New Moon Libra - October 2017 - Shattering Facades

It's time for the New Moon once again, this time in the Fall month of October (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere). Time for a new cycle, and this lunar cycle promises to tear down the lies that many have clung to, that I'm going to be very forward about right here. Time for the deep dive.

The most immediate aspect we are going to be dealing with for this cycle is New Moon opposite Uranus retrograde. So already we're off to a bit of a chaotic start, and that ebb and flow has been directed inwards for awhile now. Straight off, it's not just an opposition, but the New Moon-Uranus opposition is actually a T-Square, apexing asteroid Nemesis. This is very interesting. So we've got the flowing energy of the moon on top of the sun bringing forth new beginnings, we've got Uranus tearing down and influencing all sorts of change-ups, some sudden spurts of inner action... and the focus is on what we would consider the enemy. Now, Nemesis is in Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, so this has to deal with money, wealth, possessions, even what we do for a living. Are we working for someone we don't like or respect? Are we being led by the same? It's time to decide what we want to do with this, and we're likely in positions where we have to be careful. Now, Nemesis is trined by Mars, and Mars is quincunx Uranus, so we've got the red planet pushing some drive and fire towards this end. We may have an action plan to take care of this enemy influence (and I need to make clear that this enemy may not even be a person... it could just be a situation that is an adversary as well). However, we need to be clear on what path we're going to take to tackle this, as there is all sorts of unknown and potentially changing energy that is going to require us to have a Plan B. And a Plan C. Better make a Plan D while you're at it.

Another thing we need to be aware of is New Moon sesquiquadrate Neptune retrograde. So while we're dealing with the taking down of our adversary, we need to make sure that our planning is actually clear. It's likely not going to be and there is a lot of false and faulty information out there right now... and Neptune being in Pisces, well, we've got a lot of emotion driving our thinking and actions right now. Look at the news recently, and a lot of news, whether it is true or false, is very emotionally driven. Neptune opposite asteroid Academia could even bring forth a situation where some of the false narrative comes from a place of higher education. Monitor what comes out of our universities very closely this lunar cycle. Watch for faulty studies and research, for sure!

It's also worth noting that New Moon is tightly conjunct asteroid Karma. We are going to see more revelations this cycle where people will reap what they have sown. This could be very beneficial for some, and downright catastrophic for others. With Karma opposite Uranus retrograde, take care that you don't sabotage your own rewards. On the other hand, there's a chance you could sidestep the results of a previous misstep. If you're one of those fortunate souls, take heed and learn the lesson a not-so-hard way. And then change your ways of doing things so you don't wind up in that situation again. I'm basing that on the astrology here, but to be honest it's just good advice.

Mars opposite Chiron retrograde, with Saturn apexing the T-Square is a pretty rough influence for this month as well. Fortunately, Mars is not exact in its square or opposition, so we have a chance of mitigating some of the angry energy. Some of the war of words may be tapering off, quite possibly, but we're still seething beneath the surface at past hurts. Even if we don't admit it, there's a sore spot we're still dealing with, and there is a chance we could soothe that over.

A nice, tight aspect that gives us some drive, energy, and the ability to harness the chaos is the Fire Grand Trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, North Node in Leo, and Eris retrograde (and by proximity, Uranus retrograde) in Aries. Saturn trine Eris gives us a chance to harness the chaos and coax it to a better path. Maybe you got cut off in traffic, for an example, but that cut-off got you stuck at a red light... annoying, right? Now how about if you had made it through the light, only to have made the next green light and get creamed by a runaway cement mixer? It's an extreme example, but it demonstrates that the delay and restriction of Saturn can hold back some of the discord of Eris. The North Node in trine to both gives us an air of fated events related to this restrained discord and chaos, and this is an excellent cycle in which to take advantage of this. Just watch the other discordant energies, be aware, and you may be able to sidestep some unpleasant situations.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Scorpio for this lunar cycle will bring forth heightened awareness of some of our deeper, inner beliefs. We'll also be able to communicate some of those inner secrets a bit more effectively during this lunar cycle. Look at the recent sexual harassment and abuse allegations coming to light against the likes of Harvey Weinstein, and those of other fell actors. Consider that Asteroids Typhon and Apophis are also conjunct Jupiter within a degree of orb, and also consider that Saturn conjuncts Ixion during this time. The violator of guest right and trust, Ixion, being restrained by the disciplinarian Saturn... as well as the destroyer Apophis with the monstrous Typhon, and being expanded by Jupiter. This is a time that we can expect more revelations of this sort of thing, and before this lunar cycle is out, several other big names will undoubtedly have colossal career setbacks... and some endings. Even Donald Trump's past is being probed during this time.

You know... speaking of presidential aspirations... Arnold Schwarzenegger had allegations of misconduct before he ran for governor of California those years back. And Terminator 6 being worked on is big news... I'm not saying something else is going to come to light, but maybe we can't rule it out with him either. Watch him closely. If nothing else comes to light with him, or someone close to him, so be it. That would definitely be a Demolition Man event there. I may need to check his chart if I get a chance and see if he's due for a revelation...

On another note, Asteroids Silver and Gold are conjunct in Capricorn, and both sextile Jupiter and Mercury at the New Moon timing. Some people are always speculating for a bubble to burst or for the stock market to tank. I'm not seeing that this lunar cycle. Granted, they make a Yod to asteroid Lamb retrograde, so be careful of risky investments lest you be fleeced at a later date. This is very funny as asteroid Bambi sextiles Lamb, and forms its own Yod to Silver and Gold. Maybe there's something in livestock futures to look at? Well... we are approaching the Thanksgiving season here in the United States... so maybe.

Venus conjunct asteroids Radiocommunicata and Sphinx for this lunar cycle tells me that there is likely to be some communications regarding a mystery, likely one involving artifacts or maybe a painting. Maybe even a statue? Raqqa was just all but liberated from Daesh (ISIS), so maybe there's some antiquities those bastards didn't destroy... and maybe those will come to light? Speculation, of course. Anyways, with Venus-Radiocommunicata-Sphinx trine Abundantia retrograde, we should take a close look at some of our treasured items, figure out why we treasure them, and... check them for damage, to be honest. Maybe there's a need to repair something? Or maybe something slips in value? Not catastrophically so, of course, not at this time. Could even be a job you liked just isn't doing it for you now. Maybe you love the job you're at, but it needs something addressed. Maybe a minor grievance that can either be easily fixed, or is much ado about nothing. Abundantia does sextile asteroid Fortuna in Leo more closely than the Venus conjunction, so I'm going to stray away from the Minor Grand Trine thought for that one. Again, not expecting the stock market to tank.

Venus-Radiocommunicata-Sphinx opposite asteroid Cupido retrograde does caution us to be wary of snakes in the grass when it comes to romance as well. Again, with the increased awareness of sexual harassment, this would be a good time to see how you're coming across to the other genders (or same gender even!), and ask yourself if you're treating them with the respect they deserve? ...yes, someone out there probably assumes no respect is due. Check that crap. There is such a thing as basic human dignity. I have to assume we all don't like our boundaries violated, so it's an extremely good idea not to violate the boundaries of others, especially in those regards. Back to the astrology of this subject, Asteroids Aphrodite and Messalina square also drives the point home of misconduct being revealed, and Dejanira conjunct fixed star Algorab I believe is going to reveal even more on the subject. Hollywood is burning. It will be interesting to see what other major players go down by the time the next New Moon hits in Scorpio in November.

This is where I'm going to leave off. Lots of food for thought. A time where we can exorcise some demons, but be aware that you don't get too lost off the beaten path. With all the digging going on in our lives, we are going to see some people get really dirty this cycle. But this is also an opportunity for some people to get really clean as well, as we can't really clean dirt if we don't know it's there very well, can we? Not seeing financial cataclysm this month, but that doesn't mean the setup for it with sweetheart deals isn't happening. Be alert, be safe, and if you must rock the boat, make sure you have a way to make it to shore. Watch that you don't get tricked into giving away all of your treats.


Weekly Report - October 16th Through 22nd, 2017

This past week hasn't been the easiest of times for many people. Energy has definitely shifted with the entry of Jupiter into Scorpio, and Venus shifting into Libra has also added its own touch. Well, guess what: The shifts keep coming. By week end, we'll have Mars entering Libra and the Sun will be primed to enter Scorpio overnight on Sunday. Again, the shifts keep coming.

Monday, the shifting continues. Moon starts in Virgo where we'll be seeing our analytical sides take control. Moon will, later on in the day, square Saturn and soon after joins the T-square with Mars opposite Chiron retrograde, most directly squaring Pholus and Black Moon Lilith. Hopefully not too many of us hit up the bars or other intoxicants from Sunday into Monday, as hangovers are very likely. Mercury also begins the day in the critical 29th degree of Libra, about to enter into Scorpio itself! This is getting to be quite fun, as our communications will begin to delve more into the more secretive sides of our psyches, and communications with colleagues and loved ones will begin to take on a more decisive, sharp tone. Mars will also more directly quincunx Uranus retrograde, so expect some change-ups and sudden frustrations, and watch that you don't sabotage yourself. Uranus is still applying in retrograde motion to a trine to Saturn, so we should have a little more control over sudden impulses.

Tuesday, the Moon will cross into airy Libra, so we can expect our thoughts and emotions to get a little less analytical and more of a judging quality, weighing options in the afternoon (if on North America). Mercury also finally crosses over into Scorpio proper, and is getting closer to conjuncting Jupiter, so we will be seeing some more manifestation of big communications, and as they are still in range of an opposition to Uranus, we should be careful for sudden upsets when traveling as well. There is a chance of big travel impacts this day, though as it's not an exact opposition, this may be muted somewhat. Mars, Chiron and Saturn-Ixion-Pholus-Black Moon Lilith are still in that T-Square, so be aware of sudden, heated arguments, especially with that Mercury having just entered Scorpio. Enhance your calm.

