Full Moon Capricorn - July 2016 - Chaos Rising

This posting is coming a little late and the Full Moon has already passed, so hopefully things are going good for you all. I do have a valid reason for this, as I recently ran into computer issues. After a failed attempt at cloning the old hard drive (this after upgrading to Windows 10 on an already-borked Windows 8.1 install), I was forced to do a clean install on a new hard drive. (99.99% of my previous data was salvageable so fret not, I didn't really lose anything! Reinstalling ALL of my software, however, is a real pain in the...). Anyways, enough about my computer misadventures. Let's get into this...

This Full Moon is part of a Water Grand Trine Kite! Sun in Cancer trines Mars in Scorpio and Chiron retrograde in Pisces, with the bowstring pulled by the moon itself!. This does not seem to happen very often, so this Full Moon has undoubtedly had a major effect on us all! Sun trine Mars leads us to a more productive, but potentially also lazy time (such as resting on laurels after a (perceived) victory assured), but the potential to get things done that need done is still there and likely already has been done (such as me reinstalling my laptop). Sun trine Chiron retrograde gives us a time period where we can do much internal healing after much struggle, and this hasn't been the easiest of lunar cycles. By now the Sun's rays may have revealed to you what it is that needed to be healed. Mars trine Chiron retrograde allows us to take advantage of the exposure and begin the work of working on that inner healing now. The moon opposing the sun at this point tells us that our emotions are at odds with our ego, or perhaps maternal/mother issues are at odds with our egos as well. Perhaps some of us didn't treat a woman in our life (mother, girlfriend, potential could-have-been girlfriend, etc.) fairly and now we see the error of our ways? Moon sextile both Mars and Chiron retrograde (thus making a Minor Grand Trine by itself) at this stage of the Full Moon will show that we have some emotional impact, but not debilitatingly so. Being opposed by Sun, well, our egos are still going to get in the way a little. The Moon is also conjunct 4179 Toutatis and 6583 Destinn, so we may be trying to protect our own emotional state at this time or perhaps motherly issues are being protected. Destinn being here isn't bad, as we have a good chance of succeeding in this time of healing.

Do be warned though, it won't be an easy road with Full Moon forming a T-square to Uranus. Uranus itself is apex this T-Square, so there's a good chance of a bit of rebellion against the healing and active energies of the Grand Trine. The Sun and Moon themselves also square 763 Cupido and 545 Messalina on the other side as well, though they themselves are out of orb of opposing Uranus. We can expect that issues relating to people charming others for the sake of promiscuity or other goods is not outside the realm of possibility.

Mercury conjunct Venus, both trine Saturn retrograde, shows an excellent potential of communications and travel benefiting us at this time. Venus in the conjunction shows that we should expect events and communications pertaining to romance and perhas some minor money or aesthetical gain to go favorably. Trine Saturn retrograde, we may see ourselves invoking a little more self-discipline to go out there and negotate some favorable gains. We need to make sure our expectations are realistic though, as this could blow up in our face if we get too carried away. This is represented by Saturn retrograde square Neptune retrograde and South Node. If we are not careful, we could get caught up in thoughts or daydreams (or nightmares, perhaps) of the past... this runs the danger of sabotaging this period of potential gain and healing, and thus would lead to more wounding if we don't escape it. Don't even think of doing anything underhanded or shady, as it will likely come out.

Jupiter is applying to an opposition to Chiron retrograde, which will continue to get stronger over the next few weeks. The caveat to this time period is that, while we have the potential for some good gains, especially with Pluto retrograde trine Jupiter and the North Node, we will have our work cut out for us due to the aforementioned Node-Saturn-Neptune T-Square.

Now, given that during the Full Moon period we have just seen Donald Trump become the official nominee at the Republican National Convention, this would be a good time to look at a particular asteroid T-Square. While there are no major bodies making major aspects to any of these particular asteroids from what I can tell, 26955 Lie in Gemini apexes 8690 Swindle in Virgo opposing 10961 Buysballot in Pisces. That event happening during that T-square is a little interesting, and I thought I would mention it, especially with that name... Buysballot. To be fair, we must also note that within a week or so of this T-square happening with the Full Moon, the Democratic National Convention will be held July 25-28th in Philadelphia, PA. So we can expect the controversies to continue. After all, both Hillary and Trump are not exactly the most-revered people in the Presidential contention arena right now, and yet both are frontrunners/nominees (Trump officially, and Hillary soon to follow it seems). As for the Melania speech plagiarism controversy... well, the Lie/Swindle/Buysballot T-square represents that too, I think.

Finally, I'm going to note the Fire Grand Trine with Uranus, Eris, and 4386 Lust in Aries, 1388 Aphrodite in Leo, and Ixion/Pholus in Sagittarius, with Aphrodite kited by 19 Fortuna in Aquarius. Really, the focus I would look at in this is the Aries point in this Grand Trine, as Uranus is the only major body in this. Uranus, the planet of rebellion, revolution, breaking the rules, and general chaos, conjunct Eris, the dwarf planet representing (to me) discord and chaos... well, I think that definitely sums up what the hell is happening lately, what with the presidential election, the Black Lives Matter protests over actual and perceived abuses by police, and the retaliatory attacks (and other attacks) on police officers. 4386 Lust there, well, we did have the revelation in the Bill Cosby story that he's now "completely blind and homebound" and life described as a "living hell." Hmm, but the people over the years that have apparently been victimized not having their lives turned into a living hell all this time? I dunno... (Yes, he has not been convicted in a court of law, yet his innocence is not looking very likely either from my personal standpoint. Perhaps I shouldn't throw stones quite yet). Maybe that Fortuna/Aphrodite opposition, and the uninvolved (by way of aspects) Pallas conjunct Nessus retrograde has something to say about this as well. Pallas strikes me as a stroke of justice for some reason in this instance, though it's likely his eyesight was failing for a while now and is only now being reported. Pallas is named for Pallas Athene (or Athena), born from the forehead of Zeus fully grown and ready to fight.

With Pallas conjunct Nessus retrograde, perhaps this is the time to defend ourselves against our own obsessions, or abuses of ourselves. There do seem to be other supporting healing aspects (espectially the Full Moon Grand Trine Kite involving Chiron), so we can make great progress here.

This is where I'm going to leave off. Again, this was late due to technical issues, and I'm starting to ramble now. Let's see where the rest of this lunar cycle takes us until the New Moon in August.

