don't expect normalcy this week at all.

Monday, we've got Moon in Capricorn for the entire day, so our thoughts and feelings are going to be centered around our career objectives. Basically, how we're going to we're going to begin the early morning hours around Midnight PST with Chiron conjunct Narcissus, which points to some sort of cathartic healing or possibly wounding, this dealing with our own self-pride or of asserting our own self-importance. Mars is passing over Antares around this time as well, a quite potent fixed star around 10 Sagittarius. A good start for endeavors involving gain for ourselves, but could lead to some trouble with friends and associates. Probably we prioritize our own pet projects over group projects. Moon quincunx North Node around 1:00 PST points to some give or take of our feelings and our greater destiny. As this denotes a semisextile to the South Node at the same time, we're likely wondering just how we're to get to where we're supposed to go if the past keeps getting in the way? Good question, and one only you can answer for yourself. An hour later at 2:00 PST, Moon passes over fixed star Vega, which further boosts some of the potential for financial gain, but again, at a risk of trouble through messages written and possible public chastisement, so for some reason I'm thinking potential trouble via social media overnight with this one. The Internet is forever, after all.

Monday morning around 8:00 PST gives us Pluto semisextile Mercury, and this points to some potential trouble or some irksome problems involving messages and travel. Moon conjuncts Pluto at 11:00 PST, and semisextiles Mercury around Noon PST as well. So there is a great dynamic with our feelings or possible psychic vibes regarding travel, communication, heightened emotions, and basically the making and breaking of matters.

Personal Example: tire pressure indicator came on on my car over the weekend, and I got it go go off by putting air in my tires, but also I noticed my treads are pointing towards me needing to replace all the tires next service (within the next 2 weeks if not sooner)... If the light comes on again on my way to work around this couple of hour span, well, work's just going to have to do without me for a few hours until I can get them replaced then, as that's pretty problematic to have to deal with. This is a possible manifestation of these aspects.

Into the evening around Monday, we've got Mars semisextile Black Moon Lilith, and Jupiter sextile Moon, which should help reinforce some sense that we're being watched over, or at the very least a bit of a boost of luck. The Mars/Black Moon Lilith connection might give us a bit of an intuitive boost to get some tasks done or guide us to a course of action. An hour later, Moon square Eris near 17:00 PST points to some helter-skelter in how we feel about how things are going, and we should take care that we don't go off the deep end.

Later on going into the nighttime, 20:00 through 22:00 PST gives us a trifecta of Moon semisextile Sun, Moon semisextile Juno, and Uranus square Moon. The Moon is, of course, priming itself for the solar eclipse on Thursday, and there's going to be that underlying tension between that and of course some of our dealings with our loved ones as well (Sun conjunct Juno about this time as well). Uranus square Moon with the other two aspects combined could lead to some heated emotions in the home or with our families, so this would probably be an ideal night to just turn in early and not get into unnecessary conflict. Our dream visions overnight could be a bit intense, so do pay attention to sudden shifts in the dreamscape.

Tuesday, we begin overnight with Moon sextile Chiron while Vesta squares Neptune at Midnight PST, and Ixion semisextile Moon closer to 1:00 PST. So it's possible we'll be clearing the air a bit in overnight conversations, but there's also a nagging feeling that something is off when it comes to what we hold dear in our innermost core. Perhaps a sense of betraying our own self-interest, or perhaps we're chasing phantoms in our dealings with others around this time. Again, pay attention to dream visions very carefully around this night. As we wake up around 7:00 PST, Uranus sextile Juno facilitates some pleasant domestic surprises, like maybe a chance coffee or breakfast in bed from a loved one.

