Daily Report - Friday, February 2nd, 2018

I'll be fast. Really tired, but will do what I can. Also my dad's birthday. Wish him a happy one!

We start Friday with Moon square Vesta at 1:00 PST. This will be followed shortly after by Moon quincunx Lucifer at 2:00 PST. Some give and take needed with the traditional and structured, and how it conflicts with our own pride and how we feel about things. Could lead to dream visions involving courts or governments in some cases, perhaps.

Shortly after, 3:00 PST brings us Pallas quincunx Mars, and Moon trine Black Moon Lilith. We may know what's wise to do, but we don't seem to be willing to do it all that well, but want to go on our own other paths. We may be feeling a bit of intuition telling us that it'll work out. Will it? A few ways to find out. Do it, or don't do it. Or consider the ramifications. Most likely, just going to do it.

As we wake up, Ceres retrograde semisextile Moon around 6:00 PST could bring to light how we feel about our home situation, or perhaps we notice something while going out the door about something we need to do regarding the home. Maybe a small fix-it job needs to be done when you get back home in the evening? Or during the weekend? Not that too much will get done during the Big Game. (Maybe one team gets their first ring... I hope. Might give us some hope to shoot for, but hey...)

Around Noon PST, Moon semisextiles the North Node. Something will trigger a way we feel about our current situation, one way or another. A mild bit of examining how we can get around some of our issues, or perhaps we just reflect on it and see how we feel about it. Personally, I'm not feeling too happy about a personal situation, but that's just me. North Node's on my own Part of Fortune right now too, so yeah, I'm feeling a bit of personal power struggle. I just have to deal with it. Enough about me though.

At 14:00 PST, Pluto semisextile Venus triggers some more reflection about how things have been going in relationships and on the job lately, or in some other more creative pursuits. We feel something's missing. Perhaps it's time that we're missing to deal with some objectives we want to pursue. It'll come.

Into the evening around 19:00 PST, Destinn trine Moon helps us feel out our greater destiny and fate. We might be feeling better about things, all things considered. We'll get a greater boost an hour later or so around 20:00 PST (8:00 PM) when Hekate retrograde trines Dejanira, and Moon trines Pluto. This is about a time to listen to our inner voice, our inner intuition, see where we've been brought down before, and realize we have more power to get past these issues than we give ourselves credit for. At the very least, we might have some minor victory regarding a rough and tumble problem in our lives.

Still, a little later on, Moon quincunx Venus around 21:00 PST might make for some awkward date nights? Or perhaps we might be working on a creative project or art project, maybe a writing project... and we might get writer's block, or not like what we were doing and just start over? But this is a passing feeling, so if you're feeling dissatisfied, I'd say just brush it aside for a bit and come back to it tomorrow, see how you feel then.

Finally, to finish off Friday before Midnight PST, really around 23:00 PST, Moon sextile Jupiter brings us a bit of luck and good feelings regarding our station in life, or at the very least we feel blessed in some way. Perhaps there's a solution to the creative problem that starts forming in our minds before we turn in for the night. Or, perhaps we're just vegging out and watching a thought-provoking movie, or something that makes us feel good. A good point to relax.

So Friday winds up being a little bit more low-key, and with the Moon in Virgo all day, we'll be able to harness some analytical power to get us through some of the more dicey parts of the day. Don't worry too much, as I think many things will work themselves out. And I'll try to get much of a February monthly forecast up this weekend somehow. For now, much needed rest calls. Peace.


Daily Report - Thursday, February 1st, 2018

It's the day after the Leo Lunar Eclipse, and things are still supercharged. At the same time, it's easy to experience overload depending on what's happening around you right now. I'm starting to feel it, so in a way I'm taking it a little easy. Sometimes you have to take a little rest and come back stronger. Let's get to this.

Thursday begins February with a Moon trine to Uranus around 3:00 PST. This gives us an air of feeling a little more in control, in knowing how we want to change gears and shift directions, and in a way we become masters of our destiny overnight. Note dream visions and see what paths are available to you once you interpret them.

4:00 PST brings us a trio of aspects, with Pluto semisextile Juno, Sedna retrograde squared by the Moon, and Moon quincunx Chiron at the same time.. In our dream state, or just after is, we could have a little bit of a gruff morning with loved ones, and family could come to light and mind and there are issues we're going to have in the back of our minds for much of the morning. Perhaps dealing with these is the unexpected paths that may show up just a little before this... if so, perhaps there is a beneficial answer that may or may not be immediately apparent. Take a step back and consider all of the angles before snapping a partner's head off.

A short time later around 5:00 PST, the Moon squares Dejanira. Victim mentality has a greater chance of rearing its ugly head. Gentlemen, put the seat down if you're using the bathroom very early in the morning. Morning toilet baptisms are one possibility of all of this morning's aspects manifesting that you'd really just rather avoid. I jest, partially, but that's the kind of thing we have going on here with this Moon-Dejanira link: Even if everything seems innocent, a disagreement is more likely to spark now. It was likely not purely a spontaneous thing if it happens, and if you sidestepped it, roll with it. In other words, be aware if things have been brewing under the surface, and it's more likely to boil over. This should pass relatively quickly.

Still later on around 6:00 PST, Moon semisextile Hekate retrograde can bring some hidden knowledge to light from within. Again, remember dreams if you can, and listen to your inner intuition this morning.

Sun semisextile Neptune around 10:00 PST gets our mental motors going, and we could be encountering some interesting mind puzzles, or engaging in some mental gymnastics this morning. Take note of what comes to mind, as there's some illusory shenanigans likely coming to light here. Not good or bad, it's just there. Could be something as benign as solving a crossword while on the bus to a morning math class, for one example. See what solutions to complex problems you can come up with.

Around 11:00 PST, Destinn square Venus and Moon crossing into Virgo while crossing fixed star Regulus is likely to bring us to a fated destiny point. The moon is still technically full from yesterday, though that's waning, and it's still supercharged from the eclipse energies. There could be some question and struggle about what's going on with our relationships and money-making matters, as well as pursuit of material comforts around this time. But, there is that window of opportunity to take advantage of it. Just make sure you know what's up and don't set yourself up to fail. Try not to grow despondent if things don't go to plan. Moon trine Pholus around Noon PST helps insulate us from being too doped up on caffeine or other intoxicants around this time, so we should be thinking a little more clearly, so that may help things slightly. As Moon's in Virgo by that point, our thinking and feelings will be going to the more analytical side, and we may be susceptible to suggestion. Do keep that in mind.