New Moon Cancer - July 2016 - Emergency Self-Reconstruct

This is going to be one of the more potent lunar cycles this month, as the Moon is transiting its home sign of Cancer. This gives the New Moon more strength, and emotions will be running high this cycle. Not to worry, as we have plenty of opportunities to engage in some major healing this time. Set your intentions appropriately, and dive in.

New Moon opposite Pluto retrograde for this cycle is going to challenge us hard in terms of how we feel about what is unmaking or remaking us. We need to look inwards for the next 28 days and see what is holding us back. In this way, we can move on from that which is blocking us. At the same time, the New Moon is also trine Neptune Retrograde. Pay close attention to your dreams now, as the answers may come from within in the dreamscape. Neptune conjunct 433 Eros will likely evoke an erotic quality to the dreams as well, and with Eros trine New Moon, these aren't likely to make us feel bad (unless you're of the train of thought that feels guilty about such dreams. Don't.). New Moon is also making a very weak conjunction to Venus (little more than 7 degree orb), so while this influence is minimal, it is there. We'll be reflecting on our feelings and emotions relating to love, romance, relationships, and of course what we find appealing to ourselves. Finally, we have 3811 Karma conjunct the New Moon, so expect some karmic reward (or judgment) this month depending on what seeds were sown the previous month.

Pluto retrograde also opposes Venus, so we'll also be reflecting on how we self-sabotage those relationships and what we desire. Consider also that Venus squares 4386 Lust and Uranus both in Aries, so this self-sabotage is almost certainly lustful or rebellious in nature. Perhaps we're still stinging from a past hurt. We need to move on from this. Uranus also is still conjunct Ceres and Eris, so this discord is still causing some problems with our home lives, that I'm quite certain about. If you're fortunate, you may have aspects to your natal chart from this configuration that smooths this over. Me, ... not so much as I would like.

Let's consider another aspect, and it's a little weaker as it's not a tight one, but I feel it still counts for the cycle: A Water Grand Trine involving Venus in Cancer, Chiron retrograde in Pisces, and Mars in Scorpio, with Pluto making a weak kite with it's opposition to Venus. While Pluto and Chiron are too far apart to be aspecting, it's just within range to affect Venus and Mars. Especially Mars with a 2 degree orb in that trine. In our self-reflections this cycle, we're going to review in our minds what rash actions led to pain earlier, and with Venus involved (and the Pluto retrograde opposition), it's going to be about those relationships and how we managed to hoist ourselves by our own petards. But we can take stock in what happened, and perhaps work inside ourselves to repair what our role was in these hurts... and then perhaps move forward and repair that damage externally as well when the time comes.

A T-Square between Neptune Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde, and North Node/Jupiter is still present, though Jupiter's influence in thsi is waning as it moves out of this configuration. If we throw in 26955 Lie opposite Saturn, we have a Grand Cross. North Node is also conjuncting weakly 8690 Swindle and of course we have Eros with Neptune. How have we been lying to ourselves regarding our roles in sabotaging ourselves and those of our partners or ex-partners (or prospective partners?... perhaps ex-prospective partners). We need to be brutally honest with ourselves right now if we are to move forward and make the changes necessary. This is shaping up to not be an easy month now that I'm looking at these aspects...

On another front, we have Nessus and Pallas conjunct, forming a T-square with an opposition to 4227 Kaali in Virgo and an apex with 1981 Dudu and 1981 Midas in Gemini. We may find ourselves lying to ourselves, or perhaps to others to get a job or make some sort of gain? Be careful of smooth talkers this month. But with the other major configurations, those fabrications should not be relied on if you're the one making them, and you should be prepared to catch someone else in one. Their intentions may even be honorable but misguided. Nessus opposite Kaali by itself gives us a vibe of our obsessions getting the best of us and being a problem. At worse, abusive partners could try the old bribery route (considering the T-square to Midas and Dudu). Don't buy the bullshit.

A Yod Kite is also formed with some asteroids, with 157 Dejanira sextile Chiron retrograde, both quincunx 763 Cupido (itself conjunct 545 Messalina), and being kited by Uranus/Eris/Ceres. Messalina by itself would be too wide to count in the quincunx with Dejanira, but Dejanira is dangerously close to that oh-so-wonderful star Algol (and it's going to be an ever-so-slight influence, but it's close enough for me to mention it...)... Messalina with Cupido though brings it into the apex. Enough technicalities, let's get down to business. A focal point of this cycle is going to be in dealing with those playing "Cupid", those who would steal their heart for their own hedonistic and promiscuous desires. This is going to play a little fast and heavy with chaos, and you may feel like you were used when Cupid fires his arrow... or, conversely, perhaps a little fast and loose and chaotic flirting may aid in the healing process. A form of catharsis. It really depends on your situation and how this Yod affects your chart (If it aspects anything significant, that is... in my own chart, transiting Cupido and Messalina square my natal Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith (both in my 8th house Cancer, so I'd say there's some potential for something to affect me, maybe not profoundly, but it's there).

This is all I have time for tonight. Let's be glad Eros got off of Nessus finally. That should smooth things over a little bit romantically or maybe sexually too. At any rate, I'll summarize this cycle as being a time where flirtations can get a little hot and heavy, and indulging a little may be fine (so long as you're not hurting someone you love in the process)... and ultimately we need to look within and really be honest with ourselves. Figure out honestly what you're doing to damage yourself and start making steps to bring an end to it.

In my case, my sleep cycle needs repaired immediately. Which will happen. (And other projects need to be powered through). On that note, make this a good cycle.

Mars Direct 2016 - Red Reckoning

After a brutal Mars Retrograde period, we are finally entering the forward motion phase of Mars' motion, and the last vestages of Mars transiting Scorpio for the next year and a half (it won't return to Scorpio until December 2017). While some placements are not all that different from the Chiron station Retrograde from two days prior, we do have some useful info in the heavens to glean.

Mars opposite 157 Dejanira, with 151 Abundantia and 19 Fortuna apexing a T-Square between them is one of the first aspects I'm noticing. We need to be careful that we keep our tempers in check over the next Mars direct cycle, as our prosperity and our sense of good fortune will be very dependent on it. Abundantia and Fortuna are both retrograde as of the Mars Station, so perhaps a reduction in that abundance and good fortune are what leads to an impulse to act aggressively, possibly victimizing our loved ones in the process. Economic hardships increase tension and it spills over. There is no doubt about that in my mind. Take a deep breath. Relax. For your sake and your loved ones' sakes.