The afternoon into evening hours around 15:00 PST gives us trouble as Jupiter squares Mercury and Moon semisextiles Venus. There is a major potential for miscommunication or saying the wrong thing, so do be careful with your words, especially to significant others or with art buyers perhaps, as there is a high potential for someone to take something the wrong way. Use tact. By 18:00 PST, Uranus sextiles the Sun which is good for some pleasant surprises. Perhaps the workday works out a bit better than normal at the end? Or perhaps a chance encounter at a watering hole allows for some spirited good times. 19:00 PST brings Moon semisextile Saturn, so there's a good chance of that nagging feeling that we need to call it a night early and deal with some responsibilities, as much as we may want to avoid them. Finally, 21:00 PST and Eris sextile Mercury allows for some possible nice surprises in terms of an unexpected message, or perhaps an error in your favor? Or maybe an unexpected detour on the way home leads to a little bit of an adventure.

Wednesday really isn't my most favorite day, for varying reasons. Early morning aspects to watch out for are Ceres retrograde opposite Moon around Midnight PST, Pallas square Moon near 1:00 PST, and Sun conjunct Juno around 2:00 PST. There is that potential for some late night important discussions with the husband or wife or partner or whoever. Probably a gripe about the home that "just can't wait." It should pass, however.

Around wake-up and commute time, 5:00 PST's Moon semisextile Black Moon Lilith could point to us waking up from a rather bizarre dream. Take notes if you have time and can remember it. 6:00 PST's Mars sextile Moon gives us a boost of energy, and we might not need as much coffee to get up and running if we're fortunate. Around 10:00 PST, Moon semisextile Neptune guides us to use our intuition, and this is about a good time to be listening to our gut feelings about an important matter. Finally, after noon around 13:00 PST, Moon crosses the South Node. We might be reminiscing about something we'd rather cling to in the past, but now really isn't the time to be clinging to said past. We need to move on. Finally, to close the night out later on, Sun semisextile Chiron around 21:00 PST may bring up that thought from the past again. Take note of it, as it may be important once the Eclipse begins the next day.

Thursday is a celestial minefield as we enter Eclipse Day! Moon starts off as semisextile Pluto around Midnight PST and that may bring for some dramatic dream visions leading us to knowledge as to what to shed from our past. Jupiter square Moon around 4:00 PST has the potential of giving us some stern advice from a higher power, or a greatly disturbing dream. We may wake up feeling that we're not fulfilling our greater calling in some way.

Later on in the morning and into the mid-afternoon, we have a plethora of aspects to consider, including the big one. 7:00 PST's Uranus sextile Mercury brings some good favor for travel and communications, and should insulate us from sudden mechanical or technological failures slightly. Or if those failures happen, we may see right away what benefit we just had from it. (Think hitting a red light, preventing us from being sideswiped by someone running another red light one block down). 10:00 PST gives us Uranus sextile Moon and Moon conjunct Mercury and that can be an important vector in time where we get some unexpected good news! Moon conjunct Juno around 11:00 PST will also be pretty good for relationships with our families and loved ones. Could be news of a promotion or a bonus, as one possible example, leading to a vacation some months down the road. Around Noon PST, Moon semisextile Chiron warns us to be watchful about how we're feeling about matters for the rest of the day. Good advice, as the next hour brings the big event.

13:00 PST, the Solar Eclipse should be underway, and Ixion is sextile both the Sun and Moon during this Eclipse culmination. So basically, for this entire Eclipse cycle, we should have some insulation from betrayals and those that would take advantage of us. This will be especially true for the rest of the day here, and should greatly amplify our own personal power. A couple hours later, Saturn sextile Venus around 15:00 PST should build upon this, and should bring us a bit of power to complete tasks at work and get things done.

In the evening and into the night, 20:00 PST brings us Venus conjunct Nessus. We will want to be watchful and be careful of our obsessions with what we desire, lest we push too hard and force ourselves inappropriately towards our more carnal desires. On the other hand, if we're wise, we can harness this aspect and utilize some major focus to complete an important task for work, or to complete a personal project or hobby dear to us. All depends on how we use Venus-Nessus energy. Finally, to finish off the night, Mercury conjunct Juno while semisextile Chiron around 22:00 PST should allow for nighttime discussions with family and loved ones to go somewhat smoothly, though we may have to confront some uncomfortable truths. Could be something mundane as leaving the seat up. (Or, seems mundane to some... trust me, put the seat down and just keep the peace on this one).