Eris sextile Kaali at its tightest point around 14:00 PST, in the afternoon,, this signifies a mild control over the chaos of the day. We can take small advantage of the chaos of the situation and perhaps we can use this to further advance solutions to what vexes us. Thus, bringing us back to order. Think of shifting chaos' weight against itself and toppling it into a river. Like Robin Hood besting Little John.

15:00 PST can get a little dicey when we see Apophis conjunct Nessus in Pisces, at the same time Moon in Virgo quincunxes Mercury in Aquarius. There's a danger that a misunderstood message could lead to struggle regarding our obsessions, or we have trouble with someone who wants to be more than just a friend, perhaps, and we don't know how to tell them "no." Well... say "no" anyways. And if it destroys an acquaintanceship, then it likely was meant to end at that point. Sometimes you gotta cut loose to grow. Sorta like trimming a bonsai plant. Only the bonsai plant is our less-than-healthy relationships. Don't cut a healthy branch for the sake of cutting branches, though. Get all of the accurate info you can, first. And that could be difficult right now, so double-check.

Into the evening, Pallas trine Moon while the Moon squares Mars in Sagittarius around 18:00 PST gives a double-whammy of exercising some wisdom, while at the same time throwing us some emotional and psychic land mines. Again, we need to know when to hold and when to fold. And again, this could be about the time unhealthy relationships or those that no longer serve us get pruned. The chances for a boatload of anger and road rage, among other aggressive tendencies, very likely to be amplified at this point. But Pallas and Moon in that flowing trine can help temper this with some wisdom. Very shortly after, we do also see Moon square Karma and trine Saturn going into 19:00 PST. again, things coming full-circle, to fruition, and some resolve in handling it is coming to mind. Honestly, with that earlier Moon quincunx Mercury, it could even be an avoidance of confrontation where we stay away or break ties, and don't even say a word to the other party. And sometimes, that's what you have to do to move on. In short, some endings highly likely, and elevated chances of miscommunication or noncommunication, if not outright ghosting. Don't expect pure logic to play out entirely.

Going into the night, from around [i]21:00 PST, to past 22:00 PST, Moon opposes Nessus more tightly first, followed by Apophis, both of those asteroids in mutable, watery Pisces. Again, a cutting away of relationships and emotional ties. There's a good chance we may even be doing some of this cutting because we feel too obsessed or attached to something or someone. Consider your future growth when coming to these decisions. Or, perhaps current circumstances don't allow you to maintain a healthy link. In that second case, perhaps later on works better, but for now, work on yourself.

The first day of February, therefore, proves to be quite potent. Don't lose heart, and follow your intuition. Make sure those voices in your head giving you advice is actually yours, or at least, truly beneficial, and I think you'll be fine. Use your head, and protect your heart. That's the lesson of today. Cheers.


Daily Report - Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Here we are... Lunar Eclipse Day! Be ready for anything, and brace yourself for superintensity!

We'll start with Moon quincunx Black Moon Lilith around 2:00 PST. There's a bit of a discordant energy here between this hypothetical point and the Moon itself, which is in overdrive. Dream visions are likely to be very intense around this time.

At 3:00 PST, Sedna retrograde opposite Dejanira brings feelings of internal sabotage and of betraying ourselves. Perhaps we're sabotaging ourselves in some way. Be aware of this, and note this as something to overcome.

Karma square Apophis around 4:00 PST also points to endings in our lives that are fated, and those that we have brought upon ourselves. "As we sow, so shall we reap." Sometimes it's hard to let go of things we've grown comfortable with, but at times, it's for our own good.

Finally, Eclipse Hour. As the eclipse article states, we've got some hyperintense aspects going o with the moon, with Ceres retrograde and Nymphe retrograde conjunct the Moon, and Industria conjunct the Sun during the period of greatest intensity at 5:26:40 PST. The linked article in this paragraph can give you a greater breakdown of this exact moment in time. Make the most of the energies!

A couple hours later, when the eclipse is ending, Dejanira trine Chiron and Moon quincunx Neptune around 7:00 PST will enact some potential healing from the earlier self-sabotage vibes involving Sedna, yet at the same time we're still under the dreamy and illusory qualities in the psychic atmosphere following this Eclipse, especially with that off-kilter link to the planet of illusions. Be aware of your own feelings and thoughts, as things may not be what they seem.

11:00 PST brings us Pholus semisextile Mercury, and the Moon making it's tightest conjunction to the North Node. Make sure you're thinking and communicating as clearly as you can with others, and don't get too enthralled into what's in the coffee cup. You need to look at things with sober vision right now, and while I'm not talking alcohol in this instance (though that also applies), you need to not overcharge yourself with stimulants either. Intoxication is intoxication in this instance. At the same time, our own inner emotions and psychic energies are going to be at peak right now.

Into the afternoon we'll be feeling some high-powered concerns and contemplating our options when Moon opposes Venus around 15:00 PST. We may be wondering if we really are on the right path towards what we desire, if we're doing enough, if there's more we should be pursuing to propel our jobs and relationships further. 16:00 PST amplifies this with Destinn square the Moon, and we'll be looking at our own lives, and probably wondering if we'll be pulling off everything we want to do before the sands of our hourglasses run out. Honestly, we're going to soon have to make some decisions that may involved flipping the damned hourglass and resetting things a bit. That's a gut feeling of mine not based on any particular aspect, so consider that an intuitive piece of advice.

Into the evening around 18:00 PST, Saturn sextile Apophis and Moon opposite Juno (man, Moon is making a few oppositions today...), well, that earlier destruction aspect with Karma-Apophis may become a bit more clear as to why when the disciplinarian and taskmaster of our starsystem makes that easier sextile. We could come into information that lets us know why it had to happen. At the same time, the Moon opposition to the asteroid of partnerships and family, well, it could be hard to explain something to the kids, as one example, or maybe you wind up having to break a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend? It could just be something as benign as a change of plans to something that's not quite as fun as you wanted to do initially. You can still have a fun evening, but don't expect everything to go to plan then. Especially as Moon quincunxes Pluto around an hour later at 19:00 PST. We're still going to be wondering if things really had to be let go like they were.