Wednesday gets us deeper into the rabbit hole as Mercury crosses Jupiter and begins to wane in its conjunction. Mars and Chiron are also separating in their opposition, so the wounded healing in regards to aggression and anger should begin to subside a bit. Mars is also separating from its square to Saturn, so the Mars/Saturn/Chiron T-Square should begin to start losing some power. Still, Mars is squaring Black Moon Lilith more strongly, so we can likely expect more news to come out about the sexual abuse and harassment scandal coming out of Hollywood... and my educated guess is... it's not going to just stay in Hollywood. More players will likely come to light during this time.

Thursday brings us to the New Moon in Libra, which will begin another new lunar cycle for us to try to make things happen. This New Moon opposes Uranus retrograde most directly, so this will be a time we can expect the unexpected in our planning and daily affairs, and as Uranus is in Aries, we can expect these sudden shifts to happen quickly. Be fluid in your planning this day. We should note that Saturn trines Eris, which should give us a little bit of stability to manage the chaos going on around us. It's not perfect, and Mars is still in square to Saturn, so that righting of the chaos might be a bit frazzled still. This square won't be lasting much longer, thankfully, so we can try to breathe a sigh of relief soon.

Friday early on starts with the Moon crossing into Scorpio and conjuncting Jupiter and then Mercury in the very early morning hours, so pay close attention to any dream messages that come to you then. Sun is also conjuncting asteroid Karma during this time, so it's very likely we may reap a little bit of what we sowed leading up into the weekend. I should also note that asteroid Apophis conjuncts Jupiter strongly today, so there's a chance of some big impact destruction or tearing down happening on Friday as well. Definitely take several deep breaths if someone irritates you to no end. It's hard, but trust me, you're going to want to exercise some restraint.

Saturday is Mars' last day in Virgo, and it transits the critical 29th degree, so not only will this be when we finish up some decisive actions, but this will also be a day where our decisiveness begins to wane just a little. Mars doesn't like Libra very much and is at its weakest there. Venus is beginning to approach a quinxunx to Neptune as well, so things can get just a little muddled in the pursuing-beauty front, and thus we really should double-check what we really want to buy from those antique and yard sales this weekend.

Sunday is a bit unclear, as we have a multitude of challenging aspects. The Moon does cross over into Sagittarius, bringing a fiery, changeable air to the day. This makes sense as Mars enters Libra close to noon on the Pacific Coast (North America). There will be a brief sextile between Mars and Moon, but that'll be mainly in the morning to noon hours, so we might be able to get up a little early if needed. We also have some muddling in our thoughts as Venus continues to tighten the quincunx to Neptune retrograde, so we may still be feeling a bit unsure about what to do about a loved one, or about a job or even something we felt we liked, like a hobby or a prized possession. What do we want to do with it? Soon Venus will also begin to square Pluto, but it's just slightly out of range today, so be thankful for that at least. Finally, Sun is beginning its final drive in the final degree of Libra as it approaches Scorpio. As Scorpio season nears in spades, we'll find ourselves a bit emboldened.

Saturn does continue to advance its trine to Uranus retrograde, so we still have some inner oomph we can use to harness the chaos and turn it to our advantage. We can use this to help us plan just a little bit better for the following week.

So there you have it. The entire week is filled with challenging aspects and shifts as several bodies change signs or are about to change signs this week. Don't expect anything to go the way you expect it to this week, as, quite frankly, with all the shifting energies, we are not going to get what we expect. At all. Just try to get through this week, and take advantage of the lulls where you can, and this way we can keep going forward towards a better life for ourselves. For now, weather the storm.

Weekly Report - October 9th Through 15th, 2017

The powerhouse of a week last week has certainly left an impression with many of us, I'm sure. This week is not going to be any quieter, that I can promise you.

Monday starts off with the Sun and Mercury both squaring Pluto, which is going to be ramping up the energy considerably! We are going to be faced with some serious disruptions to our day-to-day lives to start off the week, and we're also going to be facing some hard truths about ourselves that we are going to need to change and adapt. Tempers will likely be frayed, especially as this isn't the only aspect. We also have Venus beginning to oppose Chiron dead on, and Mars is tightening its square to Saturn as well. Romantic and career squabbles will also be intensified at this time. Do not poke the bear today.

Tuesday brings Jupiter into Scorpio. A massive shift in energy and consciousness will be apparent with this as we seek to expand our more ambitious desires. Some big changes will be coming with this as Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, and both planets are prominent for Tuesday as well... as are several other bodies. Tuesday, frankly, is major. We have a Grand Cross involving Venus and Mars in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Chiron in Pisces, and the Moon in Gemini! The Moon portion will be short-lived, but we've got that T-Square for the hours before and after noontime PDT. Sun is still squaring Pluto at the same time, so this is really not the day to push issues either. Focus on getting your tasks and duties done as much as you can, and don't expect everything to go smoothly with that Grand Cross energy. Emotions are going to be rough, people are going to be pushy, and did I also mention the quincunx from Venus to Uranus retrograde forming?

Tuesday isn't all rough, as we'll have a brief sextile between Uranus and the Moon, so we can have some sense of hidden pleasures to get us through that rough patch of the day. Later on, Uranus will begin to trine Jupiter as well, so the later part of the evening will have some mitigation in the craziness as well, as we can curl up with a book or with some meditation or yoga, if you're into that sort of thing... or Uranus trining Pholus/Black Moon Lilith... well, meditation might actually give some good insights later in the evening considering that, so take time to yourself Tuesday evening and just try to decompress.

Wednesday isn't too much easier, but at least there isn't a Grand Cross to deal with. We've got Venus and Mars still opposing Chiron and squaring Saturn, but the orbs are separating, so the craziness of romantic intrigue and workplace frustrations should begin to let up a little by midweek. Sun is also separating from the square to Pluto, so we should be able to put aside some, but not all, of the frustrations and figurings of what exactly is rocking our world that day. Moon will also trine Neptune retrograde just a little bit later in the afternoon as well, so we can use some creative thinking to get around some problems, and it's also a good time to just take a few minutes and brainstorm or daydream if you need to. Moon will also be opposing Kaali during the trine to Neptune, so whatever mystical brainstorming you have going on will be somewhat amplified, but don't be surprised if it takes a rough turn. Your mind might race just a little towards the darker side of things. Don't have to fight it but be aware.

Thursday is a mixed bag with the Moon squaring the Sun earlier in the morning, or maybe noon depending on what timezone you're in, but then trining Chiron retrograde and sextiling Mars, and then Venus by midday. So we can reflect a bit and see where we are, how we're feeling about where we're at in our lives and maybe even plot a few things to do for the weekend. Mercury will also be opposing Eris while conjuncting Karma and Apophis, so do watch the bite of the tongue when talking to others. It'll be a little easier to do so as Mercury sextiles Saturn, giving a little bit of discipline when communicating with others, and that also brings up a good point: Saturn trine Eris can help us tame the chaos just a bit. Saturn will also be approaching a trine to Uranus retrograde, so we can begin to assess a bit more easily just what we need to change in ourselves at thsi time. The dark side of this is Saturn approaching the square to Chiron retrograde, so whatever we see that we need to change, it's going to hurt. It's going to take disicpline, and if we can get through it, we'll be all the stronger for it.

Friday gets crazier as the Moon moves into Leo overnight into the morning hours... it adds a bit of self-important feeling to ourselves, and we may feel like we're hot stuff for a bit... but consider how you feel when waking up, as that Moon square Jupiter could bring us some morning road rage... or some big dreams.

Also, regarding that Saturn/Uranus/Chiron mix... As Mars begins to oppose Chiron more directly, it'll add to the intensity for sure. We've got a bit of urgency to some repair work we need to do with ourselves... and that's alright. Venus is also in the last critical degree of Virgo this day as well, so whatever we felt we needed to work on creatively, and whatever loose ends we needed to deal with romantically and jobwise, we'll be dealing with it on the last business day of the week. Mercury is quincunxing Chiron a bit more directly as well, so we might not be coming across clearly, and that could ruffle some feathers. Mercury is also moving off of opposing Eris but is approaching the direct opposition to Uranus retrograde... It's going to be so easy for us to make slips of the tongue, or talk about things that just don't make any sense to others. Don't lose heart.

Saturday is big on the scope as we not only have Venus enter Libra in the early morning hours, we also have a Fire Grand Trine between Moon, Uranus and Saturn. This is an excellent time to do some exercise, and also to get some housework done, some rearranging if we need to, or other change-ups that we've been putting off for awhile. Mars opposite Chiron retrograde gets tighter, and we might have to watch out for accidents, so don't lean too far on any ladders. Could also, in rare cases, involve a doctor needing to rebreak a bone to set it, and I'm not sure why I get that visal, but it makes sense with that configuration.

Venus in Libra is semisextile Jupiter as well, so again, regarding projects we want to get done, we can make some decent progress with that energy in the mx as well. Mercury opposing Uranus retrograde can bring an air of us questioning ourselves in our inner monologues, and Sun opposite Eris could throw us for a loop if we start questioning ourselves too much. It's alright, so long as you don't lose yourself in that. Sun and Mercury sextile Saturn as well, so if you're thinking of doing some writing (like a novel or some blogging, or even just jotting down ideas), do it! You might be amazed at what you come up with!

Sunday caps off the week with the Moon entering Virgo, so we'll be feeling somewhat productive that day, and there will be that sextile to Jupiter as well, so we can take advantage of that productive energy as well. Don't get too bossy, as the Moon will oppose Nessus, and it's easy to get lost in the details and hyperfocus to the exclusion of all else when that configuration takes place.