Friday doesn't do a whole lot of major aspects overnight. Mainly, 7:00 PST is the first wave of aspects as Moon in Pisces sextiles Saturn and conjuncts Nessus. We might be able to discipline ourselves to not be too emotional on the way to work, and might be able to be a little more vigilant on the road too, perhaps. In other words, might insulate us from road rage. Maybe. Emotions can be a bit tricky during Pisces Moon. Ixion sextile Mercury at the same time points to this mitigation of raging emotions to be the case. Drivers and those who normally are harsh in their words might actually be a little more chill Friday morning.

Venus conjunct the Moon around 9:00 PST should gives us a bit more pride and more happiness at work. It's Friday, so that usually helps! Not to mention we might be thinking about plans with some loved ones later on? Ceres retrograde quincunx Moon around 10:00 PST suggests that you might want to make sure the home front is in order though, and you did turn the stove off, right?

Pallas sextile Moon around 14:00 PST should have us feeling a little bit wiser, and should give a bit more of a creative boost when dealing with finishing up work tasks. Black Moon Lilith sextile the Moon around 16:00 PST is useful for an intuitive boost.

Going into Friday night, Mars square Moon near 20:00 PST could lead to some unnecessary arguments. Make sure plans are put into place earlier when the energies are a little bit more conducive, and try not to be upset at sudden changes. Ceres retrograde quincunx Venus around 22:00 PST could lead to some awkward social situations too, so perhaps that plus the Mars-Moon square suggests that this isn't the night to meet someone new for a meaningful relationship. A short-term fling, maybe, but know what you're getting into. Moon square Vesta around 23:00 PST suggests to me that maybe just a night out with the guys or girls is the better course of action, as we could wind up feeling like we're being asked to do things we're not comfortable with. Actually, with those last three aspects, I'd recommend a low-key home night. I don't suggest Monopoly, as this is striking me as an increased "table-flipping" likelihood Friday night. Just watch a movie or something.

Saturday might gives us some strange or troubling dream visions as we have Mars square Neptune around 3:00 PST, and that definitely can set the stage for some intense arguments. 4:00 PST brings us Vesta trine North Node, and Mercury conjunct Sun. We'll be feeling a little more secure in the thought of being on the right path in some way, I think.

After people wake up on Saturday, around 10:00 PST, Pluto sextile Moon gives us a boost of energy that might be good for some morning cleaning up around the house, and Jupiter trine Moon later on around 14:00 PST should further bolster this. Could even be a good day for bargain hunting at markets, and we should be a little bit more lucid. Moon semisextile Eris around 15:00 PST points to potential trouble when it comes to some slight upsetting us, so try to keep your cool. This will be amplified more as Uranus semisextile Moon around 20:00 PST will be a stronger manifestation of this. Around 22:00 PST brings even more emotional catharsis with Chiron conjunct the Moon. Good chance of tempers and emotions being more inflamed, perhaps. Finally, 23:00 PST sees Ixion square the Moon and Juno semisextile the Moon. If there are problems related to infidelity (suspected or real), there's a good chance those arguments could come out now. I'd recommend being aboveboard in your dealings right now.

Finally, Sunday ratchets up some of the emotional intensity from the previous day, as Moon crosses fixed star Scheat around 3:00 PST. With the other harsh emotional aspects from Saturday night, there's a good chance of people saying the wrong thing around this time. 4:00 PST's Sun semisextile Moon further denotes a time where people could be at odds with others. Shortly after this, Moon crosses into fiery Aries, and this definitely points to some flaring tempers for much of the rest of the day.

Sunday evening isn't much easier as Moon squares Saturn and that points to some harsh criticisms and potential arguments. There's some possibilities of reconciliation, however, as around 18:00 PST, Ceres retrograde trines the Moon. After some cooling down, it's possible that Sunday dinner might actually be a little more civil. Finally, to finish up the week, Jupiter quincunx Eris around 23:00 PST suggests that we're feeling a bit more uncertain about whether we're on the right career path going into the next work week. Like we're not entirely in control going into a new week.