At night, Moon square Jupiter around 21:00 PST brings even more discord in our feelings, this time relating our luck and our higher spirituality, maybe even some career issues. Again, "is this all there is" comes forth. Take stock in what comes to you around this time, and start making plans to get past, through, and around it. But we may not be able to act on those feelings quite yet. The time will come, maybe this weekend? We're feeling a bit overloaded at the moment, and that's OK under most circumstances.

Finally, to finish off January, Moon opposing Kaali around 23:00 PST supercharges some of our more uneasy feelings. Write down what you need to accomplish, and put it out of your mind for overnight if you can, that's what I recommend. Rest, try to relax, and get some good sleep because we're going to need whatever recharging we can get. It may not be the most restful sleep, and it's easy to stay up all night wondering about things, but try to relax. Some good tea or warm milk may be needed.

Lunar eclipse day is, as you can see, highly intense, and we're not going to have too many respites on this day alone. But keep it together as much as you can, as we'll have many opportunities to take advantage of the hypercharged energies in the weeks and months ahead. Off to bed now, so adios.


Daily Report - Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Spent a lot of time on the Lunar Eclipse article I just posted. In the spirit of Spaceballs, the Short, short version of Tuesday's forecast. Are you ready? I am. And go.

We're heading into a Lunar Eclipse overnight into Wednesday, so bear that in mind: Everything will be intense all day long for Tuesday!

Overnight we have Uranus square Moon at 3:00 PST, which will bring some interesting and intense dream visions. This is likely to be a restless night, so have that coffee or tea ready in the morning. I'm going to need it, and so are you. A little later on though, we have Moon sextile Sedna retrograde and trine Chiron at 4:00 PST. Perhaps in the dreamscape we have some epiphanies as to what to do about a vexing, troubling situation.

6:00 PST brings us Moon conjunct Hekate retrograde, so while we're getting ready to wake up (many of us, anyways), we may have had some further dream visions about decision paths to make, or perhaps some esoteric stuff like levitating in a dream. Remember as many dream clues as you can, as there's a lot inside yourself right now that you need to look into unlocking if we're going to get through the rest of this week. This year perhaps. Month, definitely.

Sedna retrograde sextile Chiron exact around 7:00 PST could have us waking up to some relief from recent betrayals, as minor as the relief may be. Hopefully it will be enough for us to begin or enhance healing. If there hasn't been a recent betrayal, perhaps a morning swim is in the itinerary?

9:00 PST we see our challenging aspect of the day, Moon opposite Mercury. Not the greatest of aspects right now, but one we must deal with. Communications are not likely to be very clear, and drivers on the road are likely not to be very awake right now. Give yourself some extra time to get to work if you see this in time. Make sure your messages to coworkers and loved ones are clear, and triple-checking what you're saying around now is advised.

Later on in the afternoon, around 14:00 PST, Pallas sextile Apophis may bring some kind of wisdom regarding something to be eliminated, something that may be paining you a bit and is distracting you from securing a better life for yourself, or detrimental to keeping what you need to survive and be stable. We can overcome this a little bit better with this minor energy.

15:00 PST gives us an easier aspect to deal with, Moon trine Mars. At this time we'll likely have a little bit of a confidence boost, and keep in mind that Moon has now entered Leo in preparation for it's shrouding by the Earth as it is eclipsed overnight. We can finish the workday on a strong and positive note for the most part, so make the most of it!

16:00 PST: Pallas square Moon may bring us a little bit of trouble when the afternoon fog hits some of us, and we might be feeling just a little bit unwise or unsure about how to proceed with using the knowledge we've gained in our travels. Take a few deep breaths, and we should be fine.

Before the evening commute at 17:00 PST, Moon trine Karma should be useful for feeling like we're on the right path, gaining what we're working so hard for. If not that, then perhaps we receive a little bit of good news that makes us feel a little bit better about something else in our lives, maybe a new direction we'll be going towards soon enough after this eclipse season winds up?

Into the nighttime hours, Moon quincunx Nessus around 20:00 PST could be problematic. We might want what we want right now, but we are a bit hyped up with the upcoming eclipse energies, and it's really easy to obsess over some key details. Pop in a movie or crack open a book and chill. Or, maybe some meditation to calm the mind (highly recommended).

Finally, as we end the day near 23:00 PST, Moon trine Vesta will bring us some comfort in us achieving our higher ideals, and what we hold sacred to ourselves. Vesta, the sacred flame, is in Sagittarius, and while in Jupiter's sign points to a greater drive towards us connecting to the divine, or our higher selves, or perhaps just our own volition. Whatever works for you.

Tuesday's quite a day. Super-intense, right before the hyper-intense day after this one. If you're lucky enough to be on the West Coast and have a break in the clouds overnight, you may get a glimpse of the eclipse. I'm likely not going to be awake, and I'm up entirely too late as it is. Morning comes early, so I draw this to a close tonight. Peace.


Lunar Eclipse Leo - January 2018 - Hyperactive Soul

Once again, we are entering Eclipse Season, and it's going to be a blast! For this one, I don't have charts uploaded, so we'll be relying on me doing descriptions for this one. This may change if I get time to create the chart files and upload them. For this Lunar Eclipse, we'll be focusing more on the most exact aspects during the Eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse itself will take place around 5:26:40 on January 31, 2018. This gives us the most exact Lunar Eclipse aspects at peak intensity, when the eclipse itself should be in its penumbral phase. Keep in mind that a Lunar Eclipse is basically a supercharged Full Moon... and with this being a Blue Moon (More a calendar thing, second Full Moon in a calendar month), and a Super Moon (closest point to Earth, so bigger than normal), this is a rare Lunar Eclipse combination. Honestly, whatever happens with this one, I'm going to say it's going to aspect us for a full year. It's going to be that potent.