Later on that Sunday, Moon opposes Neptune, so whatever hyperfocus we may have had earlier, we can just as easily get distracted and start daydreaming, and second-guessing what we did before. Very easy to get frustrated then with Mars more exactly opposite Chiron that day. Mercury still opposes Uranus then too, so watch out for messages out of the blue that change your course during the day as well. This will be mitigated somewhat with the Sun sextiling Saturn further, so a little more focus in getting tasks done, but with Sun opposing Eris more tightly, again, a bit more chaos to deal with. Saturn is more tightly trining Eris though, so that chaos can be mitigated and even controlled somewhat... like carving an intricate design with a shard of glass. Just don't cut yourself on the unexpected!

So, as you can see, this week is a bit of a mixed bag, and starts off all frazzled! It gets a little more relaxed towards the middle of the week and maybe even productive by week's end. Just try to keep your cool, as always, and don't get enraged at well-meaning coworkers and loved ones. But do have a healthy outlet for those frustrations, and I think we can get through this week. Take care of yourselves, for sure!

Full Moon Aries - October 2017 - Frayed Sanity

This lunar cycle has... been way more active, more intense, more... horrific... than we could have hoped. The atrocity in Vegas has proven to be not only an example of survivors helping survivors, but it has also revealed just how divided we are. The culmination of this lunar cycle will reveal more for the remainder of the cycle, and we have... hard truths to face.

The primary aspect is, of course, the Full Moon square Pluto. Now, A full moon is Sun opposite Moon, and is a time of completion, where we can finish tasks, where we can culminate what we initiated during the New Moon phase of this cycle. We can feel on top of the world sometimes with a Full Moon, or at least enough drive to finish up some tasks. This one squares Pluto, so whatever we try to finish up is going to face some pretty serious obstacles, possible failures, or quite possibly some pretty sweet successes if we play our cards right (and put in the very hard work we need to do to make it happen)! The orb is about 4 degrees or so between the Sun and Moon to Pluto, so it's not an exact T-square. We also have Mercury conjunct Sun and opposite Moon, and to a weak degree, square Pluto, so how we come across to others, and some of our travel will also be impacted heavily. We need to bite our tongue just a little, and communicate clearly. Diplomacy might be a good idea right now, lest we lose our cool and call our boss a moron. Let's also note that the Sun is dangerously close to fixed star Algorab, in the constellation of Corvus (the Crow). Algorab has the attributes of Mars and Saturn, and can be a bit incendiary. Tempers could rise a bit during this period, so try to keep your cool.

Anyways, moving on... if we think it's just a simple matter of playing some cards right, it's not that simple for the rest of this cycle beyond the fixed star shining close to the sun. We also have Venus conjunct Mars, both square Saturn and asteroid Industria. Mars with Venus can give us some intense power and drive to go forward and achieve what we want to go, and can also fuel some spark in the bedroom with our significant others (or a stranger, perhaps). We do have a saving grace of Mars-Venus trine Pluto, which can give us a surge of energy to apply to tearing down a block that is keeping us from getting important tasks done. It's not perfect, and it's not the tightest orb, and Pluto is conjunct Nike, but also Bologna right now, so as long as you stay true to your objective, you might just do well enough to pull off an 11th-hour victory at best, or at the very least force a stalemate against something or someone feeding you a line of bull. Take ethical victories wherever you can.

Moving on... OK, Mars square Saturn alone is not the nicest of aspects and can lead to some hard arguments and even violence. Venus with Mars can intensify this towards our job aspects and our love life... passions intense, but Saturn is there constricting, disciplining us. Saturn with Industria alone can be great for sustained, focused, hard work and effort. We're distracted though. There some wanting to play and pursue what we find more attractive than just hard work. Saturn's in Sagittarius anyways, not the most disciplined spot either. I suppose adult entertainers might be able to take advantage of this aspect a bit, but might have some questionable clientele or otherwise have some unpalatable incidents in general. Could be a possibility of violence and crimes of passion at worst... this is a time of caution, even after the unfortunate release that occurred already.

Jupiter opposite Uranus retrograde is also a rough aspect, where we find a division between some of our higher calling, or some of our career aspirations, and our inner rebellion, some sudden upheavals. Jupiter in Libra isn't even its strongest point, but it's just, just short (by a minute of a degree) of the critical final degree of 29 Libra. Jupiter is getting ready to change into Scorpio, and that brings some potent energies. Whatever is happening to drive forward higher belief, or law, it's going to culminate soon. And this close to the Full Moon, it's going to intensify. Of course, Uranus is separating from this, so we might not do too much self-sabotage or sudden change-ups to trigger this if we watch what we're doing.

Saturn trine North Node just might give us a little insulation, and Saturn is applying in trine to Uranus retrograde, so we do have a Fire Grand Trine of sorts happening, though the Uranus/North Node connection is weakening. We might be able to find a shortcut or a different way of getting through a task. What I can see is a much stronger Fire Grand Trine between North Node, Eris, and Saturn. Unconventional solutions are actually going to be a strong way for us to get through the next couple weeks. Don't go so overboard that you throw all caution to the wind, but we're going to have to embrace some uncertainty and chaos to move forward. No way around it, because, quite frankly, stable order just is not going to happen right now. Embrace the chaos, and turn it to your advantage. Use it in art, use it in hobbies, maybe even that strange thought of how to resolve an issue or problem at work just might get the project done in the nick of time.

Backtracking and looking back at the Sun, we do have Sun quincunx Neptune retrograde, and that's going to bring to us a bit of uncertainty, and some self-questioning as to whether we're really on the right track. It's going to be very easy to lose ourselves in self-inebriation or self-deception. Be aware, and break out of it. Sun also sesquiquadrates Destinn and Sedna on Algol, and this is important. A sesquiquadrate is like a square and a semisquare (a weaker form of square), and is approximately 135-degrees in orb, give or take a degree or two maximum, so we're going to be facing some.... I'm going to say some external blocks and issues. Be aware that there is an elevated possibility of betrayal and losing one's head. Sedna on Algol is just symbolizing all sorts of problems with trust of patriarchal figures right now, and there's a real "off with their heads" feel with the Eye of Medusa shining (or blinking as it were) on that transneptunian terror. Destinn gives us a sense of destiny (the closest English word that matches), and... well, Vegas. Again. Be vigilant. Thankfully I don't see anything at 27 Aquarius to create a Thor's Hammer (two bodies or points square, both sesquiquadrate a third, and a portent of great challenge, more rough than a Yod in my opinion). Don't put absolute trust in father figures or male/male-minded figures right now. Trust, but verify, and watch your back.

Mercury is also quincunx asteroid Narcissus retrograde right now, so let's be a bit more careful than normal when it comes to tooting our own horns. But, Narcissus does trine Aphrodite and Eros in Scorpio, so we might be able to subdue the inner narcissist in ourselves and maybe embrace some love or affection for a bit. Do be careful that you don't put too much blind faith in whatever short-term encounters you experience right now, as Aphrodite-Eros quincunxes Cupido, which is a couple degrees from conjuncting the Full Moon. Don't invest too much emotion in the other if you're just after a hook-up. Now, if you want something lasting, that's fine. Just know that the major aspects of Mars-Venus square Saturn and Full Moon T-square Pluto may make that a little tenuous, and a lot spicier than normal. Might be alright for some fun. As far as obsessions regarding lustful encounters, we do have Nessus trine Lust. This might mitigate the worst aspects of these two asteroids, and allow us a slightly easier time to engage in some sultry pursuits without opening ourselves up too terribly much to torment... but do be careful. The major planets do have more bearing than the minor asteroids. If in doubt, have an out.

Finally, I'm going to mention Chiron retrograde. Chiron is squaring Saturn right now, so there's likely to be some stopping and tending to our wounds we are going to need to do collectively, as this is a global forecast for this Full Moon. Quite appropriate, given current events. Chiron also sextiles asteroid Nemesis, and forms a Yod to the North Node. We've already had an enemy strike down so many people... how we handle the aftermath will determine the course of action for the foreseeable future. We can heal from this if we stop wounding ourselves. As a nation here in the U.S.A.? We have our work cut out for us on that one. And Nemesis opposes asteroid Tyrannosaurus, but also trines Sedna-Destinn. A bit of a wedge pattern, and Chiron does trine that Tyrannosaurus as well. Nemesis also squares Eris, and we do see a great deal of chaos, discord, and seeing enemies in many places judging from what I'm seeing on my personal Facebook feed. I'm just going to take this moment and make a broad appeal to calm, and to use some damn common sense in dealing with others right now. Granted, with the hard aspects I'm seeing and the news that keeps pouring out of Washington, D.C.? I'll make the appeal anyways but I'm frankly not hopeful it's all going to go smoothly. Just try to examine all sides of these issues and try to keep a level head in your own lives, but do stand up to bullies as well should they try to force their way.

To sum up this Full Moon? Holy crap. This is not going to be an easy time. There's a few softer aspects to help soften the blow just a little, but we've got a lot of hard energy for the next couple of weeks, and nerves are frayed to almost the breaking point right now. The right catalyst could cause more mayhem, and it's very easy for trouble to find people right now, so don't make any unnecessary trouble for anyone or yourselves right now if you absolutely don't have to. A great deal can get done if you can weather the storm, the trick is going to be the actual weathering of the storm. It's not hopeless though!. Reach out and ask for help if you need it.


Weekly Report - October 2nd Through 8th, 2017

How has everyone's weekend been? Good and productive, or good and relaxing I would hope. I hope you've all enjoyed it, as it is going to ramp up several notches. Thought it was going to get easier after that September blitz? Not by a long-shot! So be ready for anything!

Monday, the big aspect to be looking out for is the separating, but still potent, Jupiter opposite Uranus retrograde. This powerhouse is still bringing forth a lot of energy, and still providing some catalysts for growth if only we change something within ourselves. Uranus retrograde, of course, is the dynamic and radical change turned inwards, and Jupiter likes to expand. Are we expanding the right things at this time? We may have gotten an answer as to what to expand, but as for how to effectively expand it? That's a different matter.