Jupiter conjunct North Node continues to be involved in a T-Square opposing Neptune and 10961 Buysballot (themselves too wide to be conjunct), and apexing that T-Square is still Saturn retrograde (again, out of orb to the square to Buysballot). This configuration at the Mars station direct point further emphasizes a drive to gain, to expand, perhaps some good fortune will come of what is ahead, but it will take some solid work to make this dream a reality. Again, I remind you that Virgo is not Jupiter's strongest sign, so plans will need to be very solid and roadblocks overcome. We're also still in a dream daze with Neptune retrograde, so we're still finding some of our plans were not on solid ground. Mars direct will help us deal with this a bit, but again, as it's in Scorpio still, expect some poison to counteract poison. Saturn retrograde is still showing us where we are tripping ourselves up.

Jupiter sextile Venus on Sirius both make a Yod to 15845 Bambi and 37117 Narcissus, so while we have Jupiter and Venus working in tandem, helping out a bit with romance and some job action, we need to make sure we aren't caught like a deer in headlights by whatever comes. At the same time, we'll need to stand up to bullies, and those who think too highly of themselves. It's likely that those who have thought too highly of themselves will themselves be laid low this cycle, or perhaps they begin to reflect and see how they can change. (Not all narcissists can, but there are some who do see the light. Nothing is impossible). 1388 Aphrodite completes the Yod Kite as it "pulls the bowstring" with an opposition to Narcissus. Perhaps the driving factor that gets a few narcissists to think about others a bit more will be someone they love, someone that loves them... maybe a lost love from the past. Narcissus square 100 Hekate may make for some interesting crossroads in the process. Narcissus trine Vesta may yield a bit of light on the subject, and perhaps what that person held most dear (or losing that which they held most dear) is the catalyst that sparks the change. I'm certain change will happen, by choice or by force.

Sun conjunct 3811 Karma and Venus shows that this Mars Direct cycle will bring about a reaping of what is sown. With Sun apexing a Minor Grand Trine between the Moon and 829 Academia in Taurus, and 1930 Lucifer, we can see that we will have to study our emotions and the emotions of others, and what pride has brought to the proceedings. We are going to see some pride before the fall, but fortunately as this is a minor "easy" aspect, we may avoid the worst of the prideful falls.

Sun also trines a heavy asteroid stellium involving Neptune, including Nessus, Pallas, 149 Medusa, 16089 Lamb and 433 Eros, and forms a Grand Trine with 307 Nike in Scorpio to boot. This Grand Trine is kited from the Neptune side by 1930 Lucifer in Virgo.[/b]. I'm going to say that we're going to see some of the more proud, more narcissistic ones double-down on their ambition (expect the election season to get very nasty!), yet somehow betrayal is going to bring a reckoning to those tooting their own horns too loudly. Likely it's going to be a forceful rejection or rebuke based out of someone or something that normally would not be expected to object so loudly, someone or something meek. Affairs of the heart and the loins will figure prominently into this.

Let's backtrack a bit to Venus on fixed star Sirius. By itself (from Constellations of Words), :

"With Venus: Ease, comfort and luxury, extravagant, gain by inheritance."

Well, we have an interesting thing coming up for this Mars Direct cycle as Venus opposes Pluto retrograde. That extravagance and inheritence is going to come at a heavy cost. Destruction or death of something is likely to be the big factor in this. Now granted, the Sextile to Jupiter and North Node and the Trine to Neptune retrograde mentioned before may mitigate some of this destructive oppositon, but we are going to see something collapse. Something better will come about, but it's not going to be pretty. I'm not sure what exactly will happen. Upheaval and renewal of relationships and what we find beautiful is highly likely, or how we perceive such. I keep thinking of Donald Trump with this, as it's known he inherited a good bit of fortune, and his wife modelled extensively.

Mercury conjunct 11144 Radiocommunicata definitely tells me that electronic communications will be quite meaningful and prominent during this Mars Direct cycle. This is a no-brainer as we're, again, in the middle of an election cycle. With a Trine to 258 Tyche and Juno... hmm. Wouldn't be surprised if we have a hit reality romance show come out or another online dating network become a sensation somehow. I'm a bit iffy on that one though. With Mercury sextile 55 Pandora and 4227 Kaali in an offsign-conjunction also involving fixed star Regulus (the heart of the Lion)... Important messages will be unleashed and not able to be put back in the bottle, but will ultimately be to benefit.

This is where I'm going to leave off. There's a lot going on with this Mars Direct cycle. We'll likely be alright, but it's going to be a bumpy ride, for sure. If there's a loved one you feel the need to reconcile with, the next couple months I would say would be the time to do it. I'm feeling that for whatever reason. Maybe it's my own personal feelings. We'll see what happens.

Chiron Retrograde 2016 - Self-Regeneration

We are entering a major period of inner reflection and healing, as Chiron has turned retrograde. The fact it's doing this as Mars stations prior to it going direct should not be lost on us. Chiron, the wounded healer, brings us both wounding and healing. Whichever of the two happens is largely up to us and up to circumstance. As it goes backwards, we direct the healing (or wounding) within. It will be retrograde until December 1st, when it will turn direct around 20° 40' Pisces (or 20 Pis 40' as I usually write it), so we have several months to attend to our wounds. The upcoming Mars Direct movement won't be much different from these charts, but there will be some key differences, particularly in moon placement, so these are in fact two different events.

Chiron square Mercury, and apexing a T-Square also with Pholus and Ixion reveals to us internal wounding that has happened in our past, by our words and our actions, or lack thereof. Pholus on Galactic Center amplifies this greatly and is bringing us to a point of internal soul searching. Perhaps in the past it was words or a message sent in anger. Perhaps someone wounded us without meaning to. This is a time where we must heal that pain.

Chiron is the focal point of a Yod from 389 Industria in Leo, and 763 Cupido and 545 Messalina in Libra at this time as well. That wounding that I mentioned before involves the asteroid of industriousness, of work... 389 Industria is a career asteroid after all. 763 Cupido and 545 Messalina on the other side of that Yod suggests it may have been a workplace romance gone sour, or perhaps someone you know got with someone who wasn't what they seemed at work. Perhaps breaking your heart in the process. (Man if i Had a nickel...) Depending on what else Chiron may be aspecting in your chart, you may finally be able to begin the healing process, or it will be continuing to wound you heavily. As far as I could tell, there wasn't a real opposition to Chiron so we do not have a Yod Kite at this time (unless you chart some other asteroid there, or if it opposes a personal point in your natal chart, but then it will be more personal to you).