Also, a reminder: all planets are direct during this Lunar Eclipse! So this Lunar Eclipse is at even higher intensity for that reason alone. All Direct Planets-Supermoon-Blue Moon-Blood Moon. Wednesday is going to be a blast. Make the most of it!

The primary Lunar Eclipse aspects within the tightest orbs appears to be Lunar Eclipse conjunct Nymphe retrograde and Ceres retrograde, and opposite Industria, itself conjunct the Sun. A weak opposition between the Lunar Eclipse and Venus also exists by about a 5 degree orb. This is going to be an emotionally intense period where we reflect on our home situations, as well as our inner sexual desires, and how our outward industriousness or career aspects play into this.

On a personal note for myself, I just started a new job and am commuting quite a ways to get to and from it, which does not leave me much time at all to deal with any "home" matters or any relationship matters, sexual or otherwise. As eclipse energies are active some ways before the actual event of the eclipse, I've been feeling this build up. This is one brief example how Eclipses can impact us. In my case, the Moon part of the eclipse is in the tail end of my 8th house (Placidus system), and squares my Moon/Chiron in Taurus and my Uranus in Scorpio (effectively a Grand Cross by transit). I'm already feeling the heavy emotional toll from everything and also, frankly, I have no idea where all of this is going to need. Preparing myself to be able to expect the unexpected, as it were. More like, "Expect nothing, be ready for anything. Anything will happen." But enough about me.

As far as the messenger of the gods during this Eclipse... Mercury is literally in the last minute of the last degree of Capricorn, about to enter Aquarius, and that is going to shift our communications and travel heavily. Last degree of Capricorn tells me that we will be impacted emotionally and psychically by news about markets, money, our net worth, our careers (as Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and ruled by Saturn, and Aquarius, being the 11th sign, is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus). Enjoy whatever stability you may have, as I think we are going to see dramatic changes soon.

Beyond the last degree implications of Saturn during this Lunar Eclipse, Mercury conjuncts Kafka (off-sign in Aquarius), quincunxes Kassandra retrograde in Cancer, squares Cupido in Taurus, and semisextiles Pholus. This is a tricky combination. Kafka tells me that we are going to be hearing some interesting and offbeat news for the next several months, and we may not know how that makes us feel. Kassandra in quincunx, we're going to be feeling a nagging feeling that we know something wasn't right, or is about to happen, and yet we keep it to ourselves, not believing that anyone will believe us. Cupido square Mercury? That's a whole other can of worms, where our more lustful desires may hoist us by our own petards if we're not careful. We're not likely to be communicating all that clearly when it comes to said lustful ambitions. And Pholus? Intoxication could lead to some pretty awkward combinations of issues, and likely will be a trigger for some of the incidences that come from Mercury, Kafka, and Cupido. Use your head a bit and you should be OK.

Venus during the Eclipse culmination semisextiles Messalina in Pisces, and quincunxes Buysballot retrograde in Cancer. So Venus has a bit of a water sign interaction here, and we may be feeling a bit hot to trot. the quincunx to Buysballot retrograde seems to indicate that we'll need to "bribe ourselves" to feel like we have something to offer potential suitors. It's very likely more scandals about famous figures buying lust will come to light. (With the Sedna on Algol years happening right now, it's a given). Don't spend more than you feel you should on something that may be just a passing fling. Unless you're into that, then in that case, don't spend too much.

Mars carries quite a bit of interesting energies this Lunar Eclipse cycle. Mars conjuncts Lie and Sphinx, sextiles Swindle, Midas and Academia retrograde, trines Bambi retrograde, and is quincunx Pallas. Forceful deception is going to come to the forefront. I'm going to just say that right now. But with the other aspects, this isn't a bad thing entirely. Swindle, Bambi, and Academia retrograde could bring to a conclusion some form of higher education sex scandal (which we have going on right now with the U.S. Gymnastics fiasco!), and the trine to Bambi suggests that some resolution will come to those who are unable to defend themselves or have been victimized in some way. The quincunx to Pallas, that's the dicey one. Justice may or may not be served, or there could be some miscarriage of justice that doesn't last too terribly long (though any length of time is not good). Make sure all legal paperwork and proceedings are in order, and expect some high impact court cases involving the themes of victimization, compensation, and deception.

Jupiter... not much to say here. Jupiter square Bologna, opposite Lamb, and trine Tyrannosaurus retrograde... This is going to be one of those rough ones where we see deceptions among the more ecclesiastical organizations come out, or among some prestigious companies or institutions. More fleecing of the general public I believe is coming about, but it's not all doom and gloom as Tyrannosaurus retrograde may bring about a retreat of said tyrants from the spiritual and corporate worlds. More downfalls will come, which won't be a bad thing as tyrants don't need to be ruling us, frankly.

Saturn is a fun one for this cycle. Saturn, of course in its home sign of Capricorn, has three sextiles, to Apophis in Pisces, and Toutatis and Typhon in Scorpio. Saturn squares Midas in Libra, and semisextiles Lie and Karma in Sagittarius. Ok, let's start with the good news, the sextiles. Basically, Saturn is apexing a Minor Grand Trine, a more spiritual or introspective version of a Grand Trine, more intellectual, and it's doing this to the asteroids of Destruction on one side, and some major amplification on the other. Saturn in this case may be mitigating some damage from the goings on, and this also means that Toutatis/Typhon are trine Apophis. I would venture to say... don't expect World War III in the next several months or a total financial collapse. That Saturn-Midas square says its not going to be a major picnic regarding our economics, however. Some are going to be judged and found wanting, and I'm going to project that cryptocurrencies will not be the fast fix for a lot of people. Just my initial thought on this. (If I'm wrong, so be it). Lie and Karma in a semisextile tells me that a scandal of some kind, likely related to the abuse of funds, is going to come about. Could be a stock scandal, or insider trading scandal. Maybe a bribery/kickback scandal. Be aboveboard with your financial dealings, and I think you'll be alright. But don 't expect an easy time of it.

