Daily Report - Monday, January 22nd, 2018

It's been a bit of a stretch without me having put up an astrological article here, what with my recent move (temporary, anyways), and with me starting a new job in the morning and the other various tasks I've had to sort out, I haven't had much time to do much of anything with this blog. Not really fair to everyone who's been depending on my forecasts, and at the same time, I need to try to get some sleep for this new job and the lengthy commute for the first day (as I have to report earlier than I normally would... I think. Anyways.) So, this week, Monday will be its own report as that's the only day I can really forecast with the little time I have. The weekly will have to be done tomorrow. Let's dive into Monday's shenanigans.

Monday begins overnight with Mercury conjunct Vega, which can bring to light some suspicions and ambitions coming to naught. Fitting as I'm writing this article about right now as Mercury is hitting that, and I've had quite a few delays in some of my tasks. Eris quincunx Dejanira also joins this, which can be a bit of an awkward mix where we might be sowing our own discord. We may see a bit of really strange dreams with this energy, so do take note of the dream visions you had overnight.

Moon proceeds overnight to trine Karma and sextile the Sun, which should point us in the dreamscape to a bit of direction to the right path, or feeling that we're on the right path. We do also need to watch out for Moon square Saturn as we're waking up, which can point to us questioning those feelings of being on the right path. It's very easy to not be in the best of moods with this energy, especially depending on our own individual placements, but Moon sextiling Lucifer around the same time may point to some assuredness that we're capable of taking care of ourselves. The sextile will help dampen a little bit of the excessive pride, I feel, so we're more likely to see things objectively. The Moon square to Saturn is more powerful, so the uneasiness will continue on for most of the morning.

Later on in the morning, we'll have Moon sextile Venus, which should be a healthy boost for new beginnings, as Venus is in Aquarius right now, and Moon in Aries will be bringing us quite a bit of intense energy. Things will progress quite rapidly. Let's just not get in over our head and jump to conclusions with Moon semisextile Nessus at the same time.

Going into the evening hours (PST), Moon square Black Moon Lilith points to some potentially fated and vexing positions and situations, so do be aware and try not to let things get the best of you. A few hours later during the evening into night, Dejanira square Apophis could manifest in situations where we need to be very aware of our surroundings, and be wary of downfalls and actors seeking to destroy us.

Finally, into the night, Moon semisextile Neptune will trigger some mental gymnastics, and we'll be seeing some intriguing dream visions overnight as well. Again, take note of our dream visions during this time.

That's pretty much Monday in a nutshell. To be honest, I think maybe I'll try to do some dailies (which I hope to expand on weekly forecasts as well), as I think this will allow me to expand on what's going on in the cosmos as we experience it here on Earth. At any rate, it's a day of new beginnings, and a day of getting things done. Just be aware, and you should be relatively alright. I can't promise unscathed, because believe me, I'm not unscathed with everything going on. Take care, everyone.


Current Updates

Hey everyone. Thought I'd post a quick update on what's going on here at Phoenixia Astrology since I've been a bit AWOL lately.

As you can see, I did not make it to the January forecast or the last couple of weekly reports. As it turns out, I've been forced to do a bit of a migration while seeking another job. The good news is, I have an offer on the table. The downside is the commute (for now). The downside hits a little harder as it will give me a little less time to do these reports for the moment, but this should be rectified pretty soon.

Another reason for delays is that I've been working on a method and system on my end that should make writing these reports and doing readings a lot easier for me in the long term. And the less time I have to take to do analysis while at the same time improving the quality of that analysis, the better the reports I can give to you readers out there! So I haven't abandoned anything here, it's just the outside-of-blogging world has gotten a bit busy on my end. And with Venus/Sun/Pluto all hitting my Antivertex directly the last couple of days, I've had quite a bit of life-changing energy and events hitting me all at once. But it's looking up.

How has Sun/Venus/Pluto been treating everyone else? At any rate, I'll be a bit more regular again soon. Until then, keep abreast of events and transits, and keep shooting for the best outcomes, no matter how hard the aspect!


Weekly(ish) Report - December 28th Through December 31st, 2017

Apologies for the lateness of this report and a couple missed days. I took a little time off for the holidays this weekend and to recharge a bit, so hopefully you will all understand. Anyways, this is the last weekly report for 2017 (or what's left of the week, so it's effectively an extended weekend report), and some intense energies to finish out the year. Let's get on with it.

Thursday starts out with a big Moon trine to Saturn, which should help restore some discipline and our sense of duty just slightly. We follow up with Moon trine Venus (which itself is now in Capricorn), which will also bolster our easier feelings about what we desire, how we earn money, and relations to others. We should be aware of the Moon squaring Juno and sextiling Nessus in the morning as well, so things might be a little edgy on the homefront, but we can smooth a few things over and not get too uptight or obsessed about what's going on. As the morning progresses, Moon trine Sun and square Kaali will help us proceed with our goals a bit more and get us further to completion of whatever we've set in motion since the last New Moon (which I've yet to look at in depth, so bear with me).

As we go futher into the evening, Venus sextile Nessus will ease up some obsessive aspects and possibly act as a mitigation against some of the more unpleasant sides of relationships. Moon sextile Neptune about the same time will help us relax and bring to us some early dream visions most likely. As we proceed into the overnight hours, Venus semisextile Juno and Uranus semisextile Chiron will serve to trigger some deep conversations about how we're relating to others and our loved ones, as well as what we need to do to push forward and heal some past hurts. Keep in mind that Uranus is slowing down and is almost station direct (and will go direct on Janurary 2nd), so this is a "get ready to go" signal. Finally, Destinn conjunct the Moon and Moon opposing Dejanira will bring to light some issues of how we've been kept down and it's basically a destined point of us coming to this realization. Mercury trine the North Node at the same time may serve to allow us to convey this and finally come up with or enact a plan of action to override this.

Friday overnight, we'll have some disconcordant energies that will probably bring us to a crisis point and most likely affect our dream state. Moon squaring the Nodes way early in the morning while quincunxing Mercury will bring us to a point mentally and emotionally that the realizations (which I mentioned for Thursday)aren't the most pleasant ones. Moon will oppose Jupiter and then square Ceres soon after, so we're likely to be feeling a crisis point with home matters and long term abundance. Could be wondering how you're going to make rent going into the New Year as one example. Fortunately, we have Moon trining Pluto soon after this, which will ease the pressure a bit and if we're fortunate, we'll have an insight as to how to sidestep the problem.

Starting the work morning on Friday (based on Pacific Time), Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith will bring an otherworldly drive towards what we're valuing in terms of romance and whatever jobs or projects we're doing. Use this energy to your advantage and finish up some important tasks. Moon trine Apophis and Lucifer later will allow us to endure and dial down any disruptions and get through the noontime (PST) hours, and maybe help us sidestep some of the more bragodocious bunch. Be diplomatic where you need to, as Moon soon semisextiles Eris, triggering a little bit of chaos. Try to keep your head. Moon opposing Karma soon after and a couple hours later, Moon semisextile Uranus could bring a bit more disruption, and we might have to swallow a bitter pill if we didn't get our ducks in a row... or a sweet pill if we did. Moon sextile Chiron should lean this point in time more towards the sweet pill. Going into the nighttime hours, Moon conjunct Sedna and Algol can make us feel way uneasy about our suspicions, and we could lose our cool if we're not careful... potentially even accusing others of betrayal whether real or imagined. Check your facts before pointing fingers Friday. Moon quincunx Pholus going into the overnight hours soon after this suggests we watch how hard we party Friday.

Saturday overnight gives us Pallas semisextile Sedna, so given the nighttime in Friday aspects, you really just should take a taxi home if you had too much, as justice can come down on you hard. Eris square Lucifer and Apophis around the same time, this is a time where people who overestimate their capabilities will hoist themselves by their own petards and take others with them. Do not drink and drive this weekend. Shouldn't do that anyways, but the chances of consequences are highly elevated this weekend! And checkpoints, most likely too, especially as it's New Year's weekend! Save yourself the trouble. Jupiter semisextile Mercury a little after this also further screams law enforcement and transportation. I'm strangely specific with this but that's what I'm feeling.

Going further into Saturday morning, the Moon, now in Gemini, quincunxes Black Moon Lilith and Venus, a discordant set of aspects that will make for some iffy encounters with others, particularly women and possibly occult encounters. Moon trine Juno might smooth this over a bit when it comes to our loved ones and significant others, but don't expect this to be a normal day. Later on in the afternoon, Sun semnisextile Kaali will serve to amplify our ego and bring some fated events. Moon quincunx Sun around the same time while the Moon also trines Kaali will further amplify this. We might feel a bit stronger, but the events just aren't going to go the way you might expect. Allow for variances in your Saturday plans. Going into the overnight hour, Destinn opposite Mars will probably trigger some airing of grievances or force open some challenges that we'll have to overcome.