Chiron also forms a Quindecile (165-degree link) to 8690 Swindle in Virgo and 4955 Gold in Libra as well. A Quindecile is an obsession aspect, and I'll need to do an article on aspects themselves pretty soon here... There isn't a name I'm aware of of this particular pattern, but it's likely that whatever caused our previous wounding involved lying or misrepresentation... and Gold, being another career or money asteroid, would involve a workplace or some money or resource somehow. Perhaps you were helping someone out and they hid something important from you. Perhaps they hid another lover, if the Yod above was any indication.

Chiron trine Mars station direct, however, gives us a little boost in harnessing the inner drive to heal this wounding. Keep in mind that at this point in the game, Mars is still retrograde, so it's going to be tough going at first. But it will move forward again, and you will too.

Chiron sextile 12927 Pinnochio, hmm... I have to say that perhaps we'll be able to start working through some tall tales or whatever wounded us. Perhaps a good time to clear up some misunderstandings. But be sure you're ready. Chiron's quintile (a 72-degree or so link) to 26955 Lie could go either way: as a creative aspect, the quintile to Lie would either embolden someone to create a new lie, or would allow a way to create some healing from a previous lie.

Chiron also forms an apex of a Thor's Hammer, another aspect like the Yod, to 3412 Kafka in Leo and to 307 Nike in Scorpio. A Thor's Hammer is when two bodies square one another, and both create a sesquiquadrate (135-degree or so link) to a third body. It's like a Yod but a bit harder. (A Yod is termed as a Finger of God, whereas the Thor's Hammer is also known as a Fist of God). This particular Thor's Hammer formed over the Yod, I'm going to have to say that the previous wounding that we're now embarking on healing, seemed downright unbelievable. Like someone who you felt you could trust betrayed you. And some of us likely said to hell with it and just did it, in my personal case, that "Just did it" was me leaving the town in question in a very short time. (I had a very serious wounding emotionally several months ago, yes it involved a woman hence the noticing of the romantic asteroids in this as well. And yet, I feel the need to reach out again, not that I'll be heard most likely... and friends have said why torture myself... yet... Enough about my particular wounding situation though).

The Moon's placement can yield some clues as well as to what wounded us or may heal us during this time. Moon conjunct 114 Kassandra shows that we may have ignored some news, or plowed ahead despite what news or warning we received. (In my personal case, I was also encouraged to, in one case, "Don't give up!", and another counseled I should talk to the person in question. I did not get a direct answer until the fateful night... well, yeah. Lots of drama).

Moon also squares Sun and 99942 Apophis, so we're hitting this in a third quarter moon (considering it's a quarter moon and the New Moon is the next major moon cycle point). The lunar cycle is midway to winding down and concluding at the start of this internal healing phase, and our ego is likely in conflict with our emotions. Apophis is too wide to be considered conjunct the Sun in and of itself, so this emotional wounding wasn't enough to completely destroy our egos or our sense of self, but it was a major pain in the ass.

Moon sextiles 1981 Midas in Gemini, and 4179 Toutatis and 6583 Destinn in Aquarius, forming a bit of a very loose minor grand trine (almost negligible, except for both asteroid sets aspecting the moon). We may be able to find some golden lining on those clouds, or silver lining (and with Moon trine 5325 Silver, this may be more likely) to whatever happened. Maybe we make use of whatever wounded us before to drive us to new heights. It may lead us to a greater destiny, but we've got a rough road ahead as healing isn't without it's kinks.

1388 Aphrodite in Leo opposes 37117 Narcissus, so we will need to likely fight our inner ego, our inner desire to be obstinate. As a saying I've seen somewhere went, "do you want to be right or alone?" If you wish to reconcile with someone, you're going to have to put your own selfish desires aside. 4386 Lust sextile Narcissus and trine Aphrodite create a wedge aspect, which to me shows the root of the pain that has happened, or conversely may be the root of whatever healing may be happening now, or has been ongoing if you are fortunate! Narcissus semisquares the Moon and Kassandra, while Aphrodite sesquiquadrates that same Moon/Kassandra conjunction, which makes a different kind of "Hard Wedge", I'm going to call that one. We have a hard choice to make if we're chosing the side of ego. The side of love... well that's also hard too. As I said, we all have a choice to make.

This won't be an easy time of healing. Remember that Chiron will also be retrograde during the November Election here in the United States, so hopefully a more healing setup is voted in. Assuming enough fabrications are exposed before then, we just may yet see some sanity prevail. I'm not holding my breath, personally, but then again, these past few months I've become a bit of a cynic on that front.

Try to heal as best as you can though... we aren't out of the more energetic aspects yet. Saturn will make one more direct square to Neptune in the next several months, and Mars going forward will start some balls rolling again.

Full Moon Sagittarius II - June 2016 - Solstice Crossroads

The second full moon of Sagittarius has arrived, and this is a very powerful one. It takes place on the Summer Solstice (Winter in the southern hemisphere), and this hasn't happened in almost 70 years. Also won't happen again until maybe the 2090's, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many people. Take full advantage of the energy of this period if you can, and where advantageous to do so!

The Full Moon makes an off-sign Opposition to Venus, so with the Sun offsign-conjunct (Sun in Gemini at that moment while Venus is in Pisces), we have an emphasis on relationships, romance, sex, and what attracts us as well as minor jobs. Some people will undoubtedly change jobs or begin new ones this period. The Full Moon also T-Squares Chiron, so we're going to see a bit of catharsis. Venus is a bit wide to square Chiron but it's subtly there and thus part of the T-Square as well.

Venus in Cancer trine 2601 Bologna retrograde and Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio should allow us to see through some nonsense, I'd think. However, 2601 Bologna also quincunxes 564 Dudu and 26955 Lie in Gemini at the same time. White lies I think will backfire, but deliberate and malicious lies are still going to be damaging. They're not conjunct tightly like they were during the previous new moon, and thankfully both off of Algol. Since that new moon we've seen more BS fly, to be sure, and we're still in that New Moon cycle. 3811 Karma's involvement with Venus here, and forming a Water Grand Trine altogether with Nessus retrograde are going to bring some strong emotions to the surface. This would be the culmination of a cycle where people in dysfunctional relationships or those who are in toxic emotional entanglements... I believe we're going to see some resolutions here, a calling out on bullshit, capitulations of sorts. Also communities standing up and speaking out against obsessive, abusive and/or intimidating behavior, like what we're seeing post-Orlando.