Later on from Monday overnight into Tuesday (in North America at least), The Moon will briefly quincunx the Sun, getting ready for the Full Moon phase later in the week. We're getting towards the manifesting part of the lunar cycle by this point, and it would be a good thing to pay attention to your dreams this night, and if you can remember them later, definitely see if you can make use of it. It might not make any sense though. That's alright, we may have some strange feelings towards it. Sun also squares Kaali on Monday as well, so we may be feeling a bit offkilter going into the dreamscape Monday night as well, as Kaali from what I feel is an amplifier, and making that hard aspect to the Sun, we may find our own selves, our ego, at odds with what we need to do to make ends meet, as Kaali is squaring it from Capricorn, an earthy, cardinal sign. A good day to pay attention.

Tuesday, the Moon will oppose Venus, and then Mars, in quick succession. Some of us may be feeling a little buyer's remorse this day, followed by a sense of urgency of "oh my goodness I need to get my money back now now now!" Hang on a minute... because earlier on Moon will conjunct Neptune retrograde, and when this configuration happens, we're going to be feeling a bit dreamy, maybe groggy, and some things just might not be making sense logically. Take your time and don't make any sudden decisions. Especially don't make any regretful exchanges or returns because you feel embarrassed or you feel slighted, as Moon square asteroid Lucifer is also in the mix right around that whole cluster of hours. You may be feeling a sense of wounded pride, a sense of "why did I do that? That's not me!" Well, guess what, it is you, and it's a darker side of your self. But don't dwell on it, this aspect won't last long. And Mars/Venus is moving on from squaring Lucifer anyways. Again, Lucifer is pride. Not evil. At least, not from what I've seen in asteroid astrology. Moving on.

Speaking of wounded pride and ego, maybe some of that feeling comes with the ongoing square from Chiron retrograde to Ixion-Black Moon Lilith-Pholus in stellium, and Saturn is in range of conjuncting Ixion. Maybe some of that questionable buyer's remorse was initiated out of a sense of envy for what someone else had? And mauybe you just felt you had to have it, or maybe it was an impulse buy... hey, shopping and acquiring can affect reward centers in the brain just like a piece of chocolate or a good craft beer can. It's not just substances that can intoxicate and entice. Come to think of it, might be a good idea to step back and check those impulsive decisions for the entire week. Maybe the entire month. I'll check on that a bit soon.

Wednesday brings us a powerhouse aspect, finally, one we've been waiting for: Mars conjunct Venus. Yes, Venus finally catches up to the red planet, and this is a day of intense chemistry, high focus, high drive to go after what we want, to acquire that piece of art or that designer purse maybe. But, there's a somewhat weak square to Saturn that's raining on the parade a bit. Not fully, so that's a good thing. But keep yourself in check, after all, Jupiter is still in range of opposing Uranus retrograde, so some of this wanted expansion may be a sudden downfall later if you're not careful. And, there's also the matter of the Sun beginning its quincunx to Neptune retrograde. We need to step back and make sure we're thinking clearly as we go about our day on Wednesday. Not only that, but the Moon also crosses Chiron retrograde, so we may wind up doing something we later regret, or maybe it's a sudden action that finally acts as a catharsis to resolve an old issue. You know what they say about breaking a few eggs to make an omlette... check yourself and make sure you're not cracking a golden egg to make that one-time breakfast.

Thursday is when it really gets intense. Mars-Venus reaches maximum intensity in the afternoon (North America, mid to late evening in Europe), and the Sun quincunx to Neptune peaks some time before that. It's not all over yet as Mercury begins its quincunx to Neptune retrograde as well. Take a few deep breaths before sending any angry emails this day, especially at work. This will be a potent mix that carries on for a couple weeks, actually, as this will be right around the time of the Full Moon this week as well (more on that in an upcoming article).

Venus and Mars also tighten their square to Saturn on Thursday as well, so that influence is getting stronger. We may find acquisitions or employment to be a little more shaky, and... I have to be honest, Mars square Saturn is (not just can be, is) a volatile aspect. Thankfully, there's a (waning) trine from Venus-Mars to Pluto, so it's possible we can turn some discord to our advantage if we stay calm and think.

Friday is just as intense, and may even be a mental minefield as we still have the Mars-Venus conjunction, Sun still quincunx Neptune retrograde, and Mercury peaks the quincunx as well. Easy for there to be miscommunications on this day, for sure, so pay special attention and communicate as clearly as you possibly can. Look over your emails for any typos, and think twice before sending incendiary texts.

Moon does start off a little earlier that day trining Saturn, so there's a little bit of at-ease when it comes to some feeling (and the fact the weekend is coming doesn't hurt there!) and with Moon conjunct Uranus retrograde and then later on more directly opposite Jupiter, well, that easy feeling kind of goes away a little later on. This could be a day we start questioning how long we'll have that next meal ticket coming. Try not to lose hope. Do be forewarned that the Sun and Mercury square to Pluto is also beginning to form. It also doesn't help that the sun is on the fixed star Algorab, a fixed star in the constellation of Corvus (the Crow). It functions somewhat like Mars and Saturn (though as a fixed star, we don't consider squares. I only count conjunctions... some may consider oppositions, but I don't in my work). So Sun and Mercury are effectively conjunct a mini-Mars-Saturn conjunction, and this could be a day we can really force through the last bits of the workweek, or it could blow up in your face. With Sun-Mercury square Pluto... and with everything else going on that day... Pay special attention.

Frankly, Friday may just be a day to work from home or take the day off, if you really want to be safe. If you go into work, or travel to class, watch out for aggressive drivers that day.

Saturday still has the alignments from the previous day, such as Mars-Venus conjunct, Sun-Mercury on Algorab and square Pluto, but the Moon has changed into fixed, earthy Taurus, so we have a little bit of change of focus on our minds. Moon and Pallas retrograde conjunct and sextile Neptune retrograde, which makes a Yod to Mercury-Sun... So how we are coming across to others, and whether we're doing so in an aggressive or boistrous manner will come into focus. Later on, the Moon will break the Yod and trine Pluto, so maybe if there was a romantic blowup before in the day, maybe a good time for makeup sex later. That's entirely up to you couples out there. On the non-relationship front, Moon trine Pluto will be useful for calming our jets and seeing where we can feel better about the upheavals going on at this time. Maybe comforting a friend in need, or even writing out a business plan if you plan on starting a counseling service for others, all admirable goals.

Sunday is a big day, and we'll probably see some more controversy perhaps? But, all things considered, we can probably make some good use of the energies of this day. First off, we have the Moon trining Mars, squaring the North Node while quincunxing Saturn, and then trining Venus, all before forming a sextile to Chiron retrograde. It's going to be an interesting mix of energies emotionally. Might be a good day to have a nice brunch with a loved one, though I'd advise avoiding unpleasant topics. Keep it light.

Venus is beginning to make an opposition to Chiron retrograde as well, so, again, keep the conversations with loved ones light. It can be a good day to bury hatchets, though rest assured you want to be careful with this as Venus and Mars are still squaring Saturn as well. Mars will be tightening its square while Venus is beginning to move off of the square, so while there might have been some marital discord or maybe even discord within a job, it's not over yet. The following week will see that Mars/Saturn square intensify, so, quite honestly, you may just want to relax as much as you can Sunday. Recharge your batteries, for sure.

Sun and Mercury tighten their conjunction and thankfully move off of Algorab, but we've also got the tightening square to Pluto. There is an air of volatility, especially when it comes to financial matters (as this is what I'm feeling regarding Pluto in Capricorn right now). Again... keep topics of conversation as light as possible. Really, I would advise against aggressive or even overly assertive actions starting from Sunday all the way into the middle of next week.

So there you have it, a slight calm before the storm, and then the weekend comes and... just lay low. Chill, relax, don't scream at players over the mic if you choose to play multiplayer games, try not to get mad at kids, just... don't go looking for trouble this week. If you like looking for trouble, trust me, it's pretty easy for trouble to find you near the end of the week. On the world or national stage (at least here in the U.S.), I expect another feud of words. No way around it. Me, personally... well, my natal chart is getting hammered hard so it probably really doesn't matter what I do! I halfway jest, though. Try to keep calm, keep it together, and keep a level head if at all possible. And know when to duck, because we may need to follow the way of the turtle a little bit. Slow and steady, and bunker down if needed. Keep it real until next week.

Weekly Report - September 25th Through October 1st, 2017

The high intensity hits keep on continuing, not much respite going right into October this week. There's quite a few reasons for this, including one planetary change of direction. And... it's a big one. Quite Plutonic, in fact. But enough bad puns.

We begin the week Monday with Mars opposite Neptune retrograde, and while it's separating, it's still highly potent and intense. We want to go, we want to get things done, and Neptune retro in Pisces just is thinking "ehhh, I don't want to. Let me sleep another five or twenty minutes..." But you have to get out of bed. Muddled thinking is likely, and some sluggishness too. Compounding this later in the day is a Mars-Neptune retro-Moon T-Square. Moon going through Sagittarius is just one of those placements where we may want to just say or do what comes to mind. That's going to have a potential for a lot of hard feelings. Given the recent fallout of the recent athlete protests, partially sparked by Donald Trump's statements regarding the NFL players taking a knee... yeah, just try not to bring that up too much at the office. I can't guarantee an easy time of that.

With Jupiter quincunx Chiron retrograde this same day, there's some off-kilter yes-no energy between wounding/healing and the greater benefic. Potential for hard feelings, some managerial shakeups, people wondering just what deity would even allow this environment to continue. Well, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith-Pholus are tightly making a Yod pattern focusing on asteroids Destinn and Sedna. People feel betrayed. This will pass.

Did I mention Jupiter is also tightening its opposition to Uranus retrograde as well? Shakeups in our beliefs and expansion of unexpected events are very pronounced. We're going to be wishing the weekend were longer by the time Monday is over. I don't see any way around it this time. Considering Jupiter apexes a Yod at the same time as it's opposing Uranus (with Chiron retrograde and the aforementioned Destinn/Sedna on Algol conjunction forming the sextile), I foresee financial and career repercussions across the board. (...and I'm personally on support this week at my main job. Fingers crossed that I get all easy cases this week. But it's end of the month... so I gotta learn how to do that sometime!). Feet to the fire to begin the week, really.