Sunday is New Year's Eve day, of course, so this is already going to be an intense day just for the calendar alone. Overnight Dejanira square the Nodes is definitely a warning to be aware of your surroundings throughout the entire day. Watch your drinks like a hawk if you celebrate that way. Moon sextile the North Node at the same time as the Dejanira aspect will give us some insights to consider this, so we should be ok most likely. The Moon quincunxes Dejanira at the same time as well, so some heavy Dejanira going on here. It's the victimhood asteroid, so be aware and don't be caught off-guard, and you should be OK. Very early in the morning (PST), Ceres trine Mercury and Ceres sextile the Moon should bring us safely home if we stayed out late, or some safety at home if we stayed in or got back earlier. As we approach the evening hours, Uranus sextile the Moon while the Moon squares Chiron should make for some interesting energies... don't expect everything to go to plan, and watch out for some sudden upsets, but they shouldn't be too severe. As we approach the ball dropping, Uranus quincunx Karma and Moon opposite Pholus will bring some unexpected resolutions to events that have been going on in our lives, and the Moon-Pholus aspect, well, it's very likely the revelry of the night will catch up to us somehow and probably influence some questionable, and maybe fun for some, decisions. And then, the new year begins on the Pacific Coast and overnight going into New Year's Day, Uranus semisextile Chiron should bring some sudden resolutions to some of what's been ailing us (or if we're not careful, sudden inflictions of wounds, so be careful).

And there we have it. 2017 ends with a bang, and it's definitely a time to be cautiously optimistic. Party smart, party hard, and don't get caught up in foolish shenanigans. Be safe, have a good time, and may this hell of a year end on a positive note.

Weekly Report - December 18th Through December 24th, 2017

After a week of some partial respites, we are heading into another major powerhouse week. We're starting off with one massive bang, and we've got more bangs coming. Massive, massive, massive, MASSIVE shifts are ahead, and we start off the week with one of the largest ones. Not just the Moon, but Saturn and Mercury are big news this week. Let's get started.

Monday, to begin with, comes directly after the New Moon in Sagittarius... on Galactic Center! This lunar cycle is incredibly potent, and what comes the day after is another shift, and we'll get to that in a moment... We open with a powerhouse plethora of aspects as the clock struck midnight (Pacific Time). So we had the New Moon... we also have the New Moon quincunx Sedna on Algol, which is definitely something to consider in our relations with others for not just today, but the entirety of the Lunar cycle. Betrayals and how we handle them will be very much in focus. This goes hand in hand with Ceres quincunx Pluto to bring some discord into the homefront, and we also have North Node trine Mercury and square Vesta. While we'll have some easier communications with others, what is being communicated may make us question what we've held dear thus far. As we proceed into the day, the Moon will make a direct conjunction to Saturn which will serve to either dampen or stabilize some of our emotions. We may even be able to look at what's going on right now a little more objectively. Later on in the afternoon, Jupiter semisextile Mercury retrograde will likely trigger some much-needed communications with others, perhaps a boss figure. Keep a tab on your inner feelings as the Moon crosses over Black Moon Lilith. Some of those uneasy feelings may be coming to you for a reason. Into the evening, Mars sextile Moon will give us a nice boost of energy to finish up the tasks of the day. We end with Moon conjunct Apophis, where we may reflect on what we need to let go of or what we have lost.

Tuesday ramps up the energies as we have Moon sextile Neptune, which may help us understand our dream visions from overnight. We'll also have Jupiter sextile the Moon around mid-day and Mercury semisextile the Moon as well. This should bolster us with some flashes of insight, and allow us to harnes some energy to get through the later part of this day. Moon will also cross fixed star Vega around this time as well, and this could be a good time to hear some news about retirement plans and pensions... but it could also convey some hard messages from ill-intent from others. Watch out for scandals, especially as Moon will conjunct Lucifer a little later on. Someone notable is likely to be hoisted by their own petard on Tuesday. Later on into the evening, Pluto conjunct Moon will prime us for knowing what we need to get rid of to move forward, for the betterment of our emotional health. Note this very well, because shortly after, Saturn's time in Sagittarius comes to an end. Saturn crosses into Capricorn, its home sign early Tuesday night (Pacific Time). This will be the peak of the monumental shift in energies we have been feeling for a while, and Saturn will stay in Capricorn for the next couple of years before crossing into Aquarius, another sign it co-rules with Uranus. We don't have to worry about that yet, though. What it does mean is, Tuesday is the beginning of four to five years of Saturnian overdrive. Get ready.

Wednesday does not let up, as we begin with Sun conjunct Pholus and Eris square Moon. We may be feeling a bit intoxicated or blurry-eyed through much of the day, so be on guard. Moon sextiles Chiron at the same time Venus semisextiles the Moon, which brings us Venus square Chiron around the same time as well on Wednesday. Venus also has a trine from Uranus and Uranus squaring the Moon about the same time as all of this, well... we're going to be dealing with some intricate emotional wounds, and while the solutions for getting past the hurts will be apparent, they will not be easy. But there is some potential for sudden shifts in fortune that may get us past this period in time. Sun and later on Saturn semisextile the Moon will act as a catalyst going into the evening for some reflection on moving on with our plans and our lives. Keep in mind, Mercury is all but motionless, so if it's a new venture, may want to wait a couple days before we're sure we can move forward. Going into the nighttime, Pluto conjunct Lucifer will bring us to the heights and lows of hubris. Don't be a bigger asshole than you need to be. Fortunately, Moon conjunct Juno can mitigate this somewhat and give a bit of a nice touch to nighttime dreamtime with loved ones.

Thursday ramps up some more energy further than we may be ready for, as the Sun will follow Saturn into Capricorn and will also be conjuncting it tightly throughout the day. Discipline and structure, and how we keep things together will be a focus throughout much of the day. Early on in the day, Moon conjunct Kaali will be amplifying our feelings, defintely during the morning commute as well. Give yourself a few extra minutes to deal with the road rage that might be out and about there. Early in the workday, we'll also be dealing with Mars squaring the Moon. Be mindful of heightened tensions. Into the afternoon, Ceres square Vesta could bring some discord and conflict between our home life and some institutions that demand structure, such as church or the legal system, as possiblities. Saturn and Sun conjuncting tightest about this time as well will ramp up the enforced structural considerations, so don't be surprised if you're held up by some bureaucratic red tape as you're trying to square things away at work. Dejanira square the Moon a little bit after this may show that we're probably a little demoralized and feel impotent after the events of this day. But improvements are coming. Mercury sextile the Moon should give us a little bit of an outlet to vent if we need to, and likely be understood more than normal.

Friday could be a bit of a mixed bag, and brings us more shifts. More shifts than I initially realized. Jupiter squaring the Moon could make for some troubling dream visions, so be ready for anything. Moon will also cross the South Node, so we'll be finding ourself reminiscing more about the past. Almost appropriate for the leadup to Christmas Day, if you're fond of such holiday memories. Maybe it's not fondness? Anyways, we'll also be seeing Ceres opposite Moon about the same time with the Node crossing, which could be problematic. Try not to make any sudden text messages to your significant others without giving what you say some serious thought, as Mercury is stationary at this point... and around the end of the workday on the West Coast of the U.S., Mercury will finally end its retrograde period and go direct! All those plans of starting new things you were waiting on? Now we can go forward. Just keep in mind that Mercury will still be relatively motionless for a day or two while it gets going, and will still be in post-retrograde shadow, so you're bound to see a few hiccups here and there. later on in the evening, we will also see Venus conjunct the Galactic Center, so job and romance and artsy themes will be very prominent on this day. Fitting, as on my personal front, my last day at my current job is this Friday. Don't really want to leave, but not being given the choice as I write this. Probably more time for me to expand Phoenixia Astrology more, so stay tuned! Anyways, as we go deeper into the night, Uranus and Pallas sextile the Moon, giving us some sudden flashes of insight, though do be careful as Sedna will square off against the Moon about the same time.

Saturday starts us off with Venus, then Pholus, and then Saturn sextile the Moon. This should make for a relaxing morning at least, and the Sun and Moon make a sextile even later on. We really should take advantage of Saturday and just rest a bit, catch our breath, and maybe just chill out. Moon conjuncts Nessus later on in the evening, so maybe a good time to clear the air about some things that have been bothering you. Not much to say about Saturday, and maybe that's a good thing.

Sunday is a bit more energetic with Mars trining the Moon overnight. Some active dreams are likely to come to the forefront, especially as the Moon is conjunct Neptune throughout much of this trine. Later on in the day we'll see Mercury square the Moon, so watch how you talk to others very well, watch your messages, and look out for crazy drivers on the road. Later on in the evening, Pluto sextile the Moon should relax some of the more uneasy feelings a bit, and Vesta trine Moon about the same time will also prove to be beneficial. Maybe a good time to reflect on what is important, what we hold dear. As it's Christmas Eve, that will be a very good time to gather with family if you're so inclined. Venus conjunct Saturn as we cross into Christmas Day may act as a bit of a damper on some festive merrymaking, or maybe regulate it to be a bit more stable.