Let's focus on the big elephant on the room for a bit now... The Grand Cross between Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, Neptune retrograde in Pisces, and Mercury in Gemini. We seem to keep getting Grand Crosses being formed with the Neptune/Jupiter/Saturn T-Square at critical points with major planets lately, during the last New Moon and Full Moon, and that carries over through the rest of the cycle. Jupiter and North Node together very tightly during the Full Moon is emphasizing our pursuits in expansion, in gaining, and with Jupiter not really at home in Virgo, it's a lot of hard work to get that gain. Yet at the same time, the Neptune retrograde in South Node in Pisces, that just strikes out as wanting to retreat inward in escapism, or us resorting to self-medication with drugs, with alcohol, too many video games, too many Netflix movies... too much sex? (Is there such a thing?)... Saturn square both, and retrograde, we're self-sabotaging ourselves in ways that are insidious. Ways that we probably aren't even catching ourselves doing. Now, Mercury completing the Grand Cross as it speeds through Gemini... There's going to be conversations about what we do with all of this. Keep in mind, this is also the time period where new fiscal years are coming about for some companies as well, at least those that start theirs in July, so that takes effect before the end of this Lunar Cycle. We're going to see a reckoning, I think, in terms of markets, and in terms of balance sheets, checkbooks, it's... not going to be pretty. We also have asteroid 10961 Buysballot involved on the Neptune arm of the Grand Cross as well, so we're going to see more stories about electoral shenanigans. And how timely, as this comes right before the time of the upcoming Brexit vote too. As disillusionment of the EU grows in the United Kingdom, I am expecting to see a vote for "Exit" win out. But to whose benefit? The Primaries are largely done for the Presidential race in the United States, with the conventions next month as well. That will be during the next lunar cycle entirely, so we'll look more at that then.

Personal-life wise, this Grand Cross will affect different people differently of course, depending on the layout of their natal charts and personal inclinations. My own natal Neptune around 15 Sagittarius (station direct in my chart, I might add) is getting hammered by this, and Neptune's generational, so a bunch of us are probably facing our inner disillusionments right now. I'll admit some of my more lofty ambitions haven't been working out so well lately, and I'm still adjusting. Other planets being directly impacted by the spokes of the Grand Cross will face different challenges, of course.

Pluto retrograde trine Jupiter and North Node should help with the grand cross just a bit, as Pluto retrograde also sextiles Neptune retrograde. If we're wise, we can use this longer-lasting period of the remainder of the cycle to look within and see exactly where we're sabotaging ourselves, and maybe even put an end to much of it.

3412 Kafka opposite 4179 Toutatis retrograde... we're already seeing some screwed up crap happening. Such as the freak accident that claimed the life of Anton Yelchin at age 27. Very bizarre, and very tragic. Frankly, this seems to be a time period of tragedies that defy logic and defy our sense of stability.

Mars retrograde trine Chiron, well, Mars is beginning to slow down in preparation for its Station Direct on June 29th. We should start seeing some healing happening, though we should expect more wounding before that healing comes. The fact that Mars Quincunxes a stellium of Uranus, Eris, Ceres and 875 Nymphe also shows us that we're going to face more rash actions, homewrecking actions, and people aren't going to know what to make of it. There is a lot of chaos in this setup, and Nymphe being there, I can almost guarantee sex is going to play a part in whatever homesteads break apart at this time.

Mars retrograde also T-Squares 389 Industria, 258 Tyche, and 4227 Kaali in Leo on one side, and 151 Abundantia (station retrograde) and 19 Fortuna in Aquarius on the other side. Again, fiscal years are coming up for many companies... and governments! State governments, at least in Pennsylvania (where I once lived), well, that state (commonwealth, really) in particular are to have a budget enacted by July 1st. I can almost guarantee you that that's not getting done on time this year. (I'm not even sure Pennsylvania actually passed a budget for last year, maybe they did, but for a long while when I last checked they didn't). I'm calling it right now: budgetting shortfalls and arguments are going to be a hallmark of the next month or two, and it's going to be contentious, but we may see some relief in this once Mars goes direct and the next New Moon hits. Full relief won't happen until Mars gets out of the post-retrograde shadow period a couple months later. Saturn will station direct on August 13th, so we still have a few months of hard lessons yet even after this Full Moon period ends and the next lunar cycle begins. Expect talk of new taxes, fees, and other unpleasant expenses related to regulations when people take a second look at finances.

For the final focal point, we should be fortunate Venus trines Nessus, as Nessus retrograde is making a contentious stellium conjuncting 149 Medusa, 16089 Lamb, Pallas, and 433 Eros. This opposes 1930 Lucifer and 8690 Swindle. Yeah, so the chaos and homewrecking of Uranus and it's lovely little stellium will be amplified a bit by this other opposition. Pride and keeping up appearances are going to play a large part in this, and probably some bitterness regarding betrayal, likely by women or women-minded individuals, will play a large part of this. Infidelity, or perceived infidelity, is a strong possibilty, and with Nessus retrograde, participants in this are likely to question why they do this to themselves (and probably the other). Or they'll wonder why things got to this point. But for some, of course, it'll be business as usual.

This is shaping up to be a rough period for a lot of people, and some hard decisions must be made. Keep believing in yourself, or believe in yourself again if you've lost the faith... and keep moving forward. It's what we have to do. Until the next trial by fire, stay cool.

New Moon Gemini - June 2016 - Crossed Swords on the Crossroads

We are about to embark on another lunar cycle with the new moon in Gemini. And this one is going to challenge us to the core for the next 28 or so days. Whatever illusions and pie-in-the-sky ideals you have regarding love, relationships, career, and projects... throw those out the window and seek the truth within. Because those illusions are going to be challenged and challenged hard. But there are some hidden rewards in here as well, and those balance out the crossroads.

* Note: I do tend to use "New Moon" to refer to both Sun and Moon conjunct in the chart. So don't think I'm ignoring the sun, it's just how I term this in New Moon articles.

The New Moon itself conjuncts Venus, and conjuncts relatively tightly at about a half degree orb when the exact new moon takes effect. Sun and moon both conjunct Venus aren't too bad, though the Venus is combust (within 8 degrees of the Sun, but not within 0 ° 17' where it would be Cazimi), so Venus is slightly weakened in truth. So themes of romance, love, relationships, and to an extent jobs and service to others will be emphasized, as well as how we feel about all of this.. One may not think of Venus as related to jobs, one would normally think of Jupiter (money, expansion), and that's fine. But... in this case I think it's safe to say that it does factor due to the greater picture...