Rebellious Uranus has its hands full for the next several months as well, emotionally. Uranus sextiles Nike in Aquarius and Lust retrograde in Gemini, but also quincunxes Dejanira in Scorpio and semisextiles Desdemona and Sedna retrograde (itself on Algol) in Taurus, and semisextiles Chiron in Pisces.. Uranus will bring a flow where we can have some sudden progress in getting goals done, just do those and get those out of the way when you can. Lust retrograde, well, not sure if we're going to see people suddenly join monasteries and convents, but I think some will be turning the more lustful vibes inward in unexpected ways. Maybe sudden Fifty Shades-style kinks? ...Never read the book. No plans to either. Anyways... Uranus quincunx Dejanira is going to bring some sudden and awkward situations where we could find ourselves the target of some unwanted attention, so do be very careful and be aware of your surroundings and who you are around. Not everyone will act predictably, especially in the next few weeks after this eclipse. The semisextiles could bring some sudden wounding or sudden healing, and... Look, I'm going to be honest. It's more likely wounding, so shield yourselves and do not let yourselves get into a position to be betrayed. Desdemona has asteroid number 666, and can symbolize some diabolical energies. Sedna, we are in a dangerous point where we could ultimately betray ourselves and lose our own heads, especially with that dwarf planet on malicious Algol. Be aware and be in control. That's how you can get through this period as far as that's in concerned. And embrace the chaos if you have to. Order is nice, but it doesn't always get the job done.

Neptune, while not directly aspecting a whole lot, could bring trouble. Neptune quincunx both Fortuna retrograde (not to be confused with the Part of Fortune) and Dudu retrograde in Leo, and by a slightly larger orb, the Lunar Eclipse itself!. Dot your I's, cross your T's, and make sure you have all of the facts before going towards major financial ventures. Fortuna and Dudu together suggests some trouble brewing with fortune, and some unscrupulous BS going on. If it's too good to be true, it is. Don't fall for it.

Pluto, thankfully, is a bit low-key as far as number of exact aspects, but still could trigger something interesting. Pluto in Capricorn (yes, same time as Saturn, I know...) semisextiles Bologna and Juno in Aquarius,, which strikes me as deception in partnerships leading to the demise or restructuring of those partnerships. If you've had some problems or some suspicions regarding a partner, you may want to get aboveboard and figure out what's going on... like, now.

Can't forget Chiron. Chiron sextiles Abundantia/Eros/Sedna retrograde, trines Dejanira, squares Lust retrograde, and semisextiles Nike and Uranus. We already covered Uranus-Chiron a bit, but the others bear mentioning. Chiron sextile the Abundantia/Eros/Sedna retrograde forms a minor grand trine (Eros on one side, Abundantia/Sedna on the other), so if you're careful, there could be a small degree of sexual healing. Or at the very least, you may avoid falling victim to a trap. The Chiron-Dejanira trine supports this as well, though as I should point out, human free will can override astrological aspects, whether easy or hard. Be alert. Lust retrograde and Chiron could derail things, so don't let your libido rip you a new one.

That's pretty much where we're at with the Lunar Eclipse. It's a big one. It's intense, it's... I'd go as far as to call it a Hypermoon eclipse, with the all-direct planets and the other qualities of the Full Moon itself, Supermoon and all. This will be one for the record books, and I think we're going to see some significant drama unfold in the next few weeks. I'm not saying head for the hills, but maybe have some popcorn ready (or brace for impact, depending on what side of the movie screen of life you're on). Until next time, cheers.

Daily Report - Monday, January 29th, 2018

Time flies when you're trying to get to the fun stuff. Making this another quick one. Wasn't able to get to a weekend report, and hoping to have a full week one (for Tuesday through Sunday) up tomorrow night. Remember that we have the Lunar Eclipse Wednesday on the 31st, so be ready! And here we go!

Monday, we begin overnight with Uranus quincuncx Dejanira around midnight PST. A feeling of not feeling in control of our destinies, maybe some sudden revelations hit us around this time. Maybe some strange dreaming going on here.

2:00 PST brings us to the Moon-Sun quincunx, and we're a couple days away from the Lunar Eclipse as well! So, we're approaching that full moon phase, but we're not quite there yet. And Moon is in Cancer, its home sign, so our emotions are ramping up already. Again, strangeness in dream visions, and maybe some restless sleep if we get any sleep at all. Most of us, I think, will.

As we begin to wake up at 6:00 PST, Moon semisextile Ceres retrograde may make for some rough waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Make sure you have a cup of morning coffee ready if you need it, and try not to bite off the head of loved ones or tear up the house while getting ready for the morning commute.

7:00 PST we get our easy aspect of the day, Moon trine Neptune. Both Moon and Neptune are in their home signs, Moon in Cancer as I mentioned, and Neptune in Pisces, so we've got a flowing kind of watery, emotional, psychic even, energy going on here. It's likely some of us will be waking up from important dream visions, or we could possibly still be feeling dreamy as we begin our days as well. Do be careful not to drive off of a bridge thinking you're flying. More likely though, we may be a little groggy, but also a bit more in mental control at this point. The coffee will help, trust me.

We then proceed to 10:00 PST's Moon conjunct fixed star Sirius, which is a pretty nice aspect to have shine down on us. Business and job matters should go well briefly, which is always welcome on a Monday, and if we were under the weather a bit with all the colds and flu going around, we might be feeling a little bit better. Some may have taken the day off to rest, and with the healing Moon trine Neptune aspect from before, that's not exactly a bad thing.

11:00 PST shows us the Moon semisextile North Node.. We should have a bit more determination, and we may be feeling out whether we're on the right path or not. I think we should be ok at this point.

Hekate retrograde in Cancer opposite Mercury in late Capricorn around Noon PST will bring some interesting conversations and messages about whether we're really following the right path in our lives or not. Hekate was an ancient goddess which specialized in occult matters and crossroads, among other things. Some of these occurrences that make us wonder about the right path or not may be fated encounters, and should not be discounted at this point.

Later on into the afternoon, Mars squares Apophis around 15:00 PST (or 3PM if you prefer). At the same time, we'll have Venus conjunct the South Node, which leads me to believe that we're going to be facing some of our past issues regarding previous jobs, previous relationships, and there could be a risk of derailment or destruction of something in the here and now. We need to keep a cool, level head, and do not swing the torch of bridge burning too wildly, lest you burn down the entire island. Now would be a good time to put the cell phone on silent or vibrate, put on earbuds, and just zone out while you get some work done. If you're doing demolitions for a living, do be careful you've got the explosives in the right place, and plan for navigating around potential accidents. Honestly, may not be a good time to destroy things at all.