There you have it. A ton of major energy shifts this week, and I would with this much shifting around going on, and as prominent as Galactic Center is as well, it's going to be a life-changing week. Make the most of it, and move on from the past. We have work to do, so get to it.

Weekly Report - December 11th Through December 17th, 2017

After a few intense weeks, we seem to have a little bit of a respite this week around. It's not all easy travels, but it's a little bit of a breather than what we've been getting. Just to keep in mind, there's some important events going on this week outside of the astrology, from what I'm aware of. Definitely note Thursday for the FCC's Net Neutrality vote. How this is issue is handled may affect Phoenixia Astrology as a whole, especially my ability to communicate with all of you effectively. That said, diving in.

Monday starts off with a full bag of tricks, with Jupiter sextile Lucifer for a little mitigation on the pride issues front. We also have Mercury retrograde square Chiron to start the week off too, so do be aware of how you're coming across to others, and how you're communicating that which is bothering you. Also a good chance of some travel mishaps, so keep a close watch on the other drivers. Moon semisextile Mars and trine Kaali also ups some of the intensity, though the trine to Kaali should allow us to navigate some of the problems a bit better. Finally, we also start off with Venus square Neptune tightly, so there's a good chance we're going to see some absurdities in "fuzzy logic" when it comes to the workday. As the day progresses, there could be a little bit of reaping what we sow with asteroid Karma squaring the Nodes. Further on into the late afternoon and early evening we'll see Mercury trine Eris, so maybe a little bit of calming some of the chaos that's going on will be on the agenda. Into the night the Moon will cross fixed star Algorab, so try to avoid arguments where you can with loved ones, and it may be a good time to meditate and cool things down. We end Monday with Moon sextiling Venus, which may help dream visions and maybe a nightcap with a loved one.

Tuesday could yield some intresting events as we have Jupiter conjunct Vesta, so we can expect some developments in the judicial front. Further on into the day we see the Moon sextile the North Node, a nice boost for getting some tasks done as we'll likely be feeling a little bit better about some ills. Exercise caution though as we'll also be having the Moon square off against Pluto, so try not to get into any fights with superiors or subordinates, and try to keep a calm, level head on the commute as tempers are likely to be flaring. The Moon does, of course, have more good news to offset this a little as it will also sextile the Sun and Mercury (both of which are conjunct). This combination should give us an edge in taking care of some sticky situations and clear our heads just a little. Going into late evening Pacific Time, we'll see the Moon quincunx Chiron as the Moon also crosses Spica. We might be feeling a bit wounded with something else bothering us, but the star in Libra should shine a bit more positively and possibly give us a little healing by catharsis. Shortly afterwards, the Moon opposes Uranus retrograde, and Pallas also opposes the moon a little bit later, so be ready for anything as you prepare for a good night's sleep.

Wednesday ramps things up a bit with the Moon crossing into Scorpio, exposing some of our darker impulses throughout the day. Moon square Juno in the early hours could make for a tense breakfast with the family. Moon sextile Saturn, however, should mitigate things just slightly and give us a little bit of an inspiration as to how to deal with a work problem, or at the very least smooth over road rage a bit on the commute. Do be aware as you arrive to your classes or your job in the morning (Pacific Time) as Mars square Kaali could make for some sudden headaches. The moon will also be conjuncting Mars close to the same time as well, giving us a boost of energy, but again, try to maintain some calm while you blow through some tasks that need to be done. Later on in the day, Moon trine Nessus might be useful to spring us out of a trap, possibly of our own making, so if you've been feeling a bit obsessive about someone or something, that should abate for a short moment. Lastly, into the night, Moon conjunct Dejanira may bring forth some insights as to our vulnerabilities, and how to overcome them.

Thursday is a big day, as this is the day of the FCC Net Neutrality Vote. Will the commissioner's actually vote wisely? Let's see... Moon trine Neptune should cut through some of the fog a little, and the North Node trine Venus should be beneficial for events related to jobs, careers, and what we desire. We also have the Sun trining Eris retrograde, which should bring some order to the chaos. We do get Moon conjunct Jupiter about the time I expect the vote to take place as well, which will bring forth the notions of law and order and how we feel about them. It's shortly after this time that Destinn retrograde opposes the Moon, so we may be feeling a bit uneasy about where the events of the day go. We also get Moon conjunct Vesta, again, dealing with law and wisdom. Into the afternoon the Moon squares the Nodes, which will grant us some challenges to get through the rest of the day, and still later on Ceres will square the Moon at the same time the Moon sextiles Pluto. Could be something home-related we need to deal with, but we can probably deal with it in a constructive manner. Could be rearranging something, or taking out some trash (never a bad thing to do). Based on Thursday's forecast, and the fact they're doing this entire FCC vote at the heart of Mercury Retrograde, we may yet be able to preserve the open Internet. Somehow. Based on this, we may see a last-second vote of sanity. But I am not 100% certain.

Friday will be a bit more of an easier day with the Moon trining Chiron early on, helping us get past old wounds and maybe even helping us heal past them. We'll also have Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde, so there is a good chance of being able to salvage a job or repair something of value to us during this time (Mercury retrogrades are good times for repair and review, after all). Uranus quincunx the Moon later on suggests a little volatility and some strange occurences, so keep alert. Overnight, the Moon will be crossing over into Sagittarius which will heat things up and add a little bit of spontaniety to the night's events. Sun square Chiron could bring to light some issues we've been avoiding for fear of bruising our own egos.

Saturday will give us the Moon tearing through Sagittarius, so be ready for anything to happen. Not in a bad way, I would hope, but people could be a little hot from the events of the previous night. Mars semisextile Moon early one while the Moon squares Nessus symbolizes the potential for some argumentativeness, so try to keep this in mind. We'll also have a trine to Uranus from the Sun, allowing us to make greater use of the day's spontaneity. Mars trine Nessus by mid-afternoon (Pacific Time) should mitigate some of the earlier tensions, and allow us to take action to break past old obsessions slightly. Into the evening, the Moon squares Neptune, so do be alert if you decide to go partying into this evening as intoxicants could be more potent than you bargain for. Mercury trine North Node should end the day with a little bit of ease when travelling and speaking with others, but do watch yourself as Mercury still is retrograde at this point.

Sunday ends the week with a conjunction between Moon and Mercury to start coming in from Saturday night, so there could be some fun travels overnight. As midday approaches, I see Moon conjuncts Venus. If you have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, this is a good time to go out and do it! Eris trine Moon a little later on will also help a bit with the chaos, and might even spark some good holiday cheer out of the blue. Just be alert for Moon square Chiron as we approach the evening, and a possibility of feeling emotionally exhasted from the earlier events of the day could rear its head about then. Overnight, the New Moon in Sagittarius will occur, ushering in a new lunar cycle to end the calendar year on. It'll be conjunct Galactic Center as well, so this Lunar Cycle is going to start with a bang to begin the new week after Sunday!

So there you have it... a calm before an upcoming storm, and some easier-to-deal-with aspects to go throughout most of this week, and ending on a fiery note with the New Moon on Galactic Center. Whatever loose ends you have to finish things off, this is the week to do it. I haven't looked ahead to next week yet, and to be honest, the December monthly forecast won't be happening as of this point as I was not able to get to it this time. I'll be focusing my efforts more on seeing what yearly forecast I can come up with for 2018 instead, and besides, December is almost half over by this point. At any rate, keep going, keep your chin up, and keep alert.

Weekly Report - December 4th Through December 10th, 2017

This one's going to be a quickie because I've been up way too late preparing for a possible interview this week. As my current job is winding down, and I'm on the hunt for another one, regrettably some brushing up on programming skills has taken priority. As part of the brush-up, however, I'm working on something that will allow me to better forecast for you readers. Also, the monthly forecast, as a side-effect of my day-to-day concerns, has been delayed for another day, perhaps two. We'll see where I'm at. Jumping in.

Monday starts us off with Dejanira trine Nessus, Jupiter trine Neptune, and Pallas retrograde sextile Sedna retrograde, and Pholus conjunct Saturn at their tightest points. Likley overnight, we've been dealing with some hopes that things are improving, but at the same time there's a very large caution about getting too mesmerized with some of the larger dream visions that may be coming our way today. Or perhaps we've overindulged in an all-nighter (guilty). Keep track of epiphanies that come, but don't get too far out of the way. Later on in the day, Moon makes a square to Chiron retrograde, which is all but motionless itself right now, and considering we've just come off of a full moon in Gemini, there are going to be some deep concerns with how we've been healing ourselves lately. It's not all bad though, as Uranus sextile the Moon can give us some impetus to come to some sudden solutions regarding a few problems, and Moon trine Mars a little later will also be a big help. Just watch out even later on in the day when Moon opposes the tight conjunction between Pholus, Saturn, and Mercury retrograde. While you're sorting out solutions, it's easy to get sidetracked by some critical business that consumes your time. Another thing to watch out for is hyperobsessions, which will peak around 3PM PST with Venus square Nessus. Into the night we get a potentially awkward respite when the Moon quincunxes Venus, yet trines Dejanira. Might be the potential for a lover's spat, but it'll pass.