The greater picture is that New Moon/Venus in Gemini are in a Grand Cross with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. And another part of that greater picture is the Grand Trine Kite between Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, Mercury in Taurus, and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, with Neptune in Pisces pulling the bowstring aiming at Jupiter. So really, the star of the play is going to be Jupiter and North Node, with New Moon/Venus sharing top billing. We're going to have to break this down, as there is a lot going on with this lunar cycle!

We already covered Venus and Sun/Moon conjunct. The opposition to Saturn retrograde in Jupiter's ruled sign isn't an easy place for Saturn to be, more so when it's retrograde, and it's spotlighted this cycle. We're looking inwards, asking "is this what we really want?" We're also looking over our failings, seeing where our discipline has failed us. (Mars retrograde going back through one of its ruled signs, Scorpio, will further hammer this point home). This isn't easy for us to deal with. But it's something we really need to look at.

We also have Saturn retrograde square Neptune, and this is a brutal, brutal aspect. One of the more difficult ones, as we have Neptune in Pisces, feeling all airy and dreamy (despite being a water sign, I know...), and we're at a point where we see where we want to go, and all these dreams we want to build. Saturn squaring this is showing we're at a time of some serious (if not severe) wake-up calls... and retrograde Saturn is having us look inwards, saying "Hey, silly! This isn't realistic!". We've got a point in our lives here where we are examining our dreams, and seeing just how realistic our dreams and goals really are. Those of us who are a bit more grounded (and I don't profess to be this right now, to be brutally honest), well, ok they'll be more alright. More headaches than normal, but nothing they can't handle. Us folk who are not so grounded and on stable footing at the moment, well, we've got our trial by fire. The New Moon and Venus together squaring Neptune in the other direction further amplifies this, as we're getting frustrated and disappointed in that some of our ambitions and dreams are not working out, and beating ourselves up over it. Even if we don't admit it to anyone else. We are our harshest critics, after all.

And speaking of dealing with where we want to be, let's get to Jupiter's role in this... Saturn retrograde square Jupiter is a bit of a downer on us building things at the moment. We have some self-doubt or some realistic realization of how optimism doesn't always pan out. (Neither does pessimism, otherwise we'd never get anywhere!) Jupiter wants to go go go, and applying towards the North Node, it seems like we feel we're destined to gain somehow, win it all. But Saturn, again, retrograde and squaring all this, it's telling us to slow down and making us wait when some of us just can't afford to wait. Jupiter opposite Neptune is also a bit of a monkey wrench right now as we're starting to see some cracks in the facade, and while we want to keep going, we're probably distracted right now and not focusing entirely on the goal of getting where we want to get to. Something's holding us back, and given that Neptune is five degrees or so from the South Node (where we tend to withdraw to and feel comfortable), we're probably indulging, ever so slightly, in some forms of escape. With Jupiter square New Moon/Venus, we're feeling a bit off-kilter and probably not being as effective in pursuing our goals, getting that job, winning that man or woman's heart.

In general, we're wanting to go one direction while we're being pulled in another. Well, that's a Grand Cross for you! Pulled in four different directions. NOW... Let's get to the Grand Trine.

Jupiter trine Pluto retrograde is something we've been experiencing for the last few weeks now pretty strongly, and Pluto is going to be going backwards for some time yet. Pluto retrograde is where we look at what we're doing to ourselves, what do we not need and what do we need to discard to get to where we want to go. Quite simply, with Jupiter trine this, we're seeing where we're sabotaging ourselves, and what we need to do to get on that path to get us to a better place.

Mercury trine Jupiter isn't bad either, as this should help us along in some communications. We'll likely have some breakthroughs in communications, in document-signing, probably some easing of travel, though we can expect some mayhem with the Grand Cross going. Should probably also note the Mercury wide opposite Mars retrograde, where we're probably a bit frustrated with some of the other delays. We'll have to look out for some aggressive drivers, and we need to take a step back and not get too worked up over delays, especially those of our own making. And try not to get too mad at ourselves. But I repeat myself.

And we already know Jupiter opposite Neptune, which is pulling the bowstring towards Jupiter. Neptune is also in a wide sextile to Pluto retrograde at the moment, so if we can, we should use some of our intuition to figure out what's sabotaging ourselves.

It occurred to me that three of the most "malefic" planets are all retrograde right now... So right now, and for the majority of this lunar cycle, we're going to still be doing some soul-searching and self-reflection and seeing what just hasn't worked in general, and we'll need to figure out where to go from there. I didn't even think about that before, but this is actually a rather unique opportunity for us as the human race. Not that that which needs discarded isn't going to fight back and fight to maintain its hold on us.

Let's go deeper into this cycle...

99942 Apophis conjunct Vesta shows we're at a point where we're seeing what's sacred to us, what we most value, and in some cases, this is where we must destroy that which no longer serves us. Sometimes beliefs are challenged, and this is going to be one of those times I think. As this conjunction does not directly aspect a planet, this may be a more minor influence. But those seeds of wondering are going to be there.

Pholus retrograde opposite 3811 Karma is at a point where we're probably thinking "what did we do to deserve this?" A little self-reflection is further exemplified, and some of us may actually step up some good deeds, even without thinking. Or maybe the chickens come home to roost. Pholus is sitting on Galactic Center, so a sense of divine what-goes-around-comes-around may be coming about in this cycle.

4386 Lust sextile New Moon/Venus could make a few things hot and heavy, and it is close to Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere anyways), so expect a few fireworks to go off. The Grand Cross with the New Moon will of course temper this.

37117 Narcissus sextile 875 Nymphe also offers some opportunities for some romps in the hay, but be careful you're choosing a partner who actually cares about you and aren't just using you for your own ends. Solid advice at any point, but I sense there's going to be some disappointments over this next month. 149 Medusa conjunct 433 Eros, 16089 Lamb, and 7066 Nessus further adds influence to this, and both Medusa and Eros make a wide (for asteroids) opposition to 1930 Lucifer and 8690 Swindle (Lamb and Nessus are a little wide for the opposition by themselves), so be careful that you are not betrayed where a woman (or woman-minded) other is concerned. Likely there will be an acting of pride involved, maybe from a previous hurt? Or people getting taken in over a sob-story, so do keep your wits about you. With Nessus station retrograde, any self-serving betrayals will come back to bite the offender, just don't let yourself be the sacrificial lamb in any such encounters.