17:00 PST brings us the Moon quincunx Juno, and this aspect can play into the previous one's at 15:00 PST involving Mars and Venus and their respective aspects. Do not get into needless arguments with loved ones, and again, just let everyone do their own thing (within reason) and maybe put off unnecessarily dramatic conversations for another day. Maybe after the Lunar Eclipse Wednesday would be good.

Finally, to finish off the night, around 21:00 PST (9:00 PM), we get the Moon trine Jupiter (itself still in Scorpio), and Moon quincunx Kaali (itself in Aquarius). Our emotions are likely to be a little helter-skelter, but at the same time we should be feeling a somewhat stronger assurance that things will work out. It's a good time to take stock in what we do have to be thankful for, and to remember the good in our lives, especially if we're feeling a bit down right around then. Good advice for any time, really, but this is an excellent time to take stock in what's going right for us, not dwell on what's wrong.

So Monday's a bit of a mixed bag, but we've got some good, flowing aspects that will help us get through this day into the nighttime, and it should be a mitigation for the afternoon firestorm of "OMG. WTF." Just get through that rough patch in the afternoon, and I think you'll be alright. Also, again, keep track of what you dreamt of, and if it resonates, incorporate it into yourself. OK, I gotta get some sleep here. Earlier start time at the main job. More height of rush hour. At least I don't see any Mars square Mercury here, so I think I'll be alright. Just will need an extra cup of coffee at work. Cheers.


Daily Report - Friday, January 26th, 2018

Another quickie for you all. We do have some more intensity for Friday, so hang on to your hats!

Friday's overnight hours begin at midnight PST (UTC -08:00, naturally) with the Moon opposite Dejanira, so do make sure you are not feeling like a victim of circumstance. If you were still awake, you might have felt somewhat entrapped. Soon after at 1AM PST, we have Uranus semisextile the Moon, which triggers some sudden changes, sudden moves, and considering I just stayed up late and helped a friend with a small project, let's add sudden breakthroughs to that list! Make sure you note what you were dreaming about last night when you read this. 2AM PST brings the Moon conjunct Sedna retrograde and Moon sextile Chiron, so do note any dream visions about overcoming betrayals, or self-betrayal as the case may be too.

At around 4AM PST, this is when it gets a little dicey. Moon conjunct fixed star Algol, so don't lose your head for the next few hours. Keep a tab on your feelings and dreams about this time as well. "What did you dream about" is the more operative question, actually. At any rate, a couple hours later we see Moon sextile Hekate retrograde and square Apophis. Honestly, the Moon's been hitting quite a few of these strange asteroids lately, so do bear in mind inspirations and visions and feelings of overcoming inner doubts and finding your path. Just know that you'll have to discard something or destroy something to get to where you need to go. Not all destruction is bad, but sometimes it can be a little painful.

At 8AM PST, we've got Hekate retrograde quincunx Apophis. Whatever you're trying to eliminate is going to fight back a little bit, but it's not the most major of aspects. Might be something benign, but it shouldn't be discounted. 9AM PST brings us Lucifer semisextile Nessus, so try to remember other people's feelings around this time too. Some of us will be commuting or on the road, or maybe in some sort of meeting? Take a few deep breaths and sip, don't chug, the coffee. I'll consider this a mental note for myself, as I do love my coffee.

10AM PST brings us the first of the major aspects of the day: Moon opposite Mars, and at the same time Moon quincunx Pholus, just as Moon crosses into Gemini! Keep a clear head and watch out for psychic land mines, as it's very easy to be at odds with people you're working with, or close to, or in close proximity to. Bite your lip, as it's very easy to unleash some biting scorn right now.

At 1PM PST, we've got Mars semisextile Pholus, while simultaneously Pallas semisextiles the Moon, so we're likely to be feeling a bit under the influence of power or our own might, and this could bring some interactions with authority figures. Be cognizant and be wise, and try not to take things personal. Watch out for people on power trips. 2PM PST tells me that if anyone was on a power trip around lunchtime, Moon opposite Karma will probably send a signal of "not so fast" to some of those people. A little snap back to reality for a few.

3PM PST is another window of opportunity for cosmic shenanigans when trickster Eris squares Mercury. Expect unexpected messages, and if you're trying to leave early to beat rush hour? Forget about it. Just expect the unexpected and don't expect people to be talking sense, or driving sensibly. Makes me think I should move closer to my new job...

5PM PST is about the time we have another sorta-major aspect with Moon quincunx Saturn. The taskmaster and disciplinarian of the solar system is going to be at odds with how we feel about things and we might be going into the weekend wondering why we even put up with some of the structures and schedules we do. Probably a good deal of wishing we had more time to deal with everything as well...

As we head into the evening at 7PM PST, we'll get a little bit of an asteroid and lunar T-Square with Moon square Nessus at the same time the Moon opposes Vesta. When we have Nessus apexing this configuration, we have a good chance that we're feeling that we know the answers, that we know what is our truth and our inner flame, and we're going to be feeling a bit high and mighty about it, obsessive even, to the point of bludgeoning it into other people's heads as to how things are. Don't do that. Nessus can bring out our abusive sides, and it's better to convince others of what our inner truth is when we're not belittling them.

8PM PST has more discordant energy with Ceres retrograde quincunx Neptune, but at the same time Moon trines Lucifer. We're going to be under some illusions that our home lives may not be all that bad when there's marked room for improvement, or maybe we want to ditch and start over somewhere because we feel we can do much better elsewhere. Quincunxes are a bit of a strange, awkward aspect, so it's possible both are correct at the same time. Not saying we have a Schroedinger paradox here, but maybe the grass is slightly greener on the other side. Especially true if your side of the fence has you sitting on a cactus. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row when you act on this, because a quincunx to Neptune can bring some illusory and false qualities to things, especially with Ceres on the homefront.