Tuesday we have an early grand trine between the Moon in its home sign of Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in its home sign of Pisces. Not to mention the moon will also be crossing the dog star, Sirius. This is an excellent day to take advantage of some visionary impulses you've been having, and definitely write down or notate solutions that come to you! You may not be able to act on them quite yet with Saturn and Mercury retrograde bearing down on all of us, or... if you're repairing or revisiting something, perhaps you can! (Mercury retrograde does have some advantages). Harness what you can early on, for the Moon will oppose Pluto once it's done doing it's easy dance with Jupiter and Neptune. In fact, seeing this, the danger is going to be in letting the opportunity slip away, and not taking advantage, which could leave you feeling set up for a fall later. May be the time to get rid of something that no longer makes you feel all that great about yourself too, but again, make absolutely certain, as knee-jerk reactions could leave us in a bit of pain.

Wednesday gets a bit rough as we get Eris squaring the Moon, and at the same time Moon quincunx Apophis. I'd say be careful on the morning commute this day. Moon does trine Chiron a little later, and that'll help us feel a little bit better about goings on, and we may be able to get started on some major healing as Chiron will now have turned direct by this point! If you've figured out what you need to do to get back on track and past the hurts you've endured, now's the time to start setting it in motion. For the most part, if it's repair. Again, Mercury retrograde. Saturn's tightest conjunction to Mercury retrograde soon happens after that trine, and this is defintely a warning to watch how you come across to others. Uranus retrograde square the Mooon at the same time defintely makes saying the wrong thing a high probability, so listen very carefully before you respond to any messages or emails today. In fact, I'd delay answering a few things if at all possible. Depending on your situation, you may not be able to take that time. A little later on in the morning, we'll also ahve the Moon squaring Mars, right before the Moon enters fiery Leo no less. Honestly, if you're working from home today, that may be for the best. Don't get into fights, as it's going to be easy to do in the wrong circumstances with that Moon/Mars/Uranus T-Square. Fortunately, the Moon won't stay in that position for long. But it will also be quincunx Pholus-Saturn-Mercury at the same time so... really, channel this energy into getting important tasks done. And double-check your work. I'd also recommend proper rest the night before as a precaution. Later on, we'll have Mars sextile Saturn, so we should be able to mitigate some of the harsher energies and relax a little bit later on. Overnight, Moon will quincunx Nessus and square Dejanira, so try not to snore too loudly next to your loved ones. Fortunately, some of us will be asleep by the time that aspect pattern hits, but it could lead to some interesting dreams. Take note.

Thursday the Moon trines Venus overnight, and then we get some action as we start the morning commute with Moon quincunx Neptune. Some people are going to be in a fog, so watch yourself on the highways. Moon will also be squaring Jupiter, so there is the possiblity of feeling that we're not gaining enough, whether it be in the job or getting enough answers from a higher power. A bit of a testing of faith, as it were. Still later on in the afternoon (on the U.S. West Coast), the Moon will trine the Sun and conjunct the North Node, which will be useful for a nice burst of energy and help us feel a little bit better about some things happening. Perhaps a moment where some decisions even happen in your favor, or you make some favorable decisions yourself. Into the night, Mercury retrograde makes its tightest link to Galactic Center, so definitely be on the lookout for wayward messages and epiphanies that might not make sense at the moment. Don't forget about them if you can, because those may come in handy later.

Friday we get the Moon trine Eris before it leaves Leo, and a little later on Moon will also trine Uranus... an added boost to our step may be what we need to take advantage of some rapidly developing situations, and we could benefit from this easier aspect pattern. Still later on, Moon will trine both Apophis and Mercury, so we may be able to finish off a decisive message or task, or maybe there's a bit of repair work we do and we finally ditch a troublesome component. Still later on, the moon trines Saturn as well, further boosting some of the good feelings, and this will be right before Moon finally conjuncts the fixed star Regulus, and sextiles Mars. Mars is also careening towards Scorpio-Land by this point, one of the signs it rules (the other being Aries), so we're going to have some dramatic shifts, and if I dare say, this could be one intense date night for lovers out there. I am noticing the beginnings of a Venus/Neptune square, so do be aware of the possiblity of things being too good to be true. I will have to emphasize that just a bit when Moon finally opposes Nessus before Midnight PST.

Saturnday could be a bit rough, and hopefully you've watched out for hangovers the night before. Venus does cross the fixed star Antares, which will add a bit of fiery energy to some passions. You're going to definitely want to note this on Saturday, as Venus will be at the apex of a T-Square involving it, Neptune, and the Moon. Fortunately, the Moon will move on from this pattern within hours, so the highly-tense energies of this configuration should be relatively short-lived. Long story short, watch out for buyer's remorse, unclear intentions, and some major suspicions during that T-Square, whhich should mitigate by late evening. Moon will sextile Jupiter a little later on, so that will be a welcome energy to deal with. Even later on, moon trine Pluto will add a bit of spark to the evening, and maybe some major pleasantries can get underway.

Sunday we'll have the Third Quarter Moon about the same time Uranus trines Mercury, both retrograde. Take note of any dream visions going into Sunday, as I'm certain there will be some messages from beyond or from your subconscious you may want to take note of. Defintely watch your step, as we'll have another batch of T-Square action, this time with Moon opposing Chiron and apexing at Mercury. Defintely watch what you say a bit, and that T-Square is also going to invove Saturn. Very easy to get into some unneccesary arguments and troubles on Sunday, so much so that going to work the following Monday may be a welcome respite. Honestly, Sunday may be the least relaxing day of the week just for the expectation of weekend relaxation alone, and the discord in the sky. Oh, we may also want to note that the Moon will cross into airy Libra by the day's end, so we may be weighing our options heavily depending on how the rest of the day goes.

So there you have it. A bit of a rough start to the week, which gets a bit easier as the week goes, a potentially fun night for the weekend, and then the Sunday hangover, as we're dealing with back to back T-Squares between Saturday and Sunday. Take advantage of the humpday-to-weekend period, as that's most likely when the best of news is going to hit. As for Sunday, I would not want to be an NFL player. Lots of potential for injury I think, so if you're one of the players, defintely take care of yourself on the field Sunday! Ok, I've got to try to get a small catnap before work, so wish me luck.

Weekly Report - November 27th Through December 3rd, 2017

It's about that time again, the end of the calendar month. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was a good one! This is going to have to be another quick one, as I was basically working my main job over the weekend (and got absolutely nowhere... frustrating when you troubleshoot something for hours on end, only to realize one simple checkbox is all it took. Mercury pre-retro shadow effect? Maybe). Anyways, rather than me writing entirely in parentheticals, let's just dive into this.

To warn you about this entire week, Saturn is parking its strict, disciplinarian ass on Galactic Center; Chiron is slowing down for it's station direct soon; Mercury slowing down and turning retrograde by the end of the week; Mercury and Saturn connect in conjunction all week, while at the same time squaring that slowing-down Chiron. If you haven't identified what you need to change in your life to move forward, have no fear! This week will make it abundantly clear.

Monday overnight, we start off with Moon square Apophis. Believe me, when I tell you I felt like destroying something, I mean it (and that's about actually when I discovered I just needed the simple checkbox). Mercury semisextile Kaali also amplifies the technology impact just subtly around the same time as the Apophis/Moon Square. Further on overnight into the morning, we have an awkward quincunx between Uranus retrograde and Venus. Don't be too surprised if you got jostled from your sleep by your partner suddenly getting up to do something (or perhaps you woke your partner up). If alone, you may have had some sort of dream vision of a romantic partner, or perhaps dreaming of work?

As we start the workday on Monday, Mercury crosses Galactic Center at its tightest before the retrograde, and it will be tight throughout the entire workday. Do not be surprised if important messages start bombarding you immediately upon getting to work, regardless of what time you actually work on Monday. Off work Monday? You might get called in. We then move into a tight sextile between the Moon and Pluto a couple hours later, and this might serve to give us some insight as to how to get through or around a particular problem. The moon will quincunx the North Node around this time as well, so don't be surprised if the solution to the particular problem isn't so popular with yourself. It could even be something so simple you don't understand how you could have missed it. As the workday closes, Mars square Juno at the same time Mars quincunxs the Moon could lead to some awkward or tense conversations with your partner, be it business or personal. Eris squares Juno around the same time as well, so do be very careful with your words. As we hit the nighttime hours, Mercury conjunct Saturn and Moon conjunct Chiron retrograde could reopen some old wounds you thought you closed. I would honestly recommend watching every message you send and every word you say to others all throughout Monday.