Juno conjunct Black Moon Lilith can add a bit of spice to romantic relationships, sexual unions, friends with benefits, etc. Be alert that this also sextiles Lucifer/Swindle, so a little bit of ulterior motive is likely this cycle. (When isn't it?)... there is a possiblity that it will be somewhat muted though, given the sextile.

This next one might be somewhat political on all sides, as I'm not singling out a single party: 564 Dudu conjunct 26955 Lie, wide orb (2 degrees), both straddling fixed star Algol. Expect the bullshit to fly and fly far and fast. Appropriate as US Presidential Primary season is winding down in the U.S. here. With both sextile Chiron, maybe more people will have their bullshit detectors calibrated a little better, and of course recognize the lies and deal accordingly. We do also have 2601 Bologna retrograde sextile Lucifer/Swindle (which puts it with Juno/Black Moon Lilith, arguably, at wide orb), so hopefully a lot of lies are discovered before they do get really damaging.

4179 Toutatis conjunct 6583 Destinn... hmm... I'm going to interpret this as us needing to be on the lookout for fated events, as we have seen with Muhammed Ali passing away last night. I need to do a little more study on Toutatis. That was an asteroid mentioned as being one that could potentially hit Earth in the future if I'm not mistaken, so it's definitely one to keep track of.

157 Dejanira square 1388 Aphrodite is something we need to watch out for as well in our relationships. Given the involvement of Narcissus, Swindle, Lucifer, and Medusa mentioned above, definitely keep your wits up. Falling for the wrong one is looking a little more likely, and now that I think of events such as the Primaries... I wouldn't be surprised if we see developments in the Bill Cosby case or ex-Subway Jared's adventures in prison during this month. Sex scandals... watch for those. Don't get caught in one yourself.

And I think this bears repeating: Nessus is station retrograde, and Nessus represents abuse, obsession, disregarding others for one's own gain. Nessus was a bit of a bastard in mythology as well (and I think I need to do an article on Nessus and Dejanira now). I think we're going to see a period where people's skeletons come pouring out of their closets. Again, just in time for an election year, and the conventions as well. This should be fun. We're either going to see more revelations of the Donald, or Hillary's email woes are going to bite her in the ass. My bet? Both.

This is where I'm going to stop. I'm sure I may have missed some aspects. But this is a lot of information to chew on. Again, set your intentions for this New Moon period well, and ultimately things will be alright for a lot of us. Even if it doesn't seem like it right now. Trust me, I've got my Dark Night of the Soul going on a bit too. But dark nights are the best nights for seeing brilliant lights.

Mercury Direct May 2016 - Long Road

I'm a wee bit behind on getting this article up, so do bear with me! But yeah, you wouldn't know it but Mercury is finally direct, and as of the time I'm writing this article, it is less than a week until it exits the post-retrograde shadow period. For the Mercury Retrograde period we just exited, refer to the April-May 2016 Mercury Retrograde article, which serves as a part 1 to this sequence. Consider this article you're reading right now as part 2.

First off we had an Earth Grand Trine between Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo, and Mercury station direct in Taurus. This is normally a quite fortunate alignment. We have communications, travel, document-signing (Mercury) in a benefic trine with expansion, good fortune (Jupiter), and both are making a positive aspect to enable us to tear down our own inner detritus that no longer serves us and rebuild (Pluto retrograde) for a better time of things.

However, we have a bit of a wet blanket with the T-Square between Jupiter opposing Neptune, apexing at Saturn retrograde and the Moon. During this time, despite the benefic aspects listed above, we have a bit of a conflicting give-and-take between daydreams, illusions, the esoteric (Neptune) and the aforementioned expansive benefic nature of Jupiter. Both those are getting hammered by Saturn having us take an inward look at our own failings and constrictions, and this was causing us to feel a bit uneasy (Moon) and likely either look gift horses in mouths, or potentially miss out on some good opportunities.

Mars retrograde opposite Sun was also putting us at odds with our own ambition, our own ego, and likely some self-doubts as to whether we were embarking on the right path or not... Since then, Mars has reentered Scorpio, and I should likely do an article on that itself as well, to say nothing of when Mars leaves again. (We don't hae too much longer of Mars retrograde, as that itself ends around June 20th). Sun is also in a wide off-sign conjunction to Venus, which as of the Mercury turning direct was near fixed star Algol. We likely had some rude awakenings and some struggle in what we value in relationships, and our own self worth as far as jobs and what we do from day-to-day to serve others was probably at odds with what we really want to do, what we yearn for (Venus opposite Mars retrograde).

Mercury quincunx Saturn retrograde further put the brakes on us even with Mercury going direct, as we started feeling like a bit of raring to go, but "is this really what we need to do? Is this really what we're supposed to be doing?" A bit of a give and take and it's somewhat uneasy, it's like we don't know if we really wanted to go down the rabbit hole as some were likely afraid of taking a big step and falling on our face. A bit of fear of failure, yet an uncertainty of what happens if we didn't take that chance. Since the Mercury direct, have you gone forth and started on that path anyways?

Chiron conjunt 114 Kassandra, both sextile 99942 Apophis near Algol, showed that this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, as now we can see what we're needing to discard or stop in our lives to bring about some necessary healing, to get us back on the right path, a bit of catharsis as it were. But were we listening to ourselves, about what needed to be destroyed in order for us to get onto the path we needed to be on?

433 Eros off-sign conjunct 149 Medusa, this conjunction reared its ugly head as well, and squared Mars retrograde to boot. Relationships started the moment Mercury went direct were likely hot and heavy, and a caution of betrayal might have been good ahead of time. 4386 Lust conjunct 875 Nymphe also amplified this, though those were widely trine Saturn retrograde, so we might have stopped a little and listened to that inner voice asking if this is really what we want... and then might have gone forward and done it anyways. Or pursued it.

Ixion and Pholus conjunct, with Pholus near Galactic Center, this could have been a time where hospitality may have been questioned or taken advantage of as well. Again, awareness of those who make advances on your significant others would be something to take stock of, and likely would be good to ensure that we're aboveboard in our relationships with those significant others as well. For those of us who were single, it's likely we were drawn to someone who wasn't available. For those of us employed, may have been greatly tempted to seek greener pastures elsewhere. For those of us unemployed, likely looking fever-pitch for another position where positions aren't available.