So there you have it, a high-powered week complete with a Solar Eclipse New Moon, and some potentialities regarding relationship arguments and possible infidelity indicators. Do be careful and do be above-board this week in your dealings with others. I'd really have to say trust your instincts, as there's going to be some ruffled feathers, and you just need to keep yourself centered to get through it all. And with all planets still direct, there's plenty of forward momentum to keep us going through it all. And on that note, I'm out. Peace out.

Daily Report - Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

I"m going to say this right now: I did not forecast the Dow Jones sliding like it did yesterday. Stock prediction and market analysis isn't my thing. Analyzing astrology and the minor asteroids is my thing. I'm going to be very clear about something right now: Use my posts as financial prediction aids at your own peril. Trust me, if I knew how to fully harness that, I would be far more well off than I am right now. But perhaps I'm half kidding... or am I? Anyways, I tend to look on the more general side of things, I feel.

Enough lollygagging. Let's see what else Tuesday brings to the forefront.

Starting at Midnight PST, Moon square Bambi retrograde is in the air, and I have a feeling with the financial events of yesterday, some people monitoring retirement funds and other financial markets are getting that "deer in the headlights" look. Abundantia semisextile Leviathan retrograde acts as a trigger for ... a correction in the making perhaps, but do bear in mind, that's... minor asteroids... and Abundantia is in range of fixed star Algol... ...ouch. Did not see that one. Dudu retrograde quincunx Apophis is also bringing some of the crap back to smack us in our... ...just duck, okay? Let's move on.

1:00 PST brings us Moon opposite Cupido and semisextile Academia retrograde, and squares Kafka as well! Keep in mind Moon has entered Scorpio, so there's going to be some darker, more murky emotions hitting this right now. Be wary of Casanovas who are out for one thing, and if you're studying late for classes, always a good idea to travel in groups when able. That's what I'm feeling with this. As far as Kafka, don't expect dreams and our feelings tonight to be all that mundane. I'll be honest, I never read Franz Kafka's works, but something tells me I should remedy that soon.

Around 2:00 PST, Ceres retrograde trines Vesta and quincunxes Nemesis. No major planet aspect in tightest orb for this hour, so Ceres takes center stage as we sleep semi-soundly in our beds. Yet some of us may be kept awake wondering about a friend or other acquaintance, or perhaps rivals, who would invade our space. A guest making simmering trouble perhaps? (I"m kinda a guest myself right now, so I hope I'm not one of those). The trine is a little stronger, so more likely we'll be dreaming or having in the back of our minds some sort of faith or inner working of keeping our homesteads safe from potential enemies.

3:00 PST brings us more asteroid configurations, with Lamb square Juno, Academia retrograde trine Kafka, and Vesta square Nemesis. Lamb-Juno and Vesta-Nemesis are passing influences that warn us to be aware of that which would threaten our homes and loved ones, and that which we hold dear. Kafka-Academia, on the other hand, is an easier aspect that I think might be useful if any of us are burning the midnight oil and studying some off-the-wall topic perhaps. Perhaps reading this very blog entry... which would qualify, perhaps!

Further into the morning around 4:00 PST, Mercury semisextile Tyche and Moon semisextile Midas retrograde will be functioning as more triggers, and especially as it's 7:00 EST near Wall Street. Abundantia is also quincunx Ixion, and Ixion is with Galactic Center, so I'm going to speculate something here... that we're about to see more financial world news, and I'm going to say it's a safe bet there's some significant insider trading and short-selling going on right about now. I think someone's looking to make a profit here, but I don't have direct proof. You should follow actual financial advisors and also follow up with your own gut feeling about this, though don't misinterpret your gut. Easy to do when you're feeling anxiety. We could also be feeling a little bit of anxiety about our jobs and careers right now, but let's see what the rest of the day's aspects bring up. Do remember that Saturn and Pluto are both transiting Capricorn right now, a cardinal, earthy energy. (Yet all planets are also still direct, so bear that in mind too. This crash, if that's what's ramping up, won't last forever. Long game would be my recommendation.)