On to Tuesday! Moon conjuncts Saturn, subduing our emotions just a little briefly. But that's alright, we could use a brief respite. Moon a little later on trines North Node exactly, so we might have a little more insight into our inner feeling. Moon will also hit Pholus and Black Moon Lilith later on and square Chiron, so best not to drown our sorrows too much at happy hour, otherwise we might miss a clue as to how to move forward in our life to a situation that probably isn't making sense. It might even be a sudden solution coming out of nowhere as Moon will also trine Uranus. Besides, muddle your thinking during this possibly brief time of some benefit, and you might miss out on a sudden insight. Write down whatever sudden solutions jump out at you on a cocktail napkin if you have to, or in the margins of your homework (in pencil, maybe, just in case...)

Wednesday is where the Moon proceeds into earthy Capricorn, so maybe a good day to put that sudden epiphany from the day before into motion. Mercury is beginning to oppose Chiron retrograde by this point, T-squaring Pholus/Black Moon Lilith, so perhaps a little careful thought into transmitting those said epiphanies into the world. Quite possible to ruffle feathers with a sharp tongue, especially if you're losing yourself a little into some distraction. Again, careful with happy hour. They call it "spirits" for many reasons, and I only half jest. Anyways. Jupiter's opposition to Uranus hits exact point this day, so expect whatever major shift happens to career expansion, luck (good or ill) and our broader beliefs to rock you to the core. Note that Venus is also beginning to oppose Neptune, so it's quite likely that we may even think that the previous day's epiphanies may be resolved one way, only to find that that was kind of a pipe dream and isn't going to go anywhere near how we expected it!

We really need to keep a lid on our ego and not take it out on our loved ones with all of that Wednesday energy going on, as later on in the day, the Sun will quincunx Nessus. If we don't know WTF is going on, it's really easy to take it out on someone that doesn't need to suffer our wrath. Just chill a bit.

Venus will also trine Kaali, leading to some potential nice romantic encounters or some creative burst in a project or other undertaking. Be sure to use this power constructively, as we have the harbinger of death and rebirth, Pluto, basically motionless all throughout this day as well, ready to shift gears the next day.

Thursday will be where we begin to see the taking shape of what we've seen in our lives work or not work, and we'll be able to move forward in making the changes to defeat what no longer serves us, as [i]Pluto moves direct[/b]. With the destroyer and remaker now beginning to edge forward, but not quite yet as it's going to take some time to get moving again, now we get to see more manifestations of unneeded structures crumbling and tumbling down. The last few months were a good marker for seeing what no longer works. Now we can take action.

Mars will also begin trining Pluto as well, so while we want to get those changes going, we may need to just chill out just a little bit. Adding even more potency to the Mars/Pluto mix is the Moon conjuncting Pluto later on in the afternoon/evening. A good time to assess our feelings and wash away some misgivings.

Venus begins to oppose Neptune retrograde a bit more on Thursday as well, so we may feel a bit hesitant about that new relationship that may be forming, or we may have a momentary lapse in confidence about some creative pursuits or some relationships. It's alright, it'll pass. Venus is closing in on conjuncting Mars, but not quite yet at this point too, so let's try to relax a bit if there's any grievances brewing. It shouldn't be a catastrophic argument if it happens at this time, with the trine to Pluto/Moon.

Friday brings a tighter trine to Pluto/Mars, so a good day to finish up some tasks at the office or at your workplace in time for the weekend. Jupiter also begins to separate from the opposition to Uranus but it's still tight and potent, so shakeups in the professional and judicial spheres (as well as ecclesiastical spheres) will continue to take shape. Mercury is also about to enter airy Libra, which will put it out of its exaltation in Virgo. Our communications with others and our travel will take on a more airy, more dynamic flare beginning later on in the day. I'd say take some time to plan your commute just a little bit more, and maybe hang out and chat with coworkers or text a few friends a little bit after work in order to let the traffic die down. Certainly not a retrograde period, but it's a shift in energy.

Sun moves on from its quincunx to Nessus, but will square Juno on Friday, so remember to be a bit more understanding with loved ones. Venus tightens its opposition to Neptune, so it's very easy for our imaginations to dream up slights where none may exist. Hopefully none exist. No guarantees on that though. Venus also strengthens a trine to Pallas retrograde, so we may see some creative interpretation of law somehow. Maybe we even see where we can spend or save money a little more judiciously, with Pallas being in fixed, earthy Taurus.

Saturday brings us Moon in Aquarius from the midnight hour or so on, giving us a fixed, airy feel to our emotional state. Moon will trine Sun, so a good day to relax a little and maybe get some errands done. Venus also begins to relax its opposition to Neptune a bit more, so maybe whatever misunderstandings may have happened with a spouse or significant other will begin to calm down, especially with Mars also moving on from the opposition. Mars' trine to Pluto also intensifies, so we can get some improvement projects off the ground a bit more today. Try not to let pride get in the way with Venus square Lucifer, as pride does come before a fall. Ask for help or directions if you need to. Your partner will thank you, in theory anyways.

We end the week on Sunday with a tighter conjunction between Mars and Venus, and with Venus beginning to trine Pluto a bit more, it should be a great day to relax with some creative work, maybe some painting or sculpting, or a nice walk in the park with the boyfriend/girlfriend. Or maybe even meet someone. We should be having some more mental clarity as to finding someone good for us this day as well, with the Mars-Venus opposition to Neptune retrograde waning. The Venus/Lucifer square also wanes starting from today, so still watch the ego just a little bit. Very late on, almost into the following day on Monday, Moon will trine Jupiter, so maybe some nocturnal solutions come to mind from beyond. Or maybe just a midnight notation of an investment idea? Up to you how you want to use that energy.

So to summarize this week, we have some intense, chaotic energy that makes us question most of our steps to start the week off, and by the weekend the energy subsides a bit and becomes more conducive to recreation and respite. Keep tabs on what's real and what's illusion, especially in the realms of love/romance and correct courses of action, and you should get through this week a bit easier than the previous week. And, Pluto going direct will be of great importance in the weeks to come. A more in-depth article is coming for that one, so stay tuned.

New Moon Virgo - September 2017 - Overthrowing Deception

One month after the Great North American Solar Eclipse, we come to another new beginning with the New Moon in Virgo. This lunar cycle is going to reveal some uncomfortable truths, reveal intense deceptions, and propel us closer to a better path overall once all is said and done.

Starting off, we have New Moon opposing Chiron retrograde, so I can tell you right now that this lunar cycle is all about resolving the pain of the past, getting past the hurts, and bandaging the wounds that have been festering in our hearts for the last who knows how long. This is a time where we will come to grips with that which has pained us, that which has tormented us, and we can take what we've learned. We will move forward after reflecting on that which is deep within us.

New Moon is complicated by a 150 degree-ish Quincunx to Uranus retrograde. Combined with the aforementioned opposition to Chiron, we are going to have to be aware of sudden change-ups that will appear as we begin another new chapter in our journey. Expect sudden delays, accidents out of nowhere, and sudden changes of mind inside ourselves that can propel us into different directions. We may then come home later and be like, "whoa, I didn't plan that. What was I thinking?"

There's a potential reason for some murkiness as well this cycle: Neptune retrograde opposes Mercury and Mars conjunct. Now, Mercury is moving on from Mars, and thus we're starting to get a little bit of calm before any more further storms, but those storms are going to be coming later on when Mars opposes Neptune more directly less than a week after Mercury moves on. But, we have added emphasis as Mercury and Mars apex a Yod Kite: Asteroid Cupido retrograde sextiles asteroid Messalina retrograde, and Neptune retrograde which is already pulling the bowstring of the Yod is furthermore joined by Narcissus retrograde. This is not a time to be telling all sorts of tall tales to woo the opposite (or same) sex. Why? Because they're going to see through the bravado and realize the throne of lies. This is a time for honesty and being upfront. Be cordial, of course, and don't lose your cool if you're told "no." After all, Mars adds a bit of fire to this conundrum, although in Virgo it can get a bit calculating. Maybe even introspective. With Neptune retrograde with Narcissus retrograde in Pisces, we can also be knocked down a few pegs and drown ourselves in sorrows a little too easily. Let's not do that. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off if your illusions get shattered, and move on.

Moving on, we will need to watch out for further tall tale-telling with Pluto retrograde conjunct Bologna retrograde and Nike. This combination can be a bit rough, as we're tearing down our internal structures, and in this case we can be seeing the baloney we've told ourselves. Maybe we felt compelled to "just do it" and go on weaving some tales. Well, this combination of asteroids and dwarf planetdom is also being opposed by Buysballot and Pinocchio. While some will be telling some lies to get ahead, that nose of theirs is going to undergo a growth spurt, and hoist them by their own petard. Now it's possible that one can take advantage of this situation, but you'd better be doing so altruistically, lest you get hammered in the revelation of truth yourself.

Another reason we should really watch out for falsehoods being proclaimed this cycle is asteroids Lie and Radiocommunicata conjunct, and Radiocommunicata is flowing into the New Moon with a conjunction. This is a time we need to be quite alert and watch for falsehoods being proclaimed as truth through media outlets and the Internet. Basically, watch out for "fake news," and there will be much more of it for the next month is what I'm seeing up in the stars. With the Chiron opposition to Radiocommunicata, it could cause a bit more wounding than we would like. Try to keep a level head.

