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New Moon Taurus - May 2018 - Medusan Revolution

It's time to end my silence. The last few months have not been the greatest on my end, and by that I mean I've been kept very busy with the newish job, as well as having had a month and a half of downtime total with being ill. Very nasty colds this year, which had better be done with. Regardless, we have a New Moon to begin the new lunar cycle for the next 28-29 days, and of course, we have some major energy shifts coming. I didn't have time to plot the asteroids or craft the charts for this, so this is going to be text only. Let's begin, as I don't have much time. Again. Some things never change... Read More...


Monthly Report - March 2018

It's been awhile since I've done a monthly report, and I've decided to go ahead and do this one rather than focus on the Full Moon in Virgo article at this point. If time permits, I may do that a little later. We've had a couple of months of all planets direct, and I hope everyone's been able to take advantage of much of those energies. Read More...

Solar Eclipse Aquarius - February 2018 - Soul Storm

It's time for another Solar Eclipse! Again, no charts uploaded for this one, so we're going with descriptions once again. The commute is taking a lot out of me. The sheer amount of rage I was feeling this whole day before writing this, and later hearing about the shooting in Florida, it makes sense. I seem to get these rage spells before something major happens. I don't know if this is an Eclipse effect on myself (as this Eclipse is 3 degree orb opposite my own Sun, and the previous Solar Eclipse was 2 degrees conjunct my sun, in time for my solar return... I am heavily amped on eclipse energies right now). Let's begin while I still can get at least 5 hours of sleep. Read More...