5:00 PST brings us some more asteroids with Desdemona sextile Hekate retrograde, and Fortuna retrograde quincunx Apophis. Listen to our inner wisdom and consider waking dream visions if you normally are waking up around this time. More market corrections possibly, or maybe something comes across that points to needing to tighten the belt in other ways. Perhaps you're just saving up for a rainy day, and expect some heavy rain soon. (Here in Western Washington, we could use a little less rain at the moment. Do a search on Snoqualmie Falls and you'll see why.)

As more of us wake up around 6:00 PST, Moon sextile Saturn becomes the first major aspect of the day. This will stabilize things, I believe, and should mute some of the market carnage. Our emotions will be ramped up a few notches with Moon conjunct Toutatis (an amplifier), and Cupido quincunx Academia retrograde could bring insights or dream visions of a romantic nature, perhaps? Somewhat amorous? I don't know for sure, or it could also be a pre-class romp... One that could scatter the brains of someone about to walk into a pop quiz. Don't lose your head.

The Moon features heavily around 7:00 PST when it opposes Pallas, semisextiles Karma, and squares Swindle. Our ability to discern proper wisdom and identify deception may be impaired, and there might be a lesson here to this. Could be a child lying to their parents about having completed their homework, whether out of embarrassment or fear of punishment. Or, could be an embellishment on a report for the office? Be aware and be focused. As we cross into 8:00 PST, Moon trines Nessus and semisextiles Lie as well, so perhaps we can lock onto the truth of the matter. Helps to be honest, so be aboveboard with your dealings today as much as you can.

9:00 PST brings us Mercury semisextile Black Moon Lilith, opposing Nymphe retrograde, and Moon semisextile Mars. Watch the road rage on the way to work. Some of that road rage could be thoughts in the back of the mind of possible infidelity as we consider Nymphe retrograde quincunx Black Moon Lilith and Aphrodite semisextile Eros. Romantic and sexual encounters are going to be in the back of the mind, and there's probably a few office romps going to happen. Maybe a few "favors" being done, if I may be so crass... Or perhaps a sex scandal is about to come out that rocks a few news cycles... Hard to say.

11:00 PST shows us Mercury opposite Ceres retrograde, so expect another news tidbit about some domestic squabble. Maybe a celebrity divorce? Very gross speculation on my part there, so take this with a grain of salt.

Noon PST gives us Moon sextile Pandora, Venus conjunct Kaalli, Moon sextile Medusa retrograde, Moon conjunct Radiocommunicata, Swindle semisextile Nessus, and Eris sextile Bologna. OK, that's a great deal. Moon's busy here, so the sextile to Pandora and Medusa retrograde and conjunction to Radiocommunicata tells me that there's definitely going to be a scandal come to light in the news today. Eris sextile Bologna tells me it's going to be someone we didn't expect, and Swindle semisextile Nessus gives me a hint that this could be an intentional leak or blowing of the cover to hurt someone. We'll see if I'm right about this.

13:00 PST gives us Venus semisextile Narcissus and conjunction to Kaali at the same time. Be careful as all that glitters is not gold, and there's a good chance that we could have something mar some beauty somewhere, whether we drop a priceless heirloom, or maybe our job is in question at this moment? Hard to say. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to your self-worth, as there are many other ways to enhance said self-worth.

14:00 PST brings us Toutatis semisextile Sphinx and Kaali semisextile Narcissus. Enigmas about what makes us look good to ourselves and to others will play out throughout this hour. Some may be trying to rush to get a major project done, perhaps, but will it be enough? Is it the right implementation? You'll find out soon enough, depending on what aspects what.