Fortunately, we do have a small bit of some fiery oomph with a Fire Grand Trine between Uranus retrograde in Aries, Academia in Leo, and Pholus-Gold conjunct in Sagittarius on Galactic Center, with Uranus being kited by an opposition to Jupiter, asteroid Eros and Typhon. Higher education I think is going to be prominent, and if you're not in college, it'd be a good time to learn something that might be of use for expanding a hobby or a second career (or a new career, if so inclined). Uranus retrograde is already bolstering our inner rebellion and unconventionality, and Jupiter opposing that is showing where we need to have some give and take in our fortune and our greater purpose. Perhaps a new special someone is waiting in the wings too (but again, with the Neptune/Mercury aspected Yod mentioned before, be careful with the "fake it 'til you make it" routine). Typhon adds tremendous extra energy to this as well, so double-check everything lest it blow up in your face. Pholus and Gold together with Galactic Center adds a good deal of spiritual oomph to this grand trine, and could be a good time for craft brewers to peddle their wares, or wineries, or, yes, even cannabis dispensaries. Just be aware of sudden changes.

Another area we should discuss is a Yod Kite involving Destinn-Sedna-Desdemona on Algol sextile Chiron retrograde, apexing Jupiter-Eros-Typhon and being kited by the aforementioned Uranus retrograde. Well, it seems Jupiter is quite prominent when considering these lesser bodies. Money and resources, higher callings, greater "luck" if you will, all will be in focus. Sedna-Destinn-Desdemona is a hell of a combination though, especially on Algol. Again, be aware of deceivers and betrayers. Desdemona adds a darker energy (whether or not that has anything to do with it being asteroid number 666 is your call), so definitely use your gut feeling and if something feels wrong, steer clear. The sextile to Chiron retrograde could bring us an element of inner wounding or inner healing depending on whether we heed the voice in our head to watch ourselves with unscrupulous folk. Jupiter and Uranus in the mix, well, with Eros with Jupiter, it could be a crime of passion, or a false promise of love. Be careful. On the flip-side, some of the more daring in domination or submission could have fun with this aspect. Just make sure you're both aware of the (correct and same) safety word if you go that route.

Finally, we have another asteroid opposition that is of great prominence, with Arachne opposing Rudra, and forming a T-squqre with Venus on Regulus squaring both bodies. Venus, the planet of love and what we find beautiful, has just crossed into Virgo at this point, and sitting on the heart of the lion, it can bring great pride in what we find beautiful, but it can also be our downfall as, in the case of this T-Square, it can bind us, and Rudra I like to point out is an amplifier. Intense love affairs and some sudden swings in fortune (good or ill, depending on how diligent you are) are exemplified by this formation. Take care, for even with a large upswing in good fortune, the tax man will certainly want his cut. There's always at least one string attached, but sometimes that string can lead you to an answer you didn't expect too.

So, in summary, we have a tremendously intense New Moon cycle, and the throne of lies could very well be lit ablaze by the liar's own pants being on fire. Not a time to be deceptive, and people will try! Be aboveboard, be honest, and be there for one another. Especially with the natural disasters that have been going on. We need to stick together, and watch out for opportunistic charlatans now more than ever! Be good, be safe, and keep moving forward to a better tomorrow!


Weekly Report - September 18th Through 24th, 2017

This week is all about high-intensity energy. And there is a lot of it.

Starting off the week on Monday, we still have the Yod Kite with Venus sextile Jupiter, both quincunx Chiron retrograde, and the Sun completes the opposition to pull the bowstring. Inner healing and dealing with wounds very much in focus, with the elements of our money, our possessions and our careers/jobs still very much in focus, as well as our own selves, our own ego, our own self-worth. Asteroid Dejanira is also becoming conjunct the Sun (as the Sun is approaching the 2 and a half degree orb of impact for an asteroid), so we are likely feeling a little victimized here. Perhaps an improper bank hold (like I currently have a couple of), or some possession or perhaps a lover or love interest is held hostage or at arms length. That's the feel I'm getting from this. Continuing on with this trend is a Sun quincunx Uranus retrograde point of uncertainty, where we have sudden hiccups or monkey wrenches thrown into our affairs. To further exasperate this, I am also seeing another Yod Kite forming, with Chiron sextile asteroids Destinn and Sedna (both on Algol, a notorious fixed star associated with losing one's head) all quincunx Jupiter in Libra, with Uranus retrograde kiting that. If you invest in the stock market, or trade in particular goods, I would keep a very sharp eye on your investments. This Jupiter-focused Yod will intensify throughout the week, and I'm forecasting peak intensity for the Uranus/Jupiter Yod formation on Saturday. Finally, a couple major conjunctions in the later part of the day (or starting from around noontime Pacific Daylight Time) is Moon conjunct Mercury, followed a little later by Moon conjunct Mars (and Moon-Mars are still a couple degrees orb in their own conjunction). Our emotions are likely to be flaring up and highly intense, especially with the other Yod energies I've pointed out). Resist the temptation to use the boss's desk as a urinal and just count to a hundred if you need to. Perhaps a thousand would be better... Or could put nose to grindstone and just get some much-needed tasks done at work or around the home... This would also be a good time to mention an intense T-square with Sun opposing Chiron and apexing at Pholus, an asteroid named for a centaur who had some very inticing wine in legend. This isn't the time to lose ourselves in intoxicants or other escapes. The temptation, however, will be very strong. We could even find ourselves losing ourselves in overindulging at the gym even. Warm up well.

Tuesday isn't looking much less energetic. the sun begins to seperate in its opposition to Chiron retrograde so we should be seeing a bit of relief begin to take shape, and as Venus is about to enter Virgo, the Yod involving it, Jupiter, Chiron, and Sun breaks. Hopefully we will have put into motion some of what we need to do, and Venus entering Virgo later in the day will help bolster this... But don't forget that a bit earlier in the day we have Moon square Saturn, so we're going to have to deal wtih some rough edges emotionally. We'll be feeling like we just can't get started, but this will pass later on. On the Pacific coast near 11PM to midnight, and early morning on the East Coast (U.S.) we hit the next New Moon. New Moon, of course, brings Sun conjunct Moon, and an ideal time to get new projects and new habit forming off the ground. As this New Moon opposes Chiron, this will be a month-long cycle of inner healing being brought into focus. We also have a Fire Grand Trine with some minor bodies, with Ixion in Sagittarius, Eris retrograde in Aries, and North Node in Leo. Ixion is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith, so maybe some unconventional or some little help from above (or maybe below, depending on your point of view) can get us through this period. Harness the chaos, as it were, and ride the wave.

Wednesday, we start off early on with Mercury opposite Neptune, giving rise to a bit of possible miscommunication, or perhaps unorthodox communications that aren't fully understood. We could also see an increase in accidents or travel delays due to people daydreaming on the road, so be mindful during the morning commute. Venus by now has also crossed over into Virgo and is with fixed star Regulus today, giving a regal boost to Venus's eye for beauty, but with the proud nature of the heart of the Lion, we could be hoisted by our own petard if we let pride dictate terms... doubly true as we also have Mars square asteroid Lucifer this day, so proud flare-ups are at increased risk today too. We also have Moon entering airy Libra, so we'll be feeling that we need to make some decisions, weighing pros and cons of actions, preferably before committing to said actions. We also have a Yod forming with Jupiter sextile Pholus, both quincunx Destinn-Sedna (on Algol). Best not to drink your money away, but one or two at happy hour can't hurt too much. Don't go overboard, and watch your back (and your drink or intoxicant of choice). Anything in excess isn't advised today, to be quite honest.

Thursday gives us a brief stint of Moon conjunct asteroid Karma, so we'll start the day thinking "am I really getting what I deserve? Am I really supposed to be reaping this from what I've sown?" An excelleng question, and I can't say if you are or not, personally. With Mercury semisextile the two at that point, we could be reacting to a message, like an email or a letter, that snaps us to that attention. Also, the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod intensifies, so again, watch your six and make sure everything's in writing at this time, for the next week or two if anything. And watch your drink, especially if you question the trustworthiness of anyone nearby (a very hard lesson I've had to learn recently). Mercury begins to really trine Pluto retrograde too, so it's likely in our talking or writing or emailing or texting or whatever else... we start seeing some epiphanies as to how we can better handle a situation. Mars begins opposing Neptune retrograde as well, so there's a danger of feeling angered that we're not thinking of things clearly as we should, or we could have some major suspicions come to light. This can lead to our imaginiations running wild with all sorts of scenarios of betrayal, backstabbing, accidents that could happen... a real Murphy's Law-esque connundrum in our thoughts. Nothing wrong with being prepared or mindful of a worst-case scenario, but it's best not to obsess over it. Going into the weekend, it'll be very easy to do, so perhaps some aggressive yoga or intense exercise (taking care to avoid injury) is called for to keep your mind focused on self-improvement.

Friday brings to us an intensification of the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod. Again, watch your six. Mercury tightens its trine to Pluto retrograde, making travel and communications a little bit easier and also an easier time to bolster some good habits, perhaps. Moon will hit Jupiter (itself apex of a Yod between Chiron sextile Destinn-Sedna quincunx Jupiter, itself opposed by Uranus retrograde)... our money and our luck is a source of concern in midday, and we need to be mindful of any sudden changes, such as a paycheck delay perhaps, or an unexpected expense. Or, perhaps how we feel about our money or lack thereof. Are we really pursuing what serves us, what makes us happy, what fulfills our life purpose? This is a day where it comes to focus. A little later on, Moon crosses into Scorpio, where we get that fixed watery feel, and where we can start getting that 50 Shades of Grey-esque vibe for a lover... or feel depressed at the lack of having a lover. Don't lose yourself in any nihilistic thoughts. Also, later on in the day, Sun will cross over into Libra, so an air of chaos and change will come about for the evening (if in the US), and we'll be spending the next month weighing our decisions, our lives, our emotions against two or more choices. As Libra is ruled by Mercury, our affairs will become a bit... Mercurial, for lack of a better term, so a good time to perhaps also play devil's advocate.