Tuesday is a bit more of a mixed bag. First of all, Moon enters Aries, so tempers and rough feelings are going to be pretty likely, as well as a feeling that you need to get stuff done. Before it crosses into Aries, Moon will semisextile Uranus, and this could trigger some pretty unusual dreams, especially as asteroid Hekate trines the Sun tightly at the same time. Pay close attention to those dreams overnight going into Tuesday morning. Soon afterwards, Venus and Moon make a flowing trine, so there could be some overnight... um, amorous feelings going on. Try not to wake the neighbors with that or stubbing your toe in the dark in general, as a few hours later, the Moon will square Mercury, Saturn, and Pholus all at the same time. (Those three are conjunct, so there's no surprise there). And, Moon will also be conjunct fixed star Scheat in time for the morning commute. Scheat represents... well, what it sounds like (in English anyways). It's particularly associated with watery accidents and possibly drug overdoses. Take it a little easy on the coffee if you need to until you get to the office, and watch out on the way to work if it's raining.

A bit later on in the day Tuesday, we've got some rough quincunx action between Pallas and the Moon, so let's be clear with everyone you're working with in any meetings, as, for example, you could have an awkward dealing with the legal department, or maybe some workplace policy question could come into focus. Later on, we've got a flowing trine between the Sun and Moon going into the nighttime hours, so hopefully you'll have some pleasant dreams.

Wednesday early on in the morning, Venus crosses a semisextile with Saturn, potentially triggering a late night discussion with a significant other. Moon quincunx Jupiter, Moon semisextile Neptune, and Moon quincunx Karma in rapid transition leads to more questions than answers overnight. Maybe the dream state will remain pleasant enough yet informative enough to yield some sort of answer? Around mid-day, Moon trines Apophis, so there might be some progress in reversing some of the destructive impulses at the beginning of this weekly cycle. There's actually a good chance of this, as Mars will make its tightest conjunction to fixed star Spica as well, which cools the fire just a little and is usually a fortunate star. This can be a great time near the end of the work day to make that final drive towards completing that project. Just don't go overboard as the Moon will square Pluto at the same time, thus leading to some frayed nerves slightly. Moon does trine the North Node at the same time as well, so maybe that frayed nerve is pointing out what you need to mend.

Thursday starts off overnight with Mars quincunx Chiron retrograde, so again, watch your step in the dark. Eris and Moon make a tight conjunction overnight as well, so there could be some really strange dreams overnight. Maybe some answers, albeit a bit disorienting. Waking up we'll have the Moon and Mars opposing one another while the Moon conjuncts Uranus at the same time, so... quite honestly, take it easy on the morning commute if at all possible. Or maybe you work from home on Thursday? At any rate, there could be some backlash so do be careful. Don't expect things to go normally. As we start the workday hours post-commute, Moon does semisextile Sedna (itself retrograde and still with Algol...) and squares Kaali, but also trines Pholus-Saturn-Mercury close to Galactic Center, while at the same time quincunxing Venus! Ok, got all that? Basically, for a brief point during midday, there could be some chance of self-sabotage without meaning too, and it'd be easy to get flustered, but there's a chance you can stabilize it and self-correct. Now, whether anyone at work or your significant other (or potential suitor if you're single and looking) notices before you make the recovery, well, that may depend entirely on where any of this falls compared to your own natal chart, your general mood, and what you make of this conglomoration of aspects. As the workday ends, Moon will make an opposition to Dejanira, so do watch yourself and make sure some unscrupulous heathens don't take advantage of you. Be especially watchful of this as Dejanira is in Scorpio right now, and the moon transiting Taurus at this time should make stabilizing the emotion a little bit easier, but maybe not as much as you'd like. You may be able to reject with confidence (just don't victimize the oppressor too much lest you become them) as the Moon also sextiles Nessus at the same time, and the Sun does make a semisextile to asteroid Lucifer. It'd be easy to be really condescending Thursday night if out on the town, so cool it. Moon square Hekate retrograde may manifest some really intense dreams overnight.

Friday starts off with a bang with a Mars opposition to Uranus retrograde and a Moon quincunx to the Sun. Expect a bit of crazy to start the day. The Moon also opposes Jupiter and sextiles Neptune while getting ready for the day, so this could be a day you wind up hearing some sort of job or legal decision, or perhaps we see some large impact in the news. Actually, it'll be the Friday news cycle: That's going to be a given. As we approach the end of the workday Friday, the Moon will make a tight conjunction to Destinn retrograde, so there is a solid chance that some inner thought regarding your greater destiny will manifest itself then. Probably while daydreaming or spacing out a little. Don't be too worried, it's Friday, you're usually allowed this. Anyways, Sun will be making it's strongest conjunction this year to fixed star Antares around this time as well. Road rage could be amplified, or there could be some really irate shoppers somewhere out and about, so try not to get caught up in season's beatings. Later on going into the evening, the Moon will square both Ceres and the North Node (both of those conjunct), so try not to get into any major fights at dinner. This would actually be a good night to spend the night in, as there's going to be a lot of crazy if you go out. The Moon trining Pluto (while quincunxing Apophis) would be a very nice time to just chill, and maybe, if you really must bring an end to something, just take it out on some baddies in a game online or... actually, given how online play can be, might be a good night to give that story mode in that new game you got a go, right?

Saturday starts out with the tightest conjunction between Ceres and the North Node, so honestly, it really is a good home night for Friday night into Saturday morning. The Moon soon sextiles Chiron retrograde and trines Juno, so it could be good night to have that good talk with your partner, or maybe a friend or even a stranger (make sure they can be trusted, though. Trust your gut). Now, as Saturday morning begins, Moon crosses Sedna and Algol, so make sure you don't wake up sick or finding out you put on the beer goggles the night before (you did stay in the night before like I suggested, right?!)... Honestly, lots of awkward walks and Ubers home could be happening as the Moon will also quincunx Pholus abnd Saturn (both around Galactic Center) around that time as well, and then the Moon crosses into airy, mutable Gemini, so your feelings are going to be going between one place and the other this whole day. As the day progresses, the Moon will also quincunx Mercury, so it's really easy to say something that's going to ruffle some feathers, especially as Mercury turns retrograde right before the night ends (or overnight if you're on the East Coast or Europe). Hopefully you got all your new tasks started and finished before this point, but don't be too surprised if you revisit a few things later on. Moving on. As the evening progresses, we should also note a Moon square Nessus, so... really, this is not a good time to pull a "my way or the highway" stunt. If someone says give them space and lay off, tonight you lay the hell off. And if I have to emphasize that more, Mars makes an opposition to Pallas retrograde. Don't get yourself arrested over stupid shit, as Pallas can represent justice from the vibe I'm picking up about this right now, and retrograde? Directed inwards or towards yourself.

Sunday is basically a capstone on the end of the week, and we start off early on in the morining with a Sun square to Neptune, which is now direct! Some of us will find that hangovers are really not that fun this Sunday. The Moon crossing Aldeberan is another indicator that, should you have gotten through this week without having picked any fights, you can breath a sigh of relief. Jupiter semisxtile the Sun during the morning hours is also an indication that maybe talking to that higher power you talk to on occassion might be a good idea (or perhaps some quiet reading and reflection if you're not into that). We do have a Full Moon in Gemini during the morning as well, while at the same time the Moon makes that quincunx to Jupiter. Morning confession (if you participate in that) could be... a bit entertaining for the priests this day. As the day proceeds, Dejanira will trine Nessus, which should bring a little bit of respite from some troubled relationships (or perhaps provide an opportunity for escape, but remember it's Mercury Retrograde if this is the path you're on, so if this is you, you must steel your resolve lest you rebound back into their arms later. I'm not sure who I'm talking to about this but someone out there needed to see that). Saturn and Pholus make their tightest conjunction during the final hours of Sunday (Pacific Time), so it may be a good time to just put the bottle down, or otherwise not indulge in guilty pleasures going into the following Monday morning.

So there you have it. A crazy, crazy, week, and a lot of potential for trouble. It's also the dawn of Mercury Retrograde by the end of the week, so if you thought things were insane before this week started, it's going to ratchet up a few notches by the end of this week. There's some potential for some gains and some progress, but you've got to move fast and move judiciously. I can make no promises regarding how things will turn out if you get careless. And let's just not pick any fights. It'd be a good time to take up meditation this week or something, to be brutally honest. Anything to calm you down. Maybe even put down the latte if you need to. I'm going to leave off here. Be careful out there this week.

Weekly Report - November 20th Through 26th, 2017

Well, we're getting ready for another week, and it's going to be an interesting one for sure. As it's a holiday weekend here in the United States, I might have a little more time to write some more articles later on in the week. I'll have to make this one quick yet again, as I got a little too carried away on a programming project. That said, it's going to be a big week overall.