Finally, to finish off Friday, we've got the Moon trine the Sun. Now, keep in mind, we're approaching Lunar Eclipse time! The Moon is gearing up, and the flowing energy of the trine to the Sun should bring us a bit of relief and a fun or, at the very least, relaxing if not lazy Friday night. A good time to stay in or just go see a movie, and keep things low key.

There you have it, we have a great deal of intensity throughout the day, and by the time night comes, we've got some illusions we have to deal with, and then a chance to relax finally. Take advantage of the rest, because next week ramps things up a lot. Bedtime for me now. Maybe next week I'll finally have my schedule all sorted out, and maybe I can post this before midnight PST for once. Later!


Daily Report - Thursday, January 25th, 2018

This will be a quickie. I'm way short on time tonight. Wednesday's Mercury conjunct Pluto certainly manifested as a commute from hell with a major accident in the toll lanes on the Seattle eastside 405. Consider that a potential example of travel being affected, in conjunction with that... conjunction. Anyways, enough about my commute.

Thursday is actually going to be a quickie as I'm not seeing too many of the tightest aspects for today. Granted, yesterday's Mercury square Pluto is still active, so be wary of travel delays for today and tomorrow. We may have some mitigation though, as we also have Jupiter sextile Mercury (~3:00 PST), which will then be followed in the early morning hours as well with Moon sextile Neptune (~4:00 PST). Jupiter and Mercury will bring a bit of ease of messages and signs from above, I would think, as well as insulate against some of the other misfortunes that can sometimes accompany Mercury and Pluto's conjunction. Moon sextile Neptune should bring some interesting dream visions that we might be recalling about the time we read this article. Just watch out for Moon square Ceres retrograde around 5:00 PST. Could be something as benign as stealing the covers from your spouse, or maybe some loud snoring? Just a couple examples.

As we get into the morning commute, Moon in Taurus squares the Nodes around 8:00 PST. We could be in for some rough feelings this morning. Maybe some confusion as to whether we left the stove on or something of that magnitude. Try to keep your bearings.

Sun semisextile Nessus (~10:00 PST) may trigger a clash of egos, where our will is at odds or conflicts or even simply intersects with the driving will of someone else. Soon after at 11:00 PST, we see the Moon conjunct Destinn and Moon square Juno. There could be some rough messages with some loved ones that lead to a make or break decision. Whatever happens may happen, but there are some mitigating factors. Again, though Destinn implies "destiny", we do have free will as humans. We can make alternate choices that improve our situation. They're not always that obvious though...

Moon trine Pluto (16:00 PST) may lead us to that alternate outcome, as we can feel our way through the changing situation, and perhaps take charge of it somewhat. But do choose your words and watch your feelings carefully, as Moon square Kaali near 17:00 PST (I'm using 24 hour time, so 5:00 PM) will amplify these harsh feelings considerably. 18:00 PST brings us Moon opposite Jupiter, where we feel at odds with our greater destiny, and we may start wondering if what we're going through today is really worth the trouble. Don't lose faith. A message or a walk or drive somewhere nice might be in order when Moon trines Mercury at 19:00 PST. Maybe a slightly easier commute, or maybe we just handle the road rage just a little bit more gently than normal. I'd recommend a short jog at a gym or just stop off somewhere to chill out, and consider some sort of blessings that you might have. It's not all gloom and shadows after all, even in the Pacific Northwest (where we're getting rain).

Finally, we end the day with Destinn square Juno around 21:00 PST. Take it easy on the homefront, and be diplomatic with your loved ones, as they've had a rough day of it too. I can almost guarantee it.

This is going to be a rough day, I'm not going to lie. But there's some mitigation as we could see. I hope the general hours (at least in PST, which is UTC minus 8 hours) will act as a greater guideline for forecasting what influences may show up today. Take it easy, and watch out for roadblocks, as we're probably jsut not going to feel like we're making much progress today. Rome wasn't built in a day. It wasn't torn down in a day either. Get building.


Daily Report - Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

We're midway through the week, and it's been quite a week, hasn't it? Today is going to be a big one for us all, and it's make or break time. We've got some asteroid love and not-so-love going on, but don't let that fool you: asteroids aren't the main theme of the day. Communication and decisive destiny is key. As always, I go through and look at when the aspects are most exact.

Bear in mind that the aspects are generally active throughout the entirety of the day. The possible exception is that of Moon-to-asteroid interactions due to the quick movement of the Moon through the zodiac, and the minor, subtle influence of the asteroids themselves. Asteroids are smaller than, say, Mercury, so this makes sense. With that out of the way...

Wednesday begins in the overnight hours with Vesta sextile Sun. Not much to say here at this time of the day except for a setup for us recharging through the night and holding true to ourselves when we wake up. We'll also have Moon square Hekate retrograde as well, and with Hekate in Cancer right now, we're bound to have some deep dream visions that may either be disturbing or jarring. Make a note of what those dreams are if you can remember them. A dream journal might be a good idea. To finish off the sleepy hours, Moon will also trine Pholus, and Pholus has just entered Capricorn. A good chance we'll awaken with a bit of sober vision and renewed resolve on what we need to do to build up on our foundations. This will also be about the time the Moon enters Taurus, so what makes us feel comfortable, fed, and secure will be in the back of our mind for the rest of the day in some form.

Going into commute time (assuming you're on the U.S. West Coast and have a typical 9-5-ish schedule), Moon conjunct Pallas helps us know our worth, and we're more likely to be making some pragmatic and sound decisions based on some level of wisdom, rather than pie-in-the-sky fantasy. Make use of that minor wisdom, as Moon quincunxes Karma soon after, and there could be some lack of rhyme or reason where we question what's going on with us. We'll be wondering if we're really getting what we deserve, or if we are experiencing penance for something we did or didn't do... or if an unexpected bonus happened and we can't figure out why we're deserving of it. Maybe. Karma's a strange beast.