Saturday intensifies the Mars/Neptune opposition, so find a positive outlet for the disconnect between going forward, jumping forward, being raring to go, and the Neptune retrograde feel of "but maybe I don't want to do this" or "what if I screw up?" So what? Go and live, but don't lose yourself in a reckless display of passion either. Especially so as we have Karma square Pluto retrograde this day beginning to tighten up. Very easy to set up an ill harvest if we sow the seeds of anger and despair. It could also be that something comes to fruition pretty soon that isn't all that we wanted. Maybe we forgot to nourish something? Overlooked an issue? Perhaps someone you're dating or a business proposition isn't panning out either. Try not to take it out on the other side of the coin as we also have Venus beginning to oppose asteroid Nessus, and it can be very easy to lash out at our loved ones when we're highly frustrated, and this is a weekend where it can be easy for that to happen. Everyone needs to chill out this weekend. Jupiter is still tightening its opposition to Uranus retrograde (again, Chiron and Destinn-Sedna also involved for that Yod), so CHILL! Very easy to do something you'll regret later if you don't chill.

Sunday brings the tightest of the Mars/Neptune opposition, so let's not let our imagination run too wild with what all's going on. Ceres also crosses into Leo, so we may be feeling a bit more pride and a bit more of an ego with our home affairs. Not always a bad thing, and later on near the end of the day, Moon will begin to trine that Ceres when the Moon exits Scorpio and goes into fiery, mutable Sagittarius. Before that happens, the Moon will of course trine Chiron retrograde, so this would be a good point to step back and get a grip on what's going on in your life, and take a deep breath. Especially since Moon will also quincunx Uranus retrograde at the same time. I could see some people think about undergoing a makeover as part of a personal thought crisis. But again, the Chiron/Destinn-Sedna/Jupiter/Uranus Yod Kite makes it a dicey proposition to engage in a shopping spree to remake right now. It'd be easy to undergo such a radical change, only to have a hangover (whether from celebrating too much, letting loose too much, or just looking at the billing statement the next month) after its all said and done. And with the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod kited briefly by the Moon, it's going to be very easy to ask "what the hell did I just do?" Perhaps what was meant to be done? I don't know. Perhaps only you can answer that with certainty.

So there you have it, a highly intense week, and lots of intense energies. I emphasized the Destinn-Sedna conjunction on Algol as part of those Yods because I think there is a great significance there, especially with those two asteroids being on the eye of Medusa (Algol). Ugly things don't have to be destined to happen, but it's easier for it to happen now. Watch your investments and resources this week like a hawk, as I feel that's going to be a point of concern. I wouldn't even be surprised if we find out more shocking news from the financial sector (as if we need any more of that considering that Equifax breach). Expect some sudden actions, and a bit of chaos. Embrace the chaos to bring order to your life, and let's see where it all leads. Cheers.

Weekly Report - September 11th Through 17th, 2017

Last week was a rough one, given that Hurricane Irma approached Florida and, well, I hope that the damage will be as minimal as can be. The wildfires in the Pacific Northwest were also intense (smokewise anyways where I was at, though there were definitely worse-off areas), and hopefully we will see some relief and little more in the way of disasters.

Let's start. Monday, the principal aspect that will be forming and proceeding through the next few days will be Sun square Saturn. We'll be wanting to continue getting things going, and considering Mercury is still in post-retrograde shadow, we can expect some more hiccups there as well. We have an idea of what we want to do, what we want to fix up and organize in our lives, and the square to Saturn beginning to coalesce will be a bit of a dampener on this. We can expect some delays and frustrations, and maybe also see where our own inner discipline is breaking down. On the same day, we'll also see Moon square Mercury, and a little later on, Moon square Mars. We're going to feel like we're not proceeding as fast as we need to, and later on we could get increasingly frustrated with it. As this will form as close to a T-square with Nessus opposite Mars, we could even get a little self-abusive about it (maybe by hitting a couple more drinks than needed in happy hour, or perhaps pushing ourselves a bit too far and getting injured in a gym). Exercise some caution, as this frustration will pass. Not all doom and gloom, as Venus is also strengthening its trine to Saturn, which may make for a possible easier night with a significant other, or maybe we find the energy to get a task done that we can be proud of, especially if creative.

Asteroid-wise, this will also be the strongest day this week with Pholus apex a T-square between Chiron retrograde in Pisces and Dejanira-Apophis-Vesta in Virgo. Again, take it easy with happy hour. More likely we're going to be reviewing and seeing where we can pick up the pieces, especially after the natural disasters of last week (that are still ongoing, minus the earthquake in Mexico... I think, unless there are strong aftershocks later this week. I don't know if that will happen for sure, however). Honestly, I think the recovery from the disasters overall, including from the flooding in Asia, will be the focus for this asteroid T-square. There may be other things that we're recovering from a major hit. For me, personally, pinkeye hit over the weekend and kept me out of work Friday (that and a major accident on the Seattle Eastside 405... but I shouldn't have attempted going to work anyways. Interesting how the universe works).

Tuesday, the Sun square Saturn intensifies more, and it becomes apparent that this won't necessarily be the smoothest week for discipline and getting things done. Mercury also tightens its conjunction to Mars, which may give us a little oomph for getting over a couple hurdles. Again, Mars tightens its opposition to Nessus, so let's not get too obsessed about the details and let's remember not to take it out on other people either. Another good note we should note for tuesday is Venus trining Saturn at the strongest this day, so we can take some advantage in seeing the silver lining in whatever clouds Saturn sends our way. Let's focus on thise silver clouds as later in the day Moon will oppose Saturn, and this may add to the frustration level just a bit. This will effectively form a T-Square during the first quarter moon with Sun apexing, and Chiron is arguably opposing Sun at this point as well, so a very weak Grand Cross effect may be present as well. It won't be overwhelming as the orb is wide to Chiron so we should be able to push on through.

Wednesday gives us the strongest point of Sun square Saturn, so again, we need to watch our egos just a little bit and just roll with the delays that may come. Mercury also gets closer to its conjunction with Mars, and is now in range of Mars opposite Nessus, which tightens further. This entire week just seems to be about learning to deal with frustrations, delays, and not blowing our top with abuses and obsessions, frankly. And there's a lot to be frustrated about given current events. This too shall pass. Regardless, Venus begins to separate from its trine with Saturn but it still has some potency, so we can use Venus's lesser good fortune to mitigate some of Saturn's delays and right our ship. Also, Venus is also beginning its trine to Uranus retrograde, so there's a chance we see some unconventional solutions begin to take shape during this time. It's also beginning to form a sextile to Jupiter, which will also smooth things over very nicely on the professional and personal fronts.

Thursday, Venus conjuncts the North Node, so this could be a good chance to have a chance encounter with someone who may be good for us, a better half, or maybe a business prospect? You never know. Jupiter and Venus also strengthen their sextile, further bolstering the good luck. Sun begins to separate from its square to Saturn and will definitely be welcome as the delays and restrictions begin to let up just a little. Mercury and Mars tighten their conjunction, so if you need a little extra step in your travel plans or some extra flare (but not too much, as that opposition to Nessus is tightening up Mercury-wise and beginning to separate Mars-wise), this is the time. Be aware that Moon will oppose Pluto retrograde, so do be careful with that Mercury-Mars fusion energy when making decisions, as we could wind up beating ourselves up over any mistakes, real or perceived.

Friday, Moon conjuncts Ceres, so this could be a good day to think about some home decor or reorginazation plans that make us feel a little better. Don't spend too much, as Moon-Ceres will also square Jupiter for part of the day. A trine from Moon-Ceres to Uranus retrograde may, however, bring some unconventionality to those home decor plans. Something to definitely note beyond this aspect, however, is a Yod that begins to form by transit going into the weekend, with Jupiter sexile Venus-North Node, both quincunx Chiron retrograde, and kited by an oppisition to the Sun which will intensify over the next couple of days. This is an excellent time to bring about some major healing, as we are pulling that Chiron energy inwards and can use it to heal what's been hurting us for awhile... the good luck sextile between Jupiter and Venus is excellent for this, and the Sun pulling that bowstring? We can thrust ourselves into the work that is needed. If we handle this wrongly, we could do lasting harm to ourselves, especially with Mercury-Mars still opposing Nessus, so let's not fly off the handle. Fortunately, that opposition is losing steam and separating, so we should be alright.

On Saturday, the Jupiter-Venus-Chiron-Sun Yod Kite intensifies further. Continue your recovery and healing, and take advantage of doing what you need to do on this day very well, as Mercury and Mars' conjunction is tightest on Saturday as well. An excellent time to put forward the pedal to the metal and get some things done. Mercury, I must note, still has a few more days of the post-retrograde shadow, and there is still the weakening opposition to Nessus, which is almost out of orb now, so I think we can go full forward while watching for a few roadblocks at this time. Just don't toot your own horn too terribly much, as Mars-Mercury will be tightly squaring 1930 Lucifer that day, and that extra pride could be a downfall at this time. Be proactive, be productive, but exercise humility. There will be time for accolades later on.

Sunday brings us a strong Fire Grand Trine between Venus, Uranus, and asteroid Pholus, and to a lesser degree, Saturn (barely), and arguably Uranus is kited by Jupiter. An excellent time for unorthodox solutions to problems, and perhaps with the Jupiter-Venus-Chiron-Sun Yod Kite's energies still at the fore (though Venus is beginning to collapse the wedge as it's moving closer to Virgo), maybe we can come to terms with and finish what it is we're trying to fix up before the coming work week begins again. Jupiter also forms another Yod with itself sextiling Pholus, and the apex being at asteroids Destinn and Sedna... on Algol. This is a great weekend to consider not getting too hammered, and keeping a clear head, lest we be destined to lose ours. Watch your back with Sedna. I think the Equifax breach aftermath might have a few more insights come to light in the week to follow, as Jupiter will move closer to tightening that Yod.