Monday is of course at extreme intensity as we still have that tight Mars square Pluto aspect throughout much of the day, and it'll wane over the next few days. And not a moment too soon, as this is just not the kindest energy, especially with Moon square Chiron retrograde at the same time at noon PST (8PM UTC). The potential for emotional outbursts and blowups is quite high, so you may want to harness the mitigating energies of Moon trine Uranus retrograde to stabilize the unpredictable emotions, and Venus sextile Pluto could potentially sweeten things over if you do it just right. Asteroid Lucifer in a tight sextile to Nessus points to humility as a possible solution to some conflicts that may arise during the day. As asteroid Apophis squares Nessus, I'd strongly recommend not stoking the fires of ego-centered arguments or actions today. Mars square Pluto and Moon square Chiron alone would signal this, but these asteroid combinations compound it. With Pallas retrograde opposing Dejanira today as well, expect more scandals to break as skeletons from the past come pouring out of closets. Karma conjunct Jupiter very tight (almost within 1 minute of a degree orb) will amplify this tendency too. And... karma finally came in one notable example as I write this: Charles Manson, the mastermind behind the Manson Family murders, finally kicked off on Sunday. What is sown shall be reaped is the message of Karma on Jupiter. It cannot be understated that Saturn conjunct Galactic Center is intensifying throughout this week, and as of Monday is at less than half a degree orb (making the conjunction very powerful). Again, the scythe is swinging. Keep your head down and don't make waves unnecessarily today.

Tuesday could be a mixed bag, and could be intense in ways we don't really care for when it comes to jobs and romance. Why? Venus square the Nodes will be a solid trigger for fated events when it comes to what we value and hold dear, meaning shakeups at work and shakeups with romantic partners are likely. As we also have Destinn retrograde opposing Venus very tightly on the same day and for all intents and purposes forming a Grand Cross with the Nodes, how do I put this? If there's been a crisis brewing at your job (like, for instance, questionable behaviors and ethics), or a series of troubles in a romantic relationship (like someone growing more distant over time), it is likely that arrangements that are to end may end, or the path to those endings may be set in motion. Mars semisextile Venus alone could also be a trigger, so it is likely to start with either an argument with the spouse, or in the office it could be an uncomfortable closed-door meeting with your supervisor (or subordinate if you're the manager/owner). Now, Pluto does sextile Venus, but it's also still squaring Mars. Best to keep your cool if at all possible. We should also note the energy shift as the sun is on the last degree of Scorpio and is about to cross over into fiery, mutable Sagittarius on Wednesday. This is where things get to be fun. Kaali sextile Chiron retrograde could amplify the healing that will be done after the wounding, and it could be a time people just need to chill... on their own.

Wednesday could be a hotbed of chaos right before the holidays, as around noontime on the Pacific Coast here, we've got Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and both will quincunx the North Node tightly at the same time. This could be a really strange day with this combination, so don't take anything for granted, and try to avoid abrasive people if at all possible. Mercury also trines Eris retrograde, so there could be some talk or travel that has to be done that may not make you feel as uneasy as you would otherwise think. At least, the trine should mitigate that a good deal. The sun also crosses over into Sagittarius, so this could be a time where people just go off and do their own things. It's not uncommon for people to go out and hang with friends at a bar or something the night before Thanksgiving, when people in the U.S. tend to be gathering with family and arguing over whoever the best football team is at the dinner table. At least, most years. Not sure about this year. Anyways, with Saturn and Pholus both with Galactic Center strongly, and Saturn also within a degree of conjuncting Pholus itself, I can't stress this enough: don't drink and drive. Especially not now. This isn't the time to tempt fate. Trust me, there's too many crazy energies to even think of risking it. (Shouldn't be doing that anyways!)

Thursday, well, what to say about Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)? Well, the moon will cross over into Aquarius around midday (PST), and some people will already be chowing down on turkey and ham and tofurkey by this point. I could potentially see some awkwardness at the table as Saturn tightens its conjunction to Galactic Center at this point. Dejanira square Moon will also be a bit of a wet blanket, and could make for other awkward conversations. Frankly, discussing politics and religion around the dinner table this year, while not the best move in general given the nature of family divisions, honestly, if you want peace and harmony, these energies are really not good for it this year. And while Mars is a bit further off in its square to Pluto, that square is still there, and Mars is still semisextile Venus as well. The triggering aspect is still in play. You know, there are some stores that will be opening Thanksgiving night. I feel for you people working there. (Frankly, I think people should have the damn day off to be away from the merciless mobs. Black Friday apparently wasn't enough for some places... but enough of my soapbox ranting).

Friday... ah, Black Friday. The busiest shopping holiday of the year in the United States. Otherwise known as "oh my god I want to go home" among the rank and file in the retail industry. How will this day play out? Well... Uranus is strengthening a semisextile to Chiron, both are retrograde, so we're likely nursing some wounds (and probably indigestion from the day before if you overindulged)... Uranus retro is still trine Mercury as well, so maybe some of those family squabbles will diminish a bit, maybe a little too much wine at the dinner table was to blame? Or maybe some errant interception in the football game? Regardless, some ruffled feathers can be smoothed over a little on Friday. But do watch your step, as Mars is beginning to square Juno, leading to a possibility of some strife in relationships. Vesta trine Nessus is tight on Friday as well, so there's a good possibility of some forgiveness for some minor transgressions this day as well. Maybe mea culpas for the more major transgressions? But will the apologies be accepted, if those are flying? Well, Moon will trine Mars later on in the evening, so maybe a good night to calm things down with a good movie. I am also noticing asteroid Apophis crosses Antares on Friday. Be aware of your surroundings. Honestly, if you're braving Black Friday shopping crowds, I'd recommend body armor in general. Especially with that aspect. Mercury squaring Chiron could also lead to some rough words while shopping. Season's beatings.

Saturday is a bit of an aftermath day, but still one we should be watchful of. Destinn trine Pluto is a welcome aspect, so something that hasn't been good for us going away might be a welcome change of pace this day. Uranus trine Mercury I think will amplify this a bit, but do note that Uranus also squares Kaali (an amplifier of sorts), so there could be some crazy events that happen out of the blue today. But it should work out in the end, so don't stress it too much. Be a little more forgiving of loved ones through the day when Moon squares Venus in the middle of the day, and consider their feelings (while not giving up your self-respect), as Sun will also be squaring Nessus today as well. Keep your obsessions in check! Apophis (still on Antares) squaring Neptune retrograde could signal an event that destroys a piece of our worldview, something that shakes our faith or sours a dream we've had for awhile. Perhaps that dream wasn't a good one to follow, or maybe there's a reality check that you come across that you need to consider. Saturn is beginning to cross over Galactic Center after being exact on Friday, and will now be separating, but do take into account the lessons Saturn is teaching you. Moon semisextile Chiron will also be an influence that may lead to us feeling that there's something we need to do to move on from a situation that we haven't been feeling right about. Honestly, a lot of Saturday, now that I look at it, has to deal with us finally coming to accept that something is not working and it's time to make the change to get past this. Make the change and note what has to go so you're not bogged down by it any longer.

Sunday closes out the week with a little bit of crazy. Mars is beginning to oppose Uranus, so let's try not to behead the kindly lady that just took the last parking space at church, OK? Mercury trine Uranus should smooth over some sudden arguments, though. Venus trine Chiron will also be very helpful in helping us get past some previous issues that may have been holding us back, and may help in recharging our batteries for the coming work week. Do be careful to temper the harsh words, as we'll still have Sun square Nessus. Mercury quincunx Sedna retrograde on Algol further reiterates this, though a trine from Kaali to Sedna may calm things down a bit. Be aware of anything that feels off during the daytime as well, as asteroid Hekate (an occult asteroid) will be quincunxed by the Moon pretty strongly as well, but this should again be tempered by the Moon's trine to Vesta, which can help ward off some unwelcome intruders from the beyond. Finally, Apophis still squares Neptune, so do be wary of destructive thoughts entering your head. Make sure those nasty thoughts of hurting yourself or others are actually coming from yourself. (A good idea is to see if any voice in your head thinking about causing some damage actually sounds like you). Yes, I went a bit esoteric on this one, but given those few aspects, I think it's worth mentioning and taking into consideration.

So there you have it. A very powerhouse week, with potential for chaos and also potential for holiday cheer. Which path will you choose? If your path involves walking away form blood-kin for your own sanity, hey, sometimes you gotta take a little time to yourself. I would strongly recommend you keep a close watch on frayed nerves as much as possible this week, and remember that it can get better. Avoid the traps that can make things worse, and I think we'll all be alright somehow. And finally... no, you do not need a flamethrower to go holiday deal-hunting, as satisfying as it would be to torch a few plastic reindeer. Cheers.

New Moon Scorpio - November 2017 - Poison Dart Leapfrog

We're nearing the end of Scorpio season, and it wouldn't be complete without the Scorpio New Moon! There are some interesting combinations with this one that are going to have to be addressed. The themes in this one are a bit interesting, and are definitely a follow-up from the Full Moon we just had in Taurus! So who's getting stung? Let's play.