Nearing lunchtime, Mercury semisextile Kaali sharpens our tongues and increases our aggressive driving slightly, so be careful. Apophis semisextile Chiron at the same time could lead to some minor aggravations and fender benders, or maybe some sudden demolishing of something that was bothering us? Sort of like the rabbit pulling the thorn out of the lion's paw. A little further into the PST noontime hours, we start getting our major aspect of the day: Mercury conjunct Pluto. Messages and communications will be decisive, and we will receive definite yeses and nos at this time. Not to mention some will travel and have a decisive journey, some making their destination one way or another. May not be the destination we were expecting, but it will come. Black Moon Lilith semisextile Venus at the same time brings some hidden focus to something we desire, be it looks, money, our job, the prospective date, and chances are what happens at midday will shape things for a good while to come. Consider this a buildup to the Lunar Eclipse coming next week.

Into the afternoon hours, Moon quincunxes Vesta and squares the Sun/Lucifer conjunction. Pride comes before a fall, so if you were feeling all high and mighty and not deservingly so, you will be brought back down to Earth faster than Icarus with a pair of candle wax wings. Check the ego. Sun conjunct Lucifer is pride personified, and this is legacy time. With the Moon configuration, it can be the breaking of legacies.

A little further on, Sedna retrograde square Apophis while Moon sextiles Nessus could bring to light further undoing in another scandal, most likely of a sexual nature, most likely a male figure. Don't be surprised if someone else we thought untouchable crashes and burns today, or if more allegations come to light against someone already under fire. The cosmic wheel isn't done running roughshod over the old structure quite yet, and with Sedna conjunct Algol for the next few years, a reminder is in order, the old structure is going away. It'll just take time and won't be painless. Stand firm and hold fast, justice will come.

Into the evening hours and into the night, Pluto semisextile Kaali will bring amplification to those conversations and messages from before, triggering some potentially heated discussions on the way home or in the watering holes later on. Somebody will face the music.

Finally, to finish off Wednesday, the Moon trine Black Moon Lilith brings forth intuitive insight and preps us for the dream visions to come (or perhaps induced visions if we're under the influence of a drink or two, but do be careful what the "spirits" bring (they don't call liquor that for nothing)). Finally, Moon square Venus highlights some doubts we have about whether we're really going after what we want, and will bring our insecurities to the forefront. Trust in yourself to make the right choice, but don't make hasty ones before going to bed. Making a list to consider the following day is advised if you can't quite get things off of your mind if you want to save your sanity tonight.

In summary, Wednesday has a good bit of intensity and we're going to decisively talk our way into or out of our destiny, one way or another. Let's try not to dwell on whether we made the right choices today or not, as eating ourselves up will only hasten ruin. Sometimes I lose faith too, but then again, when it comes to this sort of stuff, I tend to speak to a bunch of choirs sometimes. Maybe I'm not. You decide. Let's decide to further our futures the way we want to live them.


Daily Report - Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

About that weekly... On second thought, I may not get to the weekly this week either. However, I can at least give you another daily report for Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. The commute, plus the events of this day (A death in the family, and the whole "grass is greener on the other side..." thing. Yeah. It's been a day. The passing, however, was expected as he was ailing for quite some time). Anyways. Enough about that. If I seem a little bit out of it today, you know why.

Again, I base these off of PST (Seattle Time), which is UTC -8 hours. Make adjustments accordingly.

Tuesday, we begin the overnight hours with the Moon trine Ceres retrograde. We can feel a bit more at ease in our homes, and maybe recharge a bit. A time where our own role in the home is highlighted as Ceres retrograde brings about some home revisions, and reexaminations on how we conduct our more private matters. A little bit later, the Moon will also exactly trine the North Node, which brings us some fated recovery. Moon sextile Juno a couple hours after that eases our overnight feelings of security with our partners, or maybe ourselves if single. Moon semisextile Destinn may bring some dream visions about our greater destiny as well before waking, or maybe epiphanies come in the shower as how to better advance our greater destinies, maybe in the shower for early risers.

Going into the workday, Vesta semisextile Saturn could make for some interesting developments and perhaps commutes. Watch out for speed traps is the thought I have with this one more than anything else, but also there could be some early morning developments in the law and legal front. Moon square Mercury also further bolsters the warning against getting complacent if you don't want to get pulled over for something dumb. This could also imply accidents, so do take care when traveling. Still later on in the morning, Moon sextile Kaali amplifies our emotional state and attunes us slightly better to our inner voice. Be very aware of what that inner voice is telling you, and make sure it's actually yours, as shortly after that sextile, Moon will square Pluto, and that can spell all sorts of discord and harsh reality checks. Perhaps that new beginning from the day before may have that "grass was greener from the other side" feel.

Into the afternoon, Hekate retrograde trine Mars can bring forth inspiration for us to take action finding our inner path. Take note of what signs you see, as divinity or whatever you believe in may be trying to suggest a course of action. Or it could be something from the underworld. Pause and make sure it's the right course of action before deciding anything. Especially as soon after this, Moon conjunct Eris will bring forth some discordant feelings in our state of affairs. Saturn semisextile Sun and Moon quincunx Dejanira signal another aspect to this transit where we feel like the victim of our own emotions, but we can't be certain whether we've restricted ourselves somehow, or if we're just feeling vulnerable for vulnerability's sake.

Entering the nighttime hours, The Moon conjuncts Uranus and sextiles Apophis, while also semisextiling Chiron and Sedna retrograde on Algol. Truthfully, this sounds like a point where we're going to decide to take action suddenly and ditch something that's been bothering or hobbling us, yet at the same time we must be wary not to sabotage ourselves in the process. No sense in throwing out the baby with the bathwater, after all. To finish off Tuesday, Uranus sextile Apophis aids in completing this demoliton of something not good for us.

Long story short, Tuesday is a day where we'll feel uneasy about the way the week is progressing so far, and we'll be taking stock in what we've gained, but also what we seem to have not gained and what we've lost. It's better to focus on what lies ahead, because looking backwards too much won't get us anywhere. And if you're walking backwards looking at the past, you're not looking at what the future will bring. Really, it's time to take decisive action and make the decision to go towards what we want, because in the end, the destination isn't going to come to us. We've got to go towards it, and sometimes we've just got to get pissed off enough to make the decision to go after it. Complacency brings stagnation. Stagnation brings demise. Don't wallow in demise. And this is where I leave off tonight. Cheers.