37117 Narcissus opposition 55 Pandora was a warning to be cautious of our egos, and look out for those with big egos and be wary of getting too involved, lest we open a Pandora's box of regret. (I know of at least one example where this occurred, unfortunately. Not me directly, but it wasn't pretty).

6583 Destinn square 157 Dejanira, during the Mercury direct turn, showed that some of us were fighting fate to not become victims, or were struggling with having had occurences happen to us. Dejanira sextile Nessus/Pallas, however, I would interpret as showing that we're not alone, and that whatever victimized us will not be allowed to destroy us if we don't allow it to (also see above Chiron sextile Apophis).

This is a quick and dirty article, but it's up. The New Moon article for a couple days from now should be up tomorrow (June 3rd). Lots going on right now, for sure!

Personal Readings Now Open

Personal Readings are now open for sale on Phoenixia Astrology! You may see the readings I have for offer at this time on the Readings page!

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The Basic Plus Asteroids reading will include everything the basic reading does, but I will also add Romance, Career, and Deception asteroids, as well as a few other key asteroids and some fixed stars such as Regulus, Algol, Sirius, and so forth.

I hope you will all find this to be a valuable service, and I'm looking forward to providing these!

As of the time of this post, there is no backlog, so the wait time will be minimal.

Coming Soon - Personal Readings

I've decided to take things to the next level a bit with Phoenixia Astrology. Very soon I'm going to start offering personal readings. Yes, Mercury did just go direct, but that timing is purely coincidental ;)

I'm going to do this in a couple ways: One, to get the ball rolling (and as this will be the first time I'm doing this on this scale), I'm thinking of offering a reduced price at first, whether for the first X or for the first X months of doing this, I'm not sure yet. I'm also thinking of how I'll go about accepting payments for this, and that will most likely be PayPal.

Two: For now I'm going to focus on personal readings, either with basic astrology (angles/planets plus Chiron/Black Moon Lilith), or an enhanced Basic + Asteroid and Fixed Star reading that will include Romance/Deception/Career asteroids (and likely more than that, depending on what is feasible).

I'm also thinking of transit/progression reports for three/six/twelve months, and also solar returns.

Once I've figured out what prices will be, I'll post an update along with an order form online where these orders can be made. Stay tuned!

Full Moon Sagittarius I - May 2016 - Turbulant Affections

Sagittarius has something intense in store for us. This is the first of two full moons that will be in this sign, which of course doesn't happen often. Generally we see this when the full moon falls in the first two degrees of a sign, which ... I don't have a figure as to how often that happens to be honest with you. Let's check it out.

The Full Moon conjuncts Mars Retrograde. Mars Retrograde also opposes Venus on Algol by a wide orb. Now, the Venus connection is about a 5-6 degree orb, so it's effect is going to be muted in the scheme of things, but with it being on Algol, it's going to have its own share of challenges! Moon conjunct Mars brings aggression, drive, and tension to our emotions. Opposing the Sun, Mars brings challenges and our ego will be at odds with others. As Mars is retrograde, we could see more passive-aggressive actions, more saber-rattling, more seething anger. All this also forms a T-Square with 433 Eros and 149 Medusa, so romantic relationships are likely to be very rocky until the new moon. Venus with Algol, a very malefic star, isn't in the best position even though it's in Taurus, a sign it rules. With the wide opposition to Mars we're going to likely see more trouble in paradise, more agruments in relationships... Frankly, everyone is going to need to take a step back and chill out a bit if you can.

Venus quincunx Ixion/Pholus (themselves a bit wide for a conjunction at nearly 3 degrees) further sees a possibility of explosive romantic and sexual incidences occuring. I wouldn't be surprised if an awkward scandal comes about during this time in the news cycle, potentially a scandal without merit.

(On a personal level, this all also is squaring my natal Sun. And I'm single and looking at the time I write this. Something tells me I'll be looking for a bit yet).

Venus quincunx Cupido/Messalina further amplifies the Full Moon aspects going on right now. Being retrograde, Cupido and Messalina being quincunx to the planet of love and relationships could bring forth awkward, maybe undue allegations of infidelity. With Medusa and Eros together in an off-sign conujunction making that Full Moon T-Square, I suppose it all depends on who's accusing who of the unfaithfulness. Or maybe there's just more singles being promiscuous. There may be some of that action going on and an underlying feeling of "what am I doing?" Or "Is this what I really want?" Perhaps some people just have to experience it themselves to know, among singles. There's also those in open relationships/marraiges, I suppose. Maybe another is brought in that's not to the other's liking in those situations.

Lust conjunct Nymph spices things up a bit sexually right now. Being semisextile Neptune, there could be that vibe that "well, they seem like they could be good..." Just be mindful of how you might feel the morning after.

Kassandra conjunct Chiron tells us we need to keep an ear to the ground and don't dismiss warnings of potential disaster out of hand, lest we be e

Mercury is almost done with its retrograde cycle, and will go direct very soon after this Full Moon takes effect. So right now communications are slowing down a bit. With a quincunx to Saturn Retrograde, we can expect some questionable communications, but nothing that can't be overturned. Think and speak clearly, and make sure you get all legal matters (contracts, etc.) in writing. And check that writing as there might need to be some amendments needed.

Speaking of things going direct, Jupiter is now direct itself, so the planet of expansion and greater beneficial matters is finally picking up steam in its normal direction again. Still, it's in Virgo, so it's not all fun and games. And it's more directly squaring Saturn Retrograde for the rest of this lunar cycle, and still in that T-Square with Neptune as well. So be aware that there's still going to be some delays and roadblocks, but they are not insurmountable. With Jupiter trine Mercury (retrograde until the next day actually), we will see a slight hiccup in communications and travel, but things will pick up rather rapidly once Mercury gets moving forward again. Mercury sextile Neptune may bring about some wishful thinking and talking as well. Again, with Mercury quincunx Saturn retrograde, and Neptune square the same, get that in writing. All of it.

The remainder of the lunar cycle will be within the Mercury Post-Shadow Retrograde period as well, so things aren't out of the woods yet. Be mindful of other drivers, travellers, and other talkers as well. There will likely be some hiccups, as mentioned before so be cautious. A little optimism can go a long way though, so don't be too down if things don't go according to plan right away.

Overall, this is an intense culmination of the lunar cycle we have here. I'm going to suggest being watchful, and do have fun but be prepared and be careful! Can't wait to see what happens when the second full moon comes in Sagittarius later in June.