Moon sextile Tyche and Black Moon Lilith while squaring Ceres retrograde and Nymphe retrograde around 15:00 PST could leave us feeling that our jobs are fulfilling us just a little bit better than our home life and our romantic or sexual partnerships (or lack thereof) around this time. A good time to dig down and put some focus on getting some school or office work done, or perhaps finishing off a cabinet if you're, say, a carpenter. A brief window where a job well done could make or break our day.

The late afternoon around 16:00 PST gets busy with Moon square Mercury, confusing some of our messages and how we come across to others just a bit. It won't be permanent damage though as Moon also trines Nemesis and semisextiles Vesta, which Vesta also sextiles Mercury at the same time. Don't take things too personal, as Destinn sextile Tyranossarus retrograde, Buysballot retrograde semisextile True Node, and Radiocommunicata sextile Pandora during this hour will help in mitigating the major communications damage to a small degree, and may even bring to light some problems that need to be addressed in our lives. Perhaps acting too aggressively or haughty before, for example, and perhaps an alright time to attempt a mea culpa. May want to wait a little bit for a major overture, but the problems will be brought to the open.

As the evening begins around 17:00 PST, Moon square Lucifer could have us feeling like our pride took a blow, and we might be licking our wounds over it. Medusa retrograde sextile Radiocommunicata and trine Pandora could also be showing up in the exposure of some hidden betrayal, and Nymphe retrograde quincunx Tyche, could be work-related. If someone's been talking behind your back in the office, it'll come out soon enough, probably about this time. Not just the office, but also school yards and at local watering holes. Again, be aboveboard in your relationships and this won't be as much of a problem, especially at this moment.

18:00 PST brings us another major aspect when Uranus sextiles Venus, a welcome shift into a slightly easier evening. Especially as we have Venus trine Lust retrograde, so we've got a chance at a sudden low-key date night. Moon square Fortuna retrograde could leave us feeling like we're going to break the bank, so keep it light on the wallet and skip the anxiety of going bust.

Into the night, 20:00 PST shows us Moon trine Apophis. Something apparently ended, and we might be able to feel a little bit better about it. Probably a point we realize we had to end something, or perhaps we realize an unhealthy connection is soon to be gone, and we can perhaps move on with our lives a little.

21:00 PST brings us Moon trine Jabberwock retrograde and Neptune in a Grand Trine. We'll be feeling some emotional relief in the slaying of a monster in our lives, perhaps the slaying of an illusion. Maybe one of our own delusions of grandeur just died a needed death, but do keep in mind that the repercussions can take some time to manifest if this is indeed the case for you. Pallas quincunx Karma and Ceres retrograde quincunx Black Moon Lilith at the same time suggest that this illusion shattering was a while in the making, and we finally have the wisdom to make it happen, though not without some regret on our part. Perhaps we also have a decision to make about where we call home. Maybe we're having that feeling in the back of our minds that we are called to go elsewhere... and where that is isn't clear yet. But soon.

The night draws to a close when Chiron sextiles Desdemona and Arachne conjuncts Eros around 22:00 PST, so do be aware of the ties that bind us, and it could be that we finally see past a he-or-she-demon that has vexed us in our romantic desires (or actualizations) in the past. Don't be surprised if you reminisce about that. Do be aware of anxiety overnight when around 23:00 PST we get Moon square Industria, Ceres retrograde quincunx Tyche, and the flip-side of Arachne conjunct Eros. Barring any sultry affairs threatening the homestead, we could be feeling more anxiety about the markets and what that means for keeping our jobs and homes, as an example. Hopefully dream visions going into Wednesday will bring us some good answers to deal with this.

So Tuesday is a rough-and-tumble day, and we can expect more anxiety regarding the financial markets, and of course what that means for our futures in general, that's what I'm feeling today. We should keep in mind that a lot of these problems should be temporary, so permanent solutions may not be necessary (and if they are, do keep in mind you don't have to break yourself with the piggy bank if that's what it comes to). We survived Monday. We'll survive Tuesday too. Off to bed with me now.