So as I see it, the first half of the week is a bit rough around the edges, but near the end of the week and especially over the weekend, we see an opportunity to grab our dreams and possibly start growing them again. This coming weekend is not one to waste! Seize every opportunity you can and don't fly off the handle, as that will be easy to do up to the end of the week as well, which could very well spoil the weekend if that goes very badly. Anyways, it's running late, and we have a great many things that could very well go right for us. Hopefully the recovery from the mulitple disasters of earlier this month can also get underway in earnest and go forward smoothly. Let's hope, and let's work at it. Globally, I think we can make a lot out of this week.

Transit Analysis - August 2017 Eclipse in Leo to USA Sibley Chart

Ever since the August 21st Solar Eclipse in Leo, and the visible manifestation of it casting its shadow over the United States of America, we have seen quite a bit of turmoil. Maybe the ancients were right about eclipses? I can't say definitively... but what I can say is, we are experiencing a lot of disasters right now. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida and the Carribean, and of course the multitude of wildfires out in the Western United States. (The last one is indirectly impacting me personally, as the wildfire smoke has made a bit of a haze near the Seattle area... I shouldn't complain too much as there are areas experiencing a lot more smoke-wise and fire-wise). So just what the hell is going on? What did the Solar Eclipse actually hit in the USA's chart? Let's take a look and bring order out of chaos a bit...

First and foremost, the Solar Eclipse opposed the USA's Moon by transit. That's a major impact! Themes of national feelings and emotions, and to a degree I would say, water and tides, those are at the fore right now. Yes, hurricanes would be influenced by tides somewhat, and Irma is following shortly after a full moon which raises the tides more! That's a bit of a problem. We should also consider that the Solar Eclipse hit in the USA's 9th house, which rules long-distance travel, foreign encounters, and legal concerns. Hmm... and we've got that thing with North Korea going on too. USA Moon is also conjunct its own Pallas, also opposed by the transit Solar Eclipse, so themes of wisdom and war are going to be pretty prevailent here too. The question is, does the USA actually have wisdom to avoid war at the current moment?

Transit Solar Eclipse also squares asteroids Kassandra and Pandora in the USA chart, and by extension, transit Sedna on Algol. This sounds rather ominous. Given that the USA's natal Moon squares those two asteroids in its own chart, we have a tendency to run afoul of emotions and listening to wisdom in regards to not opening up Pandora's boxes that we shouldn't be opening (one could argue that the Vietnam War was one example of this). Sedna in transit is going to be around these couple of degrees for the next several years or so, being a slow-moving trans-Neptunian object with a ridiculous orbit. Transit Rudra also conjuncts transit Sedna, and this amplifies things. Long story short, emotionally, the nation is in denial about the Pandora's Boxes that have been opened, and of course there were warnings about these. We are now, sad to say, reaping the whirlwind.

Let's go on to other transits... Transit Chiron retrograde was conjunct the USA's Imum Coeli during the eclipse. I can tell you, through personal exprience, Chiron and the Imum Coeli is a hell of a combination. (I will need to relate my own experiences in another article). We are seeing pain and some healing on the home front. Now, Chiron retrograde has crossed back into the USA's third house of short-distance travel and communications, and... well, we saw some painful communications even before the eclipse with Charlottesville. Transit Chiron retrograde squaring transit Ixion is also revealing some ungratefulness and backstabbing, and this effectively forms a T-square to the USA Midheaven as well. Now, regarding weather events, I'm not entirely certain about Ixion's impact and will have to check other charts.

The transiting Solar Eclipse did also trine transit Uranus retrograde... and in the USA chart that Uranus conjuncts asteroid Nemesis. I would say some internal enemies were revealed even before the Eclipse. Again, Charlottesville. It's pretty telling when many years ago, our soldiers (my paternal grandfather among these) went over and defeated Nazi Germany, and now today we have people openly waving Nazi Flags in American streets. Ok, WTF. Anyways. We really need to note something about that Uranus transit... because right now, and during that eclipse, transit Uranus retrograde conjunct USA Nemesis is also square... USA Pluto retrograde and that square is tightening up on the Uranus side. As we have seen in the first half of the 2010's decade, we had transiting Uranus-Pluto squares and we have seen all the chaos that has come from that, examples being the Arab Spring and the rise of ISIS, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and North Korea's nuclear missile program. There were also Uranus-Pluto squares in the 1930's, and ... well, we had the Great Depression then, the consolidation of Adolf Hitler's power, and eventually after those squares moved on, we had World War II. And since Uranus is backtracking and tightening the square, it means that the USA has had a transit Uranus-Pluto square for the last year or so! No wonder.

I'm going to just say it: A national shake-up is unavoidable. I'm not sure when the last transit Uranus square USA Pluto was, and will need to check all of those and cross-reference to historical events here in the US. Now what about a transit Pluto to USA Uranus square? We don't have to worry about that for decades. In fact, Pluto would have to enter Pisces. I'm not sure when Pluto was in Virgo, offhand, but given that my dad was born with Pluto at the beginning of Leo, it was within the last 50 years or so. Anyways, we're getting off track.

During this Eclipse transit, transit Pluto has been opposing the USA Sun-Bologna conjunction, and transit fixed star Sirius is now with the USA Sun as well. Honestly, I'm not sure what bearing transiting fixed stars have on a national chart, considering they move one degree in approximately 72 years. Sirius with Sun in a natal chart normally is good for success in business, careers involving metal or "other martial affairs", and supposedly domestic peace? But we're not seeing domestic peace. Transiting fixed stars may be dubious at best and shouldn't be overly counted on in long-term astrological research based on this. It's like the snapshot of the time of the USA's birth and the other snapshot of the star crossing is far enough removed in time to not really have the expected effect? More research is needed. As Sirius is also of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, it could be increased energy and expansion is also a factor. Again, more research needed.

USA Jupiter and Venus are conjunct, and also conjunct asteroids BAM and Pompeja, and BAM-Venus was conjuncting transit asteroid Ohno during the Eclipse as well.. Ohno, to me, represents just what it sounds like: "Oh no." BAM is... well, pretty explosive. With Venus, the USA has had its boom times in riches and prosperity, especially with Jupiter there. We've also been prone to explosive outbursts, such as the Civil War. Transit Jabberwock and Pinnochio and Buysballot are also conjuncting USA Jupiter more strongly than not.. Also, transiting Buysballot was conjuncting USA Pinoccho as well. Lots of deception is being exposed around this time it sounds like. Since the eclipse, Hillary Clinton seems to have scheduled a release of a book about what happened during the election of 2016, and apparently has some choice words about Bernie Sanders. How fitting, given the emails leaked regarding the DNC's preference for Clinton over Sanders, and the immediate securing of the Democratic superdelegates in the beginning of that contest. But anyhow. Transit Mercury retrograde and asteroid Lie were also sextile that whole mess around USA Jupiter/Venus, so more deceptions were coming to light I believe. Might I also state that USA Karma is also conjunct USA Venus, so when it comes to what the USA desires, the concept of karma seems to apply strongly. It is true, the United States has sometimes reaped what it has sown, both for good and ill.

We're getting off the track of disasters. USA Ohno and Chiron square USA Vulcano and Nagasaki, and this forms a T-Square to USA Juno, amplified with transit Jupiter making an opposition to Ohno-Chiron during the Eclipse. Since then, we have definitely seen wildfires proliferate with great intensity, as well as the explosive impact of the hurricanes. We should also consider that transit Hekate was conjunct USA Vulcano-Nagasaki, and transit Tsunemi had crossed over previously before the Eclipse. Hmm... while a hurricane isn't necessarily a tsunami, it is quite flood-happy. Hekate here is an occult asteroid, and it fits with my gut feeling that something wicked is fueling many of these disasters. USA Chiron-Ohno also sextile USA Mars, and right now we have a Yod to transit Kafka, kited by transit Desdemona. We can... expect some strange and off-kilter events nationally I would say. Kafka does baffle me a bit, and I've never actually read the author's works for which this asteroid is named. Going to need to do a bit more research on that one, but given that Desdemona's asteroid number is 666, something does seem a bit devilish about that combination.

USA Chiron/Ohno are, however, being trined by transit Saturn and asteroid Gold, so there is a possiblity of some wealth contraction bringing something good to the picture or some healing? Saturn-Gold did sextile Jupiter, all of this transit, during the Eclipse, forming a Yod to Desdemona and kited by Kafka, now that I think of it. Equifax just recently revealed they were hit with a massive data breach/hack, compromising 143,000,000 people if I'm not mistaken (or half the adult population of the United States by sheer number?)... Not cool. Maybe the whole credit reporting system collapses or gets an overhaul as a result of this? Wouldn't hold my breath, but stranger things have happened.

Finally, there is also the matter of Transit Venus during the Eclipse conjuncting USA's Mercury-Part of Fortune-Vertex. This was also close to the conjunction between transit Nymphe-Medusa on USA's Abundantia. ...maybe some erotic art comes to the forefront, or maybe a slight proliferation of pornography as a money-making tool for this solar eclipse cycle, appropriately in the USA's 8th house of occult, other parties' resources, sex and death. I'm not sure what to make of that, though I hear the "pee tape" is being mentioned again regarding President Trump and the Russian dossier. (Hmm... I thought there might be some BS about that tape back when I charted the inauguration chart, so why this is coming up again now...) I'm going to wager that a major sex scandal happens pretty soon. I'm not going to put money on that wager, so let's just call it a fun little "see what happens" game.

Overall... we've got some very nasty transits to the USA natal chart right now, and that transit Uranus to natal Pluto square combined with the transit Chiron on the natal IC... We have got events on the USA homefront that is going to be brewing pretty hard in the next few years. That's alright. We see it now, which means we can see the upsides to these combinations and possibly edge things towards the more positive manifestations. In closing, I went rambling a bit with this Solar Eclipse transit analysis, but I think, if anyone can actually follow this, we can see some of what's going on and where this is heading. Brace for impact.