The New Moon is at 26 degrees Scorpio, and it will hit around 03:42 AM PST (06:42 AM EST / 11:42 AM UTC), so we're almost out of the Scorpion's domain. One of the strongest aspects I'm seeing to this New Moon is the opposition to Sedna retrograde on Algol. At only 5'33" of orb, themes of betrayal and heads rolling are going to be off the hook! Asteroid Lamb is with Sedna as well, and right now, the lambs are on the march to slaughter the wolves that have hunted them for so long. Only fitting that the phrase "wolf whistle" is the theme of what's been going on for the last month and a half, ever since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, and let me tell you, there have been a lot of dominoes falling. Now, the New Moon also trines asteroid Jabberwock, and it's no surprise that many indomitable figures have been brought low and humbled. As well they should. And with this New Moon semisextile Saturn on Galactic Center, sextile asteroid Bologna, and a weak conjunction to asteroid Aphrodite, as well as a trine to Chiron retrograde (itself slowing down for it's station direct early next month), the stage is set to get to the heart and the truth of many matters. It may be unpleasant news that you're going to uncover. Actually... I can guarantee it. (Just had unpleasant news career wise myself just yesterday). You can be guaranteed that if you have a dirty secret, it's coming out. Be ready to come clean.

Going into Mercury's aspects, many things are going to come clean, and again, not all of it is pleasant. Some of it will be, though! Mercury sextile Mars and asteroid Radiocommunicata in Libra during the New Moon will set in stone for this lunar cycle some revealing of truths, and with it some indecision as to what to do next (Mars really doesn't like being in Libra, as it's in detriment there). Do note that Mercury is now in pre-retrograde shadow, and at least on my own end, I'm already seeing technology being affected (my phone was acting up today). Mercury semisextile Pluto is going to be in a very tight orb for this New Moon too (almost exact, a 3'28" orb). Messages and communications that decidedly state that someone's paying the piper are to be expected for this entire month. And again, with the retrograde coming up in the middle of this lunar cycle, we're going to have some fun with this. It's not all doom and gloom though, as Mercury will also be trining Fortuna, Nymphe, and the North Node, and to a lesser extent, asteroid Dudu. We'll be able to get some headway against some of the crap that's been bogging us down, and may even be able to take advantage of some good fortune, whether it be career, romance, or clearing out of lies. Appreciate the small victories. You're going to have to.

Venus's role in this New Moon isn't so straightforward, as there's a bit of haziness with Venus trining Neptune retrograde. We'll be looking inwards to see what we find valuable, and may be prone to daydreaming as to exactly how we're going to pull this off. Venus trine asteroid Kassandra is tricky, as we'll be thinking about some warnings as to what glitters may not be gold, and could grow complacent as Venus sextiles Gold very strongly, while Kassandra and Gold oppose one another. So while you're keeping your eye on the prize, do bear in mind warnings as to some pitfalls that could befall you on the way to your glittering prizes.

On the energy and aggression front, Mars Squares Pluto! This is a very volatile energy that lends itself to arguments, aggression, violence, and shit breaking. Mars quincunx Rudra will amplify these off-kilter energies this lunar cycle. Expect big happenings that aren't going to go the way anyone thinks will go, especially with that Libran Mars indecisiveness. Now, fortunately, Mars does sextile Ceres, Fortuna, and Nymph, so there's that good energy component that might provide a tiny amount of shelter, but frankly, Mars/Pluto is very rough. Pluto does trine Rudra itself, however, so there might be a little bit of mitigation, and a possibility that the destruction wrought might not be so insurmountable as to prevent a rebirth later. Also, again, Mars conjuncts Radiocommunicata, so... with that combination square Pluto, it's going to be an... interesting news cycle this coming month. Expect controversies.

Jupiter is kind of subdued this Lunar Cycle. Jupiter conjunct asteroid Karma will bring big reaping of what has been sown, and it's going to be an eye-opener. Jupiter trine Lust retrograde, along with that conjunction to Karma? Indiscretions coming back to haunt people... and in some cases, forgiveness may even be possible for the lesser indiscretions. Or, maybe you did something right, and an ex comes back for one last fling. Maybe not so much for that, though.

Saturn conjunct Galactic Center is going to greatly amplify the constriction that the taskmaster and disciplinarian of the planets is capable of. There's going to be restriction of the good and the bad, for sure, as Saturn is also the focal point of a Yod between Sedna and Lamb retrograde (on Algol) sextile Jabberwock. Some ugly messes are going to come along, and it's Saturn's job to sort out the mess. And Saturn on the galaxy's center can be a might unforgiving. It's not as strong a Yod, mind you, as if there were major planets or points involved there. But Sedna is cold and rough alone. Honestly... I wouldn't be surprised if some of the people accused in scandals lately don't wind up restricted somehow... like going to prison or jail. Careers are already upended and ending. Saturn semisextile Bologna tells me that some more shenanigans are going to come to light as well, or some lie that someone got caught in is going to bite them hard. And we can't forget the Saturn square to Chiron retrograde and the trine to Uranus and Eris retrograde. Saturn's going to force us to deal with some unresolved pain, and it's going to make it a hard lesson. But, some unorthodoxy with Uranus will be of use to mitigate the chaos a little. Harness it and control it, maybe.

Speaking of unconventionality, Uranus retrograde has it's own set of affairs. Uranus and Eris retrograde trine Arachne could serve to upend some of the more obvious traps, or at the very least lead to some chance and sudden changes that block what ensnares you. Perhaps something ensnaring you winds up finding some chaos of its own to deal with. Uranus still semisextiles Sedna on Algol as well, so do watch for sudden changes you initiate in response to any betrayals, real or perceived. Try to keep a cool head.

As far as the aquatic planet, Neptune trine Leviathan may lead us to answers in our dreams as to how to deal with some seemingly insurmountable obstacles or adversaries in our path. Neptune opposite Midas warns us against daydreaming too much, however, lest we become an obstacle to our own success during this lunar cycle. Neptune quincunx Bambi, another minor asteroid, warns us to pay attention to our surroundings and to not get caught like a deer caught in headlights in regards to some of the chaos approaching us.

We finally get to Pluto, and it's not pulling punches. We already know about the square between Pluto and Mars/Radiocommunicata, but we also have Pluto quincunx Fortuna, Nymphe, and the North Node to deal with as well. While those three things had some warm aspects regarding Mars, Pluto isn't playing as nicely with those. Certainly some sudden impacts could spoil the energy Mars helps you put into those if you're not careful.

Finally, I'm going to leave off with Chiron retrograde. Frankly, Chiron's got it rough, as it's slowing down for it's direct motion next month, and Chiron square Arachne and Ixion could really lead to some uncomfortable entrapments and snares, and as it's retrograde, we could be trapping ourselves. Chiron semisextile Uranus retrograde tells me that some sudden actions will have a lot in how we handle our internal struggles and wounds. Watch for surprises this lunar cycle!

So there we have it... a hyper-intense month with a hyper-intense lunar cycle starting. Don't be disheartened if you feel like you're in the eye of the storm, as with the energies that have been hitting us with the major planetary aspects alone, believe me. You are not alone. If we exercise due caution and watch for hidden opportunities, we might be able to come out ahead after this lunar cycle. Be very cautious, though, as at this point, anything could happen. Don't take unnecessary risks during this cycle. That's all for now. Set some awesome intentions if you can.


Weekly Report - November 13th Through 19th, 2017

Well, the good news is I'm feeling better from last week. And man, Saturn square Chiron retrograde definitely showed between the pinkeye I had last weekend, and the food poisoning I caught from Thursday the 9th into Friday the 10th. Not fun times. Let's just say it's a hard-learned lesson in how I need to watch what I eat more. Ironically, I think I caught both ailments from the same place (and I'm a regular there. ...well, was a regular. Not for awhile. Eh, I gotta drop pounds anyways). Anyways, as I'm a programmer by trade, I'm experimenting with making a tool to help me see aspects a bit more clearly. I think this is going to help me bring the stars to all of you a little bit better in the long run, so let's see how helpful this will be!

We should note that Uranus retrograde will strongly semisextile Sedna retrograde (itself on unfortunate fixed star Algol) all week long. As this aspect has been very strong over the last month or so, it is no surprise we have seen so many people undone by the Hollywood and politician sex scandals over the last few weeks. We will continue to see people that have been looked up to for so long falling and enduring accusations, both legitimate and false (There is that possibility in a minority of cases). I will be doing an article soon on Sedna and Algol, and let's be honest: Sedna is going to be on Algol for ... a while. Anyways, be very aware of betrayed trust for the foreseeable future, especially by males and male-minded individuals and institutions. As an aside, I am figuring the Semisextile aspect to be a trigger aspect, and with Uranus retro in this aspect with Sedna, betrayal will bring sudden changes. And these are, as we have seen, hidden changes. Again, more news is coming out this week. I guarantee it. As for who else to be implicated in affairs? This is a global aspect: It could be anyone. (On a lighter note, I have seen joke headlines about more people accusing Tom Hanks of being a nice guy, and that's definitely far from the worst thing to be accused of! (from what I know, he's a class act, but let's not get all our hopes up!))

Monday, Uranus has some strong action for us, even though it is retrograde, with the aforementioned semisextile to Sedna, and it's also trine Saturn so we'll be able to control some of the chaos a little better. Be highly alert that you do not fall victim as Uranus retrograde also very tightly opposite asteroid Dejanira (by an orb or less than half a minute of a degree!)... what this means for us is that there is a very strong possibility that we could become victim to our own sudden changes. However, as Dejanira is sextile Saturn pretty strongly at this time as well, the taskmaster may help mitigate this somewhat by keeping discipline up. Do be warned that in the late morning hours, Moon will be squaring Saturn and quincunxing Uranus, so we may have some frustrations as we arrive at work (at least on the Pacific Coast, and early afternoon on the East Coast). In the early afternoon, Moon will also cross over into airy Libra, so this will be a time where we have a more decisive mindset in where we weigh our options, probably also stemming from the early morning Saturn square/Uranus quincunx. Also be advised that Mercury is square Neptune retrograde, so it is very easy for communications to not be very clear through much of this day. Note that very well, as Tuesday will me important regarding the messenger planet.

Jupiter conjunct Venus is also strong today on Monday, so there is a good chance that we can harness some inner fortitude and get some tasks done, as well as receive a bit of enlightenment on secrets that may have been working against us. We'll have a stronger means of dealing with the issue, though probably best to wait until the Moon crosses into Libra if possible. Also be very well advised that Mars conjuncts fixed star Algorab in Libra today, so tempers are going to be flaring. Use Jupiter and Venus's magic to insulate yourself from harm with the watery energies of the Scorpion. Sometimes you gotta get a little dirty to keep yourself clean.

Do be aware that Black Moon Lilith will also be conjunct asteroid Lucifer on Monday, and this is somewhat fitting. Beware that pride comes before a fall. Pluto also conjuncts Juno tightly, so there could be some early morning events regarding our significant others. You may want to leave the husband or wife be until they get that morning coffee, as there's a likelihood of the grumpy bear effect being in play.

Tuesday gets a bit more insane, as we now enter the pre-retrograde shadow period for Mercury's upcoming retrograde. Watch travel and communications over the next couple weeks, as things will not be as clear now. Uranus retrograde is still opposing Dejanira and trining Saturn, so expect more volatile news of more accusers. You may even find yourself being accused of something, or maybe you accuse yourself of not living up to your expectations? Self-victimization and suddenly making a change is a possibility. Again, babies and bathwater don't go to the same pile.

Asteroid Destinn (think "destiny") is retrograde, and squaring the North Node very tightly on Tuesday, so we can expect fated events to come into play. Asteroids Hekate and Karma also square. You have been above-board in your dealings with others, correct? Well, bear that in mind as the Moon will cross Algorab and Mars (and those two bodies are still close enough to be conjunct, so again, the incendiariness of this conjunction cannot be underestimated). Take many deep breaths and do not get into unnecessary arguments today! Moon will sextile Mercury pretty strongly before it hits Mars/Algorab, so there should be a little bit of mitigation there.

Wednesday, the Moon is still going through Libra, and will oppose Uranus retrograde and sextile Saturn pretty strongly (and hit Dejanira at the same time), so do keep a close watch on how you're feeling. Emotional inadequacies could bubble up to the surface, so try to focus on the task at hand. Loved ones might be able to mitigate some of the inadequacies with some unexpected action, though don't expect too much of a decisive direction with this (Mars in Libra, not its favorite spot), and I'm looking at Mars sextile Ceres around midday. Could be a good day to do some planning for home renovations (but perhaps not acting on those plans quite yet). Also, Moon will be approaching fixed star Spica today as well, and Spica's usually a positive star. It might even be a productive day at work while the Moon is on this star, or you could even get a phone call about a job offer or a book deal, if you've been working on those. And with asteroid Karma conjuncting Jupiter at the same time, if you've got someone acting as your own personal Jupiter, expect this to come to a head for good or ill. Most likely good. Maybe even a good time to write that letter to Santa (or receive a letter to pass to "Santa" from the kids!). Sun trines Chiron retrograde throughout the day as well, which will give us a welcome boost in healing ourselves from some pretty brutal internal wounds we've been nursing for awhile.

Thursday ramps up some intensity levels significantly as Moon enters Scorpio overnight. Expect some fixed drive from the scorpion energy to boost your thinking and perceptions, and possibly some focus as well, as Moon will also be crossing in conjunction to Jupiter, and then Venus later on in the afternoon. We'll also be communicating a bit better about the homefront when Ceres and Mercury form a tight trine in midday as well. (Just don't spend too much time at lunch looking at home decor ideas). Dejanira will also be forming a strong sextile to asteroid Pholus on Thursday as well, giving us a little protection and awareness against those who would take advantage of us when our defenses are down (generally by way of intoxication). This is also a time we must note that Saturn is now within orb of conjuncting Galactic Center! It's basically the center of our galaxy, as the name suggests, and with Saturn here, the heavy spiritual influence is going to be on our discipline, restrictions, what has been holding us back (especially as Chiron still squares Saturn at this point), and how we're going to apply what we've learned over the Saturn cycle of the previous year. Buckle up.

Friday brings to us some more chaotic intensity with the square from Eris to asteroid Kaali, and this is going to ratchet up the discord and chaos somewhat. Lot of people are going to be feeling edgy with that one. Saturn is also intensifying its Galactic Center conjunction, and Pholus is also conjunct this point as well! Watch the imbibing over the weekend as, well, they don't call drinks "spirits" for nothing. Mars and Mercury join up for a nice sextile, which will be quite useful in finishing off the workweek with a boost of productivity and activity. Overnight we will hit the Scorpio New Moon, which will kick off another lunar cycle to enter the holiday season with. (There will be a dedicated article about this Lunar Cycle later on in the week as of the time I write this article). Destinn retrograde trine Juno (while still squaring the North Node) might be alright for a date night with someone special. Maybe a night in would do wonders for those lucky lovers.

Saturday could be tricky as we've got that Sun opposition Sedna retrograde. Hopefully the lucky lovers I mentioned for Friday didn't have too much wine, as there could be some hangovers going into this weekend. We do also have a massive caution flag for this weekend as Mars squares Pluto, and this is a highly intense and volatile energy. We want to be very careful with this. Karma is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, still, and as Jupiter can also expand and blow up things, there's a good chance of some chickens coming home to roost on this crazy day. Try to keep the ego in check as asteroids Apophis (destruction) and Lucifer (pride) are also semisextile, which could trigger that pride before a fall. Lucifer is sextile Nessus (obsessions, abuse) as well, so keep your wits about you, and you might be able to avoid doing something or saying something you regret. Kaali sextile Chiron retrograde could also amplify the healing of your inner wounds (or the infliction of inner wounds) depending how this energy is used as well. Granted, it's not as strong as exact aspects to major planets and points, but it does have some bearing... especially if its hitting a personal point or planet in your own natal charts. (It's hitting a nasty asteroid in mine: Dejanira. Wonderful place for Chiron to slow down, and hopefully not as rough for me as it was when Chiron stationed direct on my IC last year. That's an article or series of articles for another day...).

Sunday, again, Eris retrograde square Kaali could bring some interesting shenanigans to those going to church today. Watch the words and actions of those behind the pulpit very carefully. Discord is everywhere, and by their fruits ye shall know them. Destinn retrograde still squares North Node and it's very tight as well. Maybe it's inevitable that some thinking has to happen, and to consider the ramifications of all the goings on. Of course, you might have a good support structure, in which case, keep that up and don't get too crazy! Mercury trines the North Node, which might be a good signal to clear the air about some things on your mind. With Apophis squaring Nessus, and Karma conjuncting Jupiter still, it may be a good idea to just keep your head down and catch up on some reading. Saturn and Pholus tighten their conjunction to Galactic Center as well, so... maybe an ideal day to talk to God, Source, Allah, or whoever you believe in. Or to just reflect on nature and the universe if you're not into any of those things/beings.

So all things considered, it's going to be quite the week. It's high energy all throughout, and there's plenty of ways to slip up, and also plenty of opportunities to build up on your successes, recover from failures, and not let yourself get too down on things. The news cycle is likely to be distressing to many in some way this week as well, so it's better to just not dwell on that and get what you need to get done done. You've got your own life to live, I've got my own life to live, and I'd rather spend mine doing something useful, such as alerting all of you as to what's coming up! Anyways, I see I have a few other articles I need to write this week, and I'm up way too late right now! So I'll bid you all adieu.